The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 28, 1934 · Page 10
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 10

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 28, 1934
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE SATURDAY, APRIL 28, 1934 OH, YOU BATH-ROOM'S V »4O,VOO'DOVJ V T I THE OLD HOME TOWN By STANLEY BUt T S'POSS-T'UV TWE. OOOR.TO *AV :_ T^OONA ILU 1*1-1-VOU MVHKT DO, Mfc R.OBIN30N IU. R6NT "«WU "TM IS MOUSC- FISHTIN' TltfiER CAT FOR. SIX ICE CRBAM CONSS A Not Counting- the Servants' Quarters By Les Forgrave Copyright. 1834. by Central Frets Association, me SRC.K to "THE. ENP UNE-, Woo Pressure Pete Getting Even 7V Central Pros Xooint r NNP TWE 0A.T7fcT2!/ MERlZlUIEU. ANP HOPGE . ft(SCTw,/we TEAW. ive OUST A PRACTICE. GAME. IT'S WllUE TrtAT UUILV, pGOBAeL 1 / had quickened his imagination to an DRWE MOO HACC? extent which he himself would nor- To the casual observer there was Frank Merriwell at Yale mally have described as morbid. All WELL, AS Suee AS WAME IS TOM. HE WON'T! that life could hold of misery and in the cottage roof with its dark despair seemed to be expressed in leaded windowpanes against which those dismal echoes, and he broke WEARING, ·^5 · MALE rl UU the rain was driving had become a into a run and literally fled inland. Joe Penny was standing in porch and received him with a grin. Got wet again, sir!" he remarked. "Damned wet," said Tiggie tersely, and tramped in without fur- Down to Business He was sitting at Harvey joined him with a counte- that even Tiggie By L Standish 'You're looking a bit off, old chap. What's the matter?" he said. Harvey glared at him as though resenting the overtures of a com- laper without a word. Tiggie was too depressed to be ffended. Besides had not the man aved his life only the day before? r^M 1 ] QSs ( A BOX- 1 ^~TT"f v . J Ct*. ' TAUC ·sfcppeo THIS ttawtfr.'Y'.Miow eerreftTBAr -TEU-TtXJR. Muggs McGinnis te merely sighed and continued his . BuTtbM. Nose. 1 Harvey continued buried in his aper until'his own was brought, ·hen he devoured it with the speed a famished animal and then de- A. Genuine Apology Copyright, 1934, by Central Press Association. Inc iME.,!' "THE tBOUGLG WITH SOU IS THKT XOU NBER. LQOIC ftt ONE UONG ENOUGH 10 KHOW VlHhT COt-prl CSESHE PHILS CUTE.' HE CAM pur WS SOCViS IN MM HOP6 CHEST .' PHIL WANTS M TO HIM-- HE HAS A Joe.' Ul£ CAPS,' VJEU_,VAKier( IS THE SPICE Of! . UFE- Among Us Girls no sign that that humble little room temporary paradise--even for fools. For some reason Tiggie'3 thoughts dwelt upon those words of Viola's as he returned to "The Sea Lton" for luncheon. Why had she called this great happiness of theirs fool's paradise? He had put her misgivings away at the time without any difficulty as the outcome of her nervous state; but, now, they returned upon Mm with curious force. He no longer had any doubt as to her feeling for him, but somehow that fact no longer filled him with ecstasy. He was conscious of a weight upon his spirit for which it was difficult to account. Though he knew that this wonderful thing belonged to him, he could not rejoice in its possession. Was it some premonition of disaster that hung upon him? He had never experienced it before, never believed in it But now, like a bird of evil omen, it spread its wings between him and the light. Had he indeed walked in a fool's paradise? He made a resolute effort to shake off his depression as he trudged back through the now driving rain, and f ailing assigned to it, with, a determination that would have been comical if it had not been In a way desperate, all the most commonplace reasons that occurred to him. Naturally, the weather came first. Who could feel elated on i day like this, with the wind and the sea moaning together and the sun completely hidden? The rain, too, pattering all around him with desolate persistence--a necessary evil, of course, but how unwelcome! He had not noticed it when setting out to go to her, but it was much heavier --and much darker--than it had been then. At least, it seemed so to him. Who-could maintain any mood approaching high spirits on a day like this? The very dogs slunk about with their drenched tails tucked out of sight. Looking about Tiim, Tiggie decided that, for real desolation and gloom, there was no place on earth like an English ham' let at the seaside 4 on a wet day in the summer. Then he became aware that this decision expressed the basest 'ingratitude, and endeavored to fix his depression to another cause. His mind, as he gazed across the bleak shore with its floating mist wreaths, went back to the night be fore, to the Sllmby Rock and the awful peril which had driven him up its slimy surface. He recalled the turmoil, the terrific fight for life and what--but for Harvey--would have been the ultimate failure Were there not ample grounds her for this overwhelming depression' How could he expect to escape some physical reaction after such an ad venture? Surely : he .would be some thing more than human if he die snot feel its:effects for several days He had not been conscious of fa tigue, but he assured himself tha this was the cause--of his depres sion. What he needed was a decen meal and a rest, and then every thing would look different. The long-drawn out wail of th lightship siren off the distant Slim by Point here broke across the gray silence.-It seemed to pierce throug: and through every cranny of th cliffs, awaking in them echoes tha · came, forth in melancholy cadence, to spread far over the dreary waste and mingle with the cries of th startled sea birds as they flew ou from their rocky shelter. The siren finished Tiggie. He arted in unbroken silence. Tiggie heard him curtly order a ottle of whisky at the bar to be ent up to his room, and shrugged Is shoulders. Harvey's method of ounteracting depression did not appeal to him, but for the moment he almost wished it did. He had one more look at the weather when he had finished his unch, but it was still so unprom- sing that he turned from further contemplation and finally drifted up to his own room to smoke his ipe in solitude. In soul and body, he stretched himself uon his bed and lay staring at the dark ceiling. Why did her words launt him so? What strange force was at work? I parad'se a little longer-r-even if it a fool's paradise." Why had she said it? And why could he not for;et? Drearily he smoked his pipe to an end and put it down. But he continued to lie gazing at the ceiling and wrestling with the problem as though some evil magic were at work. Outside, the. rain streamed in torrents and beat upon the windows, and the rising wind howled desolately. AH the .happy summer days bad fled. He could not look forward, and a veil seemed to blot oul the past. He could only lie and wonder--and wonder! He remembered afterwards that he made one great effort to recover his common sense, as he turnec upon his side and closed his eyes to shut out the of de pression that enveloped him and poor Harvey also. "All Tommy rot!" he said aloud and distinctly, and the words com forted him almost as much as ii someone else had uttered them. Five minutes later he was snoring peacefully, and the burden had slipped from his shoulders. When he ultimately awoke_, it was with an urgent sense of being late for something. He started uprish on the bed and looked at his watch The room was shadowy. The rain still fell incessantly. To his horro he discovered that it was past seven o'clock. Exhaustion had claimec payment with a vengeance, and hi was already two hours late for hi; evening visit to Viola. He sprang up and dragged on hi: boots. What on earth would she be thinking of him? Would she picture him wandering a second time along the shore and cut off by the tide? He pulled open the door and wen out into the passage. He saw a not an imaginative man by nature, f once that Harvey's door was open but his previous night's experience and a. queer misgiving went through NEED MONEY? PINE WILL LOAN YOU On furniture, antes, personal property or anything of value to persons who have steady employment LOANS UP TO S300 *"·"" Pay back In monthly Installments LOANS MADE SAME DAV OF APPLICATION C. L. Pine Loan Company Of Mason City Second Floor Weir Bldg. Phone 2»4 Paul Robinson him to which he could give no name. The burden that had oppressed him before his sleep had returned upon him with a ten-fold weight. He went down the narrow stairs with a sense of doom at his heart. He reached the dark hall, hung with antlers and clothes' pegs, and stopped to grope for his coat and hat. As he did so the sound of voices came to him from the bar- parlor, and in a moment, as though a hand had clutched his throat, he was standing motionless, with caught breath. For Harvey was speaking--in tones of deadly insolence. "I'm afraid you've been misinformed regarding Captain Turner. If he has a wife--she's not here." "Not here!" Another voice, narsh- ly raised, broke in upon Harvey's deliberate accents. "Not here! Then where the devil is she? Anyhow, where is he?" "At the present moment," said Harvey, "I am not in a position to tell you. But no doubt he will make a show at dinner. He usually does.7 "Dinner!" The harsh voice barked the word. "It's past seven now. What time do you dine in this outlandish hole?" "I'm not the landlord," said Harvey, supremely contemptuous. "Personally, I dine when it suits me to do so, and at no other time." "Well, where is the landlord then?" There was a sound of impatient feet moving across the oilcloth and in a moment the door of the bar- parlor swung open, and Tiggie, standing motionless against the coats, found himself confronted by a short, thick-set man with iron- gray hair and a small cynical-looking mustache of the same color. His eyes also were iron of hue with a tinge of rust that gave them a reddish glare. He stopped short at sight, of Tiggie and challenged him aggressively. "Hullo! You the landlord of this place?" "Did you speak to me?" said Tiggie, prompted by some instinct of self-defense that he did not stop to question. "Who else?" said the aggressive man, pausing to take stock of him. "I asked if you were the landlord, but I suppose you're not, as you don't seem in any hurry to lay claim to this blasted cave." Harvey's voice, cool and sarcastic, here spoke over the newcomer's head, and his tall thin form showed in the gloom behind. "Hullo, Tiggie! You haven't seen Captain Turner anywhere, I suppose? Been hogging it upstairs all the afternoon, haven't you?" He made a rapid sign with the words which was too pronounced to be ignored. Tiggie stared for a second or two, then said, "I haven't seen anyone. Yes, I've been upstairs." "Here! Let me pass!" said the stranger, and stamped away from between them and down the passage towards the kitchen. Harvey made an instant dive forward. "Quick! Come outside! Don't wait for anything! 1 ' He strode'out into the rain as he was, and Tiggie blindly followed, mechanically dragging on his coat as he did so. (TO BE CONTINUED) Mrs. Haven President. LIME SPRINGS, April 27.--The Oneota club met at the home of Mrs. Francis Johnson Tuesday and elected: President, Mrs. Ruth Haven; vice president, Mrs. Marion Neriem; secretary, Miss Lillian Jones; treasurer, Mrs. Esther Baird. Mrs. Alton Johnson talked on the condition of the American Indians. The Kansas department of the American Legion reported more memberships paid up in the first three' months of 1934 than in all of 1933. More than 58,000,000 was spent in construction work on Kansas highways during 1933. /IOAH NUMSKUU. NOAH- ISNT IT " lURDEn. THE WAY SOME CARPENTERS HAN A MAR.SHAUU., MICH-. NOAH= WHAT NATIONALITY IS THE IRISH POTATO AFTSte rpi BEEN FRENCH FRIBD V A GERMAM COOIC 1 ? MAZEL. MASON WvETAMORA., OHIO IN YOOft. NViMa NOTIONS TO DEAR OL.O NOAH IN CAftE 01= -m\S,, . * ' · BRICK BRADFORD D» THE TTT BENEATH THE SEA By William Ritt and Clarence Gray (AA.Y THE GODS FORGIVE- SWEET CUVCHN. 1 DO NOT GRIEVE..' ' NOT YET.' LOOK..' IN THE PALACE OF THE KINS ARE HIS UMJSHTERS, WHO AWAIT WORD OFTHE FATE OF THEIR FTHER AND ArAAWS ARMIES' APPROACHES / THE.TIME IS HERE, SISTB2, WHEN THE WOMEN OF A.WAR.U MUST- COURIER, QUICKLY CALLTOMECOLA. CAPTAIN OF THE SNWEWTAUOMS/ THEN 6R1N6 ARMOR BUT YOUR ARMOR, CHASCA? WARU MUST TO WAR./

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