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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Monday, June 8, 1818
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MOMMY. JUNE 8. CmplrvUa' Repvrt'TbB document, which wai t fount! io our coIuddi tbif evening, pre - scats a view ofthe management of our city fairs by the corporation. ' ' ' The legislature of Massachusetts bay chosen the boa. Prentiss Melius senator of the UoiUdliuoostewto. its COQtMU. Stat, hbMlhAtaHH - signed. : . t . The legbtatur of Connecticut cloed their set - sionlast Saturday, without nasno; the bill toi - s - . - iunnl .uw - t " . "5 for a third reading the last day oi in sesuou, without any debate cpoe its merits, was ordered .1.1. .. w neon u. I Law inlillietnct Thii evening, the Common fWIL W. LlerrtanJ. intend to lake into con. ... . nderauoa the motion proaivuuf ""b - i al lam io oar public street. Great mtereet, we are told, ha been nude to induce a majority I ..Bil eut io the canse of bormanity. The fe rae of lb contat i very doubtful. fancy chair itore of Mesiri. Wheatou & U I I 1 i I, I 1 153 Fulton .street, was brolun open and rantarjr ofthe Province of Kew Brans wick, who we tacked from top to bottom. In the (rilding room which the villains entered was a quantity of gold leaf, which matt have escaped their search, Ezoeptthis one article there was nothing in tbe . .i. , , ,.' ,.j - store that they could plunder and make off with. They entered tbroogb tbe back door of the store by forcing the lock, the name of one? . Have we a watch, or only The ship George Si Swan, Randall, has arri ved at !VewBedford from tbe coast of ralageoia, I with 1950 barrels of whale oiL Opt. AandaU inionu that whale were very scarce and wild. - ' Ftrlhe New - York Xtening Potl. Qaemcaaque miserum videris, hoc in em sciat. A patriot of South America, who arrived in the Unnedl State under peculiar uistressing or - cumrtance. intends snvinr a concert to - morrow I evening (Toesuay 1 ue yu nue, t asoioguw . . .V - T , - .,, - .. . Hall. The patriot above alluded to, is a native of Cumana t a eentleman of high respectability, talents and education. , He early enlisted under tbe banner of freedom in South America, and io ce with determined spirit and unconquerable vlrSfSZ?9 on oi severance, strncrled with the myrmidon, of tbe oiui wu r . r .a. - - rj, talent and patriotism, be was rewarded witn the cwnnusttoa M neat. cm. in Wis capacity, be was inMveral severe andsanguinary engage - 1 mentJ, under geu. Bastiaio ; in the last of which I ha was made Dnioner. His cruel and vmdic. I tire enemies, regardless of bis rank, threw him into prison at St. Marks, where he remained near eleven months, subject to every hardship aad privation, when they determined to send him to Spain, to be tried for bigb treason. The vessel in Which the patriot embarked for Spain, was captured by a patriot privateer ; the captain of which put aim en board an American mer - tbantman, and he was landed in oar country un der very embarrassing circumstances, TV, . vrih .iw, 11. iwu. .iilur :. th. riK - .i, I h9v. ,w,ih. to that of many of the heroes of our own couo - try, bo were made prisoner, during the revolu - lionarvwar. l.have eaid eaoush to eowre hi. pmoV,, . - ....t. r ii,. ..,v,;.ri 1 tWromarlu. er ducs the somce of his bar - pier hoar ; at present, he proposes to display a" ransact.ow i n like commodit.f, during the bisaccompluhmenufor the purpose and in the period in the preceding year ; and the defi - hone of obtaining that relief his situation re - uency w attributed, and no doubt correctly, to . v I Fro At'Cuuiecticul Mirror of June 0. . . .. . . j.l.. , uwaig io ine great eng.o oi lo. u,s .ou toe want of time, our reporter has not been able to supply as Wita we proceeuiugB os uie asseoi. blv onlv uo to Tuesday evening last. Since that time the legislaluiehas been ma cooUnualfcr. meat. It is the first, and we hope it will be the last, Uiat so few meo of lalerUt will be suf - fcred to enter the representative chamber of this tatr, as is at present found in a majority of the members of that body. We are sensible the character of the state will suffer, and we regret that we are compelled Io 11 our paper with their unintelligible speeches. The truth miift be i u ... H - .ra,t:.. :,. k riT. 1.1) Wo 7 ' ' Weareinform! that the situation of some of the most important bills that have been acted on, wrro mi i nu.,j luu. uuig wi, iuuuv . i Tbe council bare relused to concur wt'i the I notue ol represeniauvee ui reuuciog uie number I of judges in tbe superior court. 1 I Tbey hfive concarred with the hou in reda - ring th number of judges in the county court to three. They have alto by the casting vote of tho gov - ernour, refuted to concur In the bill from the house, relative to the annual appointment of herifls by the - geoeral assembly. Upou re - consideration tbe council have con. curred with the bouse of representatives in passing the uni verwel suffrage bill. At this time no county bills hnve paned as we can learn, excepting tho bills appointing justices of peace, for Hartford and Windham counties. t'ridag mflcrnotm The council passed a bill granting a donation of $U00O to Uie Deaf aud lJumb Asylum, established in this city, and sent the same to the lower houo where it was postponed to tbe nest October session. fit ui. Tbe legislature appointed Lemuel Wbilmaa and Noah A. Phelpe, (a convicted libeller,) jus tices ofthe peace, and quorum tor th county of Hartford lor the year eniein?. Ood save toe reorle and state from euch uujrruce ! The following, we beliere, is a correct list of the justices of the peace lor this town that nave been lul't out, as well as those added, by our to - leratien legislature. We leave our readers to - make their own comparisons between the two lis's. 1 be geuUeuiea left out are well knowa utroufcuut the nate, as men of taicnts and m tegrii.y. The appointment of the first named geollmnaii on Uie lUt of those that Mrere added, was oojecua to in Uve aouss ol representatives, oa account of his immoral character. But having espoused the democratic cau - c, he was consider ed a tit person to administer jsistre, and was mnn,iiniuu!uioine onue, artwittvtauU - ing the objections that were md againrt him. . J. T. Peters, although opposed to us id politi. - enumeo we ocueve will uo honor to tbe ofiV to whkh he is ap.HUMttd. We say nolhioe; ei Uierwnainin; enUrmen. isfl euf. - - .Naxhanitl Terry, Enoch Perkins, nnuirw iMniuury, jona v - aiaweu, Jonatb w. iiwaros, l nomas a. Williams, Johu M amiei, icnanoa l titiooer. Herelbkh Huntington, Isaac Spencer,"!, Luther Sar'are. TKumji uiaJL Naih,i.i .c....,. Henry Seymour, Jonathan Law, Roah A.I bel.s A M t - ICOU. Harfi - d re nrtntian Th e lrtislature h. exited a resolution recommondiir to tiic ereral towns iu this state, to meet on tbe 4th day of lal A a 1 . mm . . 7 uni, io eiect as mny ueietev, (as they WW ud reprttenVaUies,) to a conTtation to be I , held in tbb city.oa th Ibii J VYedutiday iu Au gust, for the purpote of forming a oewtitatioa of civil government for this ttate whit constitution, when ratified by uch a majority of lb ifmm a am convention man airoci. w cnaa tha itmiu law af the state. Ltd lk maala Ttl MMIll eBmbly of this stale. thi stale, smmis session to rreater pert of Friday nirht, aad cloud their Marios oa Muu - day. - - ' fire. Oo Taesday eseriiiog lift, Uie Jitill - . l r tt Sz f.. PanoM & Co. of Enfield, was eaiirery coeaumed, with tb greater part of I A EM "7 "' irXTl - STSobf.: There we no fas - raoc oo me property, ucre - Extract of a letUr tothe editor of the Baltimore rtlenJ Gaxelte, dated "Eyre Hill, (Nor - thampton.) t2d May, 1818. I am informed br an express that the facto - - . company of Princen Ann, are MjMthat tnpendous structure, effect of so much trial and anxious tupervi - Imno. ii nolhior dow but stnokiii ruins over and above tbe towering building a vast amount of furniture and Mock tn various stag noi prepara - tion, fIlS: loseni. I ne ions caceeui etatj iimmimhm wub, and not a cant insured. MONTREAL, Mar 30. Arrived at (he Mouion Houre Hotel, in thii city, oa Sunday evening the S4th int. Colonel Barclay, bit Majesty's CominiMiuner under the 5th article or tfca ireatv or bnentt ue non. nanied with hi lady) and Mr. Odeil, tbe eecre learn is to be employed this season oo one of the svrvrya. Also at the Mansion House Hotel, oa Thursday evening, the SiStb inst. tbe Hon. Cornelius f. vnn Ness, fcsq. commissioner on me part oi tbe United States, under the 5th article of the Trr aty of Ghent ; Win. C. Bradley, Esq. Agent U)i(ed gutet Mfft ViSton of the U. S. Artillery attached to the astrocemi. eel operations under the same article. W e hear that tbe operations to be carried on under the 5th article of the Treaty of Ghent, the enuiae; season, are to coatinue tbe exploring sur vey commencen last year, ofthe line running due torch from the source ofthe river 8t Croix, and of the highland lying between that line and the Jaorth - wettermosf brad of tbe Connecticut river. for the purpose of obtaining such information as may enable tbecomminsioners to determine the most imdortant part of the boundary, conforma bly to the provision of the trenty of 1783: also esiaoiisn tne point wbere 4Mli par.Mel of latitude strike the river Iroaoois or Cataraauv, and wai on th shria DAralll to Conner.tir.ut ...... - CHARLESTON. Jnae 1 Fatal Duel Letter from respectable soar' received in this city this mornine;, by ex press Irom Columbia, Rive the melancholy ac count of an anfortanate Duel which took place lnJSJlT ctBfe o( thi5 ihoc - ut. iraMaction ha not trans mred. Both of the deceased were of high tand - ,. M society, and of the most respectable fatui lies in tbe slate. The Columbia mail, due this afternoon, may probably give us some further accounu CHARLESTON, Jane 1. Revert of rnetuol sale for teuk vat. Cotton Sea - Island, 70 a 73 cents per pound panuet, bo a 58 Abort staple. 31 a 33 cents Rice Prime, $ 6 12 1 - 2 Second quality, $5 1 - 2 Dry Goods rln the early part of the week, considerable sales of cottou goods were made, irom u io bi per ceni on mvoice prices ; nnen jooi, from 33 l - 3d to 40 per cent, but business declined very much towards the close ; as "n1 are retinng out of the mar - The spring trulea usual y at an end by the middle r Jane. It n estimated that the business in kreiso productions, durioe the last si" "lls, ha fallen several millions short of the bad state of our roids durin? the wiuter How iiaportant thru is it, to every man in bust - ne ,n to" ca to Iert himself for their un provemeut. Groceries - Brandy and gin have both declined mu finco oop ,M,f c braJ QBot b( otJ M(, j, M ofeml fo(. 2;K rcI - .u i - J.Ii . ' .w:. i. ca M(1 wt - ln.lia rum, and coffee, remain lbout the aiJI0 M ,ast wtek' CottonsHave experienced a small advance our quotations ol lat week. - Sca - lslandi bare eold at 73 cents, and a nftrcel from St. Sim - oos, favorite mark, brought 7j cents. Some sales of Upland s have been made as hinh as 33 cent, ami oue at 33 1 - 2 ; bnt fair parcels can be had at 32 cents. Rice. Has declined a fraction in the course Kh t may be had at $6 12 1 - t cT,?f"f , ' " ,Mt weei,.! quantity ot tbe latter oo hand is xerj large, and sales euected witn dinicuity. Tobacco. Enquiries for this article hnve hero more frequent toan during the preceding wcck, and consioeranie shipments have neen made. Freights. Continue at 1 l - 2d. per lb. for Cot ton to England. Stock. Are heavy, and a small decline on our ast week's quotations has been exierieiued. The scarcity of money, occasioned in some de gree by the curtailment of the Banks, to meet the run upon them for specie, ts ai;pei a tne cause, rpecie dollar sell emeu atarvrcent. prem. BUI on England are very dull, and real par obtained with dimcaity. Alsbvv, Juhe 6. Albuyi'i Theatre. Tins spacious brick edi fice, erected a few year since, has for ome time past remained unoccupied and en tirely unappropriated for anv purpose tvhatev. Jt was sold last wet k to the Baptist soct - ty, and it ts to be fitted up, as soon las turn. cient funds c n be raised, for the purpose of converting it into a house of divine worship, Nw - 0ixas, May 9. The Spanish e Ipbiginia, from Vera Crux for Havana and Cadi, having nine Ame ricans (prisoners) on board, among them Mr, W. I). Robmaon, of Philadelphia ; bas put in - Campeachy. The prisoner were denied all coramunicaiion with their countrymen There te a report m town that a contagious fever is rarioflr in Havana. If this be the fact, it is matter of serioos alarm to the people o New - Orleans, and it. will no doubt call into neration all tlie mean of prevention which the law has authorised lite newly constituted board of health to employ. Xsw - Oamv, May 1 A Spanish prize brio - called the Joseph, was, a few days ince, seized at tbetnouth of the Mississippi and libelled by the officers of the custom for a violation of the slave laws. She had on beard 153 African negroes, when taken, and is said to have previously succeeded lanauir as many more. She pretends to have put in in d srvs several of the negroes bave uica since uie capture. Pnn.ineuHii. June fi The weailitr has been extremely warm for three day pat. The dav before yesterday a ....... mm uuciitj in .nftet - street, by driuk - ing cold water wen overheated. . Blt Tlmi. vr. !A Th French Consul at Charleston has eSveo notice that the seamen wha comnwth. J?.. of French vessels who ire now or may hertafict wrive lu the United Stale, are free from r - . , Jehta.which the or their captain may contract in foreign countries, by the na - tor 0f their emgsgement with the French government nor are the French authorities Z..k nfVrmrh upli inv W1VB UI - swtrable for debto that tnay be contracted by their teamen. . - MILLEOGEVILLE, (Geo.) May 28. Xrlanchah occurrence .'Mr. Thomas P. Mof - fett, of this place, was killed oa Friday morning last, in a duel fought between himself and Mr. Thomas Wooldridife.of Abbeville, S. Carolina. The dispute which gave rise to this rencounter1 was of long standing. It took place in Litchfield, Con. in the latter part of tbe year, 1816. A challenge passed there from Mr. Moffett, and was accented by Mr. Wooldridsre. The time and tlace of their meeting; wore appointed, on condition that they should be changed, if the foriner gentleman could not attend, by giving notice of it upon bis arrival in Georgia. He could not attend, and notihed Mr. wool - dridge accordingly. This notice was never re ceived, and of course no reply was made to Mr. .Ylofiett. Here Mr. Mofiett intended letting the matter sleep, had henot been informed that Mr. WooldnJg had thrown out reflection upon his character a a brave man. Upon hearing litis be determined to call upon Mr. Wooldridge. He did so, and the latter gentleman did not hesitate to assert, that the report of hi having cast out reflections of that kind was entirely false. On this point Mr. Mr - flett was contented, but had never received any satisfaction for the original insult. The other party conceiving that he had not injured Mr. Moffeit seriously did not offer an apology, Tharday morning the 21st instant was appointed as th time of meeting, and opposite Campbelltou, near Augusta, tbe place for deciding this dispute. The parties were both in Augusta on Wednesday evening oo account of the laudable exertions of two young gentlemen to effect a reconciliation, the duel was postpoued until Friday morning. In tbe mean time a court of honor was instituted, in order to settle the matter if possible, witliout going to the field. Each party reserved to himself the right of dis senting from the award of the court if he thought proper The court met, and had tho whole affair laid before them, made up their award and sent a copy to each party upon reading it over, Mr. Moffatt immediately perceived that he could not submit to it without disgrace. The next morning, these young gentlemen met at the time and phice appoiuted j thry fired at the distance of 15 paces Moffett fell The ball penetrated his bead about an inch front his right eye. His antagonist received a severe wound in bis arm, which served as an sris to his body. This is the dreadful result ofthe unfortunate contest, which nrougnt a young man to an untimely tomb, and deprived society of one of it most promising aiemuers. CHARLESTON, May 30. cleared at Savannah on th 9fith lnf fnr r! pool and Canton she wa loaded in six days, during which lime sbe took on hoard eight hundred and thirty - even hale of Cotton. She ar - ! I a O t a . . rivrn a oRt.mnan on we min, and went to sea the 2Gth instant. ANNUAL REPORT Ofthe Comptroller, with the account ofthe t. orporation, lor the year ending May 1 1, 1818. Also, the account current of the commissioners ofthe sinking fund, for the same period. The comptroller has the honor of oresentine to the Common Council the Accounts of the corporation for the past year. ! Account or cash received end paid, from May 12, 18 17, to May, 11, 1818. Ou the first mentioned day there wa a balance in the treasury of it 1,003 94 since which there has been received 831,064 83 862,198 77 Paid out during the year, C0O.278 43 Leaving a bnlance in the treasury. may ii, inia, $i,hm z. l,isi oi ground rent, containing nuoiners. wbere situated, lessees, annual rent of each, date of lease, term of years, when the lease will expire i producing a total revenue of $ 1 1,648 7 1 3. House rents, with particulars as above ; total 3,540 dollar per annum. 4. oeiiara under puiiiic markets do. 1,8'ju 5. Common lands in the ninth ward, subject to an annual rent, with particulars. 89 lots of va rious dimensions producing a yearly rent of 1,395 dollars. The lease oi most of those lots will expire on tbe first of May, 1823. 6. Thirty six lot common land in the ninth ward, sulmtt to a perpetual rent of wheat on th first of May, amounting to 144 1 - 2 bu'hels, which at I dollar 87 I - 2 cents per bushel on the Istinst. produces 270 dollars 94 cents. Tbe owners of these lots may be relieved from the annual payment by ronimutin; the stine, a - greeable to an order ofthe common council. 7. Twenty two lots of eroimri in the filh wiird. near the collect, at an annua! n r.t of 4u7 dollars ou cents. Proprietors of this nronortv have also the pri vilege of commutation. 8. Corporation I'lnp. My at Prooklyn, under lease, with a particular description ol numbers. situation, lessees, unnunl rent, termofyears, and expiration ol leases j yielding 2,t64 dollars per annum. 9. Twelie ferries, leased for various - term. with the necessary exiilauations : veany rere - nuo, 10.C3I dollars, 20 cents. H'. Annual revenue Irom corporation proper ty, comprint oil accounts of writer lot rents from 26lh July, 1731 Io 1st May, 1818, ; ground rente, cellars umler Markets, lets nt Brooklyn, common lands ferries ducks and slips,, and street manure ; amounting to 91,262 dollar 29 cents. 11. Property unproductive of revenue from va rious chutes. Vetera! portions embraced in this list, might lie disposed of in the course ol the present year, and the revenue thereby increased i some part, from pecaliar circumstances, cannot! at present be rendered beat ncial to the revenue. 12. balance ol sundry account due to the cor - 1 Duration on the I Hit May. 1818. This list em braces a large propurtina of the annual amounts, the entries of wjich were lately made balances standing lor several years, several ol which bave been put in suit, and a number of accounts bave been paid since making th lilt. j 13. The sinking fund account current with the commissioners, lor the year ending May 11, 1818. There has been purrhtsed since Uie hut annual report the sum of ft7.U00, aad the balance remaining in favour of the commissioners is f 4.636 43, to be invested in city dock, wben purchase can be advantageously madn. 1 he whole amount redeemed Is f 9 1.700 ; and a the fund appropriated by law, including the quarterly interest oo the purchases are regular! invevrcfi in tne city stocK, at opportunity present ; a rapid diminetion win annually be visi ble, in this specie of the corpoution debt, Respectfully submitt! C. N. BLEKCKER, Comptroller. New Tork, May II, 1818. CITY AND COUNTY OF NEW - YORK. Account of rash received and paid, from tbe May 12.JI817, to May 11,1810, Paid for alms - bouse, brtdewtll and penitentiary, sj 107,600 00 Do. Itew Alms boin in full, budd ing, 12,876 38 Do Walch, 57,646 87 Do Lamps 20,316 60 Do Fir department, 10,563 56 Do Repairs aad imiiravemeuls m the city, 23,410 27 Do Streets openiug and unpreving, 212,672 8 Do Canal - street 13, If 87 Do First avenue, working, 1,000 00 Do Third avenue, workiu;, 3.6.S0 00 Do Eighth avenue, wtwkiog, 7,642 30 Do Fsrst - atreat, opening, 4.543 81 Do Thiitoenth - ttreet, opening, 1,693 29 Do Roads, repairing, 1,900 00 Do Salaries ' 29,810 S3 Do CoanUbl institutian . 1,530 00 Do Police oSce 6,003 53 Do InUrejt en bonds 2,697 49 Do Commiesioncrsof common school 5,532 08 Do Board of health . ...... l.uoimu Do County tmgeocios , , 31,783 24 Do Bills of credit redeemed 2 1 ,354 29 Po Well aad pump , 1 . 2,828 25 Do Dock and slips . 89.1B8 38 Do Tax for 1816, overpaid by the - collector, 191 79 Do Excise paid common school 3,500 00 Do Defence account 1,099 88 Do Common land 10,924 68 Do Hamilton square lots , 669 90 Do Commissioner of street and roads, 2500 00 Do Collect, filling, 874 67 De City stock interest 45,000 00 Do Two bonds to Mechanic' Bank 90,000 00 Do Interest on do 6,211 78 Do One bond to Mechanic Bank 1 1,000 00 Do Interest on do 352 91 Do 25 pee cent on sales of common lands, passed to th sinking fund . account, by law, 12,882 58 Balance in th treasury, May 11, 1818, 1,850 34 $862,128 77 Balance in the treasury, May 12, IB 17 1 1,063 94 Receceived i for vendue sale 50,450 61 excise 7,569 50 tavern licenser, 8,084 80 mayoralty foe 4,927 27 penattie 157 06 street collected on a Do Do Do Do Do . sessments 163,434 63 Do Canal - stieet do 97,000 00 Do Ninth Avenue do 257 17 Do Third Avenue do 144 02 Do Eighth Avenue do 1,500 00 Do Tenth Avenue do . 400 00 Do First - street do 4,200 00 Do Tkirtocntn - it. do l,li 30 Do Seventieth - it. do 200 00 Do lth - slreet do 390 00 Do police - office, for property unclaimed 649 40 Do interest 367 63 Do commissioner of common schools 5,532 06 Do board of health lottery 1,225 00 Do commutation of alien passenger 255 00 Do street manure 9,000 00 Do wells and pumps, assessment for 1,605 79 Do docks and slips 32,257 77 Do tax of 1815 3,033 00 Do arrears of tax 9,110 00 Do tax of 1817 178,553 36 Do common land.", sales and rent 43.235 97 Do ground rent 15,137 30 Do water lot rent 11,565 44 Do house rent 2,314 17 Do' Washington market cel lar 1,003 75 Do femes 9,478 77 Do loan of Mechanics1 Bauk 60,000 00 Do do do 11,000 00 Do do do 9.000 00 Do balance of tax 9,706 83 Do city stock sold. 100.000 dollars 100,684 1 8 862,I28 77 G. N. BLEECKER, Comptroller New - York, May II, 1818. The Sinking Fund, in Account wilh the Comni$ - $ionert,far tht tear endutg, May 11, 1818. Dr. 1017. Jaly 16, To cash paid for $1,300 city stock, nought or A. H. Lawrence, at iw l - z pr. ct. 1,306 50, Brokomjre, 1 - 4 pr. ct. 3 26 41,309 76 July 19, To cash paid for $2,400 city stock, boogitt ol A. ii. LAwrcnce, at 1U1 1 - 4 pr. ct. 2,430 00 Brokerage, 14 pr. ct. 6 00 2436 000. Nov. 10, To cash paid for $6,400 rity stock, bought of George F. White, at 102 1 2 pr. ct, 6,560 00 Brokerage, 1 - 4 pr. ct 16 40 $6,576 40. Dec. 4, To cash paid for 1,500 city stock, bought of J. Hart - horne, at 102 pr. ct. 1,530 00 Brokerage, 1 - 4, 3 82 1,533 82 Jan. 23, 1818, To cah paid for 4,000 city rtock, bought or Samuel St. John, at 1U3 pr. cU 4,120 00 Brokerage, 14 pr. ct. 10 30 $4,130 30. March C, Toca - h paid for 4000 city stock, bongtit of Prime, Ward & Sandj, at 101 1 - 2 pr. ct. 4,060 00 Brokerage, 14 pr.ct 1015 1,070 1 5. March 16, To cuh paid for $5,500 city stncfc, nought of Ulcer.kcr it I.ttlerts, at 101 3 - 1 pr. ct 5 302 75 'Brokerage, 1 - 4 pr. ct. 13 40 5,400 2J. April II, To rash paid for $?,W0 city stock, bought of Amos il. Hubbard & Isaac E Couck - lin. at 103 pr. ct. 2,97 00 Brockerase, 1 - 4 pr. i t. 46 2,994 46, May 1 1, Balance in favor of the commission ers, 4,636 45. Total, $33,092 57. Balance iu favor of the comminion - en, May 12, IIU2 By ca:h received for interest on city stock $227 70 4,533 00 3.2G3 68 no Do Do Do Do Do Do Do for street vaults for market fees for water lot rents for pawn broker's licences c for hack licenses for commutation oa wheat quit rents for commutation water quit rents for 25 per cent, ou on sales common J lands, from June f 16, 1CI7, toT March 9, 1818 ) 8,326 91 1,099 62 190 OO 4C5 00 799 99 300 09 12,882 58 $33,093 57 1818. May 11, balance in favor of Uie rommissioaers 4,636 45 Cadwallader D. Colden, " R. Riker, commissioo - Th. R. Smith, cb. finance com. f ers of the W. Fish, city treasurer. sinking fund O. N. Bleecker, comptroller. J "CODSJTT COKTINCVSCIES. Ground for centre market, build ing, tec. $.7,211 56 Land for road to Horn' Hook Ferry, 2,0x1 78 Assessor of tax, 1817, 2,39125 Completing of t.x books 400 HO On account of iron fence at the park 1 ,500 00 Stone work do 1,386 70 Keeper city - haiL salary and expen ses, fuel, he. 2,019 85 Inspectors and clerk ol election. May 1817, 472 00 Officer attending election do 262 00 J. Hay detecting incendiaries 3U0 OO Rev. J. Stanford for service at aim house, &c 300 00 Aldermen attending sessions 1,192 00 ComoarH fees 2,003 55 Expenses of the prwidens's risit 1,!83 94 Stationary, printing, laws, maps tc - L638 16 Mud machine 982 32 Regulating public clocks 274 99 Expense lot in Angestus - atreet, refunded brick preabyterian church, lul retunoed, - 671 16 Map tenth ward 889 50 Commissitr of estimate ground near Beeknan - ilip 372 OO Saadrie . 4,610 48 $31,783 24 r . , 4 . A CARD. V;... - prpprietori of the Pott - Coach line, re spectfully inform the public, that they continoe regularly to perform the rout between th two cities of Philadelphia and New - York, in the short space of from ten to eleven hoars stops included. They have the pleasure to know that their exer tions give great satisfaction to the traveller, who is never permitted to be disappointed in his cal culation to be in time for the Albany steam - boat ; even, though by accident it should be found ne cessary to make extra exertions or to incur ex tra expence. MARRIED, At Philadelphia, Joseph GreenUaf, Esq. of New - York, to Mis Emetine Matilda Kiley, eldest daughter of Mr. kaac Riley. At Hopewell, Dutcbeu county, oo tne M inst. by the Rcvd. Mr. De Witt, Mr. Theodorus Storm to Mat Susan otorm, daughter of col. John Storm. DIED. In Newport, on Monday mornine last, Chris topher R. Perry, esq. Collector of the Internal Revenue, and father to Commodore Perry. trEMtfCO POST MARLVE LIST. CLEARED, Ship Venus, Peck, London unsworn soaies Wm. & John, Brevoort, Gibraltar & Canton J J Astor Ic Son Snow Robert ft Ann, Scott, Bristol H c Kvssiter Brig Rising Sun, Whitehead, Pemambuco British brig Nassau, Ward, Nassau, N P ratricK Aymar ic John, Newbold, West - Indies Patrick, Aymar & Co. Ivinia, Barker. Nassau, N. P. Schr Undaunted, Van Schaick, Savannah Dash, Griffith, Alexandria Jersey, Johnson, Philadelphia Brilliant, Block, Richmond Madison, Sawyer, St Mary's W & C Porter Rose - in - Bloom, Wheaton, Savannah Fair American, George, Fredericksburg Schr. teres MUU, Charleston Mary - Ann, Pike Savannah Gold - beater, Buuker NOi'leans Sloop Antelope, Fitchett, Norlols Sloop Geo Washington, Brethoff, Havana uooutiue a t;o. Armada, K inland, Petersburg ARKJf KIJ THIS tX)KEAVtK. Schr Jane, Simmons, 8 day from Wilming too, NC. with cotton, to N Rogers Si Son. On the 6th, Sandy Hook, bearing N N. W. distant 4U leagues, spoke ring mvu rorier, irom new York, tor Savannuh. 13 Passengers. Schr Hnl. Davis. 1 1 davs from Savannah, with cotton, dry goods nod pimeuto, to T C tiutler, a no omers. cpoae nounng. Schr Sarah Ann, Parrot, 8 days from Fredericksburg, with flour, to Eyrnes, Trimble It Co. Sailed in co. with r loop Pilot, for Brandy wine. Schr Olive Branch, Gray, 3 days from Suffolk, with ihiiiglc. to the master. Schr Washington, Yttlowly, 13 diys from Plymouth, N. C. with naval stores, to ftlount Si Jackson, and D. & J.S. Briiinard. 6th inst. I at 37, long 74 30, spoke schr Caroline, Irom Uostun lor Baltimore. 5ch Gen Brown, Welden, 13 day from A! exandria, and 2 from the Capes with flour, raisins, wine, oil, rifles and me chand'ue, to J Hitchcock, owner, J Davies, Abm.Ogden, Wm H Imlay, J & G W Lynch. Wm A Barron, D QL M. (ien'l. and Joseph Johnson. British sch Mackerel, Holmes, 19 days from Montego Bay, (Jam ) with mm, molasses, and limci, to Patrick, Aymar K Co. Leu brig r.r rato, for N York in 4 days. Sch Leander, Neal, 3 days from Washing ton, NC. with naval stores, to ttiess. Vn I5o sum & Co. 3 passengers. Sloop Maria, Page, 4 days from Windjor, N C with naval store and staves to Blunt ic Jacbsoo, and Warms; K Kimherly. Sloop New - York Packet, , Philadelphia 5 days, with bricks, to Peter Carr. Returned, sloop Eliza, Lewis, bound to Philadelphia. BELOW 2 brigs and 1 schooner. .1 ttHlf KU I.ibT r kK - t.VO, Ship Sterling, Noiton, 11 days from Matan with sugar, toflee and molasses, to L Si (iGriswold, N4V DTalctt, anil W D.ipre Left. May 25, brigs Swan, Foster, for V York, in 2 days ; Factor, da 2 weeks ; Alexander, Booth, of do. loading for Luiope ; New Columbia, Gardner, for K inland in 10 ; Clarissa, Blinn, loading fordo i Hope, Jacob, do. for Salem OITthe port, passed a m:tti of wai bvig w ith low of bowsprit, and other damage, fcteerinp for Havana to all appearance had been tn an engagement. Spoke, May 27, nCape Hot i - da, sch Cilyps'i, from Havana for Charleston; Same day, saw an hr. - lite lirir from Mobile f.r Philadelphia. 28th, brig llritanira, Spear, of Boston, 12 days from N Orleans lor Liverpool. PaKsengirrs, Messrs. Lagoncherc, Sajre, and Gillender. Brig Gen Washington, Packet, 42davfivm Pcrnambtieo, with suir - ir and bi les, to Suvdam & Wyckoff, and 'he captain. Passenj'er, Mr A RaintaiiT. Left, ship Sachem, of Philadelphia, loading. Brij , Soule, tor Boston, sailed in co. Drier W ilium, Ratlibone, 21 days from Sur - rinam, with molasses to Hurrill 4c ( ulioone Ift, May 17th, bnzs Rotund, Coo, Salem ; Gen Jarkson, Loring, Boston ; Resolution, Andrews, H. Island; Henry, Johnson, Hawaii uncertain when to sail ; Abby, Potter, Newbu - ryport, in 10 days ; Juno, Libby, Boston, 10 Markets glutted with all k.nds ol America produce. Spanish sch Ltbernos, M Conn, 35 days from Auguatura, with hides and horns, to Mr. Anderson. In the river Oronoxe, passed a brig from Philadelphia, bound up. Spoke nothing no news. Sen Margaret, Caswell, 7 days from Charles ton, with cotton, rice, wine, beef, pork, specie, & Vandewater, Wheeler K Co. Tott an M'Kinne, A G Phelps, J J Astor & Son, R Halliday, Falconer St Stewart, Randolph and Savage, Ward k Bishop, and others. Passengers Mr. and Mrs. B O Mynot, Mrs. Jaqttes, Messrs. Cooper, Hazard, btewart, T hompson, Stanley, Stevens, and Duncan. Left ship Cor sair, and brig Telegraph, both lor ftew lork same day. Sch Mary - Ann, Swain, 12 days from Havana, with molasse and honey, to P Harmony. Left sell Gaxette, Selby, for N York in 4 days ; brig Henry, Dutch, discharging ju t beef ; sch Ar cher, for N York, next day ; Roque, of Salem, disch ; ahip Union, Bowden, of New York, do ; scb Dolphin, of Plymouth, for Boston m a week; brig , Freeman, of Portland, to u in 2 day ; an hermaphrodite brig for an eaaterji port s brig John Hove, of Philadelphia, loading, and other not recollected. On Wednesday, oil Hatteras, spoke ship Georgia Packet, 9 days from Philadelphia for Charleston. It continued healthy at Havana. Sch Betsey, Lawton, 20 dayi from N Orleans, 17 from tbe Balize, wilh cotton and tobacco, to I L Bowne. Sailed in ro with ship Thomas Nelson i ship Fidelia, of Aew - York, for Apalachicola, and sloop Com. l'att. rvn. for Havana. Left brig Standard, for N York 20th May i ahip inlander, for do. in 4 or 5 days ; ship Grand Srignor, for do. iu 8. In the river, spoke sloop Gold Huntress, f om New - York, bound up. Passenger, Lieut C Betts, U. S. army, b Ruggles, Kiq. and 19 in the steerage. Sch Ontario, Dissosway,3 days from Norfolk, with rum, coffee and copper,' to C U Dulfir, and W S Craig; Sch Atleero. Welsh. 9 A with aalt, bqund to N Badford. ' j ' Sloop Rapid, Waldea, 9 day frdm Newport " with mm, to Barrill fc Cahoune. s SlooD Wave. 'Landers. 6 Atva femn n... - . . ' J v,i ait nali, with cotton, to J Magre & Co. Passen. rr - a Mmmm I I II . 1. v.. . ft J, "J, n n,uuw,u uwiu, J itusselL J Simon ton, W Devew and others. Left ship Cotton Plant, Rising States, Tea Plant, briir opecuy rcace, Levant, ailU sen Milo, aU for J York in a few davs. . Sloop Henry, Hand, 5 day from Richmond with coal, bound to Albany. ' Sloop Lark. Sandford. 6 davs frnm f j ton, with cotton, &.c. Sloop Paragon. 1 day from New - Haven, with rum. sugar and beef, to the master. PORT OF PHILADELPHIA, June7 - Arri. ved. brie Newborn. Cnslnn?. 11 Hv. r . . Croix. Ift 2id ult. bri - Commodore Earrv Kay.just arrived from Philudtlpnia ; brie M.iV MU'herson, of and for Philadelphia soon, just are from St. Thomas ; achr Planter, Goodwin for Boston next day. I ha brig W iiliam s,A;n. M'Clellan, ailed for Aew - York I9tli of Var Cleared, shin Himtrr. H, .,.u. u j ' British hit) Crisis Mead, LiverKol ; briEMiiV Connick, Ilumburs. " 1 - iiAniii.jiuw, may ol. - Arrived. irhr Calypso, Hillnrd, Havana, 5 days. The iVhr Sattellite, Smith, for this port, wa, to sail n. day. Left at Havnna, to sail for this port. Adnana, Tate, in 10 day. ; brig Catharine, in 6 or 7 days; chr Eudorn, Vincent! - i " cor sarnn Hannah, Hunt 3 davs. On tht, fith ..t, r .k - M Cap.. .,,ok? !up gttrhng, from Matamas, WILMINGTnV. If. C. Uo. jn . . ship Kelton, Loncbothom, from Liverpool : shin ........ iiKiciivm ooiion : oris; nancy. Delano, from Bnrmn.ia . rv.i gins, from Martinique t sch Julian, WadzeLo. Cleared, sch Helvidera. f hh dr V. v.. ch Sylvia, Crowell, for New - Loodon.; sloop Osiris EldriJge, for Providence. Bng iryai, ol ewburyport, from this port bound to London, was spoke on the 30th April in lat 41. 4 - 2. hnz 49 bad thrown n - ,r, ' cargo overboard. tsALi 1 1.HtUlr, June e Amved, sloop Ma. hattan, Lambert, 18 days from St. Thomas Left, brig M;uj & Ann, Smith, from PhilaueU phia; ship Pilgrim, Brown, of Xewburyport, for St. Domingo next day ; sch Catherine (i Jaur, f PhiLidelnliia. tar M. Jncn : Hplx Hsrrtuu. I - - T . - 1 - M, of do dischargm. May S3, in lat 35, loo CC, 30, spoice brig .lert"nnt, u days irom .ew - York ior oi, j 'o. British hrisr Youn - IIuiliamL Tumhnll. n days from I. - lu Triuidud. THEATRE. Ou Monday i vruing, Juue 8, 1818, will be presented, (tor (he first time in America,) . the musical drama, in 3 acts, of iiOH ROY; on, avi.n t.jiXo si nr. Dramatised by Is:iac Prcock, Esq. and now jitf foruiin in Lou'lou wilh (he greatest ai'plnue ; with new scenery, drc. - er;, music, &c. Rashlcigh O.'baldistoue, Mr. Pritchard Owen, Jonul Rob Rov M'(rgor Campbell, lioUrt'oa . Hailie N.col Jai vie, Ililson Oiana Vernon, Mrs. Uarlcy Helen M'Gregnr, (wife to Rob Roy,) Barnes To which will be ddcil, tbe farce of HE tL BY SIGHT. Gen. Bastion, Mr. Jones Wiulove, Pritchard Gal.y Grim, Barnes Humphrey, Robertson Ferret, Hilson Lady Lynx, Mrs. Baldwin . - Connies, Greiiouille, . . Groshon - v' - Emily Bastion, ' ' . Mis Johnson ''. XT' Performance to commence at balf past 7 o'clock, precisely. - - '50 f ICE. fJTT TE03. and JOHN F. LAWRENCE have taken into copartnership THOMAS G. CA?EY. They willcoaduct huiaeu under the' firm or T. Ii J F. LAW KENCE Ic CO. Now York, Gih June, 18l. Je J! Iw A C.1RU. TV TV. Pirnrietar of tht Salt Water Balk. offm an apology to the pablic for the disappoint - uent in cot luliiilinj, as contemplated, the opening the .Warine owimming Bath at the Battery on SiUurd") last, and inform s them, that it wiU ret trun'y opi a during this week, aud shall be ne ticeii mjtich at her r''Mi. June NOllLK, HF.KMAX TUOK andJOHM B PEN. OLETON having formed a partnership, wu! con duct tlxir business under the firm of TtorB .t reiidlcton, at 56 tone - street. HERMAN THORN, Jimp S Iw JOHN B. PENDLETOy, NOTICE. LL persons indebted to the estate of Jam OnM.l:ija. atniif. rutter. Hf - , a re quested to tnakft immediate payment to the subscribers mi l hII letions who may have cl.omt a - .iint said estate, will please present litem as ni':.v iltrartn.t John Meyhcr, "Wa,hingtoo - 'L ) Wm. Shirp, 40Grccnwich - si. Executon iSaml Sharp, Jones' - st. ) , Jo 8 lw SECOND GRAND ORATORIO ( BY the Handel and Hivden Society, at ft Paul's Church, will take place cm Tuesday evening, Julie 9, 1818. 1'AHT FIRST. Handel's grand Dittenen. Te Item. Introduction. 1 . Chorus, We praise thee O Gol, Szc. 2. do. All the earth doth worship thee, A'C 3. Air, Holy, Holy, Holy Lord - Miss Conrad - 4. Chorus, To thee all angel cry aloud. ; 5. do. To t'nee Cherubim ti ocraphim, Lc. 6. do. The glorious company ofthe Apostles &c. 7. Soli and Chorus, Tbou art the King "f fil&ry. . 8. Air, When thou tookeit upon thee, 0. 9 - Clmnis, When thou didst overcome, fcc. 10. Thou ittest at the right hand of God, &c. . 11. do. We therefore pray tbee, &c, . 12. do. Dy by day w e magnify thee. U. Air, V ouchsafe O Lord, fee. . - 14. Chorus, lxsrd in thee have 1 trusted, fcc" PART 6ECONO - Overture Full Orchcstra. Air, I)rd wliat i Man By a member. Air and Chorus, Strike the Cymbal Mis Conrad. . Air, Angels ever bright ft fair A member. . Polo Violin Mr. GUiingham. " ' Chorus, Fix'd in hi everlasting eat ' Duet, O Lovely Peace Miss Conrad and a member. Grand Hallelujah Cliorus. Tickets to be had at the following places i Mr. Uiiev's music store. Chatham - street ; Mr. Kantburn's book store, Broadway; Messrs.. r.,rfrich t :o'sl do. do. Mr. Dubois' musio store. Jo; Mr tieib's do. Maiden - lane; T. ii J. Swords, Pearl - street j and Messrs. Kirk U Mercien's book, store, Wall - street. . je8 R 1CHMOND FLOUR 843 bb.'s. branded r - . " . - - .V IM,lir - t,l. A - m ftnm Si'hr. Fauny A Mary Ladr Tompkinf, from Rich mond, fgrsale ry - ; ; - ' Ul sir. ULtllt'.f a, ww. Jt C 9 - Uoose - alip,

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