The Evening Post from New York, New York on June 8, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, June 8, 1818
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THE For SALE, r f The very fine brig ALONZO, Green, f !VmMter, 163 tons, is in excellent order. 5!She sWtoscaat a small txpence. ? ron board atGovemeurs - wharf, or U Apply" oww 10T.r & M'KINNE, . 56 South - streets Fur SALE. r f The sen. ANTELOPE, tf V r 105 tons. Ivinir at Jones - wharf. 70 porr fc m'Klnne, ArP'J " sr. South - street my! .f 'or Umoi and Portlmul, The sloop FAVORITE, Trow, mas - Ller j will have immeiiiaic iiwjjv... Srfreiirht or passage, having spacious ac - mnnW..ppVorTftM1KINSE( . an 50 South - street KB v 'tur FHElOHJ' or CHA liTUR, a .r tunerior coppered SHIP, mo '.nil. .nrled from an eastern port, "f!". ...nil inimndiatclv t be - Ill IMI1U3I, uuu vau jii . - ... where for a cargo. jm"1" , vr, G. G. & S. IIOWLAXD, 28 67 Watbiantnit st. ' " V.r Freight or Charter, f.ner MOKMNG STAR, bur 'then 90 tons, will stow 800 bbls. is a .1 - .I n.l wsdv for a vovape, lies i Dover - street wharf. Apply to 11. fi: C. W. DAY EX POUT 4 CO. my 28 f or AA1STEUDAJU, ' XATR The pfiriiliir tradinr brief OHIO, E. Carman, master : has part of her cargo engaged, and will be dispatched without delay. Forfreigbt or passage, (having very good .nmiMKlatiuns. apply to tlie master on board, at pier no. 5 north river, or to ' r J. C. ZIMMF.KM.VX, ,nV 27 tf No. 77 Washingion - st. "PEasTKKOFPAKIS maxufac TORY, It the foot of Harrison - street, North - River. WHERE manufactured Plaster, lor cornices and other purposes, nay be had, war - f anted of the first quality, at one dollar aid live n - tu Art eelilt per buthel. .... Tin. manufactory is conducted by Mr. John Tucker, who has served a regular apprentice - hiolo the mason baiiucss. 1 Vtl JOHN BYEUS. T BATHER. 55 sides undres&cd upper JLi Leather, fur sale by AX50XG.rHF.LP3, my 29 183 Front r. ct. g e t WHITE LEAD, &c. iit. tJJJ kegs London White Lead in oil 30 barrels do Dry While Leac' i; tnus Red Lend 30 barrels Bristol Red Oihre SO i!o Venetian Hid ; 2 torn fine Litharge tfl hotheads Whiting 60 casus Paris White ; 2 M.ils. Verdigris 50 tierces t rewh Yellow Ochre 5 kegt Vermillion 4 caikt Prussian Blue, 400H). Cronie Yellnw; Paleut Yellow Sri fDwniii crown, Venetian Ued, i Ytlloiv, IX OIL. M.lCK, 1 Veidigris, J l.nnip&lack ; Iory Black ; PHrple Brown Spirits Turpentine ; Lintmrcd Oil aim hniei Window tSldtt, asorted For sale on the lowest terms, for cash or at sliort credit, by CUERMKRHORX k SOXS, ID l Waler - stre - l. D LYNCH, uu. (at.Vo. 40 Wuliam - streft,) . has on hand the lollowin WINES and LIQL'0115, selected wiOi juJuaeut by himself, which be oilers at wholcialo aad retad, uar - ented ;ure, as xarpotttS 50 'If 4 f Madeira, from 3 to 18 100 hlids ycw in WOod. 40 qr casks J Old Madeu - a, in bottler, fi - om 3 to 20 years Champaisnc, BargunJy, Claret andSauterne, of very superior qunUty 7 pipea dry Li. - boD, 7 years old 1 do Sherry, nine years old, and free from Boracha taste Tort, in pipes and bottles Table wine, for its quality, the cheapest in America TeaeriH), iu hlids. OU Brandy, do. Hum, do. Gin, not reduced 500 Jemijobiu, containing fire gallons each 50 croce wiue bottles N. B. Thote in the trade, and country dealers, will find it to their account, to supply them - selves with wioc and liquors at the abovo csta - biuhment, as they will be certain to obtain article! of the tint quality, at the lowest prices, acJ pare as imKrted. my 9 2n TO BE LEASKD, OX favorable torm?, fur along term of years, 4 lots of ground on Broadway, 200 feet deep, eitendin; to Crosby - strcct, between Hester and Graud - strecu. ' 2 lots iu Water - street, near Catharine - market. 1 lot iu Watcr - strcct, betweeu Fulton and Burlior Iii. Also, several other lots in the 5th, 6lh, fJth and 10lhwirda. For particulars, enquire at .No. 30, Chatjiani - ftrtet. may ii HAVAXA SUGAR, TA"LLOW,iii. 50 boxes brown Havana Suir, entitled to drawback. ISO ceroons s.uth American Tailow 54 boif Roll Brimstone, and ltl cases Tumblers. Landing and for sale ty JAMES DHVOLF, Junr. , my t2 64 South street. RICHMOND FLOUR & TOBACCO 250 bbls luperflue floor, HaxalPa braoJs 4'ij do do ' do country do oG do fine do do do 1 do X middlings 63 hhds prime old aud new tobacco 4 da do uew tobacco, fit for manufacturer! For sale by ' Vt. S: S. CRAIG, nay 59 04 Front street. COPPER KOTTOMS. ic 2000 lbs. Cop. per Botiuius, 20 to 30 iirrbet 69 ciks Wrought Xails, Eng. aad Am. ' m 6 baks Italian Paper "000 lbs. London Seiiw Twine, for sdc 1. 7 CEB11A o; CU.Ml.NtJ, ttvJt 76 I'earl ti.t. HUM U.VA, SUKKTiMifi , - iAD VI - APLIIS. T)T the late arrivals from Dublin and Belfast, A HENRY M'VICKAU CO. have re ctived 4 - 4 it 7 - 8 liucn, i - 4 sheetings, ia halfpieces 7 - a Iuwhj, 3.4 dbper 3 4 browu lineu. ia half mecr Runiaduck and table clollis, which they offer saie on rcasouulle termi at No. 5 1 1'uie - sL - v26 iTw MONKY TO LOAN OX MORTGAGE. 40QIY DOLLARS ate to be haJon unin cnm'.iferetl i roperly in the city. In - qwre of Stock a:i 1 Exrlian Broker, y23lf So.i3 William strt - et. "IV1!1!; - - 53 cases Claret Wine, containing vv ldoxmev - h .18 do do 3 doii each, of iilEi r BraKne Moa'.ud. vintage lUlO, re - l! ir r! b.riS South America. Iroru Bordeaux, icy tT y K Ci&AL.i:4 20XS.' NEW - YORK EYEWIM3 - :MM$! T fAP.DWARE, CUTLERY Uc.t casks XI fccotcb spring Locks 5 casks plate Locks, 1 do Steelyards I do chest bandies, ic. 1 do screw plates, scale beams, Ice. 1 do brass cocks, tic. 1 do bell metal kettles and skillets 2 do tin'd pots and sauce paus 2 do fine padlocks 4 do Banbury locks, hinges, &c. 2 do hammers, pincers, locks, Stc. 2 do HL hinges, tic. 4 do anvils 1 do hammers and sledges 2 do black Si briirlit vices, 2 do files 4 do pocket, pen and double blade knives 4 do hham buck and bone table knives 3 do buttons 100 do cut naUs and brads, from 3d. to 20d. ' Alto, a large and general amorlment of goods opeooa the shelves, for sale at the must reduced prices, by ADAMS BLACK WELL, may 7 215 Pearl - t. iXJli.l CCU X.l.yilt.i troiir. fflHE Subscribers be leave to acquaint their JL friends aud the pubhc, that they have re moved their Tobacco Manufactory into their fire - proof store, Tio. D'i Waler - street, where Ihey inteud carrying on the business ou an exten sive tcalethey haveou band a lare supply of Pigtail rolls, made of , best Richaioud tobacco Sweet scented X. Head Ladies' twist Long cut chewing, in 1, 4, 8, and 1G ounce pa - pen do smoking d Macuba tnufT, in jars and bottles, by wholesale and retail ccr.ted Rappre, do do StrasburgsoulT do do ' French rappee do ' do Plain fine do . do do Scotch sauff iu bottles and bladders Spanish setrarr, made of choice tobacco iin ported 2 years ao.aud warrauted genuine riew - OrleaiiS do. American do. Orders from the country will be punctually and carefully altcudedto. ma?9 Im . . I. NAAK K ot).. Second Hand ocii and timnma X entire suit for a ship of about &0 tons, A. and U or 10 anchors of aborted sizes, for saio by rot i' K IW'KI.x.Mi, ... n r c l. . i. - . 66 South street. ALI COPI'Klt. aow.lhs. old Copjier, recei ve ved from Jamaica, will be sold in lots to suit purchasers, by TUCKER &LAURIES, it$ aiith - sfreet. my ?.0 JAMKo D'WULI - ', Juur. tint rcuivi - d iiniu 67 Front - street to 54 South - street, and olfers fur sale - 52 ctrooos south American Tallow 25 tons clean St. I'ett rtliur - ti Hemp, few belts Crt quality Huatialuck; German Steel in boxe, eatitlcd to draw - hat a. 1C000 lbs. Gwen Coffee do 25 boxes China ttihle setts 172 pieces each 10 hhdi pure Spirits I cone Pl.itilias. my 5 ft l.. 4 pipes Holland Gin, iaudiuz aud for KJ sale oy JOSEPH OSBtmX, 211 outn ulreet. J4 ' I HKhAD HOSK. A kw dztu Ijuj aud L half Uiread Ilnic. for salt - by (J.O.SS HOW LAND, 67 WiulnriKtoD lie - t. Je 1 1 'UUPfcNTlXb 500 bbls soft Turpentine, for sale by v. ut,iiiur - n i;u. my 20 . i - 2C. H. Slip. PA I. NTS. OIL, iit:. Kc. - SO hhds. Paris White and Whiting 60 bbls. Spanish Brown 20 do Vellow Ochre 16 catks Venetian Red 10 too dry and ground White Lead 2 do Red Lead 500 lb. Prussian Blue 2000 lb. Blue Vitriol ; 2000 lb. Oil do 10 hhds. Copperas ; 5 do Puruiie Stone 1000 Ihs. Gum Cnpal; 1500 do do Shellac 100 bbls. Urouud Cam word 20 do do Logwood and Nicaragua 500 do do Tumeric 5 tons St. Doojingo logwood 2 do Large Nicaragua ; 2 do Red Wood 30 boxes Eastern Mould Candles Linseed, spermaceti and Beats foot Oil Black and Bright VaruisU 2500 feet 8 by 10 G!ais 1500 do 7 by 9 no for sale by RIPLEY & WELD, my 14 192 Front, corner of Fulion - nt. WAN I'LD, several youn LA Dir.:? a ap prentice to the MAN TUAMAKIXG - BUSIXESS. Enquire of MISS MARSHALL, my 14 - tf Xo. 7 Cedar - 'trer t. f 'U 1 TOX. 25 uulvs LpUiid Cotton, lor sale W by R. & C. W. DAVEXPORT k CO. ray 30 U.N NY BAGS, iu baies or other mik;,uI good VJI iu - lity, lor sale by CEBRA !i CUMIXG, 76 Pearl - strect - Je 1 DOMESTIC SO I HLR WARES THE subscribers keep conttantly on band an extensive assortment of the following poods, v.z :r Dutch and Engliih Gunny B.ips, Popes Heads Crumb Brushes Brooms Duster, or Counter Hearth Brushes, fancy and common Bellows, fancy and common Do for Blacksmiths Hall aud Entry Mats ite,aa do do do Cloth do da do Weavers do White Wash do Shoe & Scrubbing do Pair.t Brashes and Pauls and 1 uts Wheel - Burrows Fine Wire Sieves Do Hair do Whips of every dc scrintion Sash Tools Clamps, 4. 7, 0 row Furniture Brushes Horse do Bed Cord!. Clothes Seine, sewiug, wrap ping, baiting and oali J wine Fith Lines Lines Shoe it Sadleri Thread Sash Cords, Trare Ropes Dearborn's Dalian ces, lie. Wrought am cut Vnilt Anil Israeli Which tliey will sell whoealeor retail on It - r.d terms. CEBRA i: CCM1NG, OfT, Je2 76 Pnarl - slrcel. NE W - ORLEAXs COTTON, TOBACCO, Ac. rf Bales prime cotton, landing from the 0 J bri; Arso, fiom Xcw - Orleans, and tor tale by - V ALM1 UALLAOlir - iv, C6 ioulh - it. Who have alto in store, 00 Lads prim New Richmond tobacco, in entire parcels GO do old do 150 do Kentucky do of rery superior quality 200 lie's Biaaufactured do branded Price, Warwick, Labby, SiC. tOO do Fredericksburg do 25 caiki clart, iO do London mustard 3 bulls London porter 5 puncheon rabliit skius K 700 reams medium printing paper 50 do cap, Xo. 2, press pairs, 4c. Je3 , : G'LVi HORSE HIDES. 1 QP'Pe s - nd hhds. Craa. - loa GIX, of spe - JL7 I2b! ls. V rioc quality, 13 bales Horse Hides, just lecetved aad fi.4 "iVl GEO. W.TALDOI. MONDAY, JUNE 8, 1818. NO. 19 WILLIAM STREET., KENTUCKY TOBACCO 14 hhds prime Kentucky Tobacco, landing from scbr. Fenelon, west side Barling slip, lor sale at 53 Washington it. CH A3. L. OGUEX tl my 27 ABR. OGDEN. rMMjV.PLATES, TJUCt. - tllAlAi, &e. JL 200 boxes tin plates 28 casks Traces Brass Wire No. 9 ' 60 casUi Roman Cement, now landing, and lor sale by ANDERSON & SHEARER, 131 Water - street. Who hate in store, Patent and common Carolina and Virginia lines - Sheet Brass of all sizes - ' Brass and copper Wire London made pocket Books and Wallets Ladien work Boxes tic. ' my 25 SCYTHES. 33 dozen, for sale by J. D'WOLF, Jr. my 14 54 South - it rwt. 'pOBACCO, HIDr.a and FLOUR J. 11 hhds Kentucky Tobacco, landing from the ship Mary, from New Orleans 153 salted Hides, landing from the icbr Rising Sun, from Pernauibuco 146 barrels Richmond Flour ' 20 hhds. old, and 40 do new Richmond Tobacco, for sale by , ROBERT GILLESPIE, my 21 1 12 Front street. NUlisE WAX TED. A RESPECTABLE middle aged woman is wanted as an attendant and nurse to a sick lady. Apply at my 28 if No. 45 Roue street. Jic C. MCHOLs. No. 132 IVarUlroet, have . now for sale 2 cases white, apd striped Marseilles Quilting 1 d'i while and striped Jeans 2 do black Sinchcwsan'i black Sarsntte 2 do coloured Canton Crapes 1 do tine black French do 2 do black and asoned sewing Silk 1 do assorted Kid Gloves 1 do of mens and women's silk do 1 do 4 - 4 and 6 - 4 Cambric Muslin 3 do 4 - 4 and 0 - 4 Book do 2 do Jaconet do 2 do plain mid reeded Mull do 2 do 5 - 4 lii'h Sheetings I do Linen Diaper 3 do 4 - 4 Irish Linens, 1 do 7 - 8 loon Lawn fine 2 do brown do 2 do Cotton Platillas 3 do striked and Carlisle Gingham 3 do MnriraH and Naval Victory lldkfs. 2 do liiiilolion, Merino, fl Dania'k Shawls 3 tiunks Plate and superfine Calico 3 do Furniture Chiutz 2 bales black and asserted Borahazetts 2 do black and blue Broad CloUw 2 do red unit white Flannel. Je23w HARDWAllE, CUT LEU Y - (J GOODS. IIUIHTUL rriHE subscribers have received by the late JL ariiv.ils from Liverpool and Bristol, an extcn - ivc supply of Hardware and Cutlery of every description, which they oiler for sale to llie merchants from the country, in such quantities as may he wanted, at a low advance and liberal credit. Thev have also received on consignment and ofl'cr for sale by the packages 60 casks and cases ot Birmingham Hardware, consisting oi most of the staple articles in the line. 10 casks of Kenyons warranted hand, pan - nel, teimant, sash, tic. Saws. 6 cases do warranted mill, pit and crosscut saws, best steel plate 10 casks of Kenyon's files of every description 100 caiks best Quality Enelish Porter ' :k) do assorted Glass Ware, consisting of tauihlers, wines, decanters, white aud grei o phials, 4 c. 10 crates of Stone Soda Jugs 10 cases of English men's and boys' hats 2U0 bundles of warranted Halback's German Steel, direct from the Msuufattury of J. & C. Halbach Ic n, of Keuischeid. 10 tons of London hoop L Steel 5 do Crawley Steel 11 thousand st jurbridge fire Brick Tin plates ol the different kinds Black do do B. W. ROGERS ic CO. Je? 235 Pearl street. rjIBBKRTa BEST DOUBLE BROWN rH SiTrtll'P Vll ...itira - m.ll Inri liV 1 friend iu London, superior to any in this market, lor sale by if. l. vn. junr. Je 1 Itn No. 40 Willhm street. niEA, TIN PLAT:;, BLOCK i'LN, tin. etc. X 40 cherts hvs.wi ikin tea 100 boxes T"in Plate, assorted 10000 lbs. India block tin itOuO lbs. Spanish do tiuOU lbs. iron wire 100 tierces prime new rice 50 bbls. cider brandy. - For sale by AX SOX G. PHELPS, my 16 1S3 Front street. SUGAR ii RUM. 6 hhds. Mascovudo Sugar 15 bugs Havana brown do A few puncheons Antigua Rum, for sale by GOODHUE & CO. Je 4 44 uth - Mrwt. CO I TOW 160 bales prime Upiano Cotton, landing thin day at Brooklyn, from slot p Yankee and Good Intent In H lore. j 153 Inles Upland Cotton 1 do Sea Island do. For sale by HENRY THOMAS, Je 3 lOt No. 2 Ji nel lane. CIO I I O.N, DEER ?KIN Ai GUM ILlEMl. 71 bales prime Upland Cottou 11 do do I eer Skin, and 25 cases Gum lllemi, suitable for the Spa - ish market, for sale by nv 30 SAUL ALLEY, 9P. Pine - st. C - O T TON. 257 bi.les New Orleans Cotton, landing from brigs Fredonia and Argo, from X. Orleans, for sale bv N. Si D. TALCOTT, Je 2 64 South - street. LOST, OX Saturday, a hundred dollar bill of the U. S. Branch Bank of Savannah Fifteen dollars reward will be paid to the finder on hit leaviogit at this office. June 1 MILLIN EVPS. 600 ps whins Milliutlt, well bleach'd and in good order, just received, and for sale low, by WILLIAM UAirBKi.L, Manuiaciurcr, Je2 197 I'carl - s'reet, (npttair. DOMESTIC i OTJUA UUuDS. EVERAL cases of bleached and unbleached 5 cotton thirtiugt and thcetiogs, of au excellent quality, with other domestic goods, just re ceived and for sale on reasonable terms by WILLIAM CAMPBELL, Manufacturer, 197 Pearl - tUxet, up stairs. Arv, a quantity of Millinotts. june 2 HARDWARE Jut iandud irom .Meicury, on sale at No. 65 Pine - slteet, coutu'dag iA Banbury Locks, Spoou and SofUlea Polidi'd Roller Buckirt, Jap;ui'd do. do Black and Bright Shackles, and Double Padlock" Cart, Key, Fancy, Trunk, Black and Bright, Shackle, Single and Itauhlt Boll Pad Locks Carry Combs, ptiue: Rat Tiaps Iron Candlesticks, Woodxrrs - ws Awl Blades, Pearl Ruttnnn, Brats ('ase Locks Bright Wrought Ihuriili Latches Norfolk do. Cox's Currie's Knives Till Locks. Cart But Hinges. my 29 9t W 7 l.VtS Old Marltira iu Iwllles ' i .ii . . i. . aerciai iaucira in jr. Oesuioe orape juice, All pure - t iasported, lor si'e by Ail pure - xviLLlAMCODMAX, Jt51,T soir.s strict. PV. LEDYARD 4c CO. No. 104 Pearl - st. have on band an extensive and romolete at - tort men t of Hardware, consisting of wamron's prime grats and corn scythes Steelyardi ; trace chains Carolina hoes ; fine guns ; anvils Vires ; frying pans Straw and hay knives Mill, pit, X cut, band and) M, - I!: Paniielsaws. Millingtoa's English shi.vels ; patent plane irons Adze, chiuels, gouges Patent pott cnil'ee mills Files, rasps, - hinges ; screws, hammers Iron, brass aad plated candlesticks Plated crutts Brass and glass cabinet furniture Locks of all kinds Mortice lor.kc wilh glass knobs Cutloiy of at! kinds, iu great variety Spoons, buttons, sectacles, Chains, seals, keys. tic. Also, si very handsome assortment of girth weODtiig, common and plated saddlery, paiticu larly calculated for (he ion 'he fa market. 'iho above are principaliy new goods, and will lie sold in quantities to suit puahasers, ou (he Uiotl reas .italilit terms. Jeotl OHEETINGS audslllKTlNGS Several ca - O scs of bleach'd ami uiibleni b'd Cottou Slieet - ings aud Shirlinss, with other domestic good?, fut receitfd and for :le by " WILLIAM CAMPBELL, Manufacturer, No. 197 Penrl street, cnrne.r of Muidcu - huie. Also. n assortment of Miitmetts. Je5 PUBLIC SALE )K CHINA GOODS. fy Tuffday, the 16th June, at 10 o'clock in J the lore noon, will de snid at the auction store of the suhtcrtheri, io. 51 North r r nt st. Philadelphia, (terms at salt - ) (he following goods 90 hall chests young bysou tea 35 quarter chests do do 140 ten catty boxen do do 36 quarter chests hyson lea 20 quarter rhefts gunpowder tea 50 i.'5 - catty boxes souchong tea 5(1 25 - caity boxes poucbong tea 155 quarter chests ,. c. . Ml Calf quarter .hestsi Ujwn Skin Tea 10 quarter chesls r....:,i 20 Half quarter chest, i '"'I1 Tea CHINA WARE, CASSIA, NANKINS, Ac. 20 boxet evening cups and saucers U ) boxes tea selts, 4U and 49 pieces each 30 box. s blue and white plates, flat aud deep 1 Iu bunrHetot noor matting 1980 hun de;, almut 6 V0 lbs. cassia 400 piei ea blue Nar.kins 1600 pier.i.icfioiigycllow Xankins.of Mamraee chop. The iibive goods were imported this spring, in the ship Rosalie, capt. Merry, fmoi Canton. The Teas nre principally Eshing, N'uiiishing, and Kinglum's chups. JEXX1XGS, JOXE9 Si CO. Je5d'Je16 Auctioneirs. NEW YORK INTtLi.lGENCEOEHCI .Yo. 67 CH. - lM t. IIS 77V h. E 1 .Vext d or to Mr. lluts - iiCs. 11 HE subscribers have opened an ol5ce, at the aliove place, for the Rci omniud tlioii of the public generally, and rcspcctluMy loll, it a thaiv jl their patronage. Funiilii'i, ship masters or mechanics, who nre in want ofu.rvant. mule or ieuiali'.T.Anhs, ttew - artls. co icinneii or air.irenlices, can Ue supplied at me snnriesi nonce. iv iippivikk m u uunvt plxce. Liery attention will be pain lo ascertain whetlicr the persons applying to this clbV.o tor emDlovuebt have good recommendations or not. and tbe imblic may be assured no s:rvnnis will b recommended by the siiliscribcrs, unless lUir cliRractcts are gooil und they tiring salirlaclory eviilcnce .of the same from the pcrsous Willi whom they hit lived. Houses, store, furnished or uufurnuhed rooms, may be obtained by applying at Ibis cuVe. Also, persons having the same to let, can find ten ants by upplyin as auove. r.very lierson, waul inir ciupluyiiieiit, ran linl it by calling on the siibsci'iuers, who will endeavour to merit the ap probation ol ine puMic, ijr paying strict alien tiOL to their burners.' S. W. WINCHESTER, DANIEL FAKRAR. flV" Wauted immediately, a nuuiour of good LooKf, ivitu gijod reiercuces. Also, anuuiDer ol smart active coloured girls, as chambermaids. Ic. Six or eight enod nurses may be had imme diate I V at this ofDce. Also, eight good conchim n, or sf rvuult lor single gentlemen, luav be had as above. A number oi Englishiiit - n and Scott broen, with Uieir wives, (and no children) wisr einulnyinent on farms, or t.i garduers and dairy maids ; would so to any part ol this state or New - Jersey. Six iiiduttrious and active men, are in want of situations in grocery stores; they can be well rHonmended. Gentlemen intending to tiuvcl, can obtain good coachmen, male and female servants or waiters, by applying as above. A number ul middle aged women with situa tion in privaio lamilics, to nurse and take care ol t hildrrn. Je 4 lw" TO TRK INHABITANTS OF NEW - YORK, A.D ITS VUI.HTV. vv M. BUY AN, Dyer, e. from London, eratefully acknowledges the liberal eu - courage rnenl he has received, from his friends and l lie public, since his arrival Irom rjiglaud Anxious lo merit a continuation of tlieir patron age aud support, be has taken those extensive premises Not. 37 and 39 Spruce - street, (late Little George - sties!,) where he hat at considerable xp nse erected machinery and every couvvn lence to ensure their future favours. Piece Goods dy'd any fancy color and finished in superior style; Ladies dresses, silk, tattin, velvet, damnk, moreen, crnpe, veils, shawls, mantles, li'tes, bombazrens, Act. t - ieaned and dy'd any fancy pattern, chip, straw, . nd lignorn Bonnett dy'd. Black, for ramming, on thorU it notice ; mo ret - n furnitures cleau'd, dy'J and water - marked hot - pressing, tic. n.y 18 lm GLOBE INSURANCE COMPANY. rrHE Presidmt and Dine tors give notice, X that a dividend of four per cent ou the capi lal stuck of the company for the lust six months, will be paid to tl Stockholdt rs at their OrDce, No. 55 Wall street, on and after tbu 1st day of J one i.ext. The Transfer book will be tl on Uie ilslinttaat By order of the board of Direc ters. my 14d Im RICHARD DUNN, Junr. Sec'ry. 'PUBLISHED THIS D1Y, A PRACTICAL TUF.ATIiEon PERSPEC T1VE, adapted for those who practice landscaive rninting or drawing from nature. Also, THE PERSPEC TOURAPH, for taking views. We th underjgncd artists, resident at New - York, having iniected Buthj 't jierpectograph. are of opinion, that it is an iugeulous, utelul and convenient invention, that h ill materially assist all persons desirous of making accurate perspec tive vicr.s irom naiure. JXO. TRUMBULL, AB. ROBERTSON. SAMD L L WALDO, JOHN RUBENS SMITH, WILLIAM DUNLAP, 2. H. JAKVI9. The aliove wcrks arc ftr sale by i. LA l1 BLR I , Je3 lm 3 Courtiandt street. OA LttAUOKTS DISCOURSES. SHORTLY will bepubhthed, a volume of Discourses oo various iots of Christian I litis IV - iHsf Mrl of which were deli ver - d in the chapel of tbe Oraloire at i'aris in the m.i . i' mir. ha 'IIkxtiiu I. Gallaudct. Pru - nf ihs Connecticut asylum for tbe srutroc - I lion cf the Dctif ami Dumb. Copy r ight scctr - red. P. Y. GALLAUOKT, jc4 lw Vj rudcu - tt. HVOl - , 73 Washington - street, offer; for sale . 19 bales upland cotton, just arrived inr sloop Express, from Savannah 200 demijoliiii of 5 gallons each o pair mill ttones, from 4 feet 3 lo 5 few A few dozen watch springs and chains June 4 iw i OLASaES A quantity of Molasses, lau 1J. ding at Pier 1 1, for sale by JOS. USBU1W, Je 4 - 28 South - street. SUPER COMPANY FLAG HDKFS. Elegant patterns, lor sale bv iny30 MARCH.! LOW. 210 Broadway. I HE FINE ARTS. MONGST the present numerous exhibitions JA. of this city. M. PAFF flatters himself that the lovers of genuine works oi old masters, will find his GALLERY OF PAINTINGS, No. 20 Wall - street, worthy their attention, and presenting them at the smallest expense with the most exteurive gratification. i. li. Old paiutings repaired and restored to their original lustre, or purcliased at tlieir utmost value. my SUM MRS SPENCER rcpcctlul! imoruit her friends, and the ladies in particular who recently called on her, that her apartments are now ready for the reception of pupils for the pinto forte ; also, thatsiie it desiorus of obtain ing two or three more pupils, who the would have no ol ji etion lo wait upon at their own hou scs, should it be preferred. I lie moft resixcta hie refercrices can be given. A gentleman and nis win; may ue accoiumo .luted with board, my 12 lm White - street, No. 3. MEW - YORK' BOTANIC 6ARPKIV. MICHAEL DENMsOX. CURATOR. HIS ei - tabli - liuient is situated at Rote Hill, near the junction of the Bloomindale and Ua'rlem Roads. It comprehend about live acret of excellent land capable of the highest improve ments. The proprietor of beautiful tpot hat obtain' cd a leae oi the land lor the term ol thirty y ears. He has (betides the enclosures, thrubli. ry, and other imtroveinenhO erected one ol trio inrzett and most couveuieui urecn bouses in the United Slates. He solicits the citizens to patronize his ellorts to render hit garden ceniplele in every re peel, by u moderate annual subscription. He proposes that each contributor of five dot lars ihiil be entitled to receive tbe value in seeds, ilowers, plants, fruits, or any other pro duce ol the cardtn. Bv such an accommoda ticu to biiu on the part of the public, he will be enabled to procure tbe greatest variety of foreign and domestic vegetables, and to grauly ua luste ana expectations oi bis trienus. 1'ertouj uicliiiing to eater their names as en. ccuragers of the desitpi, are invited to call at the gardcu, where Iho fullest iiil'm uiation will be given. in 21 1m rVR SALE, A house and larm on Thmg's Neck, in Win town and county of Westchester, lourleen uuli s truiii New - York. The farm contains a - beut one hundred hi re I of excellent land in good li (it e, a large barn and other convenient out - buddings, u tollhouse twosloriet hitb, with four rooms on each llunr, elegantly situated on the banks of (Iw; East River ; the situation un commonly beulthy ; the neighbourhood the most respdclulilu ; itoundanco oi irunoi uie ueti seitc - lion ; st alti and shell hh in great variety taken helore the home, r or lurtner tnlormauuii aptny lo tfio subsuribs r on the pronut. my I ttm V STEPHEN II. HOFFMAN. A PA'1'fc.NTED IN Vr. I ION, For the convenience and comfort ol latliet. IT is well known by all ladies that their cloak pins, (as Ihey are called) alias curtain pint, particularly lure ones, in a very short time. lrom the weight of the curtain, and from other causes, wear so large a hole in the wood in which they are iustrted that they become loose, insomuch that they droop and look ill, nnd more over ollentimes drop out. lo privnt this ef - r . . - n . . . i.... : . .1 . 1 . . I . L. ... : 1 1 I r.,.,..."ii, ,..:..D ..ii..,i...i 1.. . ...i ,. l'1'..ll. 11IW .l.V.ll V IIIL II. UIIHIKU J , 11U HUJ lady, or ertn a gemltman, can be convinced o. the fact by applying at No. 2 Dey street, where the invention is to be fcr.o : the expense is a mere trifle, and clonk pint already iu use can, and will he, readily altered to the proposed plan, my 19 3w TO Li.P, A thrce - ttory brick home, opposite the p:ii K in Duane, and ucxt to Uie corner of Hud - Oou - street. Eiinuirv at No. 2 Greenwich - street. my 7 , CUJiLED HA Hi MANUFACTORY, 76 Chatham - street. fFTIIE subscriber returns his thanks to the jL public for their lormtr patronage in llie line of his profession, and hopes for their future Mip!ort. He likewise informs them tint he has on hauda constant supply of curled hair, mauu iactured expressly for matrasses, on an improved principle ; and likewise guarantees the hair sold by him to be free from any impure smell, being well scoured, boiled and baked, and lieing manufactured by machinery, has au advantage over any other hair manufactured iu America its very texture and elasticity making it a saving of twenty - five per cent to the purchaser. WILLIAM JACKSON. N. B. Merchants and the trade in general will find it to their advantage to call at aliove. 30 bales of hair iu its rough state ; 6 bales of Ions hurse - t ills ; 2000 lbs of long hair drawn 30 inc hes, c'ubbed ; COO dozen hair sieve bottoms. For sale as above. my 5 2m MAHOGANY SOFAS, CHAIR AND CABINET FURNITURE, Mo. 49 UEEKM.i.V STREET. riHE subscriber begs leave to return hit sin - J. cere thanks to tlwse ladies and gentlemen who have been kind enough to honor bun with theircominandi, and to intorm there, and the ad mirers of handsome furniture in general, that he has on hand some'' very elegant sofas, chairs, card, Pembroke and extending patent dining la hit:, grand sideboard, inlaid wilh high poli'hej orntiirw Lta! lras workand roie - wooil, card tables to match, Grecian couches, so fit, chaise lounge, munc stools, i liairs, tic. Also, a li brary step chair, the utility of which be partita larly recommends. All furniture warranted of the b'ut quality and workmanship, and of the newest European fash ions. Orders executed to any part of the onion to any rirawui.', on the most reasonable leriot ana nunrfimlitv fortfasfl. I.adics or gentlemen having fancy woods, may hsive them manuiuciuri lo any ukj wish, by applj iug as above, my 3d iia A. M. HAYWOOD. XTOTICE is hereby given, that w Urf! under - LX sisiifd have been app unit d by his honor Richard Riki r, Recorder of the City of New - York, according to the act for relief against absconding - rWd.debtors, trmtee. lor all tbe creditors of ihv ytrs'ins constituting the firm, co - partnership or liouse of trade, of Prtntitt Ai Car - ter of Baltimore, debtors, who reside out of this ii if xnd are indtbted wiliiin it t sod all peisons indebted to the said persons conslitutin; tbesaid firm, coimrtnership of houe of trade, are requi - mrt bribe tenth day of June next to pay all debts and suras of monf v which they owe to tbe edd nersons conttitutine tbe said firm, copartnerslHii or house of trade, aad deliver all property of the same, which tbey have in possession, to us, Uie said trustees. And all creditors of the said per sons constituting the said firusccpartaershioor house of trade, are desired, by the first itij of August next, to deliver lo us, or one of on, Umr rripM live demands against the sane. Dled the ttthday ol May: IS t(t. . WILLIAM C. MUI.Lia AX, ) . WM. PROCTOR, - J Trarlees. JOSEPH BATES. I EtytS dtJlOllawlAl IK? - The new I ERRY BOA 'I b notutbe toot of AVakiUt street. New York, to the loot of Lit tie street, Brooklyn, near the Naiy Yard, Wilt commence running oa fnnd.ty, tlm 17th mil. ferrous crossing ro a Irom tbe upver part of the city, will find the distance much shortened by using this letry.' IIIV 14 TO.s - 1INE COFFEE HOUSE. ' tz7 The committee lor manaeirur the affaire of i lie 'f online t tiflce House, give aobee, that & Dividend of Seventeen Dollars per share, for the year ending the 1st int. will be paid the pro prietors on or aiter ine i juj mil. at z croad - ttreel. my 13 1m 11 MARTIN VVtLLLbandNAIIlAN C. SAY RE, Attornies at Law, have opened their office at No. 119 Pearl strf c t. my 26 2w NOTICE. ft7 - The Risine Sun Sail Boats, Xonpariel. and Industry, from the Elizabeth town Pout, for New - i ork, sails ircw ivlarkelheld - slreet, (where the Steani - boat Alalanta lormerly came to,) at 10 o'clock, ol each day. Passage 12 1 - 2 cents. Enquiie at the Steam boat llolell, of v ArvLiLiciuoLS rtiiLLira. my 21 tf 3 - 'l'be bank notes of all the banks belweem this city and Albany received at our office at a discount of 3 - 4 per ceut. in sums over $50. ' LIYIMUarON K TRACY, S3 Wall - tt. , The highest price given for Dollars. may 27 Jllerchunt,i Dividend - (7" Notice is hereby given to the Stockholders of Uie Merchant's Bank, that a Dividend of four per cent; or two tioll.u s on each share fur six months, from the first of December last, will be paid at the Bank on Monday, the Oral of June next. I!v order of the Board of Directors. my 291m G B. VKOOM, Cash'r. l.VaV LY.sUt.lA CE COMPAXY, " Olhce No. 56 W all - ltreet, 7 Will receive applications for marine risks and lor insurance on lives, annuities, fcc between the hours of 10 A. M. and 3 P. M. daily. SAMUEL A. LAWRENCE, president., WM. J. VAX WAGENEX, secretary. DIBJCLTUR. Jr hn Oothout James Boormaa laac G. Pearson, jr. Henry Major Henry Thomas Samuel A. Lawrence Charles King Robert Benson, jun. John Richaud Charles Rhind James Renwick P. Schermerhorn,. jun, John Jones Joseph Smith JamsM Strong my 19 Im James Boyd, juu. Balthazcr P. Mehck BOMBAZlT'J S III bales of Rhodes Bom - hazetts. hainlioinelv asstirted. tutt received by the Ann Maria from Liverpool, and for ralu by LAVERTY, SHELTERS H KING, Je l sw Io. Id J It arl - ttreet. siuitrvan Insurance LtMnutmy. T HE board of Directors have this day dcrlur ed a Dividend of liltoeo perceul. ou tlar - - Cupital Stock, lor the last six mouths, payablv en or alter ihe. first day of June next, between the hours or 10 and Yi ox lock, lty order ol tlai President aad Directors. May 12, 18 111. ' my l P. HAYT, Hec'ry . ' PROSPECTUb . , tor roai.tmisiti ay siTnsraimoit A MAP OK MEXICO ANU LOUISIANA. rMlE publieitit ol thitMup bss been under - l (uken with the impression, that it will exhibit information, highly interesting at eveqt - lul crisis, and the valuable Map which tbe author hat prormed, during bis several tours througlt Mexico, in the years 1U0G, 1007, 1812, 11113, ) 1815, 1816, and lill7. induce him to betel ve that - the Map, with eveo all it imperfections, will bo much the inosi perfect which has af peered be fore Uie public. 1 his nJap Will contain the latest and best formation from the discoveries and possession formation Irom the discoveries of the American, Spanish, Russian, British and French travellers and navigators and representing the claims of their restrictive governments on the Northwestern coast of America. The Map will include that portion of North America, which lies net w t en the Isthmus of Da - rien, aud the 48th decree of North Latitude, and from the Alittiiiippi River westwardly to tbo racmc ocean. In size the Map will be about six by five feet, and will be protected on a scale of 40 miles to - the inch, to be delivered to the subscribers at fif teen dollars ach. Natches, March, 1818. sp"lAul fJ"H FOH SALE OH TO LKJiSK, elasiJ Lots in the 5. 6. C. and 10 Words; many of which are on regulated and paved streets. No money will be required under tea years, u sold, mtcrett excepted. HOUSES. Several two and thne story houses, on which a great part of the money remain on mortgage. i.a.nuiu a i' Ki.iv noun. An excellent stand for business, with ten acrrs of land, pleasantly situated, with a vyharf, storehouse and barn. COTTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - Havco, with 40arresof land, and a never failinir stream, upon which 20 mills may be erected, with a sufliciency of water for each. Apply at .No. z Oreeowich street, tan 1.1 If MONT - ALTA. For sale or lo let, the lieautiful placet called Mont - Alta. seven miles from the City - Hall, on the North River, ndjoiuiug lord Cour - tcuay's. It conl aios 20 acres ol laud uudcr im - pravemcnt. with a large gardetwo good condition, a variety of fruit trees, and every convenience a family may require. For terms, which are reasonable, and d sold a long crtdd given is wished, apply to N. it D. TALCOTT, ap CO 64 youth - si. ALL orders received amLatteuded lo for laying and repairing the Manhattan lead pipe and cisterns or for sink piies or lend pumps, by SAMUEL STARKE Y, my 27 tf No. 13 Chamber - street. JTM FOIi SALE, (Or exchanged for property in this city) A Deat country house in the Vicinity of Eli - zibeth - town, (N. J.) beautifully situated on the post - road; at present in ine occupation ol Duct. Grant. It contains eight rooms with a niazza in front and rear, a eood kitchen, wash. house, milk - room, andcrller, there is also, a ' coach - bouse, stable for two horses, and other convenient out buildinga, all in good irpair,' aoout an acre of land, Ukt out in a handsome gaHcn and orchard, which afford a variety of choice fruit, asparagus, lie. and a well of excellent water, with a pump. Terms will bo made liberal. Apply to ' JACKSON & WOOLLEY, Je lm - ' 75 Wsll street MECHANIC - HALL. PARXPUiCEXEW.YORlC. TMllS well - kuown establishmtnt. hat been . put in complete order,' newly - - IktJkLbed, painted, tc. and is cootineedlits fciuser style of comfort and convenieore. t,alJy divested of tbe ceremony of a private boarding house, or tbe noire aad bustle of a tsvenv it combine lite advantages of both. Us airy and liJeirr suua - tiic, equai to arjy is t!e City, ,corn w way V&?0'T rbeHtnr.Lity nan, aciuicsusi Bathss make it a .trsisable rsssdenrf for travel. te - ifi?S2 SfflZZ be HPw. lu.l rievtuted with prive per - tjrt rooost, ana every rsenioa ut d,. ctv.tnltii to tbecomiurtof srbts suay give ii prwecsuvc. . my UlntCla, 'Ml' . . 1 ' il, t . ; i It

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