The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 21, 1936 · Page 2
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 2

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 21, 1936
Page 2
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TWO MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, APRIL 21 1936 this lias been the only successful .approach to date. Confident ol Rescue Dwyer said he was confident the men were "in as good physical condition as could be expected" arid that they would be rescued aJive. With desperate rescue workers still uncertain as to when they ·would be able to break 1 through to the underground pit, Rr. Robertson asked .that 'his,. Charles Ivey of London, Ont.,"come to the tube to take down instructions. Those instructions were for what should be done in the event the rescue crew failed to reach the tomb in time. SEND RADIUM DIRECTION FINDING EQUIPMENT TORONTO, UP)--An Ontario government airforce plane started for Moose river Tuesday carrying radium direction finding equipment for-use in the attempted rescue of WD NEVER THINK I SCRUBBED AND BOILED THESE CLOTHES. THEY LOOK. SO GRAY I NEVER SCRUB--NEVER BOIL IUSERINSO. IT SOAKS OUT DIRT, AW CLOTHES COME 4 OR S SHADES WHITER MY SHIRTS LOOK {WHITER THIS WEEK T)INSO SAVES THE CLOTHES because JK. it gently soaks out the dirt. There's no hard scrubbing or boiling. Clothes last 2 or 3 times longer. JUnso is all you need--tvsn in bardatviattr. It gives thick, lasting suds without the aid of bar soaps, chips ot powdets. Makers of 33 washers say, "Use Rinso for whiter, brighter clothes." Grand for dishes. TUT AMMICA'i SICGEST-SEUINO PACKAGE SOAP NEXT WASHD the two men trapped lu a gold mine. The new equipment was offered by Dr. G. B. Richards, radiologist of the'Toronto general hospital and colleague of Dr. D. E. Robertson, one of the Imprisoned men. Whether the equipment would be used, however, is problematical since Dr. J. Gordon Gallie of Toronto, now at the mine, informed Premier Hepburn's office after the plane had left, that rescue workers were certain to be digging in the right direction and that the radium set probably would not be used. Girl Says She Had No Supper but Lord Will Care for Her WATERLOO, UP--"1 have had no supper, but the Lord will take care of me," said a slight, curly haired girl of about 18 to a group of firemen at fire station No. 4 Monday night. She was wearing light colored pajamas; a short blue jacket and no hat. Refusing to give her name or address, she sang several songs, and prayed. Her mother was in a hospital, she said, but she would not say which one. The girl said she had no money and would sleep outdoors. The firemen took up a collection of small change and gave it to the girl. She stepped out the door and vanished. Youth Charged With . Reckless Driving as Police Probe Thefts CEDAR RAPIDS, UF--Police are holding Leonard Anderson, 19, of Iftsva City on a reckless driving -charge pending investigation of two automobile thefts and accidents involving each car. Anderson was brought to Cedar Rapids by Iowa City policemen Monday night when they picked him up after a car stolen here earlier in the evening had' been wrecked on highway .161 12 miles north of Iowa City. In the meantime Simon Gongwer reported his machine had been struck by- a .car bearing Illinois license plates. He later .identified Anderson as driver of the car and police learned this machine, owned by K. G. Sturdevant of Rock Island, had been stolen in that city late Monday afternoon. Schilling Funeral Thursday. DES MOINES, UP)--Burial will be held Thursday in State Center for E. H. Schilling, 73 year old State Center banker, who died in a hospital her of complications resulting from a liver infection. FREW TUCKER'S COWS PEACEFUL Avoid Attacks of "Jitters" He Claims Were Caused by Airplanes. IOWA CITY, (.7)--Frew A. Tucker's cows chewed their cuds contentedly Tuesday without %ny attacks of the "jitters" he claims they had every time a plane flew low over his field. United Airline passenger planes continued to "ignore" the Iowa City airport which adjoins his field and the company completed reduction of its airport staff to two employes and eliminated most of its local activities. 4 Employes Transferred. Four airport employes were transferred to other cities,: all radio, weather and plane servicing activities were discontinued, and it was indicated that only one man may be'left here by the company if a soultion to the airport difficulties is not found. A month ago Monday United Airlines dropped Iowa City as a stopping place for its passenger lines when' Tucker renewed his one-man war against planes he claimed were flying low over his field and frightening his stock. Previous Altercation. An injunction which was the out- cor of a previous altercation with airport officials prevented Tucker from erecting a 25 foot pole on his land in a line with airport runways. So Tucker raised a 24 foot pole on the edge of the field and topped it with a red, flag. United Airline officers said they considered the pole dangerous to planes and announced the airpo"rt would be ignored until it was torn down or some other provision made. City officials are seeking federal WPA funds to assist in financing a 625 foot extension to the runways to afford a greated landing area for the planes. Confirm Hopkins as Iowa PWA Director WASHINGTON. OP)--The senate Monday confirmed the nomination of P. Frank Hopkins as state director of the public works administration for Iowa. Hopkins is former city manager of Mason City. They think now that Hitler got out of the interior decorating game because he handled wall paper like a treaty.--Portland Morning Oregonian. Year after year-XOWE BROTHERS HIGH STANDARD house paint protects your home and retains its beauty. It costs less to use, because it covets far more surface per gallon than cheap paint. Then too, you won't have to repaint so often. And HIGH STANDARD spreads so easily and evenly that your painting is done more quickly--with less labor cost; Come in and see the Lowe Brothers Pictorial Color Chart, which shows correct color schemes for various types of homes and every kind of room--in large, full color illustrations, painted with actual paint; Let us sire you Lotvc Brothers FREE BOOK. "Practical Hints on PaintitiR and Dccarattns." SPECIAL -- LOWE BROTHERS QUICK DRYING LINOLEUM LACQUER Regular Price, Quart Special Sale Price . . YOU SAVE $1.40 .88 $ .53 GURR1E- Iowa Hunts Four Nervous Sioux City Bank Bandits COUNTERFEITERS TO BESENTENCED Loot in First Holdup* of Bank This Year Set at $3392. SIOUX CITY, LT) -- Iowa threw the full force of its chief law en- orcement v agencies Tuesday into a earch for four nervous gunmen who ooted the suburban Momingside .tale bank of $3,292. Highway patrolmen, sheriff's of- icers, local police and an agent of he state bureau of investigation oined in the hunt. The search centered Monday night n the Denison area to which the "·unmen headed after strewing nails n the highway behind them to de- ay pursuit. State Agent Paul Gruber, how- ver, expressed a belief the robbers ; ay have doubled back and headed nto South Dakota. John Hattery, highway patrol hief, also held the opinion that the landits have doubled back into South Dakota or Minnesota with- ut shifting to another car. If they md abandoned their car -in Iowa, le said, "the chances are it would have been found .by now." After Closing Hours. The robbery was executed Monday afternoon shortly after closing lours. The gunmen drew up to the jank in a maroon colored (Buick) iedan bearing Indiana license plates. One of them remained in the car as the others entered the bank, drew their guns, scooped up all available cash after failing to open he vault, herded four hostages into the getaway car and fled. The hostages--John Scott, Jr., president of the bank; W. L. Ayres, cashier; Iva Hubbard, stenographer, and James David, handy man--were released unharmed at the edge of he suburb. Smash Rear Window. As the getaway car fled the scene, ne of the robbers smashed the rear vindow and pointed warning guns at closeby motorists. As the car ped along Morningside avenue, Mo-, orcycle Policeman Edward Ballard, escorting a funeral . procession, topped the car and warned: "Slow down, buddy. You're going oo fast." Not realizing the men vere robbers, Ballard reprimanded hem for speeding and told them to go ahead, but watch your step." Sheriff's officers and highway pa- rolmen spread a net around the Denison area, but an all night earch failed to yield their quarry. Indiana License Plates. Witnesses said the getaway car lore Indiana license plates 455-087, )ut at Indianapolis Lilly Snowber- g-er of Ashley, Ind., said -the plates were issued to her and were still, on her'car..' .- · .'.-.;.·;.· -'. ' ··- - ," One.of the;gunnien fired at Dcfn- ald Nissen, assistant cashier, wh'en tfissen attempted to touch off a tear gas apparatus. The shot went wild and the tear gas apparatus failed to 'unction. Apparently unnoticed by the gunmen during the holdup, Mrs. Rose Bagley, a teller, ducked under a counter when the men entered the aank. She also unsuccessfully attempted to release the tear gas. First 1936 Holdup. ' The robbery was Iowa's first bank holdup this year. The four hostages described the gunmen as follows: Driver--About five feet, six inches tall, 30, medium complexion, dark hat and suit. Man sitting with driver--Resembled driver closely and issued orders to the'other three. One of the men in the rear seat was about the same age and height as the other two. The other man was older than the others. The hostages and the witnesses were impressed by the nervousness of the gunmen. Scott said "what impressed me most was the nervousness of the holdup men. They appeared more nervous than the em- ployes of the bank and shouted several contradictory orders to each other during the holdup, x x x I saw in the car a sack that looked like it might have covered a machine gun. The robbery, did not seem to be very well planned." Ordered to Lie Down. Ayers said "the first I knew of the holdup was when I looked up from my desk and a man stuck a gun in my ribs and ordered me to lie down, on the floor. I did not know what happened after that until he ordered me to stand up. The gun in the bandit's hand was shaking badly." Mrs. Hubbard said one of the men put his arm around her when they walked to the car and his warning, " 'take it easy' seemed almost funny because he was shaking so much himself." BROADCAST DESCRIPTION OF STOLEN AUTOMOBILE DES MOINES, UP)--The state bureau of investigation broadcast Tuesday the description of an automobile stolen in Minneapolis, April 19, which the bureau said tallied with the description of the car used by Sioux City bank robbers Monday. Descriptions of two men wanted for stealing the car also were broadcast. These men tallied with two of the bank robbers,"the bureau reported. The car: "Dark (Buick) sedan with trunk on rear." The men: "One about 30, 5 feet 7 inches tall, weight 175 p o u n d s , well ddressed. The other about 33. 5 feet, 10 inches tall, sloppy appearance." Six Who Pleaded Guilty to Serve Terms; Seventh Man Acquitted. ST. PAUL, /T--U. S. District Attorney George Sullivan announced Monday six confessed counterfeiters, including three apprehended in Davenport, will be sentenced April 27. A seventh man arrested in connection with the alleged passing of suprious money in the northwest, was acquitted by a federal court jury Friday. He was Thomas Jelinek, Blooming Prairie, Minn., the only one of the seven suspects to stand trial on five counts charging possession, passing and conspiracy to pass counterfeit So silver certificates in northwest states. The others, all of whom pleaded guilty, were Raymond W. Haugen. Minneapolis; Charles S. Youness, Delbert W. Hanson, Clinton M. Shoultz, Harland J. O'Neill and Marion Adams, alias Mazie O'Neill, all of St. Paul. The latter three were taken into custody in Davenport Dec. 24, and brought to St. Paul to stand trial. The six appeared as government witnesses against Jelinek. They will be sentenced by Federal Judge M. M. Joyce April 27. Thirty years, said District Attorney Sullivan, is the maximum sentence which may be imposed. Dismiss Charges of Nonfeasance Against Mayor of Pittsburgh PITTSBURGH, (.T)--Judge Michael M. Musmanno Monday dismissed charges of embezzlement, and nr-u- feasance brought against Mayor William N. McNair. The mayor, who spent a hilarious hour in jail Saturday, signed an order returning $100 to a man arrested in recent raids on "numbers" writers and fined that amount by a magistrate. It was the mayor's refusal to sign the order which led to his arrest under a law enacted by the legislature in I860. No Clews Found to Ghouls Who Entered Private Mausoleum DAVENPORT, (.T)--Police Tuesday said they were without clews :o the ghouls who entered a private mausoleum in Fairmount cemetery some time prior to Saturday mora- "ng. Nothing of value was taken, as far as could be learned and after laking fingerprints from giass in the vault, officers said they were convinced that it was the work of some boys. One burial vault was entered and efforts were made to break into six others. Police theorized that the ghouls were after jewelry. A relative visiting one of the graves Saturday discovered ;the . depredations .and reported to C, C. Neff, cemetery sexton, who. called police. The matter was kept secret in the hope that the ghouls would return Saturday or Sunday night to complete their robbery and would walk into a police trap. Several relatives of those buried in the private mausoleum, wh'ich is lociited in a ravine, reported nothing was taken. Million Dollar Fire Hits Business Area of Pennsylvania City SHARON, Pa., (JPi--A $1,000.000 ire wiped out Sharon's main shop- )ing section early Tuesday -and de- troyed the Protected Home Circle emple, headquarters of one of the ountry's oldest fraternal insurance rganizations. Fire Chief Roy Hall, who estimated damage at about a million dollars, announced the blaze under ontrol shortly before dawn. He said the origin was undetermined. OWANlUTD IN ARKANSAS CRASH [wo More Seriously Hurt; Driver of Other Car Under Arrest. HOT SPRINGS, Ark., (5)--J. B. Stastny, 60, retired fireman of Celar Rapids, Iowa, was killed and wo other persons .injured seriously VIonday in an automobile collision 15 miles northeast of here. Mrs. Stastny received a severe calp wound and possible leg frac- ure, while R. O. Jones, 55, Atkins, Ark., driver of the other car, suf- ered cuts about the throat and leg Hijackers Get Load . of Hogs From Iowa NORMAL, HI., UP) -- Hijackers armed with a machine gun held up W. A. Mess and John Franzen of Clinton, Iowa, held them prisoners for seven hours, and robbed them of 55 head of swine valued at $1,600, the men reported to police. Pinball Machines in Waterloo Are Banned WATERLOO, /P -- Great open spaces appeared in many Waterloo business establishments Tuesday as the result of an order by city and county officials banning- pinball machines. Also into retirement went number jars and punchboards. Buy A Neuj Spring Suit* and Topcoat Call Bond Election. STORM LAKE, un--The Buena , .Vista county board of supervisors j called a special election for May 6 on issuance of a 51,000,000 county primary road paving bond. USE OUR BUDGET PLAN ND EXTRA COST fractures. Their condition was described as critical at a hospital here. Mr. and Mrs. Stastny, .who had been vacationing here for the past five months, were enroute home. Jones, driving to Hot Springs, was placed under technical arrest at tb» hospital. WHITE PATENT S A N D A L S Patent sandals -- white and in colors -- were the style sensation in Florida this past winter season. Never before was footwear so tremendously accepted in these leading fashion centers. Our buyers purchased these same popular patent sandals in all white, blue and white, and red and white, in a complete range of styles and sizes. Stop in and see them . . . but hurry, they'll go fast. 105 North Federal Avenue *''«· iS An Unequalled Combination To Assure You of Correct Summer Walking Comfort Every woman can easily and inexpensively enjoy the utmost of walking pleasure during the particularly ·discomforting summer months. Visit our store--Dr. V. E. 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