The Evening Post from New York, New York on June 6, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 6, 1818
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' nr satX OR TO BE LET. f T. ,.D, l acres of. land, ' TToS Hudson for. ui,;n.HaV. 1 about he hoc - and .row KLTL, tale .d 1 - 8 mile r ." - Vi. hnula " k. lt tor a term n - - - - baroiB4,ou fj,Jufu aiany iutbe vicin - ' ci T Tb are about' WeS acre. wood - r Wall street. - A'eu. Aorrf, J' 'f"' - . WOMEN, or iJor et omrc, - ID at the Ncw - KorB oir.u, U,B0ok - .tire, - No. 124 Broadway, corner riSMtaooppo,U.C,t, - H wh ON Monday the 15th ot J une w. - r - - lilhed, a'ndforsale PififlS .tores, the Art of 6wimn,.g, by J complied with twelve coppcr - pbte e..grav.oD Fricc one dollar. pKlSiCT, , ' - ' ' 9 Fulton - t. yew " ... FORD 4 OWKGO ROAD LOTTE M ffi m Urawin:. will be a. lof iaws. . . h.r i00. June 9 tOUt do 12 tltli llu da do Kith do utii io 12th lo 13fu do M li da 15tll do ltitli do do do lo da da do da da da fit Hi do ,1 35.IXK) do 24 500 do 26 1,000 da 29 600 July I 70.000 do HI do da da da do ltitli do da oo ,UU UO 1J n i i H HT. Managers JOHN LYNN, J Milford and Owcgo Road Li'tiey. . i. .48 Vali - litJ. sv - . a J6 Iw 1.4VSof drawing of llio Owego Lottery XJ 8th day's drawing, Juuesr.n 9lh j 12tH toirt 11th, I2lh rj'.h 15 - h do 17th ' Jo 2tlh $35,CP0 do Mi do S'JUl t'.o July I do . 10th 70,000 da 13ih Ifi'.h'n.iii lour davs in succession. The nsBniperihave a. - reed to draw (his lottery as U.tid tbove. Tlioso who wh to adventure for the splendid praes are ad ied to apply at Jt.I.EM'S Tiuly Lwhy Cjjkr, , o. 122 Broadway, opoite the Cny - Hotel, Whwo No. 7771, win' h drew yesterday Ihp Ji'P 000 friii, was sold irih - Are. Oue half was presented (liis moniin; and paid ; it wns hiM by acapfaiu cf a north river sloop. Jr6 Ct G RANI) KOAD LOTTERY Now druw - U.kR. ir.UTVSLISTOF PRIZES, 7llt dayS dra ins. So. 777l .C10.OIH3; 9793 ,00; 3015, 1023, 21J0, - IV", i.iObJ, 4043, t534a, VMJt, TU7 !, f9riC:, ClWcu.h. first drawa number. t.S - M at W AITC'i'. Ticket and shares for sale at Waite'?, No. 54 Mnulfi - lve. WS. Fhve been told and iiaidin former lot - t:rie, 433 - J JGO.000 1.13091 30,r.OO ' "H7M5 " 3i,00 4134'! ' ?5,000 fj0 - t ,:i0,000 17199 5,0lO 1.74 ' - , ao,'ooo "20211 M.000 ' ' Ci Mfli a - rct wy oXa0,000, 10,001), fcc. Jane 6 ' CA R N'D ROAD LOTTF.ItV - NOW DK VW - r 1X0. R. WAITE S US T OF PKIZKS. Tth dny's tlrattin?. Noe.rm 10,000 i 993 $500 . 50.3. 21J9, 369, 445r. 4643, 584S. '3074, 'JS63, KX)ecb. oU and paid in tbe pies.nt lott - ry, 650 .'.0OO and39,"7 tlOOO, and within a .Imit re - rind, one of 10 000, one of 500 J, one of 3000, ami ten of 1000 dollars. je 6 ALLEN'S list cf prizos in the iillbrd and Owcj RoaJ Loltcrv, 7lh dvt drawing : o. V77 1, $ 10,000 ; 974)3, 500 ; '303, ISiJ, 103 each ; ainl 8 more prut off 100. All sold t ALLEN'S truly lucky otnYc. Thr $10,000 pi ire they sold in a half, quarter ami two rijhih. One eighth owned by a lady of tliis city ; the other shares by citizen'. Thi is the bigheit prize which has lccn drawn in tlii lot - ttrir. . N. B. Since tie above was inserted, we learn that the Half U owned by the captain of a north river sloop ; one quarter by a mechanic in Nassu - street. and one e'jrhtii by a lady in Norfolk, Virginia. Thus by investing a trifle, these individuals have, possessed them - 'srlves of a sum, which if prudently manured, will afford tlirm a comfortable living. Messrs. Al.l.F.NS' paid one half this morning hen pre. suited. Je 6 ILLESriE'S lUt of prize in the Milford VJT and Owego Lottery, 7lh days drawing No. 7771, firt drawn, 10,000 : 9793, .00: 1G23, 9S63, 91)92, Sl39,i3')3, 30, 404U, '4457, 5849, 100 each. Sold at Gillespie's. Drrms arain on Tuesday, when the first drawn No. will he entitled ta $50 1Vie who wisli fur chances can be supplied as above. June 6 IN CHANCERY, NEW - JF.RSET Eetwt'tn Gertrude Sip, Complain - ant, and - 1 On bill, &c. ' R i Cft ft V k CiniMnri k'Ustnrifi . Henry skf, John Esster. Pettr J" Order for r.ssler, Jarties Lssler, and Joun I pulucalioa t an uracil, ueienaams. j ' may 12. 1(513. IT appcarinz to t!:e court, that prcess of tub ' 1 porna ta appear, bath iued sjninst the - . nove deicniianu, and that Ueonor tsicr, u?n - TTEs'lpr. John Enltr. Peter Essler. James Cs - Ur and John Van Ordf n, six of the defendant ia thi suit, have nrt caused i'ttir atipcarance to be entered as, according to tbe rules of thi coirt, the same urlit to bave been entered, in cae such process hud been duly served t and it alo arpeannsr by aliMavil to the satifactioa or the h;inctll"r, that tbe snid Eleanor Essler, Henry tsslr - r, John Esfler, Peter F.Mler, Jame Estlf r, nd J.ihn Van Orrirn, re nut rf this !at?t wid reside in the state a(pw Tork. ITnan nrenins? JJ matter this day to the court, on behalf of inHiore I reiinsiiiryjen, sclmt' - r or the cow - pisinar.t, tli rh.mcrllor doth order and direct the faid F.leanor !Ulcr, Henry Essler, John Esiier, trF.ssler,Jame Essler and John Van Orden, o apprar, plr - ad, answer or demur lo the complainant's bill, on or before tbe first day of tbe wit stated term of this court, and in case they wall fail so to do, the complainant's said bill iill he la'. - rn a confessed against - them, oreith - tlicm so failing lo appear, plead, answer or Mwiir a aroresatd, and thereupon such decree MM b as the Chancellor shall think tqui - wwe anr! j,.t. And it is further ordered, that Jjry oftijs oroVr be pbli!ied wilhit twen - .,. T'r0B be date hsrenfintSe Newark Mt - wpaper printed and published at .iw. "''""d'sutisfor 'tie spateof n week ts ' v''"' "a at least in each week. aid als4 c"'.'! of this or.ier be posted up at the ed ia ,UeC0,mt' of E"x, .wd pab'isb - Kew.YirW i "cwt",pers priBr i" vrc ttj ire, r ' fer fr weeks, at leaet once ia eac wcer. Atrseopy. i - - - V u ,sAACn. WILLIAMSON, C. "HTa,cl'k. - . JUw4tr 'II V ' rOR SALil, I A YOUNG DALMATlA CARRIAGE BOG. ! O. toqmre at J ucker's Uverj Stable. John Itiret. Je0 3tt LUAG BO.H T LOS'J. , - TAKEN or drifted from the h&rqaa Gideon, at Ganti's wharf, her Ions boat, with the nam painted on her etern A suitable reward wul be paid by tne captain lor any luiormalion so that said boat may bo recovered. June 6 3t WOMEN, or Pmnt Centre, a tale by Ma - turin,autlior of Bertram, Milesian Chief, The Fatal Revenge, &c. &c. 2 vols, price $2 received and for sale at the Minerva Circulating; Library, No. 2G5 Broadway, opposite tbe Mu - enm. Je 6 (.Jlr.toH VObLHiS MUaTAKU, 4t. V 65 bases first quality Londoa Mustard, in white glari quarter pouad hottk - t of six do n each, just landed from ship Ann Maria ; and, Powchong Tea, of a remarkably line quahlv, and of a deiicium flavour, put up in Cantoo, ill 1 - 2 lb. papers, lor sale (rctniil by AIK1.N A: 'WILSON, June 5 lOt li - l Front street. CUUffA ROMALS, Ac 13 rases Chop - pa ItuinaU, sup. nu:il. entitled to draw - back 19 piies L hhdt. and 12 l U. Cranston Gin, nipthor qir.dity 15 bales Horse Hides 100 cliBfti Hyna Skin Tea, Panfu:' - ro 120 do do do lnd. Trader's 40 pieces Ravens Duck 4 pipes Cognac iirauJy, Amiable MartilU's 5 do Frcii li do caro 60 boxes old Castile onp 10 whole, 15 half ami (20 qr. thefts UuluaTca 2 case SisUnoi . - , 1 8 blub. Copper ;u 2 do Mirza pore Carpets I i bundle Calcutta Twine 20 hbls. India Mustard .Sol 10UO lbi. Mai line for sale by Je 5 GEO. H . TALBOT, 55 Pine - st. iD Cotton and .sized in 'hr chain, fur sale by VM. CAMfbLLL, Je5 197 IViirl - strti t. J I't - a Old Madura in liultlcs V V - Sf rcial Mad ira in qr. ca;ki Genuine G rape Juii e, All pure as im poitcd, fort tie by WILLIAM CODMAN, Js 5 1 w UV, South streit. p V. LLHV.iRL - H CO. No. K'4 learl - si. J have on hand an exteimve arid umplr.te - sor'nient o Hardware, ronsntiii'of W aldrm's prirnK grai and corn sry tbes Steilyards ; tract - th.iius t'arolina hoe ; line gnus ; anvil Vii r ; frvinp ians faliaw and bay knives Mill, p,t,X cul, ban,! and) Miiins,ont, runm I saw", S Ki elhli shovel i pntonf pljun iro;n AJz", chinsel, 'iu'l Halt - nt (x.ft olfte mills , Files, ri?p, binses ; screw, bammers (ron, bras nad plattd canct!Ktii:k I'iattd crutts Bra'3 :md kIs rnbinr.t fmiiiture Lock of all kinds Mcrtice k k. wiih g lu'S knobs Cuili. - iy of all kind, in u'"'' varkty . Spiorn, buttons, spt - t tai u:s Ciiains, seat", key j, Kr. Aio, a vorr h.n;!j"nit' aii'irlmrnt of girth wrhhii 2, cotnmitn and plated saddlery, iiititnu - iarlv calculated for the ro:iti:c; n innrkt t. ITie above are principally new ot!?, nnd will be sold in quantities ta suit puu.'i ijt is, on tbe mo"t rpasonuhlo lerm. Jp5tf QliEE'l l.VGs and feHlUTl.MGS Several cu - O ses of blearh'd and unblearh'd Cotton Sbeet - iiigs and Shirtings, with other duicestic good9, iust receivt d and frr sile by WILLIAM CAMPBELL. Monufat turer, ' No. 197 Pearl street, cornt. - r of Maideu - lane. Also, an assortment of Milliiivlts. Je5 PUBLIC SALE OF CHINA liooire, ON l uesdny, tl Idlli June, at lOnVlotk in the forenoon, will be so'd at the auftioo store of tbe subscribers. No. 51 Noilb Fruit t Pliil id"!iliirt, (terms at salt) the following goods: Iti hull rbests young hyson tea quarter i bests da da 140 ten catty lioics do d ;in quarter cheats tiyson ten fit' qumter chests gunpowder tea 60 So - catty boxes si.uclion'Sea 50 5 - cali) boxes pouchong tea 155 quarter chests ,, K, . 0 lialf quarter thest Hyson fckin Tea 10 quarter chests ) i.,.,;.i t.. i I'mir quarter chests '"P""" Tea CHINA WARE, CASH A, NANKIN3, Ac. ?0 boxes evening cops ned f am ers IS I boxes tea setts, 4.1 and 49 pieces each 30 boxes blue and white plates, flit and deep I irt bundles of floor tnitiwz I'Wft bundles, about 0j00 lbs. cassia 4(H) pieces blue Mar. kins IbcK) pieces of long yellow Nankins.of Mammee chop. The above cood were imported this sprins. in the ship Rnsalio, cspt. Merry, from Canton. The Teas are principally Eshinjr, - Vanishing, and Kingiuin'i enrps. Je 5 dtJe 16 Auctioneer. COTTON, tic 15 bales prime Orleans Cot Vj ton, landing from seb'r Urchin ; SO bales prime L'ptand, landing from sloop Hardware, and Karl, irom savaiioau, lor saie oy SAUL ALLEY, , 93 Pine street. IN STORE C42 bales prime Upland, (part iquare ;) 1 1 bales Ier Skins for sale as above. Je 4 OILK CAM BLETS Black and coloured j Silk Camblets, for Gentlemen's ware, for sale at 150 Broadwav, bv je 5 Iw VIlil.nROOrt & PETERS. 4 LCXANDIHA FIJ)I'R. 46 barrels, for XX sale by ROBERT CILlXbl'IF,, Je J 112 Front - street. POTf. HOOPS. SHEET RON. fcc. Jl'ST receive I mid for a!e by A BELL 1 DUNSCOMB ' ' li ton Enclish Pots, 1 - 2 to 10 gal. entitled to UCWIHUIV 10 do de Hoops, 1 to 1 - 2 inch, do do 5 do' do Iron, 1 1 - 4 by 3.0 - 6 da Sheet Iron, (iDgle double and treble 2 rio Braxier's Rods, t 4 inch 10 do each 3 8 and I 2 inch square rolled Iron . 17 casks Enplisli cart, wrtrson h chair boxes I cotitaining 200 dczn Pod AuRf rs Ard in stor, a general aisortment of Iron, Meei and llsrttK - are. jej iv 1 he hubriberofiers tr z but rei - Hiii deuce in the towa e Fa'rficbl, state ol CiHuiecticut. Jt is pleasantly situated, on the Boston, road, about half a mile frra I - one Island Sound, hi suilvs Irom New York, and ?0 from New Haven. The house and e( - hous areio excellent repair. - Tbe Iruit yard is well stocked with a variety of peach", apricots, cherries, pears and trawberne. Thete are in the vicinity academies for the education of joiith. of both sexes. , From nre to six acres U excellent land, at lite optica of ll purchaser, eaa be hsd with the boux, and tbe purchase money, if desired, can remain on interest. For term apply to Is.AAC M. ELY. Esq. 76 John sirwt, W. Tiork, or to the ILm. JONATHAN ST URGES, Fair - held, Connecticut. H,y6d:rti DAVID ELY. LI)S F this morning near the Bank of .New - York, or in Water, near Fultoo - treet, a DIAMOND RING. The finder will be liber - ally rewarded by leaving it at 169 Williarn - et. JeS 3t - - - t on S.iLK. A FINE family HORSE, well broke to the Ilarnets, and a good sadd't Horse, a bsy, about 16 heads high. Likewise a handsome saddle Horse ; both lo be ecen at Mr. Woly's livery stable No. 29 John - street. - JS3t ' SPANISH DOLLARS wanted ry WM. SHOTWEli ii SOX, . mj t7 2r No. 45 WiiUaa lireet full THE tSLE 0t FRANCE, I he New York built ship biunbea 490 tons, coi - rercd and cojipsir fastenn', ms'.er, w ill sail in about t wetks. or Height of aierchaudize pr specie, am) passage, bavia? elegant accomaochsttons. apply lo the Blaster on bonrd, or to iune5 CHAS. II ALL, Beaver - st. for SAVJLKJMH, The substantial ship COMMERCE, , master, will sail for Savannah on the l'2tb inst, and will take freight fi om ttience poniu r.urope. for treignt or passage, apply to JOSEPH OSMOUN, jc o r aa iouth - strect. A g.wl pilot - boat SCHOONER, for a vovaze to the Spanish Maine, of about 0O b - .trrels burthen, lo which immediate des patch wul be given. At ply to JOHN HEFFERNAN, 34 South areet; Who has for stile, .fl ceroriiis Car&ccas Hot a indigo Wl bags do Cutoa 0 pipes Lisbon wine. Je 5 3t Fur 6f 7 hinuui and Porto Jiico, Die fist sailing and substantial sell ii LYCUHt.US, Laving 2 - 3 her cargo en paged, is intended to sail on the iftli inst. i'c' freight of the remaiiitk - r or passage, bavinjr handsome acLuiiiinodatuiiiii, apply to JOS. JOHNSON, je 5 8 Govemcul a - lune. For CHAltl.F.STOV, c packet ship TEl.KGH.ArH, jjgjyQFuniiiii up, tnabter, is still detained bv head winds, can take a few tons more freight ami 10 more rrtseiiirfrs can be handsomely accoinniadatcd, apply on board, east side llur ling - slip, or to ANSON O. PHELPS, je 5 Froni - street. tun a. 1 l t , The very superior bil HERO, ol Philadelphia, i'3'3 tons burthen, and tow aliout 000 birrels ; 3 years old, is wrll touiid, sails la. t, and can te sent to sea at a ti i - lliu t xpenco. l lie Dri2 AL.u..J, ol l niiaat.pnia, 153 tons burthen, ;.nd bluv. - alioal I jbo barrels ; is well found A LSO, The Kliconrr A NTELOPR. 105 ten' burthen, and stow about 100U bairiU, I no. - e vessels, if not sold b fore Tiic:uay next, at 1 o'clock, will thru L - e cli'trod :it r.utticc, ly Messrs. Hoiruiaii .'c Ci A t'J'iy ta I OTT & M'KiXNE, Jus :0 Soulb - Mrcct. f Frujlil Jin jyiniitiru. i&f$ A good vec el, bound lo Madeira, ma j iJi,have about 1100 barrels' o?.fi - ci;h fron, jsa RUilF.RTClLLKSPIE. t or t ll.i HLKS kiv t The elegant and fatl ailins copper f - ti.Z - A - t,.nr.A chr. I HAI'.l.kaTON 1'ACK - r. I , . B. 'ail, ma;ti r, will clci.r to - day, and ail fir - t l'a!r wui.l utter. For Irei - 'lit or iv.i. - 3riLT. hiving kiipt - rior accommodations, apply on bounl. betwetu Bulling slip ami Fly - inurkit, or to SAUL ALLEY, june 4 9!t Pine - st. tor .Sn'f, Fitiltl or ( hiirttr, The .id substantial Ing F R EDO - MA, 2'.' 1 tons, stows reeiarkally well, is welt found and i an be sent to sea without delay Apply to I3AAC I'Al NAHM, June 4 3t 31 South - si. t'or LOj'DO.V. The cotper fastened an I coppered ship VKNUS, N. Scovel, Jnn. master j wiil clear out to - morrow, and sil on Sunday next can accommodate several more passen - jjjers, Laving handsome accommodations, u ap plication bi: mafjc'imnieiiietrty. es - 6aru ai Murrav's - wharl, or at r8 totitli street, je 4 " G RISW OLDS At 1 ATES. i.'. .. 'I'L ...I C'.... v. LAi 1 VV AIIHKW Mason. m"a - Si i i ' " a good vessel, and lias superior ac - coniinodatioiis for iiasscniers. For freight or passage, apply tin bourd, at pier 9, or to je 4 'd south - street. HanttJ to Jitiht fur iit.lMUl.1 4t A good vessel cf 40 to 500 bbls bur - Ajthen immediate dij atch will be given. A,.piv to TUCKER ii LAURIES, Je4 ' 29 South t. Oh z.lLt, fc&ix The very fat - siilin coppered and jBt& copper - fastened ship CHAUNCEY, is eu lound aud can be sent to sea without delay. Apply to POTT A M'KINN E, or jel B. VV. ROGEH6 ii CO. tor MRiyiVL, (,) (A regular trader,) The elegant fast wiling coppered shir ANDREW JACKSON, Thcmas T Morton, master a considerable part o! her cargo being engaged, will bt dispatched without delay For freight or passage, having excellent accommoda - tious, apply on board, a! pier No. 22, near Peck - slip, or to PETER SCflERMF.RHORN 4 SONS, OrB. W. ROGERS & CO. tt'ht offer for tule. 10000 Stombridgir brick 60 casks patent Shot 0 do bar Lead 100 barrels Spanish Brown casks Porter Now landing from the Andrew Jackson. Je 1 for St. VROLV, The substantial fast sailing brig 3 MR A Pin. P. .mith, master, to sail the bih inst. For frenrhtor passaor, having good accommodations, apply to the master on board, at pier No. 11 East Ki er; or to RE ADE 4: DE PEYsTER, jel lw 31 Old - slip. For - njr.kY.YAJf, Tbe regular packet scbr. KOSE - IN - BLOOM, E. Wheatmi, master; will meet with immediate elispactli. Fur b right or rasstge, apply on - board at Governcurs - wharf. or to ' ' AXSONG. PHELPS. ir.v 30 . 1K3 Frrmt - street. tW tHh.lGHi or JH.UiJt.ll, Tho.Britkh bHg SKEEN, Mason, mas ter, burthen 246 tons, a remarkably fioe vestel; will be ready to receive a caret In three days - Apply to ROBERT GILLESPIE, ' - 112 Front street. Who hat for ir,' . , 20 hlids old Richmotiit tobacco - 7 do do Petersburg Co - 13 do new do do . ' '14 do do Richuiood .do. "H do Kentucky do 153 Bratil bides ' L - - St. Domingo and Jamaitl coffee in Lhds and bag. may 30 For ntoJnlif, Mobile and UK Strpftrni, The superior fast sailing aew pneket schooner MARIA - ANN, capL LrfTinr - wetl, (a regular trader) having (art ol her car MiMinml. will Aet vxi n imin.tiAt .lianfltcK. a T , ... r: For freirhl or naksare, harirc elerant accomsno - datioas, apply on buir - i, cast sidt OldWlip, or lo - rHtiv - 5 liEKKiCte, .may 23 - . - 29 Coeoties - eliu. FREIGHT fm CH.IRLESTOJf.i 50 loc be vy freight. Ji pply to ANSON . PHELPS, ' ' - ; - ' J83 Froa; rtrtel. MILtlNETTS COO p white Miltiaetl, well bleach'd and in eood order, lust re ceived, and fbr sale low, by ' " " " ; WILLIAM CAMPBELL, ."rlanuracfurer, Je2 197 Pearl - y'reet, (op stairs.) - SEVERAL case of bleached abd unbleached cotton thirtinjj and sheetings, of an excel lent quality, wiih other domestic goods, just received acd for sals oo reasonabla terms, by ' . WILLIAM LAMFlltljiii Manufacturer, 197 Pearl - street, up stair. Also, a quantify nf MiUinett. june 2 - . UUMNKV PIECES. SIX elegant carved marble Chiinr.ey Pieces, just arrirtd from Italy, for sale by A. LABAC'GH, Corner of Reavci - !ane and Greeuwich - st. Je 1 Ct i II AKbWAllE Just Innded irom Mercury, I I on 'ale at No. 65 fine - street, consisting ol Ranhiirv Lur ks. Snoon and tfnadles Pnlish'd Roller Buckles, Japau'd do. do Black and Bright Shackles, and Double Pad locks . - Cart, Key, Fanrx. Tinnk. Black and Brkbt, Shackle, Single and Doubh Bolt Pad Lock Curry Combs, Spring; Rat Trap lion Canilltilick, VVnndrcrru - i A wl Blades, Ptai I liu'ti n, lira's ('ase Locks Rrigt.t Wroabt Tbumh Lab be Norfolk do, Cnx's ('urritir's Knives Till lock, Cart But Hmses. my 99 ft HlUtiS, 1 ALLOW, and UELl l'kk) HlaAiahtered Hides 500.1 Hit. N. Y. Rerulertd Tallow 100 half barrels fine beef, warranted to keep in auyclimatti About 10,COOIbs. sinor,ked Beef, int ready for delivery. - . T. GIBBONS. Je3lv J.9 Barrels' cider brandy, just received and - for sale by ANSON C. PH EL Pa, - june 1 lo.l f ront - st. s KEEN BUCKINGS. 16 piece best wide J pressed B. irking Baizi - s, juat o)ened, and lor cue ny ine piece, or van). , L. & C. SUYDAM, Je 4 4t CI Maiden - Lnne. BLAi'K MIU.1.NKITS. - 120 ps. Black M.Uinrtts, fur sale bv WM. CAMIT.KU.", MnTiiifactui er, je 2 I' - C l'carl - !t. (up stairs.) RYU vVINK. 10 pipes (.utalonia Wine,; gooiubs'.itute for Claret, fur s..le by ' Gooniu n & to. je 5 44 South - street. S K0L.NU CAMW'OOI). 75 br - ls ground . J Cam wo'Hi, ol an ex'.el.fnt finality and war ranted pure; for sale low to close a oonMjninent. Appl.v la G. (i S. HOU LAM), .(e 67 V;,bin';ton 'rrt t. U! ANl'I.Du CliHiuliuitinwd, one ivlin can prolucfl uiitxi eption.ililo rocomimndi - lions, may hear ol'a piuce on firplicatioii nt this r :'i e. Je 5 3t FOR SALE. Fit's f rate Saddle. Horse, 1; hands hili, LA kind in dan hie or t ing'e liarnes, rertieryPv geatls. A mi, .i double horse wesson and bar - nt - ss, m..ite of tin: best materia!, just tinifhed. Applv to tlieitibscril rr, ut J. P. Allaire' foundry, Cherry street, near Corlcnr Hook. JeS.'Jt CHAS. E. DUMA N, f 10.' Mis VI IONS on the B:tn;, l y :i lad vy v. iib entliteii'ravinss, rrice l 25, boini lid ; 7 5 els bonriis i jutt received and for sale at the Minerva Circulating Library, No. 265 Broadway. oppiite tl.p museum. Je 4 J F.WLY INVENTED PATENT CONI - lN CAL Iir.FLECTOR, for economising aud di?tribnting Liirht. I lie suoKcriticrs, in mviting tlie attention ol thr public to an examination of their nrv. ly in vented Patent Conical Retleetir, Hitter them selves that from its principle and const met ion, a oio'.t irotorlant improvement is effected in eco nomiuiic and distributing the light produced by the present improved patnt.t Liverpool, Argmi, aud Mallory Lamps ; and therefore subuiit it to the j'uWic, n a small addition to one of Jho mo - t iwrii - et ;.riiii( tai inniiiiiininfr lfnini laviuilUHI. llLUO.tU IELU .V FK ASER, 31) Maiden - lane. N.' B. Any number if the above Rifl .ctors, m.iv be had or examiiiorl at the subK - ril'i r lVioleal nnd Retail t.opjier, Pewler, Tin and neei imn iwicuen rurniiure iarenousr, .vo, 33 Maideu - lnne, as above. Je 5 To be told et pubht aiirtion, At tliP: Tontine CofTi - e House, on Tues day, the 16th June, at 12 o'clock, the fojloiving esiate of Jacobus Vervcelui. deceased, to close tbe concern : The two lory brick front hoiie and lot of ground No. 22 Walker street. TIm hone is 25 leet wide - by about 38 deep, ami well calculated to accommodate a family. The lot is 25 by 100 feet. ALSO. 3 lots of ground, on the enssjrrly side of Dioiapton street, between Grand and Broome - streets ; each Lot is 25 feet wide aud 95 deep. They bave lately been filled with enith. ARTHUR SMIT - i,) G.N.BLLECKER;! Executor. Je 2 I2t KEW - YOKK GRAND STATE LOTTERY. MF.D1CAI. SCIF..NCE. AO. 5. UPSITIVELY t cotiiiiu ucc drawing in this X city cn the erst I ueday in Augut next, 1 pme of flOO,000 f 100,000. 50,1)00 20,110 lO.OtiO 5,i;oo 4,000 45,000 5,200 160,800 i 1 1 I o 4? 5 5.36J do 50,000 do do do do do. do do 20,000 10,000 5(HH) 2,000 1,000 100 ' 30 5.44 prizes 10.53:) blanks 16.000 tickets 400.000 - Less than two blanks to a prize. Will draw live hundred number each day until completed Part of tie above prizes to be determined as follows : i . The first drawn number from the first to the fifteenth day inclusive, shall be entitled to 1000 dollar each. The first three thousand blanks to be entitled to 30 dollars each. - Tbe first drawn number on tbe 16th day $2,000 1 ,000 . 1,000 1,000 - 50.0(10 l,(kKj .' 1,000 l.tlOii . 2,()0 100,000 17ltt lilh lOtJi 201b list I2d 534' 24tn 25tU do do . do 4v do . do do . do SAMUEL L. MI f CHILL, ISAAC DEN NISTON, MOSS KENT, Manager. JEREMIAH JOHNSON, 1 JOHN M'LEAN. J Ticket bnd Shares, in the grtate - st variefy of - aurauer, ir sole t y . ' rial IS Peck Slio. cornorrff Water ilreet. Most of the easteta, southern nnd nertbem kink nnlM. t.n nun. Ikke.ts in (orru'T latteries ia nmMil litr ticket. A ee rrttt check book kept for tU exaniaatiuu ol all UcA . - ts gra - u. . Otrh gira I6r prise a soon a dr.vvn, or prise taken io ptyUieot liir tsadrswe t.c!f !.. Orders for ticket (post Paul) snchdUns iuU Mem, attended to wild lis tmost pwntt Jity, and thceatlteot inftsrsDalioa given o then satet A gencriJ assortment of books and stall jna - iy, fcr sale on sn - ieeraie iciiiw. t i HEMOVALs. 17 JOHN LORl.MErt GRAHAM, attorney at lusr, ha opeotd his osfic at No. 43 Chvaber - street, near Broadwuy. :s - . ' may Id 4w XT JOHN PKOCiOK, juu. has removed from No. 62 Beekman to lOd Liberty - strwet, where he (1111 oners liberal anticipations .oa pro perty consigned to bis friend in the Mediterranean. For further particidars, apply as above, or to . ABRAHAM BELL, my 7 lm comer of ChS' It Fulton - st. tit MACKIE, MILNE CO. lave iu.o veil to No. 61 I'ine - ttreet. n.aV 4 ZT HENRY A. FAY, attorney at Law, Ja opened lu oiiice at No. 94 Water - street. je 1 1' ' . NOTICE. fr The co - partneraLip heretefore existing between tbe subscribers, under the firm of Tm - rass ti bnrtE, is this day dissolved, by mutual consent. .New - York June 1st, 18111. CALEB THIPAFP, Jel lw ROBERT BRUCE. SAM' WATER KATHaL To the LsniirJ and Uenllrmm or.Vdn - l'orr. ftV 1 h l ulilic are iiilorinril. that tlie old New - Yink Salt Wuter Bath is now oin. ut the foot of Barclav - slrcet, ut the end of Mr. Rhine - lander1 new Jock, a little btlow.Miirrny - street, bt r old slutton, with good acconiinodutions, and tiiBAieau - ss convenience and salctv. The Marine Swiiumiri' Bnth for gentlemen on. ly, will If nencd on Saturd'iy next, at Mr Gib - huilor n - r next to the Latiery, wbtre the Murine Bath was formerly stationed. Pait cif two days in each week the Rath at Bnrrlay - eta - el, will be extliisivcily de - voted to Ludit'S. I'.uies and regulations ht the Butlis. Tickets mil admit to Je3 J. RARINEAU. ,4 WK.T KliUfK, warns a situation in a res ia. pcvtahle family, ho can produce satis. factmy rtconiineiidations, by applying at No. 10 He - aver - street. le 4 3f TOl ICE Ail petsoi.s having claims against II tbe estate ot H orn's Brady, late of the rtiyoi New - iork, deceased, aru tequtsted to present the same legally autia - utiCRied, and all those indebted to the said estate are requested lu iruKe lwmeumte payment (o tie sui.scrioer, whooiiets for.suie tlie pr perly of the deceased cnniainiisg 4 lo froiitie." ou tbe Bowery i'5 by a ie i iii - - p eni n, nn i one on B'.amon - sireei, sa by 1 1 IP lei t. 'J he w bok - preuiiH - s are rented Ibis jcr (or .jit.ij ami lav. An iiidisputaoie title K'lll lie given lor trie .ame ny JAMES BARCLAY, Executor, Je4 lm No. 3 Soulb - treet 'HlNA siLKS Just received a consignment vy consisting ol Black, changeable, blue nnd green Sicehew ' Black and hai.fent,le Sarsnets Black Camblets, coloured Letantines Black mid coloured Crapes Embroidered and Daniask Crape Slmwl - fci wintr silks assorted colours 1 irt Chop 4 - A black, twilled and fijnged Hkfs High coloured Concans, 29 a 30 yds. lor sale by . PETER RE.MSEN c CO. Je Vd nit li - M reel. It) LLP, A pleasant hacknioni, at no. 56 Wall - street , suitable for a lawyer's office. Possession iiiimidialuly. Apply in the front office. Je4 NEW VOrtK IN I'ELi.KiENCE OKFICE, ,o. 57 vhamukr - strklt, j cx! dour lo .Mr. II visum1!. T M1E auhscrihiTS have upend an olTire, at the al.ove iilace. for the accommodation ol tlie puulic gviierallv, nnd resptctlully solicit a share oitneir patronage'. Families, sliip masters or mechanics, who are in h ant 01 tervanl, nisle or female, cook, stew ards, couchinen or nimreiitiee, can be supplied at the shortest notice, bv apiiiytnsat the above nlare. t.very attention will he paid to ascertain waether the persons applying to this office for employment have good si - commendation or not, and the public may be assured no servants will he rcr - om mended by the subscribers, unless tlu ir characters are good and they bring satisfactory ewdence or me sami (roiu tlie persons will wlmin thoy last hvcrfs - - . Houses, stares, furnished or unfurnished rooms, may be otilnined hy applying at tins elh. - e. Al so, ierens having the same to let, can find ten - snls by applying as anove. Every person, want - log employment, can rind it ny calling nn trie sunscriliers, who will endeavour to merit tbe tip probation - of the public, by paying strict attention, to their business. 8. W. WINCHESTER, DANIEL FARRAR. ft - "7" Wanted immediately, a number of good Cooks, with good n fe'enct. Also, a number ol saiait active coloured girls, I as chambermaids, Ice. ! Six or eitjht trood nurses may be had immediately at tlii office. Alo, eight good roarhmn, or servants foi single gei.tleincn. mny be had as above. A number of Englishmen and Scotchmen, with their wives, (and no children) wish employment on farms, or a ganlners and dairy maid t would go to any partoi this state or New - Jersey. Six industrious and active men. are in want of situations in grocery (tore ; they can be well rrrniimondtd. Gentlemen intending to travel, can obtain good coachmtn, mule and female servants or weiters, by applying as above. A number oi ii'udille aged women wish situations in private families, lo nurse and take care of children, Je 4 lw UJ ANTED a wiuie woman lo da kitchen work, and a white girl froia 14 to 16 years of age, to do the upper work of a small lamiiy. Apply at this othen. Je 5 t'Ull SALE. wl r ' ... - , . r . i. . nil i wo venrs uneipireu leare, iruin tue 1st day of May lat, ol the house and store IVo. IG1 Broadway j one of the best stands in the street for the drygood business. Also, a email stn.k of dry goods, which was purchased on the hoif terms, principally ut auction. For terms, which will be accommodating, apply at the store as above. Je21w Tt O BE RAFFLED ToTT A' FULL length portrait of Miss O'Neill, painted by Barker to be seen at Mr Crane's Store, 135 Broadway, where terms may he known. JeSlw IN HANKS. Law Bookseller and Stationer. U. has removed his store from Wall and Bioad street to tlie corner of Nassau k Spruce streets, where will lie found the greatest v ariety of law in the s'ate. For particulars, see list of New Law Honks, published in tlie Evening Tost and Columhian. Also, a general supply of tbe most approved Lw Lianas, ou nue (taper ana naodsomeiy exe cuted - , Printing and bookbinding, rn all its branches, uently nd promptly executed, oo tbe most nrte ral terms. . Je62w - STOKK TO LF.T LyMRn.iuiV.lf. 1,1 LIAS VALEN JiNE latcndibg to relinquish i tin? bookselliiir business, oilers to let tbe store ho now occupies, 104 BrosdHay, 3d door irnin Tine t r t : it IS a nrsi rate srann lor re tail store. Possession may be had immediately. EI IAS VALENTINE having taken his bro - tlier SAMUEL into partnership, fl COPPERPLATE PRINTING business wiH in future be conducted umler Ihe firm of Elias & Samuel Valentine. Office 34 Spruce, near Gold street. Sew - York, Jnne 6th. IS 18. ELIAS VALENTINE, SAMUEL VALENTINE. Orders from publi. hers in this city, or any part of the anion, executed with dispatch, and on the mot reasonable terms.. ., Jet ClTFCIlteM OF THE BIBLE. T:,i! IS day received by T.tJ. 3 WORDS, 160 l'eart - street,' pncsT 62 1 - 1 cents, Jt CtffecAusis tf BMt; in whtdi all the most important event, characters, and circamttan. ces, retr4cd lo the Scriptures of the OW and New 1 estautcaU, are noticed And iUuitrrdsd by try of querlU and answer. By Use Rev. jI - rirs Raytier, Rector of the Ki - .tscyil Chuiches m uirocirsjxoo, cooucctstui. ,k - .. .... J$i PUBLIG SALES. - - ; '' ', , ' ' .'' - .: py MILLS, MIAIVjY it; CD. , ' , .,i. - - Monday, . - - '' '"' "' "'',. , At half past 9 o'clock, at - their asctioa store, 14U Pearl street, a geueral assortment of Frcacli aud British dry go d. ' - Among which are, I case merino shawls, 1 do , thread hose, 1 do Cue thread lace, 2 da imitation merino shawls, I do white French sewing thread, t do prunelle .hoes, I do green oiled bat Covers, . 2 do pins in fancy boxes with mi. rors, 2 do greea . blue and white double ilorcucf, 3 do sdk .tock ii.g., floreuces and Viclisatten ribbons in (rarua tares, 1 da ruuil flouuers, 1 do bombazettr, 1 do - siout liuen shirting, 2 do snpeifine cotton do. do 9 - 8 it 6 - 4 tarabiic musliu, 1 do superfine pn dresaeu ch.ntze., I da loocn trusties, 2 do levaji Une hJKIs auj shawls, 1 do gold and silver spang - ieJ fans, 1 bale sup. WooleU bearlh rugs, 1 Jo India t'o do. ' . - "s At 12 o'clock, under tlie inspection, of the Wardens, of the Port, for account ot the un derwriters, 7 cases plain taflata ribbons 3 do. assorted do I da silk shawls fcatise cap pel, rims, tic. 1 do. black floreiitinc, case French landscape paper hanging, damaged in tbe ship Gen. Hamilton, and bi ig Agnes, on the voyage of importation. . '; I uesday, letb June, An entire invoice of best English plate lock - iug glasses, looking glass plates, Brussels and Kidderminster carpeting and rug, mahogany chairs, and a variety of othor articles of the la test Eng!i - i and t renrh tashtons. ' " Coiui;ting of 33 ricbly gilt and new style sun glass from 45 by 20 to 70 by 36 in., 25 chimney do 31 by 24 in. Willi ends of 24 by 10 in. 4c. Hi superbly ornamented mirrors, carved arches, cut glass pans Irom 2 to 4 lights, It best British silver ed plates in bltnd Trames 50by 23 in. 85 do reeded frames 34by 22 to 44 by 26 in. 1200 bst BritLh universal plate from 20 try 1 1 ta 54 by 39 incite, 3200 do 6 b) 5 to 1 6 by 1 2in. 60heet tin foil suitable for the above, pieces elegant Brussels car - piling of newest style, 3 do borders to match, 4 do Kidderminster do 24 elegant imperial hearth rugs, 11 Brussels bedside rugs, 54 fashionable mahogany chairs, hair bottoms and 1. n - , i . 1 . r oi tusa iiouih.iii, a svoitiiuu jiiaue ittano lories, and a great variety of new and fashionable fur - nit uve. ' . . '.. The large glasses, mirrors, c.irpets and rugs, will be old in lots to Miit purchasers. The chair in setts. The silvered and unsilvreil pletes, will he sold by the package to dealers, on a liberal credit. The above were shipped by houses of the first respectability in Europe, and it is believed, that the quality is as good a van uc eiifc. .V.1RUI.K rUti HUILUIAU, at. r fill E proprietors of the southern marble qua JL rics, near King's - Bridge, give notice, that they have on hand, and are receiving, at the Kuig't - Bridge Marble nnd Lime - lard, foot of Beach - street, on the Hudson river, an extensive stork of marble for building, of the following de scription, viz ; A'blar Coping Foundation Stone Chiauiry - PiecMj Faciags Columns . ..' - Watertable S'.ep Platforms Sills, Lintels An lies Abo Lime of the best quality. 17" A const aut supply of the above materials may be calculated upou; - and those desirous of purchasing, or making engagements, will apply lo EZRA LUDLOW, Feb 11 At the Yard. SECOND GRAND ORATORIO, fjy The second Grand Oratorio by the New York Handel and Haydn Society will take place m Tuesday evening, the 9th inst. at which time Handel's Orand Dettengent Te Deum will be performed. ' - . Subscriptions will remain open at the follow ing places till Monday the Bill : Mr. Riley's music store, Chatham st. t Mr. Eostbum's Book Store, Broadway i Meesre. Goodrich It Co's. do do Mr. Dulxus' Music store, do Mr. Geib's, do Maiden lane ; T. lie J. Swords, I'earl - street ; sutj Messrs. Kirk & ftlcrceio's Book Store Wall street. Jeft iNUIICE. OcST" A 'I person having demand against the Estate of the late Dr. James Tillnry, (deceased) will please to present tbe same to either of the Subscribers. Aud persons indebted to tbe Estate. are requested to make payment to A. D. Duff, at Na. 83 Wahirgton - sireet. June 6th IS 10. A. I). DUFF. MALTBY GELSTON, D. 8. JONES. Executor. Je5 1st PHENIX BANK.. Cr An election for fourteen Directors of this Bun a will be held et tbe Banking House, oa Tuesday, the 7th July next, between 11 and Z o'clock. The transfer Book will be closed on the 25th instant, and willlcontinM Close d until after the election. By order of the Board of Directors, - 1). I. GREENE, Cashier. Je 5 tJy 7 , . . . NOTICE. 03 All persons indebted to Waters Furman and Charles Dobbs, (for street manure) are requested to call and settle their accoemts with either of them, or with D. L. Mead, at the corner of Pump It EkJridge - etreets, formerly called Third - street, on or before the first day of July next All persons having demands against them wi,'l please to present their accounts for settle - meat. WATERS FURMAN, sod CHARLES DOBBS. . my 12dic1mt - . s LANDS. STEPHEN B. MUNN, No. 226 Pearl - . street, New - York, purchases Lands in the Illinois Territory, which has been set apart for the late Army, letters from the country giving a descript.ou of the patent and the price asked for each lot, will be attended to, if Post paid. my 13 PA - Ctf el's Lef o valuable Fub.ieHand, The Phcnix Tavern, No. 126 Fly - market, and possession given immediately. Enquire rxstlie premises. . je 5 3t TV LAHD OIFJYF.RS, FARMERS AND OTHERS. ANTED TO RENT, on lease, a farm oomurizinz from two to three hundred acres, or thereabout, consisting of Meadow, Pas - lure and Arable Land, in a healthy situation in ties western part of the United Stats and contiguous lo good markets, oo which there b A convenient house, well supplied with fresh water, with kitcnea garden, orchard and Wood - land, together with dairy, barer, stab! and Other suitable detached out - houses, all in complete, repair. As immediate possesion will be required. please address to A. B. No. 200 Broadway, .New - l ork, stating term ana particular. - . N. B. No letters will be received unless post pid. June 2 lw ' Je SPORTSMEN J&ERCH.i NTS. JOSEPH FINCH, gan - enaker, respectfully informs his 'frieud and the public, that he has otujoeocrd business is the stpre No. 3 Wall - street, near Broad sy, where he ha for sale a very hantvoaie assortment of single and doable - barrelled guns, fine rifiea, fusses, Sic. 4 siso, shootin tackle generally. " '' ' J. I. still retains his old stand, No, 261 Green wich - street, for the - working departmeat aod shipping easiness. Order left at either place nil be attends d to With air possible exnedtu my T D&Clm , ' , ., . . ' FOR SALE, LeeseboW Property, mw vaJw than real Estate. That siussism "" - TLTL .Vcademy No. 39 White - strsset, i - way and Chun h - stresrt, thirty years of hs Leaee an - expired ; all improvers i valaatiT at the espsrat.r ol the Una. O'oeed .. . .. nrl. ... fcnnilin. for partKatara wish . . - - . " ' ' - '

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