The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 24, 1931 · Page 10
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 10

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 24, 1931
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

8 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE MARCH 24 1931. ^Department j to Discuss i Late Music jMrs. ,H. E. Cunningham, I Mrs. F.:j. Olson f Have Lesson. . ; At the meettag'ot the music ·de- apartment of the ; Woman's club Frl- :day afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at the 'home of Mrs. B. Raymond Weston, '21 Rock Glen, Mrs.' F. J. Olson will ·talk on the radio and Mrs. H. E. ; Cunningham will speak on the ·phonograph and the player piano. - These will be discussed in their [relation to modern music. Miss -Gladys Halstad of the Vance Music ' ^company will demonstrate a number ."of the new phonograph records, both popular and classical. Miss Margaret Hanion will bring-a group of records from the Hanion collection of pieces for the player piano. Margaret Hanion wil] bring a group .'.of' records from the.Hanion collection of pieces for the player'piano. - Mrs. B. I. Bright has charge of ^arrangements for the meeting. All ' members of the Woman's club may attend a*v? depirhm^nta] meeting. Heartache That Can't Be Healed Must Be Borne By VJEGINIA LEE. I had a little primrose in a pot which I left out of doors so lata last fall.that.I thot it wag dead I cut all the leaves off, leaving, only a little brown stump. I watered that and hoped. Finally a wee green leaf appeared, then another and another. Now it is flourishing and has a bunch of pretty pink flowers on it. That little plant makes me think of the courage humans show. How many pick up their lives again after they seem blighted, and blossom, giving cheer to others who are down! "DEAR. VIRGINIA:LEE: I was going steady with a nice young chap, and then we had a quarrel. He told me he loved me, but said ho did not believe I loved -him, because I do not happen to be very demonstrative. I cared more for him than for any other boy I ever met and told him so. Up to the time I met him I was never serious with anyone, just laughing at life and loving to be alive. After our fight he told me a lie. That hurt terribly, still I forgave him. "Since he left me he has begun to At the 'choot} »- * You Will Get Many New, Useable Ideas-- Among.the best of these will be ideas for decorating your home with plants and flowers, economically. We are here to serve you not only ' during this 'week--but every week of the year with strictly fresh, homegrown stock from our greenhouses. Come out and look it over--plenty of parking 1 space. Phone 12Q5 Herman M.Knudsorv.Rrop. So. Federal Aye. go about with a different crowd, aud now and then rumors reach me that he is drinking pretty much. It hurts me to think .that he values his manhood so little that he would seek to drown his troubles. "I have, many dear friends who tell me that he is not worthy of me, but I just can't forget him. I've tried to play square, Virginia, even when he came to say goodbye and brot his gtrl with him; I sent him away with her, altho it was not easy. We parted friends, for which I am thankful. I want his happiness above anything else. · "Can . you tell me how to forget him?. I do club work, church work and love sports. Do you think I can find forgetfulness in them? It' is useless to think about other boys, because I just can't see them now. My work is suffering, and I am not the same cheery girl I used to be. I will try to do what you tell me. "DUCKY" I wish I could give you a panacea for your suffering, Ducky, dear, but I'm afraid I can't. Heartache like yours must simply be endured as gallantly .as possible until time heals it, and even then there is usually a little scar left. You have not only lost your boy friend, but you've lost the picture you had of him. You have found that not only ia ;he not the boy, you thot and loved, but you must, because of your own nature, continue to Jove him. , Don't battle too hard to forget. It will take time. Continue your various 'activities, go away for a change If you can,' aud have faith that after awhile the hurt will cease to ache. Human hearts are wonderfully resilient. It is surprising what they will endure without breaking, and this experience will give you deeper insight into human hearts and you will know how to console them. So you see it will not be all loss on your part. · ' [ And one more word of consolation: It may be that after a littlo the boy friend will see his own folly and want to come back, and : all this unhappiness will seem . like a bad dreain. : · Drake Glee Club and Band Give Concerts While Touring Iowa pES MOINES, March 24. t/P-- The Drake university girls' glee club planned to reach Shenandoah tonight on the second day of its five day tour of western Iowa. A series of concerts are being given which Began yesterday at Winterset and Crestou and which will include Omaha, Council Bluffs, Missouri Valley, Manning and Audubon, ending at Des Moines Friday afternoon. At the same time the Drake band is touring north central Iowa, starting at Nevada and ending Friday afternoon. at Hampton. Humboldt, Forest City, Manly, Plymouth and Oaage are among ;the cities included i^ the tour.'- .·'··"i-. .;····..;· ; ·'·;;· -' : -. tlae new SFV simplest electric refrigerator ever produced a great step forward is electric refrigeration--the new SERVEL HERMETIC--so simplified that it requires fewer moving parts than other electric refrigerators. Servel^engineers have eliminated the moving parts that so often caused trouble--and sealed the simplified operating unit permanently to end kitchen repairs and replacement of parts. Complete showing of beautiful* graceful cabinets--so compact that they save valuable floor space, yet with more usable shelf space than others. Startlingly low prices and generous terms. All models covered by sweeping factory guarantee. 1 £^ £" and up f. o. b. I OO factory Thit phantom view chows Fne htghty tlmplifted, sealed working unit of Hi* Semi Hermetic DIRECTS TOUR TJNDOUBTEDLY the most.widely traveled member of the National Federation; of Business and Professional Women's clubs is Miss Mary C. Kennedy of Lafayette, Ind. She has been appointed director of the organization's 1931 good-will tour to Europe, making the fourth consecutive, time she has acted in this capacity. HELPING THE HOMEMAKER By MRS. ALEXANDER GEOEGE. Roast Beef Supreme. · Breakfast. Chilled Stewed Prunes Wheat Cereal and Cream. Poached Eggs' Buttered Toast Coffee Luncheon. Creamed Eggs Bread Peach Jam Nut Cookies Tea Dinner. Roast Beef Supreme Buttered Carrots Bread Butter Head Lettuce . Mexican Dressing , Baked Blueberry Rolls Sauce Coffee Creamed Eggs. Four tablespoons butter, 4 table spoons, flour, 2 cups; milk, % tea. apoon^silt \ -44-teiasp b ori.'.pap rika,., % cup pimento .cheese, 3- hard cooked eggs, diced, 2 tablespoons finely chopped parsley. Melt butter and add flour. Blend and add milk and cook until creamy sauce forms. Stir constantly. Add rest of ingredients, arid cook slowly two minutes, stirring constantly. Serve on toast or crackers. Roast Beef Supreme. Two cups mashed potatoes, 1 cups diced, cooked · beef, % teaspoon salt, i cup cooked peas, 1-3 cup chopped celery, 2 tablespoons chopped onions, 1 cup gravy or milk. Mix beef, salt, peas, c-elery, onions and gravy. Pour into shallow buttered baking dish. Cover, with potatoes. Bake 25 minutes. Blaeberry Roll. Two cups flour, 3 teaspoons baking powder, % teaspoon salt, 1 tablespoon sugar, 5 tablespoons fat, 1 egg, 2-3 cup. milk, 1 cup berries (canned), % cup sugar, % teaspoon nutmeg. Mix, flour, baking- powder, salt and one tablespoon of sugar. Cut in fat with knife and add egg and milk. When soft dough' forms, pat it out until thin. Spread with rest of ingredients. Roll up and bake 25 minutes in greased pan in moderate o v e n . . . . . . . Sauce. One-half cup sugar, 2 tablespoons flour. , H teaspoon salt, 1 cup blue- QUICK. FACTS HermUkolty seated refrigerating unit. No kitchen rspain or intricate adjustments. Fewer moving parts Ilian other electric refrigerators. Costs considerably less to ope rate. Quietest ever produced, a shown by scientific lest. Handy Temperature Control for fast freezing. More, uiable shelf space than others. Flat, usable lop (unit Inside the ban).' Beautiful, graceful, compact cabinets. Sraritingly low prices --gener* ous terms. Covered by sweeping factory guarantee. C O M E IN T O D A Y · TYLER-RYAN FURNITURE CO. 215 N. FEDERAL AVE. MASON GITY The Globe-Gazette Offers Booklet of LOVE POEMS Poets of all ages have tuned their lyres to songs of love and lovers of all time have quoted the poets. But with libraries full of love poetry it is often difficult to find a poem that you think you ought to know as well as you know your own name. It is this that lends especial value to LOVE POEMS, a 48- page booklet now offered our readers for a nominal "cost and handling charge of 10 cents. Great care has been taken in the selection of the poems and poetical fragments of sentiment that are included in this publication, making it a desirable addition to any library. Use the coupon in ordering your copy. The Globe-Gazette Information Bureau, Frederic J. Ilaskln, Director, Washington, D. C. I Inclose herewith 10 cents in coin or stamps for a copy of the booklet, LOVE POEMS. Name Street City . State jerries, 2 tablespoon'lemon juice, Vj cup water. Blend sugar, flour and salt.. Add rest of ingredients and cook until a ittle thick. Stir constantly. Rock Falls juniors Will'Present Play ROCK FALLS, March 24.--The junior class play, a three act comedy, "When a Feller Needs a Friend," will be given at the school j y m n a s - i u m Thursday evening. Those taking part are: Lloyd Hansen, Harvey Church, Donald Hutzell, Amos Rogers, Jerome Wilkinson, June Jenkins, Pearl Ferrier, Pearl Jensen, Florence Weitze and Jessie Bliem. Mrs. Usher and Miss Dunkelberg are coaching the play. Luther College Will Observe Norse Night; ( '"· Contest Is Planned DECORAH, March 24.--The annual Norse evening will be helii Wednesday evening at Luther college in connection with the Sigvald Qvale Norse oratorical contest. In a preliminary contest all but four of the entries were eliminated but four of the remainder will compete for Perhaps Ramses II ate cakes like these "nnHE charming art of cake-baking probably originated with the I Egyptians," says this old cook book called "The Panthropheon or The History of Food." Gorgeously sweet and filled ·with spices were these Egyptian cakes. Can't you imagine an old Egyptian cook puzzling out the hieroglyphics which meant Yum Yum Gems? Arid then hunting around for the spiciest spices, the sweetest honey and a delicate shortening? No hunting around for a delicate shortening now--for your corner grocer has Crisco with its fresh, sweet flavor sealed in an air-tight can--a fresher, sweeter flavor than you ever imagined a shortening could have! A shortening, too, so fluffy you don't need to cream it. Think of how much time that saves in making cakes! YUM YUM GEMS yi. cup Criseo }^ teaspoon salt 1 cup brown sugar 1 textspoon cinnamon 1 cup sour milk 1 teaspoon nutmeg 2 cups flour 1 tcaspopd ground cloves 1 teaspoon soda 1 cup raisins : ^A cup walnut meats, chopped : , . , ; . _,BJendlCTisccind sugar.'(Notice,how ct$ily Crispo wraps itself oro'ii.3 every,tiny-.:, grain of sugar. TEars what makes a fine textured coke.) Add sour .milk, 1 Stii in. ' , sifted dry ingredients and add raisins and nuts. Pour into Criscoed cup cake tins or paper baking cups and bake in moderate oven (350° F.) For IS or 20 minutes, or until done. This recipe makes about 18 cakes. Ice with the following icing: Boil ~V/ cups of brown sugar and J-J teaspoon salt with J^ CU P of water until it spins a thread (232° P.). Pour J4 CU P °f t''is syrup over the stiffly beaten whites of 2 eggs, beating while so doing. Put tie remainder of the syrup back on the fire and cook until it forms a soft ball in cold water (238° F.). Add this syrup slowly to original mixture and beat until it's of the consistency to spread. Try this one on your husband A cake like this, flavored with coffee and put together with Crisco, whose own delicate, fresh flavor allows the taste of the coffee to predominate, is truly a "man's cake." A MAN'S CAKE J£ cup Crisco 2M cups dour 1 cup sugar 2 teaspoons baking powder 2 eggs, separated 34 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon vanilla Icup cold strong coffee % cup walnuts, cut up Put sugar, egg yolks and Crisco into mixing bowl together and blend in one operation. (This procedure is new--and possible only because Crisco comes to you already creamed.) Then add alternately the sifted dry ingredients and the coffee. Stir hi nuls and flavoring and lastly fold in Uie egg whites hcatcn stiff. Turn into Criscpcii tube pan and bake in moderate (350" P.) oven for one hour. Cool and ice with: 1 cup brown sugar, % CU P granulated sugar, % teaspoon salt cooked with l /2. cup strong coffee until it spins a thread (232° F.). Pour H of svru P slowly over 2 egg whites beaten stiff and beat aa you pour. Cook remainder of syrup till it forms a soft ball in cold water (Z38" F.) and add to icing. Beat until it's of the consistency to spread. And when you haven't time to bake cakes at home it.'s nice to know that you can go to a nearby baker or grocer and buy delicious cakes made with Crisco. Most good bakers da use Crisco, I've found. And when a baker 13 so particular about this shortening, he's opt to use the very best of other ingredients. W I N I F R E D 6 . C A R T E R ALL MEASUREMENTS LEVEL, llecipes tested and approved by Good Housekeeping Institute. Crisco is the registered trade-mark of a shortening manufactured by The Procter Gamble Co. · Ouu, Taste Crisco--then any other shortening. Crisco's sweet, fresh flavor will tell you why things made with Crisco taste so much better. CAKES PIES B I S C U I T S C O O K I E S F R I E D F O O D S Xn Us ttete airligtil can--as fresh i nnil siecet nn Hie Antj it tea» made various prizes Wednesday night. In addition to the contest, various types of Norwegian culture will be represented. The Luther college concert band will give a number of Norwegian songs and anthems; Mrs. Caroline Jacobson Moe, soprano, and Oscar Swee, baritone, will sing a group of Norse selections, and the concluding feature will be a series of Norse gymnastics under the direction of Prof. Ottar Ting- hum of the college faculty. Professor TingJum has also written a dra- matic poem for the occasion which will be acted on the stage by local talent. The musical background for the poem will be furnished by an octet from the ranks of the Luther college chorus. ROSENQUlST-aniNSOCKER JOICE-- -Miss Esther Rosenquiat and Alfred Munsocker who have both been working in Chicago wero married at the bride's home by her father, the Rev. U. Roseuquist. THE DAY of FLOWERS Pale, pure lilies on the altar . . . here and there a dainty corsage . . . a patch of color In the window . . . and the dinner table glorified by blossoms in a crystal bowl. Such is Easter! Sandy's is happy to be in a position to supply Mason City with the freshest, finest flowers, and to maintain its customary low prices. FLOWERPHONE 3782 SANDY'S FLOWERS 16 FIRST ST. S. E. BIS! Forbes Orange Pekoe A blend of mountain-grown teas taken from the choice garden spots of India making it highly pleasing ia taste and aroma. Forbes Tea is an American product, blended and packed in St. Louis-- a leader in the well known Forbes Quality Erand line. Jos. H. ForbesTca Coffee Co., S1. Louis, Mo. x- Tht* Slap of India appear* on the label* of lea packet* containing tho world-famed India Teat "/TIHE Map of India is the 'Sterling mark of tea.* J. It is as important in telling tho quality of tea as the 'Sterling' mark is in determining the quality · of fine silverware. The Map of India trade mark on a package of tea certifies that the packet contains India Tea... a tea famed the world over for its fine fragrance and alluring flavor." India produces the finest tea in the world ... a tea served in the finest hotels... on board the most palatial ocean liners ... on crack trains and in renowned eating places the world 'round. And tea lovers everywhere prefer India Teal Wb.enyoa.btiy tea,.. remember this simple rnle: ask for India Tea! And to be positive that yon are getting genuine India Tea, or a blend of India Tea, look for the Map of India on th« labelofthepackagoofteayoubuy. Good grocers everywhere sell packages of tea containing India Tea. A*k for one of the several excellent brands lifted below. A. P. FOOD STORES Grandmother's GREAT AMERICAN TEA CO Celinrus Golden Key I. G. A. S T O R E S . . . . . . . . . . . . . . J. G. A. JEWEL TEA CO Jewel India UGGETT'S REXALL STORES Opcko The following brands sold at all Independent Grocers and Delicatessen Stores: Aborn's India Forbes' Finest | American Lady Forbes'_Quality i Arbuckle's ~ - - -Columbia Darma 1 Faust Tao Tea India Blend Grant Cabin Tea White House Balls White Lilac Monarch While Ribbon Royal Garden Zvetochncy To GOOD INDIA TEA INDIA PRODUCES THE FINEST TEA IN THE WORLD

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