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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Saturday, June 6, 1818
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1 - i il i r If - ' w i - - a A, SATURDAY, JUNE 6. J tanurlMie mi tiu etait yrtiesr. For ome day past the prisoner confined in the itat pri - : tM at 3. - &enwich, about GOO ia Dumber, had . jaaoifetUd a refractory disposition refusing to comply tb the role and regulation of tbe pri - con, wigioc, bawdy cg, blackguarding the " people, a M7 pasted by, and even offering ; ' violence to their keeper. This ipiril of intubor - . dinetioe was carried to such an extent that the . Minority found it Accessary to order out y etter - - , day ft company of flyiug artillery to the tupport ol the ttate - pnsoo guard ; and it wa not until tbey ' '' fired opoo the prisoners, th U order could be re - aUred. .bout aiityf tha riogteftdera were ,' seized, put ia trow, and immured in th dan - ""' geous, : - . '. ' . ; Mr. Noah think it i due to my wa Jen, if not tehimttU; tojiniutoiit wmt part of hi rtate - Kent it not (rue. If Mr. Noah will Took again, , kt will re that thii wa not my expression. 1 - would comply with hi request; if I did not think ' it premature find improper to do so now: In suitable time, I may do what be wishes. ;THB MARINERS' CHURCH. At ft m eetir of merchants and others connected - , wiUi the commerce of the port ot is ew - York, . held on the S9th May, 1818, for the purpose . .f - of adopting measure for supplying seamen , - With the preaching of the gospel " JONATHAN LITTLE, eq. in thecbair, ' Ttesoked, 1 hat it i expedient to erect in tbe port of New - York a House of Worship for th gratuitous accommodation of teamen, to bo styl - ej JneXartner'i Uiurcn. Aetoktd, That the address on the subject. which has now been read, be publiebed and ex lennrely circulated. CHARLES RICHARDS, see'ry V - Deoalions for tin Mariners1 Church may be directed to cither of the following geuUcmen, ' - tit ) , v Mr. Jonathan Little, S18 Pearl - st; Hrnry Eckibrd, corner of Chnton and Olirrnr - st. ; lull - pbalot Williams, t35 Pcarl - tt. i Renueiner Ha vens, 100 Chamber - it. j rapt. Gabriel Haveus, ; 3i" William - et. t reo. Rtenexr Stevens, 59 : Hcxkmaa' - st. ; Mr. Benjamin Strong, 87 Leonard' at. ; William W. Wooh, 227 fcarl t. 1 Na - jah Taylor, US Pearl - st.; Charles Richards, 53 - Sou tint. : William (.'aims, 130 Water - t capt. James Lovett, 9 Hrriton - st ; Mr. Henry '.Thomas, 2 JonesMaa. . .Her follows a long and well written appeal la pamphlet form, to the citizen on this lauda bio undertaking, roli oiling their aid to carry the object into effect, which we recommend to the ftlteotion and perusal of all charitably disposed. The pamphlet we presume can be had of the Bianagen free of expeote. Tbe BritUh brij Cora, arrived at Charles - ton on the 29th ult. in 16 days from Kingston, (Jam.) with $100,000 in specie. - Mr. Coleman, It will doubtless be expedient, that the Mariner's Church, which it h proposed to erect, ' should be under thetlirectioa of a stated paitor, .and perhapi in connection with omo one rcli - . giou denomination. It is very eviJtut that the , 1 chorch now proposed will be entirely under - . preebyterian influence. . Other denomination iv can have and ought to have no objection to this, ' - 'provided it is dot expected that they will patron - ' ise it bv their contributions. I here would be , aa inconvenience, no doubt, ia the church being supplied by variom pastors of different religious pinion, if oat of different mode of worship . Tbvre can be no objection, therefore, that the re - ; , spectable and tealou denomination of presbyteri - . am houl J endeavor to erect an house of wonhip, ' where the seamen who attend will be under the Sastoral care of a Presbyterian clergyman. ut it may be expedient that other religious dt - nominations should have houres of worship for mariners; and therefore it will be proper tut ' them to keep their funds in rett rve. Hpircpa - . bans in particular, enjoy peculiar advantages tor th religioui in ruction and the public ileio - tions of seamen, to their Book of Common Pray. er 1 and powibly it may bethoirduty to emulate their Preibyterian brethren, and to erect a ; CAurcA, where th mariners, who are so disposed, may enjoy Cpucopal niinutrations. Oq this . account, it ought not to be expected that they hnull contribute to the erection of the propos - cd edifice. A. b. COMMUNICATION. Mr. Coleman Among the mott alarming e - vilf, which have been the result of the system pursued for several years paitby thoie who ad - ' ministered the government of oat state, is the ' Unlimited multiplication of offices ia almost all case where the number is sot restricted bv tbe constitution or U10 laws. To this it isowinr. that men ignorant and unprincipled, merely in order to serve political purposes, nave ueen sui - . fcred to fill coTiCM of the hirheat tr ust and respou - J sibility thus not only degrade and bringing . into disrepute the office they ftoiu, but jeopardising tbe property of our citizeu. Thus wo ' find, that during the last seven year, the nuru - - tier of masters in chancery in the city of New : York incrensrd from six to upward o fifty, and Dotariea witliout number 1 many of the latter of . whom are to the habit of certifying that parties personally apptared before them and took the oath prescribed by law," when such notary wtis ' ' not within one tmmnnd mile 01 loose persons And so little credit has been given to Uie act of some, a to cause consul of foreign governments ' to maka a distinction in their Certificates, when ' called upon to certifv to the fdith and credit due .. their nets ; stating in some cases credit wa to , re given, but in ethers that tbey ware merely notaries public The evd, however, r;hicn in ducej me to address you, and which call Aloud . for correction, ilhi: that certaiu masters in chancery in lhicity, either Igaomrrt of their du - . ty orregardlef of their oath of office, are in tbe , constant habit of violating every principle which ought to govern their conduct, and during whose continuance in office no citizen' property s sale. - . Yes, sir, I am credibly informrd that there are . men now hoi Jm that oTice in this city, who are in the daiW practice ofplacing their certificate of acicnowiet - ment upon tlic back ol deeds in blank, wiUi the part ies names not filled up, but left subject to any fu'.ure casualty or interest of the noiaer 01 uie uce.i. 1 ,k yon for a moment to . loca at we mcalculaMe mitchief whiih will ui - eruaoiy grow out ol such practice, guppose a : mater io chancery should siem a blank cale to caned a mortar; and tlie party ouuia - , . ins it, instead ofu 4ig it for the r intend ed, il.ould 6U up tin bbak wi'Ji the tiaua ol 1 person hOiiu - amort' .ge kgaaiil hWclf, and iwy uiviotwiu wnere the mortgage is re . .corded, and file it ; the inortpe is (taorcUod, - ' and where is the redrew I'reveolWe u al - ' n Sw. ll. - . . I . . . . have a Horded 4 ltrtppy o;portmitT, t.y an net . psied at tncrlast eeiton, toremeily this evil an era which hid become so widely extends; 10 on urunce loM t.v, w re '.reu thronhtlit' uad'uim of a cvincil u( rpiotmeut, whore poh - 1 cy trr prompu them t 4: create, and not to di - . sueite. parcnji And a that ' ujiortiuit part the duties of a master it by th - t act to be veiled oomaaatsioaers to be ar - paii' eJ for that purpose, t to i ' 1 trurttW the Worn u J firmness Jmu' jhSfAi PJ - T ft P " snagntra! aagitirftte, aiJed by lU ftdvice of a Uurrl ouocil. viU ut uitioot to the appointment f an wonetesMry, multitude of unprincipled count o men. whose onlv recommcediition to the ouice will be the facihty which it will a fiord for fraud and collusion. - A Fritni to ffet A tmwulrlton. : Hathingtvn, Map 31, 1818. t - IR I take the earliest oPDorlunity of ac - nuaintins? von. for tbe information of bis Majes ty's rabjects in New York, subscriber of tbe ad - r 9 1 . . l , l. : . I. . . 1 urets 01 coaaoience o iu uiijuiicw ui. Prince Regent, upon the death of her royal high - rf tti Ihte Pnncet Charlotte of Wales, transmitted to me with your letter of the 16th of Jan. lust, that 1 have received a despatch from his majesty's piiocipal secretary of state forfnreigo affairs, acquainting me that he bad lost no tiru in presenting toe ad a ret 10 ms royal Bigness uie Prince Keirent. and that bit royal biKhness had been pleased to receive the same in U most gra - cioas manner. ' I am, Ate. CIIAS. UAGOT. To James Buchanan, Esq, His Majesty's Consul New - York. . From the St. John (fftirfyundland,) Gazelle, of May 5. Yesterday arrived here schooner Sophia, See - ly, and Sisters, Allen, both from Halifax, by these vessels, we have received paper to the I ith ultimo, from which we have made some ex tracts relative to the late negotiations between Spain and tbe United States. The Americans appear to be much gratified at the prospect of war between the two countries, wnicii, tu ail probability, will ere long be realised. The American slooo Alert, caiit. 6now, which sailed from New - York, on the 3ht December last, with carso of provisions, Ac. for the relief of the sufferers by fire, in this town, arrived vesterdav. Her carso consists of about 500 bag bread, 815 barrel flour, 30 barrel pork, 4 hales and some pieces of clotbtug, and a quantity of lumber. The schr. Assistance, on board which part of ihe Money sent from New - Yoik and New. Brunw ck, f..r tbe relief of the sufferers by Fire in this town was slapped, being wrecked in St Mvy't Buy, and there being reason to suspect from the accounts which reached this place, that part of the sum had been embezzled by the Crew or people resident there, a schr. was immediately fitted out with aparty of sea - men and marines from the Flag ship (by direction of Ilia Kxcellencv the Governor, who most handsomely came forward on ihe occasion) accompanied by aparty of Peace Officers, and dispatched in aearch which vessel we are informed arrived at Et. Mary's on Tuesday last. In the mean time the remainder of the crew left that place, and arrived here on Sunday nieht. when an active inquiry by the Matr rates took place, and we are informed upwards of 3001 of the money has been recovered. t hree persons belontrinij to the Assistance have been committed, char ed with being prin cipals or accessaries in this nefarious transaction. We are led to hone from the prompt mea sures which have been adopted by the proper Authorities, that the whole amount will be eventually forthcoming. American sloop Alert, ? it. John's Ha hour, 4lli May 1813. S Te the iuuibUantt of St. Mn'i, I deem it my duty to make known to the in habitants of this town, the cause of my delay wrb the careo sent them from new - York. I sailed f om that City on the 3 1st December last. In the course of a few days we en - ounUred a heavy ir:ile r,f wind lost one man overboard, froze another in a most aliocRind manner split our sail, and were compelled put into Pope's harbour in distress. While was us.nj; every possible exert.;n to p;ct re fitted with sails, expecting1 every moment to tie frozen up, the mute of the vessel, John II Clement, Uiy; ther with some of the' cruel in habitants of that place, I presume, cu. the jot ly boat adrift, and committed other depredations ; and on the night previous to the intend ed sai.nig of tbe vessel, cut both our cable, as we lay at anchor in the harbour. The vessel then drifted on si. ore, but there being littie wind, ht - was got off again without sustaining vv material damage flu conductof the inhabitants save me ttrnns reo?on to tear for the a!tty of the vessel and cargo ; I therefore travelled 30 miles through woods and now. at II, most inclement stsasttu. to procure men to lrm the vessel out of Uie harbour, as no pcrsun would do it there at any price, ailhoun most ol the people were idle. While I was absent, the inhabitants raked th small anrbor and mooted the vessel to a tge wharf, near a ledae o rocks, whete the must have iminciliiitcly billed, hud she gone ashore. I lie captain, who was most ol Ihe puae unwell, and at this time very sir k, with n black man, were the only persons i n board, and finding the vessel dragging, and the oily mean of saving her wa to hp the cable and put to ea, did so itnmedia'elv, but next day the vessel grounded on uikcomhe's Bar, where she .i maiiied three days, till the deck load was discharged, when she was brought to Mary Joseph, wIm re the ice ' closed her in the arr.e li'?ht. Tfctse circum - J stances, with he d winds and meeting the Gulph ice since leavine Mary Joseph, has caused my unpleasant and long delay, I on Rssure you I felt extremely anxious torlelivtr the cargo in a season most likely to he wnnte.l, but misfortune deprived me of that satisfaction. I cannot close fhi statement without expressing to you the kind and liumine treatment I received from the government at Halifax, who dispatrfted the revenue cutter to my relief, the morai.nt it was possible for her to proceed with safety, and supplied me with a ail, anchors, Arc. JOHN W LTHEftBI'.E, O. and s. C. front Iht St. ik'h's, fVi'iiindoirf,) Gazitte, of M,f I'X We believe it is not generally undcrlnod, but wo arc sure tt ou'ht to be, lint when capt. 1'etcr wi , ol toe Amir. run Ln; ftleitnjr, arrival here with the charitable d'n:tion Irom the citi zens of boi'on, he was receive! ly our Lite or thy eovcrnor with the most polite attention. Pre viously to the departure ol the Messenger, hisj excetlemy gavo orders that a good sea sloe a should be put ouboiird, that thr voyage home ot the captain and his crew miht he as coinf . 'abb as possible. Th sii' cesor cl admiral Pickmore imitating the laudable txatnpie whii h ha thus been :et hiui, and has in the moit handsome mu'i - ner,not wdy promptly compile J with the requt, that the slcX'p Alert .bould be permitted to carry pacseners hence to New - York, but ha tubscrib - m.i thm tl often toward urcbasias: a Xaniipj. Nay, sir, when certain ladies in New - rk, a j ar or two ago, were audacious enough poucu nee, owner and supercargo of the above named vessel. ST. JOHN'S (X. T.) ISth My, 1C18. At ft general meeting of the inhabitant of this town, convened by public advertisement, at the lawidou - Tavero, John Ourwoaib, Fasqmire, iu the chair, Uie following resolutions were passed uanmmoo'ly 1 H'flred, That the thank of (hi meeting are due to the benevolent citizen; of New - York, who have, io die spirit of true humanity, forwarded supples of provision?, tc. to relieve the general uai resv, occasioned in this town by the lata cala - mi'.ou - urn. r Jntd,' That an address of Uianlr be drawn uoin Uc most recprtfrul and grateful terms, ex - preiye of the r - utimenls of this nie'uii and mat this address be lip - ilchd by she hand of John Wetlun - bee,lUp1uirt, owner and upercar - of the t'oop Alert, to tue rom - mit - ia New - VorV, by wl well Ume - 4 zeal and Christina beiavolence. these gratuit - m - ruppucehave tca tent lo this alHictcd atd Uidbrtaiiate town. HeKhti, Thai a committee te appointed for piece of plate, a;TeeMy to the rear lu lien of The public meeting of last Friday, for Mr. Wether '8 - ' "'17 - ouiu together for that purpow, v. '"J'; Sabine, Um Rev. Mr. Cubrt, and beat. Vicars, rnal enbiMrs. - iiuelttd. That tbe address" now received he adopted, and forwarded by the chairman u u committee m N York. . ' - l Htwlttd, '1 bat this mectinr uo most affection ately (ympftthise with Mr. Wetbcrbee, owner and supercargoof the sloop Alert, io the distress which must bare been occastosseu niai oy me is - ry treat nerils and duaster he and the crew have encountered during to long aud hazardous ft passage : Awl that we do congratulate him on bis bavins been enabled, by the blenmg of fro vidence, to persevere and accomplish his voyage; and also that the thanks of tnts meeting ue re spectfully offered him for bis indefatigable and benevolent axertiou. Htnktd, That a subscription be immediately entcrm! aDon to defray tho ex pause ol purer inga piece of plate with a ttiitablc Ascription, of the value or ti guiueas ; anil mat me coniuui - Ue at New - York be requested to procure the dam, and nresent it to Mr. Wellierbee. as a small testimony of the lirht in which hi merito rious conduct is rsearded by tbe ioliabitanls of Ut. John's. JOHN DUNSCOMB, Coairmau. TU S ADDRESS. To Hit Gtnthmtn compoiing Me Committee in JYeie - York, far rfeeittng and apjiropnahtig Iht Sulnrripliuta raited in that etiy, for relief of ihe buff ireiib'j ihe late fire tn Saint JuhnU A'eufounUlanJ. . UEMTLidflilf, It would lie impossible iu ft mere vote of thanks passed at a public meeting, to give full utusnuice to tint Voludie ef grateful sentiment') with which our heails are overflowing, and which your druiitereJ bruetolenee so lou - lly tie - maud. We are therefore uaturaily impelled by our own feeling, to give a wider scope to that warmth of gratelnl expre'si n, which ouht ever to characterize tho recipients of a bounty so gratuitous and tpoutaneous as that which you have beon made the channel of coaiuiunicaliou to us. We discover in this kind act of the citizens of New - York, all the peculiar features which mark the chanty ol christians. Bound to the objncls of your benevolence by no tie, tncial, political or commercial, tint separated from us even by natural boundaries, von yet beheld u your neighbour, because yon - beheld us in distress. Laying aside all sruse of past auimosity, consigning to oblivion every jealou distinction ol sentiment ana party, opoa the broad and com mon ground ol our uature you hasten to our uc cour. I he lecliugs which tbe view of our mis fortunes excited in your mind, were not check ed in their on 'iu, hut immediate effect was riv en to their teudencie ; and you had not only compassion on us but you helped ut. Your lib erality has bceu cordial and eflectual. There 1 no appearance of uarsiuiunv connected with it ; but you have fully evinced yourselves to be cneeriuii vers, and promptly adopted such mea sure a appeared best calculated to administer speedy relief, t our benevolence ba for it dis tioruihin; features, impartiality, activitv.cheer fulness and perseverance ; and we only express the sincere feelings of our heart, in savinz we fronsider it no less honourable to you as men. thao as citizens of an enlightened nation. Bu if it be true, that, it it mm Mined Io girt Hum to rrrcii'r," you are then already blessed io thu deed of mercy, far beyond any recompense that can be derived irom the expression of our fee lie, though truly irratefiil praise. We are sorry that a erie of adrerse events prevented the earlier arrival of the Alert, in ?t. John's, tut onr regret docs not altogether pro ceed irom more sciiuii coneiderations : we are aware of the feeling of disappointment which you, no doubt, have already experienced on this occasion, we are convinced, that huaianity Irke yours would have been highly gratified by the speeuy arrival aud rpphentton of your bounty. We beg leave, however, U awure you, that the protected period of its arrival; has not made it to us lea valuablo or lets welcome. . No, gentlemen, though your bounty has reached us at a e ason when it ii liktly to be combined with a variety of aHstanca from other quarters, yet it w.ll be seen at one ghuice, the weight of your individual boon, in the common scale of charity i such, that every minJ mu. - t gratefully ieei us suomauuai preponderance. Many ol u - nave our houses to rebuild and fitroi - h we have our tradu to pro - ecu te, and our families to main tain ( aud your supplies will contribute ui no' sunll degree to relievo ut from much painful solicitude aud fearful forecast. Gentlemen, it seems as if a now era were o - pen ug in the history of the world. No sooner do f ontendio; nations lay down their aim, than benevolence begins 1 shed her benign influence over the hearts of men ; aud in cate of distress every other consideration v:utshe before that ot an ardent deiire to indulge the kindred feeling? of huininify. Thus wa it that England, our parent country, beheld tbe sufferers of Kussia and Germany, and thus ha America beheld the sorrows of Newfoundland. Long may this geuial spii it prevail, and widely may its influence l.e extended: May the world ce the held ol iu triumphs, and it trophies be foanJ in the blessed result of the united benevoleuce of every na tion unuor (lea veil. Gentlrni'u, be assured that the recollection of your kindness will never be effaced from our mindj. Indeed, independently of those feehr.irt which our own personal interest in your bouuiy cannot but have excited, sis. b pleasing proofs ol the ezisteureol "gd wdl" amougst men, deserve a cto - :picuoui place ori the records of time they shciM be kej't in remembrance when die piureled brow of the conqueror liaJ mouldered into dust, aud hi glory, however dazzling, laJed in ol.Iivioo : aud should never be forgotten tiy any, who, on the scale of human virtues, have been accustomed to give the hi'hest station to the display of genuine pbiho'diYopy. Wishing you every ble - big. We remain, gentlemen, With every sentiment of grateful repect, Ycnr obliged hum!. If servant. Signed on behalf ol i JOHN UUNsCO.VB, the meeting, ( Chairman. St. Jchn's, lath Mar, 181C. From Ihe A'alional Inlrllieenecr. . A HIT AT THK iOI)K. Mean. KHttort Permit me, iu behalf of onr sex, to complain of an infruigi men! ofthenshti ol women. Formerly, the use of cocettn and M tticnaU wa considered an cxcIjmvc privibge of our sex, and a wom in wlio even attempted .'0 near the breteh't, was art down a modern to werir paotaloout, or pantalets, peeping mo dcstly from below their petticoat, (excuse my blu. - het, gentlemen.) there was quite ft rout made aliout it in .Mr. Lang' newspaper, I recollect bvery boIy knows how too we were lectured and hectored for wearing eoretts to the injury of our hi alth, and the destruction of that bloom which I verily lelieve you men think u osty made (o be kissed off, by yoa wickeJ wretches. But, for all thi none ahnut ojr liltle eccentri cities of dress, I discovered lately, by r are arm dent, that tome of the. geaUcmen, r - cciallj thoye who have travrlladywear corset' - theru - sel ves. I will tell yoli bow I fonnd. it out The ilher evening, as youog r. r on v le Feeble and ayselt vsrt sitting quiet!y at a winrViw, enjoying the sweet mov.light, tsliring aboot sooPaieut ad robbing the uiiil. a hyood rf chimney swallows cams tumbling diwnlh cliimoey with such a violent clattering and fluttering, that 1 was almost frightened oot of ary wits, and poor dear Utile Forcible Feeble actually fainted I cried out for help ; papa, came running in, unbuttoned the Utile man's waistcoat, and attempted Io ft - jut hi brea'diing by openis; hi sUirt ocCar, (ex - i my bluthcr, genllemei.') it wa found very . tiii this eave him no relief, and I thought soon 1 he would certainly die when papft tuddeidy exclaimed, wnas. w wo wr we here I ran to see, end ss sure as I live, Messrs. Editors, little Fetble badon just such pair of corset! a I myself wear ! Pap cut Uie kni - i mat esnlotion took place thereupon by the suddea expansion of the corsetts, and poor dear little Forcible Feeble opened hi eye with a deep tigh, exclaiming, "Have mercy upon us what wa it?" Kutthiti not the only inroad made into our fashionable monopoly by the men; only to see itow 1 hey twaddle about in pantaloons that it is quite impoiiihle to distinguish from petticoats, at half a huadreJ yards distance, and so thorta to be quite indtcciit, because they always resumu nf bnrt neftiroats. If this i not nut ft ship to ihortly, I expect tn see the valiaut youth of our fashionable cities putting ou runs auu iui - ert, and displaying tlieir hardihood by going almost a caked a a fashionable lady at a ball. Heaven preserve u if f hey were mitleo with a desire to uncover their houldcrs, and display their brawny elbows at pnrtie a la mode dtt femmcs, a the I rench say, I believe. I protest ajamsl these ininngcmeuu on me ngbta of women, in uie name 01 womaiimuu, and tnist that in future men will leave off wear ing corsetts and petticoats, or allow us iu lime the privilege ol wearing the breeches. lours, gentlemen, MARY WOLSTONECRAFT, Jr. THE GREAT SERPEXT. F.xlrael of a letter from Marblehead. ' Last Sunday nrrived ihe schr. Amity, Captain John Collier, vi!li several other vessels from the Bank. Saturday, May 30, P. M. nbout five miles from the lights, he saw the great Fish. He parsed In in hheani, aboiit hall a mile distant He biiiured to be Invinir in a coil, bavins hi head about four feet out of the water, and to be ahont as large a n barrel. At first ieht it ap - pean d to lie a wreck, oriomefhing unusual on the w:ter, or as a g"tidalo turned over. Bui while ohiervfnj; him, he gave several shake, and threw himself out of the coil and disappeared. Capt. C. thinks that Capt. Snow, who tva in a Beverly schooner, astern, at the time, must nave had a better view of liiru. We remark that it were Io be wished that the public curiosity, " Ion;; exciieH, might be gratified by the actually taking of this Fish .No'hing discovers uncommon darner in the attempt, aud the public curios itj would amply reward (he succcn. N'itchez, May 7. Iforritltutracre - On Saturday nicht. the 26'.h u'.t. betu ecu this city and Washington, two men, Horatio Gcrrele, and George White, (the latter a stranger and sailor) were assailed, knocked down, beaten and tobbed of their hata, shoes, kc bv three nigra men. Mr. White lay on their round all night and Las since died of his wounds. The negfroea have been discovered and an prelieuded j two of them confessed the fact, and the hat of one of the persons was found in the possession of another negro, who received it from one of the accused. 1 hey have been committed to jau Tor further trial, by the examining court. They a: e Uie property of Wm. Brooks, esq. of this county . RICHMOND, June 2. A stuffed pelican has been deposited iu the museum, which wa killel a few week since ou the Mattipnny river. It is a bird frequently to be met with on the bank ofthe Mis?i - sippi but 110 instance i recollected of its ever having been seen before in Virginia. Thi stranger it a beautiful bird, while a iwan and considerably larger than a goose. Tbe pouch, which hangs from it neck, and assis'i it ia dipping up fi - li, u transparent, and befere it wa dry, very elatic ; capable of being extended o at to hold more than half a peck. It has a hard horuy tuft on the lo of (he bead. NxwaortTiwr, June 2. It is a circumstance, no less gratifying to the Agriculturalists of the Iiistricts of Maine, Uian to the citizens of New - England, general ly, that thousands of bushels of wheat havfj latelv been extxu tert from the river Kenne - beck, tothe middle and southern states, and that it pays very kochI freiirht In short this bids fair to be one of the staple ai tides of export the District. MOBILE, May 12. A number of senUemen of respectability ol ihe army, have arrived here from Appalachico - la. Gen. Jackson has ended the 6'eminole war ; all their provisions are destroyed as well as cattle driven off. They have fled toward Tamper bay, aud must inevitably starve unlet! relieved by other exertions than their own. I re machinery for a steam - boat, to ply be - twecn tins place and St. Stephens, ha arrived iu the Nassau from Now - York. Fatal areidenl.We are informed, that on Tuesday last, w hile several geutlerucn were gunning on Lons Island beach, near Babylon, Mr. Towntend W eek wan, by accident, shot dead on the ipot. jVal. .Idt ocale. We were mistaken yettcrday in saying the next oratorio would be thi evening ; it it assign ed fur next Tuesday evening. A CARD. The author ofthe communication in last evening' Columbian, relative to the late trial, is as sured that he is both pitied and despised. I know my rights, and shall alwaj, I trait, rtand rea - ly at every hazard, to assert Uicm, undeterred by the ilauardly atlacki or still more dastardly threat of any man or combination of meu what ever. MARKILU, On Wednesday eveninf! lust, by the Rev. Mr Spring. Mr. Thcwia M'Ctnrc, to Mis gjrali t auldwell. all m ihi - riK Litr.l, i Yesterday , Gcorgo W arner, aged 1 1 year and 9 month. The relation and friends 01' his lather, Ahiarum Warner, are invited to attend Ins fu neral this nltemoon, at i o'clock, at No. 6J Nas sau - street. This enoming, in the 37th year of hi age, Mr. Henry Wa'keys. Hi friend and the friends of the family are invited to attend his luueral tomorrow aftei 0000, at half past 4 o'clock, from rvo. 1 1 4 Uuane - itreet. On tbe 6th ult. at the aunnery of Nazareth, iu B?nltown, (Ky.) Mr. Elcan r Howard, io the I (Kith year of her age, witliout any perceira - hie ncknes. i tVJW POST M.1RLVK LIST. CLEARED, Ship Amity, Stanton ' Liverpool I Wrht tc Soo William, Noye London Dualap & Graut Brig America. Keanard Savannah Williim - Henry, i:ackpole do Tybee, Barker, I)o. T C Butler. Jon. V ilminpt n, NC. WeiCPoter Newhern Philatrliihia Tbomattowii, Md. Norfolk - . Alexandria Twins, Hall, Scbr Rebecca, Peers, Huulrers, Ilaflinj, II!t:o, Hick, Broilit r. Dehart, Sally Ai Polly, Trolt, poronia. Perry. ' New - Bedford Carpenter's Son, Hubbcll, Elizabeth, Gorton, CaUiaritse Rogers, Ketcbum, Sloop Fame, Hussey, Bertevoience, CrowelL' Washioglon Baltimore Wilmiugloa ICanturket Boston Sch I - xdy Tompkins, Cutler, J dys from otise 1 Riebmonel, wiih flour, (abacca and drg oods, t Pas - e h. Trinlelt. BChase, Dakn K Boot - wriRlit, A D Durafl'U A Freelahd. Wilson and Thomson, B AI Myers, J oimson,, 1 zrvin, a CornweU. C Dubois, and D BeUiune. 16 pas sengers. Sailed in eo with aloop Henry, for Albany. ' Sch Emeline, Meekins, 5 day from Ricli - mond, with coal, to A Frazier. Schr Three Sitters Pollard, 11 days from 6t Thomas, with sugar, ram and bark to Hender - mi.V:irn,. SiivitnmX: Wvckoffand Mr. Mat - sia. Left brig Water Wilt h, Bunce, for Phila delphia, uncertain and o or o vei om remi lected. In Sail Uock Passage, picked up n coat with f:nnt Himnnnnd ft men on board, being tbe crew ofthe iloopPegaiu, from Demarara for norioiK, which veriei they naoaeerieo one now before, leaving all ail set on her, in consequence of a water spuut passing cloe aboard of ihem ; afterward put them on board said sloop, which bad received no damage. Sloop Sarah Porter, Comttock, of Hartford, nays from Savannah, with cotton 10 neicnum Weed, and Otis & Swan. Sloon Lv.'ia and Marv. Doughty, 8 day from Kichtnond, with coal to Laing and Randolph. Sailed in ro with schr Hazard, for Boston : chr Lilly, White, for Pfiiladelphia. Sloop Martha, Godfrey, 3 days from Bran - dywine, with corn, to W F Van Amringe. Sloop Constitution, La forge, 2 days Norfolk, with shingles, to J It C iuine. Sloop Marietta, Potter.21 days from St. Ems - tatia, with rum and molasses, to E Fisher, and Smith Si Hubbell. The ship Pilgrim, Brown, of Ncwburyport, touched at St. Eustatia May 10th, and sailed for St Thomaa. BELOW, Sloop Ann, of Providence, 15 days from St. Croix, with rum to H. A; G. Lew is. One brig and one schooner. AhHIl Kl) I..IST b t F..VIM Brii. Jane Maria, Pendleton, 7 daysfrom Oyer's Island aiid40i'rom Bnhia, with oil, teal shiu and motherofpeail, to J Byers. Left at Bal.m hip FMier Am., of Neiv York, Taylor, wit - ing cargo ; hris Edwanl Foster, ( out nit, lor Gibraltar in ID day j brig Nanry Ann, Osgood, for Salem, tailed day before! brig Nautilus, ar. from Boston on the i'Uth A pril. A brig 01 and w Sulem, wa to fnil ip S days. Brig , ol Boston, sailed 4 days before, for (he Baltic Spoke nothing. Hris J'uies Scott, F.llii, 17 day from St. Croix Ba - t r'tul, with rum, susr, and inolase, to Keadc fi Dtprjsti.r. Spoke nolbing. (trig Wm - niith, M'Lellaii, 16 d:.y from St. Croix, W. End, with rum and sugar, to Lawrence & Letts, and oilier. Passengers. Mr. Rhodes, and Capt. Culver. Lett, s. hr Planter, Goodwin, for Boitonnext dav ; brig Com. liar rv. iuet arrived iri'm f'hiladi Inhia. A fit et of Patrirt vessels, consistinir of 14 sail under Coin Brion, pasd Ihe Island on the 18th of May, steering to the westward. Schr. Union, Terrell. .1 days from.Norfolk, with shinelet. to J H C Seeiiiiic. Left, schrs On tario, Margaret Ann, and Union, all for N York, . . r , . . . 1 . 1 , , o j. Uie urtl WIO'i. un ounoav. in iiain;ii - ii ixvuuiu spoke tloop Er&le, from N Y'ork for Norfolk. 10 mile south of Barnegat, passed cl;r Tell TaJ, irom n loric lor inrioia. Schr Fanny & Mary. Hall, 9 day from Rich mond. with dour and tcl ftcro, to Walsh ; G alia eher. Strong and Haven, D Btthune k Co. C Dubois, bnd T Irvin. On Tu'sdav, off Uie Del aware, spoke a schr from Middletown, C. for Kiclimond. Schr Martha, Denison, 3 day from Philade! phia. with flour and rum, to L'llommedieu 4 fjiewn, owner, Hyer, BremnerA - Co. W Gallagher, G Hummer ii Co J Juhnstnu end others. MOBILE, May 14 Airived 7th, Sally, Barney, Charleston ; 9th, sloop James, Blunt, Boston ; schr Ann Maria, Wright. N ork. Cleared, 8lh, Snow Speedy, WaUon, Liverpool; tchr Consalvo, West, N York. BosTo.t, June 3. Arrived, ship Paragon, Wildes, 116 daysfrom Canton. Left at Wham - noa, 7th tebruarv, ships ftcihe, Sharp, for Philadelphia, waiting careo ; Unicorn, Man chester, Baltimore, do 1 Vidas, Endicott, for alern, ao .lays. Also, leii,' ship Atala, Win - ship of Boston, arrived 3 days before from the Sandwich Islands, whence she sailed in Dec. 1817. in cc. with ships Euterpiize. Ebbetts ; Eagle, D - .iris; and Avon, Whittemore, all for toe Southern Coast. Left there, brig Cos - sac' - , and Bordeaux Packet, of Boston, sold , captain Thomas Brown, arrived at Canton in the Atala, and hasarriveJ here in tbe Paragon. Also, left at Canton, barque F:yinc; - Fijh, Fitch, fur the A'panish Maine; in 3 or 4 days; slip Zephyr, Bntnall, for Europe, 3 or 4 days. The brig Alexander, Bancroft, sail d 'January for Sumatra. Ship I'homix, M'K bhon, sailed .5 davs before for Philadelphia: Spi.kc March 10. lat 22 50, Ion 60, E. ship Isis," Woodbury, from Manilla for Amsterdam, and lSdatsfroin Java Head, where she parted company with the ship Alert, from Manilla fur Cowes. 30:h, la'. 3o 9, long 27, E. ship MarcelUis, Oxnard, 34 days from Batavia for Rotterdam, wiUi only part of a cargo several vessels had sailed from Batavia, without obtaining' any part of a cargo. The Paragon has a full cargo of teas, nankins, ic. : PMii.aiiEi.PHi4. June 5 Arrived and fired a salute, the fine .hip Plicr'iix, capt. M'Kihbon, 119 days from Canton, w th a full cargo of teas, silks &c &c. Sailed from Mocoaod February, and left at Canton, ships Pacifick, tfiarp, Philadelphia 30 days; Paragon, Boston 2 days ; Flying Fish, do uie ; Cnicorn, Baltimore, do ; Zephyr, Boston for Europe, do ; Midas, Salem, a few days in. The Atala, ot Boston, f. om the N. W. Coast, last the Sandw ich Islands, arrived at Whainpoa 30th January. The Phor - nix passed the straits f Sunda 13th; Feb. and spoke brig Ceres, S'.art, 122 days from Salem for Batavia all well. .' .ich tien. Lincoln, Whitton, 8 days fivm Boston. Sell William, Browneil 10 days from Bermuda. Left brii? Charles, Fawcett, Chase, f ir Falmouth, 1st June, with the cargo of ship Cleopat a ; brig Laura, Lister, of V Bedford, for Long Island, 2 ?th May, - sch Andrew Jackson, Gillet, for N York in IJ days. May2J, bit 31, long 61, spoke brig Julia Hunter, from larolma, for St. Croix. Pasnengers in the W. capt. Beart, of Philadelphia; capt. A M Wilson and Miss Wilkin, do. Miss Crocker and 2 children, of Charleston, D S Clement, Esq. of Bermuda, W Yates, ot I roy, A l.orey, of Massachusetts, Wm. Bowen, and Wm. Simpson. Below, a brig. Ship Coromandcl, Day, of Philadelphia froin Antwerp, for Batavia, alt well, 5Ui April, lat 15, S. long 29, W. THEATRE On Saturday evenirp. June 6, will be presented. JU11.1 EUluL.. Fereprine. Mr. Prifchard Job Thornbe'ry, Hijson Denni Brulru'ddery, Robertson Dan, Barnes Mary Thnrnberry, . Mrs. Dariey. To which wnl be addad, the faixe ol THE SPOIL'D CHILD. Little Tickle, Mrs. Parker with ft hornpipe ia character.J Performance to commence at half j at icvcn ovior. Ou Monday, will be presented, for Vie Crst time in America, a musical drama callfed . ROB ROY. Now performing in Lcadoa wilh preat success IL J.NO. til.AKr, ttoct aud Kxchauge Broker, bas npned aa office ut No. 4 Wall - street. June 6 I w - . WANl'tU, . . fT5 A msn of Rood capacity, well acquainted with the topography .of the Lulled States, and capable of the easiuess of clerk generally. One who hx been in a newspaper oibce or book (tore would bo preforxJ. Inquire at tbe office of the Monthly Mtxiae, fto. 19 WJi - trtt, June 3t .. ' . 1 ' . LOST ' - fX7 A Clieck, Ko, S98; drawn by Wa. fei Charles Porter on the City; Bank, dated June lifl&Vfor one tboiisaitfl dollar Also ft check No. 735,drwnY H.Lelftodea the Mechanic', bank, dated June 3d, 1818, for eight hundred dollars, are lost. - Tbe payment ef which isstop. ped at the Bauki, and can be of no value to nw person who may find them. ' - ' , Should tliey be found, the holder will please leave them at No. 52 South - street, and receive a handsome reward for lii trouble. All per. sons are forbidden to negociat these Checks khould they be found. ' Je 6 lw ' JoHa Proctor, Jtw. 106 liberty - street" offera liberal anticipations on property consign - ed to his friend in the Mediterranean. For further particulars, apply as above, or to . ABRAHAM BELL, Je 6 tf corner of Cliff fc Fulton - sts rn - Fur Sale, f reight or Utarter, m Schr" MORNWG.8TAR, 90 ton. - ' iii.wi:i stow fcOO barrels; a good veste! aiid ready for a voyago ; lies at Dover - st. wharf A nriltr rt " Je6 R. k C. W. DAVENPORT k Co NAMED TO quahtf.hT' Wanted to Charter two Britit'l VESSELS, of 200 to Am in. fc. 1.. ', - - - .v..., iirivau v. a .uuuicin ior ror uie west Indies. An ply to CLARK, MOORE 8c CO. Je6t ' 41 Soutlitreet r ry Norfolk and Richmond, The new tchr EX PRESS, N.AWrich, JiiijCfcmaster, ; intended for a regular trader ; no iv m arly loaded, and wdl tail IV,1..... ucxt, weather pcruiitting. Hiving been built for a pa ket, her accommodations for passengen arc cler;ut aud comforl:lle. T. - .r ro;.k? pasfnge, apply to the master, on board, of to u. lii. t iiiwk tc Co. tor CHjiliLfoTUr, The thr CERES, cant. 'I ho. M;i:. Xjiwui uieci wiiii iiuiDtuiaie Ue? patch. 01 11 eaht or pataage, apply on board, east tide Burling - slip, or to . . AN POM G. PWrrno ...'II . . - .1. : , . JeC - " " 'lt.lal J - 1H3 Frotit - ttreet. For GIBRJILTJik. 4fti The fast sailing coppered brig Ml - XlSJUNERV , Capt. Mtldrum, will sail on the lllh inst. and can take some frtiglit, for which, 01 (passage, apply to RHLMJ & TUB X BULL, je 6 4t - 69 Washington - street. ' R1CHMO.M1 Fl.OL'K 3UU bbla. branded " Be - i Creek." 300 do. do. " Variety Mills" 104 do. do. Richmond Mills" all of the fust quality fur bakers use ; landing from the schrs Fanny and Marv, and for sale by . - ' WALSH il GALLAGHER, Je 6 66 South - street. t TOU A CCU. 3 tf kegs manufactured tobacco, branded " Price," landing from sch Mouroe Irom Rich - moud for tale by WALSH Si GALLAGHER, Je 6 .66 South - it. ClOflON. 13 bales prime Alabama Cot - J ton, landioa at Brooklyn, and for nle by Je 6 R. k C. W. DAVENPORT U CO. I t 1 7A & tORlER. X J casks of claret wine 31 bhJs of best London porter Just received amffor sale by Je6 ARCHIBALD GRACIE & SONS. Cum ON, c. 303 baies NOrleaus Cotton, landing and in store 13 hhd. prime old Kentucky Tobacco . S case French Cambric 40 keg Ben James Harrit' tup Tobacco 1 pipe Madeira Wine, sup. qual. 6 blilt Muscovado, and 2 boxes White Ha vana cuznr Dearborns' Patent balances of various sizes J London Chronome(ers, for sale by Je6 N.&ll. TALCOTT, 64 6onth - t I I OKHIS' block J in LIQUOR COc A'S - lVJ. for tale on account .of Uie Proprietor, by CeiBRA b CUMING. ' Je6 , 76 Pearl - ttreet. I iU FLOUR. X UO Bbls Richmond superfine flour, coin - 100 do Lynthbarg do do try 52 do Richmond fine do country Landing from schrs Monroe and Fanny and Ma ry, for tale at 106 Front - street, by Je 6 TROKES, DAVIDSON CO. DEAKbOfiN's BALANCES, FOR weighing, ait'd size, at the manufactory pric , lor tale by x Je 4 CEBRA i (.UMINK, 76 Pearl st. .11 A.VIOODtLS 14 bale entitled (o draw - i L back ol new dutie, suitable for Havaaaa tortaleby P. RE MS EN & CO. Je b rpOBACCO 67 ket Richmond maoufacUr - l ed Tobacco, branded M. Price, No, 1, kc. lanuing from tchr. Monroe, lor sale by WALSH Si GALLAGHER, Je 6 66 Suuth - rtreet LK.YIAM MU U H tiS, offer tor ale, at Ho. 2.) Lilierty - rtrert, the following articles, low for cash doly, Viz : . Imperial, hou, young hyson and louchons; tea, now and of a superior quality, in small bus for family use. , , Fine old co;nac brandy, Jamaica rum, and Holland gin, in domijohnv : MaJoira, Port, Sherry, aad Claret Wine I libbert's Loudon brown ttout Olives, anchovies, sweet oil, and London mustard : ALSO, A few very elegant sells of tea trays and wailM Plate 1 castors, razors, ecitsor and peukuiTts ban Jsomcly assorted on cards ' Fine wove letter paper in reams - J6 lw 1 r! XEIV FA.yCX STORE, No. 7 Nassau - street. BALLET MRS. GOGUET, keep a factory of Artificial Flowert, and lore of Fa ttGotdt, imported from" the best factories o I vun anil F. - rit. The have alto a cencral ts - .lment of th pewett 'Fari FASHIONS j coo - listing of ; . Ladies' white India musan morning urcsm, elcgrfntly worked Silk pcncers,'of the most fashionable colw, . also beautifully worked Linen cambric pocket handkerchiefs, suptrb - " lywoiked and richly embroiders d And a few extra thread Ucc VEltS. A3 which have been received by the latest arriv" frrm France, and axe riow offered (logetb' "'.n tlieir ether extensive assortment of iJ rU" das) for tale to the public in general, nd par lioilarly to the laditf. Je6 14t - A - MIDDLE agd woman wubes a wiuauw 1 as a house - keeper in respectable family - - Satisfactory reference given applr ftt 0. Church - treet. Juo6a. MUKftAT BILI. XtASSIOH DOi. TV LKT, rt.. l . 1 kviij. nuns Of u IU lie nomt urr .. - - " Uansirm House of Murray rim," ar.dahalfmile from the city j bounder! w " Harlsem Road. The bpuse cooveruenl ao momy, and wonld nwer for Snll,,, tummer ruidroce, a boarding fcliool, or puwic h. There are abfut 4 acres of ground longing to tbe premjits, divided to a. garuoi orrnard and lawn. v ' . " .ml There is also on the x remises ft ' co.vch bonse, out houe, tc aad a weU water. Toe buildin it haadtomtly rtaieo, commtndin; a beautii'ul proipact and coneni" t the public road. Ao iodoetrioti g"f"" won d be tvore than able to Bay Ihe nl r" the fruits at,d rectables wbick he could raise. The proeiy will be rented very m:!, a rood tenant. For furUrer Wttice are. enq'Tf 111

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