Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 11, 1937 · Page 14
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 11, 1937
Page 14
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JJ'OUKTEEN , MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 11 · 1937 ATTACK HOLDER OFTAXSTAMP House: Bill Would Make Possession Evidence of .Liquor. Viola lion. DE3 MOINES, ()--Iowa holders of the federal:liqubr tax stamp were under fire in the house of representatives Thursday. A measure introduced in that chamber By Hep. Bobert D. Blue (R) of Eagle Grove, and Rep. W. A. Yager (D) ' o f Spirit Lake, would "declare possession of the $25 federal stamp as' prirha facie : evidence of violation of the Iowa liquor'control act; . . ' · ' , Furthermore would, charge the attorney general with the responsibility of procuring from the federal government complete lists of all such tax buyers, and he in turn, would be directed to so in-' form : city and.county officials. : It then would be incumbent upon' these .officials.- Under the pro- visions'of .the 'bill to institute prosecution and to 'obtain permanent ' 'liquor ' injunctions against . such|defendahts. . ' ' . · : · ' ; Conviction; im'der - the p'rima facie evidence . .of 'bootlegging ·u'ould subject; the defendant,to a fine of''from $300 :tb $i;000, .or 3 months to 1 year in jail, or'both the fine'and jail sentence. Bills Introduced in Iowa Assembly · DBS MO1NES,- (fP)--Bills in the Iowa legislature: Introduced in the House: H. F.:377^Johnson and Greene --Providing for issuance o£ telephone and telegraph company statements to stockholders. H. F. 378--Hoegh et al--Decreasing salary of employment compensation commission to ?4,000 instead of $4,500. H. F. 379--Judd and Bulow-Empowering cities and towns to compel removal of outside 'toilets and install sanitary fixtures. ' H. F. 380--Wood and Hoegh--Prohibiting any. blasting or firing in mines at any time when anyone except dynamiteman is in mine. H. F. 381--Brown--For recall of state appointee officers. H. F. 382--Conservation committee -- Creating county park commission of 5 members. H. F. 383--Gallagher and Feisen --Allowing courts to approve reasonable attorney fees in action for condemnation of land. H.' F. 384--Thompson of Poca- liontas--Allowing 'county boards to sell county gravel. .' H. F. 385--Goode et al--Granting refund of state gas tax oil gas; used In county or municipal equipment.. H. F. -Sae-^Dykehouse--Legalizing; action in' probate of foreign wills.' . . H. F. 387--Dodds--Exempting from taxation draft animals on farms to value of ?300. H. F. 388--Pubic health--Rewriting state pediatry laws requiring internship of at least 8 months. j · H. F. 389--Curtis et al--Levying state income tax on non-residents desiring income from property located in Towa. 'H. F. 390-^-Peisen--Providing for filing of 4th class claims against estates up to 9 months. H. F. 391--Johnson of Hancock --Exempting from tax any public property, benefits of which go to public. . H. F. 332--Johnson of Hancock--Allowing use of school buses for any purpose the proceeds of which go to public benefit. H. F. 393--Mercer--Providing that officers of credit unions need not be elected from board of directors. H. F. 394--Peisen et al--Exempting from motor vehicle tax all vehicles and trailers used in transporting agricultural commodities.- : - , ; H. F. 395--Hoegh et al--Providing for registration of all coal miners and for their examination and · certification and that only certified miners to be employed. H. F. 39G--Sours--Requiring drivers and owners of school buses to file $10,000 liability bonds and to make them liable. H. F. 397--Strickler--Permitting primary, voters to vote for any primary candidates regard]ess of party affiliation of either. H. F. 398--Strickler--Requiring official publications in bona fide newspapers. H. F. 399--Kephart--Requiring posted prices on motor -vehicle fuel and prohibiting deviatipn therefrom. H. ' F. 400--Strickler--Fixing salaries of deputy county officials in counties of 140,000 at $3,500$3,000-$2,500. ;H.' F. 4bl-^-Bulow -- Providing creation of absent voters commission of one man from each precinct--to handle all ballots. H. F. 402--Blue--Providing for foreclosure of mortgages on personal property. H. F. 403--Whitney--Providing for inspection of levees and drainage improvements by registered engineers. H. F. 404--Dodds--Relating to conditional sales and chattel mortgages. . - · H. F. 1 405--Hoegh--Providing applicants for old age assistance be residents of Iowa 3 years--or has a'domicile in Iowa--and .has been a resident of U. S.~60 years. H. F. 406--Johns -- Increasing the salaries of deputy city officers in counties of less than 50,000, to 65 per cent instead of one-half that of superiors. H. "F... 407--Blue -- Providing that personal property encum- 3S* V«: m FORD HOPKIH5 i D R U G S T O R E [Mail Orders Filled Same Day Received. 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Accidental discharge of the shotgun is one of the theories- of the slaying. brences shall not be exempt unless signed by husband and wife. H. F. 408--Deitz--Providing for revision in. dates for report by counties on blind. H. F. 409--Wehling--Fixing a fee of 25c on filing of trade marks. H. F. 410--Whitney--Eliminating requirement that columns of official papers be 2 1-6 inches wide and reducing to 2 inches. H. F. 411--Blue and Yager-Defining possession federal tax stamps as prima facie evidence bootlegging. H. F. 412--Hoegh--Fixing salaries of unemployment cominis- sipn members at $2,400 except certified accountants who may receive 53,600. H. F. 413--Dodds Legalizing Des Moines county levy of $3,000 for school purposes. H. F. 414--Lovrien--Legalizing Humboldt warrant- issue to meet emergencies. H. F. 415--Thompson' of Pocahontas---Exempting from sales tax materials and equipment or supplies sold to any county. H. F. 416--Bulow -- Reducing from 2 to 1 per cent the rate deemed as usury on chattel mortgage loans. Introduces in Senate: S. F. 324--By Hopkins--Requiring school bus operators to carry liability insurance. S. F. 325--By Augustine Changing salaries of county recorders. S. F. 326--By Augustine--He- writing the state law on chattel mortgages. S. F. 327--By Chrystal--Permitting use o£ primary road funds to improve roads in state parks. S. F. 328--By Chrystal--Reducing membership of the .conservation commission from seven to five. S. F. 329--By Chrystal--Permitting use of primary road funds to pay pavement assessments for non-profit corporations supported by public appropriations. S. F. 330--By Hoplcins--Requir- ing unanimous vote of a sub- district school board to hire a teacher related to a board member. S. F. 331--By Hill--Permitting labor commissioner to adopt accident regulation rules. S. F. 332--By livestock and dairy committee--Setting up quality "regulations for the sale of cheese. : . .. S. F. 333--By Miller--Appropriating $37,609.72 to pay Anamosa reformatory . back salary claims un'der nullified salary reduction act S. F. 334--By Augustine --Requiring uniform descriptions in chattel mortgages. S. F. 335--By Mason--Empowering highway commission to hire employes at greater salary than commission members. S. F. 336--By Gillespie--Permit employment relief recipients at prevailing wages on local projects. S. F. 337--By Gillespie-^-Providing for appointment and removal of assessor in cities having a population of over 10.COO. S. F. 338--By Shaw--Prohibiting landlord's lien on purchaser of crops unless the lease is in writing. S. F. 339--By Gillette and Corwin--Imposing a gross weight tax on trucks to replace ton mile and registration taxes. S. F. 340--By Berg--Appropriating $3,500 to transfer state police radio station KNFN from Waterloo to Cedar Falls. S. F. 341--By Murray--Establishing the boundary line between Nebraska and Iowa, subject to concurrence by Nebraska and con- ;ress, as the main channel of the Missouri river up to a point opposite the main channel of the Big Sioux river. S. F. 342--By Chrystal--Providing that where two newspapers are printed in the same office only one may be named as official county paper. S. F. 343--By Chrystal--Providing for the establishment of county park commissions. S. F. 344--By Dewey--Chang- ng hunting license laws. S. F. 345--By Hopkins--Requir- ng payment of court costs yearly !n cases of trusts, estates and guardianships. S. F. 346--Highways committee--Barring adverse claims to and used- for primary roads for more than 10 years. S. F. 347--By highways committee--Regulating custody of moor vehicle license fees going to he primary road fund. S. F. 348---By highways commit- ee--Changing provisions on condemnation of land' for road purposes. S. F. 349--By Bell of Burlington-- Exempting from taxation draft animals used for farm work, up to a total aggregate of $300. S. F. 350--By board of control committee -- Changing names of board of control institutions at lenwood and Woodward. S. F. 351--By Beardsley--Giving idows' pensions to wives of inmates of institutions. S. F. 352--By Doran--Requiring hat duplicate copies of birth cer- ificates be filed with county clerks. , · S. F. 355--By judiciary 2-legalizing corporate renewal of "armors' Mutual Fire and Lightning Insurance association of kVinneshiek county. S. F. 353--Judiciary 2--Legal- zing reincorporation of Farmers' Mutual Insurance- association- of Fremont county. S. F. 354--Judiciary 2--Legalizing reincorporation of Weber and Sons Button company of Burlington. S. F. 35fi--By-Dean--Denying tax aid to farm bureaus i£ they engage in Apolitical or commercial activities. . S. F. 357--By committee on highways -- Prohibiting tractors with, cleat .wheels to use bituminous surface highways. . , S. F. 358--By Hill--Repealing statute requiring state examination of school district accounts. S. F. 359--By Pelzer--Providing a -method -for returning- to- city councils control of municipal utilities. S. F. 360--By Bell of Denison-Legalizing a school bond election in Beebeetown consolidated district of Harrison -and Crawford counties. . . . . . . . . . . ' , S. F. 361--By Mason--Prohibiting two-ton trucks from highways on Sunday. . ' S. F. 362--By Mason--Requiring state university, college and teachers' college faculty members to file with the governor reports of all income in addition to salaries, ; S. F. 363--By .Mason and Bell- Requiring ; inspection - of : poultry company buildings. S. F. 364--By Bell of Denison-Creating a state uniidrriVlextbook board.. : . . . . . . . S. 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