The Evening Post from New York, New York on June 6, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 6, 1818
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Fm sale. . . n. krir AtriNZO. Green. 'master. 163 tons, is in excellent order, liotfd at Govemeurs - wharf, or to Apply , poTT & M'KINNE, 1BV rw ajiuc, ilfy The burthejisoraesch. ANTELOPE, ArrfSL - porr & m'kinne, AHZ 56 South - street III 1 " . II Buiu umJ Pitlund, T. . .i i? ivuprrv.. Trow, mas i 1 lie irUM . . . - - I ... . i' . ,l..nntK ' . win have smmeaiaic ... rJreight or passage, ha specsou. accommodations, apply M'mSS.E. lw,lof,aT r7aWHnWI AST). myS8 " 67 Washingtonst it jc - ! Charier. c.i unuNlVC STAR, bur J U1CU P - - ZaseL and ready for a voyage, he e - ttreet wbar Apply to R. C W. UAcnruui tor AMSTERDAM, - ffv The regular trading brig OHIO, E. I IBCnjum U. - I..J i, ' 'PaMiA ik.cikp . has nart ofberCVCTO i ngaged, ml vill bs dUpatched withoutde - boari at pier no. 5 north river, or to 0g - , r . c. ZIMMERMAN, rTmr 2T tf Wo. 77 Washington - st. - vi asTKH OK PARIS MAN UVACTOH V. At tl to o( Harhioii - itreet, North - Uiver. lirrilERE Biaayfactured flaiter, tor conn - W ce iJ of icr purposea, may be had, war - ruled of the fint quality, at one rfotfar and tern - b r renlijr butkel. The manufactory ii conducted by Mr. Jolm Tucker, who has lerred a regular apprculke - fhiptotlK Baton butineif. 2i JOHN BYER9. LEATHER. 55 sides undressed upper Leather, for tale by ANSON G. PIIFXPS, mr 29 183 Froot - ttreet. &(( WillTK LtAU, He. tic. J J J kesa London White Lead in oil 30 barred Ho Dry White Lead (i torn lied lf ad 30 bnrreli Bristol Red Ochre fO do Venetian Red ; 4 tons fine Litharge !0 hongheBd Whiting CO caiki Pari White ; hhdi. Verdigrii 60 tiercel r reoch Yellow Ochre 5 kega Vermillion 4 caiki l'ruuian Blue, 4001 h. Crome Yrllow; fattnt Yellow Spaniih Brown, V tnclian Ked, i Yellow, IN OIL. Klack, Verdijrii, ImpoKck ; Ivory Black i Purl Brown Spirits Turpentine LintMt d Oil 400 boxes Window tilaM, ajwrted Tee sale on tba towttt tersas, for catb or at eteWhermerhorv k SONS, i S4.1 Wster - itrct. D LYNCH, un.(tu. 441 VXitiunii - nrert,; . has M band the following WINES and LltjUOR?, selected with jml?nient by hinwelf, which be oners at wholesale and retail, var - anttd pure, m tmwtd 0H K!? i Madeira, from 3 tr 13 H hhdi Jtn m wood 40 qrcaikl ) ' Old .Vlai'eira, in bottle, from S to 0 yem Cliafflpaigoe, Borgood, Claret and Sauterne, of very inperior quality 7 pipei dry LUboo, 7 yean old 7 do Sherry, nine years old, and fret from Boracba taste Fort, in pipes and bottles Table wine, for its quality, the cheapest in America Tenerifie, in hhdi. Old Brandy, do. Ram, do. Gin, not reduced 500 demijohns, containing five gallon each 50 croce wine bottles J?. B. Thote in the trade, and country dealer, will find it to their account, to supply them K'lve with wine and liquors at the above eta - liuihment, as tney will be certain to obtain articles of the first quality, at the lowest price, and pure as imported.: my 9 2m TO tH LKASED. AN favorable terms, for a too; term of years, VF 4 lots of eroaad on Broadway, 200 feet deep, extending to Crosby - street, between Ha - ter and (irand - etreets. 8 lots in Water - street, near Catharine - market, I lot in Water - street, between Fultou and Burling dips Also, several other lots in the .5th, 6th, 8lh sod 10th wards. For particulars, enquire at No. 30, Chatham street. may 8 TTAVANA SUGAR, TALLOW. &c. XX 0 boxes brown Havana Sugar, entitled to drawback. 180 cerootis South American Tallow 54 boxes Roll Brimstone, and 10 cas Tumbr. Lnndlng and for sale by JAMES D'WOLF. Junr. my 12 54 Soath street RICHMOND FLOUR, fc TOBACCO - 250 bblt iujerune flour, Haxall's brands 435 da da do couulry do 66 do fine do do do 1 do X middlings. 63 hhdi prime old and new tobacco 4 do do uew tobacco, fit for manufacturers For sale by ' W. fc S. CRAIG, , may CO 4 Front street COPPER BOTTOMS. Ac 2000 lbs. Cop. per Bottoms, 20 to 30 inches 60 casks Wrought Nails, Eng. and Am. .m 6 hairs Itnhaa Pajier 000 lbs. Londui Seme Twine, for sale by CEBRA& CUMING, v2I 76 PeaH - street. B. APE.RS. Y the late arrivals from Dublin and Belfast, UE.tRY M'VICKAK. t CO. have re - ceivtj v - 4 - 4 h 7 - 8 Vinens, 5 - 4 sheetings, ia half pieces 7 - 8 lawns, 3 - 4 diaper n Droa linens, in half pieces Rihiduck and table cloths, which tbey offer , "ls on rcasonabla Ursai at No. Fine - sL m - 26 2w t MO.NtV TO LOAN ON AlOKI UAGE. 44)00 COLLARS are to be had on enie - V Vrcunibeml property in lue cily. la - w ANUW. fStOCXHOLM, . Stock and Ext biure Broker y58tf No. 63 William street H?1C fin. . v.: ' Vaeach. 16 do do 3 dcaca wrh, of otv, r L uraoe Mouton, vintage ivhj, re - auJ "T S"" Amefira, froa, bordvasx, VHEtOUT CHAKTM, JllTv .1 very lupsrior coppered SHIP, mo - YjJlmtiir PMtd from am wteT9 port' ; L l and can proceed IimmJuUIj else - TTARDWARE, CUTLERY be 2 caiki A.X bcotih spring Ixicks 6 casks plate Locks, 1 do Steelyards 1 do chest handles. Ate. 1 do screw plates, scale beams, lc. 1 do brass cocks, &c. 1 do bell metal kettles and skillets do tin'd pots and sauce pans S do fine padlocks 4 do Banbury locks, hinges, he. 2 do hammers, pincers, locks, &c. 3 do HL hinges, tic. 4 do anvils 1 do hammers and sledges 2 do black k bright vices, 2 do files 4 do pocket, pen and double - blade knives 4 do sham buck and bone table knives 3 do buttons 100 do cat nails and brads, from 3d. to 20d. Also, a large and general assortment of goods open on the shelves, for sale at the most reduced prices, ty A1JAM3 fi BLACK WELL, may 7 115 f earl - it. TVbJt C'C'O JHAjVUt'ji V'l ORY. THE Subscribers beg leave to acquaint their friends and the public, that they have re moved their Tobacco Manufactory into their fire - proof store, No. 62 Water - street, where they intend carrying on the business on au extensive scale they hare on hand a large supply of rigtail rolls, made or nest Richmond tobacco Sweet iceuled N. Head Ladies' twist Long cut chewing, in 1,4, 8, and 16 ounce papers do smoking dj Macaba snufT, in jars and bottles, by wholesale and retail Scented Rappee, do do Strasburg snuff do do French rappee do do Plain fine do do do Scotch snuff ia bottles and bladders Spanish Began, made of choice tobacco imported 2 yean ao.and warranted genuine New - Orleans do. American do. Orders from the country will be punctually and carefully attended to. may 9 1 in I. NAAK & SVN. Second Hand Sail and Higifing AN entire suit for a ship of about d. - 0 tons, and 3 vt 10 anchor, ofastotted sizes, for sale by POTT it M'KIXAE, my 30 56 South street. OLIi CUPt'EU. .iOUjiin. old Copier, received from Jamaica, will be sold in lots to suit purchasers, by my 30 23 riouth - wrcet. I AMES D'WOLF, Junr. Im n movid iroui 57 t rout - street to 54 south - street, and oueu lor jle 52 cerooni south Ami riran Tallow 25 tons cltan St. Pett rthuth Heap, few belts first quality KueiaDuck; German ?teol in boxes, entitled to draw - ICOOfl lbs. Groen Coffee do 25 boxes China tubie setti 172 piecestacb 10 hhds pure Spirits 1 cas ' flatilias. oi v 5 s I.N .4 pipei Holland Gin, landtug and .or sale by JOeEPH OSBORN, 28 . - outh tr"ft. Je4 'I iiMtAU HUfc. - A Irw il K u I'nx and X half thread Hose, fur sale iy G.C.S(. UOWU.ND, Je 1 i 67 WaitjintM tt.eut. rpUKPEN lKNt;. MjO ohlisolt 1 urpeuUue, J. lor sale by V. BETHUNK & CO. 9 C. M. Slip. my - 26 IjAl.lfb, V'll.. r. 4.C. 60 hhdi. Paris . White and Whitinfr 60 L - bls. Sanish Brown 20 do Vellow Ochre 16 cask Venetian lied 10 tons dry and ground White Lead 2 do Ked Lejd 500 lb. I'rusMitn Blue 20OU lb. Blue Vitriol ; 3000 lb. Oil do 10 hhdi Copperns ; 5 do Fundi e flow 100 lbs. Gum Copal; I5(X do do Sliellac 100 bbls. T'Und Camwood t do do Ijogwuod and Nicaragua 500 da do Tumeric 5 tons St Domingo Logwood 2 do Large .Nicaraena i 2 do Red Wood 30 boxes Eastern Mould Candles Linseed, pt - nnarcti and neats foot Oil Black and Bright Varnish 2500 feet 8 ry 10 Glass 1500 do 7 by 9 do for sale by RIl'LEY Si WELD, my 14 192 Front, corner oi" Kulton - st. l S 1 fcD, veveral young LADltS as ap TT prentices to the MANTUAMAKINU - BUfclNESS. Enquire of MISS MARSHALL, my 14 - lf No. 7 Cedar - strert. jOI'TO. 2i tcles Upland Cotton, lr sale bT R. It C. W. DAVENPORT h CO. my 30 fi US.N Y HAG a, iu bales or otherwise, ol good Ji quality, lor sale ry CEBRA tt CUMING, Je I 76 Pearl - itreet - DOMESTIC K OTHUt WAREb. rM H. !ubcriben keep constantly oo hand an X extensive assortment of the following goods, vii : Dutch and English Brooms Duiter, or Counter Bruihei Hearth Brushes, fancy and common Gunny Bags, Popes Heads Crumb Bruihei Bellows, fancy and common Do for Rlackimithi Hall and Entry Mats tieau no do do Cloth do do do Weavers do White Wash do Shoo & Scrubbing do Paint Brashes and Sash Tools Clamps, 4, 7, 8 row Furniture Brushes Horse do Bed Cords, Clothes Lines Sash Cords, Trace Rones Pails and I ubs heel - Barrows Fine Wire Sieves Do Hair do Whips of every de scrintioa Seine, sewing, wrap ping, baleing ana Dan Twine Fish Lines Shoe k cadlers Thread Dearborn's Ballan ces, Kc. Wrought and Cat Viili and Bradi Which they will sell wholesale or retail on li - . . r rim , . . t T J I x. fl uerai terms. vi.nut : vu.'i..v, Je 2 76 Pearl - stnet. NE W - ORLEANa CO I TO.N. 1 OBACCO, ic 1 1 Bales Drime cotton, land in from the i vf brig Aigo, from iNew - Orleau, and for sale by WALSH ti GALLAGHER, 666utb - t. Who have also m store. 200 hhds prime New Richmond tobacco, in entire parcels 60 do old do 150 do Kentucky do of very superior quality 200 kegs maauuetored do branded Price, Warwick, Labby, tc. 800 do Fredwicksborf do 25 cuks claret, 20 do London musUrd 3 butts Lnndoo porter 5 puncheons rabbit skins 700 reami medinaa printieg paper SO do cap, No. S, press papers, kc. Je3 aiJfm UORSR HIDES. 10rr and hhds. 1 Craastoa GIN, of supe - af 19 - t i rinr ouabtr. - ' 13 bsleiUorw Hides, Jest received and for raieoy Je I GEO. W.TALBOT. ARD WARE, CUTLERY, tc Plated and tinned saddierv Knittinr Pins. Iron nnA StM.1 Steelyards. Sickles Knives and forks, a great) variety, f Pattern Card! Razors, Scissors, Pen and? of them Pocket Knives, J Steel Plate Saws, Chinels Plane Irons, Drawing Knives Files, Raips, - Card Wire, Frying Pans English blisttrd Crowley and Millington bteel, Ate. tc For sale by EDWARD LYDE, my 98 tf No 16 William itreet KENTUCKY TOBACCO 14 hhds prime Kentucky Tobacco, landing from schr. r euelon, welt tide Burling slip, for sale at 53 Washincton - st. CHAS. L. OuUES tl my 27 ABU. OGDEN. rtM.y.Pl H TEX, TJiACtr CHAINS, Ac X 200 boxes tin plates 28 casks Traces Brass Wire No. 9 60 casks Roman Cement, now landing, and lor sale by ANDERSON ft SHEARKK, 131 Water - street. Who have in store. Patent and common Carolina and Virginia Hoes Sheet Brass of all iizes Bras and copper Wire London made pocket Books and Wallets Ladirs work Bcxei &c. my 25 M OFFATT'S SIOCK ALE For sale at No. 20 Fulton - st. by my 22 3w ELLIS & FLECKNER, J C Y 1 1J ES. 33 dozen, lor sale by J J. D'WOLF, J r my 14 54 South - street. WOOLLENS. UOSE nr.d Point Blankets Ingrained Carpeting, common and super. Venetian . do Wilion and Bniuels Hearth Rugs Printed Table Covers green, blue, scarlet, &c Received ner Ann Maria, from Liverpool, and lor aii - ny Luoitnu uiuti, t . - 1 ........ V t l .. mv - o tl ..i id wiiiiam meei riOBACCO, Hll't.c ud fbollu - X 11 hhds KeotucliT '1 olmcco, landing from tne Emp iviarj', irom xvew Orleans oj sailed Uidis, i.mdiugirom tue rcnriu ling Sun, frora l'eruai:it)Uv.o 146 burrels Kichoiond f lour 20 hhdi. old. aud4 do new Hi. inuond To bacco, lor lale by on ur.arie., my 21 i Fr nt ilrcet. MJIlPK V AMU), V RESPECTABLE luiddle aged woman is wanted as an alteudant anil nurse to a sick lady. Appiyat my v u ;o. 4.) noseiireei. J it t'. MCHOL. - , . - o. I ji: Peaii - .trcet, bave . now for ale i case wlu:c .md striped Marseilles Quilting 1 d'i vvl.ue t ud striped Jeans X d.' hiarR SiiK - iiews anl black Sarsnets 2 do coloured Canton Crapes 1 do line black French do 2 do black and assorted sewing Silk 1 do assorted Kid Gloves 1 do ol men and women's silk do 1 do 4 - 4 and 6 - 4 Cambric Muslin - 3 do 4 4 and 6 - 4 Book do 2 do Jucoet do , t do plain and seeded Mull do . . t do 5 - 4 Irish Sheetings t do Linen Diaper 3 do 4 - 4 Irish Linens, 1 do 7 - 8 lone Lawn fine 2 do brown do 2 do Cotton Platillas 3 do striped and Carlisle Gingham 3 do Mad ran and Naval Victory Hdkfi. 2 do lod'.dion, Merino, ti Damask Shawl! 3 trunks Plate and superfine Calico 3 do Furniture Chintz 2 bales black and assorted Bnmbazetts 2 do black and blue Broad Cloths 2 do red rini white Flannel. Je23w HARDWARE, CUTLERY iS BRISTOL coons. THE subscribers have rcreivcd by the late arrivals from Liverpool and Bristol, an extensive Mipply of Hardware and Cutlery of every description, which they offer for sale to the merchants from the country, in such quantities us mav be wanted, at a low advance and liberal credit. They have also rece - ved on consignment and offer for sale by the package b0 casks and cues ot Uirniinliam Hardware, coils - sting of most of the staple articles in tiie line. 10 casks cfKiuyons warranted hand, pan - net, temwiit, sash, &c. Saws. . 6 cases do warranted mill, pit acd crosscut saws, itcel plate 10 casks of Kunyon's Dies of every description 100 caiki best quality English ror ter 30 do asiorted Glass Ware, consisting of tumblers, wini - i, decauters, white and greeo phials, Ac. 10 crates ot Stone Soda Jugs 10 cases of English men's and boys' hats 200 bundles of warranted llalback's German Steel, diiect from the Manulactury of J. el C. Halbach k son, of Remscheid. 10 tons of London hoop L Steel 5 do Crawley Steel 8 thousand stonrl.ridge fire Brick Tin plates ot the different kinds Black do do B. W. ROG LRS k CO. Je2 235 Pearl itreet. OAL AFLOAT. 100 chaldrons first quali - ty Liverpool new pit Coal, cfgo of the ship Writ - Point, lying at Governeurs wharf. 50 chaidrons equal to the above, cargo of the ship Caroline Ann, lying at Minium Si Champ - lins wharf, now discharging, and which the subscriber will dispose or, in lots to suit purchasers. He hue also on hand, a constant tupply of Scotch and Virginia Coal, of very superior quality, which can be obtained on application on board, or at his Coal yard, No. 274 Front - street N. Y. JelCt A. F BASER. rf IBBERTd BEST DOUBLE BROWN ti STOUT. 80 casks, selected by a friend in London, superior to any in this market, lor sale or ' D. LYNCH. Jenr. Jellm No. 40 William street rpEA, JIN PLATE, BLOCK TIN, tic (tc. X 40 chests hyson ikio tea . 100 boxes Tin Plate, assorted . 10000 lbs. India block tin COUO lbs. Spanish do 6(00 lbs. iron wire 100 tierces prime new rice 50 bbls. cider brandy. For sale by ANSON G. PHELPS, ay 16 183 Front street SUGAR & HUM. 6 hhds. Muscovado Sugar 15 bags Havana brown do A few puncheons Antigua Rum, for sale by GOODHUE & CO. Je 4 44 South - street. C IO I TON. 160 bale pome Uplanr Cotton, J tandiag this day at Brooklyn, from stoops Yankee and Good Intent In Start. 153 hales Upland Cot too 4 do Sea Island do. For lale by HENRY THOMAS, Je 3 101 No. 2 Jnoes - Une. BLASKEi li CLOTHS. . 4 ej bales rose, peint and doffil blankets, 4 do low priced blue cloths 8 do do assorted do . 6 'do double milled drab do ' , . ",, . 6 do blue sod red strouds t ' de - Scarlet clottu For xtle by WINTHROr, ROGERS h WlLf.MMS, H Jane 4 3t '233 rrarl - it. LOST. ON Saturday, a hundred dollar bill of the U. S. Branch Bank of Savannah FiftMtn dnl. Ian reward will be paid to the finder on his leaving it at this office. June 1 CIOTTON. 257 bales New Orleans Cotton, J landinz from bries Fredonia and Area, from N. Orleans, for sale by n. & li. talcu rr, Je 2 64 South - street. items' Ifeferl Colon, Drawing Payer and uravtng a Nicies. THE subscriber bai just received per Venus, from London, and offers for sale at reduced prices neeves; vvier colors, in boxes of all sues, with or without drawers and implements Forty different kinds of Colors, sold bv the sia - gle cake, the largest assortment in the city wove & not pressed Drawing paper oi every use Bristol Miniature Boards and Irery sheets Crayon paper for portraits Brookman's very superior drawing Pencils Chalk Pencils and Hair Pencils, for oil colon Sable Hair Pencils, for uinialurei Mathematical Instruments of all sizes Newman's Water Colon for artists, warran ted genuine and at reduced prices THOS, A. RONALDS, Stationer, Je 3 lw 188 Pearl - street tflHILDE Harol6's Pilerimage. to the Dead KJ Sea ; Death on tlie Pale Horse, and other roemi. Just received and ror sale at the Minerva Circulating Library & Book and Stationary C .T T 1 . . .1 more no. ioj lATuauway, opposite uib hiuwuui Price 25 cehu. , Je2 CURLED HAIR JHAMJfAClVRX, 76 Chatham - street. rilHE subscriber returns his thanks (o the JL public fur their former patronage in the line of his profession, and hopes for their future support. He likewise informs them that be has on hand a constant supply of curled hair, manu - lactured expressly for matrasses, on an improved principle ; and likewise guarantees the hair sold by him to be free from any impure smell, being well scoured, boiled and baked, and being ma. nu lactured by machinery, has an advantage over any other hair manufactured in Americaits very texture and elasticity making it a laving of tweuty - five per beut to the purchaser. '.' WILLIAM JACKSON. N. 3. Merchants and the trade in general will find it to their advantage to call as above. 30 bales of hair iu its rough state ; 6 bales of long horse - tails ; 5000 lbs ol Ion hair drawn 30 inches, c'ubbed ; COO dozen hair sieve bottoms. For sale as above. my 5 2m MAHOGANY M)FAS, CHAIR AND CAL1 - NET Fl'RJITURE, ' Mo. 4D BEEKMAS STREET. 'I'lIE subscriber bgs leave to return his sin - X cere thanks to thsee l ubes snd g'.ntlemen who have been kind enough In honor him with theircoiumam!, aod to in. mm theia, and the admirers of handsome furniture in general, that he has on hand some very elegant sofas, chairs, card, Pembroke and extending patent dining ta blei, grand sideboard, inlaid with high polished ornamental brass - work and rose - wood, card t - hies to match, Grecian couches, lol.ii, chane lounge, music stools, chairs, tec. Also, a library step chair, the utility of which he purticu - larlv recommends. All luroitare warranted oi ine nest qaanry ana workmansluPiaed of the newest European fasti ions. . ticdasa uKiM to anv - waet - wf the union to any drawing, on the most reasonable terms and Dunctualitv for cash. 1. antes or geoueiueanaving lancy wouui, maj nave tnem tnanuiactureu to any article tney wiih, by applying as above mv 3U zm A. M. HAYWOOD. St AlONT - ALTA. Moil) For sale or to let the beautiful place called Mont - Alta, seven miles from the City Hall, on the North River, adjoining lord Cour tenay's. It contains 20 acres of land under im povement with a largo garden in good condi tion, a variety ol Irud trees, and every conve nience a family may require. For terms, which are reasonable, and if sold a long credit given ii wished, apply to N. fit V. TALCOTT, ap 20 64 South - st. TO 1HK INHABITANTS OF NEW - YORK, A.m IIS V1CIWITT. T'Tr'M. BRYAN, Dyer, Aio. from London, V V gratefully acknowlertee the liberal en courage nient he hoi received, from hit friendi and the tMihhc, since Ins arrival from r.ngiand. Anxious to merit a continuation of their patronage aud siipjwrt. he has taken those extensive premises N'os. 37 and 39 Spruce - street, (late Little George - street,) where he has at considerable expense erected machinery rind every conven ience to ensure their (uture lavours. Piece Goodi dy'd any fancy color and finished in superior ityle; Ladiei dresses, silk, sattin, velvet, damask, moreen, crape, veils, shawls, mantles, pelisses, bnrohatven, - &c. cleaned and dy'd any fancy pattern, chip, straw, and leghorn Bonnets dy'd. Black, lor mourning, on shortest notice : mo rem furnitures clean''d and watcr - mnrked ; hot - pressing, Kc. my IK Im XTOTICE ishereliy givt - n, that wi the tinder Ll sisnod have been erminted bv his honor Richard Riker, Recorder of the Cily of New - i ork. uccordine to the act lor relief nraintt ab sconding and absent debtors, trustees for all the creditors of the puraons constituting the firm, co partnership or hoeseof trade, of Prentiss S Carter, of Baltimore, dchtors, who reside out of this state and are indebted within it ; snd all persons indented to the said person! constituting the said Grin, copartnership or house of trade, are requi red by the tfnthdy ol June next to pay all debts and sums oi money wmcn tney owe to the laid persons constituting the laid firm, copartnership or house ot trade, aod deliver all property of the same, wmcn Uiey have in possession, to us, the said trustees. And all creditors of the said per sons constituting the said firm, copartnership or bouse of trade, are desired, by the first day of August next to deliver to u, or one of us, their respective demands aguinst tlie same. Dated the 27th day ol May, Hi 18. WILLI AM C. MULLIGAN. ) WM. PROCTOR, JOSEPH BATES, my 28 dUlOAtliwtAl trustees. PUBLISH ED THIS DA Y, A PRACTICAL TREA'I iSEon PERSPEC . TIVE, adapted for those who practice landscape rainnng or orawmg irom nature. Also. THE PERSPEC 10GRAPH, for tak ing views. We the undenigsed artist, resident at New York, having inspected Busby's perapectngraph, are of opinion, mat it is an ingenious, useiul and convenient inventiD, that w ill materially assist all person desirous or making accurate perspec tive views from nature. JNO. TRUMBULL, AH. ROBERTSON. SAMU1L L WALDO, JOHN RUBENS SMITH, WILLIAM DUN LAP, J. 11. JARVIS. The above works are for sale by J LANIEERT, Je3 lm ' 3 Courtlandt street. nAi.uitinK'ns discourses. CJHORTLY win bepublUbed, a volumecf k T rtMMiiNM mi v null, noiots ol isprtMiari riithanJ Ptvtn outst of which were deliver ed m the chapel of the Oratoire at Pari in the nniirnTIRlfL hi Ttwimas H. GallaoJet. Prin cipal of the Connecticut aylam for the instruction of the Deaf aed Dumb. Copy right secured. - P. W. GALLAUDET, . Je4 lw - - 49 Ful'n - st V V I II I W III" 1 hf II II r SATURDAY, JUNE 6, ICI8. NO. 49 WILLI AM - 3TREET. J IT VOS, 73 Washington - street offer for sale JLJL. 19 bales upland cotton, just arrived per sloop impress, from Savannah 200 demijohns of 5 gallons each 6 pair mill - stones, from 4 feet 3 to 5 feet A few dozen watch springs and chains june 4 lw MOLASSES A quantity of Molasses, lending at Pier 11. for sale br JOS. OSBORN, Je4 28 South - street. SUPER COMPANY FLAG HDKFS. Elegant patterns, fur sale bv my 30 MARCH & LOW, 210 Broadway. WARRANTED BOLTING CLOl IIS. A larce assortment ofeverv description of Dutch Bolting Cloths, warranted of the bent quality and at very low prices, for sale by . JNO. M CKACKAN, j 4 3t 32 1 - 2 Pearl - street. REAL ESTATE. . IN pursuance of an order of the honorable tin court of chancery, dated the 24th dav of Anril. 1818, we, tlie undersigned, trustees of the estate of Henry Doyer, deceased, will sell at public aucuon, on inursaay, uie ztttnday of May instant, the following real estate t fjot no. 7 ooyer street, nineteen feet front and eighteen feet rear, 56 feet deep on southeasterly jiu t rcci un iiuruiweiieny iiucs, ue lite mnc mure ur icm ) anu ni now in Kuesiion oi i'i r. William Armstrong t subject to a lease which will expire on the 1st May, 1826, at a ground rent of 50 dollan per annum. Lot No. 12 Doyer street 20 feet front, 22 rear. 46 leet 4 inches deepen southerly and 51 feet on northerly side, be the same more or less, as now or laie in possession oi ioi. t v m. r e w, suojeci to a lease, wmcn will expireoo the 1st may, 1UZ4, at ground rent of 40 dollan per annum. Lot No. 13 Doyer street, 20 feel front and 22 rear, a 1 leet deep on southerly aod 54 leet b inch es on the northerly side, be the same more or less. as now in the possession ol mr. IJaud nl union ; lubjcct to a lease which will expire on the 1st May, 18!4, at a ground rent of thirty six dollan per annum. i.ot no. to uover street, feet tront ana 3J feet rear, 54 feet C inches deep on Southerly and ba leet 3 incnei on northerly skip, De the same inure or leis, as now in poiessinn of Mr. William Shutxel ; subject to a lease which will expire on the litMav. 1824, at aground rent of forty dol lars per annum. . Lot No. 16 Doyer street, 26 feet front and 29 leet o incnei renr, xi icct deep on southerly ana 21 feet on northerly sides, be the same more or less, and as now or late in possession ol Gol. win. Few ; subject to a lease which will expire on the 1st of May, 1824, at aground rent of 16 dollars per annum. Lot No. 13 Pell itreet 29 feet front and 9 feel 6 inches rear, 50 feet deep, be the lame more or leu, as now inposetsion ol the estate of Wm. Gray, deceased t subject to a lease which will expire on the 1st May, 1321, at a ground rent of thirty dollars per annum. Lot N.i. 21 Pell street, 21 feet front and rear, 56 leet 8 inches deep on easterly, find 5U feet 4 inches on westerly sides, he tlie same more or less, as now in possession of Mr. Wru. I. Wal - dron ; subject to a lease, which will expire on the 1st day ol May, loZ4, at a ground rent oi 4U aoi - r ner annum. Lot No 25 Pell street, 31 feet front, 5 feet 3 inches rear, 60 leet deep on easterly, and 66 feet b inches on westerly sides, be the laiue more or less, as now In possession oi John lityer sub ject to a lease which will expire on tlie 1st May, nl a rmunri rent or :l dollars. House and tot ft. 43 PeHsvreet, - 2f feet front and rear, and 68 leet 4 inches deep on easterly. arid 60 feet oo westerly sides, be the fame more or leis, as now in possession or Mr. Joseph But ler. The improvements on the leased lots to be va lued and paid for by the purchaser, at the expi ration ot the lease. Terms of sale, cash, on the delivery of the deeds. Any further information which may be required will be given by either of the subsr.ji bers. ISAAC S. DOUGLASS, ADRIAN H VAN BOKKELEN. The above property will be sold at the Tontine uonee t louse, on the aoove - inenllonea nay, ny Messrs. FRANKLIN & MIN I URN, Auction eer my 7 tds QT The sale of the above property is post, poned lo Thursday, the 11th of June. my 8B tds ' tJR SALE, A farm of between sixty and leventy acres, situate on the weit bank ol Lake Otsego, and one mile from the village of Cooperstown. On it are a uew stone house 54 feet square ; a new farm house, barn, tec It forms a desirable es tabiiihuirnt for a gentleman wishing to retire into the country, as its situation, ai to prospect, convenience to market fcc. is not lurpasied by any in the interior of the state. It will lie sold low for cai - h, on a credit, or exchanged for property In this city, goods, kc. Apply to H. D J II. SEDGWICK, mv 7 tf Law Buildings. HEW - YORK BOTANIC GARDEN. MICIIAKL DENNISON, CURATOR. HI IS establishment is situated at Rote Hill, XX near the junction of the Blooraingdale and tisrlem Koads. it comprehends snout live acres of excellent land capable of the highest improvements. The proprietor of this beautiful spot has obtained a lease of the land for the term of thirty years. He has (besides the enclosures, shrubb. ry, and other improvements) erected cne of the largest and most convenient green houses ia the United Statu. He solicits the ritizeni to patronize hi efforts to render his garden complete in every re - pect, by a moderate annual subscription. He proposes that each contributor of five dollars ihall be entitled to receive the value in seeds, flowers, plants, fruits, or any other produce of the garden. By such an accommodation to him on the part of the public, he will be enabled to procure the greatest variety of foreign and domestic vegetables, and to gratify the taste and expectations ol bis mends. Persons inclining to enter their names as en ccuragen of the design, are invited to call at the srardeu. where the fullest information will he given. my 21 la i r - .S A house and farm on Throg's Neck, in the town and counts of Weitcheiter, fourteen miles from New - York. The farm contains a bout one hundred acres of excellent land in good fence, a large bars and other convenient out. buildings, a good bouse two stories high, with four rooms oo each noov, eieganuy muairu vu the banks of tlie East River ; the situation un commonly healthy ; the neighbourhood ine mosi respectable ; abundance of Iruit of the best se lection ; scale and shell fifh In gnat variety taken before the house. For further information apply to the suhscritATon the premije. STEPHEN B. HOFFMAN. my i a. i - a I K.M Kii in V LN I iUN, For the convenience and comfort of ladies. I T is well known by all ladies that their ehak J pin, (a ibey are called) alia curtain pins particularly Urge ones, in a very short lime, from the weight ol the curtain, and from other cause, wear so large a bole in the wood ie which they are inserted that they become loose, insomuch thatther droop and look ill, and more over ofientiliei dropout To prevent this tf - fr hiallv. a nrnoa has invented that which will present the inconve nience alluded to I and any Indr. or mn a sintliman. can he convinced of the fact by applying at No. 2 Dry street, where the invention is to be sees : the expense ie nr - re trifle, Mid cloak pas already in use can, and wili be, readily altered to ttte trope - ted, ptaa. . . , my 19 3w . . - ' . . lVi ..v " ; Kit A three - f tory brick houe, opposite the prk io DuMie, and nsxtto the etirner of ItuJ - soo - trct, Ec;iiire at Jfo. 2 Greenwich - street my V ' ' " " ' DT The new FERRY BOATSTrom the fool of Walnut street, New York, to the foot of Lit tie street, Brooklyn, near the Navy Yard, will commence running on Sunday, the 17tb utt l'ersooi crossing to Brooklyn from the upper part of the city, will find Uie distance much shortened by using this ferry. ,, , . . . my 14 TON 1 INE COFFEE HOUSE. Tlie committee lor managing the affaire of the Tontine Coffee House, give notice, that tt Dividend of Seventeen Dollars per ebare, for the year ending tlie 1st inst. will be paid the pro - prieton on or after the 19th inst ai 24 Broad - itreet. my 13 1m Xt MARTIN WELL he and NATHAN C. SAY RE, Attornies atiw, have opened their , office at No. 1 19 Pearl strett my 86 2w ; NO J ICE. frV The Rising Sun Sail Boats, Nonpariel, andinduitry, from the Elizabeth town Point for New - York, sails from Alarketdeld - street, (where . the Steam - boat Atalanta formerly came to,) at 10 o'clock, ol each day. Passage 12 1 - 2 cental Enquire at the Steam boat Hotell, of VANDERPOOLfc PHILLIPS. ' 5 my 21 tf ... ; rtj The bank notes ot all the banks ht - tweea' this city and Albany received at our office at ft discount of 3 - 4 per cent in sums oyer $50. - LIVINGSTON tt TRACY, 29 WaU - St. The highest price given for Dollan. may 27 - . Merchant' 't Batik Dividend - , (Cj Notice is hereby given to the Stockholders of the Merchant's Bank, that a Dividend of four per cent, or two dollars on each share for six months from the fint of December last, will be paid at the Bank en Monday, the first of June next. Bv Older of the Board of Directors. . my 29 1m G B. V'ROOM, Caah'r. . LWIOM" LYsURA.YC'ti COMJ'AJfr, Office No. 66 Wall - rtreet, fXv3 Will receive applications for marine risks, anil for insurance on lives, annuities, tc. between the hours of 10 A. M. and 3 P. M. daily. SAMUEL A. LAWRF.NCE, president WM. J. VAN W AGENEN, secretary. DIRKCTOHI. John Oothout Jumn Boorman Isaac G. Pearson, jr. Henry Major Henry Thomas Samuel A. Lawrence John Richaud Charles Rhind , , . Jamci Renwick P, Scbermerporo, jun. John Jonas ... , , Joseph Smith James Strong my 19 Im Charles King Robert Benson, jun. James Boyd, jun. Balthazer r. Mehck BOMBAZfcTTb 10 bales of Rhodes Born - bazetts, handsomely snorted, imt received by tlie Ann Marin from Liverrol, and for tl by LAVERTY, EHELTKRS ti KING, Je 1 aw no. 163 rean - sireet American Insurance Company. aMIE board of Direr ton have this day declared a Dividend ol fifteen per reot oa the Ca its I Stock, for the last six months, payable on or after th first day of June next, bet weea the hours of 10 and 12 o'clock. By order of the President and Directors. May 12, 1818. . my 16 P. HAYT, See - 'ry. PROSPECTUS , yon rcBLunmo av icatczumozr - A MAP OF MEXICO AND LOUISIANA. TM1E publication ol UiisMap bas been undertaken with the impression, that it will ex hi nit inmrmation, highly interesting at this eventful crisis , and the valuable Maps which the author has procured, darinthisseveral tours through , Mexico, in the years 106, 1307, 1812, 1813, 1815, 1816, and 1817, induce liiui to beleive that (he Map, with even nil its iinpertections, will be much the most perfect which has appeared before the public. This Map will contain the latest and belt information from the discoveries and possessions of the American, Spanish, Russian, British and French traveller and navigaton and represen ting the claims of their respective rovernmenU on the Northwestern const of America. The Map will include that portion of North America, which lie between the Uihmui ol Da - rien, and the 48th degree of North Latitude, and from the Mississippi River wcitwerdly to the Pncific Ocean. In site the Man will be about six by five feet and will be projected on a scalu of 40 miles tu the inch, to be delivered to tlie subscriben at fif teen dollars mh. Natches, March 7, 1818. ap7lAel EOR SALE OR TO l.KA HE, , Lotsio the 5. 6. 8. and 10 Wards j many ol which are on regulated and paved streets No money will be required under ten yean, ii soia, luterest excepted. MUUSbB. Several two and three story houses, on which a great part of the money remain on mortgage. , m - nivi Im i.eft MtnL - An exccllcntstand for business, with ten arres of land, pleasantly situated, with a wbarf, storehouse and barn. COTTON end WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - Haven, with 40 acres of and, and n never failins stream, upon which 20 mills may be erected, wub a sufficiency of water for eacb. Apply at - no. 'i ureeowicn - sueet. jnnlStf ' GLOBE INSURANCK COMPANY. . TIIE President and Directon give notice, that a dividend of four per cent on the capi tal stock of the company for tie last i months, will he paid to the Stockholdon at their Office. No. 55 Wall - street, on and alter the 1st day ot Jane next The Transfer book will be closed on the 2 1st instant By order of the board of Direc tor!. RICHARD DUNN, Junr. - my 14 d Im Bec'rr. ALL orden received and.attended to for laying and repairing the Manhattan ld pipes and cisterns or for link pipes or lead pumps, by SAMUEL STARKEY, . my 27 tf No. 13ChamlKr - .treet 0 SALE. ilrtV Mchanred for property in this city) a ,.!, ratmtrv house in the rirjnlty of Eli zabeth - town, (V. J.) beautifully ntuated on the post - road; at present in the occupatiosv of Uoct Grant It contains eight rooms with piazza in front and rear, a good kitchen, wash - emu., milk - room. and teller, there is abto, a emch - hoiise. stable for two horses, and other convenient outbuildings, all in gtsod repair, about an acre of land, laid Out in a handsome) - trn ami orchard, which afford a Variety of choice fruit asparagus, be. and a well of ex cellent water, with a pump. Terms will be made liberal. Apply to . JACKSON ti WOOLLEY, Je 1 la - 75 Wall street ROBBERY. ON Wednesday evening, some trunks ' were forci Idy opened at Washington Hail, and the following articles taken i . . i double caseuoia watcn, norizoctai, rap - pedjand jewelled, seconds from centre, gold chain ami key ; makers. Havoc It rVeauio 1 gilt thiating Watch, steel chain, and large gold seal BiOKer, Wm. llaticb. Portsmouiha No. I6'!J9 ' . ' A rose cake Perse, containing 1 esgfe, 13 or I t half r 4 raiaeas. 2 haU reiiicaf, I EK lUliahittia r. u l - 4rT ai a rfoliursosne Amert - ca coin, juM half dollars and quarter, io a pa - L A small box, eontaiiung a Disns J Broach. ard some oilier pins and T " zu, i ZZ nog ; a gilt chaia ; 4 link haadkrcbief, ttree "A,, 'pSb. fofornutioo, so that ,t . L7?myr ke retVverrd. nnd the thieves fcSffiSZSR liberally rewarded by "KTtR M - i - VlYRE, Washing UlL ' tnvtWCt ... ' ' - - - ' - ; r I - .' if. in - ; . v. . ; . VX tf. if - . , V . - I rCt . i ' Mi - r' - i 'I - - 1 v V

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