The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 20, 1936 · Page 16
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 16

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, April 20, 1936
Page 16
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^^ SIXTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, APRIL HEAVY RUN SHAKES CATTLE PRICES VALUES TUMBLE : 25 TO 50 CENTS ''Hogs Generally Steady With Lights Ruling Strong to 10 Cents Higher. ·- CHICAGO, C-T--An excessive run shook the price structure o£ the cattle market Monday, driving values 25 to 50 cents lower. Trade was very sluggish and most early sales showed the 25 cents discount with indications that 50 cents would be the extreme decline before the run of 17,000 could be cleared. With cattle selling -$1 to $3 below a year ago and in some cases even further away from the'1935 'market than that, beef has been put into advantageous competition with other meat, affecting to some extent the movement of pork. - . Nothing strictly choice was offered in the cattle market, best \veighty steers early bringing $9.75. She stock ruled weak to 25 cents lower. A year ago cattle were sell- in"- near the peak of the season, established on May 1 for choice weighty steers at $16.25. · Hogs were generally steady Mon day although light weights ruled strong to 10 cents higher. The top was $11. The run of 15,000, while larger than expected, was about in line with trade requirements. Few early lamb sales were weak to 25 cents lower. Mason City Livestock MASON CITY--For Konday : HOGS Grwd a UEht lichtJ ....140-160 59.25-9.55 Good lights 160-180 S10.00-10.30 Good light butchers . 180-200 S10.25-10.5! Good light butchers . 200-22U S10.25-10.5r Good med. wL batch's 220-250 510.2J-10.5I) Good med. ivt. butch's 250-270 510.00-1(1.30 Good med. wt. butch's 270-290 5 WO-'"-TM Good heavy butchers . 290-325 S S. 70-10. UO Good heavy butchers . 325-3DO 5 9.60- 9.90 Good heavy butchers . 350-100 S 9.30- 9.61 Good packing sows .. 275-350 5 9.00- 9.JO Good heavy sows .... 350-125 5 S.SO- 9.10 Good big hy. sows .. 423-550 S 8.60- 8.90 Good big hy. sows 550 and up S 8.40- £. (This above 1 is a 10:30 truck bog market for good and ckolce hogs. Tbe difference tn price in tor short and long haul bogs.) CAITLJ2. .Steers, good to choice ... ^teers, medium to good ... .Steers, fair to medium TM. JEeifcrs, good to choice ... Helfera, medium to good .. Heifers, common to medium x:ows, "*~' 1 ·" -·"·"··' to ctwictt Cows, fair to eood ~. Cows, cutters ............ 'Cows, canners . .-... ...-· «« Bulls, heavy ............... . fcalves, med, to good Calves, med. to good talves, Infer, to com. 130-180 130-190 130-190 * 7.50- 8.50 I 6.00- 7.50 $ 4.50* 6.00 I 5.50- 6.50 S 4.75- S.50 S 4.00- 4.75 J 4,25- 5.00 S 3.75- 4.25 ..5 3.25- 3.75 S 3.00- 3.25 J 4.50- 5.25 S 4.00- 4-50 S 6.00- 7.UO S 5.00- 6.00 S 5.00 dcwn Hog Markets MUMVES'l' UOCS HOR nriccs at midwest markets Monday: WATE11LOO--Hoes unchanged. CE1AK RAMOS--Hogs unchanged. U1TUM\VA-10c lower; HO to 150 Ibs. :9.15gt'9.-13; 150 10.160 16s. W.J3®9.7i; 16U c, 180 Ibs. $9.859-10.15: ISO to 200 Ibs. :10.15SM0.15: 200 to 220 Ibs. S10.15SC10.15; !20 to 250 Ibs. I10,05(I»10.35; 250 to 270 lh«. :9.85Sl'10.15; 270 to 290 Ibs. 59.75(iil0.05; 290 to 325 Ibs. $9.65Cy)9.95; 325 to 350 IbR. 19.55^9.85; 350 to 400 Ibs. $9.35('ij9.65; lackers 275 to 350 Ibs. 5S.956Z9.25; 300 to 25 Ibs. 5S.75Q'9,05; 125 to 450 Ibs. $S.55Si :.S5. AUSTIN--Hoss steady-, good to choice 180 ,, 220 Ibs. S10.255J 10.55; 220 to 250 IDS. «10.20®10.50; 250 to 290 Ibs. S9.90S10.20; 290 to 350 Ibs. $9.60(ii)9.90; packing sows good 275 to 550 Ins. S8.70@9.30. COMBINED HOG RECEll'T.S. DES MOlls'ES, W--U. S. department or agriculture-Combined hop receipts at 20 concentration yards and 9 packing plants located in interior Jm-a and southern Minnesota for the 48 hour period ended at 8 a. m. Monday were 31.800 compared with 25.100 a week ago and 27.700 a year ago. Mostly steady with Saturday, spots weak to lOc lower, trade undertone stow; loading indicated aome heavier than 10.400 a week ago Quotations follow: Light lights'140 to 160 Ibs good and choice. S9.405i)10.20; light weights 160 to 180 IDS. S10.05solO.55; ISO to 200 Ibs. 5IO.35ftlO.SO; medium weights 200 to 220 Ibs. S10.35(S10.60: 220 to 250 Ibs. S10.25^10.80; heavy -weights 250 to 290 Ibs. S9.95S10.55: 290 to 350 Ibs. 59.70^10.25; packing sows 275 to 350 Ibs. good S9.105., 9.60; 350 to 425 Its. S8.909.40; 425 to 550 Ibs. J8.65iii9.15. ies S9.90@10.15; heavier weiKhts slow; bet ter 140 1" 170 Ih. averages Sl.oritJO.2r; suws mostly S9.35; few $9.40; feeder pigs up to $10.25. SHEE1*. 2.000; no early action; talking weak to lower; best fancy wooled lambs held around .110.90; to S9 or above for fed clips. buyei weigh asking. KANSAS CITV LIVESTOCK. (Monday Market) KANSAS CITY, IJPl--U. S. department o agriculture-HOGS 4,000; 1.200 direct; uneven, we: to 15c lower; mostly r,c lower than Friday' average; top $10.50; desirable 170 to 250 Ibs 510.35(5110.50; 260 to 325 Ins. S10.10felO.35 better grade 140 to 160 Ibs. $10.40£'10.45 sows $9.10k'9.40. I'AXXLG 16.000; calves 3,000; little don early on killing classes of cattle; biddln around 50c loxver on most fed steers, year lings and heifers: and around 25c lower o cows; bulls steady to easier; vcalers open ing 50c lower; stocker and feeder classe comprising around 60 per cent of run, slov steady to 25c lower; bulk red .steers eligibl to sell from S7.25(?iS.75; few loads held anci above; few select vealers 58.50: majorit SS down: bulk medium to good slockers feeders SGS7.50; few choice stockers SSI S.25. SHEEP , 7.500; including 600 through sheep steady; scattered opening sales nativ spring lambs' around 25c lower; no Arizona sold early: wool Iambs weak to 15c lower native spring lambs S10C111; Arizona.-? hell above 511; most early bids around 510.75 top wool lambs to shipper* S10.S5: nthe early sales to packers down from S10.6: shorn Arizona ewes 55.40. Lambs, good to choice . 70-90 S 9.50-10.00 iambs, medium to good 5 7.50- 8.50 (Lambs, fair to medium 5 5.75- 6.75 Common to lair S 5.15 down ~a'oarliess. good to choice 70-80 i 7.00- 9.00 ·Xcarltnes, med. to good 70-90 $ 5.00- 7.0C fJTearUnffS, fair *° medium .... S 4.00- 5.09 CuJI« - i 1.00 down iNative ewes, good to choice ... S 2.75- *.OC Cull ewes S 1.50- 2.M Clicks S 1.00- 2.5C .wethers. 2 years old _ 5 6.00- 7.00 .Wethaw, poor to best » *-°°- '- uu Buck iambs SI less. , No dock on lams. , Quotations subject to market fluctuations. ! CHICAGO LIVESTOCK (Monday Market! ' CHICAGO, LT.'--U. S. department of agrl- CU HOGS 15.000; including 6,500 direct; gen- prally steady with Friday's average on 180 Ibs, up; lighter weights strong to lOc high f r - top Sir- bulk- 160 to 2=0 Ibs. S10.7=a, 11- 250 to 350 Ibs. S10.15610.90; HO to 160 Ibs S10.50iftlO.SO; sows S9.50S9.S5. CATTLE 17,000; calves 1,500; excessive rus'fcd steers and yearlings here; little done; practically everything in run suitable for beet purposes; moderate supply carrying weight; early sales 25c lower; indications 25-50c rtfiivn aJl through list; middle grades on com- njsm kinds promising to show downturns; nothing strictly choice offered; best weighty steers early J9.75; few loads S99.50; best yearlings 59.W; stocker support negligible; hofcers 15-25c lower; best light kinds early SOO; sizable run fed heifers here; cows -\vfak to 25c lower; bulls and feeders steady: 'SHEEV 16,000; market not fully estate lished on old crop lambs; few sales weak to 23£ - lower than Saturday or mostly 10-loc lower than Friday; wooled lambs S10.75811; around 1'05 Ib. Colorados going at inside price; asking S11.25 and' better for choice handy weights; few clippers S9S9.25; part deTk S9.50; aged classes about steady: most «olcd ewes 55.5036; few 56.25; best clip- re'fs 55.25.; TM SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK. (Monday Market) "SOUTH STl.PAUL, U--U. S. department eTjlgriculture-- ^AIT.JL.13 6,900; v e r y . s l o w ; bids around 2j£50c lower on slaughter steers; supply iSrse; medium. grade bid $6-50rt7,7.23: good rtd kinds held mostly above S7.50; she stock ivFak to 25c lower; good heifers S6.75fj7.25; most lower grades ,!5«L6.50; medium to good beef cows 55.2535.85; few S6 or more: low cutters and cutters S3.50sH.50; bulls weak to"25c off; sausase bulls S5.25Si5.75 mainly:' few outstanding heavyweights more; stackers and feeders weak to 25c down; common to medium thin steers S5. fl6.25; better flesh kinds held toward $7.25 or above; calves 2,300; weak to 50c lower; slow at cUne; desirable vealers mostly around 57.50 down; choice selections 58; few 58.50; cull to" common around SI @ 5.50, "HOGS 5,300; fairly active, mostly steady ·nlti Friday and Saturday; some interests talking weak on butchers; better 140 to 220 W S10.10®10.60; top S10.60; 220 to 260 Ibs. .VHKolO.45; 260 to 325 Ibs. S9.73JS10.10: big ·ivelghts down to S9.50: sows mostly S9.30S Q.'SS- odd lot pigs 511: some held higher; average cost Saturday J10.36, 260 Ibs. for tfie" week 510.12; 210 Ibs. ^SHEEP 2.800; six loads direct tfiroufih; salable supply four loads Montana lambs and a few hundred natives; very lit- lie"don?- buyers talking 50 cents lower on tiaucbler lambs around $10.15 dnwn; undertone about steady on slaughter ewes. OMAHA LIVESTOCK. (.Monday .Market) OMAHA, (.T r ---U. S, department of agriculture-- HOG.S 7.000: weak to lOc lower: 170 to 210 Ibs. $10.255/10.35: top 510.40; 210 to 270 Ibs. 510.10(510.30; 27(1 to 300 Ibs, 59.75^)10.20: 300 to 350 Ibs. S9.50S.9.90; lew 140 to 170 Ibs. SIOCI'10.35; sows steady; S9.309.40; pigs S9»10. CAX'rtfc 12.000; calves 700; steady to 50c lower; steers SS.50£i 9.50; heifers S6f7; cowfi St.755t)5.aO: cutters S3.501M.25; bulls S5.50 5.90; veaiers 58 down. Slf-EEl* 6,500: lambs 10-15c lower; sheep iteady; fed wooled lambs 510.50(£10.90; top $10.90. WHEAT VALUES SLIP DOWNWARD Market Nervous at Close, Cent and Half to Two and Fourth Down. CHICAGO, UP)--In an abrupt reaction from recent advances of about 11 cents a bushel, wheat values Monday took a big: downward swing. A decided lull both in speculative and commercial demand for wheat was .an outstanding feature. Sugges- ins were current that a change of weather conditions in drought dis- jicts might easily take place, and that liberal wheat imports into this couiitry from Canada were again possible. Wheat closed nervous, l ] /»-2 J ,i cents under Saturday's finish, May 99%-y-, July 62%-%, corn %-!% down, May 62%7 /s, oats %-% off, and provisions showing 5 to 12 cents decline. CHICAGO CASH GRAIN. (.Monday Market) CHICAGO, UV--Cash wheat, No 3 hard SI. iX . / . Corn. No. 3 mixed 63 Vic: No. 1 mixed 6 61',ic; NO. 2 yellow 64 ',; «* 65 i,i c ; No. 3 yellow 62 '.. SiiSl'.tc; NO. 4 yellow 60 £ «l 62c ; No 5 yellow . r )45i:.')9 1 -c; No. 2 white 67c; No. I v-hile 65 lie:' No. 4 white 601s ^ 63'Ac; No. '. vhite 5SV-c; sample crude lO^OSVic. Oals. No. 2 white 31c; No. 3 white 27(-v 29c; No. 4 white 25^11 27 ; :ic; sample grade 22 (8 2-1 c. Eye. No. 3. 53-V.C. Soybeans. No. 3 yellow Sl'.*5'S4^c; No. 4 yellow SOS'S4c; sample yellow 73!^';K76 1/ 3 Barley, actual sales 90c; reed 32a.45c nom inal: malting 50!fi90c nominal. Timothy seed S2.60S 2.75 cwt. Clover seert S14.50?22 cwt. Lara tierces $11.02; loose SJ0.4S. Bellies 514.50. Mason City Grain MASON CITY- NO. 3 yellow corn No. 4 yellow corn Ear corn White oats, No. 3 Feeding barley No. 2 yellow soybeans . ·For Monday 4Bi 44 J /»i 40i 2Hi 25-35i ... 55( WHEAT-- Jlay July Sept CORN-May July Sept OATS-May July ept 1'E-- ay uly ept .. ·ARLEi-- lay ,ARD-[ay uly «t ELLJES-- MONDAY CHAIN tl.OSK. CHICAGO. Low Stock List NEW YOKK STOCKS. (Monday J'inal limitation*) .If Reductlona 185!i Loews 11 Chen Dye 188 \mn can 122 \mn Sm Ret 75V* Vmn SuKar 52H . T T 162-k mn Ton B 91-Ti mn Wat WKs 22 naconda 57 !·» tchlson 77 13 U 17 !j !)'/= 21 .uburn Aviat Corp B 0 i'arnsdalt Jend Aviat icth Steel lorden !or£ Warn *an Dry Dan aPc Case N W G W C M S P t P C R I ib P Chrysler MG K Com Solv Corawlth Sou Cons Oil !ontl can Conll Oil Del Corn Prod Curt Wright Deere pfd Du Pont Gen Elec Gen Foods Gen Mot Gillette Goodyear 11! Cont Int Har int Nick Can I T ft T Johns Many Kcnnecott Krcsco Lib 0 F 19 ?» 177i 29 57 'i 27'.71 ii 12-H 109 ± 33 i ·t'A 33% 73 '.1 6% 38% 37 '~ 66',; 16S 28% 22 Vi SOy; 47'i Uli 99 ':i 39 !i 53 A Maytac McKcss Rob Mid Cont Pet Mont Ward Murray Corp Nash Kali Bis Natl Cash Res Natl Dairy Natl Dlst Nat; Pow i Lt N Y Cent Nor Pec Oliver Farm J C Penney Penn R R Phillips Pet R C A Kep Steel Rey Ton B Sears Roe Shell Union Soc Vac So Pac Stan Brands S 0 Cat S O Ind S O N J Stew Warn Slone Web Studebaker Swift Co Tex Corp Tex Gulf Sul Tim Roll Bear IJn Carb Un Pat- Unit Air Unit Corp 6 Unit Drue 12 U S Gypsum SS U S Rubber 30 U S Steel 67 Warner Pi* 9 : West El MfE 115 Woolworth 46 Wrigley 77 30 i lOik 36 ',i 30 'A 43 7GV1 .12 46 ll'i 51;!, 65 Ii 17 ',1 41 .·)«',« 62 '.i 22 17 »i 12 '.-. 21S 36 V, 34 tf 61 ',', 81 « 127 '.1 23 VI CHICAGO STOCKS. (Monday Final Quotations) Cities service S'i Quaker Oats Katz Drue ' 39 Rath Packing Kelloec Switch 6% Swift Co Libby McNeil S'.i U t i l i t y Ind N a t l standard 41Vi Zenith Northwest Bane 11 126 25 Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LA9ISON BROTHERS AND CO. Mason City Office In Bagley- Beck Bldg. Telephone No. 7 STOCKS FOLLOW DIVERSE ROADS Some Steels, Motors and Factory Shares Find Willing Buyers. NEW YORK, OP)--The stock market pursued diverse roads Monday, with some of the steels, mo:ors and manufacturing shares iinding willing buyers, while numerous rails and specialties were offered at concessions. Some of the conspicuously soft spots were the loss of around 4. points in Columbian Carbon, and :he declines of 1 to 2 or so in du Pont, Deere, Union Pacific, Santa Fe, and Union Carbide. Up fractions to a point or more were Case, Chrysler, Corn Products, Bethlehem, Sears Roebuck, and U. S. Steel. The Bond market tended downward. Cotton showed an easy tone. Foreign currencies were steady. The late tone of the share market was irregular. Transfers approximated 1,200,000 shares. After an early decline several mining issues hardened when imported bar silver at New York was raised % of a cent an ounce to 45% cents. This was the second boost in the price since last August, and was said by dealers to be an aftermath of last week's upturn in London. The American Iron and Steel institute estimated steel mill operations this week at 70.4 per cent of capacity, a new high since May, 1930, and an increase of 2'i, per centage points over last week's figure. TRIBE, SOX SOCK EXPERTS' CHOICE (Continued From 1'aKe 19) 9 to 1 victory over the Washington Senators, getting, a homer, a double and two walks. Roy Johnson rapped a homer in the second. The Brooklyn Dodgers, with rangy Van Mungo pitching six hit ball, chalked up their second win o£ the season over the Phillies 2 to 1. It was a pitching duel in which misplays figured in the winning run, scored on Curt Davis who allowed but seven bingles. East Des Moines Wins in Oskaloosa Relays Events OSKALOOSA, UP)--East Des Des Moines, runnerup for the state indoor track championship, today held the Oskaloosa high school relays title. The Des Moines team scored 67 points in the ninth annual carnival here Saturday easy victory as three new meet records were es- PSpMfe tablished. North Des Moines was second with 37 points and Oskaloosa third with 36. Curb Market Hlfh t.00"( Close .99S LIVESTOCK FORECAST. CHICAGO, irl'i--Official estimated receipts Tuesday: cattle 7,000; hogs 12,000; sheep 10,000. Representative Sales {Mtimlny Market) CHICAGO, '.T'. 1 --U. S. department i culture--Representative sales: Heavy-- 358 347 272 9 254 Mediums-- SIOUX CITV LIVESTOCK. (Monday Market) $1OUX CITY. (.I 1 .---U. S. department ei a£Hetilt«r«!-- "OtXTXJE, 5,500; slaughter .«irer,, yearling! arTS she stock-market not established; feu bftfS 25@50c lower; stockers and feeder; ddjT. weak; liberal share fed steers and year liitfes salable around 57^8.23; desirable fed betters held above $7.50; most cow bids S5.5' down; low cutter bids down to 53.50; tew grfo'd licht stockers up to S7.60 early. TIOGS, 4,500; mostly 10'il5c lower than Friday; lop $10,35; bulk better ISO to 270 Ib butchers S10.15@1Q.3Q; 270 to 310 ib. hcav Dead Animals OF ALL KINDS REMOVED Mason City Rendering Co. 213 231 22S 207 13SS H81 1252 loss 1125 1005 7iH 1325 Old Crop Wooled HOGS. Lights-10.35 22 11 10.50 2S 1' 10-80 T.9 i; 10.90 21 1 10.75 10.90 10.95 11.00 CATH.E. Heifers-10.00 26 9-nO 60 9.00 31 S.85 16 S.35 IS .90 COWS- 7.3f, 7 7.10 11 790 770 725 710 S05 1291 1210 ns:i 10S5 10. 30.85 10.90 11.00 S.40 S.OO 6.0C 5.6 5.31 23B 170 199 225 131 Larnh?-- SS 11-In 93 11.10 9.-i SHEEP. Old Crop Clipped SO 92 95 10S 111 78 K 10.90 Wooled E^es-- 10.75 J 10.65 58 10.50 10.25 12 132 116 189 9,51 9.2: 9.01 S.2 6.01 5.5' Miscellaneous POTATO MARKET. (Monday Market) CHICAGO, try--U. S. department of agri culture-Potatoes 202; on track 288; total U. shipments Saturday 815; Sunday 22; strong old stock moderate; sacked sales per lot ' weight, invoice iveisht. sacked per Idaho Russet Burbanks U. S. No. 1. S2.15C 2.30: U. S. No. 2. $1.70; Wisconsins Roun Whites U. S. No. 1. $1.45® 1.50; unciassilie SI.25; Michigan Russet Rurals U. S. No. 51,55: Colorado McClures U. S. No. 1. S2.2 rti'2.40: Nebraska Bliss Triumphs, fair ordinary quality $1,65; North Dakota Cob biers U. "S. No. 1, ll.aoai.6n. fair quallt SI.10; Early Ohios U. S. No. 1. $1.60S1.65 Minnesota Red river section cobblers U. ? No. 1 l»artly Kraded ?1.50'1.55; commcrcia M.40?i'1.45: Minnesota F-arly Chios parti graded $1.45*j ; 1.55: new slock r.arlot sackc sales per 50 Ib. sacks: Texas Bliss Triumph. U. S. No. 1, 51.SO; sacked sales Jess tha carlot per 50 Ib. sacks. Texas Bliss Triumph U. S. No. 1. mostly $1.80. few sliRhtly biph- er, U. S. No. 2. Sl.205iil.25: Louisiana Bliss Triumphs generally fair quality mostly SI.60. .54."* .54 w 10.97 10.97 10.97 14.70 MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN (Mundaj- Market) MINNEAPOLIS, LVI--Wheat 140 cars; 3'A °nts lou-er- No. 1 heavy dark northern pring 60 pounds S1.17SS1-32S: No. 1 ark northern 59 pounds S3-15K@1.31it: 55 rounds S1.13~i(3l.30?i; No. 1 hard i£on- ana 1-i per'cent protein SI. 17%@ 1.19%; to irrive sl.3.6%®1.18%; grade ot No. 1 dark hard or No. 1 .lard Montana winter Sl.01-.-4 rtl07%; to arrive sl.OOS®1.065i; No. 1 bard amber durum 9S%c©S1.13%; No. 1 cd durum 78%c; May Sl.04%; July 51-00%; Sept. 93c. Corn. No. 3 yellow 615?64c. Oats, No. 3 white 24";i 11126^'iC. DO\V JONES AVKRAGKS Ind* Kail* Oils. Close 152.10 16.41 H1.26 Total Sales 1,600,000 CHICAGO STOCKS Bnller Bros 9 Kalamazoo Stov 66 Cord Corp 6U Marshall Fields 15 U NEW 10RK CURB Am Gas * Elcc 36% Ford Mo ot Can 2.1V; Ford Mo of Ens 71i Hud E M S 26 Mumble Oil Co 65 Lockheed 7 Nias; Hud Pow Am cyanamid B 35 Am Sti Pow Co Ark Nat! Gas A ASQC G El A Can Ind AlK i JIarconi Kister Elcc. EJ Bd Share Sis 2 S 0 K' Co 38 3',; Un Gas Cn "V. 20 U Un J,i A Pow Co 6 JVKW VORH -STOCKS Alaska -luncau 13 U Hudson Motor lfi',j OMAHA GRAIN. (Monday Mark*!) OMAHA. U--Wheat, Nl'. 2 hard 95^e®! Sl.OOVi; No. 4 hard 96'icSSl.Ol; No. 5 northern spring 95'/=c. Corn No 3 white 66c; No. 4 white 55@ 64c; No. 5 while 5Sc; No. 2 yellow 64®61',ic; No 3 yellow 61£64c; No. -1 yellow 5661tec No 5 yellow 52SE57c; sample yellow -loVift' 53c- No 4 mixed 56c; No. 5 mixed 519 Oats, No. 3 24S25UC. *-hite 24'A'S29c; No. 1 white KANSAS CITV GRAIN. (.Monday Market) KANSAS CITY, ;!,--Wheat 85 cars: 1i- 2 , c lower; No. 2 dark hard Sl.08%: No. 3 nominally 11.0101.11: No. 2 hard Sl.04',4® 1 09" No 3. S1.03"i@l-OS: No. 2 red nominally S1.03!i«i-1.07',-i: NO. 3. S1.03. -Corn 63 cars; 2c Jotver to 2c higher; Ko. 2 white nominally 71',iS'73'.ic; No. 3 nominally 69U rti| 72c; No. 2 yellow 69c: No. 3. R4£.67',icf No. 2 mixed nominally 65 J ,v567c; No. 3 nominally 63 '..I (5-65c. Oats 11 cars; unchanged to 1C lower; No. 2 ivhite nominally 2SV4S.30C; No. 3. 27®27Kc. Allegheny Am £ For Pow Am Cry Sug Co Am C Fy Co Am Pow Li Am Roll's Mills Am Ra S Co Amer Tob Co Armour Co 5 Armour £ Co Pt "3 As Dry Goods K Atl Kef 31 B'el Hemingway 14 Baldwin Loco 3 Brigcs MIS Co SI Bendix Bud a Mfs Co Bycrs A M Co Caterpillar Trac Cerro de Pasei Ches Ohio Coca Cola Co Com Solvents Com Solvents Cont Motor Cr o£ Wheat ?,.T Cudahy Packing 3SVa :urt-Wri Co A 15Tii Dist Corp Sfias -l 1 ^ Douglas Airc Eastman Katon MfE Co Klec Auto Lite E!ec Pow Li Erie R R Co 33-1.:. Fire'ne Ti Ru 29-ls Foster-Wheeler 3U.i Freeport TEK 29Ts Gen Am Trans 45% Gliddeo Co 51 'i Gobei -l-Ti Gold Dust ISvs Graham Paige 2"'t Nor pfd 3fi?i Houston Oil 9Ts Hides and Wool Quotations Furnished by WolJ Bros. Inc., SOS Fifth Street Southwest WOOL 26C 22c lac Clean briEbt Rejects and western Pullea wool and No. 2 rejects HOESEHID6S Horseades _ ....... ....... -- ·GREEN BEEP HIDES Dp to 23 Its. . .... -- ..... . ....... ,.. 25 to *5 Ibs ......... _....-More than 60 Ibs. ...». .......... ..*.. Bull hides ----- ..... -.. -*Cured hides half cent more a pound. (On above prices a cent hlpher to wholesale dealers In wholesale lots.) S 3 - 00 3c WOO'. MARKET. BOSTON, ul*.--U. S. department of sericulture-- The wool market here was closed Monday. Bunker Hill day. Hupp Motors Intl Carriers 8 indust Rayon 30 Kclvinator Co 21U Lambert Co 22 Lehigb Port Ce IS'.i Liquid Carb Cp 3S Lorillard 2l"s Mack Truck- 32 vi Mathieson Alk 30 U IfcLeUan Stores 12 Minn, Moline Im 9% M K t T S^s Slotor Products ol No Amer 26'A No Amer Avi S"« Otis Steel Co 15% Owen 111 Glass 153 Packard Motor 10 1 .* Park Utan Cop 4 ! 'i Plymouth 131,5 Proc Gam 44 Pub Ser of N J 4U',s Pullman 43 Pure Oil Co 20? s Purity Bakery I'-^'s R K O 6 Rem Rand 22',4 21^3 Keu Motor 6% fi2'^, Simmons Co 2S',** 1R1 1 - So Calif Edison 2fi',^ 2 Ha 35 91 ~ 13 !i 75V 54 18 «i 3H 37 13-T Sperry Corp St G E Tide Wa As Oil U S Ind Alch U S Smelter UU1 i* Li A Vanadium Un Gas Imp Warren Bros Westers Union Worth'n Pump younfis S T Yellow Truck 29 57 18 U Lamson Brothers Market Letter NEW YORK. OP, 1 ---Stocks slumped for losses of fraction? to around 2 points in the curb market Alonday. Among the losers were New Jersey /Mnc. Slerchi Bros. Stores, American Hard Kubber, Bohack first preferred. United Gas. Aluminum Company of America onrt Gu!f Oil of Pennsylvania. Royal Typewriter on small volume sagged about 5 points around mid- LO ruing. A scattcrinc of Issutijs resisted the downswing with Rains of fraction? to a point or more including McWilliams Dredging. Penn- road, Cord Corp.. Electric Bond . Share, Jn- ernational Petroleum and Lake Shore Mines. Iowa State Team Wins 7-4 in Second Husker Contest LINCOLN, Nebr., CS) -- Scoring- five runs in the second inning, Iowa state's baseball team handed Nebraska a 7 to 4 defeat here Saturday, the second straight triumph for the Cyclones over the Cornhuslcers. Capt. Torvald Holmes held Nebraska to five hits, three of which came in the third inning- when the Cornhuskers got three runs. Swea City Wins Game, to Play at Mason City Field in Second Game for Week SWEA CITY -- Swea City high school defeated Lonerock 2 to 1 in a tight baseball game. The local school will play Armstrong Tuesday at Swea City and Mason City there on Friday. THE SCHEDULE. April 21--Armstrong, here. April 24--Mason City, tlierr. April 28--Grant Township, here. April :10--Rincsted. there. iMny a--Kenton, here. May R--Kurt, here (tentative*. ?fay 1TM--St. .Tohn's, Itaneroft, here. .May Ifl^Armstronp. there. May 39--lUncsted, here. Slay 22--Lcdyard, there. Bond Market NEW YORK. i-T. 1 --Medium and low piiced /ailroad, issues softened a little In quiet bond tiarket trading Monday. The balance or the orporate list was mixed and U. S. gov- rnment loans were steady. . Carrier Hens under n. little pressure were Baltimore Ohio 4 J »s, St. Paul 5s. Erie 5s, a.nd New York Central Jjs. The U. S. government market found trad- R restiicted a s the week opened. Treasury -s were up around 2-32ncis shortly before noon, while the 3s ot 1951 were down as much. Government hood experts said activity in this sector has dried up to a great extent leading the oncoming French elections. They pointed out that trading would likely remain skimpy until the problem of possible devaluation o £ . t h e French franc is settled by next Sunday's vote. Should the French currency revalued, opinion is that some selling of S. treasury loans might develop. as French funds here returned home to take advantage of devaluation profits. Bond men kept a sharp eye on the action ot French 7s which were down more than point late this morning, a drop which they said was symptomatic o£ some uneasiness over France's problem. In the domestic corporate division small advances were turned In by American Rolling Mill 4 J s . North American 5s and Walworth 4s. Gould Coupler 6s were up more than a, point while a loss of about ns much was suffered hy Genera! StceJ Casting 5%s. Mrs. Bedell Candidate for Dickinson Office SPIRIT LAKE--Mrs. Virginia Bedell announced her candidacy for the office of Dickinson county attorney. Mrs. Bedell is widely known throughout the state and ia national American Legion circles for her work with the Legion and Legion auxiliary- Mrs. Bedell is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Price, pioneer residents, and has lived here throughout her lifetime. She attended Iowa State college at Ames and studied law in the offices of Harry E. Narey before passing- the bar in 1920. For a number of years she had been associated with her husband in the law firm of Bedell and Bedell. For the past several months Mrs. Bedell has had sole charge of their law practice. Mr. Nansy will seek republican nomination as state senator for this district which comprises Dickinson, KEAD THIS FIRST: Detective Keyes and Gary Matig- han are attempting to unravel the m y s t e r i o u s mu».Ier of Margalo Younger, un actress and old friend of Maughan. Sht) was killed with a needle-like instrument as she and Maughan sat in th« home of Dow Van Every, a collector oi rare jewels, whom she had met through his friend, Maughan, listening to his gruesome history of the famous Camden ruby. At the lime she was wearing the ruby against the wishes of Van Every who described it as a "murder stone." Among those questioned by the detective were Maughan, himself; Van Every; his young niece, Joyce, who lives with him; her fiance, Allan Foster, who at one time was in love with the dead actress, and Joyce's companion, Laura KandaU. Another suspect is Roy Barrimore, close friend of the actress who shot himself shortly after her death. Van Every tells Maughan how he bought the ruby from two nuns. Joyce confides to Maughan that she has procured a job in a department store against her uncle's wishes. The detective and Maughan start for the home of a Mrs. Bryce, an intimate friend of Van Every. NOW GO ON WITH THE STORY CHAPTER 22 I was worrying about Mrs. Bryce, and how Keyes would approach her. As we neared West 45th street, where she lived, my part in coming- with Keyes seemed small, despicable to me. I was tempted to stay in the car, but Keyes gave me no choice. He jumped out on the curb and waited lor me to join him. I was ashamed to say that I would rather wait while he went in, so I stepped beside him, and lagged after him, as he went up tie steps of a. brownstone house, much the same as Van Every's. There was no sign of its being partitioned into flats, so I assumed it was occupied entirely by Mrs. Bi'yce. In the hall, however, were three mail boxes, one with a card indicating that Edith Bryce lived on the parlor floor. Keyes rang the bell a U the only door in the lower hall. It was opened almost immediately by a colored maid, who ushered us into one ot those typical New York living rooms well furnished, comfortable. \ few fine etchings on the walls caught my eye and I went over to examine them more closely. When I I saw a tall woman stand- me he exam turned ing in the doorway. "Yes?" she asked softly. It was not easy to guess her age, but she seemed to me to be between 35 and 40. Her hair, dark, was graying, and her skin showed a few fine wrinkles under her gray eyes. She was not beautiful, but there was a charm about her that interested me at once. Something about the way she carried her slim body, moved her slender, lovely hands, for they were lovely; a charm in the slow smile on her lips. She was dressed in a clinging velvet negligee. "Mrs. Bryce?" abruptly. 'Yes." Keyes asked "My name is Keyes. This is Mr. Maughan. Our call will be a short one, I hope." She motioned us to chairs and we sat down. I watched her face closely and thought I saw a flitting ties. Produce district. WD1LU Wiupliseo j^iL.rLinowii, *j, ---- V T ,.iT ii_ u n .ln,,r r,or Emmet, Palo Alto and Kossuth coun- shadow. With the shadow her charm was not so apparent. A green light crept into her eyes, and although she seemed perfectly natural I was sure there was a tenseness in her body. I felt it in the gesture she made with the hand that touched and patted her hair, then lingered on the rose of her With infinite grace she JiKW 'ORK SUCAR. (Monday Market) NEW LV, sugar unchanged at 3,?5c for spots. Futures 2 points lower to 6 bipher. May advanced -.S~c. JIarch sold up from 2.61c to 2.61c. Refined unchanged at 5.00C for fine granulated. MINNEAPOLIS FJ.Ol'R. (Monday Market) MINNEAPOLIS. \,T"-- Klunr unchanged. OHoad lots, family p a t e n t s SB.SOS 7 a par- rel in 9S Ih. cotton ?acks. S h i p m e n t s 2T.Ons. Pure h r a n SIS'' lfi.."o. Standard middlings SJ851S.M'. liOVER.N.MKN'l' BONUS. (Miinday M a r k e t ) NEW YORK. ..!'--U. S. bonds closed: Treasury 1'is 17-r,2 11S.2. Treasury 3-»s -10-13 June 10S.19. Treasury 3,is 16-39 105.23. Treasury 3s 51-55 101.16. 3IARKET REVIEW . Wheat--The wheat market cncounfered rather general but moderate selliug at the opening Monday but later on a severe break in Kay took place due principally to stop selling and further declines occurred. Although there "'ere occasional rallies during the session final prices were not Ear from the low quotations "ot the day. There was some rafn reported fn southwest Kansas and the forecast is for unsettled and colder lor Kansas and Nebraska. Outside markets were weak. Minneapolis being under more or less pressure. The news in general, however, was not bearish. Winnipeg was lower in sympathy with our break and a very little export business was reported on the decline. Monday's sell back in wheat possibly corrected an over bought condition in the wheat market as the news was of a nature to stimulate the average market rather than bearish. C 0rn _p r j Ces held moderately well considering the lower wheat market. Trade was not as active as last week. There was a little buying of May by commission houses early but local traders were mostly on the selling side- Tours With Kagawa. to Leave for Alaska SHENANDOAH. (.TI -- Talton Parker of Shenandoah, just returned home from touring the United States with Kagawa, the Japanese Christian leader, prepared Monday to depart for Alaska and a iob in a salmon canning factory. "Quite different," he said, "but both adventures." MASON CITY--For Monday Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse Eggs, current receipts 16e Heavy hens, 4 Ibs. and over ....16e Under 4 Iba 13c Cocks 12c Merchants Quotations Eggs, in trade 16-l7c* Eggs, fresh 15-16C* Butter, Iowa State Brand 36c Sutler, Corn Country 35c 3utter, Kenyon's 35c Sutler, Very Best 36c Former Joice Couple's Daughter Is Injured JOICE--Word was received that Margaret Mostrom, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Mostrom of Medford, Minn., has been run over by a car, receiving serious head injuries. Mr. and Mrs. Mostrom were former residents of Joice for many years and have many relatives and friends here. Butter, Brookfield TRUSTS By The Associated Press Bid and asked Monday-Corp Tr Sh .............. ........ 2.7Z Corp Tr Sh AA Mod ....... 3.29 Corp Tr Sh Accum Scr ........ 2.60 Corp Tr Accum Ser Mod .... 3.29 Dividend sh Maryland Fund Nationwide Sec ...... Nationwide Sec Vtc Nor Amer Tr Sh .. Nor Amer Tr Sh 1955 Quarterly Inc Sh Selected Am Sh Jnc Super Corp Am Tr A i; s KI i. P A (' S Kt L A P R U S El L * P Vie 1.65 ..... 19-20 ..... 4-27 1.7S . -- 2.15 . 3.24 No Inquest Planned in Treynor Suicide TREYNOR, (S--Coroner Thomas Belford decided there would be no inquest into the death of Isaac Edwin Doner, 82, who hanged himself in a chickenhouse on his farm near here. Members of his family said ht had grown despondent over partia loss of his eyesight, and a siege o: influenza. . .35c well enough to believe he would tell me the whole story. We stopped off at my hotel where a message was waiting from Van Every I got him immediately. He wanted to talk to me about Joyce. He understood I had given her a "job," and he wanted to thank me.. She would at least be out of mischief in the library. And I was to work her so hard that she would get over any ambitions she might have for a job. He thanked TM» again and again, and vowed should have thought of a scheme like that months ago. If he could reimburse me for her salary--I laughed this away. No, I would pay the salary. It was all right, and I promised I would keep her at work as long as she wanted to work. When I hung up the receiver I felt a little sorry for Joyce, even if her plan had worked. Van Every had swallowed it to the hilt. There was no doubt about her knowing her. uncle very well. I turned to Keyes with: "Traced the messenger who left the note at Marg-aJo'a apartment yet?" Keyes said he had not. He seemed despondent. "Inquest's tomorrow, Maughan, and of course you'll be there? A pity I haven't any more evidence. Every place I turn the ruby stares me in the face. I can't understand it. Seems as if the whole city of New York knew about it, and wanted to see it. Anyway I'm going home and get some sleep." As he rose to go the phone rang and Mrs. Peoples -- Margalo's maid- asked if she could come up. When. I told him who my guest was to be, he decided to stay and see what she had to say. Mrs. Peoples hesitated when she saw Keyes, but I bade her sit down and asked her kindly the reason for her visit. She seemed stouter and plumper than ever in her black seal coat. "So Mr. Barrimore shot himself!" she exclaimed. "I could have told you he would! I read it in the cards----" "That isn't what you've come for, Mrs. Peoples," I chided. I could see Keyes was getting impatient. He had no faith in Mrs. Peoples' cards. "No, you're right. I found something today in her apartment." She stopped and looked at us mysteriously. Keyes was interested now. He cast a swift, penetrating look at the woman. "The police, you know, went all through Miss Younger's things. All her letters, bills,-private papers, everything. With me standing on! If Miss Younger had known! They asked for the key to her safety deposit box, and I had to give it to them. They even wanted to know her balance at the bank. The big sums she had drawn out lately, they asked about. And I told them as best I could. Some of them .1 knew about, some of them I didn't. One of the big checks was made out to Manuel Gouzales " "I know, Mrs. Peoples," Keyes broke in. "A check for $7,000." This was new to me, but I said nothing. What was Margalo doing giving her Spanish poet $7,000? "Then they told you?" Mrs. Peoples exlaimed. "They were still at the apartment when I left, looking for something more. Pulling up the rugs, taking the cushions apart. Going through the kitchen! As if Miss Younger went into the kitchen!" "Go on with your story," Keyes spoke in a tired, worn voice. I felt sorry for the man. His fatigue was telling on him. (TO BE CONTINUED) gown. lighted a fragrant, mild cigaret and ° . . , \t7^ U~H* ^Q US the box. We both de- offered clined. "I don't understand " ·I want to know, Mrs. Brvce, 'otatoes, peck 33c and 45c ·EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were obtained y calling several grocery stores. CHICAGO PRODUCE. (Mondiiy MurkeO CHICAGO. .VTi--Butter 10.022. steady; creamery specials (93 score) 29,i!530c; extras (92) 29c; extra firsts (90-91) 28Vi»i firsts (SS-S9) 2sg284c: standards 90 centralized carlots) 29c. Eggs 26.705. steady; extra firsts local '/ic; cars 21c: fresh graded firsts local c^ cars aOViC; current receipts 19^c; stor- ige packed extras 22c; storage pacUed firsts Poultry, live, 1 car due, 10 trucks, steady; hens 5 Ibs. and less 23c. more than 5 Ibs. 20'£c: Leghorn hens 19c; springs. Plymouth Rock 2Sc: White Rock 2S',ic; fryers. Plymouth Rock 27Kc: White Rock 27!»c; colored 26c; broilers, Plymouth Rock 26c: colored springs 27c; barebacks 20@22c; Les- horti 23c; roosters 16Vie; hen turkeys 23c; young toras 21c;' old toms 20c; No. 2 turkeys 18e duck.-!, heavy old. 39c: heavy younc ducks 20c: small 15c; cee.'e 15c; capons 7 Ibs. up 2Sc: legs 7 Ibs. 27c. Cedar Rapids New Champs of Iowa Y Tank Contests IOWA CITY, OP) -- Cedar Rapids is the new Iowa Y. M. C. A. swimming' champion. Scoring in every event, Cedar Rapids piled up 123 points Saturday night to win the annual meet in the University of Iowa pool. Clinton finished second with 97 points, Davenport third- with 88. and Des Moines, 1935 winner, fourth whether you know anything about the Camden. ruhy, owned at the present time by Dow Van Every?" "Yes, I've heard of it." She did not seem surprised at the mention of his name, as I had thought she would considering what Laura Rsn- riall had said about the secrecy Van Every maintained about his liaison. "Have you ever seen the jewel?" "Have yoi "No." "Were you by any chanca ac- with 74. Other scoring- -Newton. 97, Marshalltown 15, Waterloo 14, and Burlington 9. SEW YORK rKOIHTK. (Monday ^InrliCO NEW YORK. (T--Butler S.1S": slicHlly ·a?irr- creamery hishcr t h a n exlra OO-'u -n 3t'-'.c- ^Ira (82 .'core) SO'i'8'30Vic: [irMs 90 : m scores) 30'i930He; centralized (90 score) 30 ^;c. Cheese 257.131. unsettled; state whole rnilk flats held 1935 fancy 21"S;22c. Eggs 26,214. irrccular: mixed colors, special packs or selections from fresh receipts 235;24(4c: standards and commercial standard's 22S22KC: firsts 205i«i21c: seconds 20 /.20'iC' mediums 40 Ibs. 20c; dirties No. 1, 42 Ibs 19V'!i20c; small 18®lS?;c: average checks 19S19!ic: storacc packed firsts Live poultry steady to firm; by freight: Chickens and broilers unquoted: fowls 22@ 24c: roosters 15c; turkeys 16S25c; ducks (all sections) Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. M. Schanke and Company, Telephone 1300, Mason City. PRODUCE FI:TUBES. (Monday M n r K c t ) C H I C A R O . (.T;--Sutler f l i t u r e s I S'oracc jilan(Iar(l a , rvovcmhcr 26'ic. Ktc f u l l i r p s : Stomcp pacV'-fl f i r s t ? . 21 '-.(-; May Sl^c; rcfric^r.Tlor 5tnn Octolwr 22 %r. Bid and asked Monday--· Cent St El 6 pet pfd (S25 pan ]2V ? Cent St El 7 pet prd (S25 par) JS'i Cent St P L 7 pet pld 15 Champlin R«r la 7 pet pfd .. 7.1 Creamery Package com 25 Hearst Cons A 2.T.B r,(Ki A Kormcl A pfd 1"3 «fn A Hormel B pfd ."^ r*co A Hormel com l^ 1 *: Interstate P..-.ver B pet p f r t .. 2^ Interstate Power 7 pet pfd .. 2fi Iowa Klcctrlc Co 6'i pet pfd r,0 Iowa Electric Co 7 pet pfrl .... fil la Klec Lt Pow 6 pet pfd .. fiO!^. la Elcc Lt Pow 6',i pet pfd 71 la Elcc Lt Pow 7 pet pfd .. 72',; la power Light 6 pet pfd .. 99 la power Light 7 pet ptd .... 10314 la Public Serv 6 pet pfd 92 la Public Serv .6^ pet pld .. 94 la Public Serv 7 pet pfd .... 96 la South Util 6 pet Ptd 56 la South Util 6'/i pet pfd 58 la South Util 7 pet pfd 64 Minnesota P L 6 pet pfd .... 81 Minnesota P L 7 pet pfd .. 90 Northern St Power 6 pet Pfd 79 Northern St Power 7 pet pfd 86 N W Bell Tel 6% pet pfd .. 118 N W St Portland Cement ...... 2-t P.ath Packing 6 pet pfd 99 rath P.icklnc 7 pet pfd 100 Sioirc City (T K! 7 pet pfd .. ss i Ilniltd Lt * F.V5 6 PCt pfd 7SV1 l . n i t e d Lt A: Rys 6'v prt p f d ho 1 ? U n i t e d Lt * Rvs 7 pet pfd ·· , V j ' V.Vtern O i o c f r pfd . . . - ^ Western Grocer com - ' ^ 19 ?1 25 fij 101 1(15 91 96 9S SI 5 g 56 101 102 ·lO f-n S2 quainted with Miss Younger?" "Margalo Younger?" "Yes." "No, I wasn't. I understand that she" she hesitated. "She was killed in Van Every's house last night." 'I read the story today," she murmured. "You were at Van Every's house last night?" Keyes put the question quickly, but Mrs. Bryce answered just as quickly: "I have never been at Mr. .Van Every's house, Mr. Keyes He conies here occasionally --we are old friends--but I have never been there." Keyes was frankly disappointed, and showed it. Thanking her. we left soon after, not much wiser than we had been before we came. I told Keyes I thought the visit had been a mistake, that if Mrs. Bryce knew anything, we had put her on her guard. It would have been better. I argued, to have watched her for a few days before talking to her. "Don't worry. I'll xvatch her anyway. She told me much too quickly that she had never been at Van Ev. ery's. I'll find out where she was last night." "Mrs. Bryce is a smart woman. You won't find her easy to trap." Yes, I was convinced Mrs. Bryce was nobody's fool, and something in me told me that she knew much more than she had told us. Why was her relationship with Van Every such a secret? Because my friend wished it, perhaps. Probably on account of Joyce. He wouldn't want Joyce to know. I resolved to ask him about Edith Bryce the next time I saw him. If he thought I was meddling--well, it would he unfortunate. But I thought I knew him J. F. ScKlitter, 72, Is Buried at DecoraK D E C O R A H--Funeral services were held Saturday afternoon for J. F Schlitter, 72, who died at Ms home on Mechanic street, following a stroke. Services were in charge of the Rev. J. P. Burling, pastor of the First Congregational church, at the Ness funeral home. Mr. Schlitter was born in Germany and came to this country when a boy. In 1887 he was married in Decorah to Miss Kate Stitch. The following children survive Mrs. Bert Smitnling, Frankville; Mrs. W. H. Glenny, Grinnell; Charles of Canada; Mrs. L. H. Winn, St. Paul; Fred, California; Mrs. John Hendrickson, Mrs. J. P. Burns and George, all of Decorah. LEGATNQTICE ORIGINAL NOTICE In the District Court of Iowa 'n and for Cerro Gordu County, June 1'erm, A. B- 1336. John Tobin. plaintiff, Fred C. Haverly, Mrs. Fred C. Haveriy, Lehr Haverly, L. F. Tank, Rosa Tank, D, H, Van Kirk, doing business as Van Kirk Coal Company. Irwin Cannon. Mr*. Irwin Cannon. Emerson Cannon, Tvuth Junod and Louis Junod, Defendants. TO THE DEFENDANTS ABOVE NAMED: You and each of you are hereby notified that there is now on file in the office of the Clerk o[ the District Court of Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, the petition of the plaintiff and amendments therein, rip- mandinc judgment fnr the sum of $1.000,10 and interest, for and on account of a iirln- cipal note of s9.iO.00 and interest nitP of S2S.riO Riven by Maud M. HaverJy and Frert C . . Haver]y to The First National Company, which notes were transpired to p l a i n t i f f : and asking for the foreclosure of a nH-rt- f;agc securing said notes nn Lot Eleven (It) in Block Four (4), in College Addition to Mason City, Iowa, and (or attorney fee* and costs, and for the appointment of a Receiver. For particulars see petition anrt amendments on file. No personal judgment is ashed against any defendants except Fred U. Haverly but the foreclosure of the mortgage is asked against all of the defendants. AND UNLESS you appear and defend on or before noon of the second day of the June 1936 Term of the District Court of Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, which convenes at the Court House in Mason City, Iowa, on the Sth day of June. A, P. 1936. dcfuit will be entered against you and judwnent and decree rendered as prayed, includinK the appointment ot a Receiver. You nre further notified that you may appear ftt me time and place set forth in the forcemnff notice and file application for continuance of satd cause lo Xlarch 1st, 1937. Dated t h i s nin H ^ y of April. A. J. H*3fi. SENNPF, B1.1SR fr SENNEFF. Attorneys for Plaintiff.

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