The Evening Post from New York, New York on June 5, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, June 5, 1818
Page 3
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a I ..roPPA ROMALS, Ac, 13 can CLop - 9P?ifc hMMdllbbfa. CTW.ton Gin, - wpwior quality' lJS - SUUnoy, 18hbds. Copperas 8tlo Mirsapore Carpet , it bundles Calcutta Twm , bbl,. India Mustard Seed . j,5 GEO. W.TAIBU i , Q3 i JOCKET LIGHTS. 5 cases ratent Pocket 1 Lights for MjgfcjJ MSEV k co 2 South - street JeS Calcutta sugars. so bags caicuti Calcutta m. 30 ' 67 Washington street. c OTTOS. 25 bale Alabama Cotton, for tale by n. &c. W. DAVENPORTS CO. if 5 ,1 It USKETS. 100U Mu ken, selected ut the IV I manufactories, ana some oi 'ui' i - t,y, entitled to deben " , e - 65 South - stieet rrr - STiiii TT ivaIII'.h. made of Sea Island b Cotton ami ed l. c 197 Pearl - street. 7 - 9 and 10 - 12. from the Bn.tol Factory, lauding this i. e 65 South - ilrert rfl ROUND CA - 'IWUOU. a " riuuuu - . .... ... . - l L 1 ...n J Camwood, of au excellent quality ami war ranted pure ; for sale low to dose a roii'ignment Apply to C. O. k S. HO WLAN 1), fr S 67 Washington strett. W riSES. Old madeira iu buttle Sercial Madeira in gr. casks fienuir.e GrDe Juice, All pure a imported, fur esle by WILLIAM CODMAN, Je51w SB South street t - V. LED YARD Ai CO. No. 104 Pearl - st 4 have on hand an extensive aiid t ouipltte ai - tortment of Hardware, consisting of Waldron's prime grass aod cora acyihei Steelyards ; trace chains Carolioa hoet ; tine gnus ; auvili Vices ; frying pans Straw sua hay koiveJ Mill, pit, Xcut, haad and) Mi; , , Panne sas ' J 6 nxiih shovels ; patent plant iroLi Ariz, tiulSels, gouges Pateut post coffee wills Filer, raipa, hinge ; tcrew, hammers . Iron, brass and plattd candlesticks Plated cruet Brat and glass cabinet furniture Lock of all kind Mortice lock, with glass knob Cutlery ot all kind, in great variety Spoooi, buttens, spectacle, Cliaini, seals, key, Ate. Also, a very handsome assortment of trirtb webbing, common ar.d plated (addlrry, panic u - Jtr!y calculnted for the outhero market. The above are principally new goods, and will be uld in quan'itM'i to auit purchaser, oothe airt reaaooahfr term. Je5 tf HfcCK lHOD, OI 'ifcB, &c. EIGHTY h:IesCalcutta t'iece UooJj, confuting f AliabHtl Safta Kyrabad and Porzaba'l ChowJajpry Cornmuz, Corns KyrabadrJ Lowherporo Kmerty Beerrom (i'lrrari Aliabad,Forzabad and Joic'inrore Mamoody Alis'ad, Mow od Tanils 5anr.a Ctia'idrily, Forzilnd ami Vowduba Smin Mull Mull Mulio, siierfina Secrtuckcrs ?cae CtH.ppa lloawN I do AiRflrai patleruHkfi entitled to draw - aOffibag? Ginger S back C000 Madras Gout Skins 1 1 ca Italinu Writing Paper 6 casks ?enna 7 casks Gum Trurncanth 11 bottles conl'g 300 ouoces Oil U(c, entitled to drawback 10 pipe Catalonia Wine Madeira VV'iue, Turkey ReJ Wiuo Copper Bolts, Bloi k Tin and Spelter 550 pieces Rutfia Du k 60 do do do X O mark For nlo by GOODHUE & CO. jnne 5 44 ?outh - treet. SHtK1lG&andsHlRriGi. - 8eeralca - es of hh - acli'd and unblearh'd Cottm i'tfi - ing and Shirting, with other dtiuustic goods )u - t received and lor sale by WILLI IMCAMPriKLL, Mannrartrircr, ' Wi. 197 Pei.rl trcet.cnrnrrof Maiden - laue. Ab), an aHitment of Millinetts. JeS COTTON AND KICK. Oiribnlef Upland Georgia Cotton &JJ 54 casks first quality Rice, for sal by jane 5 JONES & MF.G R TIT, 19 soulh tt. PUBLIC sALL OF CHINA GiWDS, ON Tuesday, the lG'li June, at lOoVlock in the forenoon, will he told at the auction store ol the subscribers So. 51 North Frnt - t PhilxdclphiR, (terms at salt) the following goods: 90 bait chests yniinp hyson 35 quarter chest do 140 ten catty boxes do 3ti quarter i:hets byson tea 10 cj'.inrter clust hyton do 50 Ixixes fum Souchong Tea ; Ml ImxeaSotichnng Tea i 10 quarter chrits . . l i i!alf quarter chests InaPel Tea 15S quarter chest ) u. . . half quarter rhet. H'WB Sk,n T" iO boxes enamelled evening cups and taacer ini rmet tea tews, cnina 30 boxes bine iid white plate 1'0 bundles floor maltiaj , iW Ixralle raMia 00 piece blue Nar.kint ISno rlo - g yellow niaroce rhon!Yankin liie above good are all of this spring's im - Frtatioa, tad excellent quality. JEN.MXGS, JONES A: CO. JeSdUelft RED WINK 10 pipe Catalonia Wine, a good substitute for Claret for ale by GOODHUE & CO. je 5 44 Sonth.treet. iILK CAMBISTS Bbck and coloured J Silk Camblcs, for Gentlemen' ware, for leatljO Broadway, by je 5 lw PHI 1.11 ROOK & PETF.R5. A LEXA.DRL FmUR46 barrel - ., for IV le br ROBERT C.ll.LESnF, 112 Front - treet. T Lri fluab.'t Pub ic Hand, k - . - uifniA iiicrn, no, io riy - mar - C in.l . . ... . i - oisrssion giren immeUintely. En - the premise. je 5 3t J OST thU morning near the Bank of New - iiMa.Tlv w " W'tr - ne4r Fultonteeet, a "IAMOND RlXG. The fin.ler will he liber - A . ., '0 S.1LE. . idJie Horse - L 5 'TL,kew,w hUo.K 1 ex u while woman to da kilcbso la white rirl from 14 .to 16 yean of age, tolo liie upper work of a small ramify. Apply at this office. JeS WANTED a Chambermaid, one who caa produce unexceptionable recommendations, may hear of a plat on applicatioa at thil office. Jo 6 3t T&Jt 'IHvUSAjVD DOLLARS, at3o'clock AT three o'clock thil aiteraooa commences the 7th drawing of the Grand Road Lottery. The first number drawn will be entitled to 10,000 Dollar A few ticket and (bare for ale at unAiir.'a 146 Broadway. Where the first drawn number on the 5th and 6th drawing were obtained the former entitled to $500(1, and Urt) lalter, no. IS4U, to 500 dolls, and where the principal part ol the capital nrizes drawn in this lich Lottery have been told and Pa';' . . . - . . . rnzes o!d at Oracle's within a ery few dnys So. 4846. oooo dolls. 2375. looo doll. 1501, 1305, 1546, 1568, 7027, 9077 each 500 dollars. Je 5 TO BK KAFKLKIi FOR, A FULL length portrait ol Miss O'Seill, painted by Kaikertu le seen at Mr. Crane' btor, 135 Broadway, where firms may be known. Je5 1w Du.t.m,:, liw oooasciitr aud Maluwer, . has removed hi store from W all and Broad streets to (he corner of Sat:iu 6c Spruce streets, where will be frund the fcrvatest variety of law in the state. For particulars, see list of New Law Books, published iu the Evening Post aod Also, a general uppty of the most approved uaw i:unus, on nne paper ana nunasomeiy exe cuted. Printing and book bin, ling, in all it brandies, ncnny anci promptly cxecuieu, on the most hhe ral terms. Je 5 2w TEWLY INVENTED PATENT COIvT xi uai, Kr.ri.r.uiUK, lor ecooomisiug and distributing Light. ' The subscribers, in inviting the attention of the public to an examination of their newly in vented l atent Conical Reflector, flatter them selves that from its principle and construction, a most important improvement is effected in eco - nomifinr and distributing the light produced by the present improved patent Liverpool, Argan, and Mnllory Lamp ; aod therefore submit it to the public, as a small addition to one of the mot perlect artificial luminaries of modern invention. BLOOM FIELD FKAsER, 33 Maiden - lane. N. B. Any number of the above Riflsclors, may be had or examined at the subscriber Wholesale and Retail Copper, Pewter, Tin and .Sheet Iron Kitchen Furniture Warehouse. No. 311 Maiden - lane, ar above - Je 5 lw STOKE TO LET JV BROADWAY . 11.1 AS VALES 1 ISE intending to relinquish i the bookselling bninf s. oiler to let the rtore be now ore upies, 104 Broadway, 3d door from Pine (treet ; it is a first rate stand for a re tail (tore Possession may be had immediately. EI.H? VALESTIXK bavins taken hi bro - hr SAMUEl, into parlnershiw the COFPER - l LATE PRISTISG buineM will in future, be conducted uniltr the firm of Klia A Samuel V alenlim;. Office 31 Hpiu' - , ru ar Gold treet. Atw - Voik, Jnne 5th, F.LIAS VAI ENTIVE, S A M UF.L V'ALE.N'TISE. Orders from publishers in this citv, or nny part of the iini - in, eteruti.d with dinpntr h, and on the mot r - as'in?ble tnns. " Je5 VATt.LlU.tM Jilt. MULE. THIS dny received by T. ( J. SWORDS, 160 Pearl - street, price 02 1 - 9 cent?, A CatuhuM if the Itihie ; in which all the ino - 1 impoiUnt events, tbaractpra, and circumstances, recorded in the Scripture of the Old aud Sew Testaments, are noticed and illustrated by way of question and answer. By the Rev. Men ties Rayuer, Rector of the Episcopal Churches in H'tntintnn, Connecticut. Je 5 FOR SALE, AFIHSTrate Saddle Horse, 15 hands high, kind tndouhle or sinle harness, perfectly gentle. A!rO, a dmiole houe wajon arid har ness, in tdeoftliR tet nntTiats, jusl ii, untied Applv 'o tlicnbcril"Lr, t J. 1'. Allaire' loun - dry, Ct.errv street, near Cmlears Ilook. ;;i" ii t.. uu.M.t.t, r.Nfl CKi niliAtCti - CJ Irnda prnui - Kenturky Tobncco, p:rt of wdtc b is ver hoice, l.tndin' from schr. Urchin, aud in store, lor sale by je 4 liourim.n a: juttss i ii.ti. I I IDES, TALLOW, and BEEF. II 10(H) Slaughtered Hide 5000 lb. S. Y. Rendered Tallow 100 half barrel tine beef, warranted to keep in any climate About 10,0001b. tmoaked Beef, js ready r delivery. T. GIBBONS. Je3lw 56 LUKH BHAJtVi. Barrels cidor brandy, just receivad and for salt by ANSON G. PH FLPS, jun 1 183tront - st. JOsEi'HOcBORN, No. 211 South street, bai for sale li? casks, 107 bags, (about 100,000 lb.) Coffee 40 bar Cocoa ; S bale Sooty Romals tbafesBlueCiillas 8 bale Calcutta Checks, landine frotn brig Lion. 14 hhits prime Kentucky Tobacco, land ing Irom ctir. Un nm 4 inpei Holland Gin, laudinc from sloop Manilla 400 Ox Hide, from sloop Warrea IS STORE. 150,000 lb. very superior Java Coffee 30 hbds. N L Rum 200 boxes No. 1 and Chocolate 60 chests Hyson and Singlo Tea iS Tamper j S.dly Madeira Wine 12 bags Cocoa - 50 bag Mustard Seed 2 cases Gum Tragacanth 3 cases Gum Copal 1 case Sal Almooiac ' 1 pair elegant Lacking Glars Plates, 23 bv 60 inches. Also, the lollowing Canton and Calcutta Goods: 4 case black twill'd fringed tidU. 1 do crossbarr'd do 1 do changeable larsaets 5 do Crimson Crape 3 case Green Sinchewi 1500 piece Blue Nankeens 30 bale Beerbooin and Company Gurrah 5 do red, blue and while Cilia lldkf. 1 do Seersucker 8 do Mow, Mauj.vuckpore and Jelalpore Sannah t hale T andab aod Rungpora Coaf 2 bale Mamoodiea 16 bale Ha.tas 1 bate Hearth Rngs 200 p. Lccgee and tiitericy Hdkf. 200 ps - very superior Bandanna lldk's. 8000 Madrass aud Calcutta Goat Skins, in prime order. . Je4 CAREEN BOCklXiS 15 pK - ceuet wide J prvssrd B - H - king Raizes, just opened, and for sale by the piece, or yard.!U1IH'I, Je4 4t 61 Maiden - Lane. JVTHW llHI.KA.Xs COITO. 70 bales LN iiinc Cnttuo.landinc from tl brig Argo, from New Orleans, and f'.r sale by WALSH il UAIXAtilltn, Je 2 6 South street. BLACK MILLINETTS 120 MUlin.tts. fiiriale br p. Black WM. CAMPBELL, Mnrtficturer, je 2 197 Peart - st (upstair) rAANTEDawL V tV work, and a COffO aad TOBACCO. la slow and landing, 1 140 hale Gen. Upland Cottoa 205 o Sew - Orleas do 20 hbds. Tobacco. For sal by FOTT& M'KltSE, yS9 4 2oU street. , Ft CHARLESTON. , y 1 The ekgant and fast raUin copper ha - Jtaned acttr. CHARLESTON fACK LI, 6. B. VaiL master, will dear to - day. and ail first fair wind afttr. For freight or passae. having (Dperior acoonunodatioiia, apply boanj, between BurUug - slip and Fly - market, or to SAUL ALLEY, jane 4 SB Pine - it. Fur Sole, freight or t hotter, XI A 9 - n Inna. itni MmArkahlr WelL is well sound aud can be sent to tea without de lay Apply to ISAAC PACKARD, Jnne 4 3t 33 South - sL For LOSDOJS', The copper fastened and. coppered isliip A EXLs, N. Scovel, Jun. master will clear out to - morrow, and sail on Sunday next t can accommodate several more passen gers, having handsome accommodations, if ap plication be made immediately on board, at Murrav's - vrliarf, or at 68 South - street, je 4 " GRIS WOLDS : COATES. t'tr Ait. ThvmaM and City of Ut Domingo. lhesloo;j rVAURLN, Mason, mas ter a uood vessel, and has superior ac coin modal ionn for puisengers. For freigtit or passage, apply on board, at pier 9, or to JOSEPH OSBOllN, je 4 28 South - street Wunttd (o tieight for lit.MLUA, A good tessel of 450 to 500 bbls bur - tnen immediate dispatch will be given. Appiy to TUCKER oi LAURIES, Je4 29 South - st. kit H. S - 4 I . h' The Terr fast - tailin? cnimered and ronrwe - fiutHap.d tin VH All f?KY - is weu itiuna ana can be scat to sea witiiout cciay Apply to POTT A - M'KISNE, or je 1 B. W. ItOGr.KS ti CO.. tor BRlsluL, ltr.glaui,) (A regular trader,) The elegant fast tailing coppered ship ANDREW JACKSON, Thomas T Morton, master a cnniderabl part ol her cargo being engaged, will be dispatched without delay For freight or passage, having excellent accommoda tions, apply on board, at pier No. 22, near 1'e - ck - sup, or to rETEK 5CHERMERUOn. &SOS, Or B. W. ROGERS & CO. Who offer for tali. 10000 Stombndge Brick 60 casks patent Shot SO do liar Lead 100 barrels Spanish Brown 20 casks Porter Now landing from the Andrew Jackson, Je 1 for St. CliOIX, The subst.iiitiul fn - t sailing brig RAPID, S. .Smith, master, to ssii the Bill inst. For fr iir'.t o paiSigc, hat inw iTji d sci omniodations, apply ti she m - ster on board, at pier No. 1 1 East Ri er, or to Kr.Ai'fc. s jje pi;y - i i.k, je 1 lw 31 Oldiilip. for i.U.SA - .VAH, The rejjiiLir packet schr. KOSE - IS - IILOU.M, E. Wheaton, master; will meet wall immediate tlispacth. For freight or passage, ajiply on board at Govtrncurs - nliai f, or to ANSON G. PHELPS, mv 30 183 Fi. iit - street. for f HEIGHT or, v 1 lie lina - n nri ai.r.r.., .Mason, mas ter, burtbeu 246 tons, a remarkably fine vu&Hsl ; will be ready to receive a caro in three days Apply to llOBERTCILLESPIE, 112 Front - street Who hat for tale, 20 lihd old Rir.hmoud tobacco 7 do do l'elcr - 'ourjr do 18 li II do new do do do Richmond do Kentucky do do do 15 J Brazil hidc - s St. Douiiu;j and Jamaica coffee in hhd anJ b.igt. may 30 for lilulccly, Mvbile and tl. jtevhttr, m The superior la. - t sailing new packet schjoner MARIA - ANN, ca:t. Lefliog - weil, la regular tradi.r) h tving part oi her car go engaged, will meet with immediate dupatrh. For freight or paa - 'p, havii g elegant ai comino - dations, apply oa board, east side Old - dip, or to PElLIUiX IILKKICK, may 23 29 Coeuties - slip. fH KIG HTfor CHA UL f.S I O.V. 250 Ions heavy freight. A pply t ANSON Ct. PHELPS, 133 Front - street. m sny tl Tl KY GOODS A few case London fine an J JLJr extra superfine cloths aad cassi meres t trunks 6 - 4 cambric, 2 cases cottoa hosiery 2 do 4 - 4 linens, 2 do navy blue prints China silks, Blue nankean Russia sheetings, A c. received by late arrival and for sale by UURD&5EWALL, Juno 3 65 .0'rath ?rret. POl S. HOOPS, ctlEET lUOA, J US I' received nod for sale by ABEEL It DUNSCOMU. 12 tons English Pots, 1 - 2 to 10 gal. entitled to debenture 10 do do f loops, I to 1 - 2 inch, do do 5 do do Iron, 1 1 - 4 by 3 8 5 do Sheet Iron, single double and treble 2 do Brazier's Rods, 4 inch IO do each 3 8 and I 2 inch square rolled Iron 17 casks English cart waggou St chair boxes 1 cask containing 200 doien Pod Augers And in store, a general assortment ol Iron, Steel and Hardware. Je 3 lw EA'QLISII SHOE THREAD, It. fl)f I fill pounds English shoe thread, 40 d3JJ casks wrought nails in lOOih kegs 60 do English and American do assorted iOM lb copper bottoms 20 to 30 inch For sal by CEBRA & CUMING, J3 7'J Pearl - st. PUBLISH EO THIS D iY. A PRACTICAL I RE ATI5E on PERSPECTIVE, adapted for those who practice landscaim painting or drawing from nature. Also, THE PERSPLC l'OGRAPH, for tak ing views. We the arJcrsisrned artist, resident at New - York, havinginsiwrled Busby's perspectograph. are of opinion, I bat it i an ingenious useful and convenient invention, that will materially assist all p rsons desirous of making accurate perspec tive views irom nature. JSO. TRUMBULL, AB. ROBERTSON. SAMU L L WALDO, JOHN RUBENS SMITH, WILLIAM DUXLAP, J H. JAKVI3. The above works are for ale by J LAMBERT, Je3 1m" 3 Court land t - treet. i.OST, FI1II1S morning', in coming down I'Jdridge JL anil Chatham to Hover - street, a fljt hair DRACELET with a large gold clasp, with the initials S. A. S. in Urge letter. 1 he finder will be h. warded by leaving it at the Pot Of fice. Je3 3t SPANISH DOLLARS wanted by WM. SHOP WELL St SON, my 27 2 No. 45 Williao street HYSON TEA. fi rbesl very superior Hyson Ti - a. (Canton's cargo) entitled to debenture, aad for sale by ii. G. it S. HOW LAND, - 67 Washington - street In Store. 200 teams wrapping Paper, sai table for tea deafen J TTA&OWAKZWaat hodesJ frea Uarcary, JLJl osi sal at No. 65 FiM - rret, coaststug ot uaaoory itii, bootm and Snaffle Polish'd KoIIm BacklM. Juiu'il rfn. tn Black aa4 Bric&t Snack lesVaad Doubte Padr locks Can, Key, Fancy. TnwJx. Black aad Bright, Shackle Siw and Dosjble Bolt Pad Locks Curry Cos bs, bpnrg Rt Traps Iron Candlesticks. Woodacrawi Awl Blades, Pearl Battooa, Bras Cut) Locks tsngnt vvroorht Tbasab Ltrbes Norfolk do. Cox's Carrier Knives Till Locks Cart But Hinge. my 29 9t FOR SALE. PEW No. 63, in middk, aiate iaDr. Rosaeys's Chorch, u Cedar - street. Apply at . BTSIIw 131 Fultoo street ST" "04 HALtL Two year unexpired lease, from the 1st day of May last, of li? house and store No. 181 Broadway ; one of the best stands in the street for Uie drrgood business. Alio, a small stock of dry goods, which was purchased on the best terms, principally at auction. For terms, which will be ajxotnuiodating, apply at the store a aoove. jet lw M ILLIMETTS 600 pa white Milbnetts, ell blc - acli'd and in tood order, iust re - ceivea, ana ror sale tow, ry WILUAM CAMPBELL, Manufacturer, Je t 197 I'ewrl - gtreet. (up stairs.) TIC i O Tl OJV O OUJJit. S' EVERAL cases of bleached and nnbleached cotton shirtiugs and sbeetinn, of an excel lent quality, with other domestic goods, just re cived and for sale on reasonable terms, by WILLIAM CAMPBELL, Manufacturer, 197 Pearl - street, op stairs. Also, a quantity pf .VI i timet ts. june 2 CHIMNEY PIECES. OI.X elegant carved marble Chimney Pieces, kj just arrived Irom Italy, lor sale oy A. LABAUGH, Corner of Beaver - lane and Greenwich - sL Je I Ct SlEV A constant supply of extra fine, fine and common wire and heir fcivi, lor sale by CtlillA 4iCU,VllU, Je 3 76 Pearl street, 1 OLASpEH A quantity of Molasses, lan - tliiu; at rier 1 1, (or sale by JOS. OSBORN, Je 4 28 South - street f IM. 4 pipes Holland Gin, landing and for VJi sale oy JOSEPH OSBORN, 2U outh Hr - et. Je4 JLGAll i. Kt.M. 6 Lho. Aiuscovauo Su - sJ gar 16 bag Havana brown do A saw puccheoflt Autijim Ruin, for sale by GOODHUE ai CO. Je 4 44 South - street. i M li e l:w jirta.r Ui iun Cotton, . i. ,; - .i.,. it:it' :.t bfouLItu. Iioui sloops .: a li"d liiitnt J ii Store. 153 bnlt Upland Cotton 4 do Sea Island do. For sale by HENRY THOMAS, Je310t No.2Jr.nrs lane. H. 7J Wi'liingtou - rtreet, otlor? lor sale !9 bales cotton, just arrived per sloop Express, fr.,m Savannah iOO deua! of 5 fallon; each 6 pjiir mill - ttones, tmm 4 leet 3 to 5 feet . few dozen wtilch springs and chains June 4 lw t'tARKANTfcO I'OLTINO CLOIHS. A Ty large assortment of every description of Dutch Dotting C'.oths, warranted of the best quality and at very low price, for sale by J.U. ArCRACKAN, je 4 3t 82 1 - 2 Pearl - gtreet. 75 BIMKHTH Si CLOTUS. bales row, oiut and duffil blankets 4 do low priced blue cloths do do assorted do do double milled drab do do blue and red strond 8 2 do SearUt cloths For Kile by WIXTHUOP, ROGERS & WILLIAM?, Jnne 4 3t 233 Pearl - st IJU.VlbollCMOIfJEi; tAKKb. ' I 'I I E subset ibers keep constantly on band an L e a tensive assortment of the lollowing goods, iir : Dutch and English or Couutrr Gunny Bags Popes Heads Crumb Brushes Bellows fancy and common Do for Blacksmiths Hall and Entry Mats Pails and Tubs Wheel - Barrows Fine Wire Sieves Do Hair do Whips of every description Seine, sewing, wrapping, baking and ball Twine Fish Lines Shoe A Sadlt rs Thread Dearooru's ttolUii - ce, tic. Brooms Duster. H rushes llcarih BrasheJ, fB cy and common llad do do do Cloth d'i do do W ravers do White Wash do Shoe Ai Scrubbing do Paint Brushes and Sash Tools Clamp, 4,7, 8 row Furniture Brush, s Horse do Bui Cords Clothes Lines Sana. Cords, Trace Rope Wrought and Cut Sails and Brails Which they wiii sell wholesale or retail on li 'rai terms. CEBKA A CUMING, Jet 76 Pearl - street. riNGLIsH WHITE CANVAS 1 10 bolls Fj No 1 to 8, landing fr"tn the Ann Maria, :or sale at bl Aouth street, by Je 3 CAMBRELENti & PEARSON. SEW - ORLEANS CGI TON, TOBACCO, Ac rJ s Rales prime cottoa, landing Irons the 4 vF brig Argo, from New - Orleans, and for saie by WALSH & GALLAGHER, 66 SouLu - st Who have also in store, 200 lihds prime New AichmooJ tobacco, in entire parcels CO do old do 150 do Kenturky do of very superior qnality 00 keg manufactured do branded rnce Warwick, Lahbj, &C EO0 do Fredericksburg do 25 casks claret, 20 do Ixwdon mustard 3 butts Ijoudon porter 5 puncheons rabbit skins . 700 reams medium printing papsr 50 do cap, No. 2, press papers Je3 Q ALLUM, f - AUTTS, Uc. 1 O cau - ks allum, I2casrs aqua fbrtis double 800 qr. kegs finest ground white paiut lt0 bbls. opanish brown 40ihoxes 1 - 3 X tin plate 30 bbls. refused salt petre, landing from ship Andrtw Jackson, from Bristol, for saie by DiVIE BETH USE & CO. June 3 02 Coffee - house - slip. T1 OTTOS. 227 bale Cpland Cotton, per Vv schr. Cerea, Irom CUarieaton, and sloops tiood Intent, and Yankee, from Pavannali, land ing at Brooklyn, and for sale bv SAUL AIJJIY, 93 Pine sL Is Toas 15 bales L'plaitd, for sale as a - bove. je3 - 10l"rtN. Ac 15 bal iirirae Orleans Cot I j ion. laadiog fmm ach'r Urchin : 4 bales irfiiae Colaad. landing from sloops Hardware, aod East, Brum Savannah, for (ate hy BACL AI.L.r, s, 98 Pin - street 11 STORK 212 bale prim Upland, (part sqnare :) 1 1J bale Deer Skio - for sale u above. J T tS rU WAUL1 iinoi "ii'"u ... - . .. . . . u : , I .M A VJi . Owego Road tottery, now arawux. 6th daj's rtrnwing. No. 1546. 500 dels. 15335, 0208,6928, 5230, 5l37, 2tJ, lOOdol. ' r irst lrawn sii'r. S..ld at WAI lE'd. Th krts and Share for ae at WaiU's M Mai.lm.Uoe. 1st drairn swsnber W - IBorrow teiaooa, entitled to 10,000 do!. Je 4 REMOVALS. Bj JOHN LOR1M ER GRAHAM, attorney at law, has opened his offic at So. 43 Chamber - street, near Broadway. may 10 4 w tn JOHN PKOC 1 OR, jun. ha reoiovad from So. 62 Beekman to 106 Lilwrty - otreet her ha still affers liberal anticipation on pro perty consigned to hi menus in the Mediterra - oaaa. For further particulars apply as above, or to AdKAHAItI oLLm mr7 1m corner of C1UTA Fulton - sts ' t4t MACK1E, MILNE A. ved to No. 61 Cine - street CO. Lais ieu. mar 4 - cn - HENRY A. FAY, attorney at Law, ha opened tiia orhce at No., 94 Water - sUeet. je i iw NOTICE. ft The co - partnership heretofore existing between the subi ril)ers under the firm of Tri - rass Si Brvck, is this day dissolved, by mutbal couseni. aew - xork Junt 1st, ItJlU. CALEB TRIPA.S, Jellw ROBERT BRUCE. SAL'I WATER BATHS. To Me Laditt and Getitltmtn otftw - York. OO - The public are infoibied, tiiat the oM New - York Salt Water Bath is now open, at tin - foot of Barclay - street, at the end of Mr. Rhine lander's new dock, a little below Murray - street her old station, with good accommodations and the greatest convenience and safety. The Marine Swimming Hath for gentlemen only, will be opened ou Saturday next, at Mr. Gibbons' long pier next to the Battery, where the Marine Bath was formerly stationed. Part of two days in each week the Path at Barclay street, will be exclusively devoted to Lad it. Rule and regulations at the Baths. Tickets w il I admit to either. Je3 J. RABINF.AU. In Common Council, June 1, 1813. fTJ" THE Comptroller was directed to ad vertise in the public prints employed by this Board, and inform all persons who bold or are in possession ot Water ltts, tor which promts have not been taken out from this Corporation, that unless application is made to the Board tor the same, on or before the first day of Sep tember next, that the council of the Board will be instructed to commence actions of e - jectment against the occupant or holder, fur recovery ot the same. By the Common Council. J MORTON, Clerk. All persons in possession of Water Lots, for which grants have not been taken out, are requested to apply at the Comptroller's Office, No. 12 City - Hall. Jt 4 wti Micr - b, want a situation in a res - XJs. pec table family, who can produce satis factory r. commendations, by applying at No. iu ueavrr - street. je 4 3t' JVJOT1CE Ail persons having claims hi.iiiikl XI the tstatf of I honias Brad v. late M the city of New - York, deceased, are rrquisted to present the same legally authenticated, and all those indebted to the said estate twe requested louinne I'limeuiaie payment to liie suiscniier, wliocller fur saie the uroperty of the deceased. containing 4 lot fronting on the Bowery 15 by 75 feet d::ep each, and one on Stanton - street, 1'5 he lot let t The whole premises are rented this year for 690 and taxes. An indisputable title will be given tor the same by jamls UAKCLAY, r.xecutor, Je4 lui No. 3 Houth - slreet. ClHlNA SILKS Just received a consignment ' consisting of Black, changeable, blue and green Sinchews Black and changeable Sarsnets Black Caiublels, coloured Levantines Black and coloured Crupes Embroidered and Damask Crape Shawls Sewing Silks assorted colours First Chop 4 - 4 black, twilled and fringed llkfs High coloured Concerns, 2!) a 30 yds, for sale by PETER REM SEN At CO. Je2 & South - street. TAKEN UP, A BAY MARE, about 7 years old, S white bind feet a black spot on the rtimn. ererl fore leg on the near side, a star on the loiehead. I and a switch tail. T he owner, by calling on I tlie subscriber, at the corner of Factor and Perry streets proving property, and ,yiug all lawful charges, can have liie taid mare. with sduiue, onuiu ana maruogni. JOHN CARSON, Je4 2t Greenwich Village 1 0 LfcT. A pleasant back room, at no. 6 Wall - street, suitable for a lawyer's office. Possession immediately. Apply in the front omc. Je4 NEW YORK IN 1 ELUGENCE OEUCE, Ao. 67 VHAMiikR - STRfiET, JV'sxf door fo Afr. Huttori't. THE subscribers have opened an office, at the above place, for th accommodation of tho public generally, and respectiul'y solicit a share oi their patronage. Families, ship masters or mechanics, who are in want ol servant, male or female, cooks, stewards, coachmen or apprentices, can be supplied at the shortest notice, by applying at the abov place. Every attention will lie paid to ascertain whether the persons applying to this office for employment have good recommendations or not, and the public may be aesured no servants wili he recommended by the subscribers, unless their characters are good and they bring satisfactory evidence of the same from tlie persons Willi wnnm uicy last uvea. Houses, stores, furnished or unfumitlwd rooms, may be obtained by applying at tin olhre. Alto, person having the same to let, can 6nd tenants by applying as above. Every person, wanting employment, can find it by calling on the subscribers, who will endeavour to merit tlie tip - probation of the public, by paying strict attention to their business. S. W. WINCHESTER, DANIEL FARRAR. 03 Wanted immediately, a number oT good Cooks with good references. Also, a number of smart active coloured girls, as chambermaids, Arc. Six or eight good nurses may be had immediately at thi office. Also, eight good coachmen, or servant for single gentlemen, may De had as above. A number of Englishmen and Scotchmen, with their wives, (and no children) wish employment on farms or as gardners and dairy maids l would go to any part of this state or New - Jersey. Six industrious and active men. are in want of situations in grocery stores ; they caa be well recommended. Gentlemen intending to travel, caa obtain good coachmen, male and female servants or waiters, by applying as ahove. A number oi middle aged women wish situs tions in private families to nurse and take care of children. Je4 1w GA LLAVOETS DISCOURSES. S' HORTLY will bDublUhd. a volume of Discourse on various points of Christian Faith and Practice, most of which were deliver ed m the chapel of the Oratoire at Paris in the spring ot 1816, by J noma ll. uanauari, rnn - t ir - al cf the Connecticut asylum for the instroc - iioo of the Deaf and Dumb. Copy right tcu r!. P. W. GALLAUDET, Je4 lw , 49Fulton - st riONVERSATlONS on Uie Bible, by a lady, KJ with eight engravings, price $ I to, bound; 7Scts boards ; josi received and for swle at the Minerva Circulating Library, No. 265 Broadway, opposite the mssram. Je 4 MARSHAL'S SALE. BY virtue of a Landlords warrant to She directed and delivered will be sold at duMm - a action, at 12 o'clock, at the Tontine Coffee House, all the furniture or the school No. 20 Franklin street known as tht Young Ladies Hair, coosi'Ung ei oerns tables benches, mans. auatses inraonusaoer oi scnooi nooxs signs, ire. Inventory to he seen and the foxnitxr ex amined at tbe school room. JOHN WABJL, Marshal Je 4 xt' I I p of 1 n PUBLIC SALES; Bf MILLS, MttfTOJt V CO. v T.'Uiorrow, . ' 43 bxe St. Jab Claret - AJoiday, Atbalf past 9 o'clock, at (h'ir suction store, 148 Pearl street, a general asoitment of Preach and British dry s. ids. lursday, 18'bJune, . Aa entir invtire ot brt Eiighdl plat look ing glasres, looking glass plates Art tat Is and Kidderminster carptiui and rug, tuatvyany cliain, and a variety of other articles nf thn latest English and French fashions. Consislins of Jj richly gilt and new style son glassef d i in 45 Lj 20 to 70 by 36 in., 15 chimney do 31 by 24 in. with, ends of 24 bv 10 in. ,c. 16 superbly ornameoudniirron, carved arche - , cot glanjpansli j. tte light. fZbest Briti.h - ilver - ed plates in blind frames 50 1 y SB in. OS do reed - e J iraru - 34bv 22 to 44 by Cti in. 1 200 1 st British universal plates trom SO ny 1 1 4o 54 by 59 inches 32tHMo6 b 5to IC by 12m. lh,et ti;i foil soit - able for the ahove, pieces elegant Hrtuiels car - tint: of newest style, 3 do border ton,atch. 4 do Kidderminster do 21 elegant imperial earth rugs 11 Brussels bedside rugs, 54 fash, ioiiable mahogany ch.iir, hair bottoms and, braas moulkings, 2 Ixtndnn niatL. piano fortes, and a gt ea variety of new and fashionable fur. niture. The large glasses, mirrors, carpets and rnirs. will be old in lots to suit purchasers. The chuir in snu. .The silvered and unsilvrredV pleies, will be sold by the package to dealers. in a imerai credit. I he above were shipped by bonnes of the first respectability in Europe, ...,,t . ; ., UA'.A.,. l.A. .1. ..! - .. 2. 1 1 as can be sent. . MAtUiur. toil JlMJIJ - .DI.VQ, te. , Fjn HE proprietors of the southern marble qua JL rics, near King's - Bridge, civ notice, that they have oa hand, and are receiving, at th iiiiig t' Bridge Marble aud Ltme - Xard, foot of Beach - street, on the Hudua river, an extensive stock of marble lor building, of the lollowing de. KlipUOOl, ViZ i Ashlar Coping Foundation Stona , Chimney - pieces J Facings Column Watci table Steps Platforms Bills Lintels Arches ALo Lime of the best qnality. A constant supply of the abov materials may be calculated upon ; and those desirous of purchasing, or making engagements will apply to EZRA LUDLOW, Feb 11 At th Yard. NUJICE fr AH persons are cautioned not to trust tie t rew of the British bru Skcene, from Leith. a no debts contracted by them will be paid by the captain or consignee. soy 30 NOTICE. fr All persons indebted to Water Fsvaaa and Charles Dobbs (for street manure) are re quested to call and settle their accounts with either of them, or w itli D. L. Mead, at th corner of Pump tldndge - strei ts, formerly called t mrd - sircet, on or before the first day or July next All persons having demand against tbeut will please to present their accounts for fettle - rutnt. WATERS FURMAN, and CHARLES DOBBS. mylJdlrlmt LANDS. 0r STEPHEN B. MUNN.Tio. 226 Prart - stret.t, New - York, purchases Lands in the Illinois Territory, whicn has been est apart for th late Army. letters irom i),e couutry giving a description ol the patent and the pric asked lor each lot, will be atteudod to, if Post paid. my ! UAiuti TO LA AD VWJKHS, fA HMEHS AND OTHERS.. WANTED TO KENT, inn lea, farm. ' comprixing from two to thrm huudted acres or thtrcabout, consisting of Meadow, Pasture and Arabic Laud, in a Waltliy situation in tlie westeju part of th Uuited Slates and contiguous to good mai kets, on wliich ther 1 a con venient house, wJI supplied with friub water, with kitchen garden, orchard and wood land. together with dairy, haras, stable and other suitable detached out - bouss ail in complet re pair. As immediate possesion will be required, pleas address to A. B. No. 208 Broadway, New - York, stating terms and particulars. N. B. No letters will be received nnlen post paid. Jun 2 lw FOR SALE, Leasehold Property, more valuable than real Estate. 1 hat pleasant situated Hoase and Academy No. 39 While - street, between Broadway and Church - street, thirty years of tlie Leas on - expired all improvement to b paid for, by valuation at the expiration of th term. Ground Rent thirty pounds per annum, for particulars enquire of George Pick, Cornelia - street, Greenwich. Jettf To be told at pub!w auction, At tbe Tontine Coffee House, on Tecs - day, the ICth June, at If o'clock, the following estate nf.'acobus Vervrclcn, deceased, to close the concern : The two story brick front house and lot of ground No. 22 Walker street The house is 25 feet wide by about 38 deep, nod well calculated to accommodate a family. The lot is 25 by 100 feet ALSO 3 lot of ground, on the easterly side of Thompson street, retween Grand snd Broome - streets ; esch Lot is 25 feet wide and 95 deep. They have lately been filled with earth. G. N. BLEKCKERll ,0. 1D1 HI'O C ajtirf . s Je 2 12t rilO - MOKUOW AFTERNOON, the first JL drawn number in tbe Grand Road Lot tery, will be entitled to 500 dollars, and on Friday afternoon the first number will be entitled to - ran thousand dolisss. Tickets and Shares for sale by R. WAITE, Jun. 136 Broadway, who sold and paid two of the highest prizes yet drawn, in this Lottery, via. 4650, 5000 dollars, snd 397"7, 1000 dollars, and most of the highest prizes in the last Medical Science Lottery. je2 10,000 DOLLAR P HUE - on Friday next fstiLToaa asro owaco aoan loTTtsr. rj - 500 Dollais fir I drawn number on Wednesday, anil 10,000 dollars fii st draw n number on Fridav - wheu there will be only 13 more days to draw. Ticket and shares, for sale by G, Si R. WAITE, je J4 Miden' - Une A1TENTIOV f ! ! 10,000 DOLLARS, THE first drawn Ticket To - morrow Afternoon at 8 o'clock, at Union Hotel, in Wil liam - street, in the Splendid Uwego Lottery, will by entitled to the Capital Prix e of 10,000 dollars. A few Tickets and Shares, for sale at tho . old established Lucky Lottery Office of JUDAH & LAZARUS. 74 Maiden - lane. Where have bAn sold in former lotteries t net to ice amount oi imc aiuaon ana a nan Dollars. " - Prize in former lotteries, and approved pmm'isary note v ll be taken in payment for tickets. A correct check book if kept at the Lucky Lottery Office, which may be examined at all times hee of expence. Je4 2t GRAND ROAD LOTTERY. ' GILLESPIE'S List .1 Phe VW inr. Nna. 1546, $500, 6137, 6iOJ iiM. 5J95 1100 each. ' - ", 'fc5 - . sum er to - morrow will be entitled to a - r.e or . 10,000 - there is also in lb T'io5 rt - ot 10,000. aud Stationary P . .1 70,000. Tickets and Shares '? r.LLpiE's ";2ffztir - HottL vbtn nn - curreot Mosjej i b - soowmcu. it i St i. i j : f r if, ' I . I I i'.. i i 1 , ij w 11 1 1 li A i5 i , 4 AS '''A . 1 V 'I v: ( t ' I I

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