The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 11, 1937 · Page 11
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 11

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 11, 1937
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

RATE INQUIRY WILL BE MADE Herring Says REA Money Might Be Best Spent for Lines. WASHINGTON, (/P)--Senator Clyde L. Herring of Iowa announced Thursday an inquiry into details of the proposed construction by the rura! ; electrification administration of two large generating plants in Iowa. He said he has obtained copies of rates offered by power companies in Kansas, Oklahoma and ; neighboring states to compare with .those of Iowa companies in the MASON CITY GLOBE-'GAZETTE,,MARCH 11 · 1937 belief able." j Dyspepsia, Acid Stomach laa £,? ' F r "' '° r *" I" 11 "*, heartburn, nlh HI ? l " 1a l nausi!a . stomach ulcora and M (Ki if °TTM S Ue ''° "?"* Mld - M °TM hnn »r«KSn [ 8 ··»Tltt«i Erateful Inltcrs jet reneroua trial i Enjler. Ford Hopkins and Walfrren Druj Stores "ours might be as favor- ' Better for Lines. . "If that is the ease, it! would seem better to take the money HEA intends using for the generating plants and use it instead in constructing rural electrificalioi lines lo carry current availabl from private companies," he said Only major generating plants contemplated by REA under its present appropriations, the projects are expected to serve ah area embracing nearly 12 northwestern Iowa counties. One Is in Franklin. REA allocated $225,000 for the first of the plants, in Franklin county, .and 5185,000 for the second, in Pocahontas county. Loan contracts already have been signcc and specifications now are being drawn, REA representatives said They said "a few".other gener- ating.projecls elsewhere had been discussed but' that the Iowa plants ..were the only ones for which loan :conlracts actually had been signed Elsewhere, .they said, . private power companies agreed to reduced rates, but in the northwest Iowa area the · prospective farm customers ."refused to dicker further with the companies and went to build their own plants." SHAMPOO and FINGER WAVE, Pried PERMANENT WAVES Croq.ulgn.ole Ringlet {'No Shampoo). .$1.00 Guaranteefl Oil Wave (Complete)... .52.00 Charles Gilbert Beauty Shop Across From Chapman's Furniture Store Phone 1006 Save Your Eyes in March and Save Money Too During Our Eyesight- Sale. DR. L. A. WELLS ,, OPTQMETRIST ·-^, 5 ' KITCHEH.VENSEH GLASSES' '',-·'-. L IIDj H FtDim-MASON CITY] An Outstanding Sale of COLORFUL SPRING HATS " Specially Priced at$ 1 .98 and $ ',; EXTRA'- SMART... Because They're-r- · Ballibuntl ' , ' IT'S · Fine Baku · .'"Fine Felt ' ' · Pastel. Colors to . Match Your .. Blouses. 2.98 Every style you can think of -- roll brims, roll turbans, off-the-faee hats, halos, casual hats, flowered hats, veiled hats. NOT TOO EARLY TO BUY FOR EASTER FORGET CHAPTER 42 Joel came in quietly about hal past 2. He left his. stick and to] hat m the foyer and, seeing a ligh in the living room under Ih closed door, whistled. There wa no answer and, thinking that Jan et hart gone off to hed withou turning out the light, he went in of the room. "On, sorry!" he said in a ton that said plainly that he had n idea his wife was entertaining bu that ho and woulc never have brokenln on them un announced. That tone made both Janet am Russell Bede embarrassed as nei ther of them would have been under any other circumstances. JoeJ didn't notice their embarrassment; he only knew that h' had-seen their two brown head outlined in the radiance of In* lable l;imp at their backs as thej sat on the big lounge; knew tha he had seen them draw apart. "It's all right," Janet said easilj withuut betraying that she was angiy wtih him for making her feel guilty when theer was nothing to feel guilty about. "Come in, darling. I've been trying to persuade -Huss lo have something to eat. Suppose I make some coffee?" "Not for me, thanks," Joel answered and pob'tely stifled a yawn "I've 'got to get up early in the morning. I'm going to see some polo practice." "I'd better be running along,' Russeil said and got up. "If you think that whole thing has been ironed out, Janet, I'll leave it in your hands." Joel wanted very much to know what Russell was leaving in Janet's hands but he maintained an aloof silence. Joel never took Janet's job seriously and it didn't occur tn him in' that uncomfortable moment that Russell could be talking about work. Damn the fellow! He had something to offer a woman and Joe' knew that he was in love with his wife. He had background, an assured present and a secure future to give Janet whereas, he ... Joel thought of that and said curtly, "Good night, old man 'NighE, Janet." "Good night, darling, I'll be along in a minute." She saw Russell to the door and lingered for a few minutes. Russell was leaving for a trip to Canada and she had been working oul some promotion booklets for him to take with him as well as an advertising plan which one of his New York stores was anxious to get out. They had returned early to discuss : the final, details since: this was the last 'opportunity , f they w.ould have to do so. : Janet, closing the door at Russell's back, sighed a little and wen- PAINFUL CORNS GO tlemnvirtl by/Veto Tiitline Discovery Ralicf in .1 Sccantl* or Mutiny Hack IOO-ISC, tho new iodino'tliacovery, ends All ^orenena and pain In 3 accondo. Just w«t your :om or callous with lOD-ISE.Thcy *)iy up... oOHen. Shortly you remove the painful crowth, ·on end nli. Xo cutlinx. No filing. No uiscom- ort. I O D - I S E J B pnEe, antiseptic nnd nimplo to IMS. Get a 3oo bott!o ntyourdnlRcnBt today nnd offer no longer. Satisfaction or money back. Always at Enslrr DruE Co. 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' . . . · . · . · , · . , . . r f dered what Joel was going to say now. It didn't occur to her to wonder where Joel had been. / Once she would have hastened back to him to tell him that she had been glad to see him, tha Russell's being there alone wit! her at that hour had been simply because they had business to tall over. ' Once she would have been un- le to -think of what Russell was saying to her during all . those hours after the theater was out and Joel was not with her. Once, she would have been tortured by the jealous fears she could not control. Her attention would have been for the man she was will but a thousand questions woulc have tripped over each' other in her mind. What woman was Joe with? What was she saying? Wha was Joel saying to her? Did tha woman have 'some allure tha would lake him from Janet? . Oh, she had known them all, bu repetition had dulled the edge o the mental pains she had suffered Time had stilled a sharper fear and lessened the consciousness of anything being wrong between them There was something wrong between them, for the bond of companionship that is closely kni when two people share everything was unraveling so slowly, so very slowly that it did not seem dangerous to them. Janet would have been horrifiec to find that it was she and no Joel who was making that gul wider. Joel had his new friends and his new admirers but he hac them in quantities. Janet had new friends but she also had a constant companion. . She had Russell Bede and because she was not in love with him or, believed that she was no falling in love with him, she would have been startled out of her calm to realize what import Ihe rest of the world might put on that friendship and companionship. Russell fitted neatly into her scheme of things. And. because he fit so neatly, he tightened up Ihe edges of her life. It began with their liking for each other, their sharing the same likes and dislikes. It flourished on their mutual business interest. Janet devoted a great deal of tier time to her job albeit she did not have office hours from 9 to 5. Her intelligent interest had veloped into an intelligent . de- ap- proach'and the result of her work was tremendously important to Russell. He had come to.the point where he consulted her about merchandising problems beyond the sphere in which she operated and often leaned on her lor the right answer to them. Russell was beginning to :make Janet, feel important. Russell was to bind himself: to"'.: her: in many ways i that she would have ..'recognized-as danger signals had slle seen them happening to anolhei woman. It was Russell and not Joel who lad insisted that she pack her bags and go to Atlantic City to recuperate from a.grippe cold. Joel ladn't even noticed that she was ?ating little and not recovering irom the ravages of her illness be t ever so brief. Masterfully, Russell had ordered ler tickets, made reservations for ler and driven her to the train to his car on a matinee day. It was Russell who volunteered .o take over the perplexing money matters that Janet had to take care of for both herself and Joel when there were deposits and withdrawals to straighten out when they transferred their 20- ·.punt from Beverly Hills to New -- Russell who thought that Janet ought to get more sunshine and who took her for long walks in the winter sunshine. It was Russell who saw that she blinked over her books and .who iuggested having her see about retting reading glasses, · Janet 'slipped into the convenient acceptance of Russell's care and thoughlfulness. And doing it, she was blind, utterly blind, to what was happening to Joel. She who had felt that her leart beat with the cadence ot Joel's! If she had wanted to know what Joel was doing, whom he was with and where he was, she lad only to ask him. Joel hadn't a secret from his wife. But Janet York. It was never asked him. In the early days after her "irst trip east, fear had bound her, she had been afraid that it would lave annoyed Joel to have her ask questions. She said then that'she vould never lei him experience he possessiveness in her that he lad once told her emphatically "ic could never stand. Later she had asked no ques- ions because she was trying to 'ontrol her jealousy and she nought that only by ignoring the cause she could find the way o do it. And, more lately, she had -isked no questions because she vas tired. She was weary but un- rotesting. She accepted the pat- ern o£ a life that she had not vanted because it was obviously he only one that she could have. !he was uncomplaining always. And most of the time she was luite content, if not happy. She would have screamed and orn her hair and then hit the leights of happiness had she mown that Joel wanted her as he had once been. Had she sked him just one jealous little uestion! But Joel didn't do it. He let the urt inside him spread out in a reat mushroom in his mind unlil t began to press on him and ventually have effects far great- r than any that Janet could ave made with any conscious ef- ort, To Be Continued) ELEVEN Here's Another Sit Down Strike JOLIET, 111., (ff)--Comfortably esconcccl in liis stalled automobile on frozen May. street, Frank Pctcrlin stuck to his "sit clown" strike for the fourth day as the postman brought letters of encouragement from sympathizers. 1'elerlin's car became mirccl in the mud Monday. Disgusted he declared he had "had enough" and would sit there until Street Commissioner Sam Shepley improved the street. Then the temperature dropped and Thursday Fcfcrlin's automobile was held fast in the frozen mud. Neighbors provided an electric heater, meals and anil other, comforts. Commissioner Shepley said his department "mielit" flo something about (he situation next week. H E L P I N G T H E H 0 M E M A K E R Bi' MRS. niARY MOKTON Saint Patrick would be a mighty proud saint if he could see all the parties planned in honor of his birthday. He would be thrilled, for St. Pat was a modest fellow, i£ he did have the spunk to drive all the serpents out of his home land. Our holidays are celebrated in various ways, b u t ' hardly one passes in which the serving of food is not part of the day's festivities. St. Patrick's day is a splendid time to entertain, for (here are so many ingenious ways of-serving foods with green in them, and in making or buying favors and decorations for the table on this .particular Among the foods that "dress up" the St Patrick's day party are olives, pickles, green cherries and tinted;cheese spreads, as well as lettuce, cabbage and all the : other green vegetables; 1 , ; ~ . " "·.; "·.' '' A good salad with appropriate accompaniments is the sort of refreshment that will fit many occasions. It is ideal for a noonday luncheon or afternoon repast, and is quite sufficient to serve at the end of an evening of games and entertainment. This St. Patrick's day salad has been planned with an eye for ease in preparation, also for Its attractive color and flavor combinations. A jar-of mayonnaise or salad dressing will add just the necessary finishing touch to the salad. The sandwiches suggested with tins are delicious with, any fruit salad, but they are especially attractive at this time when cut 'in the shape of shamrocks. When they are made from gingerbread you will enjoy a new variety that will combine well with those made from white and whole wheat breads. The gingerbread will slice best if prepared a day in advance. If you do not have a gingerbread recipe that is a family favorite you will cherish this one for years' to come. It is old-fashioned, per- naps, but still good for many future generations. Saint Patrick's Day Salad. One package lime-flavore'd gela- l i n , one cup dark red sweet cherries, pilled; one cup white sweet cherries, pitied; one to two cups collage cheese. Prepare (he lime gelatin as directed on package. Arrange the dark and light pitted cherries in a greased salad mold pour part of the gelatin mixture over it and allow it to become firm before filling the remainder of the mold. This will hold the fruit in place. At serving time unmold the salad on a bed of lelluce and serve iccompanied with either prepared salad dressing or mayonnaise, cot- age cheese, and garnish with [teen minted cherries. Gingerbread. One-half cup sugar, one-half cup butter or chicken fat (try out nnd clarify the chicken f a t ) , two ;ggs, well beaten; one cup mo- asscs, one teaspoon cinnamon, two oaspoons baking soda, one-half easpoon ground cloves, one-half caspoon ground ginrjer, two and me-half cups sifted flour, one cup Joiling water. Cream the butter -md add the sugar gradually, blend well and add the beaten eggs to the molasses. Fold in the dry ingredients that have been iftcrl together. Add the hot water quickly and mace bailor in a wrll- preascd baking pan. Bake at 350 degrees for about 40 minutes. Open-Faccil Shamrock Sandwiches. Cut sliced gingerbread in shamrock shapes and spread one side vilh any of tho following fillings; cream c h e e s e flavored with :rushed pineapple, chopped nut meals, chopped candied ginger, hopped candied orange rind, ·hopped minted cherries or hoDpetl dales. These spreads are attractive for Jaint Patrick's day when tinted green by the addition of a drop or wo ot vegetable coloring. lowans Past Three Score and Ten Mark Married at Bedford BEDFORD, Mrs A1fic Kernan, 75, and W. E. Goodvin, 72, both of Lenox, got married here agreeing that "it's never loo late for love." Both married before, they said Ihey would "set up housekeeping at Lenox." Leaves for Bassctt. NORA SPRINGS--Miss Effie Warner left for Bassett Wednesday morning where she will visit her sister, Mrs. Young. The latter had been here to attend the funerul of Iheir uncle, George Mower. Returns From Fort Dodge. BR1TT--Mrs. George Papadakes and two children returned Tues- HER.SHE OUGHT TO KNOW HOW , MUCH MORE SUDS THE NEW RINSO GIVES THERES MRS. WILSON-1 SOLD HER A WASHER ABOUT A AGO. I WONDER ,,.· IF SHE KNOWS ABOUT | THE NEW 1937 RINSO f .. AND SO I THOUGHT I'D TELL YOU ABOUT .THE MEW RINSO THAT ALL MY CUSTOMERS ARE RAVING ABOUT. THEY SAY IT GIVES 25 TO 50% MORE-SUDS KNOW AUT\ ABOUT IT. I \ USED IT LAST ) WEEK AND IT GOT MY CLOTHES AT LEAST 5 SHADES WHITER THAN ORDINARY SOAPS IN THAT CASE, THERE WAS NO REASON TO STOP YOU AND TELL YOU ABOUT IT . I APPRECIATE SHOULD 1 EVERY WOMAN ABOUT THE NEV RINSO. ITS SO ECONOMICAL., AND WHEN YOU RECOMMEND RIN^O^ ^ TO YOUR CUSTOMERS YOU MIGHT REMIND THEM THAT ITS MARVELOUS FOR DISHES AND ALL CLEANING _ A LITTLE MAKES SO MUCH SUDS ·^ T O THE woman without a washing machine the New 1937 Rinso is truly a blessing. Its richer, livelier suds soak clothes whiter and brighter without any of the hard scrubbing that usually wears things threadbare. And the New Rinso is a record-breaker when it comes to speed. It soaks clothes amazingly clean often in as little as ten minutes. Yet it's safe even for overnight soaking. Clothes washed this safe, ~~ gentle way'last 2 or 3 times longer. Rinso is recommended by the makers of 33 famous washers. Tested and approved by Good Housekeeping Insrirurc. Safe as ever for hands. Most women buy the big package. VV.- THE HARD-V/ATER SOAP n returned Tues- ~ " ^~ B od here ·" UvieB and T R Y THE NEW 1937 RIKSO OH SALE AT ALL GROCERS ,, IHTHE SAME 25cto $ 1 STORE \m ^ in b r i g h t , New, Was fi'a ble "Admiration" FrocksX* ·J).* a There s say swing in each ojie of these smartly, ·stylish frocks. Notice all the chic new style details, and the utterly charming lines. There are princesse effects, light feminine ruffles, dainty bows, fancy needlework ... just scores of little t o u c h e s t h a t make you adore these Ac/rm'ralion" frocks. Picture yourself in one of them fdr.every daytime use. These are styles you can't overlook -- at a price that will allow you to set several. Come early and make your choice. *···**!· -ir^-- -ww mr i i^t t*j t rr f K R E S G E 25c t o 1

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