The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 12, 1945 · Page 7
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 7

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, January 12, 1945
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

FRIDAY, JANUARY 12, 1945 ORDER SPEEDUP IN ARMS OUTPUT New French Divisions Will Be Equipped Washington, (IP)--Fifty per cent of all war production programs will rise at "a tremendous rate" under a new speed-up which includes a 3-fold increase in aircraft in 6 months, J. A. Krug revealed Friday: Partly to equip new French army divisions for the fight against Germany, about $2,500,000,060 worth of new arms output is belli? added to the 19*5 schedule, the WPB chairman said. The expansion brings 1945 total output to some $64,500,000,000, slightly higher than 1944, and is "a more difficult program to meet," Krug told a news conference. "There will be plenty of jobs for everybody in war industry and everybody who wants to get into war industry," he added. "The feeling of the average worker last fall, when he didn't know whether or not he would be laid off, can now be dispelled." The volume of munitions scheduled for shipment to the French army xvas not divulged, but other sources have given the impression that it is a substantial part of the 52,500,000,000 increase. The Italians have wanted arms and material for more active participation against the nazis, Krug acknowledged, but "I don't know that we are furnishing them any." Without counting the new ac- celleratlon, Krug said 50 per cent For Feet That Sweat With Offensive Odor Druggists everywhere who know «av that Emerald Oil U the speiSS' an3 r° S H,2, f % cUve "«P a «"on they have e «r ]nTMfe" .«»'»«. Perspiring, ill-smell- t 1 ? e k v , e * r """""e th at this wonderjul oot balm touches these sore, tender ^J JD ! e , et ' £ m "'"' Bet «««- M's simply amazing how quickly It ads. and no matter what olhers may tell you, (here's nothing just as good. Moose's Emerald OU Is guaranteed to satisly you or money back? OSCO DRUG CO. MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE ELECTED TO BOARD -- Carl Rye, Mason City contractor, was elected on the board ojf (he Master Builders Association of Iowa Thursday. Peter Olson of Waterloo \vas elected president o£ the association; Russell Thompson, Ames, vice president; Or- liii J. Conlon, Dubuque, secretary, and IV. F. Kuclmro, Des Moines, treasurer. Past President Heinrich W. VVeitz of Des Moines, A. R. Coffecn, Decorah; E. -W. Lippert, Boone; R. W. Miller, Waterloo, and O. F. Paulson, Cedar Rapids, will serve on the board with Mr. Rye, Ice Skating Lessons to Be Given Instruction 5n Ice skating will be oJIered to interested Mason City youngsters and adults on the tennis court rinks at East and West parks Saturday . afternoon at 2 o'clock. Announcement of the free lessons was made Friday .by Larry Heeb, director o£ the public recreation department, which is sponsoring the subject. Miss" Cleo Kurd will instruct girls at West park and James On- will have charge o£ boys at East park. Partner skating, backwards skating and the fundamentals of figure skating ·will be included in the first lesson. . Miss Kurd 'is a member of the Superior, Wis., figure-skating club and Mr. Orr belongs to a similar group at Mankato, Minn. Both are considered experts at the various phases of skating. If Saturday's turnout is good, the boys' and girls' groups will be further divided into classes devoted to special types of skating, Mr. Heeb said. He emphasized that any person is eligible for the instruction--there are no restrictions on age or degree of proficiency.. In case of thawing temperatures on Saturday, the lessons will be postponed. of 1945 schedules call for Increases, 15 per cent are stable, and 35 per cent taper off. For the increasing programs, he continued,.the production rate for April, May and June must be 65 per cent above the level of the same programs in October. "Those increases range from 5 per cent to as high as 600 or 700 per cent for some items," he added. "Hot aircraft"--which include Superfortresses, C-54 cargo planes, jet-propelled fighters arid all navy fighters--is scheduled for a rise from $367,000,000 to $920,000,000 monthly in 6 months. A 9 per cent increase In all aircraft is planned, and Willow Kun instead of cutting Liberator bomber output will hold production steady or increase it. Unveiling the first actual plant ·NEW - MODERN - POST-WAR HOUSEHOLD SERVICE MOVING STORAGE PACKING CRATING Cafl for Free Estimates and Full Particulars PHONE 4000 Mason City Warehouse Corp. Book Noted Violinist in U Concert Program Iowa City -- Patricia Travers, American violinist who has appeared with leading symphony orchestras, will give a concert at the University of Iowa Jan. 17. She gave her first public concert at the age of 6 years and since has appeared with orchestras of Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Cleveland, and Washington, D. C. Miss Travers has played on numerous radio programs and has made personal .appearances from coast to coast. production figures- for B-29 Sup- erfortresses. Krug said the Boeing plant at Renton, Wash., would have to boost its December output of 35 air dreudnaughts in December to 200 in July; to do so Flying Fortress production by Boeing must be transferred to Douglas and Lockheed, stepping up the latter plants. Boeing's Wichita, Kans., Sup- erfortress plant now is turning out 100 a month, Krug disclosed, but he withheld figures on the Omaha, Nebr., next year now is put at 2,250 war planes, representing successive increases over the 76,000 which were scheduled in October for 1945. ' ! - , Krug said restrictions on-outdoor advertising' and ornamental and display lighting would not be imposed mandatorily before Feb. 1, but asked voluntary conservation in the coal-saving program set forth Wednesday by Mobilization Director James F. Byrnes. More than a million Mexican Indians cannot speak Spanish Fresh Dressed Not Rationed Roasting Chickens c Ib. BUEHLER BROS Beef , Poin Short Ribs .. Ib. 17c 214 so FED MARKET PHONE sic' NORTH IQWAS L A R G E S T MARKET Meaty, Lean 3 Points _^ -*' --~ j roini* Spare Ribs . . Ib. 22c mf -- - -- -- t Points Hamburger.. Ib, 22c ·i · - *m romre Pork Sausage. Ib. 22c ·»*· n. n roints Rib Roast.... lb.24c Center, All Lean 10 Points _- ,»..»·,, , 0 i« olnts Pork Chops . . Ib, Me ·--·"···"· i roints Pork Cutlets . Ib. 30c End Cuts, Lean 5 Points --- --.,, «-·· 3 faints Pork Chops.. Ib. 2?c ! · NON-RATIONED MEATS ·! ^ ^ i i i ^ _ TM * _ * · FREE VEAL ROUND STEAKS F ± * Me _ « _ _ . rarnt rree Leg o' Mutton, Ib. 18c · · · roinr rree Mutton Chops, Ib. 19c HEARTS.... Ib. 19C PATTIES . . . Ib. 29c _ r -- · vine rree Brains, Ib.ISc Bones.. Ib. 7c Liver.. Ib.l9c Doing Without God By Charles A. Wells ^ immature and juvenile is the cynic who says "I don't .have anything to do with religion or God--I run my life as I please." He is like a child who shouts the same thing to his parents, while the parent continues to feed and clothe educate and support the child. As eminent scientists often affirm, "Ail the universe moves by one vast intelligent intricate pattern: all of life is woven into one harmonious relationship with divine lew--or there is dls- a ? ter - /et the blind and selfish man stands on the little planet God holds in His hands and shouts hisidefiance and independence! How much wiser TO study God's words to learn the divine laws that govern life and learn to CO-'OD- erate with them That is the place of religion in life, and the Church is the avenue of approach to these divine truths. Colonel Lauds His Battalion Commanders By HAL BOYLE With American 30lh Infantry Division in Belgium, Jan. 9-- (Delayed)--(/P)_What makes an infantry regiment good? "Good battalion commander," says Col. Walter M. Johnson of Missoula, Mont., who leads the 117th regiment, currently regarded by many military men as the finest in the American battle line. "And I have 3 of the best in the army," adds Johnson. No one who knows the regiment s combat record would doubt that The battalion commanders-It. CoL Robert E. Franklaud of Jackson, Tenn., MaJ. Ben T. Am- moos, also of Jackson, Term., and £*·£"«; Samnel T - McDowall of Kockhill, S. Car.--have been with him In 10 battles--and 10 -sic- tories. But every man in the 30th division's famous "breakthrough" regiment names Johnson himself as the wellspring of their success. "The Little Corporal," they call him behind his back. He is small standing under 5 feet, 5 inches and weighs "about 140 pounds after eating all the fruit cakes I got for Christmas"--but he is as OPA Probes Requests for Ration Books D e s M o i n e s . (£)--The Des Moines district office of price administration said Friday it had begun an investigation of a recent increase in applications for replacement of. lost and stolen food ration books. Walter D. Kline, director o£ the 64-county district, said reports from the 89 boards in the area showed that since the point change on meats and other foodstuffs fae- came~effectiy Jan. 1, many people had applied for new ration books. , " ' ' " " . ' " ' ' Although'"ration hoards always have a certain percentage of replacements to make, Kline said the increase was s u b s t a n t i a l enough to cause him to order the investigation. OPA officials explained that persons applying for books and signing: affidavits statins they had lost their original books when they had not were able to have 2 ration books if the application were granted. Beports of the larger number of applications began filtering in shortly alter the Washington OPA office announced Christmas morning that many unused red and blue ration stamps were void, district officials said. One ration board in the area was picked at random for a survey of the number of applications received since the ration change on Dec. 25, 1944. It was board 1 in Des Moines. Chief Clerk J. B. Tusant said approximately 150 applications had been received since Dec. 25 for the No. 4 ration book, used for both meats and other rationed foods. More than 100 applications have been received for 31. 3 books, used for shoes. "Since the point value change on Jan. 1 there has been an epidemic of people applying for replacement of their books," Tusand said. "The first applications were received right after the Christmas announcement by OPA." Tusant said some of the reasons offered recently in applying for new books have been: "I left my books at a friend's home and now I don't know where the friend lives." "The rats ate the stamps." "My husband just returned from overseas and didn't know what the ration- book was for. So he tore out the stamps and threw them down the sewer." Unless the applicant is willing to make a police report on their Joss or theft, they most wait 39 days for the board to approve their application. Darin? the 30 days the board has the right to call the applicant In for a hearing if circumstances warrant this, Kline said. He added that making false statements to a government agency carried a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison or a §10,000 fine or both. Farmers Use Milk Cans to Help Foremen Save Farm Home in Sub-Zero Decorah--Decorah firemen and neighbors saved the home of Albert Larson, 17 miles east ot town Tuesday night after a 2 hour fight in sub zero weather against a blaze that was confined to the 2nd story. Neighbors brought water in cream cans, a distance of a quarter of a milt, to feed the fire truck, The Joss was estimated at Australian Drought ' Kills 2 Million Sheep, Destroys Cereal Crop Canberra, Australia, (£) More i h a n 2,000,000 wool-producing sheep have perished due to Australia's worst drought since being settled by whites and the country's most productive acres have been turned into huge dustbowls. About 750,000 square miles--one third of the continent--particularly the southeastern portion is affected. Heavy rains are now falling but month-long continuous rainfall will be necessary to make the recovery substantial. Instead ."of exporting: barley, oats and maize, Australian .officials say the^ country will be importing these crops this year. Meat production, it is estimated, will fall off 10 per cent; the wheat farmers' income will be reduced by at least $50,000,000, and wool producers will lose an estimated 543,000,000. Cereal growers are already collecting $10,000,000 governmental drought relief funds. It does not appear presently that increased food rationing will be necessary. One of the gravest results will be that the United States' forces in the Pacific will have to obtain meat and flour from other sources, perhaps draining their h o m e stocks. Latin-America can absorb $10 billion worth of new and used machinery in the first 10 years of peace, the U. S. Office of Co-or- dinator of Inter-American affairs estimates. Royal Doultort Wedgwood Haviland Minton Bone Chfna WATCHES DIAMONDS 1Z EAST STATE frisky and energetic as a fox terrier. His wry grin, high forehead and neat black moustache are as familiar to his advanced platoons as to his headquarters staff. If the "Little Corporal" has any failing, it's his desire to beat his own mortars to the objective. "That gallop across France was the most fun," he sighs. "You could go out and take towns ahead of the regiment." Once "The JLltlte Corporal," who baa had command posts in 71 places since his far-traveling outfit landed last June, set up headquarters In front of his reelment. When his troops took half of Maastricht In Holland, Johnson lot In a boat with a sUff officer rowed across the Maas and took the other half of the town' himself Back at Fort Benning, Ga., the 117th was a demonstration regiment used to show infantry school scholars how to cross rivers and maneuver in battle. It is still showing them. Its crossing of the Vire river paved the way for the successful attack c*j St. Lo and its fording of the Wurm led to the cracking of the Siegfried line north of Aachen. But the "breakthrough" boys are proudest of the fact that they never failed to take an assigned objective and never lost it after taking it. Dunng World War I, production of farm tractors increased more than tenfold. JAPS REPORT 2 CONVOYS SEEN Landing Near Manila Is Possible--Commentator London, (#)_A Japanese radio commentator, heard in Australia, said Friday another American landing in the Alanila bay area to follow that at Lingayen "cannot yet be completely written oft" and reported 2 more American convoys in Philippine waters. One convoy of about 150 ships, the radio said, had been sighted off Panay island, and another of between 100 and 150 vessels off Negros island. Now On Sale In U. S. A.' Buckley's Canadiol For Bronchial Coiuhs -- Throat Irritations Due To Colds tt£"u S S KX A c W V? r "« «OPl= ot j i , ' A - *-anada s greatest eon eh med cine (5 now being made I n d , o f t If '. he l e ° nd " 5 ' ou have any doubt about what to take this whiter to? the common cough or bronchial irritation re. suiting from colds get a bottle of Buplr ley's CANADIOL Mixture; You won't be dlsappotated-ifs different from aw- ttimg else you ever used--one little sin Olid you get instant action. Only «I lent* rf° S E° Dr ?5 Co ", Ford HopSln. Drue . d °JJ g ?° d 6TMeslsl5. Take good advice ed* ' ey ' S lorvlght --satisfaction DRASTIC REDUCTIONS PRICES SLASHED AGAIN POSITIVELY FINAL MARKDOWN ·V; REGULAR 14.98 COATS Pick from flange fronfs, boy coats, Chesfer- bright colors, dark shades. All wool or wool ond rayon. Misses' sizes only. 14.98 ALL WOOL SUITS Soft dressmakers, elean-cu» classics you'll wear now and on into Spring. Grand colors, but noturally not all in every size., REGULAR 19.98 COATS Every important 1945 style now reduced Jo clear. Boy coott! Chesterfields! Slim fitted styles! AH wool or wool ond rayon. 9.98, 10.98 GIRLS' COATS Beautifully tailored princess styles and boy coati for the 7-H crowd. Fine all wool or jfurdy wool ond rayon fabrics. REGULAR 24.75 COATS The wonderful pure wool suedes in Ihe bright, bright colors .. . now sale priced 1 Sirej for misses and women included; -24.73 SUPER CORAS Even our famous Super Goras have lo gol Save NOW on these warm wool knit fleece, cotton backed classics. Misses' sizes. 11 11 14 7 17 17 50 50 · fr 75 98 75 75 M ontgomery __Ward_J

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