The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 23, 1939 · Page 13
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 13

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 23, 1939
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE THURSDAY, MARCH 23, 1939 -- . . . . , , 13 VEGETABLE PLATES SOLVE PROBLEM OF LENTEN MENUS Meatless Meal May Be Made Appetizing One Mrs. Reeves Offers Variety of Recipes and Menus to Aid Homemaker With Problem of Lenten Cooking Lent to many persons means meatless menus and Mrs. Reeves comes to their rescue with a collection of vegetable plates as well as recipes for making such things as cream of spinach soup, apple tuna salad, fish pudding, shrimp..sauce, carrot nut loaf and pimento biscuits. You 11 find many suggestions to solve/cooking problems in the three remaining weeks of lent. SPC-AKI by LUCY PEEVES Lenten foods should have some mention at this time of the year. Why not feature vegetable menus so long as' .many people give up meat during Lent? To be interesting they should offer contrast of color, flavor and texture. Vegetable plates have become very popular in many eating places so a number o£ them will be suggested: First:--Asparagus on Toast Potato Croquettes Haw Carrot SaJad Broiled Tomatoes. Second: Broccoli with HoIIan- daise Sauce Tomatoes Stuffed with Corn Lima Beans. Third: Cut green beans, .Buttered Julienne Carrots Harvard Beets Creamed New Potatoes. Fourth: Spinach Timbles, Scalloped Tomatoes, Cauliflower, Buttered Haw Carrot Straws. Fifth: Fresh green Peas Potato and Bacon Salad Fried Eggplant Hadish Roses. Luncheon menus featuring vegetables should help out the hostess who is in a quandry about what to serve. The following menus and recipes have been selected "because they are not too elaborate nor particularly expensive. Luncheon Menu No. I F Cream of Spinach Soup StyleShpppi HEADING TOWARD EASTER Easter hats! Brimming over with flattery. . Gay with flowers and colorful veils. Black, of course, and every new color end head size. At A PRICE TO PLEASE YOU Melba Toast Apple Tuna Salad Lettuce Hearts Olives Peanut Butter Triangles Chocolate Roll : Cream of Spinach Soup Wash thoroughly one pound of fresh spinach. Cook in one quart of chicken stock for about one- quarter of an hour. In the meantime scald one slice of onion with two cups of milk. Press the spinach through sieve. Remove the onion Irom the milk and add the spinach. Thicken with two t a b l e s p o o n s butter blended with three tablespoons of flour. Add a cup of cream, season with salt and pepper. Reheat and serve very hot. Garnish with a feathery bit o£ parsley. Apple Tuna Salad Remove the contents of one large size can of white meat tuna and drain. Flake and add one cup chopped tart apples, one cup diced celery and one cup diced cooked carrots. Mix with a boiled salad dressing and serve on hearts of lettuce. Garnish with a little grated carrot or arrange radiating lines of crisp carrot straws. Luncheon Menu No, 2 Fresh Mint Fruit Cup Fish Pudding with Shrimp Sauce Potato Rosettes Buttered Beets Apple Nut Gelatine Salad Rhubarb Betty Fish Pudding Select a fillet of haddock or other fish, if preferred, that weighs two pounds; run through the meat grinder four times, using the fine knife. Add a teaspoon salt, one-eighth teaspoon pepper, one-fourth teaspoon nutmeg and two tablespoons flour. Beat in one at a time two eggs, then one-third cup melted butter. Add gradually one-half cup cream, beating until light and fluffy. Turn the mixture into a greased loaf mold and set in a pan of hot water. Bake in a moderate oven about one-half hour or until firm, in the center. When ready to serve turn from the mold, slice and serve with shrimp sauce. Shrimp Sauce Carefully clean one can of shrimp, mash and add three tablespoons lemon juice and a bit of the grated rind. Mix well and stir into one and one-half cups medium white sauce. Serve hot with the fish pudding. Luncheon Menu No. 3 Halves of Grapefruit Carrot Nut Loaf Stuffed Celery Pecan Rolls Prune Whip Custard Sauce Carrot Nut Loaf Measure one and one-half cups soft bread crumbs and place in a mixing bowl. Cover with one and one-half cups milk. When the crumbs are well soaked stir in three unbeaten eggs. Add one and one-half teaspoons salt, one-fouth teaspoon pepper and three tablespoons melted butter. Fold into the mixture one and one-half cups cooked peas, one and one-half cooked carrots, chopped, one cup nut meats, chopped, and one- fourth cup onion minced fine. Atter these ingredients have all been folded into the first mixture DEMONSTRATION SATURDAY! Kenyan's Absolutely Pure Strawberry Raspberry Seedless Biack Raspberry Grape (delicious) Apricot Preserves Fruit and Sugar Peach Apple Butter Pineapple Orange Marmalade Tomato Blackberry TASTE THEM HERE AND BUY THROUGH YOTJR GROCER IF YOU \VISH. Our Price «r Six Assorted Full Pound Jar L D C j ar s $1.25 MASON CJTY.IOWA WIFE PRESERVERS Mold meat loaf mixture in a loaf on heavy waxed paper, then slip it onto a rack in an open roasting pan and bake in moderate oven. The loaf will be nicely browned all over. place in a well greased loaf pan and bake in a moderate oven about one hour. When ready to serve turn out on a hot platter and serve with mushroom sauce. An emergency sauce may be made with but little trouble by using a can of mushroom soup. Luncheon Menu No. 4 Clam Chowder Mixed Vegetable Salad Pimiento Jiscuit Raisin Gingerbread--Whipped Cream To make pimiento biscuit: Drain and cut the contents of a can of pimientos fine and mix with your favorite biscuit dough. Bake as usual. Appropriate for a Lenten column is a recipe for Scripture cake. This recipe was copied and sent in by Mrs. K. V. Mace, 115 Seventh street northwest. It is from a cook book which was sold by the church to which Mrs. Mace's mother belonged years ago. We do appreciate having it. Scripture Cake 1 cup butter--Judges 5-25. 3',4 cups flour--I Kings 4-22. 2 teaspoons baking powder-Amos 4-5. 3 cups sugar--Jeremiah 24-2. 2 cups raisins--I Samuel 30-12. 2 cups, figs--Jeremiah 24-2. 1 cup water--Numbers 21-5. 6 eggs--Isaiah 10-14. 1 tablespoon honey -- Genesis 43-11. , A pinch of salt--Leviticus 213. Spices to taste--r Kings 10-10. Follow Solomon's advice for making a good boy and you will have a good cake--Proverbs 2314. Has anyone a recipe for salt rising bread? If so, will you please send it in as we have a request for it? BURNS CHEST Miss Pearl -Hartson, 203 Second street southeast, was slightly burned on the chest Thursday noon when a curtain caught fire while she was lighting a stove at her apartment. Firemen were called to the apartment, but .the fire was out upon arrival. To Attend School GALT--Miss Elsie Ayers left the first of the week for Des Moines where she entered the Kennedy's School of Beauty Cut ture. CONFERENCE OF RURAL TEACHERS WILL BRING 300 Jessie Parker Will Be Honored Guest at Luncheon Between 200 and 300 rural teachers are expected to attend the conference and luncheon for the teachers of rural schools and county superintendents at the Church of Christ Friday at 12:15 o'clock. The luncheon will be one o£ the largest of the group of conferences scheduled for the Friday afternoon convention program of the North Central division of the Iowa State Teachers association. Honor Miss Parker Miss Jessie M. Parker, superintendent of public instruction, Des Moines, will be the honored guest at the luncheon. Several officers of the State Rural-Teachers association will be present at the conference. They are: Mrs. Leota Johnson, Weldon, president; Mrs. Capfola Greteman, Carroll, secretary and Miss Vesta Looney, Humboldt county, vice president of the north central district. The luncheon entertainment will consist of several numbers by the rhythm band from Lime Creek school No. 7, with the teacher, Miss Ellen Brown. Songs and dramatizations will be presented by primary pupils of Lime Creek school No. 8 with Miss Rose Barry as teacher. Ella Enslow to Talk . Miss Hazel V. Thomas, Cerro Gordo county superintendent of schools, explained Thursday that persons who haven't reserved tickets for the luncheon can get them Friday morning near the registration desk in the high school. The main address at the conference will be given by Ella Enslow, author and lecturer. She will talk on "Little Schoolhouse Goes to College." Dr. Theodore Blegen, secretary and superintendent o£ the Minnesota historical society, will talk on "Forwarding the Study of Local History." The Hamilton School of Commerce choir under the direction of Mauritz Lundholm will give several numbers. a group of boys present were questioned by Hook concerning the current show, the thirteenth annual hobby show to be held at the Y under Kiwanis auspices. Among those interviewed by the KGLO announcer were Walt Bramhall, George Marty, Lester Milligan, Dr. Jay Houlahan, M. E. Humphrey, Dr. Raymond F. Kunz and Evron M. Karges. Each commented on the quaJity o( this year's show, the unanimous opinion being that this show surpasses in all respects any of the previous exhibitions. The broadcast was brought to the Y through the courtesy of KIWANIS CLUB TAKES TO A IP, "Man on Street" of KGLO Interviews Hobby Show Sponsors Kiwanians dined in the headquarters of their hobby show at the Y. M. C. A. Thursday noon, then participated in a KGLO "Man on the Street" program, with Hank Hook at the microphone. The service club members and Paul Pritchard of the Pritchard Motor company. Mr. Pritchard is chairman of the boys' work committee of the Kiwanis club. Wayne McGowan of the Ideal Sand and Gravel company was inducted into the club as a member by George Harrer. At next Thursday's meeting, which will be held at the Hotel Hanford at night, the Algona Ki- wanians will be guests, and will furnish the program, it was announced by Dr. C. E. Chenoweth. Transacts Business ALEXANDER -- Wayne Larsen was a business caller at Webster City Monday. Church of Christ to Have Social Hour The Church of Christ recreation rooms will be open for young people on Friday evening from 7 to 10 for games and fellowship. Young people of the high school age and above have been invited to attend. Two ping pong tables are provided. Plans are being made to select a team to compete with other church teams. All young people wishing to qualify have been asked to be present Friday evening Go to St. Paul CHESTER--W. W. Cray, W. J. Armstrong and William Cray were business visitors at St. Paul Tuesday. Helps You Overcome FALSE TEETH Looseness and Worry NO longer be annoyed or f«el ill at case because of Joose. wabbly false teeth. F'ASTEETH. an improved »IV»- llnt (non-acid) powder sprinkled on your plates holds them firmer so th«y feel more comfortable. Soothing and cooling to gum* made sore by exceulva acid mouth. Avoid embarrassment caused by loose plates. Get FASTEETH today /"it****."?-!. A«* ,vW*t* GRACE, I CANT BELIEVE tT/ OUR WASHERS ARE JUSTALIKB AND YET YOUR TWATfe BECAUSE fNI MARVELOUS JVflf Mc/f-ntraxwot IT GETS ClOTMES * MOUNTAINS OF SUDS.' BUT I"»«TB~1--- ARE YOU SURE ITS SAFE "»^ **·" FOR WASHABLE CO1CRS* WWY-THIS TOWEL'S tHOWY IVHITf-- AND THE WASHER'S RUM NO TIME AT AIL. HOWWE'VS FOUKD NfWHICH AMD DID YOU SEE HOW MUCH FARTHER IT GOES? JUST THIWK HOW WE'LL SAVE QH SOAP/ GRACE SHOWED ME PRINT DRESSES WASHED DOZENS MES IN new moH-resT OXYOOL.-iOV SHOULD HftVE SEEN HOW a/flOHT THEV WERE.' EVERYONE'S RAVING ABOUT THIS NEW MIRACLE SOAP!" N OW comes anew-type soap-- to usher ia a new day of u-titer washes, cleaner and brighter clothes. A soap so utterly amazing that thousands of women have changed to it dient. (2) Gives up 10 twice the suds-suds stand up 2 to 3 times longer. Yet is so SAFE that even cotton prints, given the equivalent of mart than a full year's normal washing, showed no perceptible sign of fading stayed sparkling, bright, m a c h i n e owners are rhrilleJ with new High-Test Oxydol, for it soaks out dirt while the washer Called new Higb-TfJt OXYDOI, It co mains a remarkable new ingredient that combines whiter washing and SAFETY, in a way that scientists have been working on for years. Due to this new ingredient, jr Ttft Oxydol docs these astonishing things in independent laboratory tests i gainst less efficient soaps;-(I) Gew white clothes up to 255S irbitir than even well-known, advertised soaps Sacking this new ingre- YOUR DEALER HAS MICM-Tfgr OX YD O I. is running -- eivcs//fl/y£/f-drfiWwash, In rub washing -- it. soaks dirt loose in as little as 1O minutes. No i no boiling. fiigh-Tes t OX YDO L is ceo n o m ical , loo. Each cup Roes upio 25% farther than equal amounts of less efficient soips. Try it, Procter it Gamble. im^iiBffi^-- p^EE^Ef^' v ''^['iff^r' %£ GlU iipef WEfcE GOING TO GET THIS SCENE RIGHT, IP (T TAKES AU, DAY.' EVERyBOCry GRAB A QUICK BITE,AND BE BACK i ON THE SET IN WE GOT SANDWICHES ALL MftD6,BOSS / BUT SAy- IP ANV OP YOU SRLS CAN MftKE COFFEE, I'LL PRJVE INTO TOWN AND GET SOME/ j ih.Haj you, Boeey,' IP I CAN.' 1)1 m I THOUGHTFOLGEK'S WOULD GET YOU.' MY MOM TAUGHT ME AU- ABOUT IT. SHE. SAVS IT COMES FROM TROPICAL. MOUNTAINS INSTEAD OP LOWLANDS LIKE ORDINARY BRANDS-AMD NATURE. MAKES IT TAST6 BSTTeR .' WHY, IT'S GOT 50 flWCH FLAVOR- YOU CAN ACTUALLY USE Ve, LESS. 1 A NOW I KNOW WHV YOU INSISTED ON ME GETTING THAT FOLGEtfS BRANCH SALLY.' WHAT'S ALL THIS ABOUT MOUNTAIN eaotvtf COFFEE. ANVWAV ? H-M-mA.' SAV-WHO'S RESPONSIBLE FORTH IS SWELL COFFEE ? THANKS AGAIN FOR THAT SWELL COFFEE,SALLY/ THE PIRST REAL COFFEE tVE TASTEO, SINCE t LEFT HOM££OH...f... MAY I DRIVE YOU INTO TOWN .» wny...ww YES. OF COURSE.' 1 THAT MEANS LOVE, HONOR ,8* AND OSEX, SALLV .' AND ,- DARUNG.THE'0867'PART IS ' EASY. ALL yOU HAVE TO DO IS JUST KEEP ON SERVING . THAT SWELL COFFEE FOR LIFE.' *rv, ^ 2; -* / ... 7oj \ ". kt **//" .-$.*. ;*j~". t PROMISE, DARLING CROSS fM HEART. ^ f S?f ^ 1 \^s j * AND AM I EVER THANKFUL THAT MOM TOLD MOUNTAIN GKOWN FLAVOR. ALWAYS MADE A BIG HIT WITH MEM.' l"%yl How Folger's gets the extra rich; mountain grown flavor which makes it so different from ordinary, lowland brands an unusual, mfnerat-richj volcanic soil; drenched by tropical rains and warmed by clear, mountain sunshine; That's why Folger's--mountain grown in these upper altitudes, and costing Folgcr more tbao lowland coffee--has quality you can taste.' MEL D/REC So IRZDJ claims are made about coffee chat women sometimes forget this simple fact --coffee flavor is determined by one thing-the natural Jlavoring oils in the coffee itself. Only nature can put these in. Roasting and blending processes can only bring them out. James Folger discovered that coffee grown on certain tiny mountain plantations in tropical America tasted io much better, that the regio n is now knownasthe world's coffee paradise; The reason is ni. ture puts intocoffee grown on these mountains a finer quality and greater abundance ot_the natural flavoring oils which give this coffee its unusual fragrance and taste; Scientists say these mountain slopes have ER5 Better FIovor-A^ No Extra Cost Best of all, the e«ra richness of flavor which makes Folger's so completely satisfying, makes it economical too; Thou tan dj of -women have written that they can uj* '/«lea o f Fo Iger's an d get far bctter-tas tfhg coffee thin ever before; For new compliments on your coffee, «k your grocer for Folger's tomorrow. FOLCERS SURE yOU'«E USING CORKfCT GRIND? Best flavor can be obtained only by using the r'gbt granulation. Folger'j Drip Grind gives you drip coffe« packed with delicioui aroma and sparkling taste; Likewise, Folg«'i Regular Grind, for coffee pots and pcrcolatort. produces the utmost in fragrance and clearness, and t h e / n r i c tasle possible by this method of coffee making.

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