Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 11, 1937 · Page 10
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 10

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 11, 1937
Page 10
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TEN MASON CITY. GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 11 B 1937 JEANETTE BEYER GIVES RECIPES FOR PREPARING FISH FOOD EXPERT COMING FOR COOKING SCHOOL Table Talk Writer to Cbnduct Annual Classes in Culinary Art for Mason City Women. Jeanetle Beyer'tells a fish story in her Table Talk'this week: Iflyou have exhausted your ideas .for meatiest meals or .if you \yould just like a few new, ways'of preparing fish, Miss/Beycr : has a number of .interesting suggestions to make. Miss Beyer will ; b.e in Mason City in person from April 6 to 9 to conduct the annual Globe-Gazette cooking school. rts catorial Ar t--After.; Hie :Cat«li. "But first, I will tell you," says -the Cqmpleat'-Anglerv-'the philosophical jlzaac Walton, "h'biv to make this .carp,-that is-so curious caii ght, so - curious .a dish of meat, os:shall' make him.worth all yout labour- and patience; and though it is hot without some:trouble arid charges, yet it will recompense -both. - - , . - ' '· .·..·...'.-, : ' "Take a carp (alive if possible), scour him, and rub him clean with, water and salt',.-but ''scale. him nbt; then .open him, and'put him, with his blood, and his liver (wriich you must sav.e Jwhen you open -him) into.!a'small; pot or kettle;';-then take, sweet .marjoram, .thyme and parsley, of': each: half '·; a j handful, - a · sprig-of, rosefiiary, ^and another of savory; bind them into two or thre e .small · bundles, ; and put! them to ; your · carp',, with four or fiyo whole; onions, twenty, pickled oysters, -.and'·!three "anchovies. Then pour upon .your carp -as much claret wine as will only cover him, and season ypiux claret .well with salt, cloves -and mace, ar^d'the rinds of ^oranges .and lemons;' tHat done, ! cover .your ' pot and set, it on^a quick fire till it be sufficiently boiled;-:then take out the 1 carp and lay it with-the broth info, the dish,-and pour upon it" a quarter o£ a pound of the best .fresh butter; melted and beaten.with half- a-dozen, spoonfuls 'of the -brotli, the'- yolks of .two' bi- thre'e'eggs,' and some: of the ;herbs' shred;, garnish your dish with lerapns, .ahd; so serve- it 'up/-and much- 'good do you."- ··: , - . . ! · , ' : .-''..... · : . :; :...-.T-...'···.,-, , ' Only .imagine a. carp . in' such elegance,-arid , you will ti-y your next -fillet or mackerel - a f t e r Iraac's style. jYour conscience and the limitations 'of modern mari kets, when it comes to all the uerbs, may'prohibit you from following the rule exactly, but . : you may. dp something like it. Poach your fish gently in ^a boullioh of parsley and thyme and marjoram, with-a few slices of onion, .dash of vinegar and salt, cloves and.mace', and of course the zest ; of orange and lemon rinds. -For the fresh butter and egg yolks, make Hollandaise sauce to .blend together arid soften all. this pungency. And thqugh^fish forks may have been forgotten, in America, there !:are still'as fine fish as.ever swam.un- der the! pollarded willows of old England,."arid much'gqod do you!' Rhubarb Tart or Orange Jelly '-.Mrs. Arthur Schmidt bakes fish, and hollaridaise is good on this too." A blue fish bakes well, or a mackerel or-a white fish. ; · Baked Fish With Stuffing. Select a fish weighing from 2% to 4 pounds. Bake'with 'following stuffing': . ; , -'. . - -' . 1 cup:crumbs (bread or crackers) , '.'.. ' " . - . % cup. melted fat ( . . % teaspoon salt % teaspoon: celery-salt Vs teaspoon pepper · ''-Few drops of qriion juice' % cup water " Mix ingredients in order given. If. a dry; stuffing is desired, the water may be omitted. Three itablespoons of c a t s u p , some chopped parsley, some pickles i or oysters may-be added. Clean and -\yipe fish, rub..'"the nside with.salti fill'with ..stuffing and sew togelhei. Cut diagonal gashes IVi inches apart on both sides of the fish and place a strip of bacon or salt pork -fat in each gash, brush with . melted fat, sprinkle with salt arid pepper, di-ed ge;' with...; f lo ur..: Ti e in i the shape of a letter S arid bake on a baking sheet or strips of cotton cloth-SQ that it may be lifted from .he pan in a dripping pan. I-.When : flour is browned, baste the fish once in ten minutes. Cook u n t i l t h e flesh is firm and separates easily from the bone. : ' : If there is any fish left over, one could put it into a pudding such as Mrs.' C.--L. Fawley. describes, though she starts from scratch: Fish Pudding''.With Parsley Butter % pound fillet of-haddosk 4 cups water , 2 tablespoons salt 1 very small onion , 3 tablespoons fat 3 tablespoons flour 1 cup milk' Vs teaspoon-pepper .·· ·% teaspoon salt 2 eggs .--; · .-.; : _ · : . . % cup crushed corn flakes But fish,, in rapidly boiling water."-Add -salt and boil three minutes. Drain · and . grind with onion in a food chopper, using coarse blade. Melt fat, add flour, mix to smooth paste,'add milk and cook slowly for three minutes. Add fish--and seasonings and bring to boil. Remove from heat and add one egg at a time, stirring vigorously. Place in a well greased casserole, sprinkle .with half the.corn- flakes. Sprinkle remaining cornV flakes .over pudding. .Bake i n . a moderately hot oven, 30 minutes or. until brown. This, serves four to six. Serve with Parsley. Butter.. .1 tablespoon.minced parsley 2 tablespoons water · · ' . . ' . 4 tablespoons butter Cook parsley in water two minutes. . · Add butter and stir-until melted. The canned fishes, tuna and salmon are delicious iri so many guises -and how convenient! The pie with the cheese roll crust, sent by Mrs. Edith Sloughter, could be done cleverly in individual scallop shells or one big dish for the family as she suggests: Tuna.-Fish Pie IVilh Cheese Roll Crusi. % cup sliced green pepper 2 slices of onion ..... 3 tablespoons butter 6 tablespoons flour % teaspoon salt .- 3 cups milk '· .1 large can tuna fish drained ; -l ; tablespoon lemon juice. Melt butter, add green peppers arid onion* 'and cook until soft; I STYLES.. ..CHOOSE G A B A R D I N E . Spring's Favorite ... in Fascinating Fashions! In . . . LONDON TAN GREY · NAVY' BROWN BLACK Demon's Youngest Vet? Melyin Garrison; 33, of Springfield, Ohio, Ohio's youngest World war. veteran, Is believed to be the youngest World war .veteran ,in -the .United Slates. Garrison ran away from the Ohio Masonic home in 1917 and enlisted in the II.. S. army at the age o! 13'. At 14, he was a corporal .in a machine gun squad. He was wounded 'tour times.'At present 'Garrison is employed in a motor truck works in idd flour and;stir until well blended. Add salt, add milk slowly, stir- ·ing constantly until thick and impoth. Bring "to a boil and boil AVO minutes, add remaining in- jredients. Pour into a large bak- ng dish and-cover with · Cheese Iloils, 1 ^ cups flour . 3 teaspoons baking powder. ':'/* teaspoon salt . · · · · . 3 tablespoons shortening J /i cup milk or half: milk ana lalf water 3 /t cup'grated cheese 2 pimientos chopped Sift together first three ingre- lients. Add shortening; mix in horoughly with fork,-add .liquid -to Tiake soft dough. Turn out on loured board, toss lightly until ulside looks smooth. .Rollout in, heet 8 by 12 inches. Sprinkle with grated .cheese and chopped pimiento. ..-_·. . :../ . . . .... .Men 'and}.children sing- praises .6 salmon · f r'itters/.like- Mrs. '· Fern iichert, makes ,them. 'You'll like hem too.-Havethefat , : deep and hot: · ' · . " . · - · '. ' ; ·' . ' , - ' ·'"·· · Salmon Fritters. 1 cup -flaked salmon % cup'flour . ' · ' · ' ' Vs .teaspoon salt-. A4 teaspoon baking'powder ,' Few.grains pepper 1 egg : . Mix salmon, flour, salt, baking lowder and pepper together. Add jeaten egg yolk.. Fold 'in stif- ly beaten egg white. Drop by'ta- blespoon in deep hot'fat. Fry.uri- il a delicate brown. -Arrange on platter and garnish with sprigs of parsley. This js good to serve with creamed peas and whipped potatoes, fy Hollamlalsc Sauce. Put in a tiny saucepan the yolks of · two eggs · and two tablespoons of water. Whip, these to- lether with,a' wire whip. Place the pan in'another pan of hot. water over the fire, and whip until the mixture is creamy.' Add four tablespoons of butter oft the stove, in small pieces, whipping all the time. Put back on the stove in the hot water anc whip continually until it is the right consistency. Remove anc" add salt, pepper, and a little lemon juice. I don't know what 1 "Piscator' would have served with his fish out something like this woulc 'aste good to me: ' · · . . Fish a la Izaac Walton · Baked- -Potatoes '·· · ^Dressed Cucumbers · · ' · Cabbage Greens.or Sprouts iornbread (too American, o: course!) The Breakfast Fishes. For a Sunday breakfast, or 1: you" believe in starting;week days off .right there's fish. You'll love smelt, sweet and fried .stiff anc brown, so that the tails and fins and bones of these little'fish'can be crisply chewed and consumed-adds to the calcium and the flavor Fried Smelt. Your, fish, dealer will clean these for you. About 10 or 12 coiw to thfi noiind. Wash and dry them well, then sprinkle with, salt arid oepper. dip in milk, roll in flour then dip in beaten egg, dilutee with a little milk and roll in crarker crumbs. If comnariy i coming; this much ITIHV be_. don before and the fish left in 'a coo place all ready to fry. Have an iron skillet half full o hot fat, just below thi smokin; temperature. Dron in the fish. few at a ttime and let them, fry t a golden brown. Drain on a pape napkin and let them in the oven until'they. are. ready t be consumed, which al most immediately...",' Someway, fish seem to need po tatoes, even at breakfast. And like scalloped ones, done withou flour, with these. Maligned, but well loved are Cnelflsh Cakes. Shred salted codfish. Soak 1 water for several hours to remov some of the salt. Peal and dice po tatoss until you have ' twice mariv cirofuTs'as'fish. · . · ' · ' . 'Cook the'potatoes -'and : fish'to gether in a-small-amount of-water ritil the potatoes are well done, rain and nia'sh well: Add'a beat- ri egg and a lump of butter. Sea- ori well. Shape into cakes^and fry n hot bacon fat until brown. Salt, mackerel is another favorer. - : ' . ' · · . \ Broiled Salt Mackerel. Let -the.-salt mackerel stand -in old water over night. -, In . the orning drain, wipe .dry and rush with melted butter, Broil on glass-dish _6r china baking platn, asting' occasionally with melted utter and lemon, juice. When one, sprinkle with chopped par- ey and serve the fish with boiled otatoes, lemon Surprise. A hot dessert is just the thing to op off a dinner on a cold blustery larch day. Besides, here is a dish s light as a fairy and so tasty, 's the perfect touch for a hearty leal. Lemon does leave such a' ;eah taste in one's mouth. Since only bakes about half an hour, could go into the oven just be- ore dinner is served. It really is souffle, and you'll be sure to ave'it tended if you set the dish a pan of hot water while it akes; | ' -, ; Mrs. Herbert Wood contributes iis dish of the week: 4 eggs 1 cup sugar grated rind and juice of one lemon Beat the yolks of eggs very light, dd sugar gradually, beating hard ill the time. Flavor .with, juice and [rated .rind of one lemon and vhen .well mixed fold in the sUff- y beaten whites of the eggs. Pour n a buttered baking dish and lace in a moderate oven and bake or thirty minutes. Serve immed- ately with whipped cream. Birthday Is Celebrated. R1DGEWAY -- Relatives gathered at.the home of Mr. and Mrs^ John Albertson Tuesday evening o celebrate the birthday anniversary of Mrs. Albertson. --o ' ' Double 4 Entertained. BELMOND--Mrs. Leslie Grant mtertained members of the Double 4 Bridge club Tuesday afternoon at the Komfy Kabin Tea room. Mrs. A. W. Loals won the priza for high score. --o~ Goes to Convention. RLTDD -- Miss Pearl Kollman eft Wednesday, evening for Des Moines to attend the state tuberculosis convention. She will also ·isit al the Aaron Diestier home n Ames. - . . . ' . . '' Enlertained at 2 A. M, ORCHARD--Mr. and Mrs. Ray Tairbrother entertained the "Hillbillies", on iWednesday morning at ! o'clock at. a duck supper after hev 'ad played for' a dance t at Osage. --o-' On Way (o New York. CORWITH -- Lowell Hughes, vho is with the U. S. navy, and drs. Hughes visited his sister, VIrs. Ed Unger, and : family on Tuesday enroute from,'Los An- jeles, Cal., to New- York .by motor vhile en a furlough. 1 March-Is Topcoat Month --but not the only one: A topcoat'is by no means a luxury;in this 'climate. Stop and;think--and;we believe you'Il'conclude that you wear your topcoat (if you have one) more days in a year than you ' . wear your heavy overcoat. ^ While a topcoat is not.a luxury, you'll find a great stock of luxui'i- . ous looking topcoats here . . . ' . - : ' " ' . . · ' . " bu - ' ' ' : HART SCHAFFNER MARX Knit-tex Stylemof to Alpacuna Get to Know PROFIT BY USING THi G-G CLASSIFIED ADS All the faithful, trustworthy, ro- liable jsrvica the name implies. Full-fashioned service weight hosiery whose looks and long life belie the price. Astprthat will serve you I ·· ff Lucky days are here again. Never before such a happy wedding af beauty and durability. Splash-proof, spot-proof, ringless. In Iho colors Spring fashion decrees. An extra sheer, crystal clear, genuine crepo chiffon, "delightful and de-lovely" for dress-up occasions. In a colorful pageant of exciting Spring shades. Two pairs for $ii35 Two pof« far $1.75 F O R ' T H E 19 SOUTH FEDERAL-AVE.

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