The Evening Post from New York, New York on June 4, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 4, 1818
Page 3
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in 1 ' ' nfAVfK VP. A BAT MAJIE, aboul 7 year; oW, i while hind feet, black on the rmp, grey lh .owner, b cnkinic on ., ...hsAiherv at 'the corner ol factor aim "SjproJL pro.ierty.end yiog.nll .burce. ran ne ,!UU ""c terrdBW,i7ot!NCARSOX; ' i. i Greenwich Village 1 11 L.t.1 . i lra.aiil bac k room, at do. 56 VvVd - .Uil, suitable for a lawy er's office. Possession imiotut11' - "IT'.' " .A . ' TTuTv'( IKK l.X I hLI,lot.(. K O I - A IC t, JYo. 57 CH.lMKhH - STHKET, Jftxt door to Mr. H ution's THEulcriher hare opened uii office, at the above place, for the accommodation ol thu miMic generally, and respectfully solicit a nre ni'fhcir patronage." . . families hip master or mechanic, who are in want of servants, mate ir female, cook. 'ew - 1 .. ...n nr nnnrenticrc. can be lUPPilCU t u,e hr - rtest notice, by apply ms at the above nlsce; Etery httehtion will he paid lon - erlin (ir tha tr - c" PPb''"S to this cflrce rr ;piTfWnt have gVod rominendalion. or not, Ld the public may be adored no " te e ioBinif ndwl bv the subscribers, un the ir Kr, are good and they bring snti.tactory of II." an.e from tho person. Willi WMS!o Whcd or unfurnished room,, wit bo obtained by applying .e i n !' J h,,t ni. tl.e same to Int. rau Pud ten - r.,'ih srHvini: a above. Every perm:,, want . eruDloVllient, " ,l ''J i:;ilitn.' on the EUViiiend,avonr.o,n.r,ttl.op ..rt,f.Rtion of (he pnhlic, by payin? tnct acu - "on,9ll" - irbUTw WIXiniKSTER, d'amli - kaukar. r - . y Wanted li! !y, number orgocd Cook'j, wdh K"0d rt Icerivi. AIk', a number of unail active coloured girl, Siioreiahtcood nuwui iy be bad inimc - diat' ly at th cce. ii. ;..t.t ...urfl men. crtPrvftiiU for wlcKei.liej. n, n be bad m ahovi. A number of Unsli'bm - nomJ trot. I inn,i h tl.t ir wivn, (and n;. rbild'en) .mploj anent r lannt,. r a fi,.rdi:ermd n..;i'. ; would - .) to nry pr.rl i - tl.ii M .te or frcw - Jewy. Sii iiidutn.m and ttvl - w ir.en. are m lilMatinmin Kimtry ttorti ; ll.iycan be wtd iri - nniutendtd. (Jwilltti.en intending t frar.l. rn obUm roixl coachniMi, ualu a:id ft - ur.!u tuivuds ir f.iu - r. by applying "' - nmUroin.idlienxi - d wonun u :tn tt .nt in piitale lamdici, to nurL and t i!u. r:p of f liiltiren. J - ' 4 lw S' Uifcourtts on v.iiioiu I'oiiit" of Cliry lllti Fj.lhan l friclii. mi' - 't f which tvrrc dtiivi r - tJ iu thecrmpd of OiMtoir at l.rij in the pniif I8lh', bv Thnui'u il. (.'allaml. I, Piin - rijiil nf the Co'ii.riticut atlu.i for tin io - ti uc - liouoftlia I'cal ai. l lluiub. C'opv ri: - lit tccu - red. P. W. UAI.l.AUhKT, Je4 4J uKon - tt. Clv.W r.Kt t i lt). - on ti t , i a i..dy, tei:h rii;!,t ri't;iavinss fl I'j, hound i !5;t rtl ; iiu reii ivtii an ! for 'n!e at tht Kintrv t'tr. uf tti'i Library, A. 6a Broad - ISV, rpjywjlr tt.fc II11HUIU. Je 4 MAKSrlAL ?ALK. irtiKofa! nu Minant to mc di iv;.', ret ted anddelinrrd wil! he old at put'lic ti. tii'ii, at 12 oVI. i k, f.t the Tontine C'iff.'e JfMie, all the furniture of 'be ncliool No. i!) frarklin 'rei - t, known toe Young Larlic" ilal!, Cfini - tmi; ol i!e't. ttblen, hi rrbr , map, llraK - , a I .rst t.uuiher ol trhn l"iok, lipnt, kc. I..i..i.t ny to be tccii ami the furniture ex - urincd a I the tchool room. JOHN WARK.Manhal. .'c 4 2f ,.VA - ir law nooK - stoith. SU5T opene - .l, at the rnoirr of Nan ami S - .rn - c - MriiPt!, opioh thn Ctv HH. t'jr V. i AMtS, of the firm of (iou'd, I5auk k (ionl (,) who, his, in ad li:ion to hi s - ncrxl a - nrtnn: i.f hw 1;dhW, iniportid fiom .ndou (by Hup Vcne" - ) the I Hewing r.sw work : Ta'int'm's iqvrt, 5, C Mid 7il vols. Manic i i - 'ilwTnV report?, 4 rnt. contlmta - tiou of t.':.Mwci;' law of ai bit.;.tiou, with au ypp. - adix of pre cedents. Unrn on ival e.u.e :i:td coiit:r:;c'it remain - I hiiliui01t tMl l4 it L'Ci 'i'i - ? .:nnin.'. Jioll' law of I.Ih.I, is: which i cmi'.air.c - I history of ani - iru'. r .i j. it - i..tri.l u ami liilrr '.lii'P!1, ciiapK iui - la A 'i.j;'t f a'! l!io Is Ml;ii(j f..Jc iri'.ii llo. J., ths etr - heft t the rtsut l mm. Fi ll law of gtiaruitce. Vcey and Beluits1 reports in rh" imt ry, fl vols. Ma,M,.( k'j d.i do 2 vo;. lie Lo'uie on ivustilUiuii, new i ilitio!. wi:h I litinn. Ilowcll'jflale trial?, 'J 5 v!. roiaplete. E.iy!ey en bdl., new rddiou wi;:i add. U . ns Mid rtfcreuce to casr 3. Omnia Open liynker.V.o ki, 3 ob. f.Xo. Brilmiri' iud - s to chincery n tiot t , J voN. mxxk) ihtioii, jrrcal'.y e ..1 ir,;. .!, pud im I - proved bv rrl'crruijrj to ret ent dci i - Crown4 civil nnd admiralty law, 2 voli. new edition, riilarcit. I'liru.' dlt ol modern rc;.fTt.'. Cani bell4.. Rejrt., SI ai d 4i!i volume SUrkhi'u do. contuiu ttiou of C'aiupbcll Cokc'sifioct", 7 vol.'. thitty4 Ciiioitial Law, 4 tils; a praitim! trealineoutiiei ruuiu.l l itv, tompii - io the practice, plpadi,"gi .nd ct iiknce, lib a co - piourcoihi tun i - i p'i ri!tr.l Chitty4 rii ri.tu. - ; voI J I Collet li.'n ot aiai'inc ti j - atie Const poor law :! vol I ay;e criminal law. '.J voh ' I'o La Croix on the couUitntior. 2 vols Digest of early chancery rc.orU do t f modern dj do Kaiuic'j principles of rqu'tT Kyd on corporation, 2 to' Leaihe't rrown law, tel (new edition, with addition by F.van) I)rJ Uavintiiiu' report?, S vol SalkeldV do 3 vols Pwii.htirne on vi!l, 3 volj Robrrtson t!o Turner's rhmirery with Venal !e not, (Sfth edition, with ropiou & J lit:.rt - ) Jacob's law giuoiiiiar (new work) June 4 ATTENTION ! ! ! 10.000 DOLLARS, THF. first tb awn Ticket To - morrow Afrer - noon at H o'clock, at Cnion Hotel, in V il lum - street, in tl.e Slendid Owcn lottery, ill ly entitled to Uie CapiUl Priie of 10.000 ilolLtni. A few Tickets and SVarc, fir srle at the old established Ltitkv Duterv 0,'H. e of JUUAII & L.VZARCS. 74 Maiden line. here have been sold in former lotteries P'ue o the ainouiit of One Million and a half onUhrs. Prize in firmer latteries, and approved Pf - tnisary notes wll be taken in payment for tickets. A correct check hook is kept at the Lucky Lottery tlitk c, which may be examined at all nef,tfi,fcx,.eet.j Je 4 2t ( T W A1 K,, iist of nr z'? M!'"nr'' "d v Owcg) ll ,aj l,3n - rv. ra w drawing. ic fctli day' ilriwii !?. 5ir9c - - 46, 5 - '',0' - t3Va,6t'U,C323,5230, tsoldatVAlKS. MilL,.? f"f "V at V.ite's54 trZnJl . f:. !'' O"4'0 nuiutr to - morrow af - t t ( Il i iO L ; in t ? ,Uv4loJ0,OCJd3l. Je4 1. I n J (EttlCAL SCIENCE LOTTERY, No. ioo,ou) Dollars uittittsT rizb. wiii commence arawinf; Aojrust 4, 1UI8. 1 piizof 'v ' l(K,0OO ' . . So,or.o '. " 4 5,ooo S,ooo Ho Dollar ; Dollar " Dollar ' iMtllar - Dotlm Dollar ' Dollar 1 1 45 62 do do do do do 5,3tiU do Dollan 10,000 Tirketi 54C4 rriie - 10,530 lilunk Lf f than two blank t to a pr;ie. The fiiat lriv n nnmh'iri from ihe lirt (olhf Cnernthiixlusite. will he entitled toflOUOeath. ThetirM drawn 3U00 blanks to he eulitltd to 30 dollar each. STATIONARY rP.IZF.. - . 1st drawn 16h day, Sooo dclUr ; 17th. 1ooo Ititf), looo ; VJIU, Ifioo ; 2l'lh, So,ooo ; 211, looo; itid, lono; 33d, loooi 24tu, ioo.j; 25th. Whole Ticket ; Halv - i, 1 1 ; Quarter, 7 ; t.igiiti'1 j o't.rr t.ue i t , AI.LKiN's TRULY U.'CKY OFr'K'K. S. 'H Broadtvav. Saw York: .No. Ili.utl,. Third trct, I'iiiludelplii.i ; ,o. I iT Malket itrett, i'aniiuorf ; io. 4VJ Smi'U Mailft trii t, Albany ; ttrhfre the lollotvin maeniti - ceiit prii'. bud the brtft i vtr drawn in America, hava been lately told : No. 3:U, flo.j.oon ; i3G, So.oon ; 19,50G, 3o,ooo ; i0,Ji 1. ao,ooo ; 12, TJ 25,o.o ; 1,4 - 15, 2J,i'oo. S. & M. ALI,i;., .No. U'2 llroadwny, have auin the lcairi! ofinf .naiii their Iriindi and the public Unit they have purchased ntariy ant half tit this tii kits in Ihe above lendid tf - hemc, nu t they nruv offer tliem for ale in the gn alesl varirty of nuui'x tj, anil nn the most liberal (emu The piir.'i in this Lottery rn the larent ever bflore vlli rnl in iiny Lutti ry in Ihii 'date. Ki' - m tht iiim - ual d ji'snd lor tlitse tichets in IbH imd iMl - r stale. MrtT. Allcn'i lull much e jn c - . ii iliat tiif' tn.Ui ts will oon be ii;iosed d!'. ;iu:l tlj Lottery U: nruinDtir drawn. In the lour t lii of thu l.r.firv. fwbiih when - Ihe tir?1 lii ku'.i M. sitfl. A.let.'s bough) tlif cranH '.H tui' jiuin r. ric i i i:i :tuii t jiu kv im.'k - i, t i . It'jOii. i'Jil.f'IH); I03.'3. i :o,u) ; i i i ?3. .ji. - ,,ih,i i'.ij i.i, j.nofi : ! t, iv.'".'!li ; 117 I ij, $ :5,LJ - ievei al of lO.tjOii, r.!HI'i, C'i.Vs ll'll't. Vc. . H. A l tir. i l hi id A!Vi.' will hnvethrir nnuif ini'.lcil ii t(:.i back a:id such axlfdWpli in v. n. I ).iiil at i llu e. l - 'ort. - i'iii Uanlt .f.t. r. i cii' d in piyuji lit Rf ptr. Ai'), prii - i vt iti"'t l.i - ltfri:. 1.' inpa - 'it a will 1)4 tu; plied miUj tu t. u'.s oh hlira! nn. Messr. A'lli - b tvill publish a !ai!y lit of pri - .iiid hl.inki drmtu, thii b i'.i - v will biri.ish (jmi'iiii am an.! uin mi cliti - a liiiniil.t rof licici.i. .1 - 4 '.it . OC.IMJ lAKiU ISJjlt.ll. 1 1LL. - Ji - l'Ifc'. - i J.i - t ol IV. j b!!t dr'i dra - VJ im;. A - i !:;. i'5lil; a I. 7, h'JM, inii.', Gm, ai.t). h.'A' j y.MtM h. 'I ll l,i,t dinwu liuiii.'r lo iiii rr; w i'l be eiitilh i t i a i'rize ol trlt,l' ':) - ti.t n i .il in lh ui m:!h, a ll .Mm;; pri;:" o: 0(llJ(. mid 'jfutinu.try puzes of 3.H ari.l Til.t.OO TicUds and ! l. - .r. , b.r Lir at t;iLi.iii::'h in i:n. y, (ppn;t.t city .'ti. v.hcrc tin corn nt .Min.ct it lin - countid. Jc 4 Vt ALLS..4.'.? I !?!' ill - I'LiXhp. ,,7 ll MHtl) AM OtVK;rt ItOAi) LOT - I 't L'RY. C.'i fi't'i tliaitm.;. .No. I. - I0, jt'j'.'l); 2ti.,l.:, "liHl; .ii:J7, lOO ; j2J0, lUC; It1) ; I !.', 100 ; C.'Hii, IW; i! )ib S".U at ,t!l' lis. Wi!! diniv anin on Fri.lay uevt, when Ihe first (rnv.n iiuuib'.r will be i.n!:iled to a I'ruv ol f '.h, OOii. Je4 lilt At;i l - .VS, l ?i Brojtlivay, Lli? T ol piuc. in the Mil lord and Owego Road Lottery. Ctb day' drawing. fo. H4 i, lirst drawn, Jt.ri0U ; 20fSi, 492ii, o2JO,513T, 33!.j, 62H8, 100 m.l. Sold itGRAClL'o, 140 Broadiray. Draw agdin to - n:nrrnw at 3 o'clock, first drawn number entitled to 10,000 dol. A lew licket and shares fondc at liie Lucky Oflic. Je 4 1 KANO llOAlJ LOl'f KKV iNow Okaw - 110. ROBKRP WAIIK'S Lis V OF bill BitT'll Dfl AWING. N. 1 .n, f ,Oii.43'i',, HZUH. Wi 6230, .iloT.if.'ii J.i - l dollar ioMiy KOliK.RT WAITK. I3G Br - mil - wiv, wh i Mid it ! twi of lhf Ilib. - 't I'ri - tn'yt t iI.mwii, vu. .OjO, oOtKl doll. and 3977, lt3; dollar. The lirst drawn nu Tiber to - roorrow afternoon, will be emitted to (ho f apil.d Prize of TKN TH'KAM 1'OLLAR?. Je4 ITtg Ct f l ln;li.'n sh Oirrad, - lb wrought naiU i:i Itfllh It - If) (!.. I'. lih aod Ami - fi at do ""nir I 'O IHcnpprr kottoot', 20 toCVMacii l - oi roe by CKliitA U CLt!VCr, J3 7d IVarl ft. i K v l .r - , i ,.:M::io iiipiy ol txtrn tine, li.a and i Human w ire and hair seivc, for sale by Cr.CtiA ti CUMING, J. - 3 7rt I'eail street. L"'.i' OKiTka.NS CO I i O.N. 7u I .! jMi - oo Cot it'll, landing from the bii Aigo, from N( v Oi'e - ms, nndfnr rh hv U'ALirll M CALL AGi'IFR, .12 ('6 41 ".tb 're. t. sli biLia' l.'tJt bl.i. UUOttN rf TtUT. :! caUs, s.l. led l - y a triead i.ii"!.'.i!, Mijtiior lu any in tioi maikct, lor ie by I. LYNCH. Jcnr. e I Ln !'o. 4 ' VVi'iinm strett. uo ilc - i i . til hhlt v ARKS. 'IM1L siiIim rtlit r if p e.'iistai.l'y on hand an L e't iiM,e aoilaitiitcl't.t,loi..winpooiJ, v.l : Lit,h Br'Oii.s aial Iji'ish Gunny I i;Kt lir,i t .lum'i i'.ruhr thi'ttr. or Counter l,rii:i. Hi . ii th I. rushes, faa - y and cuii.iiion I Iva l da do do Cloth tin do do We.ivr do Whie Wsh des Shoe c ? rnbhibg t!o Faint I'.iushe and afh i i is Clanips, 4,7, 8 row Fuiuituie Brushes Horse do Bed Cords, Clothe Li. it. Sash Core!, Trace Rope Wrought and Cul :.i! ki.i1 RrniU ' Utlinf, i - rit y and ce ii.r.j.ii I fi.r I'.lar.k'rnill.i. u;in Kntry Mats Pail and Tubs Vt.ei - Barrnw Fine Wire Sieve D Hair do Whip of every dc scr;jlicn fceiue. sewinl, wrap p r.j;, haleing and hull 1 k ,ne F'ish Lint Shoe k Sadlert Thread Dtnrboru Ballau ccs, He. Which they will tell wholesale cr retail on ll orral teinu. CKBRA A Cl'MiNU, Jb 2 76 Pcarl - itrtet. I 1 II.L1.NEI TS 0tl i while Millmetts . t well ble.ach'd and in (food order, jut re cei ed, nnd for sale low, bv WILMAM CAMPBF.LL. Manufacturer, Jr 8 107 IVar'.n'reel. fop tairs.) U'iMKO'ft'J Oi itJ.t b'0"M CJ LVF.BAL tis of bleached aud uub'taclifd KJ co'ton ihirtioj and Iiretin, of an excel hint quality, wi:lt other dome - tic r;( o - ls just received and for tale on rrsionitble by Wr.LIWi CAVtl BELt.. Manufacturer, 197 I'earl - rtreet, op t:iir. Also, a ((inuiti'v of Miiiinet. jone 2 t. UiMNKY l lt.CK?. OlX clejtant cartrd marble, thimrey Fieces, O just kratid from Italy, for tale hv A. LABAl'GH, Corner of Bcavti - Iar.e ar.d Greenwich it. Je I rit CHIN K CULKS Just received a couusutueDt consif of Black, nhle, blue and ;rten Sinchew Bl eck and co.vif eat.le S.tMm - t B'.ai k Camblct, roloureti Ijev&nlir.c l!!ack arid eol. ur4 Crape i:mhroidered and Crape Shawl Sewing Silk a - wrted Colour First Cher 4 4 black, 'wii.ed and fri'igrd Hkfs Hiiht.tJ'Jure.l Cm., a s, 2 - 'a 31 xd tnr ale s. - l'KTKR JiKtl . - (: C. r 1. " S6 SautJi - ttreet. Kr tHA RLESTOX. The reirular packet ship .TELE - - ' - gJV - UUA I'll, Fannine. master, been ' " . detained by the weather, can take a few ton more freiglit and accommodate a number if passenger, if .itnmediuie application i made on boaiu,. fast aide mirling - s.lrp, or to . A.5U. G. MIFXPS, je3 . . W8 Front - street. The very ftrt - tJ!inr coptrred fiinl copper - faitt. - nttl thip CHAUN'CKY, b well found tuid ci.n be sent to rea without ttcJay. Apply to KiTT i M'KINM., o , . .iel B. W. HOC. KB A' Si t(. tur JililS JOL, (t,ngitind,y .. (A regular trader,) necle'ar.t l.ut i.aihiiecoi.prrJib.p WUltLW JACKKOr., Tnoma ''. Woilon, n.a?tr a coii. - iilrral.lo ran of her c arso brin eiit;agLd, will ha dispute hnd without delay For li - eight or .jfaa'c, h iving cicellcnt accoomioda - tioi.. - , npplv on t.oa.d, hi pier .No. 21', neni J't ck - jlip, or to I'KTfcR ECIIF.H.MEIUIOR.V iLONS, Or It. VV. ROC. KKtf k. CO. IVh'i vjj'tr Jir ti't. 10010;.; lii;. H bit casks pat. ut r.h'.t SO do bar Lead 1IM) barrels iipanis!; Drown '20 cak Porter ' Now lundui from the Andrew Jack?on. in 1 fur ,St. CiiOIX, The substantial fat suilir, bri; RAI'lU, 8. .Sinith, master, to the bin mt. l ur freight or passage, havinjr uonil accommodations, apply to the master on board, at pier 2io. 1 1 East lti er, or to LEA UK Si DV. PKYsTFU, je 1 lw 31 Old - slip for .Jir.LYMlU, , lJi The regular j.ackrt schr. IIOSK IV - J.2Ir:P.LOOM. VI.(Uiit master ; will nieci W illi immediate diipatth. l - 'or f eihl or pnssai;', apply on board at Coverneiirii - wbiur, or to mv no ANSON O. I Hh'LI'P, lii.i Kiciii - ftrttt. lur rlihlGll l ur i li.i til, ' 1 he lliilhhbri bKKF.N, Mason, uia. - - tcr. burlhtnSltitons a rtniarkably fine w7).f1 vi - jail; will he ready to receive a c.ari;o m ihrue da - A,ply to ROKtRTCILLKSl'IF, 112 Front sUei!. jroj hm for mle, 20 line's old Ki hinorid tob.icco 7 co dj l'eli:r. - bui do IS do new do ih I) do do ltichiuoud (1 1 1 1 do Kt - tit m ky do Ij.t b.ail hidi'i 1 tt. l)i)iniiuo and Jamaiia cnHl - e in Mid tnd! I. a tn:.v SO itJ ARDWAnr - iutt landed from jTerruft,1 I - v1.,00. IW - teel. cowirtiup I ' - I'.tjiniitij A J - Mt M . v.aa hurl Wi n illua cinrf aim duo IU , PoIisliM Hotter kur.kltf, Jap.m'd do do black and liiigtit bhucklfn, and Double Tad - lock ,'. Cari, Key, Fancy, Trnnli, Rlack and Bright, Shackle, Single and Uoubh. Colt 1'ad Lock Curry Comt'i, trpring Rat Tiap Iron Cauolctlirki, Woodtcrew Awl Blulrt, Pearl Button, Ura ('ase Lock U'int Wiou - ht Thumb LatM.c Mnriolk do. Cox1 C'urricr'i Kuive Till Lock, Cart But lliufces. . Pit C9 9t FOR SALF, PFtV No. 3, in luiddlt aiaie in Dr. Romeyn' Church, in Cedar - itrcet. Apply at my3illw - mi 1 niton itreet. lUUDW.IhK, CUTLKkY U JililSTOL .. s ; ' GOODS. TliEsbsciihcr h - v,; received by the late . ai - riva.s from Loci pool and Bristol, an exU:uive Mipply of llanluare and Cutlery of every deciiption, t bicb they of Per for sale to ihe nicichaiiis fio.n tl'.c - counti'y, in such quantities asm iV be Wanted, at a low advance ruid literal credit. ' Thev have alo rece'ved on consignment and i oiler tor sale by the packet , 60 cash and casci ot l!irmi i;;liajn luni - iv are, consisting ol iiio. - .t cf the tuple airicles in the line. IA caks of Keoyons warranted hand, , pan - r.el, teumiDl, fcHsh, Hie. Saws. ' 6 di warr.nled mil!, pit mid crons - C"jt nw,"heit steel phitu 10 c - r - rks uf Kenyon' lilcs of every dcsciip ' ' ' 100 ca.Uliet ijnality Et i'h Torter JO i.h. a - s.).((it I'm Varp, ron'isling of ttiiritiler, win's, decanters, white urn! green phials, Ac. 10 crate o: Stone Soda Jup 10 ctet of Er.gli!i men' ami boys hat 200 r.ii.Klluof warranted Halhack' German Pud, rliiet t from the Manufactory of J. & C. Ilalhiith 4: son, of llemscheid. 10 tens of London bm.ji L Stool 5 do (,'rawley stud 11 ttiouxniid ttourbri'lKf Cre Brick Tin platu (l the different kind lii i. k do do b. W. ROG LRS f CO. ,. '2 S:1a I'earl sticet. tO - Vi. AH.OAI' UK) i l.aii'.Kuif first ijiinli 1 J tv Liv rtKiol netv pit Coal, i a'' ofthe - .bin VV t I'otnt. Ivinrf nt Gi'Vcriifiirs lnrf. i) i h - idroii9 cii'ial to l;ie aiiov, i'nr;ii it the hip C.'f.hi'.e Ann, Itinj; nt iMmturn A; Lliamp lii.ii wlr."t, ii' w ili and whit Ii the sub ubt r tvill dipi.e of, in Int.' to suit iiun hrnt rs lit li:n alo on hand. :. cui. - tant srpplv ol t - 'coh h nnd Virt'iihi C' al, of very tuporior .uality, which ran b - nhti.i'ied on nppllcntic n nn boiml. or at his yard. No. 74 Fnuit s'rei.f N.Y. Je I tit A. FHASKIl. I l( y.. tii::i H p:illl" Kic' fieri. ll. fh.p lei raplu iui ' i"r rai - ' V ANON (I. I 1 1 1. LPS. lii.l Front strc 1. mv HI A C. MCllUL.t, An. I.iv' I'i ail - illeet, l.av . r.o - - e Icr .:! rJ t - ;.Ht utn'c an: r jk - i li'in lilet tfuuun; 1 do ivliite ;it.. .Hi! n V d i I iai Ii . - aM.'bv'ti 1 a'l i fd.'.cli Saltiict 2 il'. c i' li ed l.'H'i'. in Cr.i)e I d i ti - e. black French do '.' J., i'l.o - k an I anrd i - ui;ig Silk I ii.) iitnorUil Kid Gloves 1 do ;l iriru - an I tv iiii 'ti4.' il!t do 1 do 4 ami n - 1 (ynnil.rk Si 3 do 4 4 and (i 4 Bujk (Ij 2 dj J tend !o 2 do r'.ain and ceded M"il do 2 d - 5 - 4 liish Slioelins' I do Limn Diaper 3 do 4 - 4 liuli Linens I do7 - P. bm Luwu line 2 do biown do 2 do Cotton PlatilUs 3 '.o striped and Cnrhcle f'i 'ibiun 3 do Madia's aud iNuViil Victory lldUf. 2 do linpi.tion, Mcir.n, &" Duiimk iihawl 3 trui.ks Plate nnd Hipeifiut: Calico 3 do Fu.'.'nture Chin. 2 balos Mack nnd assorted Bimbazetl 2 do black ard blue Broad Cloths 2 do red and whitty Flannel. Je23w I'uau.sUKD this i) tr. APR ACTICAL TIlKA'llsLon PKRSFKC - TI'VK, aitapte I far those who practice ,aulcnf.e iiaihtiiii" r.r d'nwiic rmn nature. Also THE PEKSl'LC I OGRAFJ1, for tak ing views. tVe the iiudcrsicneel nrtirf. resident at New York, h.ivinj;ini.jii'( ted fiustiy' perpacl( jtrapb. are of opinion, that it is an imrcniotis, useful ami convenient invention, l,Vitwil n atenallv umsl all i ti."iroiiK of rn iking accurate Kir - pec tne views lioiu iia'oro. JVO. TR I'M BULL, A B. ROBERTSON. f - A ll L L WALDO, JtlHN BUBF.NSSVinil, WILLI CM DUNLAP, J. II. JAUYIS. Tiie abev wnrli arc far al'i bv J I.AMP.EUT, Je3 Im 3 Coiirtlanilt - 'tr. et. O S V, riIMS inorniutr, in . - oniin down Fldride JL and Chatham to I'l - yer - ktreet, a fl .t .hair BR ACEI.KT iih a lai - fji roM clasp, m it 1 a the initial S. A. S. in Iarj;e letter), 'ihe finder will be rewarded by leaving it at the Post Office. Je3 St MtH' - VllllK G R A S I) P 1 ATE hOTTE R Y. MKDICAI. r - CIKM K, P.O. O. 30i"ITI r.i.Y to cciiiinencc drattine in this city en ti.e hist I nr - irtay in Auul qixt. MyiiL.tir.. I I rJ fur Jiiiik'ii, .hubiit m. a o. or. r:lLm Ii uj.:iior lal sailing new paclic' ."hoi OI,iT .H.lHIA ilA.V, capt. Lining - w;, (a regular li.tilrrj r;:tiui; pai i ol ner ' a. - .'orn:fe l, will nu i t wi'h iui.iifdiate di'patih. For height or p:ti'. - aie, linii 5 ( levant aciociiiiu I .lions, appl) on lioai.t, el n.le l.riJ - lip, or to pf. i mm & iijjrrick, nnv V.l 2'J t Vnlief - fiip. . It'll' i. I 1 1 I.' I A 1 1 V JV 2i0 tons heavy l're.;rht. .7pplv t .t;ei.t t. I iir.Li 5, ui VI L!J Frcut - s'rect. RV Gt)OI ih A lew caies London fine and extra supn fine cloths and ca.iincr:s t truuks fi - i cambrics, 2 cafes cottou horii ry 2 do 4 - 4 linem, 2 do navy blue prioU China silk', Blue nankeens Russia she - ting. Vc. received by late arrival) and for sale by HUKD ti 3KW ALL, June j i3 oouth slrvet. I'OJf, HDOft, ellKM' iKO..ic. US C ri'ii'iv.d nnd for side ly AHLI'.L DUNHi:t.tIB. el 12 loos Cii - li'b Pots, 1 - 2 to 10 ;al. entitled to deot'iiluie 10 do i do I loops, 1 to I 2 inch, do do 5 l!j do I. on, I 1 - 4 by 3 0 . do Sheet ion, tangle d i.l.leaud treble do !raziir'i Rial'. I 4 inch JO do each 3 b'and I 2 inch .njuure rol.'ed Iron 17 i rtks Kiajhili cart, waggon H chair boxes I cilt coiit.iieiiisj 'J00 dizen Pod Auger A"d in store, a general assortment of Iron, . - f.'el and Hardware. Je 3 lw Nl.l.lll Will Ft; CA.Was. lit) holts No 1 to ft, landing from the Ann, nir na!eat 67 enulh street, bv Je 3 C AM B1U.I . K SC. Si PEARSON. NKW. O.lLKANo C'O i 1 ON, roUACCO, Ac 70 Bales prune Cotton. laiidin troni toe briz Ar''o, from New - Oilcans, aud lor sale by WAL3II & GLMGHER, CO iuulh - st. Who have alo in store, 00 hhds prime New iUchiuoiid tabacco, in entire parcels CO do old do 1.10 do Kent tie ky do of very superior qurdity 200 kcs;s nn.iuf .i lured do branded Price, Warwick, Lahby, kc. f.OO do Kredfricksbursr do 2i casks claret, iO do Loudon in J 3 butts London porter :", puncheon rabbit skin 700 reams medium priming paper a0 do cap, No. 2, press papers, A c. Je3 HV sO.s FKA. V6 chests very superior Hyson Tea, (Canton' caigo) entitled to tit - ucnljle, bud for sale bv G. G. fc S. IIOWLAND, 67 Wasliiuton - strcet. In Storr. 2T1 ream wrapping Paper, suitable for tea deder Je3 M O caks allum, I2cRes a pjafo. - tis, double HbO qr. kefrs fiuct ground white paint 100 bi b. .Spani. - h brown 40jl i.xes 1 - 3 Xbu plates 30 bids, refined alt peti Kndiiifr from hip Andrew Jackson, from Bristol, fir sale bv DIV1K BETHINK & CO. June 3 02 Coffi e - lKiusc - ilip. i NuTTU.M. 22" bale Upland Cotton, per schr. Cere, fitim Charleston, and tlooi Good Intent, and Yankee, f. - om Savannah, laud ing at Uroeikhn, and for sale by SAUL ALLEY, 93 I'ine - st. In tor. I5t bale - a Upland, for sale as a love. ' je3 Hi ( TUN. ItH) bale prime Upbuiu Cotton. KJ landing ibis day at Brooklyn, from sic p I ankee and Uood intent In Store. 153 bale Upland Cotton 4 do Sea Island d. For sole br 1IK.NKY THOMAS, Je 3 lPt No. 2 Jone lane. llif, IALI.OW, nndBt.FI. lfXfJ Slaughtered Hide aOOO li s. N. Y. Rendered Tallow 100 half barred line beef, warranted to keep in any climate About 10,000 lb, iinoaked Beef. jut ready for delivery. T. GIBBONS. Je3 lw tLUOli LlAJUtA, XWfe.., tic. JUdT received, au ajsorlmeut of Hart's best patent floor elbtb nf ail widths, Carpet baae 5 - 4 to 8 - 4 wide aud piloted crumb cloths. Nankeen, Cantoa a ad Linmltingof differetil widths, Litoa aad Calcutta matt, with border tor rooms, of vanoutssxes, torialeby V. W. T. L. CHESTER, June 3 3t 191 Brondway, cor. Dey - t. SPAM511 DOLLARS wanted by WM. 6HOI W ELL SON, yS7tw f"o. 45 William itreet. 1 prize of CliKVh!0 i ClOO.flPO. I di 50,tl.;0 .'it 60,001) 1 do 20,1X11) i 20,000 1 d 10,1100 1 ' ' 1().(H) 1 do 5,000 is 5,0iR) 2 do 2,tX) is 4.0i0 4t do 1,'KK) is 45,000 52 do 110 it 5,2(X) 5.3ii0 do 30 is 160,W0 5,4S - t prize" IU.536 blank 16.000 ticket 400.000 lst lhau two blanks to a prize. Will draw five huodied nmnbi rseach day until cempli'ted Part of Uie aliove prize to be determined as follows : The Oct drawn number from tlie first to the fifteenth day inclusive, shall be entitled to 1000 dollars each. 'i he first thren thousand blanks to be entitled to 30 dollar each. The first drawn number on the ICth day f2,noo I.IHKI . 1,010 1,000 5t,n,.o 1,111 Hi . 1,01X1 l.tKni . 2,000 ICO.OOtl 17l! lb'tn lliih 20ih 2 1 Ft 2 2d 23d 2h 25 llr do do do I) do do ri'i di (it t.t '.it I 1. I.. Ml I CIIII.L., ISAAC DENNTSIXlN, MOfrt KENT, J KB EMI til JOHNSON, I JOHN M'LKaN. J SAMUFL L .Manager. Ti.kLl i.:.J iiiare.. in Ihe trend at variety - f liUiub. r - , fi - rsle by No. TO Pi ck Slip, corner of Wafer street. Mot r H.e Castro, southern ana rroruiero ti.e casern, a"" .uru.. - i . . . . 1 . . 1 . .. . r . inn& u'lirn. . . ...... ... ' i...i. L - B in nfll - n.(:f.l for tickets. book kejit for tlie exummatioB of alt tieket gra - tl. . ..j Cash giveo for pr:x a re on a urawn, o, . . ' ... r... .fMwi firkrl. Order frhckeU (postpaid) 1' notet. altended to witti the aloiott punctuaii'y, and tfearhert information given 01 ineiri aw. A general assorUneni 01 oo ry, fvr tale ot nuderate term. J HEMOVALS. tT7 JOHN LOUi iLiiGHAUAW,tto'ney at law, has oened hi cltic at No. 43 Cb.mVn r - street, near Broadwcy. . may 16 4w (XjT JOlN t'UUC'l OH, juu. h - reaioxuil from No. Ct Beekman to 106 Libert - Hrer!, where lie still offors liberal auticipaiion eu property ccn.'ir - ned ti ha Iricudi in Ifid .Niediter radian. For further particulars, apply as above, or to ' ABRAHAM BELU my 7 Im corn ib of Cliff 4 fulton - 't. tit MACKlt, MiLAi: A. CO. late nuc veil to .No. til Fine - etrt - dt. n.V 4 Oj' HENRY A. FAY, attorney t Law, 1ms openea in omce at to. y t uicr - tiuici. je 1 lw M. i ii h. Cr The co - partiitr,mi. beretofore exitiu hot i en tl.erubwnl:. under the l.rui of 'I m - i - asS ii Brvix, i, thin day disMilt td, l.y mutLal lOllteol. itlll' - 1 (,1k J ll!l IM. lillV. . c:ali:i; tuipasp, Je 1 lw KtH.rlHT BiiL'tK. btlAAll tKA I OUtll. VI II. INC'LFUO.N baviiiex. nerouslv off red iVI. his ervice lo the HANDEL t I1AYDN sOCIL I 1 , their frt OrutorM wilt take pluce intt. Paul4 Chinch ou Thursday e - tciuiii;, 4th Mr. Gillinpbam, lender ' Mr. S. P. Tavhir. Orcan. Overture lu citation, Coiulrri ye my people, incieiion Air, Every Valley, Mr. Inciedon C horus. And the Glorv ol the Lord Air and Duette, Acquaint thysell with God, Mis i.o:.ran ami u memner iJoulilo Chorus, He gave them llaihtones lor Rain Ode to Charity, Mr.' In'drdon ffolo, Violia, air. (fillinhain, ( hoi us, Lnlo u a Child is Bom Air, uiutt 1 lease the l'aradic, by a meiuber Chorii, round thu loud liiehrel, k eoini'aint ii . on Ihe bui;! by Mr. Willis Air, Miss Conrad PART SECOND, v Air, Tola! Fclii've, Mr. Im l don . t horn?, O first created Oimi - , Air, In sweet Harmony, M:s Cnnrxd boinf, O, wboso A iiii'.ty l'ower Heeiiitiion, My Anns, Mr 1 h .ed in Air, Sound na Alarm, Mr Incitdcn (."liorof, Wu beur liieii.iti ai, One thin l,avj (desired of the Lord. Air. In. ledou Duett. - , I hat I may dwell in the hens of ihe loid iMr. lacledoli nod All'. II. I at IJ:. Chr riis, 'J bun round about His starry Throne Air end Chru, Luther's Juduicnl Hymn Ai. - Mr lin Tickets $2 ea h, toifldat Mr. Rdey' music et( re, Chathnui st. ; iVr. F'a?lbii!n' Book Stole, Broadway j Messrs Goodtii h f C'.'. dido ; Atr Liibuis' Alus.c ft.irt, do ; .Mr. Geih's, do .;iIln lane j T. A: J. SunnU, l erl - ftret t ; and .U. - ii(. KiiUX Mercein's Bouk Store Wall sir. - , t Doors npt n nt 7, to commence at "o'clock. D.. ok, of the woids .Mil. notes explanatory ol tf.f dill'. - ri lit subjot't to be had al tl.e eioor. N. M. To pn tent con.'utioi., com binen ore di - rei ted to tn'.er FuKon - 'tr.'i t from Broadway,, leave ti.i ir compa.iy at the South j;..te ol'fft. Paul, bud drne a:omiu Church - street. I.i re turning diive down fcy - 4irict, coiiie int.. Ful ton stieel, stop nt the Soldi, s ilo, leci no their company nnd drive into Broacwr.y. J - 3 21 ,dT7 T7T amc - TiT pa UK - 1' la - vork. " J 1 1 . - 5 wt ll - kni'vii eitallisliiu' nt. ha hern I pot ia i omtilete otiUr, nculv farniobed, p tinted, tic. nnd i continued in it former sty h ii roiuloil anci coiiveoi. - iji e. r.oiinllv (.iteiteo of the. i eremo:iy of a private linardinj house, or the noise 'lid buslle ol a tavern, it i oinbiaes the advunl:ii;ei ot liolh. II airy i.nd healthy situn - lion, cqtial to any ia the City, (corner of Broad - nay nnd f ark - Place ;) il proximity,lo the T i.e.etre, City Hall. Acaduny e.1 Arts and public Baths, iiiake - it a dcsiiabie residence lor travel ler ol e.ery desi ription. The I able and wine will be equal if not (ulterior to uny in America. l arliescan uc nc omod it."! with private p;vr - loui and ether rocnis, uud every exeriiun will be iimde to contiibiilo lo the comfort ol thole who i - iay ivc it ii preleiem c. . mr s: 'Dlskt'im lietiis' il ulir i.'omrt, IJiowni J'uper 1 i I'rautn strlurt. 'IMIF subscriber has jiift received per Venn., .1. 1 1 cm l.omlon, ami oilers lor sale al reilcceu prices Hi vrs' U'idcr Celor, in boxes of all sizes, willi or wilh'iiit drawer iiinl implement Foity tli'ii.n nt kinds of Colors, sold ot the ein ide t ake, the l.ueit iiKsortmi nl in tin: city it ove Atliol pretsed. l(.iwmg paper ui every sie. Bii - tol MiBiafiire Bonrdt nnd Ivory sheet Crayon paper (or m rirait BrnoUman' very raperior driwiin Pencil ( In, It Pencils and Hair Ptin 11s, tor oil colors Sable H.'.ir Pencils, for uiiuiatuiel Matbcuialii al Instiumrnt r.f nil "izrs N ttt in ar,4 W ntir Colors ..r artists, warran ted genuuif and nt : educed price i llta. A. iiu:Ai..i', f - tationer, Jefllw IL3 Penrl - dreet. tf" tIlli.Di: lUrold' I inin iL'e, to the Dead KJ Sea: Death on the I'ale lloise. and other Poems. Just received mid for sale at the Miner va Cirriilutinp; Library k Book nnd Stationary Store No V'J. L'roadtvay, opposite the Mu'eoiu I rii e .j ceins. e t'iUt. - U 0H.K6 I'OSTFUXML ny On account r.f tho h aiorio on Thursday cve - vri;;, the hre - woiui at Vauxhull liardensare tostto:ied. Preparations for tho 4th tf Jo'v wnl prevent their hein; produced brfore that lay, and will form a conciderable addition to the iplendid woiks lor Ihe exca:ioii. Je3 Ct PA 1,1 tVA I hit BA I HS. To tht Ludiu aud tlenlirnun of Ji'nv - Y orlt. L"7 - I ue public are inlof meet, that the old ... u.l ..aici'TII,ait.n: loot ol Barclay - street, nl the end nf Mr. Rhine lander' new J ck, a little bt lowJMurray - itreet, her old station, with good accommodation, and v..... v...i. c. n te 11,. 11. .. ,1.. the treated convenience and safety. I'be Marine Swimming Bath for gentlemen on ly, will lie cpeued on Saturday next, at Mr iih - bons' Ion; pier next to the Battery, where the Marine Bath was formerly stationed. Part of two dat sin each week Ihe Bath at Carcl.iy - tlreet, Will be exclusively de - voted to Ladies. Rules and reflations at the Bath. Tickets will .iclnnt to eitlicr. J. RAGINF.AU. Wanted for the Bath two respectable mjn, two boys, and a wash woman tar the lowe - Bath. JeS W EDNFfDAY ami FRIDAY. ' I 'HE Millord and Owejro Ro nl Lottery wii) I. elraw twice this wek. On Wednesday the first drawn number will be eniilerl to a prize of five hundred dollar and on Friday to teu thousand dollar. A (ew warranted undrawn Ticket anJ Sbare or tale at A HM. P. B ROWER' 4 Lottervsnl F.xehonse OHk - c, No. 27 Maiden Lane, corner - f Nimau street. t'nrnrrent bank note and prize ticket taken in payment. ' . A general assortment ofchool book and sin - tionarv for.atr. 1 A WANTED. A PERSON i desirous of procuring a tituation in a lara - e hotel, a uianr. .s:c. lie. If m long experience, b a pew knowledge oi all thedtlie att - Khed In the sJfoe, beir.n well ac quainted with inarketicg and tooke - y, and ha - - . " . , , . . l. - i oevri in 'i e ie i - m i". 1 '. ' - .,...,ue. with deK - rt. And wou'd hate oliw - c i.iiii.i :k.i .,. - . m - - . - . ,. , . ... I liters directed to J. B. aud left at tht t.T e, and, out of the ci'y nd date, at tiie pott crnVe, (po. paid) will be a Headed to. Jo 31 I'luKHBRJiXDY. tO Barrl cidr branrjv, jit reeeiv'4 am fcrtaleby,, . AN20M G. PU' - June l . . , , isz mot - iU PUBLIC SALKS. .By MILLS. MtATOX ti CO ' 3 : - ( I lui'stbiy, 16th June, 'v '.. '' : - An entire invcic of best Fji?)ith Ida? l"r' in glumes, looking glis plates, Br, ; 1 L''. 1.1 .t . ... i.A.uui uiii.Her mrpeung tiou rugs, "bouio r chairs, aud a variety of other nMicies of tb en t - Qie'ii ana r rencji tathious. - ' I - Consirtiii:; of 33 richly tilt and. new style - glasses Iroin 45 by 20 to .0 bv 36 in.. 25 ( hia : ' do 31 y 24 iu. with rndnot 24 Br 10 in.' t . ' um . bly ornamented mirrors, caryt - d arehe. . Sla? piiutfrom 2 to 4 hgfits, Britishiii - ed pli - lts in blind frames 50 hy 2U in. b' , do 1 1 " td namr - 3l!)y 22to44by 28 10. V2tC ft BV ..' liiiiv - n - a) plates fiom'.MIDy 11 lu5l fw39 ui(l - ': 3 - .;i0do6 by 5 to 16 by 12in. f - Ovheet 'lin foil su able fir the uhot e, piece elegant Brussels c p lintr of newest sttle, 3 do border to a.! 4 th Kidderminster do. 2 eleunt imue:. I earth rii - ,11 Brusbtla bedside rug's, 54 0 i.niab e niahoiruny chairs, hair bottom e orass uioulking - s, 2 IjhuIoii ma'tl p to.oliirt1 and a great variety of r.etv mid fashionable f : nituit'. ' ' The larpe glase, mirron, carpet and rti - tvill be ,ohl in lots to suit purchasers. i . chair iu etta. The silvered and unsilve:. plt - le, will be told by the package to tlea1..' n a liberal credit. I he nhove Were aUijipv Jy house of the first respeci ability in Kitn.j ' ..nd it ih believed, that the (jnuii'.y nt - . a can be sent. ( .UAHlit.b rOt liULhi.oii, u, rT HE proprietor nl the noulhtrn marl lc p JL rics, ui - ar Kin's - Bride.e, gitc notice, 11 they have ou baud, and are rcceiviiijr, :U t' .... KmgU - Hiidgt Mai Lie and Lmie - iuri, foe . ' llcach - street, on the Hmlson nvcr. au exlen - N j elm k ol marble lor building, of tha following 1 c - ael IpllOl.f, vi : - 'A'bltr ' Coping f Valerta'ule Foundatirn 5 tone S'.cj , ,' Cbu - nney - l'Msce,' llitlornis Facings , Sills, Lintel .Columns - ; ' . Arcitce ' Also J imr r - f the best quality. , J y A r.t nt ti,ij ly of Hit above mofrr":.! may be c - .ih uli.l.d Uj'orij and those dcriroue '' puu.iia!iii - , or making ( i.sai;tSn ids, will apj.v ii v EZRA Ll'DLOW, .' Feb 11 Alike Yard. ,AUIH.E fr7 - All person tre cntilioned not to trust '!. - i n - iv 01 the Bniish brix HkcLhe, from Leith, m no debts contracted by Diem will be paid by tni c.ipi.'in or icnsinee. my SO CAUTION. .' 00" The public are Cauiioced not to puremvr' No. 3221, and biOi in the Millord tt Otvto I'.ond Lottery, at they hate been lost or tok.r, lioiu the suburiber. GEO. CL A UK. Je2 lw NO TIC E. ' T "" QfT" All person! indebted ta Water FurrxnM aiui Chi.i h Do! hs, (lor rtrtet uinuure) are re - quested to call and settle their account witb r; - ther of the iit, or with D. A L Mead, at the eerier of Pump k Eldriilpfl - stree 1. lormer'y failed I turd - :tteet, eu tit bt fore Ihe hm day of Jll'l next All peiionf hiiviiiS ditni.ilids nsaiiut theio will loeast to present il.eir nccounti for ettle - limit. t.'ATFRS FL R.MAN, und CIURLE3 DOP.BS. my 12 d - lrln.t LAND... STEPHEN B. MUNN, No. 226 Pear! -, iNetv - iork, punl.asei Land in the Illin ois lerntcry, uhiih ha been et apart for th.' Lite Army. I ett n from if.e country tivii. a description ol tne patent ami the price at - lteu lur ruth lot, will lie nltemleit to, il rost paid. mv I.i U&.CU' A t' ALT. lit hV, BY C. .. FONTAINE. I htirsdat, 4lh June, ' Xo'elock nl No. 71 lonaril - atreet, an elegant iiRsortnienl of Fnrniui e. Coiis,.stin of eaiprU, looking; (flat,e, Im - reaiis unci necrelanes, tables, wardrobe, )fu3, cut glass, plate, china ornament, liCr Also, several very vulu .hie book and maps amoi.j; which sue, I 011 Naval Architecture, with an' Atlati a set of Ai niwsmitl.'n .Map of the World fi allied prints, A c. Also, bedsteads, brdding. blankets, kitchen furniture, and utensils, china tea seta, all kinds household furniture, Lnglish made cbaiidc - lier, Kr.. my 27 at , TO L.1AU O - sAr - 'iA. PAlLVLiib ,J.U OTULtiS. . WANTED TO BENT, 00 lcnM, a farm comprizing from two to three hundred a' us, or thereabout, ousiiting of Meadow, Pasture and Arable Land, in a healthy tituation hi the western part of the United Stale and contiguous In good markets, on which there is ft cou - - venient houie, well supplied with fresh water, wilh kitchen grtrden, orchard and wood laud, together with dairy, barns, ttabl and other suitable detached out - house, all in complete repair. A immediate pos'csion will be required, plrasa address to A. V. No. 206 Broadway, New - York, statin; terms and particular. " N. B. No letters will be ricived aules pent paid. June 8 lw IVH HALE, Two year unexpired lea'f. from (lie lt day of May lust, of the house und store No. t 't I Broadway ; one of the best dnmli in the street for the drygood business. Also, a small lo k of drj - good.i, which wa purrhascd on tbr - hrst terms, principally at auction. For term), which it ill be acccmiuodatiug, apply at tlw store as above. Je2 1w I'OH SjiLK, lyaseh ild l'mpry, more valuable than real Estate. '1 bat pleasant situated Hoase and Academy No. 3'J White - street, between Broadway and Church - street, thirty yrjart of the Lease un - expirtd ; all improvements to be paid for, by valuation al the expiration of the term. Ground Rent thirty pound per annum, for particulars enquire of George Pick, Coruelia - itreef, Greenwich. Jejlf 'la bt said ut jmblit attrltun, At the Tontine Coff. - e House. on Tues day, (he 16th June, at 12 o'clock, the following eiihle ol Jacobu. Vtrteeitn, deceased, to close the coucern : The two story brick front house and Jotnf gruunJ No. 22 Walker tturt. Tfie hou - e is 2S feet wite by about 38 de. p, rtnd well cak nlated to at tommodute 11 luiuiiy. The lot 11 25 by 100 feet ALSO. 3 k;t of "round, on the easterly lido ofThon.j"on druef. llwen lirandanrt BYoue - tree' ; eac h Lo i 25 feet wide and B5 deep. ' J het have iate - lv been filled with earth. - GSj or.. Je?12t rilil - AiOHlMW AFTERNOON, the iirtt JL drawn number in the Grand RoJ l - nt - lery, will be entitled to 500 dollar, and on Friday kficriHum the tirt number will bt) eotiilcd tO IE Tliot;.. tD Boll.'. v Ticket, and S - haresfor talelH - R. WAITF..' Jim. 1 id Ibojilway, who told and paid two of ' the hithc.l pnzr vet drawn in lbr Ittcry. via. 4650. 5000 dollar, ami 3977. 1000 dollar, and mint ot the Inchest pne in the U Jt Medic::! Science laittrrv. - . 1 aVJUO DOLLAR PUIZE - on FriiUiv ncxU Hiefova m owcoo aoAa Lorrsar. - CTi 50a D - d I ark first draw nr. umber 011 WcJ - nesday, ami 10M0 dollar first drawn number on Friday when the. ew i1! b - c only 13 more day lo eiraw. i ickefa tmd tkaru, fiir ale by . ii It K. WA1I B. je 1 - . i4 tultwe 1LACK MM4JNK1 TS - CUck, JL, fark by , W'AL CAM1 ITEI.U ManuCctiiren - 127 Pcrl - .t. (up . - ). - 7 - V : '! x . f . :!.l i 'I : 1 1 1 a . 3 " ' '. , !V,;rf' 1 i

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