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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Thursday, June 4, 1818
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f ' 1.1 J. l:i:'!: K. : ' V...V !:;; v.. . ' r ' ' .v. i 5. ' 1 i, V . i" 0 a;, - A 1 x 'X' - ' THURSDAY, JUNE 4. - Immm - Yesterday came oa the ciu ofj 7Ae Vtvfte n. Henry U. Ilagtrman, before lis hvaet the Mayor and Aldermen Thorpe and Monsoo. It occupied the couit from noon till 'r half past one ia the saorn'irig, whea th charge of the court was delivered to the Jury. The indictment contained two distinct charges ; the first for an assault aod battery, aod tecondly, lor tm assault and battery with aa tneni to murder, The court, in charging the jury, took the same distinction respecUag the word inlmt, io the in diclmetit, that was taken, by the late mayor, in Rogers' reports n ely, that there is ao actual intent and an implied one ; and gave his opinion that there was no evidence of the former, and it was left for the jury to judje whether there was any of the latter ; for his ewo part, he was in - cliucd to think there was not. , The Jury return - ' ed iuto court aAer an absence of twenty minntc - , aod, by Mr. Eckford, their foreman, delivered the following rerdict : ' " That the defendant is not guilty of assault and battery with aa intent to murder, but guilty of an assault and battery of the kighctt nature." ' As we anderstand there is a report of the trial at length preparing, which wilt shortly appear in a parnphlet fonn, we rcfrairi, for tiie present, at least, from going into the farts. The jury ej one of the most respectable (hat was ever draws out tlio box, aud, we are informed, were unanimous in their feelings and sentiments. The counsel for tho prosecution gave specimens of bar eloqucnce.more brilliant and powerful than is oftca witnessed. Messrs.' Friceauri GiilRri for , the prosecution, with eijqal success, erealeJ to the hearts of the jury, and scorched with thr r terrible and unsparing iuvectivrs the shrinking nerves of the defendant. Tho counsel fuf the defendant were Meiers. Monro, Anthon, Bognrdus and Vau Wyck ; the ' utter two ef whom summed up the cause, and la doing so, Mr. Van Wyck wnt permitted by the court to indulge in a number uf rrmarks vi ry impertinent and improper. . Mr. Van Wyck was once recorder of th's city, and I took the liberty of telling the public he charged more fee than I thought be was by the statue entitled to - 44 Hseret lateri, letbalis arundo." . For tho JYete - l'oik Evening Post. Mr. Editor. Asa citisen, f rejoice at the formation, of a Society for the purpose of destroying negi. The method by arsenic will umjueftiouably be the tnosttflinacious and at the same time the cheapest. There aro alro other reasons why it ought to be recommended in preference to some oilier poifoas which I have heard suggested. Several animals, as the hone, for iustuuee, are invulnerable to the influence of this mineral suUnmco, unless it be given to a teiy extraoidinary a - snount, whereas hxgs are quite susceptible of it; influence ; and moreover, it kills hogi hy its local operation, without contaminating the grnird mass of the system, as small pox and yellow - fu - ver. Corporate belies aod imvalo iuijinJaals therefore, who have a rtli - h for pork, need in no viis abate of their wonted appctitd on account of the services of the propmrd benevolent toci - etv. Perhaps I meht force this truth more tho roughly noma by remixluig tlicxe who are the guardiani of our city, of the uumeroiis occasions in which, after public toil and anxiety thf j hare relresiiua menocites mill iotisioti aia Iinrs caught ei ro;per banks, while titty acknowledge themselves to be fully a ware 'that these testaceous animals have alanningpeculiaritiei in their digestive apparatus, and that by proprr dietetic skilly these copper baok fishes are wholly innoxious: lettne cut, too, why may not the poisoned stomach of a bog bo removed with e - qtul dexterity at that of a loUtcr , A CITIZEN". ADDRESS Of the Board of Health of the tits ef New - York, to thoir fallow - citizens. Tba Board of Health rcg - .irJ it as a duty, on the approach of the hot se'ison. to n.l.Ws? tiieir fallow citiEcns, aud invite their icrious attention to the means provided by law, for Uie purpose ol guarding ugaint malignant and pes il. nliHl eases. 1 ho vigilance and co operation of every citizen, are essential to support and execute the recommendations of Uie board, and to carry into complete tflert, the measures rcjUMte to uuure success to their excrtiou. The srstem of these measures, which is now ia full operation, may be diviiled into citunat and inlnaL, or into such as are iutcnileil to guard foreign aud dvnuitic causes uf disease. The eiiernid precautions comprehend tho re - gulatians oft ommerce and shipping. All ves.wls arriving from any port ill Asii, Africa, the Mediterranean, Amii - a south of ftUotgia, orfmm any West India, liahaini, or UtruiuiU Islands, and all vessels from foreign ports, carrying forty or more paspengrs, or ci board of which any person thall have died at a foreign port, or on the homeward pag, or th ill h ive hern tick on the homeward parage, are subject to the examination of the health olhcer, at ail times of the year. All vessels arriving from any port uf 'he United State, south of Cape Henry, between the thirty - firt day of May ao J tlie first of October, are also subject t) the examiuation of the health olR er, aud such regulations an he may dem expctli' til: and all those several rules are enforced under the penally of two tlion' - and dol - Ijts, or iini - roned for a term not exceeding twelve months. Whenever a vessel arrive at the p'.aca of quarantine, from aoy port where ytllow or other pestilenti - vl fever prevaded at the t:me ol hr sauins; ui'nca, or u during iub tujs has died or been sick on boara w an U( n lever, the ma - trr, owner, or conjifnee is required forth Til h, uacr the direction of the health o Ulcer, to cause such vessel to be unloaded, cleau - scd, aud purified, and 'J mil that be done, no permit f rrauted to proceed to th eyty of New - York. Everj vessel arriviug under su h cir nm - staotves between the thirty first of .Uay and the first of October, is detained at qniranline tli'rty days atlcw - t, after arrival, and twenty davs after d.Kisxzing ir cargo, aud btio thi.iou;hly cleansed, vcutilated, and while - wahrd, accoid - ing to the sicific directions of the act. U ii Di'le the duty of the health eifircr, whenrverhe1 shall judge s - li ve.scl to l a ( roperly cleaiu? J andsarr, to report her to the boi of he.ibh. wlo are anthoniel to give further d.recti. - wi. m a Jr U concerning lier. No part of Uws eargof.,0fsuinriv. 'i!,,,i 1iii,. P tv.l,. imtiriioned for a Teasels can oe conveyea io the cily w.'ha it hc written penuit of the heutdi ifiiccr. N.ce ot ihe CTw (except the raplaio. Undy pr.;.er restrir. i to be imposrcl ojr tnetiesi'.h oiuci i nttr in - .rm in air - h VMSrl. At nrmitTil In nn - i..l .until twenty diK.ifter the last Jr - alh! 'icf On TSVvtlirw or rrtilpiitil freer or.riir - 1 tw - davs uflcr ti h petdtial foreSd fr,., ay , - rt wh - re ssaMttia. biuI .'iTLi.....ul. fi - j. re pwUhei br a fcXoflh. rejaiatio - .. seusddoUar. orinit oameW iir two tlKW ' 'dxjgipa. fro i..s - w. all ve I .e.yremio'aio.rau of October shall be subiec t to the tamo reslnc - lions hich are Jirected for Ihore vosele which arrive oo or after that dttte. ' All vessels arriviag from any port in tlie West Indies, ia America south of St. Mary's, in Georgia, and north of the Equator, or from the coajt of Africa, (except the Cape of Good Hope,) be. tween the thirty - first of May and the first of October, remain at quarantine not less than four days after arrival. During this term, noiuter - Course is permitted between such vessels aod the city, unless under conditions prescribed by the health officer, those vessels are also cleansed and veutiluled, aud all clothing and bedding wahed and aired ; and KUseugers in them are ordered daily to report themselves to one of tho commit sinners of health io the city, for a limited time VcshIs of this de;cription 'niay likewise be longer detsiued at quarantine, if the health officer ihoold consider it necessary, and when permitted by him to ccme up, they are not allowed to approach within three hundred yards of that part of the island of New - York, which Iits southward of a line drawn from Bank - street on the North River and Stuy vefaut'i dock oo the East River. The cargoes ol such vessels, if sound and proper to be discharged, maybe unloaded by boats or lighters under the regulations of the commission er of health, .fflcr this, discharging of cargo and a thorough cleansing of the vessel, under the order of the commissioners of health, she miy be permitted to come to a wharf, at such time and place as the commissioners shall judge it proper to prescribe. All persons offending against the provisions of this section of the act, become liable to a fine of one tliousand dollars, ot imprisonment for six months. All vessels arriving from any port ill the Me diterranean, in Asia, (except Canton and Calcut ta,) in America, south olthe Equator, or from the Madeira. Canarv. Cane de VeriL Bermuda or Bahama htandv, between the thirty first of viay ana Uie first of Uctoner, remain at least two djys at quarantine for the purjiose of cleansing and ventilation, and for such longer time at the lieullh officer may judge proper, who, when the vescl shall be permitted to proceed to thr city, (h:ill determine the particular wharf to which the veuel may be allowed to come. A special report respecting all such vessels to the board of hoalUi, is required from the health officer ; and the board givo their directions, as they may judge expedient in each case, as to (he period of detention at quarantine. Offences in the premiers are punished by fine or iinprisou incut. AH coasting vessel?, oo board of which death or sic knuiS of malignant or yellow lver has occurred, must discharge their cargoes, undergo cle.insiug and ventilation, and then be submitted to the ulterior di - os;l of the board of health. Pilots are required to hail all vctcls approaching the ort, to make all the enquiries which are necessary (o determine whether such vessels are subjec t to quarantine, Io irive all nolico to Uie commanders of such vessels which are required by the act to take care that uo Violations ol the act be committed by any persou on board, and in case sucu violations Deiug committed, to rej ort them as soon as may be, under the penalty ol two hundred dollars. The mayor, thr board of health, or the com missioner! of Uie health office may order to the quarantine ground, nr other place of safety, any vessel at the wharves, or in the vicimly of the city, whii.h they may deeut prejudicial to he public health, ami when the owner, or com - oiMudcrcf such vessel cannot bo found, they may remove them at the excne of the ow.ier, ice. 1 he coiimiuiotiers of health may likewi s order the removal of penons and things infected y or tainted with pestilential matter tosuih place as they may think proper, and an rerson svho resists iu this respect, forfeits one hundred dollars. Many articles of a suspicious kind are partic ularly restricted. Cotton in bales, the proJuce of the United States, or their territories, is pro - Minted to be brought into tho city, ton' h of a hue commenc ing at Epriug - street, on the north river, runmng through the same to the Uowery, tneuce down Uie Knwory to Grand 'rrt. J1 - J o..j ...... ia Walnut - street, and through Walnut - street to the east river, between Uie lliirty hrst day of May aud the first of October. All cotton futpected to be infectious, ail damaged cotton, aud all foreign cotton is excluded fWmi the citv, during tho aforesaid .period, and uiU't be landed at the quarantine (round. All In les bnncht mt' tins port between the Ui'uty - fint of May and the first of Octi ber. arc discharged at the quarantine prouml ; but if a sautid condition, may be kticrwards earned to am - part of tlicc;ty, north of the linens - signed for cotton. No Communication with vessels ot q i.iran - tinc U allowed without a specul permit, under a penalty not cxicc'il'.ng two handled dollars. .Mcasui es a c adapted to execute the law on litis Miliiect with xhe utmost punctual - i'y, and offenders uill bs inost i ijroi ously pro - sccutea. All SiCli persons of whatever ilee - crijilioii, fmiid on bourtl such vessels, are conducted to tho .Marine lio - pital, and there de - tained till recovery or death. All vessels found to be filthy, or evtn suspijcUd to be so, Are washed, cleansed, ventilat d, and white waihtd at the quarantine "round, and in case of disobedience to the directions of the Ileal'Ji Oflicer in this respect, the mas cr, oner, or cniisiifnec U li iblcio a fine not excceilinjj one thousund d dial - ",. A ll wearing apparel, bedding, Ac. ae wxshed and clean d, or if it be thought proper, destroyed. The foregoing may be considered as a sum - niary of the external precautions, 'the inrrr - nul precaution!, comprehend tilose laws and regulations which respert the removal ofnuisan - ces, and the preservation of cleanliness in the City, the pii.ic pies of which follow : No d.itd aiiim 1 sha 1 be left ex; osed in any p ace t the southward of the niiith vard of the city, under the peinlly often dollars. No salted provision ha!l be packed, or re - pa keJ, at auv teasou of ihe year, iu that part ot the city ot New - York, ling to the tcuthward ol line drtwn iroin iheoutUtof lJuptuai.i'j meadow, and thence following the course of the canal, until it intersects Grand - rlreet, and thence through Grand street to where it intersects Walnut - street, ih'tKf down Walnut - street to the east rivr and troci the first of May to thu first of October, in a .y j t - v, no ra'.ted or o ck - Jled beef or fi.h, i i butls cr hir barrels, exc pt 'smoked I" cl an ! l.sti, .:wl te u pcsitcu wdbm the above li.ulU ; sud all such arlicies, togetiier with hides and cotton, i! at ui - .y hm e been deposited in this city, south of said line, prior to tuc first of May, and shall the re remain cm Uie fii it of June, shall be re pcrted by the owner or nwa - ers, person or persons having charge of thesaai" to the boarded iiell!i, that thiy tuay have the same examined from time to lime, and removed, if, in their opinioa, it be uecesiaiy to prevent a - nv evd which may arUe ihercfroin : execptiug such provi.ions as may t e exposed for eale by butchers in the public ciirxel - , or enau oe Kepi by (he beads of famiaes for Uie use of their re - jcliv families: an I every person oSendmg iu Hie premises, shall De conwiiereci cut'iy oi tn - - n.nor. J uuoa co'svictioii thereof, shall be ,.i r, - r,rh fV. - n - . in sam not exceedin? term n it excee tir.g lx motitas, by any cai t ha - vinji cojjUsicb tiieriff. r - o - ud ti; l:o ase - rhiil be keM neat and clean, aiidwono,. - I xl ji - r; str.'d be admitted than the u,! - 1k'w, in o: jiuii bi'n With the per - ons , - y by ths Was a, - h .il .Jikk proper, un - r.r . . ' . .. . l4M tnfrr,:.i'e . - . .1 .0 - .M . . r 1. l Uw VS ' Tn ' " . 1 .or.o. au.'.t, shall hkrwise examiUf 1 r. u - a 2 T '?r U9 ti.r fir, - ;,f j : 7. Tr". w. i ... .... , ,4r rrauer.enuti rtiwt. ii .1 ii or to the Uard a heald, " - I wees Isl Uaa f III . . " . hundred dollars, or six mouth's imprisonment Ail dirt and Cllb sliall be broaght out from boustt, celliiTS, alleys, yards and lots, oa sweep ing .lays, before fi n o'clock in the moruuig, oo - dcr Uie penalty of two dollars. .. . Garbage, shells aud offals shall not be cast into tha street, under tbe penalty of two dollars. The burning of kitchen cttds is earnestly recommended, as the safest - mean to prevent the acruoiul&licu of offensive aud putrcfacUve substance - , i No stxton sliall inter aoy. person who may have died of a pestilential or malignant fever, in any place to the southward of I'uuip and Nicholas streets,' under the penalty of one hundred dollars : nor shall they inter any corse within the above limits, except m graves, or vaults, at leant six fort deep, and without removing any other dead body or coffin, under the tamo p - udy. No privy shfc'l ba emptied during the summer, except between Uie hoars of eleveu t night and three in Uie nioruiag, under tbe penalty of five dollars; nor shall any human excrements be thrown iiito any street, lane, alley, dock, tVC. under the penalty of ten dollars. No new made ground shall be turned up dnriug tl.e summer, under the penalty of one hundred Noisome or offensive substances shall not be deposited in any place to tbe southward of Grand street ; nor tball any pit for tanners or skinners, or pool of stagnant water be allowed, excect in oeekman't swamp, onder tbe penalty of lilly dollars, Manufactories which emit offensive smells may likewise, be suspended by the board of health. No oysters shail be brought into or sold in the city, between the first of Juoo and the thirteenth of September, uuder the penalty of two dollar for every hundred. No auctiourer shall, betT"n the first of June and the first of November, tell, or expose to sale, in either of the places of sale assigned by law, salted bee or poik, dried. or pickled mfi, I tuo ber, hides or cotton wool, under the penally of twenty - uve dollari for each offence. Undressed skins, hides, blul ber, &c. shall not he kept to the southward nor westward ot Ca therine - sfreet and the fre. - h water pond, uudcr the penalty of ten dollars for every twenty - four hours neglect. f ttrid and unbound provisions shall be destroy cd, by starting thorn into the river cr oUii rwi. and nu sailed or pi. k led fish, except smoled. shall be kept to the southward of Graud - strret, between the first of May and the iiitt of CXIo - Der, under a penalty not exceeding hv - e hundred dollars, or imprisonment not exceeding six months. Uutcheis shall bring no gut fat into marke', nor the head of anv slieep or lamb, unless the same be properly cleansed, nor any sheep or laino in carcase or quarters with the lector trot - ts - rs Ihrret , nor Buy bides or skins (calf skuu excepted) under the penalty of two dollars. i hey shall likewise immediately after killing ary auimal, destroy the offals, or convey the earn. iuto Ihe river, under the penalty of twenty - five do'lars. They shall not expose to sale anv stale or unwholesome provisions under tbe penalty of ten dollars. Nuisancesof every other dcscriplion most be removed or 'remedied, agreeably to tho mode prescribed by the cify inspector. And ill addi tion Io the penalties prescribed in the cases of nuisauces by the statutes of the slate, and or.b - nnurrs of tho city, the remedies by common law may uicewise re enlorctU. Any physician havinz a patient labeurins u - - di - r a pestilential or infectious disease, shall forth with rriiort in writing to one of the commission ers of Uie health oificr, uuder the penalty of filty dollars. The beard of health being concicntiouly impressed with the o in ion, that these laws, if duly observed, are well calculated, under the ble - sings of tJiviuo Providence, to avert mali'iHui and pestilential disease from our city, conceive it to be their duty to inform the public, that they aro determined rigorously to en'orce their oh servance 11ua umiy - - that wherr any violation sliall take plan, information may he lodged with the board of health, whi.h will meet erery day (Sundays excepted) frow the first day of June, at 12 o'clock, P. M. at their office in the City - Hall, till the first day of OcU ber, where persons having bu iness with the board may attend ; or they may leave their re ports and applii ations with the secretary, between the hours of 9 and 1 2 o'clock on each dav (Sundays excepted) at the secretary's oilire. By order an I in behalf of the board of health. CADWAl.LADER l. GOLDEN, rWl. J. MORTON, Secretary. Office , the Hoard of Health, June 1, 18 lit. From the A' fntellir?ncer, June 1. Weundci Btai d thut Sir. Raker, the B. itisi. Consul General, has obtained permiss.on from his government to visit England, for a few months, for the benefit of his health ; and that he will in a day or two :vz Wasliitig'on, to embark at Nett - Y.u'i. CONSULATE CENTRAL OF RUSSIA. i'hiladflphiu, v:.ih Mav. 1818. The government of his imperial majesty, his received intormatiou, that the Alcerme corsairs, infested with the plague, visit every foreign void they meet ilh, an 1 th it several of such vessel, have cute! el tli Rn - sioi fort, wdhout having pcrfoi uied tiieir quarantine either ia Eng land or Denmark, md Sweden. In cooHcqui - nce of which, the undur - ignrd has received orders to make known t ad tUose w hom it may concern, that ni f.ireigu vont! will le admitted into thr Russian ports, which c annot procure a certifi cate oflicr having complied with Uie measures required by the Russian quarantine regulations oflhe2;ih .M.v, 13!C. KOSLOFF. Extract of a letter, dated Havana, May 8. Our market, affords hut a soi ry prospect for speculuto. s. Sugar and t offee keep up, and I can discover no reason to apprehend a decline until January and February next yea , the commencement of the next crop, when it must fall a few cents, as thee ops b.d fair to be very Utye generally. Some plantations have suffered considerably, (in the ibrection '' for rain, no wrdirtandit'g they nii. have lance cnips, as the pnnc'ip' blo - sim of the Coft'reTiee docs not appear until kh'Mit the middle of present month, when our pe riod'.cal kflonl refreshing shower daily. You will hnl i.i the p .per of the 1st iiitt a genera! price currcdof import uid exirtii , - nd ia that of the 5th, a list of the convoy which eft here on that day the number of African traders will astonish you, say 2 Xlsail, embracing a capital of fotiO.OOO or fl.'JjO.OuO, including vessels and Caigocs. A le days be - fire the rirct sailed, an Insurgs - nt ship and brig ;qeared cfl"tlie Morn; their intentions, nj cloiilit, were to wait fur the fleet." umc si, (Orange Co ) Jme 1. At ourcourt of g - ntiai sessions, held here last week, the convictUsns and son - ttnee were 1ij1 : llenrv Uais and J.ihn Davis, convicted of jrafid larceny, wei e sentenced to the state prison f r 3 ytr lliomas) Laden, found guiltv of shooting Ilitirb R. Colter, a cmtJe, with the intent to kill him was sentciici - .l to state prison for 7 years. y TUU preicntccl an interesting trial, and called furtli a considerable displav of talent. Mr. Colter, a valuable man, w hen peaceably iirv - inn process, ws deliberately fared on by the j Fortunately we contents oi tue gun lodged Id or of Mr - Colter's Ii rT U. amputated next day and the lift of constable thus saved. The murUerouJ ciispo - sdionof the prisoner was clearly evinced, n - at only by tbe weapon used, but by the positive declaration of Laten. that be regretted that k. t thot Cotter tnroucn ic Thc verdict of the jury gave universal aatis - ftxtion. .... r - - tltm&tr. A cansa of this nature was trial last week at tbe court of common pleas lor the county of Orange, held in this village. It .i ih. .nit of a Toumr ladv who resides in .i,. i - n rA Warwick araiu;t one Wm. G. Cain, f ih. .m nlace. It appeared iu evidence that tbe defendant, at tliflcrcnt periods, oiu u - i certain slanderous and iudecorous expressions, calculated to wound the feelings aud injure the reputation of tbe plain!ifT. The counsel for the defoliant admitted that ibis young iady's character was unimpeachable but that the slar.der was not of that nature which would subioct tiieir client to Ihe penalty of the law. They also stated he uas not actuated by any malicious motive, as lie wan not aware that hews inflicting an injury upon the character of this young"woman. It was also contended by them that inasmuch as tliis young lady's reputation was unsullied, and the slander not believed, no injury had really been inflicted upon her and that as a natural Consequence the jury ought to give but nominal damages On the other hand it was contended that, although in consequence of the fairness of this lady's character, she had sustained no actual injury in reputation, still the welfare of society demanded that the tongue of a slanderer should be muzled. and that it would operate as a ter ror to those iu roi..mur.i y whose depravity of heart could prompt them to similar expressions to - ching Ihe character of a virtuous fe. male. The jury, af - er an able and impartial charge from his hoivr judge Wh te, in which he depu ted the haseuevi of the expressions for which the defendant was on trial, retir. d for a short tin.e and i e urned with, a verdic t for the pluiiitifTof five hundred do dais dam - es. together with costs. It is understood the jury, in making up th's verdict, kept in view the circumstances of the difciidant, who it appears is not rich otherwise the damages would have been to the amount as laid in the declaration. EsTON. (Pcnn.) May 29 To the Curimt.. liiuiiht horse, thr jroe:r tv of a Mr. Ilesler ol this i,oroiii - i, vr.idi d alter liavkx taken a powerful cathartic, A STONK u'(iX'"' one pound: !! 1 1 liureol 'diiFSloia; war thai of a kidney bean, mill a smooth surlace. its colour that of a common grey liuio st .ne, which abounds in this n khhorhond. (hi Irac - inring it transversely, it was lound tj contain a crooked ; iece ol iron, probably a horse shoe nail, its entrr surrounding this iron nucleus; sppt - ar - ed In I t left solid than sis t ircumferein e, inter - pears, d hire aud there with particles of slrw, at i, hay, tic. ALU ANV, June 2. .Iceidenl Mr. lloheri Adam, of Bethlehem, was a few davs since aicidentally throw n from hif liorse and killed by tbeCdl, on the srrrat el;ru turdi'ile, near the house of James VI. Lagrange, iu Gui'.derhnd. Mr. Adam wa about 3'j years of age; he emigrated from Ireland in company with his brother Henry Adam, IT years asro. and ever since he has been in the country has borne the character of auhour - t, industrious ar.u valuable citizen ; an afflicted wile and In c rial frcn are left to bewail Uie lo;s ofaa all'ecUonatt husba:id ai d kind father. FRO.V OCR COKIlFSPn.YnF.VT, Odice of the Federal republican, ) Bnltiinori . Ju.ic - - noon. Letters frr - ip Kin J.u.uro, to the '2t!th Vb. statu th at the !ni S'tihn - , Gray, Ire in IUo Janeiro, with salt, in romiiiK out i f tl.e river, was 't ivwnv, nothms: but ihtr rrew saved ti.ere were also J or 4 o1 hers drove a.lioie iiaints un - iiio'.cn. FIWM WH COMlESPO.VDKsVT. Ts Knjl HoUiV Meeting te Xtws Hoom, sorj 'iU June I n'. - lorU A. il. Piratic. I nut. Hi I, ol the scr.r. Frnilv, from tux Caw, who nrrived here on Saturday last, in orii;s that on his I assise from Jhc (parcel to Aux Ccjes, on t!ieS7lh ol April, be was falh - n in with hy an iriued v sel beloniin to a tqu.nlron unier 'h coinuui'i'l of Com. Joihe, rt hirh !ard - cd flic I.mily antl plundeied hi r of a u.nuher ot nti.'lei, ttv y n's'i launched and toik away her main top run ?. . - pi ireail nonm, ai.sJ the siare ileitis lht y r oind lay their r. - p. - o. hatid cn. I ins sqtt.uliou waj ;i(ter.irt' seen rr sri era lays i.i succession off Au Cayes, and thence In lli.da. avewed it to be their i.iteution to rn ilciiin tt;irk on the city cf St. Domingo. The British ircate La Picnic, (apt. Kella, ;:nd Priiuiose sioop ' war. had arrived on the coai tr in Jamaica, and bad gone up to wii.dwa'd t protect tho British o niiuerce, which had siifT r - ed severtly, in ni I'.t depn datiens of pir tical i ni ter". A ll.itian iii - o!r.oi of thrte sail h oj a's.i been seut rout.d from Port eii Prince, fc.r Uie lirotccUoii ol the tradu to that part ol' the Island. A isd cf this somdnn spoke raipf. Mill, as he aas condngou!, mid iuioriiicd rim that liny had; raptured a piratical Prig, and thai ll.y liad her in charge tinder the Island of Varhe. Arrived, schr Lioily, Dill, (oi F'i derickf bury) 15 ilays from Aux Cart. Left, a bug cf and fur .v - ivhuryport, w hii hrhad jest di . - charged ; sc - brs Fairfay, t.:ark, lor N York, i . tfi dny : Com et, litichiry, lor Baltimore in 10; Cel. I awry, , b - .d B"ived from Ualtimciie, discliarRcd and por e op to I' lemming's bay to hehnse do.'.n; loop, t.i.fTkin, lor Ncwbun putt, i.i 111; beiii nil the Amerii an vess ls th - re. hfi'. tsX, Parher, (.if Neivhnryport.) 4 da) Horn t - av.uiii.di. Spnue fr'iug irto trV .n - nation 'I uo .lay l.t, br;g Far A nitric no, Mar shi.ll, hence, ml'.i V. i. troop - 'Jit days out, fioin M todtl tail of tlifTrrcnt iIe:iui..ti.alioi,s wi r - aho dog in among them, a l.iig Irom Philadelphia Jti days old, and .mi l.rrm. brig front (ialtmiorv, td ilns Mil. A H.tin'iir or I5n in n ship fr"in llAitimoie, and a ring belonging to J'ci t.and, bad ;ot hshote a little ( toe Nor'hw ard cd Tytee h - ht f(.r want of pi'ots, and it at doubtful win th r they wi uld ( r s it ( IT r.iin, 4he latti r was high and drv. ri okc on Fnciay last, in hit JJ, I ins 73, the h nn.phtndite frig Galen, from Havana hound to Portland, 6 days out. Corn at ivann.ih, ca Monday last, was 95 cents per I IISl.Cl In Hampton Roads, brig Pallas, T'cant, ofj Boston, irom Havai.a in uistrct, very leaky, cai - jo umlMie. D1KD, This inrnitig at S o'clock, Henrv Jones. Cif. attorney at law, a native if Calcutta, aired 27 ieir. Mis friends and acquaintance ami gen - ilcnen of th bar, are invited to attend his funeral at 1 - 2 pn - t It lo - niurnsw morning, from the hou. - ell Chain jci - su I his mnrniii, nf'cr a lingering illness, Mrs. WaLb, wife of 'I'lumias S. V.'al. - h. The friend - atil acquaintance of the fam.'.y are invited to attend her furira', from her late residence, No. til) Broad any, to - morrow afttrnoon at C o'clock. Yesterday morning, iary Fibs Bell, otly .laujht' r ot Mr. Isaac Hell. At Albany, capt. Robert Kinnicut, aged 4Z years. Aged 62, at Kalaroma, on theevening ofthe 50th sif .Miy, Mrs. Ruth Barlow, telict of the lute Joel Harlow, envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary of the Vn.ted States at the court of Fiance. Mrs. Barlow was a native of Connecticut.' Those ucoim m talents, which she and the fa.nilyof Buhl'vin possessed, were highly cultivred during a long residi r.ce with her husbar.d in various oun - trie of Europe - incc t'ie dr.ith cf htr hu - aarui, she resided at tii. lavorite sea' - and ti ded herself ii doing gx - d to all round her. ihe sustaioed whh dignity, , 'ieiire ami sincerity her last long sicklies. Her r - mains. attended by tlie hedsof decartni - .nts,; mi listers, and nurncro.t. fi, wcie, on! Monday, placcj h tha ftrinlr mausoleum ati tvxioram - . M j It - wilV ! sXuj Grand oratorio lltit evening by Use advertisements in the various paper that this eveutng there will be given ati St. Paul's Church, at ei - ht o'clock, the first ora - torio of tha IJandel smd Jlaydcn Society The greatest attraction is offered in the bills. Mr. Odiingham, it appears, has come to the city to lead Uie band, and the siuglng it anUcipattd to be of the first order. Mr. lm ltdon, who for many years rauked as Uie fir. - t oratorio singer in Great Britain, - it appears, hat volunteered hu services on this occasion, and I have no doubl will botk delight and astonish with his extraordi nary powers of voico. Wacanuot doubt Uitre will be a very crowded church. ty: - ;JV i'ijv i Hi.r. Cl.k.AHK.II. Ship Rosalie, Merry, Liverpool J U and W Cole. Colum'iia. Allen, ew Orleans Mitchell, Provirleiire Ludy Oallatiu, Swain, Savannah Newcastle. Del. Curracc a and a oiarket Greenock D Dunham Druierara AVard & Bishop Huston do Dillbri, Brig AliigHtnr, Hill, . .Active, Harry, - 6arah, Cadger, . Hannah, Cleary, Belviifere, Cobb, Tekeii, .Dorir.e, Alexander, Williams, D;d;c' llealey, Davis, Iris R pc, Rirlrrunnd Thomaslown I'luladetphia!.' Schr. Jane, Walton, V liidiei Patrick. Ay mar Co A rgn, Thomas, fct. Audreys Sloop Lord Nclron, Miller, Newport (R. I) Yankee, .Summer.', l iov iletce Rapid. Ilawer, toslon Ten Sisters, Lovcll, Do. Venus. Havens, - New - Lnnd.:t. George ia Mary, WaMin, I'rov dence C. aster, v'. - .n irne, .Nnrfi.llt Tthgraih, M,i'n!arsh, C'uinroa J. C. Sfiguine AKRH r - r rf.s ;r:MJ't.. nrig Leo, Stone, 6Jd:.js from Marscilk s, with wine, bi - Midy, fru't, o. to J W Russell, mil Katifi'inan Sc Marker, lft s.hin Ganacs. llixev. of MaiMeliead, Irtim India : biK' Aim.l of Hos on, ilisch ; brig , from I'tiilad. !phi i, jiiit arrived, atid several vcs - eis n'jt i tcollcct - ed. The brig I'ilot, Winp, sailed in co. for I'liil d Iphia would tooch at Gibraltar The U. Si ship Peacock, sailed from Marseilles on the iilh of March, destination unknown. In lat 3.5, long 69. spoke sell Abeoiia, 5 days foni N.York, bound to Matanzas 5 passengers, .ft..; hl J..iJ M i.Vo, Brifj l.i.n, t'h.ipmtin, of faUm, 25 days from Aux Cayes, with cofTie, cocoa, logwood, &t to Kernnchan .V Ir'mith I.i It, si hooi.ers Thomas, i.f.Mnrbli brad, lor Boston in "M divtj F.mily, Mill, for Norlolk in tt ; t omel, IVir B dtiuiore ; Fair Play, Cl.uke, f r New York wi IU days; sioop Lively, Lutkin, l r Ne wburi port in IU; hri l'eae, VVyalt, for do hi 40. 'I he w ho - iier Kiuiiy ol' Norfolk, was robbed on her pa. - a;:i; from Jaiqinmcl, by a vtssel belonging tot'npi. J idy's scjiiadron, ol her maintopma - t and other p:;i m.d acoiiiderable quantity "f her rigging. A Datdsh schooner w:is bronchi into Aux t.ajes about the 6t!i nil by the ti - l.t - tmen, having beeo found oif tlie Is'o of Vach withr.ut a tout on Hoard, It was tiippo. - fd all hands had hccli tcrrdcrtd. the nsel roijbt il. II It. M. bri. - ot war Pararm, G .r of IS jrims end 1(H) men, (with d.sp. debts) lust II days from Bermuda. liniMnlta, llobhs, 22 flays from Grnnda, wi'h rum aid molasses Io 11 Cary A Co. Passings r, Wu.. Penny. Brig" Hammond, Fowler, 17 days from St. Croix. 15 r.nd, with rum and sinrai, to Lnwrenre &. Btlls, A. - uistront;, I'azJeitte .V Co niul Ihe i .aster. Left, ships Viririmo, ltid - w.iv, for YorktCha e. Frrhc, do; bris - ;. Coinnii ri c, Lil - i tell, fi'f 'Io ia 10 dan: Jam - s sscott, lor do next J iliv s Wm Muiih. Ni'Lell r., d f.atli. for Newt Y.r, .'; Mary, for 1'hiladc Ip'iia. Moop llardworf, Cotes, a d.tyt from Savannah, with cotton, lice and litdi t to A Lelivreaiid S3 Alley. Has 10 aeners. Sloop Exfrc ss, Hanmtett, 6 dayt from Savannah, with cotton and 51 passengers, to W. 11. Coivinjj. Sava vxas, May 26. 'Arrived hrig Almira, Atwopd, Boston Udays. Brig Margaret, Manning, I'oi'tsmouth, N. H. 13 days. Ilrig t.liia, Thayer, New - York 30 days. Sch F.liza and Nancy Adams, Middtctuwn, Cur.n. 15 uars. A brig belonging to Portland, where from not kr.owe, i ahoie, higii nod dry, on the White Oyster bed, thW side the lie,lit". t'leared. sl'ip Rusli, v ilburg, Li - verpiml ; llr. bi ig Neptur.e, liyn.c, t.ivi - i pool. May 2" Ar. ship t.eoigc, laiw, Liverpool j - 4 d c s. llt ig ."pi cdy Peace, Fos.iicV, New - York 9 Cape, beaii - g 19 miles N' F saw the wreck of a sloop on her beam ends saw a - .ch coming from the wreck, which appeared to have the crew oti board they ap - parently put into weraenck. Barque A'pai tan, Collin, Live' pool 54d ijs B'i - .r Gov Hopkins Parr. Providence 15 days. ItrigHuntcr, Nickc. son. Providence l.'idavs. hch, Handy, Providi - nre B days. On the ilOtlt inst i ape Hattci a bearpig west, boarded the wrtck of a sloop on her bt - am ends, about "0 or 'JO tons, no persons on board and could not ascertain her name ; she appeared to be a Philadelphia biult vessel, lately punted j her topmast white, w ith a fly on it ; black bottom, and lead coloicd boot loop. Cleared .sloop F.xpress, llammct, N Yolk ; Tun Sisttrs, tVin, Providence., June I. Arrived, siiip Warritttan, Brace, 44 days from Maranham. Left at Ms - rnr.haiii, April 17th, bt ig Anson, Iir.g, of Salem, for Para, in 3 days. M:.rkcts irlutTed with American produce - Flour selling for 13 and D do L per bbl. Cixl - fisli no sale, aud some lots' have been thrown into !!. sea. Apoke, 20th May, in lat 31' 43, loa Cjil, brig Gen Jackson. Fur, 4 days from Philadelphia for St. Harts, li&vi'ig had hrtvy gales of wind, and s dJ that a number, of vessels had their sails split. THEATRE Mr. and Mrs. 1'arker'i D - nefit. On Friday eveiiinir, June 5. will be presented, the grand romantic Me!i Drani.i of 1'lMOL'il Tiiil TAUTAii. Timour, ft'.i. Robertson Kerim, Parker iioritita. Mrs. liariics After wi.ich, a now ballet of action, (under the cii. - ic in of Mr - Parker, railed DONALD OF UUNittR, Dsnnld, Mr. Parkci Patlie, (with a wc.) Mrs. Parkc - r la the coarse of the ereoing, the comic s - jrtg oi Barney leave the girls atone, by Mr Baract. To conclude with THE SPOIL'D CHILD. Little Pickle, Mrs. Parker with a hornpipe in character. J Performance to commence at I. til past seven .'..lock tor LH 9 ttbb.XTj. 'i'i - , - ..... csi..i f - t ... e. .VilU"n,'d - "' Clt A RbtS fOiN PACK - 1. 1 , i. H. Vail, master, wi!! clear to - dat, and sad lit at fair Wiu J after. For Ii ei,dit or passage, hai'io; superior, apply oo board, lelwieu Bmliug - sbp and Fly - mirket, or to 8AULAI.LKY, j'lm 4 on. pine - st. 4 picUble family, who c in satis - f.cuiiy - ecom.iiendatiuns, by applying at No. ly BcavwU - eet, t 4 St ! c A In Cvmmtn tjouncii June 1, 1818. . , flT": THE Comptroller was direct ed to ad. vertise In the public prints employed ty Uiis ;' Board, unci miorm all persons who betid or are , in possession of Water I sits, for which grants have not been taken out from this Corporation, that unless application is tna'le to the Hoard for tlie same, on or before tlie first day of Sep - ' ti mber next, that the ci uncil of the Board will be instructed to commence actions of e. Ijtclnieiit against the oca upant or bolder, for' recovery of the same. " By the Common Council. J MORTON, Clerk. All persons in possession of Water tats, for which gratiU have not been taken out, are requested to apply at the Comptroller's Ollice, No. 12 City - Hall. Je 4 i'KIZhS AT GUACIr.'a. (&F No. 1546, tst drawn number list evening, t!h ilrawieg ol the Crand Koad Lottery, enrytttrs to Five Hundred D illars, watobtiined at GK ACli:!a lit Hroadway, by a gentleinnsj in ihe I'nited Hates' r..U. lathis city, in a whole ticket, where No. 40 10, the :.:t dr.ltrn cumber on the prc eding druwing, entitled to 6nuo doin was also old lined ; hiid where the ptiii' ipal art ol" therapitnl piict drawn in Hut uch l.clttry have been told tuid paid. The next drawiug n to - iuoirow at 3 o'clock, Ihe 1st nuinhtr diao will be entitled to lo,ooo dols. aud niay be ob - taintSht . GRACIE'S, I4C Cite adwny. AVLcre a few tickets aud shares are yet far sale. Fur Adf, trtigla cr Charter, '5 The f01"1 substantial brig FRF. DO. U - it tons, ttows remarkably well. is well found and can be scut to sea without delay Apply to ISAAC PACKARD, J"" 3t 33South - st. . .. dor LUtfltO.Y, The c.ipper fastened and coppered .jj - sliip F.N L, N. Scovel, Jun. master ; wi'.i clear out to - morrow, and sail on Sunday nest can accommodate several more passeii. eers. having und.snir,e tcraimniodalions, ifap. filica'ioii he niade iuni.ediatcly on board, at Murrav's - wharf, ' at t3 routh - street. je4 GUlirU ' M.I S K t OATHS. . Jir.V; 'I'Lumui ami Viti ot 'St iKmtnro. i'r Y '1 be - sloop sVAR'.tF.S', Masun, hils... itMteri a aood vessel, :.iul In.s snpeuor c. c - jiliinodatioe.s (or p: ssengers. For freight ot pussatri', apply c,il board at pier 9, or tu JO.MIPH tlSIIUHN, e 4 '8 f - oiuh - sireet Htlmttd to f.nyht Jor ti hti.Mt.OJt, tai A good vessel of 4..0 to 600 bhls bur - Jrfi'beu iiumtdiate cus; atch will be givtu. ppivto 1 L'CKLH. LAL IUK::, Je 4 29 tsomh - st. .J O. - r.l II OcKUti..N, No. 'M ioaln slicct, has lor sate 1S7 casks, IfsT bags, (about 10o,0CO lb.) CoiTee 4dbn'.'s Cocoa ; S bales ioofy Komalt - i bales BlueGilhiS 2 balis Calcutta Cheeks, landing frtm brig Lion. .J!'h!!''. f1 Mol is - ,ei, - :..nd'iis fi - om ship ilbKTs c e - I t hhils prime Kentucky Tobacco, land - in; from schr. I'n hin 1 pipes Holland Gin, landing from iloop Manilla 4u0 Ox Hidr, from sloop Wnrrcn IN bTORL, 150,000 l!i. very iiicrior Jaa CVlTee :ln hhds. N L. Kimi 20(1 boxes No. 1 find 2 Chocn'ote 10 chest' Hyson and nogio '1 ta 10 hall pipe J VI bags Cocou 5' hasMustrd ?red i c ts (sum TraaCanth '.( i asi s Cum Copi! 1 case Sal Ahiii.i.tac 1 pair i ki Lc r - jki. - .g G!as Tlakt, 28 liy 6J .nt:!! Also, the lujiof. in Clinton and Calcutta Goods: 4 cases Llnck twill'd Irirtd Hdkit. 1 do crojsoarr'l do I do rhaiig - ahie sflMr.ett ft do Criin - .in C'r i; t i i a'S Green ifii'ci.tws liOO .ieci s Blue Naahccns JO I ai. lleerl' - 'crn and Company Gurraht 5 d'l red, bine and while Gjlla lid Ills. 1 do t - eersociii is b do .Ninw, Maiusruck; re ;uid Jelalpore, fatmahs 5 bales Tiuidah and Kn.igpore C.tiai 'i hal s Maiinou t H bales Ba - tat 1 bale litonh Utiir 200 p. Lotuee and ?ist r'oy Hilkt. i!'Ml p very sup. - rior Bandanna lldkt's. !!UlH) Madras s and Calcutta Goat bkms, ia prime order. Je4 c 1ilT I ON, e:c l;" bides priuieOilt - ans Cot ton, l:udm'' from tch'r t'rehin : tl bales prime Upland, anding from tloops Hardware, an - J Furl, from Savannah, for sale by SAP I. ALLKf, i)U l ine street. IN PTOKE 21"2 bales prime Uplaiut, (tart tqnare ;) 11 bales Deer Skin fir sale as uhovo. Je 4 UOI.A. - jl.o A ijuautity ol Wlolasset, las diny a t I n r 1 1, lor sale hy JOS OSBORN, Je 4 ill South - ttrect. "1 IN. 4 pipes Holiaiid Gin, funding and for VJ sate oy J. - 4 JOsF.I'H OSSORN, S3 - iuh street. OLGAU ti liUil. - b l.iius. jiu - covado tu - 0 s ir l a bags Havana brown do A lew puutheous Antigua ftum, for sale by GOODHL'E&CO. Jr. 4 4 - 1 . - 'outh - sfrecf. Tt..M'UcKY liHiACCO OJ rtticia piiuie IV Kentucky Tobacco, part ol which is very hoice, landing from Tchr. Urchin, and iu store, lor sale by Je4 BOORMAN & JOHNSTON. Cs. IU.KN BOCklM.!:. 10 .ie rs uest wido Jl pressed Boi kin; ltaizi", just opened, and lor sale by the piece, or yard. L. tVC.fL'YDAM, Je 4 4t CI Maiden - Lute. HVO, 7J Washiulou - tli ert, oilers lor sal . 19 hales upland Cotton, just arrived per sloop Exprets, from Savannah 200 demijohns of 6 gallons each 6 pair mill - stones, I rem 4 feet 3 Io 5 feet fewdoien watch sprir.ys and chains June 4 Iw vv - MtltANTKD BOLTING CL,tl I IS. A larere assortment of every descriiitioti of Dutch Bolting Cio'.hs, warranted ofthe best qualitv and at very low prices, for sale by JNO. MTKACKAN, je 4 .It H2 1 - 2 Pearl street ry jjuiiKurs & cu Tils. 4 J baits rose, point and dullil blankets 4 do low priced bluo cloths 8 do do assorted do 6 do double milled drab do 5 do bine and red rtrouds S do fr'c arlet cloths For sale by WIN I DROP, ROUFRS & W IM WM5, - June4 3t Peail - sl. NO 1 1CK - All persons Ii ivmg claims against lln. rstste i f I Bradv. late ol .(he cny of New - York, deceased, are requested to present 4I same lesully autlienttcated, and all tn e indtbU d to tbe said elate are requfS'ea to make imn,ediatc pavment to the euliscnber, .nU. iIm. ii.twrtv nf flie deceased routaiiiiia; 4 lolt fionliiut; oo Uie Bowery 25 by to sect dicp eacn, and one on sianion - m' bt HJOItet I he wlHilepiemiset are rented thin yer tor $U90 and taxes. Aa indisputable uue Will be eiveii lor m same oy . JAMES BARCLAY, ExecBtor, jt 4 iiu iNo. 3 SoHUmtreet.

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