The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 24, 1931 · Page 3
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 3

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 24, 1931
Page 3
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lMARCH 24 1931 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE A Lee Syndicate Newspaper Issued Every Week IJay by_the » MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE |l21-l23 East State St DID YOU KNOW: Illustrated Question Box .Editor LTCE P. LOOMIS .Business Manager MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS '' Tho Associated Press is exc ^o/^oSSe cl^Tth-^pe, and also "local news published herein. SUBSCRIPTION'BATES Dally, per year "'".'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. .15 fofvaTarmTes^Toaming the provinces, while the government can't raise money-enough to pay them and discharge them. Armed, they are preying on the coun- trvside Dispatches call them communists, but brigands is probably more truthful, altho Russian agitators are the most of their opportunities. Thc situation an odd commentary on China's campaign against SCOTT" MOST EXPENSIVE ANIMAL KEEP IN ^Apf\VI'fY 15 -THE WM.12US 'of "their own countries, when 'China can't protect her own people? Daily per week .- · · · · · · · · · '.''·.·'' V u e Outside of Mason C.ty and Clear Lake _ $7 . 00 £» week by carrier ''''' '''' ' ' ' ''' i p r year by y mtil ;:, 6 months, 52.25; 3 months S1.2o;l month Outside 100 mile zone daily, per -/ m o n t h s 3 . 2 o I The musician who 1 string is laughed at.-HQKACE TARIFF WALLS CRUMBLING ,HE pressure of economic distresses beginning to tear down the tariff walls which have disabled business in Europe since the war. Sixteen nations have reached an agreement whereby agricultural products ,,.-,, , of the Danubian countries are to receive favorable 1-75 consideration in return for like welcome to manufactured products of the more developed nations. The agreement is somewhat vague and, fails to satisfy anybody fully. Britain stayed but In deference to her dominions, who do not want to see eastern European agriculture usurp their-British market. But it is a step in the right direction, the first tangible fruit of Briand's ·United States of Europe" scheme. OTHER EDITORS M ,,,«,, «»». B. s ««___££rs£ i formed an Indian audience that the that his con- fcMurging OUR UNIVERSITY INVESTIGATION Council Bluffs Nonpareil: A cynical Iowa editor 10 matter what the outcome of the in- the Iowa university may be the r that ms j.uuuw^.= - _.._,,_., for I -present management has lost its usefulness" and ^xe^e, not that t^--n^^^ nor to thi ;! tadepe s^^ " ; ' "n f re emeu t merely postpones *= . j \yjt_Th, university affairs. nt-i^noi i*r g ,, _:. ^_ m wn,mi of a self-governing do- ] Tnwa ..nivers.ty is one of the finest educational ns in the United States. If it-had not met F mmlM ana ms »««= i *u u« requirements in educational character 'and But the declarations of · Gapdh \ ^V" m f'" ug strength which includes, high class management It Lhe neople to prepare for struggle look ominous | ^^ choscn the Rocke feller Foun- the people to p dation as a place for the development of one of the i -,, r,ativ unitv was the er eatest medical educational centers in the world. . step forward m.natwe^ unity ^ wa ^^ greNo institution in the world can be operated without pettv differences developing among its army of em- ployes and multitude of activities. Scandal-mongers find material at hand everywhere when they go after it Senator Nye and his committee mongered around the country spreading suspicion and distrust everywhere. Finally they were caught in their own nets. ·With publicity turned on his own nenotism Nye suddenly observed a great light. In its illuminating rays he found" that Senator Davis of Pennsylvania had' not been corruptly-nominated and elected to the senate. nsn vie--.-u, u .~ - , Until h?s own malodorous record, was uncovered he \ e tv,n federal India which is projected, wag ram pant to poison the minds of the people of the i-t of the leaerai IUUM. i i r . . . . .. . T-) avis COU M De un- IF A MAH PROPORTION ATE. LY SAME. IN HIS OA-UJS AS A FIELD AN-T, HE LIFT IK m ONE. YE.AP- BIJ-l- OF -TV1REE AND HIS VJIFE. -TtODLILA -SAM What is the nrice an hour for Bllt a, J. .ho 'as for ja. Mahomet did not become MOHAMMED 14 -THE COMMONEST FIRLS-T NAME -fHE. VJOR.1-D tion. To install any kind of mitting set with power up to l' 0 ^ |-p'oiygamisTuntil after her death, watts, U would cost anywhere from a poiyga , )CC ,, mo of t l,o Jlnfr $5 000 to $-10,000. The science of the I V- »_."»» _ _ _ _ _ _. ,__ transmission sound at the present time is developed so rapidly that a sending set that would be up-to- date today in six months would be obsolete. The Broadcasters must stand for studio and office rent of I **· "· from $15,000 to 540,000 a year. The investment on a big station runs from $750,000 to a million dollars. Pick-up equipment costs from S10 000 to 512,000 annually. Electricity amounts to about $15,000 a year, and there are any number of incidental expenses that run to about $15,000. Microphones cost at least i ^'"y- __ nd "' ia snic i to have begun ? 75. Thc Nat [TM alcosBr °f ^f ttllinthePar,ineau Rebellion In Cana- ciiskct of lhe A., it hongs in the amphitheater Arlington. Q. Where is Buffalo Bill's ranch? . Cody, Wyoming. It can be and is open for general in- i by tourists. It is at the entrance to Yellowstone WHS I'aul Bunynn a mil person'.' W. C. F. A He is a mythical hero of the lumber camps of the northwest. "OLD ^^^ . HOME TOWN" WILL BE FOUND ON WANT AP I' AGE l^ljMussulman. The Hindus ^one-third of the electorate ~ML^=TM in the government, which surprised even tin ; means, probably, that the British will n DIET and HEALTH By LOGAN CLENDENING, M. D. Author o£ "THE HUMAN BODJ" EARLIER DAYS f Compilation of IntereMIi Ycara Ago" File* of the MARCH 24, 1011" FnclH from the If the Martin Manufacturing company expects to ·enlanre its output the coming year it must enlarge ? ts pfant. This was .the assertion _o£_ o^of.tte ^pre- sentati'ves of the firm company says its programs depends, among things, upon the length of time required to broadcast and the number of stations in the hook-up. The National Broadcasting company has two basic networks. One, comprising 20 stations, covering 47 cities, costs 510,180 an hour. A second net- I "" 01 work comprises 11 stations, covering 37 cities and costs $8,640 an Q. How long did Kaiser William II reign ' M. C. A. He became emperor in 1888 and ruled until 1918. Q. How long was the identity of in the Papineau da in 1837 and it then spread thru- out the northwest, being colored by myth in Minnesota legends further west. 3 the American loggers, just the border, who embellished yth and gave it most of its S INCE WE suggested ;_ ,1:*- f n ..A« (· -n nitrVi there in speaking of the ti_ e author of,the Wavcrlcy Novels clubs I growth the company"haV enjoyed the past year and] Ucpt a secret? E. D. different cities, | ^specially the past two months. March is expected, to A Thirteen yca rs. .V5B2- 5STKB S »-2W52.^=US^ fc Stt£ ±-irs«n.«^fe=S!^^SIS"2 logo, for instance, around the hips | March is any indicaUon of vvha^th^remainder will be pa they must abandon their oriental despotism and UlUll I. (JtJJ^«"l -- L- L strange to some of these fabulous potentates. ACOOLIDGE OBSERVATION . . . . . , * together and try to work out a something--as compared to the lt ~ Mr Coolidgc has lhe courage to propound the wisdom o'f the obvious, of which more clever men are afraid The intelligentsia find it common-place to note that two plus two equals four. It does, however, con- UnlTo equal four even tho the intelligentsia do not admit it. That is why the apparently dull Mr. Coohdge has such .a tonic effect-on so many people, who are heartily tired of brilliance and cleverness, and welcome a touch of obvious horse sense. from" Washington pud ^setjjim. forth as ,, f -_ - ' Masters has applied tie pen o! scandal to Lincoln | 'ar the investigation of our university has re- v.-«,~ nothing: of consequence. Testimony has been m-incipally from witnesses who failed to get contracts now imi-u .u - - -- for building construction. These disappointed persons ease of. talking about %TM%STM*%£ ^uM.l^rWSE a st corner of Sixth and Wash wlml manner may orango bo arranged us n decoration for the liridal veil'.' G. K. A. The simplest arrangement is n is placed over the tulle or lace veil? If a complete wreath is unbecoming a partial one may be worn. When thc veil is arranged in cap effect, thc orange blossoms may be placed on either side of thc face as two roscts. BO-BROADWAY .rOSKl'H VAN UAAl.TE 1 ince the hips and buttocks have a roperly at the northwest corner of Sixth and W reat deal of fat, and fat is the { £,,, streetH and also asks, f or a ^P arale *« f 6 - « country to such an extent that Davis could seated and Nye elevated to a place in our national hall of famous statesmen.. . . Frequently we hear scandal talk around Washington. A committee was appointed to investigate lobbying and it probed everything in sight. Scandal is in the air. It is everywhere. The minds of many people are suspicious of everything they do not understand. They question the honesty of all those who have accumulated more than a few thousand dollars. Sensing this disposition of people to revel in scan- ·^'-^.^·^sj^T^^^s^^affS^^^s^^^ XTE IN Berlin and she cure. doubts, however, whether this is true of the arms calves and ankles for which ^ ,,_. special exercis^je^prescr^i i Thl3iB block of piano boxes lines the sidewalk on Main, Fifth and State streets, representing a big pianos just received by the Trafford com, tr,« largest single shipment of high grade o instrumentality of a detective employed'by-a private and -wolilS;! . . measurements, .the result of_experlmeriU. Miss Mary O'Harrow, formerly with the Damon- ments, toe reaun. «-. ··"«·-------- ... t for i igou company, has accepted IgouS^S.taSS?^ a position with the Misses to go--London, Paris, then down to Italy. Tm so anxious to get into Italy, said. "I've heard such a lot about Mussolini, I know it must he the most beautiful city in the world!" · « · LIFE--George Newton, assistant to the managing director of the Prince George hotel, saved a wealthy man's life once, and 10 years later the_\ man ^sentcjninv. a. The Washington ses:ision of the progressives demon- Bl rat d exac y what Mr. CooUdge said. There was a whirlwind oE oratory "against," but the production of asXr" was'remarkably small and unsensat.onaL What Calvin Coolidge noted is eternally true-even is obvious to the point of being almost a platitude. A A BAR TO CHEAP FUEL PROPOSED PROPOSAL is neforc the state legislature to natura i gas at the rate of 15 cents a tax thousand Now comes the suggestion that because a tempest in a teapot has been stirred up relative to the university management the head of the institution and others associated with him ahould-be required to quit their jobs. We are not taking the pictures of Lincoln and Washington from our walls because Hughes and Masters have assailed their records. We should not only sustain Jessup and our educational board and others responsible for making Iowa university one of the great institutions in the country but we should commend their work and increase their pay at the conclusion of this malicious and ill-advised attack upon their ability aiid integrity. FAIR COMPENSATION ASKED ^S *"£ t^U^c^M'S 1 aTa rost to the public of 530,000 to 540,000 a mile, a road- wav on which to compete with railroad companies that buv thetr rieht-of-way and build their own rc-aas. The end sought is not to cripple the truck and bus 5 feet 6 inches and I *u. " d ^ j t f lhe troclianter, and wiU i a sister in Boonc. surement should be made at the level 01 Lura na Warner, a teacher in the schools at 1. 2, leg. 4* 6. toes until down heels. e SS Warner, YORK, March 24.--Those of The Congregation who have been worried by the thot that George Bernard Shaw was about to pay a visit to our fair land, need no longer be apprehensive. The Old Boy's not coming, and, like Chick Sale, he tells us why. Over in Great Britain, it appears, he has a few ladies and gentlemen to cater to. Over here, he says, every i l i t t l e _ _ . __ -shopkeeper-is-up on the rooftop with ·_ of 10 cen t store cuff a'megaphone crying his" wares. a reward^for hia bravery. ., . . "And why should I go to Amer- more va , uc on thelr ica?" he adds, "where there are so i many of me?" In other words, Why carry hot dawgs to Coney Island? OT WINDS--From now on, it'll be only "hot roles" for Lily amita, exotic little movie star. "Why not?" inquires Lil, with r lips and her eyes and her eye)rows and shoulders. "Ze hot roles ake ze men happy, ze women ealous. What is ze use to have em6tion and not use hcem? In ture, I come in like zat cyclone right leg out to side Standing tnTknTcs^up'^war-ds chin so that forelegs are en. The back. Do bicycle movements. Lying on side. Raise leg straight up ... __* w,TM,»mpnh Roll "over on brother at Kiester. rcth (Trade of the Garfield school were c ml, nJ.sixth Krade of the Grant school last "a spelling mltch which was held Wednesday afternoon. The actors were well finals the Garfield school won. divided but in the Robert Tillotson was and down, in scissors movement. Roll "over on other s^raS-SsrsL-siirsuss I longest and finally defeated ... ,,-and repeat with other leg._ yesterday for an over Hathaway home here Grant school. Belle Plaine, arrived in the c Sunday visit at the Waltc I l i l L U J . 0 « t -- ~ ~.n ' +./-.« font This is equivalent to taxing coal 53 a ton. £COt - what the purpose of such a tax is ^-t been investment has been made m brmg- the fields of the southwest to be The '"\iramount of coal is produced in Iowa, it's a r£=^*^-£~ SS, «o" T»i, I, »TM «W »» »" °" "»"" itself as good public policy ived road worth to bus and truck open cost the public to furnish them that M the SES^^s^'T^rr^siiW'eJS-rt. 1 ** _«,,t =! ,F» (n use so far as rnml i Rr meeting last inursuu.y i.v«- _ _ RS. L., Abilene, Kans.: raw trichina would meat safe to use so far as regular meeting have felt that a cure ' - " preserve meat would WHrtl. UUta 11. t-u^i. «-"i^ ^..« -- . road? What value do the trucks and buses take out of the road' by wear and tear? What restrictions nn trucks and buses are necessary to assure the safety and convenience of the other users of the roads These are the questions to he answered. Not to cripple the big wagons, but to make them operate their lines decently towards the public, and to pay the public for whatever value they, are getting, those are the ends to Answer V The United States bureau .. ,,,,...- destroy trichina I ~ tTlT( y mceLinf? and address h,^ormanjhe, meat, preparatory to cook- j vva3 ^ several ^umbe^s by mcmn^ ^ ^ light refreshments were served n cooked in es itablishments operating under federal AD ^^mcar^'^^^loin., that all destroys This It would ,be more special assistance in keeping with precedent to give to new industry rather than to place new industry. BIOGRAPHY IOGRAPHERS apparently are bent on names , J.J..1.-J».»w .-i-i--- «· . i i ' and position. Let any man who has helc feed high office die, and immediately his biographers hf presses until their rollers are hot with rush of biographical output.-Let any man be elevated to high place, and instanter biographers keep, the press ink wells bubbling with rush of matter detailing their hfe be sought. WHY THEY WERE TURNED DOWN Hampton Chronicle: The Mason City Globe-Gazette wonders just what forces were behind the opposition o the confirmation of Frank Miles and Max Hueschen as members of the state board of education. Where has the editor of the Globe-Gazette been during the past two weeks? The patriotic people of Hueschen s ionic county, and many other people over the state vho knew him, together with the leaders of the American Legion were out in force against his confirmation. The senate voted forty-three to seven against Hueschen and votej3 a tie vote on the confirmation of Miles. Everybody knew beforehand that Frank Miles was tied up in bad company, but thru no fault of Miles. With a fair chance it is quite likely that Miles would have been confirmed by the state senate. « why? Holders, of high office are not unusual Some of them are only mediocre subjects for the biog raphcr or less. The lives of many who have never hel office are more interesting as subjects of biograph than those of many men who have been shoved mto ays the flesh are periments have shown that fected when fed with portions smoked meats as prepared in America. ex- in- and Dr. ClcnilenlnB can now Din for each and a sclf- cnvclope, to Dr. Lo B nn Clen1ciiln B In -- central Press Association. 343.. Ens' Ohio. The pumphleta are: Kdllnr'B Note: six pnmnl-.lets by he obtained by sending 10 cents '- · mlclreasecl. stamped S?5?'Sa "B« an^nlns.'; · Fecdlnc." "ln»lnieUon» for U c ··Feminine'HyBicne" and "Inili- Inrant Treatment or Diabetes.;; ·The" Care of the Hair and Skin. Schanke, Allan Beck, W. C. Boyle and M Coughlon were at Bricclyn and back h M CU r= rd 01vde and Carl Younglove returned Clear Lake, where he season i Miss well knox here'Mto'e' father of Mrs A - R ^ kKUI ' : _ 21 - a _; Vdh0] i a0in fr t clTsleNxplcu'to^sUrt.out on this mission as soon as THE EDITOR'S MAIL BAG DISAGREES WITH OOCTOK ROCKFORD, March 38.--Somo limo ngo there appeared in the columns of your paper a scries of av- _ , go out like hurricane. Lily Dam- y c ] 0 _ s j,y Dr. Clendening, on the eC- a shall be ze emotional tempest n ze screen So live that you never disappoint our press agent. T HE MAN NOBODY NO'S-There's a yarn bouncing around he B ' ' '" '---'- oncern ,, England spinster who fell heir to a arge sum of money and arrived in *Tew York on her way to see Europe. She was very much excited about her contemplated trip and was ex- laining, just where she expected fccts of tobacco upon the human system. As a member of the organization of the W. C. T. U. I tako exception to the statements made by him, inasmuch as our search foe truth has letl us to believe otherwise. The evil effects of tobacco on w roadway orange drink stands U)e aystcm navc been pretty thoroly ming a past middlcage New nc int() cvcr gj gone into ever since its adoption by the human race. Investigations are constantly being carried on and in no case has there been a justification for its use. The youth ot our land are our greatest asset, and, to mirn in I'anf IN. Column «)· Who's Who and Timely Views ?f%^atuy haTadjouVned. "Mr. Brady is under- I as our 'decade of "riotoua living." sff^-Sask^usfc asfs'- ·-- · JUST FOLKS Conyrlchlctl IXII _, , said that biography ia history. Hut that applie3 only to those whose lives are making history. Let that be the teat rather than passing distinction, and library shelves will not be 80 crowded with volumes that will be handed over to the wastepaper man a few years hence. COMMUNISTS OR BRIGANDS? rpHIS pas*, few dnys have seen renewed outbreaks in -*· China, with two American women missionaries lly CIK1AR A. (IUES'1 ' POWER He strode the world with head in air-A man of muscle and of might, Who found in power his chief delight; He'd rather frighten than be fair, He'd rather bully than be right. So used to being strong he grew That pity from his bosom fled. "Mercy Is but a word," -he said. "I do what J. have power to do. Strong men should lead and not be led! But he who lives by strength alone Walks blindly to hla sure defeat. Soon comes the day when he shall meet A force that's greater than his own And.from his castle walls retreat. The gains ot strength to strength arc lost; Success on many things depends. A life Is judged by how it ends. Who takes the prize at any cost Fellowship of Prayer A Daily Lenten Feature Presented in Co- Opevation With the Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America THE'WISE MOTHERS (Head Luke 38:15-17. Text, Luke 18:15). And they brot unto him also Infants, that he would on the right of way problem case that goes back to the days before the USE OF LEISURE TIME A PROBLEM By DR. WILLIAM JOHN COOI'KIt Federal Commissioner of Education. William John Cooper was born at Sacramento. Cal., Nov. IM. 1852. lie Is a Krarl- n a t n ot lhe U n i v e r s i t y (it California. U n l l l 1015 lie taillitll History In tlic nigh sclwn s at Stockton and Berkeley. Cal. From 1010 to 1027 lie was superintendent of n t i h l l B school! at Piedmont. Fresno and San Diego, in California, lie wa* state director of education In California from 1027 to 1020. In the liUlcr y e a r he WM rna.ln ederal commissioner ot education. Ho has tanuht summer Fcsslonn or thc University of CiuToVnla for several years, and Is a recent ,,f ihiit Instltulltin. H i j office la In thc department of the Interior al Washing.ton. man many things which in no pre- ions age thc wealthiest and most powerful could possibly enjoy. Ma- hlncs have lifted burdensome toil rom the backa of men bringing a chance for leisure. Each of us is aware of one or more instances of .he actual displacement of human lands by machinery of an automatic type. Partly ns a. result of these improvements, we have today millions of unemployed. This period of unemployment has brot home to us once more that work is man's greatest blessing. How we use this leisure is of fundamental impor- likely to be recorded in history ur ( toasted * se mothers would tell their children later that touched them. That would be a sacred and gone dry under the local option law. Tombs in spite of the law which forbade any per- 9 taking or soliciting orders for liquor or ac- Lan fc y ^ _ : _ j t _ ^ n i;,, A *. n nimnHI innumerable sions our " h i g h standard of living." We m a d e many and lengthy speeches accounting for it. Once in a while came a question ing voice from th w i l d e r n e s s . By what m e a s u r e was this livin s t a n d a r d rate suggest memorV'£when"a STlidVarn. that it has 1 son from taKing - -.TM -.^-^ a ^ f SU ff e "n R Jr«ted in baptism. These mothers _were not | ceptmg ^J^ ^ ' town . g we althy citizens. Tombs been consecrated in baptism. ,j sn _the disciples were the foolish · · When is a q itorv erivea the answer. U V ^ J l l l O f . i ...H .11VJLJ fc.'^" "" said that "The race moves forward on high? By our productions in art? That will c o m e Wm.J. Cooper Inter. By our work music?'Music must he useful, .ft. Tombs £^ rhythm appears to furnish re- WRS fairlv on ms way to deliver it when he was appr5- laxation to tired workers. By our ^£Ifrtii^ on his longer of _ eceive children into the church. They are « savs Jesus The problem Is how to keep them there. p7a v er: Our Heavenly Father, Who dost hallow our home "by the gift of children, grant us to learn from thc^r inrlcncy and trust the . w a y s o Tb Jesus' name. Amen. law was n trial. How would j Mnkn up . man"on"tne street since production and unlimited sales make prosperity. Does not literature reflect the real spirit of the age The decision: The court net Tomlia free. Thn jlldBCS reasoned I h u s r When a man i- I»«t on t r i a l f.,r vlol.llon .,f a »Ulule antlme ha. been repealed the court Is without Jtiri.dlcU«n mot impose acnlencc. I I l C u L l,li^ i s^.*» «j*.».- ~ - -- . you call the trash and pornographic writings representative of a higl standard of living? . But why pursue this examination further. 7t i« obvious that machine have made possible Cor the averag .ance. How can we combine with thc ac- ivities needed for a healthy and vigorous body those which will stimulate intellectual life and ar- :istic pursuits? If these activities are to bn most helpful they should not grow out of paternalism but out of volunteer associations. They should develop thru such organizations OH the Boy Scouts, tha Girl Scouts. Camp Fire Girls, the Young Men's and Young Women's Christian associations, and thc similar organizations which minister to Catholic youth and Hebrew youth, or modified forms of these. And they miiHt be better staffed than they arc at thc present time. Much of this leadership service must bo of a volunteer character also.

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