The Evening Post from New York, New York on June 4, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 4, 1818
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i V I I MEVEMI NCJMBEK 4901 THURSDAY, JUNE 4, 1818. NO. 49 WILLIAM - STREET. POST. . fir SALE, l& The very fine brig ALONZO, Green, rr.ute r, 163 tons, is in excellent order, fcJn be ent to rea at a small exptmee. innlvou board at Governeurs - wharf, or to POTT & M'KINNE, v29 56 South - street. Eur SALE, TbeburtJiensoroesch. ANTELOPE, of 10j tons, lying t Jones - wharf. Apply my JO IUI 1 & .1 HUinu, oo 5f fcouthstreet. v IIumIoh ami J'int.'amI, . SJ The loop FAVORITE, Trow, mas - Vjjiier will have immediate dispatch. ' pSTfreight or passage, having spacious ac - eon,modationMPP'yj(0.rT&M,KINNEf irjv?9 .m South street. ' - f9r t HEIGHT or CHAhlEH, ' v The schr JANUS, cat. Tabor, 106 "5atou, firt rate TeweloThcr flats, will ut ready to receive cargo iu fire days. For sale, landing from mid schooner, 120 bags rrime St. Domingo come 2 tool logwood 2 pires co'nac brandy. A pply to '. . E. FISHER, myS9 lw SISouih - rt. : n ihirt..hUPII.VR. Jt The substantial se br. CEP HI3K,capi. k"i vVTaher. will have nuick dispatch Fur IrjRit of 200 bbls. or passage, apply to J. 1 MUNTAUDKYERT, 9'3 Wall - street, to or WM. & G. II. A. RICKETT3, my 29 1 4 Goveneiirs - lanc. tor EHtlGtlTut CHAIITEH, i . - iiiiT i a ri.r snrierior couuercu cuii inu - idamently expected from, an eastern port, in biiiat, anJ caa proceed immediately elsewhere for a carj.i. A p; '!) to G. G. k 6. limVI.AXD, my 03 C7 Washington et. 'or S'a'e, Freight or Charier, tXfv, Schooner MORNING STAR, bur jkfcthen 90 tons, will stow 800 bbls. is a fcu'jd vessel and ready fir u voyage, Lc .it Do7cr - Jtreet wharf. Apply to 11. & C. W. DAVENPORT & CO. rny 23 tor .i.urt:itjK - iM, The regular trading brig OHIO, B. , Carman, muster ; has part of her cargo engaged, and wnl be dispatched wiiliout delay. For freight or passage, (having very good accommodations,) apply to the muster on board, at pier no. 5 north river, or to J. C. ZIMMERMAN, my 2r tf No. 77 Washington - st. i'LA i'i.i;OK 1'AKIS MANl'FAC - 'i OIIV, At thn f nt of ll irrisiin - ftrect, Mmtli - ltiv r. . I1IIEKK iniinu.'ar.lurrd Flutter, firrori)i. V V its nudnlhtr pjipowj, umy m hud, war - rauled of the liret ijuiililj , at one dullu and twen - ly Jire cents ifr'l. J'he manuriclory is rondncttr! I.y Mr. John Tucker, uholi'ti m ivda rg'ilur apprenticeship tn tl.e hum" l'Usi.ii.t. JOIfN EYF.R3. CIO l'ToN 'J Mpiuie and 2 round bales Georgia C'daiul Cotton, for sale by W1IJ.EJS k LAWHRNCB, my 29 Iw No. 92 Pine - atiect. L'"KA1'MER. 53 sides undressed upper Leather, for sale by .ASSONO.riIF.LP3, 'my 20 ' Frnntifrwl. V 4 4 Will I K LFAK, arc. He. J J .J kfRi London White Lead in oil 30 barrels iloDrv White Lead 8 tons Red Lead 30 barrels Bristol Red Ochre SO do Venetian Red ;t tons line Lilliargc 80 hoszhtads Whiting ...... 60 caslis Paris White t 2 hhds. Verdigris SO tiero - s t ren - h Yellow Ochre 5 kejssVei million 4 casks Prussian Blue, 400ll. Cronvs Yellow; FaUnt Yellow Spanish Brown, Venetian lied, Yellow, SIN OIL. Rlack, Verdigris, LampbltKk ; Ivory Black ; Purle Brown Spirits Turpentine ; Lintseed Oil 400 boxes Window Glass, assorted For sale on the lowest teiuii, for cash or at short cr dit, by PET EH. SCHERMEUHORN k SONS, my 1 2 13 Water - stnef. i LYNCti, )un. (at.No. 4U W illiani - trec - t,) X. has on hand the following WISES and L!Ql:CR3, selected witli judgment by himself, sriucii Ua clisrs at whoUfaie and retail, tear - tnlid pure, at imjiortid at) i.ires J .tu:., r,miir! pipes A hhls - S qr cx - ks ) 100 years in wood. 40 Old Madeira, ia bottles, from 3 to 20 years Ch in&pa'.jr.c, Eurumly, Claret aud Sautirnc, of very superior quatty 7 wot - s dry Lisbon, 7 years old 7 do Sherry, cine years old, and free f.iom Eoracha tasto Port, in pipes aud battles Tailo wiue, fjr its quality, the cheapest in America TeneriSc, in lihji. Old Er.mJy, do. Rum, dn. Gin, nnt reduced 500 demijohns, coo', uuing five gallon: each 50 groce wine bottles N. 11. Those in the trade, and country dealers, will ftad it to thf iraixount, to supply them - sclrei with wines and liquors at tho above establishment, as they will bs certain to obtain articles of the flnt qualify, at the. lowest prices, and pure ns imported. my 9 tm TU tin. LEASED, ON favorable term, tor a long term of years, 4 lots of ground on Uroadway, 200 feet deep, eitou.linj to Crotby - strcet, between Hester and Giund - itrectJ. 2 lots in Writer - street, near Catharine - market. 1 lot in Water - street, between Fulton, aud Curling slip. Also, kcveral other lots in the 5th, C:h, 8th and 10th wards. For particulars, enquire at So. X), Chatham - street. may 8 HAVANA SUGAR, TALLOW, 50 boxes brown Havana Sugar, entitled to drawback. FXI ' croons 8oith American Tallow 54 boxes Roll brimstone, and t cases Tumblers. Landing and for sV.t iy jajies ii'molf, junr. niy12 - 54 South street. RICHMOND FLOUR & TOBACCO - 850 bbls superfine floor, llaxall's brands 435 do do do country do to do fioe do do do t t do X middllngf C3 hhds prime old and new tobacco 4 do do new tobacco, fit for manufacturers - For sale by VI. L S. CRAIG, "IM, 64 Front strett. rjOPPER, BOTTOMS. Ac 2000 lbs. Cop - ?r l"ni 20 to 30 inches J'. 'ouglit Nails, Eng. and Am. lbs. Lead, Sunn Twine, for sale by ay 21 CEBRA & CUMING, 70 Ft&rl - itmL HARDWARE, CUTLERY Aic - 2 casks bcolcb ipring Lock 5 casks plate Locks, ldo Steelyards 1 do cheat bandies. kc. 1 do screw plates, tcalc beams, kc. 1 do brass cocks. Ale. 1 do bell metal kettles aod skillets 2 do tiu'd pots aod sauce pans 2 do fine padlocks - 4 do Dan bury lot kg, hinges, &c. 2 do hammers, pincers, locks, Sic. 2 i"o TIL hinges, kc. 4 do anvils 1 do hammers and sledges 2 do black &i bright vices, 2 do fdes 4 do pocket, pen and double blade knives 4 do sham buck and bone bible knives 3 do buttons 100 do t ut nails and brads, from 3 J. to 20d. Alto, a large and general astortment of goods opeuutt the shelves, lor sate at the ni - ist reduced prices, by ADAMS k BLACK WELL, mny 7 215 Pearl st. A RON dMITii has rt - moved ro 19 broad - X way, 2d door above V my street, and ot - lurs for sale on reasonable If rnis, Bfai k, white and col'd satins (irifu levautiue, louisinennd florrnce silk Rlack. white, green and light Hue rrps Superfine white chipllats. with bauds and ex tra crowns Kleg:int crape and fig. tafata ribbons While, black and pink tulle lace I'.Urk ltnlian Iiilcstrings fluid, changeable and plain col'd do. btrip'd roarcehiie silus, Fine black, wind and c ol'd '.vmbatine Do. tabinelsand poplins Llai:k bud col'u Cautoo crapes tis'd .Nankin do 7 - 4 and u - 4 Nankin crape shawls and icarfs Fi'd and plain India mull tuuslin IWi. mull and cambric drtescs and shawls lint - Mini; andllounce triintning Tliread :, i dgii:j;s and lootings French l iwn, Jiucu cambric and UilUfi Fine 4 - 4 Irii li linen Dainn'k t iblc tlclln and naluns. ell sices Mack, wbite and col'd Engluhsilk gloves t.nslnr, kij and beaver do JScut fi'd and phiii - pearl buttons I!1 - , l.lai k,grrruiind assorted sewiii? silk Ll.u k, ntii'.u and col'd raw silk sl.utvis and sdris Merino fl;.iw! and drcs'es i'atln Jt in, bhick ar.d col'd galloons Hat bundf, with a general assortment offancy ant otahle k'ioiIs. ny (i ii.v rub.: ecu MAAUfji vrou i'. f IllIE Sub;cribers bt j leave to art;uaiutthir JL li'ittids and the puldic, that lliey have re moved th - . - ir Tobacco Manufiictery in!o lluir Cre - proof saut, No. C2 Wator - strcct, where they intend carrying ou Iho biitlnrsi on an c xtcn - iivetchlc ll.iy have on hnud iare riipfily of Pigtail rolls, in:idi!of br;t Ulchaiond iolacco Sweet sciulcl N. Head LaJii i' twist Long c ut chewing, iu 1,4, 3, and 16 ounce papers do do Macti'.a Miulf, iu y - i'i J hollies, i.y ululcri'o and retail Sce'r:ted l!a; pee, d. do tftrasbur'iiulf do do French ra;'peo do do I'bin fine do do d.i Cbtch fiitiH iu bottl. - s and I Kd.b ra . Spauith set" ir, ni'tde of thoUe tobveo irrf - ported 2 yrart a;o,and wrarr.uilcd gciuiue New - Orleans do. American do. Orduis from tho country will be puuctuidlv n 1 carefully ndemlcd to. mnyfl 1u I. N A A R & .SON. ?f entire ui (it a ): aimiil tnnr. nud a or 10 anchor. of nMortxd size, for 'ale hv l'OTC .V M'KINAK, 6ft South Mri'tL my 30 OLD t Ol'1'i.K. UiHilbs. old Uopptr, received from Juiuaica, will bo sold in lots to suit purchaser.1), by TUCKER & LA CRIES, 29 South - street. my 30 AM ES D' vVOLF, Junr. lias reiuovi d from 57 Front - street to 54 South - street, and effurs for a'e . 52 ccronns south American I allow 25 tons clean tt. I'etersburgh Hemp, few belts first quality Russia Duck; tier - man Steel in boxes, entitled todiaw - (incit. 1COH10 lbs. Green Coffee do 21 boxes Chioa table setts 172 pieces each 10 hhds pure Spirits . 1 case Platillas. my 5 lYf OFFATT'B SIOCK ALE For sale at 1X1. No. 20 Fulton st. by mv 22 3w ELLIS & FI.ECKXEH, flMIRKAD HOftE. A lew dozen long and X ball thread Hose, tor faJe n ale by G.G.Kh. HOWLAND, 67 Wliine:Uin - treft. in 1 'IMJHI'EYi INr.. JOU bbls soli Turpentine, X lor sale by D. BETHUNE li CO. 92 C. M. Slip. my 20 liS i S, OIL, He. K.C 50 hhds. Fans I White and Whiting GO bbls. Siamb drown, 2) do Ye llow Ochre 6 ii casks Vccetian Rci 10 tons dry and grounJJWhi'e Lead 2 do Red lad 500 lh. Prussinn lilile 2dtl0 lb. illue Vitriol ; 3000 lh. Oil do 10 hhds. Copperas; 5 do Pumice Stone 10IM) l.'a Corn Copal; 1500 do do Shellac 101) bblj. G round Cainwocd 2i1 do do Logwood and Nicaragua 500 di do Tumeric 5 tons St, Dom:ngo Logwood 2 do Law .Nicaragua ; 2 do Red Wood 30 boxes Eastern llould Candles Linseed, spermacc.T. and nwats foot Oil Black and Bright Varni'h 2500 fett H by 10 G.ass 1500 do 7 by 9 do for sale by RIPLEY ii WELD, mv 14 19J Fmnt rornrof Fultcm - st. r.EF tu.d POKK. oO bbls .nuie betl J Jt) do do Pork, lor sale by PALMER &SAIDLF.R, mv 20 104 Front - street. inui y To i hi v FROM 12,000 to 30,001 Dollars to loan, to be secured by Mor'auge on Real Estate in this city. Applv to . HUUl.SiJ.i 1UII S'C - my $5 44 Wall - .4r. - et. WANTED, several joung LADlbb as ap prenUces to the MANTUAMAK1SG - UUSlNESa. Enquire of MISS MARSHALL, mm I4tf No. 7 Cedar - street. r SEA, TIN I L 1 r., bUUV,iv ii - s, JL 40 chests hvson skin tea 100 lic xes Tin Tlate, assorted 10000 lbs. India block tin 8000 111. Spanish do tioOO lbs. iron wire 100 tierces prime new rice 50 bbls. cider brandy. - For J..r7n:. ANSON G. PHELPS, m. i . 183 Front street. f tO ITON. Ho bales Upland Cotton, for sale 1 1 R. 4c C. W. DAVEN: RT kCO. my 30 ,) f g LEMUAS, ke. U YJ YJ Bores fresh Messina Lemons, prime order 50 boxes . do da Oranf;es '. Now landing and lor sale hy 13 TETIIK BXMSEN if CO. HARDWARE, CUTLERY, lie Plated and tinned saddlery Knitting Pins, Iron and Steel Steelyards, Sickles Knives and forks, a great variety, f Pattern Cards Razors, Scissors, Fen aod t of them , Pocket Knives, J Steel Plate Saws. Chine Is Dane Irons, Drawing Knives Files, Rsis, Card Wire, Frying Tans Enflish hlistrrd Crowley and Millington fctc - el, kc. kc For sale by EDWARD LYDE, my 21 tf i No. 16 William street. KENTUCKY I OHACCO. 14 hhds prime Kentucky Tobacco, hindiiic from' schr. r'enelun. west side turlin slip, lor sain at 63 WkShmgton - tt. CM AO. L. (ItilJEIM Si my 27 AUR. OGDEN. rMjr - PL.irt:i, THAUt. -, u. J. 00 boxes tin plates 2H casks Traces Lrass Wir No. 9 CO casks Roman Cemmt, now landing, and (or sale by ANDERbON k sIlEAREK, 1JI Water - stiett. JFAo hurt in time. Patent and ccuiilcu Carolina and Virginia IlVs heet Brass of all sites Rrass and c opper Wire London made pocket Rooks and Wallets Ladies work Boxes kc. my 2 S uTiTcowPAyii Ti'AO hukfo. - Elegant patterns, for s ile by my 30 MARCH & LOW, 210 Brondway. WINE. 50 cases Chiret Wine, contumii 1 dczen each. 15 do do 3 dozen e ch, ol Iheurowlh of Br.mne Mouton. vintage 1810, re - ceived rcr brig South America, irom bordeaux, and for sale by A GRACIE k SONS. my o llllzll L,1jLAS, i 1 1 l - :t.Tl AGS . - iAU Dl - A I' Kits. BY tho l:.te arrivals from Dublin and Rtlfast, HENRY M'VICKAR & CO. have re - ceived - 4 - 4 4i 7 - 3 linens, 5 - 4 sheetings, in half pieces 7 - 3 lawns, 3 - 1 diaper 3 - 4 brown linens, in half pieces Kuf - ia duck and table cloth', which they offer for salo on reasonable terms at No. 57 l inc - st. mav 26 2w MONEY TO LOAN ON MORTGAGE. AdIALd'V iiai i a rj o ...... t. k I. ...I :.. . 9 II 11 v i ; ii... ..... i m ' - suiiiim i . I'l''!"'1 njs u - liiireol A.UW. alULKMUliV, Stock and Exi h - Jiige limker. No. Ij:t Willimn l rt . t. mr 23 tf C 'l 1D.S - 3J dcKtn, mr t. - by J. D'WOI.F, Jr. 51 Sontli - "'r - c t. my 1 1 W OOiLENa. HOSE aud I'jint blankets I.igiaiiied Carir(jng, common and super. Venetian do Wilton mid Irne!s Hearth Rs;. Printed 1'iihleCoier, tretii, hint:, scarlet, kc. Illue Cloths and Coalilt, lies eived ptr Ann Muria, liom Liverpo"!, and fortalhy EDWARD L DIC, my 'in if ?o. 1) WHiiain Mreet. 'I'OtlACCO, HIKES Pud I I.UUK I. 1 1 liluls Kculucl y Tol'ucro, l.iii.lir.2 from liicship Mnry, from New Orleans I jd salted Hides, landing Ircuu the schr Ri sing Sun, from Ptninuibuco .AJ I I. I, - ' I I narreis ivii.ninona r lour 20 hhds. old, and 40 do new Richmond Tobacco, fir salt by l ir mv 1 12 I'mitt street. I.UESil 7 t.H'! - Oihv'is (rcli tJMio JL I en 10 eliofl Hvsoit thin 10 25 catty hoxes Mmvl'ct Souchong 5 u:rtfrchet llohea IU boxes fresh sweet Oil. in butties 10 b.igs pi iine green Colic u 5 do Java do 1 pipe very suM'rior Madeira Wine 20 Iioxck mould Candles 90 Deuiijoiius ALSO, Cngnar. Rrandy. Holland Gin W hite St brown Sugar, Jamaica Rum Molasses aud other croc erics, for sale cheap, by llAISEY k GOSMAN, my 27 lw ai jiu - :ip FLEMISH SHEETING'S &c - 60 pieces JU flemish bticetiiifjs, assorted 1 case fine Irish Limn remnants 600 pieces first quality blue Nankeens 100 do do do long y llow do 50 do strip'd Seersuckers Dark and liclit niixed Vigonia cassemeers Coburg and brown mixed do First quality buff and while do For snle by the piece or yard, by ny2inwt JOHN BO WEN. 1) LUST'S Strantrers Guide to the City of Jj New - York, price 1 50 Received and for sale at the Minerva Circulating Library, No. 255 Broadway, opposite the Museum. my 30 ' NL'KsE WANTED. RESPECTABLE middle nged woman it C. wanted as a wnnted as an attendant and nurse to a sick lady. Appiy at mv 201 :u ii No. 45 Rose street. fill II ON, DEER rMNS Ai GUM ILLEM1. V 71 bales prime upland Golton 11 do do Deer Skin. rd 25 cases Gam tllcnii, suitable lor the Spa - ish marke t, lor sain I.y my SO tAl'l. ALLEY. 9 Tiiv - st. G7.Y4t IliJliSK HIDES. 19' I pipes and hhds. ) Cranston GIS, of tnpe - 12 bbls. nor nuality, Id bales HoYse Hides, just received and for - ale by Je I GEO. W.TALBOT. ii UNNY bAUS, in bales or othei wise, ol good VJI ciu ilily, lor sale ; hy CEBRA ft CC.VING, 'fi Pearl - stsret - Je I BOMBAZr.TTS 1' oatesof Rhrdis b'ni - bazetts, handsomely asserled, pist rertivrd by the Ann Maria Irom Liverpool, and for sale by LAVLRTY, SHELTER? te KING, Je 1 tw No. Ih3 IVurl sit. 2 A7JOK7i.'!Ji. - Y & JiEHiAi.iA JS. JOSEPH FINCH, - ton - maker, respectfully inform his friendi .iw! the public, thit lit has commenced buslnei. in the store No. 3 Wnll - street, nesr Broadway, where be has for silt a very hsndioaic avortmrnt of single and double - barrelled gum, fine rifles, fusees, c.r. ; also, (booting tackle generally. J. F. still retains his old stio l, No. 2SI Grecn - wich - slrcst, for the working departoieot awl shipping buMiie?s. Orders left t either place will be altrnd'd to with all possible expedition, my 7 DJcClm f7L The subscriber offers for sale his resi i!i deuce in tb town 01 Fa'rfirld. state of Connecticut. It is pleasantly situated, on tic - Buston road, about had a milr from l.or Island Sound, 55 n.iles from New Ycrk, and 20 froan New Haven. The hnuse acd out - houses are in excellent repair. The fruit yard is well str.cktd with a vsnety of peaches, 8 pi scots, cl.erri. ptars and strawberries. There are in the vn - mi - ty acad - nues fur the education of youth of b.tli e xes. 1 rom one to six acres cf excellent land, at tl option of the purchaser, can be had nil!, the house, at.d1he money, if deird, run reioH;n "n interest. For terms apply to l - i.AC M. ELY. Esq. 7C Jo n strec, N. York, ortotheHm. JONATHAN STtRGES, Fsjr - Gtld, Connecticut. ' Cy6J4:cU DAVID F.LY. MAHOGANY SOFAS, CHAIR AND CABI - Nr.T FURNITURE, Ma. 49 liLEK'MAA'.STHHET. 'PllE subsrritxr begs leave to return his sin - X rtr thanks to those ladies and gentlemen whs have been kind enough to honor him wdl, theircemmands, and to iniorm them, and the admirers of handsome furniture in Reuersl, that lie has on hand some very elegant sofas, chairs, card, Pembroke nd extending patent dining tables, rrand sideboard, inlaid with high po'ished ornamental brass - work and rose - wood, caid ta mes to m.iii Ii, drrcian couches, solus, chaise lounge! muMC stool, chairs, kc. Also, a li - lirarv stepchair. the utilitr of which be oartira - larly rs ommrnJs. All larni'iiiewKrirnfed of the brst nualitv nnd woramaiismp, aim ol me newest t.iinisn iasli - Oirfers ieMited to anv nirt of the union to any drawing, on thi ui'itt reasonable lerius and iimictaaiitv lorcM!i. Ladirs or grnllrmrnhavins; fan' - y woods, may nave weru ni.uiumciureu lo any aim le liioy wish, by applying as above. my ' am A. M. HAYWOOIJ. v KObilEKY. ""N Wednevlnv evimins. some drunks wcr: V. forcibly oi l nwl ut Washinttoa Hall, und the follow n. j; reir!es tak - .n : . 1 doulile ase Gold Which, horizontal, enp - . pf l nd jfwi UkI, seconds from n' re, gold than, and key : makeis. llayncs 4: Ki:ndli 1 (ill rturihig V sleh, steel cliain, anil lart;e Sold e.'d oibtfcr, Vui. llaugh, Portsmouth, o. Uibtt Arnecake Purse, ron' sluing I esgl", 13 or 14 nail i - .uz it. 4 euiieas. 2 ball emnras. I - luh shilling, euie l - 4i'ul ol a dollur, son.e A iiit - ri - can roii', JUie hall dollars aud i;urtcr - , in a pa. DCr OUIKllv.' A smiili box, containing a Diamond Hr .acli, and tome oilier pins and ruiits, and a i)l..ui cold r sst(g i n gilt cliain ; 4 neck handkerchiefs, three oelicldo. purple uoider. Any ptrsnns who willive information, so that the proiHTtv may be recovered, and the tlin - ii" liroujht tojiKMiee, shall be lib. r.iliv revaidtd by PETER M'INI'V HE, Wasliinglou Hall, my 'M tit Lt! I , ON Saturday, a huudrrd t'ollnrbill cf tho I' "S. branch bank of Savuiiush Killrrn doe Inrs reward will be paid to the finder uii his leaviii? it at t!iu nlhr e. Juno I MONT - ALT.. For sale or to let, the beautiful pl: e (ailed Mmit - Alta, seven miles from the Cil) Hall, on tho North River, adjc'iimi; loi 1 la ur ho Aortli ILivcr, ad)iuiiui; loi l c.i u;' ; iiouse nun ioi .so vi re isirrei, i it - It couiiiim 20 acres ol land umhr ii.i - j and reur, and 511 leet 4 inches ih p on it. wilha large g - in'eu in gnol uvudi - W (set ou westerly sides, l - the sau H . ... , liousii lino lot .V VI IV'I street, ;i on i - a ii. , iA l lenay t, ' " . ir.iv - .'iiiorif lion, a varitlv of fru.t tree - , :.n,l every tuive - l uii'iicc a fniiiviii.yieiiiiirc. For lemi, which are lea unable, aud il told a loug credit giv.i il uitii.,1, apply to N. k I). TALCOTT, ap'.'O (,4 Fnii'b - .t. UAN away Irom tbn ruiecrihcr en cdnci - d'tv, I3lh iuil. a colored man, named J e. is about thirty years of ae, ol sinsll stalure, laik (olor, and down hxik ; had on when lie wrnil awav, a blue ja ki t and corded vtlvct pan - taliHuis Whoever will return said runaway, or hxhrcbim inj ol, so that the owner may obtain him, rhall bo liberally rewarded. Masters of vtls und others are loilad harlmring or cm - iiloying Litis under tin penally of tha law. r II A.M. IS Ml.l. - vif, nay 19 W. - llabout, l.on - lsland. 'IMIE POWER OF KELiGlO.M on the mind. L in retirement, elHielion, and (it the up. i.ron uh of death, rxemiilili. (l in the extierience and test iiboniet ot eijjhty one persons, distinguished I y thi - ir rrenlnris, learning, or virtue, by i.iuniey .nurray, irom me sixicvnuii.oiKion tin lion, prio St I S5. i he Uouitsiii: Maiiuinrturrrs Assisihiii mi Family Directory in the arts of sv casing nnd 1 Jvsnir. coiii'irchendirnr u plain sv'leni m direc tirins with .n.iny ii - elul Inhli - s nnd dralls, illustra tive ol Uin nils, price SI eis jiisi received, anil ler :! atthe Minerva Cireu'itiiig Library, No. 2'i5 L'ioadvvay,"pposite the museum. my V' tdA - AiAxr i'l.iso you t hs. OS. WIl.eON, 14 Maiden - Lime, has just received by the Venus, n larje Hsrrlrin - iit o xeellent Piano Fortes, Patent Flute,, Flageo lets, kc. manufactured expres.lj for him by t.'le - menti U Co London. Also, Piano rorte !?t iogs in s. ls, new music, and every article iu tl.e ipu steal line ; instruments tnken in exehanito. uil hiners proviihd. my "i'i li LUlH.I.SGS WANTED. A GEN TI.EMAN is desirous of procuring, for hinivdf and a larce fanii'y, duru 2 Hie summer, comfortubly luriiisl:ed - Lnd;iugs, (out of the cilv of New - York.) al brooklvn. 01 with in a convenient distance irom (he C - iiy nun I in a house where he would be allowid to provide lor Ins own Table to eat alow:, and where the family would attend to the cooking A Parlour, aud at b ast three Bed rooms. would be required perhaps also a servant clumber. Enquire at 72 Murray street. o.y21 tf HAJsK U.MTEIt STATES, May 12, 13l. 4 RCH1TECTS of scienre and cxiitrn nre Il are invited Ik rxhibit to (he Hoard of Di rectors on, or before thn I t dnyef August 111 si, appropriate dctigns and elevations fur n llankin; House to be erected on the scile piircha'ed for t'mt purpose, bounded nn the north by (,'liesiiut, and on the Si.u'.h ty Litirary - street, coutainin one hundred and fifiy one feet in widdi rasi and west, and two hundred and twenty live kcl 111 depth, north and south. The ground plan will include an area of aliout ten or eleven thousand souare feet in a rectan.'ii larfi'iire of cciual or uneciutd sides, as may br hot adapted to the interior ai r nipoineiit. The building will be fiord with marble, and have a porliui ua each front, resting upon abasement or platted m ol surh altitude as wiil combine con - venii :k c of aeent with duo projortion nnd cf fj' - t. In this edifice, the directors are desirous of ex. hibrimg a rha - te imitatioa of Grecian archittc ture iu its iiniplet and le i . ei;fii'ive form. live hundred dollar will be imd for that d. sirn whii h thai I be approved, and two hundred dullars lor the next bc.'l tciincn. By order of the board of director, JONA. SMITH, Cashier. may 11 2awMA ANDERSON, at his marnfaclory, 55 Mai - , den lane, has on hand a tine astortment ol iPECTACLES, in cold, silrer, plated, eilt, steel and tortoise s!m:II frames, witii convex, c:nu c.v.orSre(meye.. - A,H,.p::bhlc.,Ko;zh,nr weak eyes, opera, readies and magnifying passes, eve classes set w ith cold or silver fr tlie s!iorl siKhted, botanical glascs, linen provers, and spectacle cases ift a variety. J. A continues to manufacture Cnnes in erry vr:s.(y, bd has on hand a very rbgaM assort ment 01 sword and other Cuors. wainted W sun tverv 'Hue. wiMiieaie aim n i.iii iiitvwm. " - i al to w h"fesk!e dealers CANES .n.1 SPECTACLF m3de t.ed rep.iredto onier new s:'aes nw i names, ar.d every attention paid to ttioe win j I apply sirrSi'r:tacles. ' W "n AN 1 Ell, a Lad, to serve as a wade. - and f T en of cs - raisds. and assist in doing the work of a smill f imily. Eneiuire at 31 Iliul - - strext. & - - J - v If I I I REAL ESTATE. IN pursuance of an oidrrof the honorable the court ol chaoi ery, dnled the 24tb day oi April, mill, we. tlie trustees of the estate of Henry Dover, deceased, will sell at public auction, on Thursday, the 2Ulhdsy of .May instant, lite following real estate : Lot No. 7 I Xoyer street, uineteen feet front and center n feel rear, 58 feet deep on southeasterly aim 4 1 ieei on northwesterly sides, lie (he same more or less ; and as now in possession of Mr. William Armstrong ; subject to a lease which will expire on the 1st May, IliSG, at a ground rent of 50 dollnrs per annum. Lot No. 12 1 lover street, X0 frtt front, 22 rear, 40 n et 4 inches deep on southerly and 51 feet on noitberby side, be the tame more or less as now or late in IKiMeisionolCol. Win. Few, subject to a lease, wfiirh will expireon the 1st May, 11U4, at a ground n ut of 40 dollars per annum. tt No. 13 Doyer street, 20 feet frout and 2 rear, 51 lert deepon southerly and 54 leet ii inches on the northerly side, be the sum more or leu, as now io the possession ol Mr. David Muusoa ; subject to a lease which wiil exuiie on the 1st May, I'Jl,bt a gctjiid rent of thirty six dollars prr anit'iu.. litNo. 15 Dover streeL 25 feet front and 31 feet rear, 54 feet ii mches deep on Southerly and 68 feet 3 inches oa Northerly side, he the same moie or kit, as ntw in nosestmn ol Mr. William Shalsrl ;su!'jtrt to a lea which will expiie cm the 1st May, lli4, at aground rent oi loity dul - Inrs per annum. Lot No. tUDnyer street, 56feet front and 29 irel o inches rent, zl let! deep on soull.Mly and XI :eei on norilieriy sides, lie the soo.: ib.r nr less, und as now or lati in possession ol Col. Wiu lev subject lo a leutc which will expire on the lstol May, 1!:24, at u ground lent of IQdullars p r Lot No. 13 Pell slrort, 29 feet front and 9 fel t o iik In s rear, lei I d' i p, he the same more ni hss, as in iii!toekiJU ul tie istutenf Win. ray, deceased siihject to a Ilmso which Will expire en the lit Ma, at n ground lent ol tinny dollars r niiniini. Lot No. 21 rellHlrpf', 21 f - el front i.nd rehr, jo n't t li di'cp o:i e.nli rly, mid 5H Ii t on lies on H fti'll; itides, he Ihr same mom el less, as now ill poM. - Muii ol iMr. Win. I. W..I iboii ; suljert Ion I) use, nhi. h willexpireon (hi 1st day oi May, IS J I, ut uj;i( und tent ol 40 dollars pi r .iiiiii'in. Lot No 2.i l ll streit, 31 feet front, 5 fiit 3 iia hi leur. C'J led deep on easterly, and 6ti fit I j nit I on westerly side - , be the suiuu luorei i less, a, now it, possession ni Jobii Heyi - r ;iib It - el to u liaM: which will eipir. on (hu 1st May, lli.'l, at a ground tent ol'.'xl ilullais. leet Iront easterly, r ...,. ..,.. I.......I. I. ..I Ii r. - " - n r . i - .. 'The iiiii roi' ini iit on Hie leased lots to be va lued nod 1 ri I lor l y the purchaser, tit thu expi ration ol li e ... ase. 1 erri.s ol s lie, cash, on t'10 delivery ol (he die !'. Any further iiil'oiinnlion wbi h uiiiy be required v.i:i he given hy either of the sutisi ri - Ixis. ISAAC 8. DOUGLAS, ADRIAN II VAN IIOKKELF.N. The hbove f roiwrly will he sold at tl.e 'Tontine Colli is House, eh (he nbove - iueidioiied day, by .itessrs. r RA.sKLlN oi tll.MUIl.v, Auction, eers. . luy 7 Ms ft!1?" Th srde of the above proierty is iiost - poned InThuisduy, the 11th ol June. my v. - ills fUH SAi.r., A farm of between sixty and seventy sen s, situate ou the west IrnnU ol Lake Otsesjo, nnd one mile from the villaue ol CiHipi - rstowii. On it nre anew stor.o house 51 fe.tsuure inniw farm house, burn. kc. It funis a desirahlit es Inlilithmenl foru Rtntlemuo witbiiig to retire into (he country, as its situation, ns to prosn rl, cnnvenieiice to ui.irLcl, lie. is not surphssed hv anv in the interior of thu fa'c. II will be sold low lor cam, on a i icill, or caiI.. c r.. ptrty in tiiiscny, toon, ice. isppiy 10 H. D (x R. SEDGWICK, my 7 If Luw lJuildii.L' NKW - VuHK llolAMC CAKIlSN. MICHAEL Dfc.NNUON, CLRAIOR. HIS entahli - hrn. nt is situated at Rose Hill, near the iu..' boll of the Cloriniinsrdule nnd ll.erlrin Roads. It conipleherids about liveaeici of excellent hind capable of the highest improvements. 'The proprietor of this beautiful - pot has obluin - ed a leavioi the land fur the term uf thirty years. tie has (tiesidcs (tie enclosures, shruhl ry, and other improvement') erected cue of tho I'lnp - si and mo. 1 convenient green nouses 111 the united S'ates. He solicits the citizens to patronize Ins fforts to render bis garden cemplel in every re - (el t, hy a moderate annum sutxcription. lie inKise - s inai eacnconiniiuior 01 me 1101 - irs sh ill be entitled to receive the value in seeds, dowers, plants, fruits, or any other pro - luce cd the garden, liv such tin uc oiniin fla - lion to biiii on the purl of (he puhhe, he will be enabled (o procure the gieatest variety of foreign and domestic vcgetuhlei, and to grutily Uit taste and expectations of bis friends. Persons iii'liiiiiij to enter their nnines at en - ecurafers of the design, arc invited to cull ht the garden, where the fullest itifnini'iti.iu will be ;iven. my 21 In yJSjjf lull SALE, MifJ A house and farm on Throsr's Neck, in tin: loui 10 d county of Westehiiier, lomhen miles Irom New - Yoik. The fnrm cont'dr.s 11 - hont or.e. hui. dn il acres of excellent land in od feiar, a': Iiarn nnd other ei.nver.niit out - buildii;", a roj(l house two stories binli, with four rooms c.n each lloor, eleimiiy n tinted on the banks of (i.e Earl River ; ihe situation un - loinniorily I.e.. ill. y ; the neisbbouihooil the nWt respectablu ; uSunilalirc ol Iruilof tlie best st lec tion ; si ale and (lied fi - li in i;reat variety taken before the (ioumt. 1 - or lurtlier infoiin.stion upply to the suocntrnn (he pruni'es. my I Vni STEPHEN IS. HOFFMW. A PA TEA TED IN VEN I ION, For tiit conv enience and comfort of Indies. IT is well known by all ladies t'mt th Ir iluni pins, (as they ure called) alias curtain pm, particularly inr 'i outs, in a very si 101 1 (me, from Ihe weight ol the curiam, and from oilier chusis, wear so inreo a h"io in u.e wood 11 which tl.ey nrn inserted that Uicy t come I.Htse, tiisomui li ttiey dro - .p and look til, and more - over oltenlinits drop out. To r.t this s f - fettriiiliy, a person has invcufrd tint which wi.l p. - f vent (he uu:ouveideiy:e alluded to ; nnd any lady, ur rttn a etnllnnaii, can he coovph u! o. the f.irt by applying al No. 2 Di - y si rent, wlier Hie invention is ii ie si co 1 iw empenx - 1 a m ry (rifl - - , and cloak pius already in us can, and wili lie, readily altered to the piopoted plan. my Its 3w I'HIYATE LOnuLYii. 4 SINGLE (.entkmiti eaii he arrommoit - V ted, with a furnished or inifiirnihlinl roini, uilh breakf - stsnd tea, in smll nd r.enteil Iimiiire nl tl.e stus'i'. No. K'ci llro. d - 7 - - "I way. ihsv 11 Ta Art ut ItlfHitiniUtr, Anv pTrnuii deirnus of a coii - ilry rrv - Uesic. '2Z r il.i.r.i aou. r - mise are, a very'M.s lioiisu, cuc!i - hole, Ac. ancxi rlb'nlgurdni, well fitnckcj with f 'lit and plinict Ihn Spring WiL'i vege - tublc of virions kinds tlcy can either have il Viilii cr without lop giv mils beloii'in; it ,M ni.jy lt prtf. - rrct, there is at - so wtfi .1 art k Irs of furniture, sin I other things belong , :.... ... il t. f.P.i - 1t.ii - S. ill Kj. '.ili .ii. .t i - 'g Pee, Wl lor fiirUier nirticuurs. " , apply at No. II Pear Peurl - streot. my 2.1 2 : fTi TO LET, J5Lw Ihreo - story bricJi liuie, opposite lbs pai k in Duane, and ccxtto th corner of HuJ - son - strett. Erouire at S J. 2 Greuwkhlrrct. MHVAL tysVIM.CK COM FA AY Of THKCtTYOFiW - YOkK. , The President and Director giv notice that a dividend of four and half per cent, on the capital stock of this Company, for six months, will be made on the 11th inst. and paid on demand to the stockholders or their aUomirs, at No. 53 Wall - street. my 6 lm JOHN PINT ARB, Bec'ry. ItV - The new r EHUY bOA l a ihkuUk. ic,t "i. VVAlnut street, New York, to the loot of Little street, Brooklvn. nefir tie Navv Yard, will commence running on Sunday, the 17th inst. rersons crossing to brook I) n Irons tin upper part of the city, will find (he distance much shortened by usiug this ferry. my 14 TO.Vi iNK COH r.r. HOUSE. frr - The committee for manaetr c the atTairs) of the Tocitii.e t olli e House, Ktve liobce, that is Dividend ot ijtvc liter n Dollars per share, lor the yrar ending the 1st inst will be paid the pro prietors on or uni r tnc luuiiusi. at S4 uroad - street. my Id Iu 11 MAKllN W 1.1.1. Kb and NATHAN V. SAYRE, Attnrnies at Law, have rpend their oltice at So. 1 'J IVnrl Mrnt. my 50 tw I C'J" I he coiiHiinees of the brie OIuol icons Aiiistrrdnui, will eouler tin obligation on tho ownets by sriiding their permits io the store of i lie su users ier as soon as possiide, as said mtg will roiniuenre tolonrt lor the abnse iiortiBiUM diaitiy aner tnecarco i ems; inr iimtm. J. V.. ZIMMERMAN, No. 77 ushsneton street. my 26 NO HUE. Qr - The Rising bun bml Bouts,1 Nonpar ir I, uid Industry, from the Elizabeth town Point, for Se t - Yoik, jilt IrotH Marketlicld - slicet, (where the D'ti'iim - boat Ataibiita loimrrly came to,) at 10 o'ehM k, ol e.ieh day. Passage ii 1 - 2 c tuts. En'iiiiic ut the Meaisi - lont 1 1 oh II, of VANDEUPOOLk PHILLIPS. n.y? I If 'JT" 'The uolcs nl all the hanks lutwaou this city iiiid Albany ircenid ht ourofTico at discount id J 1 .nr ctnl. in sums over $50. LIVINci - Vl ON U TRACY, S9 Wall - tt. The lo - li:t rie given for Dollars., may V7" Alerthuiil't Hiihk U.vnUnJ qJ" Notice is hereby given to the Storkhol ders of the;'u bank, that a Dividend o!' four per cent, iii'twodollais cjn each share fur iix iiiiiiitlni, from the first of Deceiiiber last, will be paid nl thu batik 011 Vuuday, the liml of June ntAt. Itv order of the Count of Dirertori. , lity 2y 1 111 C;. II. V ROOM, CkhV. (";ivmT . W'Tr'ilwiMlT' (linii No. :' Wall street, ' J - ' Will rei'eivoiippliiatioiisfurm'.irin risks, and for iiiiur.iia ou her, auntiitief, ko. be I wet 11 iho l.oiinul 10 M. and 3 P. M. daily, SAMl'FL A. LAWRENCE, ptrsideut. '..M. J. VAN V AG EN EN, secretary, bi unroll. John Ootltoiit LaacG. Pcarstn. jr. H.nry Mujor J. mis Moorman. John 11 ic hand Charles Rhiud James Ktuwick P. Sc htrmtilurtu, jun Julio Janes Jii pit Smith J auics Strong my 19 In lli'tiry '1 liomas mini A. I.awrcuce Cbatles Kiog Rubeit lleiison, jun. James Uoyd. juo. Ilallhszer I . .Meln k 'I'ilK r KANKI.1N EIRE KNcLRANCE L COMPANY base their OlTi nt h j. 41 Wall street ; vvlictu they art leady to reciivu applications ior lasiriince. The CAPITAL STOCK of Haifa Million of Dollars, is all suficribcd and paid, or satisfactorily secured Eliv!,.1 'Tiiunis, PllilH'Tftni. I lllliir Dinsrm, Heury I VVycniT, I 'Thomas Franklin, I J nines Walsh, I Stephen t hiinry, Jos. P. M'Kiime, I Pen t Jon i, 1 John Adnms, I TliointiS Jjiirkley. Tl 11 lll'i'U II :.l . . Gcuie (Jriswold, Win. buvmd. Jr. Jnl.n T. i.uwrence, James II 001 man, Cent. I., rwnn. John I. Puliut - r, M.I. - IIA iinuiiri, 1 resiiiciii. J. WORTIIINGTON.Sec'ry. mnyfl lm ro hik INII AUITANTii OF NEW - YORK, AND 111 VICI.1I1I. WM. URYAN, Dyer, ka. from London, ciatrlully ackiiowlcilices tlie liberal en - cournenient he has receivrci, from bis friends and (he puhlie, since Ins arrival irom r.iKMnd. Anxious to merit a toiiiihuntioii 01 uxir piiroa - ;ie and siipjHirl, he has lakeu thnse extrnsivn . remises N'us. 37 and 39 Spruce - street, (Ute Little Georue - slrei t,) wbcni he has ut considerable exKiihu creeled iiiui blurry nnd every couvcu - lein r to 1 usure their loluru layouts. l'ii - r Gnods ilv'l any fniirf color and fiiiiiht'd 111 superior style; Ludies dresses, silk, sutlin, v Ivel, iluma - k, moreen, crnix - , veils, shsuls, mantles, prli - ses, lioiubazicus, ire. leaned and dv'd any law y iialtermthlp, straw, nnd les;hurii bom i t, dy'd. lil.v k. lur in aiiiiuis;, im shortest nonce t mo rei n lurnifuns clean d, dy'd and water 111:11 kml ; hoi - pie.siiis;, r. mv 111 Irw LVItLKU UAIti AAAVtAVJuHr, 7G Chatham street. II! K snbi iibr returns his thanks to tha public fur their former patronage sit tlie line ol his profi.vsiiHi, and hiptt far tlmir future support. Ho likewise informs them thai lie has 00 hand a corneal supply af c uclid hair, rnanu - larlure.l expressly for uilrave, on an impinveJ principle ( and f.krw'ste pir.ratitens lh bur sold by bmi ti be free from any impure smell, beii'g well scoured, hui's .1 and b.ked, and bs - iog in i - nufactiii J by uiji liinrrr, has an advsula over any other hair mauulae turrU in meiMa in very loxturn and spasticity tuui.111; d a s.iimgos tweuty - Cve per rtul t i tri pure haer. WILLIAM JaCKSO.V. S. 0. .Morrhanlf and Ihe trade in rrucral will find it. to :utti;e to cull as alwre. 3(1 halts uilur iu its rough f ! 6 bales of lung hone - tails ; 2ik KJ :i i4 h; h.r dra wn 311 inches,! 'uU id ; li - JO uWn hail s.evs botloms. Tor sale above. mJ 3 2aV , rMlANCrirM'GTw 4.S. No. i! Hy ftiar - V ket. M - nsihse of the stry liberal en'ourfu; - uient lie nits ineiirii ... 111 . .'m.i.tmvwv.. business, and leelidg co!idi4 that en txsrtin.s ,11 hu mrt lill be wantinfi to nu - lil a colli in - usiu t. informs Ins frieixl, and the public that no piius or rv pence his lfn Kyv.iUi Iu Obtain (S :t.K kof the lst li - iuois of every description, irl ii h 1 an be depend.. d on lor th. - ir purity. 11... 1 .... - 1 - u - t..'. ..I I I 111 1UU., 1.11 i - .IHI.i "H t'.iw "i VHiiTur. ton, lor constant si:pi - !y ol GKEEN Tl' R I LE n IV ir ts - ason, be will lie eflabled ta luniisa soupof an exoellctit (insiity. A biv,si will be npcuei lor ubscribera to an ORiMNAKYj.tubeea IU tisble tveiy duy at a siuttd ticMr. Rooms, fr?r piivate p"rtir, at a short noli. e. V U. isoup. Ibcf - ntraks, Oysters, Mutton Ch"ps and 11..UU.CS ut all timet. hp 21 in o I ONE CU IT Ella XNCMnEUofslnne rutters are wanted, 1 g.ftsthrl:yof Wadun - tin.t'i work a the 1 ul lic. bitsidinf s ! two dollars 1 a qur - KI rrunj. I III II illlic Mini can.i, i. r jt will be abowcti turns, rviwe sued ari.'ri.' .. . . 1. . ... .i.e. n. t.i.w. ' ' 3? 1 I s. II - - fjU. lll - !V Wll'l C Mil fMVUU. Wli,n".v - P of their In if g - d aod strsdy srk - - ,'r mvHsr ' - (e.'ss t'oU . 1 - . .d: A'Ci CVOl i n - ij. baKv" landiiirf br n. TALCOTT, , N. Oidaas, lor r 61 SoatU - tbett, I lr. . ,' f ' ,. , H i V 1 . I i. ' . . ! , ; ; Y : ' . p - - 1 . t ' ,1 I I 1 At V .1 ' 1. . . ! ' 1st J; ! xt. s. 1 t ..... 1 , : 'iu - ; 1 if.': V " v., ;. I i ; " i I ' ' " ' I 1 i i.) r r I

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