The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 7, 1943 · Page 22
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 22

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 7, 1943
Page 22
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22 THURSDAY, JANUARY 7, 1943 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE Hogs Gain 10 to 20 Cents BIDS ACTIVE BY PROCESSORS ' $14.75 Top Paid for Large Number of Swine CHICAGO, (#)_Hogs added another 10 to 20 cents to their Value Thursday as processing plants, geared for heavy slaughter, bid actively for the 17,000 salable head which were unloaded here. , A top of $14.75, representing an upturn of 20 cents from Tuesday's highest price and 10 cents from \Vodnesday, was paid for a large number of choice offerings. Most 190 to 330 pound types sold at i f 14.60 to $14.75. '. "Although the number of salt able head unloaded here was fully up to expectations, livestock men j Eaid packers were in need o£ hogs ; because o£ the small number of j arrivals on Monday and Wednes" day of this week. ; Trade in the cattle section was very slow in getting started, but j choice steers and yearlings held i steady. Other grades, however, £ were weak to a shade lower. Top I on steers was ?16.20. Buyers paid [ §14.40 for . heavy sausage bulls. i another new record high for this f market. ; Fat lambs opened about steady. Some sales were made at $15.25 ·to $15.75, with commission men keeping choice kinds above $16. (USDA)--Salable hogs 17,000, total 23,000; market active, mostly 10 to 20 cents higher than Wednesday's average with some light ·weights showing more advance; bulk good and choice 190 to 330 Ibs. S14.60 to $14.75; top $14.75 paid freely; some 150 to 80 Ib. lots 514,25 to $14.65; good 350 to 550 Ib. sows $13.75 to 314.00; few choice kinds to $14.15. Salable sheep 6.000, total 7,500; late Wednesday: Fat Iambs fairly active, strong to 10 cents higher, spots 15 to 25 cents up on kinds lacking finish; good to strictly choice wooled lambs $15.60 to 516.10; top $16.10 for strictly choice; .three doubles fed clipper Jambs with No. 1 skins $15.50; choice around 100 Ib. yearlings ·with No. 1 skins $14.50; extreme ·top ewes S9.00; .bulk choice 132 Ib. weights $8.85; Thursday's trade: Fat lambs about steady; good to near choice wooled Inmbs $15.25 to $15.75; held above S16; early sales 81 to 95 Ib. yearlings ·with No. 1 skins $13 to $14.50; good yearling ewes included at inside; no action on sheep; asking fully steady less attractive quality considered. Salable cattle 5,000, calves 700; choice fed steers and yearlings steady; other grades weak to a shade lower; average choice light steers $16.20, the fop; comparable yearlings $16; bulk steers $13.25 to $15.75; heifers weak to 15 cents lower, best $14.75; mostly SI2.75 to $14.25; active, firm trade on cows; cutters $9.50 down; bulls steady; heavy sausage offerings to S14.40, new high; vealers firm at $15 down; stock cattle scarce, steady; mostly $11.50 to $13.50. .... S12.40-12.13 . .... S12.80-12.85 00-170 Jbs S13.20-13.25 '0-180 Ibs S13.BO-13.90 80-200 Ibs SH.05-H.10 00-220 Ibs SH.20-14.25 20-240 Ibs S14.20-14.23 40-270 Ibs S14.20-14.25 70-300 Ibs 514,20-14.25 00-330 Ibs S14.20-14.25 30-360 Ibs S14.10-14.03 ood Packing Sow; iO-300 Ibs. Hides dictation* famished by WoII Brot.. Inc., SOS Filth Street Hoglbwut HorseJUdes . J600 ·GREEN BEEF HIDES From 15 Ibs. up ..^ From 15 Ibs. down ....... ,., , J2c Bul! hides ·Cured hides Ic a Ib. htsh«r. Also Ic ,, ID. higher for green hides to wholesale dealers in wholesale Quantities. Miscellaneous CHICAGO TOTATOES (Thursday Market) CHICAGO, Wj-- (U. S. department ,i£ri- culture)-Potatoes, arrivals 40; on track 113; total U. S. shipments 782: old stock, supplies light, demand for pood qualitv moderate, market firm to slightly stronger for ordinary stock demand slow, mar- Ket dull; new stock supplies light, demand licbl. marct about steady- Idaho Kusset Burbanks U. S. No 1 S"» 9iTi3 Colorado Red McCliircs U. No. S2.53S2.B3; Norlli Dakota Cobblers U. S !o. 1, $2.M{j2.33 per crate. But i£ we rcTuse to deal with op portunists who think only of them selves, won't that exclude a large part oi mankind? -- Lincoln Star Public Auction of Farm Buildings 6K- miles west of Mason City on 12th street northwest road; or 1 mile east of Hanlontoun road on 12th street northwest road; on Wed., Jan.13,1:30 p.m. 1 two story house 24 x 26 feet, built-in cupboards, alJ wired for elect ricity, nearly new. 1 4 8 x 4 8 foot barn, good condition, nearly new. I double corn crib, 26 x 32 foot, well built, nearly new. 1 Hog house 18 x 32 foot, good condition. 1 2 0 x 2 0 foot hen house. 1 pump house, 10 x 22 feet. These buildings may be seen anytime before the sale for inspection. Wayne Larsen Owner B. A. Recmtsma, Auctioneer Local Livestock lions 1IASON CITY--For Thursday Ten cents higher. Good lieht lights 110-13(1 S12.55 ~00d light lights 150-150 S13.05 lood light lights 1GO-170 S13.55 iood light lights 170-1EO SU.OD lood light lights J . 180-200 $14.40 Good light butchers 200-220 514.40 Midwest Livestock (THURSDAY'S FRICES) 'rend Good Butchers-40-150 Ibs 50-160 Ibs. Albert Lea' Minn. lOc higher 00-330 Ibs. .. 30-360 Ibs. .. GO--SOO Jbs. .. 00-450 Ibs. .. son iiis. .. 00-530 Ibs. .. S13.90-13.93 S13.90-13.9r 513.90-13,95 S13.M-13.90 S13.70-13.75 513.00-13.6.1 S13.50-U.55 Austin Minn. Iflc higher SI2.25-12.55 312.70-13,00 S13.00-13.30 S13.75-13.95 S13.95-14.25 S13.95-14.25 513.35-14,55 S13.95-14.25 S13.95-14.25 SU.95-14.25 S13.85-14.15 Steady S13.75-14.05 S13.75-14.05 S13.75-H.05 S13.65-I3.95 S13.55-1185 $13.55-13.05 Waterloo lOc higher 513.50-13.65 £13.90-14.05 $14.45-14.30 S14.25-14.40 S14.25-14.40 $14.25-14.40 S14.25-U.49 514.23-14.40 S14.05-14.20 Sleady 514.00-14.15 S14.00-14.15 S14.00-14.15 S13.9fl-14.05 S13.90-14.05 S13.90-U.05 Cedar Rapids IOC higher 513.55-13.65 S13.95-14.05 $14.70-14.30 514.30-14.40 514.30-14.40 S14.30-14.40 S14.30-14.40 $14.30-14.40 514.10-14.20 Steady S14.05-14.I5 sn.95-14.05 513.65-13.93 S13.75-13.63 ·(Good to choice hogs, less than normal fill, delivered to Wilson plant at Albert Lea. will bring 5-15c over foregoing quotations.) jood mo. \vt. butchers Good me. ( \vt. butchers 3ood me. ^vt. butchers "ood me. wt. butchers Good me. wt. butchers packing so\vs jooci sows , jOod 5OWS Good so\vs i.... ood sows ...i... Good sows . 220-240 314.40 240-270 S14.40 270-300 S14.40 300-330 S14.40 330-360 S14.40 300-330 S14.15 . 330-360 S 14.05 360-400 S14.03 400-iafl 513.95 450-500 $13.95 . MASON CITY--For Thursday Choice to prime sieera . S1X5U-14.5U Jood to choice steers ........ S12.50-13.50 Vledium to good steers ...... Sll.5U-12.50 r"air to medium steers ...... 510.00-lUC ?lain to fair steers . 8.00-10.00 . . . . . . . . . . Choice to primo yrlg. steers 513.50-14.50 Good to choice yrlg. steers $12.50-13.50 . Medium to pood yearlings . . . £11.50-12.50 . . . . . fair to medium yearlings .. SIO.OO-11.5C Common to (air yearlings ---- s 8.00-10.00 Choice to prime heifers, 800 Ibs. clown ................. S13.00-14.00 Good to choice heifers ...... S12.00-13.00 Medium to good heifers ...... S11.00-I2.00 Plain to lair heifers .......... S10.00-ll.50 Common heifers ............. s 8.00-10.00 jood to choice cows, dry fed S 9.00-10.00 Medium to fair cows ........ $ B.50- 9.00 ?"air to medium cows Cutters, heavy Cutlers. Ucht ........ Canncrs. heavy Tanners, light 3ul!s, heavy ............. Bulls, light . S 7.75- 7J ... S 7.25- 7.75 ... S 6.50- 7.00 ... J 5.50- 6.00 ... S 5.00- 5.50 ... S 9.75-10.25 S 8.50- 9.50 halves, good to choice. 130-190 Calves, fair to fiood, 130-190 Fancy select calves sl2.50-13.CO - - · - 511.50-12.50 .. -. ._. -190 5 9.00-11.00 Calves, common to fair 9 6.00- 8.00 Calves, cull 3 6.00 d'wn SHEEP MASON CITY--For Thursday iprlns lambs, good 10 choice 513-25-14.:^ ipring lambs, medium to good S12.00-13.00 Ipricg lambs, cood lo fair .. jio.5D-li.50 ipring lambs, fair to medium S 9.00-10.00 Spring lambs, common £ 5.00- 7.00 tfativo ewes, good to choice., s 2.75- 3.75 Ewes. cuU Bucks .75 .75 WHEAT PRICES MAKE ADVANCE Within 4 Cents of Best Quotes Since '29 CHICAGO, (ff)--Wheat prices ·ose 2 cents a bushel'Thursday to he highest level in more than i years, coming within about 4 cents of the best quotations posted n the futures market here since 1929. Buying raders, r ____ _ flour demand and the' presiden's forecast of military gains this year, accounted for the upturn. of mills and professional stimulated partly by CHICAGO CASH f.RAIN ( T h u r s d a y Mirkel CHICAGO, ta-i-- No wheat. Oats sample Rrnde mixed 3Ec. Barley malting; 85c?jSl.lM n o m i n a l ; Iced "iflQSOc nominal. Mason City Grain MASON CITY--For Thursday No 2 shelled corn 80c No. 2 new oat 5 New ear corn .73 C $l.lil 50-75c 2 soybeans Barley CHICAGO GRAIN CLOSE · T h u r s d a y M a r k e t ) CHICAGO, H,_ WHEAT-- Hi B h Low y i.-ii'i, i 331-, · 1.41V l.M'i, Sept 1.42'A 1.WU CORN-May 97V, .9S July 93 g fi j-, Sect DS'i "571: OATS-May 3fii- t _55i!j J t l l v 55 s * ~J:Sept 56'.'. SOYBEANS-May l.S4!i July RYE-May -,W* Julv- RO V » Sept 82'. LARO-Jan 1.11 1.42 .97'. .97" 1.B4 1.S5 13.BO L. M. Mosher Rites Held at Riceville on Thursday Afternoon RICEVILLE -- Funeral service were held here Thursday after noon, for L. M. Mosher, pionee in the dry goods business, wh died at his home Tuesday night. Mr. Mosher was a member anc deacon of the Congregations church. He is survived by hi widow and one daughter, Mrs Margery Anonson. One son preceded him in death. Nazi Store Windows Full of Good Things But Shelves Are Mostly Pretty Empty Food Called for by Ration Card Has Almost Lost Its Meaning (EDITOR'S NOTE--The following dispatch, another in a series on conditions.inside Germany in the fourth winter of war, deals wilh the food that Germans eat and how much they pay for it.) STOCK LOSSES IN MAJORITY Some Edge Forward After F. R. Address NEW YORK, (.f--A number of stocks edged forward in Thursday's market, after the president's address to congress, but many caders continued to suffer from neglect. The list was hesitant at the start and, while scattered recoveries appeared in the final hour, declines of fractions to 2 or more points predominated. Dealings, slow the greater part of the day, nicked up at intervals and transfers for the full proceedings were around 700,000 shares. The optimistic view of the war contained in the chief executive's message, brokers said, cheered Wall street appreciably although failing to bring out much in the way of bidding. The thought of the forthcoming national budget disclosures, due Monday, served o chill the buying urge to a considerable extent because of the- ack of clues regarding tax necessities and other factors. Light profit cashing on the December rally persisted as a handicap. Stocks contesting the downward trend with mild success included Houston Oil, which touched a new 1942-43 peak; Consolidated Edison. U. S. Steel, Chrysler, eneral Motors, U. S. Rubber, Cennecott and United Aircraft. Produce (Merchant Quotations) (Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse) MASON CITY--For Thursday 2ggs, current receipts 36c -apons, 8 Ibs. Sand up 30c feavy springs, 5 Ibs. and up..24c ieavy springs, 4 to 5 Ibs 22c ieavy springs, 3 to 4 Ibs 20c ^eghorn springs 17c ieavy hens, 5 ]bs. and over..22c lens, 4-5 Ibs. ...'.-.... 20c lens, under 4 Ibs 17c ^ocks, heavy 13 C Cocks, Leghorns ....". lie All No. 2 Poultry 4 cents less !ggs, in cash 29-36C Jggs, in trade 32-36C Butter, Iowa State Brand 51c Jutter. Corn Country SOc Sutler, Decker's lowina SOc Butter, Brookfield SOc ESTIMATED LIVESTOCK RECEIPTS (Thursday Market) CHICAGO, w-- Official estimated sal- ibJb livestock receipts lor Friday: Hogs :3,000: cattle 1.500; sheep 5,000. CHICAGO PRODUCE nhvrsd*r' Market) CHICAGO, m--Butter, receipts 301.14: firm: prices as quoted by the Chicago price current are unchanged. CHICAGO POULTRY (Tharsdijr Market) CHICAGO, wj--Poultry, live. 13 trucks; r lrm; prices unchanged. Snobs are people who are proud of Junior's rank instead of his accomplishments. -- Kcwance Star- Courier. SEW YORK PRODUCE (Thursday Market) NEW YORK. M'I--Eggs 21.686: steady, mixed colors: Fancy to extra fancy 44ft 1 ·IScr extras 43c: graded firsts ST^ict mediums 34',3C: dirties No. 1, aV-aiftai^c: average checks 33S33!'«c Butter 338.015: strong. (First hand wholesale levels) Creamery, higher than 2 score and premium marks 47 1 ,ifi4R'/ 4 e- SZ scare fcash market) 4747};c- sg-gi score 46^ifii.4"Vjc. ' Cheese 360.0-13; firm. Prices unchanged BLACK MARKET IN GAS SMASHED Coupons for Thousands of Gallons Are Seized MIAMI, Fla., (/P)--Seizure oE ration coupons good for thousands of gallons of gasoline and the arrest of one man was reported by Lieut C. O. Hutloe of the police defense squad to have smashed a nationa black market. The prisoner, arrested on a federal warrant, was booked as Eu- ccne Hale Brading. 27, of Miami Hutloe reported that coupons gooc for 2.500 gallons were found at his home and a package addressed to him containing tickets worth 1.00,000 gallons was seized in the mails Brading was charged with illegal possession of ration boiks and was to be given a hearing before U. S. Commissioner Roger E Davis Thursday. The maximum penalty for the violation is on year's imprisonment and a fine o $10,000. KURT/ FAMILY MOVES BELMOND--The Mike Kurtz family has moved from this vicinity to the Dr. Stecle farm, three miles west of Goodell. The name of the slate ot Ari zona comes from "Arizonac 1 ("Ari" small and "Zonnc" spring) so-called by the Papago and Pima Ipdians, according to the state historian in 1927. Prof. John C Van Dyke, however, in The DCS crt, says it was clipped from "Arida-Zona," meaning the "drv belt." ON THE GERMAN FRONTIER, (U.R)--!£ the Germans could buy the things that are displayed' in shop windows, they would be well fed and warmly clothed. But in too many cases there is nothing on the shelves to correspond with the window dressing. Persons who have been inside Germany report that there is less food to be purchased in the reich now than there was at the beginning of the fourth winter of World War I. * * * "The windows of the big shops are stocked wilh an assortment of good things," said a Belgian who had escaped after traveling across Germany, "but they cannot be purchased without a permit. Inside the same shops there is practially nothing- for sale except plaited straw articles and small glass trinkets." * * * There is a joke in Berlin to the effect that in addition to ration cards two things are needed to buy ood--vitamins B and UT, Vitamin ~! stands for "beziehungen"--to ave a drag or influence. Vitamin UT means "unter demtisch"-- rading under the counter. There is still a black market in Icrmany where delicacies can be urchased if one has the money, )ut the supplies have dwindled and prices are fantastic. Coffee osts $53 a pound; butter, SIS a )ound: a bottle of cognac, S20. Only high party officials, diplomats and a few foreigners are able o meet such prices. German rations were cut heavily n April, 1942, but the amount of ood called for a ration card has almost lost its meaning There isn't enough food to fill the ration requirements. * * * The nazis are havinjr difficulty meeting demands even for potatoes and vegetables. Persons recently in Germany reported it was not enough to present your potato and vegetable card, which entitles you to as much as is "available," but that it was much more important to make friends with the shop keeper. Otherwise he probably would tell you: "Sorry, I'm all sold out." * * * A Swedish woman who recently ame from Germany told the United Press it \vas weeks before he had b e c o m e sufficiently riendly with a shop keeper to get ·egetables. If you are rich enough, ou do not bother the grocer and lUtcher, but eat in a restaurant vhere you can get at least the mount of meat--about thrce- juarters of a pound per week--to vhich you are entitled. But, the woman added, you must arrive early or you will nol ind a place--all restaurants are ivercrowded--or the meat dishes vill have been exhausted. The nazis, under Reichsmarshal Icrman Goering's cynical slogan hat "whatever happens elsewhere (in occupied Europe) Germans will not starve," have exertec hemselves to maintain the food front at a subsistence level. For morale, at Christmas they announced a few extra rations, including seven ounces of moat small additional allotments ol vegetables, bread, flour and margarine and two ounces of ersatz coffee made from grain or tea made from dried apple leaves. * * * The big treat was an allotment of a half-bottle of German brandy for each adult to go with reduced quantities of watery, weak beer. War workers were granted an extra ration of cheap wine. * * * The reich is trying to feed between 7,000,000 and 8,000,000 foreign workers and war prisoners working on farms. It also is acting as a clearing house lor food supplies for almost all Europe prompting claims that German, actually is feeding the equivalent of 37,000,000 to I8,000,OOC more than before the war. Germany must be extremely frugal with virtually every item o food, except salt, but the greates and most persistent shortages in elude milk, fish and fresh vege fables. Consequently newspaper frequently praise small children who scour fields and woods in or ganized parties for weeds whtcl can be used as wartime vegetables Nazi propaganda makes much o the food producing potentialitic of conquered areas, particularly the Ukraine, and Germany's futur success in maintaining currcn rations will depend on how we! she can exploit these territories. * * * "The fuehrer is relieving us from the choking dearth of space," Herbert Backe, minister for food and agriculture, said in a speech at Foznan (Poscn), Poland, in November, "but it will he a permanent blessing only if it is filled with Germans." * * * The accuracy of this statcmcn was indicated by a traveler's re port that up to December only single train load of wheat had ar rived ill Berlin from the promise land. The train was covered wit posters proclaiming that "you soldiers send you this food," bu mparatively few Germans could uy any of this "soldiers' gift." Most of it went to nazi officials, Hilary leaders and diplomats. Nevertheless the Germans are ot starving, although they are far orse off than the British. An or- mary meal at a better class estaurant in Berlin or Munich, osting about six marks (S2.20 at ic official rate of exchange), con- sts of thin soup and the choice ' two standard dishes, a potato nd cabbage stew,, or a small amburger or less than t\vo ounces f steak. A menu of Nov. 1 showed hat Haus Hungaria, a Berlin restaurant, offered stewed meat and vegetables or roast b*ef vith salad if the customer was willing to part with 100 grams ,vor(h of meat coupons. Since ·he basic meat ration is 350 trams per week, few could be '.hat prodigal. Haus Hungaria, ike all German restaurants, also served a "stammgeright"-- stable dish, which requires no food coupons, in this case offering boiled turnips for 90 pfennigs (18 cents). * * * The menu listed no fish dish ut there were oysters at 1.75 narks each (45 cents) and the sual unappetizing paprika, spin- ch or celery soup and herring ilad. All warm dishes require estaurant goers to provide a 10- ram fat coupon from their daily ations of 29.5 grams (slightly more than one ounce). At Boarchardt's, once the fa- orite place of Berlin gourmets, he menu is slightly different, ex- ept that the "stammgericht" is aked potatoes instead of turnips nd prices are about 20 per cent ligher. No noticeable difference in the Charles City News Cemetery Association ·folds Annual Meeting CHARLES CITY--The regular nnual meeting o£ the St. Charles Cemetery association was held onday afternoon when the an- rual report was submitted by the ecretary, Charles SnycJer. The eport showed assets of $25,927.0. Receipts for last year were 5,598.23 and d i s b u r s e m e n t s 6,975.36 including the purchase if $3,000 in bonds. Fred Ebert was re-elected as a member of the board, and the other two being Tom Frudden and M. J. Klaus. Mr. Ebcrt is president and Mr. Klaus treasurer. A meeting of the board will be leld Saturday when officers for he year will be elected. ood situation ween Berlin was reported be- and other large ities. although in winter the cap- al always suffers from transpor- ation breakdowns. But in Muich the groumbling is much ouder and more daring because £ the deterioration in the Ba- arlan city's famous beer. It has ecomo a yellowsh dilution tast- _: of saccharine and other chem- cals and an ordinary glassful osts 47 pfennigs compared to bout 20'before the v.'ar. | * * * During: the last three years German food cards have suffered 37 drastic cuts in the various items and now have exactly two-thirds of the buying value they had at the outbreak of war in 1939. Should food restrictions continue on the same scale, in 196 weeks the cards' purchase value would be exactly zero. * * * A typical sign of deterioration n conditions has been a slacken- ng in black market trading, nol ecause of the authorities, bul wing to the absence of goods. A icutral foreigner reported that vhen he was-offered a luncheon f only boiled potatoes recently at German home his hostess ex- used herself by saying she was mable to buy anything on the lack market. There is no reliable comprehen- ive information available here on ,'hat has happened to the health o_ he German people under their educed diet, but the welfare o abies and mothers is known to c inferior to the picture paintec n official reports. * * ¥ "Cases of scrofula and other igns o£ undernourishment a n c msuifable feeding are becoming ncreasingly frequent," a medica 'isitor to Germany reported after rriving in a neutral country. I also is known that the decrease in diet has reduced the people's en ergy, lowered their resistance ant made them increasingly irritable. Travellers report it is a com mon sight to see long lines in fron of butcher shops' wailing for chance to buy meat that frc- cjuently is not available. The nazis ordered peasants throughout Germany to slaughter all cattle possible to obtain meat for the increased Christmas ration, but the upply still fails to meet the demand despite a 20 per cent reduction in livestock herds. fewest in ''Boston Blackie" Series Plays at Palace and Cecil Theaters by Magloph Everyone goes Hollywood sooner or later and now count Boston Blackie in. In the newest Chester Morris adventure film at the Cecil nd Palace theaters Friday, the trial leads from Florida to California, 'ia New York. Cast as a nice type of scoundrel,* · Chester Morris is involved in a obbery and blackmail plot, with urns involved running as high as Charles City Briefs CHARLES CITY--John Bragga s home on a furlough from Colorado Springs, Colo., where he is stationed in the medical corps. Corporal Vaughn E. Chandler arrived New Year's from Camp Carson, Colo., for a week's fur- ough at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Chandler. John Shaffer has returned to -as Angeles, Cal., where he will 3e inducted into the army in a short time. Mrs, Shaffer is mak- ng her home at 409 First avenue. At the regular meeting of the Knights of Pythias Monday eve- ling the rank of Knight was conferred on August Sylvester, Harold Meyers and Jess Redington After the meeting a social hour was held. Mr. and- Mrs. E. B. Anderson ·cceived word from their son. Lloyd, Tuesday that he has been 'raduated from the quartermas- :er school in San Diego and that ie has been promoted to the rank o£ corporal. Duncan McCulloch of Nashua nas been admitted to the Cedar Valley hospital for treatment. E. J. Knipschield left for Des Moines Tuesday where he has accepted a position with the Solar Aircraft Corporation as a design- Frank Daddow of L o u p e s , Nebr. is visiting at the home ol his sister-in-law, Mrs. Edna Mae Daddow. Dick Neff left Monday for Seattle, Wash., to join his wife and young son and parents. Mrs. Aria Banks is ill at her nome in Oak Park, a suburb of Charles City. 19K COURT RECORDS GARNER--Records in the office o£ county clerk, Elmer Raw, reveal that during 1942 a total ol 56 marriage licenses was issued Nine of these licenses were issued in August while the popular month of June accounted for onlj ven. Nine divorces were grantee during the year 1942. EA1LSBACK CHANGES JOBS GARNER--Roy Railsback, who has been operating the A. Y. P service station here for some years has accepted a position with the Hancock County Co-Operative Oi association, and will close his station in the very near future. Railsback succeeds Steve Chizek, who recently resigned his position with the Hancock Co-op and will return to his farm in the spring. Cresco News Briefs CRESCO -- Floyd Wenlworth, wilh the armed forces "some- .vhere" over-seas, recently sent a cablegram greeting to his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Art Went worth of Cresco. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nibaur of Cresco recently enjoyed a few days visit from their son, Pvt. Raymond F. Nibaur on furlough from Camp Blanding, Fla. Frank Hayes concluded a nine days furlough at the home of his mother, Mrs. Florence Hayes, and returned to his position with the U. S. Navy at Norfolk, Va. Garvin Rue of Cresco has gone to California to work in the U. S. shipyards at Richmond. Kenneth Craft, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ward Cratt of Cresco, spent cablegram greetings to his parents from "somewhere" overseas. Corporal Denis Lyons, student at (he signal corps school in Chicago, spent a few days furlough wilh Cresco relatives. Harold N. Zcck spent a few clays with his family in Cresco and returned to Portsmouth, Va., where he is stationed with the U. S, navy. JOII.V CHAMBERS ILL GOODELL -- John Chambers, Hancock county supervisor, is ill with pneumonia in the Bclmond hospital. Dive bombing experiments were conducted by marine corps flyers as early as 1320. JL/CLEARUKEJUf ENDS THURSDAY "You Can't Escape Forever" "Flyins With Music" FRIDAY - SATURDAY Humphrey Bogart Mary Astor "Across the Pacific" CO-HIT Roy Rogers--"Ridin* Down the Canyon" Serial--''Perils of Nyoka" MOVIE PARADE $60,000 days.) (petty thievery these MOVIE MENU ECIL--"The War Against Mrs. Hadley" ends Thursday "Boston Blackie Goes Hollywood" Friday only. ALACE--" 'N'cath B r o o k l y n Bridge" and "The Trailer Within" ends Thursday. "Boston Blackie Goes Hollywood" Friday only. t STRAND--"This Above All" and "Brooklyn Orchid." STATE--"Juke Box Jenny" and "Mexican Spitfire at Sea." LAKE--(Clear Lake)--"You Can't Escape Forever" and "Flying With Music." George E. Stone plays Blackic's Watson. Richard Lake and Walter Last Times Friday 2 BIG HITS yt years Qnast' Picture i moii *fOHTAIM[ --Co-Hit-"BROOKLYN ORCHID" Joe Sawyer - Wro. Bendix I DANCE Wed., Fri., Sat., Sun. FEZZ FRITSCHE Fri. (Old Time) ' Jimmy Barnett SAT. and SUN Y . Late Bus After Dance j Wed., Fri., Sat., Sun. Sandc are the law and Forest Tucker, William Wright and John Tyrell are on the other team. Constance Worth is a blond blackmailer which sounds like a paradox, Shirley Patterson, a stewardess and Lloyd Corrigan the man who belongs to all the money. This is the fourth in the Boston Blackie series of adventure films. "There is plenty ol everything stored in warehouses," growls a reader. But they used to be basements and bedrooms.--Davenport Times. NOW THRU FRIDAY Ken Murray Harriet Milliard Charles Barnet and His Orchestra Wiiury Manone and His Orchestra Milt Herth Trio JUKE BOX JENNY ( with I King's Men--Iris Adrian I I Leon Errol - Lupe Velez I -in- I Mexican Spitfire at Sea Charles (Buddy) Rogers Mat. 17c, Eve. 12c Plus Tax FRIDAY IS FUN KITE CECIL HOME OF BETTER MOVIES LAST - TIMES - TODAY (Thursday) THRILLING! TIMELY! Scandinavians, old time, Fri. Chuck Hall Sat. and Sun. STARTS SUNDAY "TALK OF THE TOWN" "LUCKY LEGS" PALACE ·"· LAST TIMES TKURS. ^~ " 'Neath Brooklyn Bridge" East Side Kids "TRAITOR WITHIN" Don Barry New Low Prices Mat. 21c - Eve. 30c Flus Tax FRIDAY ONLY Bargain Matinee 'til 5 p. m. -- Plus -MARCH OP TIME (Navy and the Nation) STARTS SAT. "Seven Sweethearts" "Underground Agent" JEdwarfl ARNOLD. Fay MWTER J -- PLUS -A BIG SNEAK PREVUE TONIGHT 3:30 COME - ENJOY 2 · Big Shows A-SUPER-PREVUE ATTRACTION! YOU'LL BE PLEASED DIME and DANCE . . . AT MASON CITY'S ONLY DINNER AND SUPPER CLUB Chicken or Steak Dinner plus Donee Evening person FRIDAY EVENING Person " Person $1.50 «"« TQX X la Carle Service -- _ 50C Saturday W * P ' DANCE THIS (INFORMAL) . . . IN THE WEDGEWOOD ROOM HOTEL HANFORD Breath-Taking Action! THI MARCH ._OFTIME and EXTRA ADDED FEATURE BETTER nr HERE TIIA.V SORRT! STARTS SAT. POSITIVELY TERRIFIC! ..'^) REG. TRICES and Better Shows!

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