The Evening Post from New York, New York on June 3, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 3, 1818
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GRAND ORATORia. nTR. IXCLEDON having gfneroatlv eft - red ill tit erices to tbe HAN DEL k flAYDN SOCIETY, their first Oratorio wiH take place io M. Paul' Church on Thursday evening, 4th int. Mr. Gillinghani, leader Mr. S. P. Taylor, Otgan. Overture Recitation, Comfort ye my people, Incledon Air, Every Valley. Mr. incledon Cboru. Aud the Glory of lite Lord Air ami Duette, Acquaint thyiell with God, Miu Conrad and a member Double Chorus, U gave them Hailstone for jlain I Ode to Clarity, Mr. Incledon Solo, Violin, Mr. Gillingham, Chorus, Unto iu a Child if Born Air, mut 1 hrave the Paradise, by a member Chorus, Sound the loud timbrel, accompanied on the bugle by Mr. With Air, Miu Conrad TART SECOND. Air, Total Eclipse, Mr. Incledoo Cbojus, O first created Beam Air, In sweet Harmony, Miu Conrad Chorus, O Fatlier, whose Almighty tower Recitation, My Aran, Mr. Incledoa Air, Bound en Alarm, .Mr. Incledon Cborti, We hear Recitation, One thing have I desired of the Lord, Mr. Incledon Duette, That I may dwell in the htue pfthe lord, Mr. Incledon and Mr. U. Taylor. Chorus. Theo round about His starry Throne. Air ami Chorus, LuO:ei's Judgment Hymn Air Mr. Incledon. Ticket $2 ea. h, to he had at Mr. kik - y'i mu - lie atore, Chatham t. ; Mr. Eatthurii Book Bore. Brondway ; Messrs. Goodrich t Co'. do ti ; Mr. Dubois' Music store, do ; Mu Ceib's, do Meidc - n lane i T. Si J. Swords, Peurl - strcet; and Messrs. Kirk & Merceio't BookStote street , Doors open at 7, to commence at 8 o'clock. Books of the words with notes explanatory ol Ibr different subject to be had at the door. A'. B. To prevent contusion, coachmen eredi - rectcd to enier Fulton - ttreet from Bior - dway, leave their company at tbe South gate of tl Pauls, and drhe aronno Chunh - strecL In re turning drive down Vesey - street, come int - Fulton street, stop at the South gate, rtciive their company end drive into Brondway. Jc38t POTS, HUOPd, eHEEC IKON, c. Jl'8 1 received and for sale by ABEEL & OUNSCOAHV . IS tons English Pots, 1 - 9 to 10 gal. entitled to debenture ' 10 do do Hoop, 1 to 1 - 2 inch, do do ., 5 da I do Iron, I 1 - 4 by 3 8 V . 5 do fihtet Iron, single double and treble t do Brnier'i Rods, ' - 4 inch 10 do each 3 8 und 12 inch square rolled Iron 11 cask Lfl - 'iih cart, waggon at chair boxes t containing WO dozeu Pt - d A user And iu store, a general assortment of Iron, , Steel end Hardware. Je3 lw ENGLISH WHITE CANVAS. 110 bolts No. 1 to 8, landing from the Ann Maria, lot nteut 67 rVuilh street, by ft J CAitlURELENU S rtAaoUi. LV.OUi,A.3 con ON, I OUACCO, Ac ryi Bales prime cotton, landing from the i J brij Argo, from New - Orloan, and for tAt by WALSH & GALLAGHER, ' ' C6Soulh - st. . .Who have also in store, 20!) tihds prime New Richmond tobacco, in i - ntire parcels 0 do old do lit) do Kentucky do of very superior quality 00 l:es;9 maiul.tcturs.l do branded Trice, WhrwifU, Luhby, c. COO do Fredericksburg do & rasW claret, 20 do 1onJcn mustard ,3 nultsLonJon porter 5 puncheons rabbit akint 100 reams medium printing paper AO do cap, No. 2, press papers, ic. Je 3 ' QlCVt.i A constant simply of extra line. Due i5 hd c ruu.oft wire nnd heirseivn, foriale by . . . . .... . .... la y CLStHA CUl.tC. "6 Tearl treet. COTTO.V 227 halei Upland Cotton,, per c!ir. Ceres, from Charleston, and sloops Good Intent, and Yankee, from Savannah, Und - tojj at Brooklyn, and for sale by SAUL ALLEY, 98 Pine at I sToxa 15 bules Upland, for sale a a - love.; je3 CtOI "i UN. 160 bales prime UpUnil Cotton - ' landing this day at Brooklyn, frums.orp Yankee and Good Intent ; fa Store. 153 hales Upland Cotton 4 do Sea Island do. For sale, by HENRY THOMAP, Jt 3 lOt , No. 2 Jones lane. IDEs, CALLOW, and BEEF. 1000 Slaughtered H'de 50f lbs. N. Y. Rendered Tallow 100 half harreb flne beef, warranted to keep ia any climat Abowt 10,000 Ibe. imoaked Reef, test ready fwdelwwy!; T.C1BBONS. Je3t H.Q0K CLOTHS, BAIZKS. tic. TUST received, an assortment of Hars's best J patent floor cloths of all widths, Carpet fcJzeMtaM wide and prlo'.ed crumb cloths, NanltMo. Canton and Lisbon mattitor ol ditTcrent a - klths; Lio and Calcutta me t with borders be rooms, of vanoossaes, rorsatcy ' W.W.JtT.L. CHESTER, June 3 51 191 Bioadway.ror. Uev - tt. yj.iii.lAi4 SfioK kt, flfinik pounds Enelish shoe threat!, 40 tjjJ casks wronsttt aads in lOOlbkeg CO do nglsah anJ American do assorted 2000 lb copper bottoms SO to 30 lech Tor sale by CEBRA k CUMING, J3 7tf Peirl - st. HY SON TEA. chests very superior Hy son Tea, (Canton's cargo) entitled to de benture, and for sale by T, . .' G. G. & S. HOW LAND, 67 Waihingtcn - ttreet. In Storf. 200 icaml dealers ' nnMi. Paner. suitable frr tea " a ' ' Je3 Q ,LLVJtt tAlltTS, tit. 1 O Caiks allnm, 12 case fortis, double $00 er. kegs finest ground while paiut 10O bfcls. .Spanish brown 401hetet 1 - 3 X tin plares 30 bbb. refined sail petrei, landin - from ship Audraw Jackson, frmi Brutol, fe ea:e ny D1VIE BETHUNE ti CO. Jnnttj ' 92 CorTee - bome - fl'p ELEUANT CUT GLASS li CHINA WAKE AT AUCTION. mnMmntNo. 25.1 Broadway, opposite X the City Hall, will be aokl the residue of eiegunt cut glass, cnina, tea ana come lamDs. nlated ware, kc. well worthy the. at trntin rf.m.lie. as thev will be sold in lot to suit mirchaaira. The eaic i be Without reset, fhe eh J AS. PURDY t CO. N. B, The room ienow open for inspection Je3 ' .vrrt' t7fttV W.lXTED, AS a ' housekeeper or seamtre, by a Wo man, who ia able to give respectable re ferir tn rhncrr and abilitiea. In Quine tn KO ItFekman - atreCt. je t It' iililH l.l.KV OK fALtT rNfik. t,t rate Steam Distilleries, ca yJ ptNe of workiat 36 barrels per day, with 1 atsistaece of two hands only. U is replete ilh every aecesoary liteasil for putting it '" ediMe operatkm. It is situated in tbe Vdlage f Pwgbkeepsse, near a Grist MiiU and beta short imin the NoTtn River. Tit luira a,;il k. ..rv nniltnll Bad the PSt Shi. .... ; wrnalA he exchanred for menhaadue. For further infomjatron enquire f Mr. L. Binsbam, No. 138 Fultoi - ttreet, N. lork, w Thomas Sweet, esq. near the premise. t Pooghkeepsie, June 1, 13! J 3 DSClairtw ANTED. " ' AFER6,V is desirous of ptocuring ft allua tion in a large hotel, a manager, tie. He, (com lonz experience. nrfrrt knnwiW tf U Uie duties attached to fie tame, being well - x - uoohhcu won marneupg ana cookery, and ua - vidi: been in the hehit of huudred ladies and geutlemen. for dinner and supper, with desert, And woeld have no objection to engage in a respectable boarding house Letters directed to J. II. and Inft t tliii mUr. and, out of the city and state, at the post olfice, (post pnid) will be attended to. Je 33t liuitt1 WaitT Cowj, Dialling taper and Drauitie Hriuk: 'pHE aubscribcr has jnrt received per Venus, L from London, and ofltrs for sale at reduced prices neeves' water Colors, in boxes or ml sues, with or without drawers and implements Forty different kinds of Colors, sold by tbe single cake, the largest assortment in the city Wove &wt pressed Drawing paper of every sine Bristol Miniature Boards and Ivory sheets Crayon paper for portraits Brnokman's very superior drawing Pencils Chalk Pencils ani flair Pencils, tor oil colors Sable Hair Pencils, for miniatures Mathematical Instruments of all sizes Newman's Water Colors lor artists, warranted genuine and at reduced prices - TH03. A. RO.VALD3, Stationer, Je 3 lw 180 Pearl - street. L OST. TI1I3 morning, in coming down Eldridge and Chatham to Dover - street, a flut hair IIR ACELET with a large Kold clasp, with the initial 3. A. S. in large letters, the finder will be rewarded by leaving it at the Post Office. Je3 St I'VHUHkt) THIS DiY. A PRACTICAL TKEA JISEonPERSPEC - C. TIVE, itilnritr.d for those who practice lau - iscape puinut - K or arawins imin nature. Abo, THE Pf.RfcPEC I OGRAliJ, for tak ins views. e tbe unricrsigned or'it, resident at iNew - Ynrtr. liAviiirinti..rffH ulivf ni.rxnt - rtfi? mio vi ''llli",i. III.' IK 1. in, liil' iiivu:) iixiiui tr.y I convenient invention, thMwill rnnt' - rial ly Tneii sll pi rnn desirous of making arenrate perspective views from nature. JXO. TRUMBULL, AB. ROBKIITON. SAVUM, L WALDO, JOHN RUBENS SMITH, WILLIAM DlINLAP, J H. JARVIS. The above works are for sale !v J LAMBERTi J3 Siiwlm 3 Courtlnndt - street. FLDGK FAMILY. 1 UST rer'd find for sale HT C WILEY A CO. J No. 3 Wall - street, Tbe FndiC Fn'ei'y id Paris, edited by 1 hcinns Brown, Ali Thomas Moore, nuthor of the Two Penny Post ling. Jc3 7 H IS DA Y IS l'Ui:i 57 1 - 1.', ND for sale bv ELI A3 VALENTINE, 10 - i Hrnailtvay, 3d door Im low Pine street, The Fnili: Kamilv in Paris, in n rits of li t - - rs from Phil, rm'rt. Fq. M uter Bobby Fodsje, and Miss Biddy Fudge ; edited by i ho - mos Brown, the younger, author of the two pen CiV poM bps. Childe Harold's rilsiimsge to the Dead Sea ; Death on the Pale ilore, ai:l other j'.vrai. with all Ihejiew puhliratioos. J'3 'pHE FUDGE FAMILY IN PA I! IS, in a A. seiios of Letters irom Phil Fudge, Esq. Master Cobby Fudge, end Misi Biddy Fudse, edited by Thomas Brown the younger (alias Thomas Moor) author of the two penny Post Boy. price 60 cents; jnt received and for sale at the Minerva Cire.nltirR Library, No. 2C5 Broadway, opposite th Muteuru. All the new publications received as soon as published. Je 3 NKW - VORK GRAND STATE LOTTERY MF.niC AL8C1KSCIC STO. 5. QOSITIVELY to commence drawing in this L city on the Grst Tuesday in August next UCIIUHb. . 1 nrireof 100,ooo is is is Is is is is is is cino.noo;' 60,1100 20,000 10,000 5,000 4,000 45,000 5,200 160, BOO 1 do aijjiiuu 20X00 10,000 . 5.000 2,0(10 1,000 1 1 2 4 52 5.360 do do do do di do do 1UU 30 5,4v rries 10,536 bl.ioks ICHI0 ticV 400.000 I ess thun l.o blanks toe prise. W ill draw live hundred numberseach day un til completed . ' t art ol the a Dove prizes ,vo oe uewrmiocu follows: Thi lint drawn numbers from the first to the fifteenth day inclusive, shall be entitled to 1000 dollars each. .. . . The first three thousand blanks to De enuuea to 30 dollnrs each. 'T" Am ilrli.ll niiinhAf All lUP IfilVi A,r SZ.UOJ 1 UV wi. 17th do ...... 1.000 l!Hh do . . . . . ".w" 19th do 20th do . . . t.t An I.UUU 22d do itn I, WW 24th do 000 25th do luujwu SAMUEL L. MirCHlUL, ISA A; DENNI6TON, M053 KENT, Managers. JEREMIAH JOHNSON, I JOHr MLEN. J Ticket and Shares, in the greatest variety of numbers, lor sale by No. 19 Peek Slip, corner of Water street. ,. r i.. ivm. southern and northern bank notes aho Pnie tickets in former lolteries taken in pKymeut for tocketx. A correct check book kept, for ttie exnmnu v, a.. ...v ti". - u ... :. Cash gii - en for pnirs ""J Orders for tic aets tpol PJ,U' " - ""7 - noles, attended to with the utm01 K"e.twJ,'' atUearliest mormation given oF thur fat. A general assonmem w v.. A ..1. nndMtatc terra. Je 3 3t rj, iot . .. pVOKLEANS COTTON. - - oaie. M nrim cotton, leading irom tbe brig Argo, from SewOrleans, and for sale by VT AL.BI1 es vn.uui.' - - ' - . 66 South street. Je2 FjIBttERPb BEST DOUBLE BfOWN I I LT111T tn railti. selected by Inend in London, superior to any io this market, lor ,alt b D. LYNCH. Juar. . . lm Ne 40 William street " "'TTTl - - - .. - . kmsen asn4 HA ANA teUlArl3. - o - - - while, landing from ahip Commerce, for SgwO PEARSON. IAGNEbl ALBA. 20 case l.t qtissjr M EnglMh Magnesia Alba, just received and for sal. at RtLAURlEB. WHEAT. A cargo upenof WneaL sefipe J any 28 . ristri Mm ASSRS. 100 hhd. Mafiel iVI MoJseOabU iorr' ffS front of the becriber's, and tot at n Wamington - tt. Jj. U.tia. nvoo - - - - I ILLIN ETl W Lfe i.X SMillwetU, Ol a eery miiw. 1 j - last received and lor sate OJ J THE CO MMISvIOS COMPANY, BjSjVUC 148 Feari - ttrneL The very Cut - sailing eeppered anJ copper - faitcned shio CHAUNCEY. is weii iwund and can be sent to sea without delatv. Apply to POTT It M'KLIfiE, et ; jel - B. VV. ROGERS it CO. 4 - torlShiyVL, t.tig lund,) I regular trader,) Tbe elcjraut fast sailiusrcoDteredslMD AMJKEW JACKSON. Thomas T Morton. master a eoucidcrulde part of ber cargo being engaged, will be di?patcbd without delay For freighter pawagc, having eieeUeotaccoumoda - tbos, apply on board, af pur. No. 22, near Peck - slip, or to PETER SCH ERMER1I0RN k SONS, Or B. VV. ROtiERS b CO. H'hooffirfoT wh. 10000 Stombn.e It rick 60 casks patr'nt Shot W) do bar ld 100 binels Spanish Brown 20 caks Porter Now landing from the Andrew Jackson. Je 1 iv, cH. - iHLuaruJf, The fcli gniit and remarkably fast ins schooner CHARLESTON PACK Kl , S. B. Vail, master, will sail in 3 davs For freight or pmtajr, h.iving superior accommoda tious, apply on board, east side Burling - slip, or to SAUL ALLEY, june 1 98 t'ine - rt. tor St. CROIX, w4i The substantial fait sailing1 brir laSRAl'ID, 8. iniilb, master, to sail tlir bib mst For freight or passage, having good accommodations, aply to the master op Lonid; at pier No, 1 1 East Kit er, or to KEADE Si DE PEYST - .tt, jc 1 lw 31 CMiUlip fur t,.iV.WX.U The regular packet kchr..KOSE - L BLOOM, E. Wbeaton, n.Mter u ill nice; immediate di.ipacth. Forfciht pic.auc, apply on board at uovcnieuiv liai t, or to mv 30 ANSON O. I HELPS, 1H3 Froel trect. fur Hale, Fr9.ght Of JiarU r, J& The. sloop iVAKUEN, Ma. - n.ii, mas - Aiwfttteri 100 tons burthen, a siipeiior vessel, and in good order. Aly to JOSEPH 0:JHORN, my 20 28 South - street. t or HlKKill i or CiJ.I i.l't.l., I lie tuig a KEEN, VlaH - n, m:i: - tw. burthen tW tore, a remarkably fii.e i . vtl; will be ready to receive rtc n o in thn days Afply to ROBESl I' till.l .EiPIE, 112 l ici.t tiett flVio hm far ia!c, TO bhiNolil Kn.bu.ouJ tobacco 7 do do Petersburg do ' 1U do iiiv da do M do do Richmond do II do Kentucky do 153 Brazil hides Sl. Domingo arid Jamaka coffee in lihds and h? - . sriKv 30 for lilaliflu, Jlubue und SI. atruhtni, Tim wiinfiinr fa.t ilnn' iic - tv iturket 'i.' .thooner MA lilA - AW. cant. Ltfirr - wnli. I a rvulnr frailer h - ivine - napt nt hce rar. - - i - o n i go engaged, will meet with immcdin'e dispatch. For freight or passage, liavh'g eleniit accommodations, apply on board, ta. - t tide ()ld - lip, or to PLTEKS& HER KICK, may 23 29 Cot.DlitJ - .lip. FHUUHTfw CHA H L I VJ'. 250 tons heavy freight .4 pply to ANSON G. PHELPS, 103 Front - street. 1 ' OAL AFLOAT. 100 chaldrons first qtiaii - V.J ty Liverpool new pit Coal, cargo ol I shin West - PoiuL Irme at Cevifneors wharf. 50 chaldrons eoual to the bbove. WW of tbe ship Caroline Arm, lying at Muiturn U Champ, lins wharf, now discharging, and which the sub scriber will dispose ol, in lots to suit purcnastrt. He hs also on hand, a constant supp.y ol fccr.tch and Virginia Cout, of wry supmior quality, which can be obtained on application on board, or at his Coal yard, No. 274 1 mat street N. Y. Je I 6t A. FKAtEH. CJPAMSIl DOLLARS wanted hy O WM. fcHOTWELL ft SON, my 27 2w No. 45 William street.' RICE. 70 ttercKt priini - Rich, UiiUmg IiuOi shipT'ellgraph, and ftirsale by ANSON G. PHELPS, rev 30 - H'J Front stre. DRY HlUfcs A: COFFEE. KW dry hi - ., average we - ght I71U. each 300 do do 19 do 200 do do 24 do 25,000 wt. greeu coffee, fur sale hy If. II END HICK?, may 14 3w 37 Beavei - t. FLEMISH SHEETINU'b CO paces D flemish Sheetings, assortrd 1 case fine Irish Linn remnants 500 pieces first quality blue Nankeens 100 do do do lone yellow do 50 do strip'd Becrttickers Dark aud lul.t mixed Vigouia castemceri Coburg and brown mixed An First onahte buff and white . do For sale by the piece or yard, by ny 20 IwJ ' JOHN BO WEN. BLUNT'S Stranger Guide to the City ot New - York, price I 50 Received and for aale at the Minerva Circulating Library, No. 265 Broadway, opposite the Museum. my 30 iMlfHSt.". WANTED. A RESPECTABLE middle aged woman is wanted as aa atleudant and nurse to a sick lEw" No.4SRoeertreet. CtO C PON, DEER e - KINS & OUM 1LLEMI. J 71 bales prime Upland Cotton 11 do do Deer Skins, and 25 cases Gum lllemi, suiUble for tbe Spa - ishmarket,rsale by c: Diy :l BAUu AUI.r.S.gT lint - " - GLYfc HOUSE HIDES. . . . r I J r - .. . 19 pipes :inu nnus. 1 uraunon un, ut wfi - 12 bbls. nor quality, 13 beles Horse Hides, just received and for sale by GEO. W.TALBOT. utannRE. CUTLZRT U BRISTOL tiUUD.S. THE subscribers have received by the late rriii from Liverpool and Bristol, an exten - ive supply of Hardware and Cutlery of every description, wnicn uicy uu iv. w the counlrv. m ch quan - title as may be wanted, at a low advance and liberal credit . Thev have also rece' ved on consignment and offer for le by the package U1 .lta ami esse 01 DinniiriwiH - ware, cosui'ist'mg ol most of the UpIe article n the line. 10 cask of ateiiyons warranted band, pan - nel, tennant, sh, Ate. Saw. 6 case do warranted mill, pit and cros - . kl atrrl nlatc 10 cask of Keoyou's ilex ef every descrip - m ut nnlii rnrlnh Porter 30 do assorted las Ware, cwssisting of . i,i.r. inM. decanter, white and green phials, Ac. . 10 cratea ot Stone Soda Jug in of Ejarliib rnvn's and boy hat J. . .11.. r ..rr.nta Halbark t.erman Steel, direct from Uie Manufactory of J. & C. Halbacb Soo, 01 neinscue.u. 10 tons of London hoop L Steel 6 do Crawley Steel . 8 thousand stourbrtdge fire Brick Tim ntates of the different kinds BtocVdf B. W. ROGERS St CO. ow ' Pearl rtuet, O0MES.T1C k OTHER TfXHtS. 'pHE Mibscribert keep constantly on hand id JL extensive assortment of the follow ing foods, Dutch and English Gumy Page, Popes Heads - Crumh Bntshci Belloivi, fancy Broome Duster, or Counter Brushes Hearth Brashes, fan. aao common J.i (or Blacksmiths cy and common tread no do do Cloth do do do Weavers do White Wash do Shoe ti Scrubbing do Paint Brushes and Sash Toole Clamps, 4, 7, 8 row Furniture Brushes Horse do ' Bed Cords, line : Sash i Cords, Trace Ropes' - Wre'ught and Cut Kails anuVBrad Hall aarl Entry Mats rails and 1 utx Wlwiel - Barrows , Fine Wire Sieves Do Hair do Whins of every de - aenptioa Seine, sewing, wrapping, buleing and ball Twiue Fish Line Shoe k Sadler Thread Draibora'e Dalian - .. Which thev will sell wholesale or retail on li beml terms. CEBRA k CUMING, Je t. 76 Pearl - street. ivr ILL1.NET 16. 600 ps white Millinelts. well bleached and in cood order, mit re ceived, anil (or sale low, l - v WILLIAM CAMPBELL, Manufacturer, i i rean - s'jor - t (upstairs.) 'AA. .Vc. JuO tibia Par. aud 1 no Beeswax. afbat aud lor sale by ri. ic U. V. UAVENPUKTSCU. my 30 pllREAD HOsE. A itw doxen long and Mm nail Hire hu none, ior sale oy ti. G. at b. HOWLAND, Je 1 07 WuiitRKtoo - streeL . I - .. 1 ME . . iiu.Vt.aTIC f.'O'VOA GOODS. F.VXRAL csfcs of bleached and unbleached tO Ojtton skirl ing and heetings, of an excel Uut fiUttiity, with other tlomeatic goods, just re ceived ana lor sale on reasonable terms, by WILLIAM CAMPBELL, Manufacturer, 197 Pearl - street, up stairs, Alvn, a nuantity of Mirlinetts. june 2 56 b LIULt BHAMliY. .invli tiut - r hiHutly, just received and f.rsH!e Ly ANSON G. PHELPS, june 1 I .'13 Front - it. I OMIiAZe.TI S 10 i.ultiot Rhralts Bom - I Jt btiji tti. hundiomelr nssortrd. mst recciied by tli Ann Maria Irom l.iverpooj, and for rale by LA VERT Y, SHELTERS U KING, j ! i ?w jvi. io:i ivart strc - t. CHIALNEV PI EC Ed. SI XI elegnnt rritr - d marble Chimney Piece?, just srnu:l Ircui llitly, for inln hy A. LAHAUfUI, Cor in r of lleavrt - lane and Greenwich st. Je I tit ;NDA fcUV, CAPERS fcc. India boy, I Capers, Claret ot'a superior quality Figs, AIukhicIs, presetted Ginger ' Sievmaccti Candles, just received, forsMehy WILLIAM URUCF, Je I St 139 Broadway. iDS.iil UALi, ui Dales or iilhet w se, ot good VJI quality, for tale ny CEBRA It CUMING, 76 Pimrl - street. . Je 1 I lAXALL'd FLOUK 103 bbb. Ilaxall't XX Flour 1 16 bbls Richmond mills do 500 do Ricbiiiond county brands 60 do do do fine 23 do X middling, landing end in store, for sale at 10b front - street, Dy Je 2 TROKES, DAVIDSON li CO, COTTON. - 257 bales New Orleans Cotton, laiidiug Irom brigs f redonia and Aigo, from N. Cirkuus. lor sale by N. U D. TALCOTT, Jc 2 61 South - street, sNIilOO, CHOCOLATE, he 1 I 1 - casts very ptime Bengal ludio, entitled todettnture. 1 rceroons and 6 half do PpanMi dotaot do 14i Uill' UoMnn Choeat - :, 80 do Jno. Wait's do do 150 do first qual. Brown Soap 60 kegs ground Ginger, beet quality 20O - boxes Spanish Sc - gars 15 hhds. Loaf and Lump Sugar kA M.l. An do do 20 do brown Sugar, low priced, for sale by JACKWJN at win)L,i.r.i. Je 8 4t 75 Wall street llOlAL PRINTING PAPER 120 reams Jt of Royal Printing Paper, for sale low, by Je I 41 230 Peart street. Jk C. NIChOLe. No. 132 Pearl - street, have . now for sale 2 esses white and (tripod Marseilles Quilting 1 d while and striped Jeans 2 b black Sincbews and black Sarsncts 2 do coloured Canton Crapes 1 do One black t rencn uo 2 do black and assorted sewing Silk 1 do assorted Kid Glove I 'do ol men nnd women's silk do 1 do 4 4 and 6 - 4 Cambric Muslia 3 do 4 - 4 and 6 - 4 Book da 2 do Jaconet d 2 do plain and seeded Muli do 2 d 5 - 4 Irish Sheetings 1 do Linen Diaper 3 do 4 - 4 Irish Linens, I do7 - fi long Lawo fine 2 do brown do 2 do Cotton Platill 1 An atriiiad and Carlisle (iineham 3 do Madras and Naval Virtory Hdkfs. 2 do Imitation, Merino, U Damask Shawl 3 trunks Plate and supetfine Calico 3 do Furniture C bints 2 bales black and assorted Bomhaselt 2 do black and blue Broad Cloth 2 do red and white Flannel. Je3w CALCUTTA UOUUS, enuuea to oeneoiure 17 bales Callipatty, Fine, Luckipore and Cbitabully Baflas 14 do Chandeliy mamoonie 3 do blue Gurrah. 2 do white Gnrrah 1 do Putta Putta Roroals, 1 do Custer 6 do blue and yellow striped and Checked Seersucker 8 do Sooty Romal 3 do Froctsoy Hdkfs. for ale by PETER REM SEN & CO. 26 Soath - st. i.y. 1 Comoanv's superfine Choppa Romal and Bandanoes, 3 do common do. . Tal.At E MILLINRTTS. 120 p. Black in firaale bv - Jj ilillinetu.forsaleby WM. CAA1PBELL, Manufacturer, je2 197 Pearl - at (up tir ) HARDWARE Just lanoea trosn No. 65 Pina - ftreet,C0MiUig of Baabury l.ocks, Bpoon and 8an7e Polish'd Roller Hucwes, japmn - aou. u Black and Bright Shackle, and Double Pad - CartKey. Fancy, Trunk, Black and Bright, Sbacklu.ogk; and Double Bolt Pad Locks Curry Combs, Spring Rat Trap Iron Cdletick. Woodscri - w Awl Blade, Pearl Buttons, Bra Case Lock Bright Wrought Thumb Latche Norfolk do. Cox' Corner' Knive Till Lock, Cart But Hinge. my29t FOR SALE, PF.W No. 53, ia middle au Chepb,inCedar - treeL mv30lw F,W No. 53, ia middle aisle ia Dr. Kotneyn s 131 r ultoa street. HlNA SILKS Jest received a consignment Blac'ctongrable, Mae and green Binchews Black and changeable Sarsnet Blark Camblets, coloured Levanlmei Black and coloured Crapa , ' Embroidered and Damask Crape Shawl TJet f 8mm - street. 10.000 IKJU.ARS. - . - "22 fa r I Ml E first drawn number Wednesday, m L ttie Milfort and Oweso Road Lottery, will bTenKto t i pri. of 50O, and ooFridyt - towing, JiaOOoT A f - w "d,'S2 Tkkeuud Bhare toAG!W58fIE 1)4 Broadwsv, oppouto thtCMy Hotel. JelSt er - kK and - . REMOVALS. , - K7 JOHN LORI.VihK GRAHAM, atteroey at law, has opened bis office at Ne. 43 Uvunhet - street, asar Broadwry. - may la 4m (L JOHN PIUHJ'I OH, ju. Iihs seiooreil firom Nfl. 62 Beekmail to' 1 00 Liberty - ttreet, where he still offers lilieral anticipatious on property contigned to bis friends la the MeJiterm - ofcn. For further parti rulam, apply as sbeve, or to. . ABRAHAM BELL, my 7 1m corner of CIUT It Furtoo - tts. nt MACKl MILNE t to Ao. 91 Pinestreet. TUT l ate nm rniiy 4 (TT HENRY A. FAY. attorney at Uv. has openca ins olhce at No. 94 Water - street jel lw - - Ml TiCH. bfllween ihm aiit,Aivih..ra. tl fin. nt Ti rass ti Brcce. is this dav dissolved, bv mutual iuimui. mwigrs Joe nr. iris. . . . KJ V 1. I ... .A.M CALEB TKIPAS8, vie I iw - nuui.HT liKCCK. CHILDE Harold's riknm Ke, to the Dent V Sea i Lfvatli on the I'ale ll - use. and other Poems. Just received and for sle t the Minerva Cirrnliktinr l.ihrnrw Al Rtunk nA &fntlrtBt. u Store No. 265 Broadway, opposite tbe Museum. uiit49KUUi jez . ITie subscriber oirer for sale bis resi Hhttjdence in the town of Fa'rfiel - t, itale of onneriicuT. u is pleasantly situated, on Hie B - istonroad, about half a mile from Lorn Inland Sound. 55 miles from New York, and 20 from New Haven. The house And out - bousrs are in excellent repair. The Iruit yard is well it jcheil with a variety erf peactr, apricots, iherties. yuan ana sirawneurai. i nere are ia u vlcini ty academies for the education ef uth ofliott sexes. From one to six acre et excellent bed at the option of tbe pun huser, ca he had with the houe, and thf purchase money, if tletirtd, :un remain on intcreit. For terms' ppiy In ISAAC M. ELY, Eiq. ?ti John street, N. York, or to the Hnu.JONA THAN STUKGES, Fair - field, Conan ticuL uiyCdatcli II Will ELY. 7o Sl'ORTSMEX U MKKi ll.l.S TS. JOSEPH FINCH, gun in ikrr, rrprrtlully informs hit li tends imd the pul lie, Hut lit - has commenced Luiui. in the Mure No. 3 Wail - strc - - t, np:cr Broadway, where h ban fir ml a very baudioint - HH'orlnu nt of tinulv nnd djitbh - - barrclled guns, fiuo nflor, furr, Kc. ; also, shooting tackle generally. J. r . still retains hii - old IimuI, No. r, Grn - n - wicb - ttrert, for the workiiic d.'p:irt'iirnl anJ lui'i'iug business. ('iiliM'S h It nt eitlier p!rc will lie atlriiJrJ to aiUi all possible eapediliim. my 7 pmuioi FOR SALE. A1 N excellent gig and snddle Horse, 51 - 2 years old. Muck erev trots fust. Aimlv at HILL'S Stables 4" Maiden - lune. mySaiw rilObl'K,C ll) ur TN.K HEMPSTEAD AC X O EM Y . The Rev. timothi clow as, a.m. Phiicipal. - ooaUnoo - 1 J AVING purchase d that larse and coraiuo - Sl dinus buildine in the village of Hemcsteud. queens county, lately occupied by fllr. beurge I low I, the subscriber propus - s looptn an Ac, demy theiein, 00 Monday, the 27th instant, for iiouriiing young gentlemen and instructing them in any oflhose branches of scitnre and litera ture usually comprehended in an a Mafcnl course. That every scholarmay be under the eenitant and immediate supcriiitemlnnce of the Principal, noue will be admitted into this academy as students but (hose who are also boarders. A very few student from the village, or its immediate viciiuiy, will ne the only exception to this rule. . If, however, the number of students should ex ceed tbe means of accommodation in tlie aende my. board may be procured in privets families ia lasaesatibeurtiood. Should the public pttmaage he extended to lWH MMiallj tym sure, additional teachers will be procured. . The year will be divided into two term of tuition. I lie summer term win commence tne last Monday in April, and will continue twenty three weeks. The winter term will commence the last Monday in October, nnd will likewise continue twenty three week, ibis arrange' meat will leave a vacation of about three weeks after each term. The price of boardinr, tuition, candles and fuel, both in school and rooms, will be 100 dot iters each term. But, two or more scholars sent hy the same person, the children of clergymen, or those who are intended for the ministry (ol any denomination) will be boarded and Instructed fur $90 each per term. - In all cases, a deduc tion of j per cent, will be made for payment in advance. Books, wiwIuiie, mending, and any necessary article of clothing, will be furnished by the subscriber at the most reduced prices. A cot, mattrass or bed, and bedding, to be fur - niihed by each student. The patron of this institution may be assured that its system of discipline will be mild, yet exact. The rules of the academy must be strictly complied with, by every scholar. (r FOREItiN ERS, desirous nf acquiring a grauimaticdl knowledge of Uie Enelish language, will be admitted as boarders into the Hempstead Academy. Private apartment and separate ta btes will be furnished on the must reasonable terms, and every facility will be afforded to a speedy and thoiough acquaintance with the laa - For the information of stranger it may besta - ted.that Hempstead ia a pleasant village and post town, remarkable for its healthiness, only twenty one miles east of the city or New - fork ; that it enjoys the advantage of public worship in the Presbyterian, Episcopal, nnd Methodlil fnruts ; and that a stage runs from the city three times a week, 00 one of the best roads in America. Parent desirous of placing their children at school, or foreigners wishing to be? instructed in lbs English language, are reepectully requested to visit the subscriber, at Hempstead, where they will receive fuller information refpecjiiig; the proposed institution. . r' I mun - ruv r - i nwn IIJIUI III uvrlw. Hempstead, April 3, 1818. ftr - Tbe subscriber hereby declares his ua - naiilfoA annrobalio of the eslablishmeut pr - JiKv H h the Kavd. Mr. Clowes. Convinced as he ..of Mr. Clowes' ample nualiocttions, both of the head and tbe heart, for superintending, rorli an institution, be doe not hesitate to recommend him to public confidence, and his academy to public patronage. SETH HART, Rector 01 SL Geo. Church, HempsUad. Hempstead, 3d April, IB18 - - fjr The above prospecto meet with y """Charles Webster, Pastor of the Presbyterian Church, Hempstead. A bag lettered u Hempstead Academy" will be left at G. C. Langdoa's Long Island Slcam - Uoat Hotel, for communication with any person attached to the institution. ... A Female deuartaaeat is connected with the Academy. Young Ladie to be boarded in th village. ' p 7 P3ewC2awtf W E UN ESDAV and FRIDAY1. THE Milford and Oweg Rdad L4tery will draw twice this week. On Wednesday the first draw number will be entitled to a prise of five hundred dollars end on Friday to ton thousand dollar. A lew warranted eodrawn Tickets and Shares for sale at . k ABM. P. BROWER'8 Lottery and Exchange Office, No. 27 Maiden Lane, comer of Naasaa street. Uocurreat bank notel and priz ticket take A'neea! aisortment of school book and stationary (oy ale. J 1 6 10,000 DOLLAR PRIZE 00 Friasy next, imss an AVISO BOA xotTxar. try 400 Dollar ftrsl drawn number on Wed - rmsday, and 10,000 dollar first drawn number on Friday when there will be only 13 more dar to draw. Ticket and chares, for sale b C. R - WAITE, JpX 54 Maid an - km. PUBLIC SALES. 1 r 11 1 ; ' kx , Bg mills, Mirroir k CO. ' . Thursday, a lAOVbrk, at thnir t tort, 148 Pearl - etrret. a geriural s.iortnwnt of I retichau Ecgbsb JJttlt 1 GOODS. ' Tuesday, I8th June, " An entire lawice of l.t urhh tlit ing glastiM, lookiug glass pLites, Rrub and isuninroiiuster ciiriug ud ugr mahogaay chair, nnd a vrly ol other article 14 lb la. last t - ngiuo and French faitsion. Corwijlinc ef 33 rir blv eiit and at atvla am glaai Iron 45 Ly 20 to 0 by 36 io , 23 chimney do 31 by 24 in. with ends of 24 by 10 us. r, l uperbly omsoiented mirror, carvrd arch, cut glass pjios from J !t 4 light. t2 bmt BritL - h ulver - ed plutH in blind frames 50 by 28 in. 85 do red - ed frames 3 22 to 44 by 26 io. 1200 best Brithb universal prate from 20 by 1 1 to 14 by 39 roc lies, . 300 do 6 by 5 to IS by OOsheefa - tia fod reit. abje for the bbove, piece elegant Bnaseel ear. Putins; ef new tst stvle. 3 do border to - t.atek. 4 do Kidderminster do 24 elegant imperial 1 earth n:g, II Brutscl bedside rugt, 54 f - sh - miiao.e munogrfTiy canirs, nair bottom ana bras moulkings, 2 London mule piaue fortes, and great variety of new and raslikmablefUr. tuture. ; . - The large glasemirron1 carpet and rug will bq old in lota to suit pureWcr. 1 be chair in sett. . The silvered and uimilvered pletes, wUl be told by the package to dealer, en a liberal credit. The above Were shipped by bouse cf the first respectability in Europe, and it is believed, that the quality is s good '. a can be sent . ' , , - .t.itiifj.t tuH;. a. TH E proprirtmi 4" the souther uabW ejat I ties, near King's - Bridge, giVe uotisj, that they have on band, and ar receiving, at Um Kerft - Bridgt Xitrblt end Lnvi - lmrd, foot of bVach - strrut, on the If ndsoa riverim extensive, stock of marl il lor buddings 0 the fcllowiuj (to scnpiiooi, mi ; Athlar Emotion Slob C)iimaey - ricj Facing , J , .. Column . , . WalertaMa Pps Platform1 Mils, l.iiitd Arrhft Al?o Lime of the rest quality. A const ant supply of the above materiata Hi iy be rutculnu d upon 1 and thnea desireu nf pun liisiuj, or making angngsments, will apply to EZRA LL'DLftW. Feb II AUh"YardV . Jtfcirtanfe iitrik, Mmi 5, lilltk TF The annual election for Directors of Oka institution will be held on Tuesday tka fid dr of June neat, at tlie flauking iiouer, belwesit uie noun in iu ami 1 n - cioca. ,. : . . . Dy order of th flour J of Director, G. B. VROOM, Cash'r. mw5 1)2 NO 1 ICE. 03 All persons are cautioned sot to trust Use 1 rcw of the tsrilith wig ekcene. from Leith, a no debts contracted by them will be paid by th cuptaiu or consignee. . my 30 CAUTION. ttTlie public are Cautioned not touurchose Nos. 3221, and 6X9 1 in th Milford ai Owego Read Lottery, as they have been lost er stolsa, Irom the subscriber. GEO. CLARK. J2lw . NOTICE. 4 ' fttr All persons indebted to Water Furaaa and Charles Dobbs, (for street maeare) ai re quested to call and seitlt their accounts with either cf them, or with D. L. Mead, at tb cor - nerof Pamp It Eldridge - streeta, formerly called 1'hird - street, oh or before the first day of Jury next Al persoos having demnad against them will please to pevsrut ttmir tccount for tattle . . nair.nrvn,nan,iw CHArUXaDOBBd. - , LAMJa. (tj - STEPHEN B. MUNN, No. 228 fearl - stre. t, New - York, purrhare Leads in the lilm ois Territory. wUcn ha been tt apart fpt the late Army, letters from the country giving a deM - nption of (lie patent and the price aikad sot each lot, will be attended lu, if Port pawl. my 15 D&Ctf ATAVCTIOA', BY C. O. FONTAINE. ' Thursdsv, 4th June, X o'clock at No. 71 Leonard atreet, ancle gant assortment of Furniture. Consisting of carpets, looklng - glssse, bureau and secretaries, table, wm ilrobe, ofaa, cut gbui, plate, china ornament, kc. . Alto, srveraf very vuln.,ble book and maps among which are, 1 en Naval Architecture, with an Atlas 1 a set of - Arroursmith'i Map of tho World framed print, Ac , Also, bedsteads, bedding, blanket, kitchen furniture, and utensils, chin tea sets, all kind houxclMild furniture, English mad chande tier, kc. my 27 8t TO LAAD ohakhh, OTHt.RS. WANTED TO RENT, 00 lea, ft farm comprising firom two to three mindred acre, or thereabout, eoosiiting of Mead w, Pasv tor and Arable Land, In a healthy situation hi th western part of the 1'nited State and contiguous to good markets, 00 which there Is a convenient house, well (applied with fresh water, with kitchen garden, orchard and Wood land, together with dairy, barns, (table and other suitable detached out - bouses, all ia complete repair. As immadiat possesion will be required, please address to A. B. No. 206 Broadway, New - York, stating terms and particular. 1 N. B. No letters will be received oules post paid. June 2 lw tVR SALE. UiM Twoyei Istday of May I year unexpired lease, from the y lait, of the bouse and (lor No. 181 Broadway ton of the best stands In the street for the drygood buslnes., Also, a small slock of drygoods, which was purchased on Ibe best terms, principally t auction. For term,' which will be accommodating, apply at th store as above. Jetlw FOR HALL, Leasehold Preprrty, mor valeable than real bstaie. 1 nei p - emiani uoaie mm Academy No. 39 White - slreet, etween Broad way and Church - street, thirty year of the Lease ' a II ' L. r'.A (. km. realE' n - ei pirso 1 an myi.nwm. - ymm j valuation at the expiration ef tbe term. Ground Kent thirty rtowads per amaaa, for partVreUr eoquire of George Pick, Cornelia - street, Green - wk.Ii. Jet if a To tc mid ef smWsr eisrhen, At th TontineCnffee Hotse,on Te - day, the 16th iuae, at It o'clock, the following estate of Jacobus Vcrveelea. deceased, to close the concern : Tbe twe story bvkk front botes and tot of ground No. 22 Walker street. 1 he bow - e h tS ' feet wide by about 38 deep, end well cnUet to accommodate a family. The lot 1 25 by 100 feet a 1 n t Inla nferealid. On tbe easterrf side of Thompson street, between Oread and Broome - , ' . ..... me t a ..A fir Am in streets 1 even 1. Thev have lately beea AIM with earth. Jetltt - . . . rnO - MORROW AFTERNOON, the firatr A drawn number in the Grrvd Road Lottery, will be entitled to 500 dollars, and on Friday afternoon the firrt number will be entitled to rs tbocsswo aotLaa. Ticket and Share foe sale by R. WATTB Jun. 136 Broadway, who aokl and paid two Oa th higbeet prite yrt drawn 'm thi Lottery, via. 4050, 5000 dollar, and 3977. 1000 dollar, and moat of tbe higbeat prim in the, Uat Medical Science lty. - J

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