The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 7, 1943 ツキ Page 21
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 21

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 7, 1943
Page 21
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Page 21 article text (OCR)

jjnbattled テつ」QV eF^^tfth. BY * t~QFテつサJテつ」t y* stt-t テつ」--r-^s*. ^'^ __---= MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE LOBENS) CAKLETON CHAPTER THIRTY-SIX For a while Paige remained at the ship's railing watching the diving boys who pursued it so far out of the bay that chances of their getting back to shore safely seemed precarious. A silly fear on the part of the spectators, for the slulful natives knew exactly the extent of their prowess. One by one they dropped out of the chase and swam back with their mouths full of silver coins. Abby came up beside Paige Her voice sounded disconsolate. "I see no reason why I should feel so lost. It isn't such a long trip. It's no more than crossing the continent, and I think nothing of that." Her nervous frown accused the girl. Just as she had protested that night Abby offered her sanctuary in her Kaneohe house, she protested now: "Abby, please, you should not neglect Choppo for me." "Now, that crow was picked clean long ago. So relax." She turned to look at the girl. "I'm not really neglecting him, dear, so long as he'd rather be with that shameless Rusty. I'll admit I've been a bit worried about the setup- Busty gadding at night, you know --but after last night I feel better." "What happened last night?" "Well, it seems Choppo has taken an idiotic childish dislike to Jiro, the Japanese boy looking after him. He chased him out of the room. Rusty was worried because that left Choppo all alone so he ditched his yellow-haired clinging vine and hurried back to Choppo." Her glance was the ultimate of malicious pleasure. "I guess that's something to put a wrinkle in Eugenia's brow." Paige ignored that angle of her friend's information to ask, "Why did Choppo turn against the Japanese?" "Aw, he had some absurdly dramatic idea that Jiro is a spy." The gray-haired woman gave an apologetic smile. "Did you ever hear at anything so perfectly nonsensical?" Paige did not answer the apologetic smile. "Perhaps not," she said grimly. "Darling, don't be morose. I'm morose enough for two. You surely admit those things are fantastic tor us--death and destruction." The girl looked up at the navy bombers zooming through the sky, circling the vessel in maneuvers strictly non-military, a friendly farewell. "Abby," she said, "there was Demson." Abby's jeweled hand expressed such intense contrition that Paige hurried to say, "It's all right. Really it is." "I'm sorry," the little woman said. "And so stupid!" "Let's talk about something else." "Yes, dear." The little gnome's pale eyes swerved from the girl's face and lingered on the horizon. She w a s delighted *o s e e they were even with Diamond Head. That marker afforded a slight relief to her ambarrassment. "We'd better throw our leis." Had they been on their small private deck, beyond a doubt each rope of floxvers would have gone directly into-the water and drifted on emerald-blue waves on to the neach at Diamond Head, assuring a quick return to Honolulu. But the wind, in spite of the fact that the Lorelei had not attained its full speed, was uncomfortably strong on the promenade deck. Each lei, as they tossed it, became a floral boomering, floating in the air for a time, then hurling itself back to land at their feet, or perhaps at the feet of strangers on the deck below. "This is getting durned disgusting," Abby fumed. "Of course the island legend doesn't mean anything actually, because I know I'll be coming back right away." She threw wine-red carnations with a -furious gesture. "In fact, I don't know why I'm going anywhere.""I do." The girl's tone was ugly. Reno!" Abby pleaded, "Ah, sweet, don't mind. Please don't. It isn't as if you loved Rusty. Come on, let's get one of these in the water if we have to take it down there and swim back." Her orchid necklace made its swathe, fell lower and lower, and dropped into the water. "Hooray!" She danced a little jig. "Now you get one down there. Honolulu won't be half as much fun for me until you get back there." "I have only this one left.' Regretfully, -Paige was lifting her own orchid lei from her shoulders. Each baby flower was like a purple butterfly. "It's so pretty " : 'Yeah. Too bad it's considered bad form to keep them after Diamond Head. Flowers that cost a fortune in New York. But go on, dear. Throw it. We might get a curse put on us." As if imitating its companion, Paige's lei followed the same pattern as Abfay's. When it landed in the water the girl leaned hard against the rail and watched ES long as she could see it. Finally Abby grabbed her arm. 'come on. Let's stop worrying because a couple of redheads let us down. Let's go in and wind up the quarter slot machines for the rest of the suckers." When Retsvvick Carnes tapped gently at Society Sal's screen door on Saturday night she kept him standing outside until she saw for ;ure that he was alone. As he followed her through those guarded portals she told him with frankness. "You're O. K. alone, Wuthty, but don't ever try to bring that blond girl in here again." Rusty sat down on the footstool of the chair she had taken and mocked. "O. K., Sal I'll never, twy to bwing her again." He reached for one of The monogrammed ciga- rets, grinned and forestalled, "Put it on my bill. I'm going to smoke a lot of them." She shouted indignantly, "You know you don't get bills presented to you in my private home--Marfa, put this man out if he becomes any more obnoxious!" Rest wick Carnes laughed at her pretended threats as he accepted the light in the little Oriental THURSDAY. JANUARY 7, 1943 SCOH'S SCRAP BOOK テつキ--テつキテつキテつォ-テつキ S,?ALSテつ」 \\MO A. C.R0WH MAM ^.SERVED BYTHSEE ; SACRED MAIDS- M WAS DENOUNCED 111 EVERY DAY BITHf MAHY PEOPLE AM-SEfCf-fo PRISOK EVERY YEAR. iK-tl! UKKED STirfES? \M.ROYAi. CURSE*-- YOUR テつサ=EET MAMt-OF Jk-fOWH m BttAZIX c.テつサ DAILY CROSSWORD ACROSS [ 1. Decorated letter 4. Locomotive part 7. Cleanse 9. Silk scarf (Eccl.) 12. Arrange in line 13. Potassium nitrate 14. Island near Sicily テつキ 15. Boxes 16 Type measure 17. Mineral spring 15. Music note 20. Butcher's knife 24 Capable 26. Cause to run oft rails 29. Allows the use of 31. Portuguese coin 32. Hostility 34. Prescribed regimen 35. Pried about 37. Audio frequency (abbr.) 39. A hint 40. From 42. Crotchety person 45. Figure of speech 48. Water wheel 49. Second- growth drop 60. Correct 61. Baking chambers B2. Observe 63. Guided- 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7 8 10 11. 18. 20. 21. DOWN 22. Sword 23. A relative 24. To wrinkle Made hollow 25. Melody Flying: 27. mammals 28. Identical Social group 30. Look askance Scottish- Gaelic Cushion Mollusks Russian leader 33. 36. 37 38. 40. 4t. Eat away Fanatical Malt beverage Japanese festival Anger Latin fabbr.1 Enclosure of posts Pronoun Gasoline '. Skin disorder Out of Unroll Bogs DBS _ m@[30 HE HBQa nQHCl aaaa aaaa Veilcrdty'i Aniw 43 God of war 4'1 Number 46. Wander 47 Was in doubt CRYPTOQCOTE--A crj-ptoeram quotation K R P M K F F G E E U B C P J C P J . F G J M N H B G D H B K Q P C P J U F O U F U B P J U P B L -- H C K X P H Y P K J P . Yesterday's Cryptoquote: WE ARE NEAR. AW WHEN WE DREAM THAT vVE DREAM-NOVALll A K- maid's hands. "What an actress you are, Sal. And how well J see through you." Exactly one minute later he wondered if he knew the woman at all, for she turned down an expensively dressed party of eight, something she rarely did." If you want in to Society Sal's," someone once joked, "be sure to wear a white dinner jacket." "Sorry. Sorry," she kept telling the puzzled group. When she rejoined him, Rest- wick Carnes was frowning. "Sal will you please tell me why you turned down that parly?" , "Because I want to talk to you." She looked at her ornate wristwatch, demanding at the same time, "What are you doing out at this hour of the night? It's only 9 o'clock. Why aren't you with your blond?" "I'm picking her up later." Martha appeared with a Scotch and soda on a tray, which he took and put down without sipping. Sal asked nastily, "What's she doing now? Were the doors to the Carnes Trust left open?" "Now, Sal, that's not funny." 'Oh, yes it is. You just don't see the joke, brother." Back of her strong glasses the shrewd woman's eyes were a mixture. They he'd malice and humor, a taunt and a dare. "Don't be a mad pig because Eugenia beat you at your card game, Sal." A grin spread up into Rest- wick Carnes' freckled cheeks. "And you don't be a semi- brained fool!" 'Listen, Sal," Rusty Carnes explained as if he were a schoolboy. 'Eugenia took Choppo to a picture show. When they go back to the hotel Eugenia will get dressed and we'll go dancing. Does that salve your curiosity?" "I thought you had that Japanese combination of nurse and pugilist looking after Mrs. Tyson's little boy." 'The little devil gave Jiro his BOARD AND ROOM By GENE AHERN * "rO'J TJOtlT HAVE TO GO OVERBOARD IN KOW-TOWING TOT3RAYHOSS WITH "rOLJH. V LO* THIS ANPTHAT, ALL Or US STANDiNG AT THE TABLE UNTIL HE'S SEATED,---GIVING HIM JF1RST SPEAR ON TUB LAST CHOP/. -KCW T3Q ~テつサOU KNOW HIS TITLE AIWT INPEED, SIR., I HAVE FURTHER 'PROOF OF HIS AUTHENTICITY/ THERE A "BOTTLE OF COLOGNE WATER IN HIS ROOM WITH A テつキROYAL CREST ON IT / A CROWN OM HIS" TOOTH MODEST MAIDENS "Winch M it . . . your commission or a 4-F deferment?" テつォSTRICTLY PRIVATE" Beziitertd U. S. r*tdl Offie* DVA UKE AViV 1 MET A SHELL LOOWNG KABE TCCW,,.SHE SlifE SHOWED A LOTA MB UR, SOW PS..SO r TOU Uテつ」テつ」. feasr HISHT SCORCHY SMITH- walking papers. Told me he was a spy." Busty laughed and took a drink of the Scotch. "As if things weren't smooth as silk, with the envoys in Washington already having settled everything and the Japanese restaurant owners passing out free celebration drinks to the soldiers and sailors." Sal ignored all that. "Wuthty, that blond is a crook!" "Sal, that's enough!" The man got up with such haste that his drink spilled. "Stop slopping that liquor and sit down!" He inquired savagely, "Have you by any chance seen my wife?" "Yes, and I'm going to tell you about her." "That's what you think. I'm go- テつキ "That's what you think," Sal aped. She hooked the toe of her expensive gold evening sandal aboj^t Rusty's leg and unbalanced him. He hit the floor even harder than Sal had intended. She repeated fiercely, "I said, 'Sit down.'" (To Be Continued) Bu;- IVar Savings Bonds and Stamps from your Globe-Gazette carrier uoy. By FRANK ROBBINS UOCK- TO LEVINE.'HE DCeS.VT AM4WBP/ CTWEJiS CMS CP THOSE CS/*) /.' MESSESSCHMITTS... GOTLEVINE/ AND VVH... \ MUGGS AND SKEETER SAYS THE MOVIE WE'RE 301M' TO SEE IS REALLY A. THRILLER... By WALLY BISHOP BIG ILL, BE BACK IN A. OKAY, LETS By LES FORGRAVE Z M JUST LUCKY.THAT'S ALL, TO FIND TdtfT BIROS HIDEOUT AND HIM NOT 6EE ME'I SO! BEEN \NHER6 YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS,HUH? OAKY DOAKS By R .B. FULLER WOW TOR THAT MESSAGE FROM PRINCESS ELAINE-WHICH ONE OF YOU IS GO! MS TO DELIVER IT? I'LL DELIVER IT, SIP NOW, LEMME SEE-I WAMTA REMEMBER-HEP EXACT WCKOS- VES,VES/ GIVE rr TO ME JUST AS IT CAME FROM HB? LOVELY LIPS' I'LL GIVE IT TO YOU STRAIGHT SO VERY PERSONAL/ WHISPER rr-dND Be SUIfE nu GET rr STRAIGHT/ By PAUL ROBINSON -AND LET EVERVBOD/ THINK H5 6AV- MS THE GATE- NOTHING DOING-* IlL 65T HIM 70 I25AU.V E/ IN AM AOT2S 111. PUT ON A LOVS-SCENE ' THAT11 EVEN FCO. HIM, PJCTUEES Or OJ WAI7-IM BRICK BRADFORD By WILLIAM RITT and CLARENCE GRAY WEAPONS AReTRWlSFESKO FRQ.V AMPLE FOODSUPPUES ARE POT lit TOE. YOUHG, OLD AND MUHG MIS. TAKKUiテつォC) 13JDE8GWUNH SHELTERS UCOUSTAWT GUftRD IS MAINTAINED OH UKDES BSICK'5 BlCtCTON, NKPMHKW5 FOR A SIEGE ARE SWIFTLY MADE ADVENTURES OF PATSY By CHARLES RAAB GO FOR FITTING ON My NEW COSTUME". --you RIGHT HERE* THAT HAS B ARRA.HQED MISS PATS/, SHALl. SHOVI YOU TO VOUR ROO/AT? / ^ iS WE HAVE BEEH TRICKED INTO A MOST DICKIE DARE- By COULTON WAUGH Kテつ」Mテつ」M8ER, I /WENT LOOKED IV$lDテつ」 THIS FWEf? テつォy*w.^- ^ rf '^"' /テつォ CHICKi AND FIMOS A -^ -- -you OOHT ! Hテつ」Kテつ」 IT IS! -- -ANP ITS IABRADOR! _ SAY, _ Mテつ」THM6! DID yOU evefe V/E'XE HEADED FOR !! UKテつ」 COMIC BOOKS' IF XV KIN Tftdie HO HUM

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