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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Wednesday, June 3, 1818
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H 'I ' r' : 1 , t i . Jt .1 i J.aJL 1. fVesn (A Lnrool Aiitrtaer s February S3. ' - FfivMl rv far JteoVenJUftssOTtb ksig cafcitogae Uee dampers, with which. It has pleased Ok guprMU Bewr ta chaatea or afflict . humanity, tbe snort ilolmt, the most awful uil ,1r.UrM. k bdroohobia. ' Tbil frightful aia - lady, whith bereave of re, distort the fraaie, aad bsjmUiates the species, 'by a change f rona hnnua, to brutal aatur ; whose paroxysms, LicMunr with their sueceeaoa, in their torture, " render the auerabla tufferer too Wrifinj for .tVTit - jiunnst ton hldeeaa tor sympainy. - i un ' malady, which, hitherto, no ikiU could oontroat, ' im force restrain, no medicine ruve, at length yields to a simple of the vegetable world a cuick. bat effectual antidote, the complete and ; general discavery of which, Provident, ia id wisdom, has reserved lor tba present time. Tb fcUowinj coaununicatioa, 00 tbia Import ant eutqect, mao ay a rniwoosTw - pmww A Ruisiaa peasant cSimbirsk, on tha Volga, ' poneasfd a celebrity in tha fill of this wont of an aaasaa casumpera. rrosn usasiaia - ' siaa society, and the tardiness of communication, " n that empire, awing to tha fewness of tha '"' mean, (hi celebrity was, for a length of rear, - eachxircly cooflaad. to tha province in Which he - lived.' ila wa Dot tne discoverer oj ma root wai ' cured, but wa the snle dtpository af the ecret. : Tha renown oimextiaduai7 cures, banting, at leertb. beyond tha circle of his roveenment, - Ihnr number incraaad with hW ncectica, and hi ; celebrity aioBf; with them. itaveUinj to adi " Unt village tha border of Baratonki, be .', tarried to retreta at an inters & hamlet, where a cats of hydrophobia, in iU hut awful ' aitxzrs. averwhelnied the peasantry ia rxief ' Uupreparad for the event, shocked at tha terrific assecracla before him the coorulnre agonies ot . th sflirtcd blnf be hesitated j it wai only for vrawaAt th conflict in hU breast was between ' humanity aad interest the feelinrs of the ewe, ,, however, son, overpowered ail considerations of tha other) be directed searca to be made lor tba AlUmat ha described it 1 it was known it was - soaarht for by all the inhabitants, each taking; a - Afferent direction, and au immediately procu - ' red. Hera thesecrel was dinJrl a preparation was made, aad tha antidote adosinistered ' On., being entreated to tarr in tba haaslet till : mortise, the ptntant replied, that bis preaeoce waino lontar necessary i hat tba nan was cu - ' red. SaiKfirdof the efficacy of tha remedy, hi ra oated his habit, aad, inking his lease, pursued kitjottrney.' . Aad tM dotemperad man arcs cored. lie ttib9aenlly felt a teskparary ubansUon, but was at eoce freed from tha torture ol the nialadw . '. . The circnautauce lb as related auicklf tranrpi - red. Conmanicatinns on the subjert readied to Moscow. The physical world made Inquiry and . reearcti. TbroujUou' Kouta, all Germany, tha repeted wonderfal properties of the A lima Pimttaf a tha cara of hydrophobia induoed ea .periaMata sacwrfol eiperlments 1 they In creased its fame 1 and, in those empires, is now eetsMiabed a perect cocfldeoca in its unfailiog aVacy. From Use London Literary Gazette of Saturday week, we take the subjoined article on the t taaie lubiect 1 T We aaurt call (be attention of the pnblic and of the facalty to the A lima tlanlago, of which 'a drawing it anoexed, and which is at present the subjtt of a general taTestigation upon the conliocal, as a specnc foe tnecura r.lhyJropho - bia. Whether it possesses the qualities attribu ted to it in Rani aad Geroauy, or not, we have ctscnargaa oar amy in producing; not only a writ , tea deerripUonofit, and the assertions reined ing its healing powers, but aUo a picture of th plant itself, for which we are muck indebted 10 , a correspondent, extracts from whose letter we subjoin. . i To tht t'dihrtlh Littrdni Gatetie. . ss gir I lead you for acceptance a drawing of the reputed trainable plant, Alum PlanXagt . eoffulk, certainly with us in great abandance, to the height of two feet above the surface ol oad and ditcbes, bearing white Sowers, Inclining more or less to a purplish tinge, from the middle of June to August. I hare endeavoured to expres the form of the seed - ressel, ae that tha plant snay be known after its fliwers have ceasedto exist. I asa acquainted with no spades otjtluma, that at all resembles this In habit therefore it miut be known at a rlanci. For epecifio nmntise, yoa can refer to Dr. tSraith . Flora Brinauiira,1 or to " Witherior's Fn rlLh Botany" t yon will receive information irons either. I am, Lc.n . a It may be seen at tlds o(Ec. from a Imte London Paper. On Iht vis "f iah in fttditig r Wr. The fol lowsg important communictttion has been handed to o by a gentleman of this town Ml have great pleasure in brin able to give ' most satisfactory report of the eoWtof Mr. Cur wen's experiment, as to the u - e of nilt for all kinds ot cattle. He hae jutt received a report from bis feeder, dated February 3, 1C18, which u as follows: Tbe followtn; is a Correct statement of your experiments, in giving salt to the cattle noder my care, bermrnR November 19, 1817 - From that time until now, your cattle have had salt aa below ; isr'y cows and breeding neuers have bad tarli four ounces per day ; forty - three young and fat caille, each three ouuees ; eighteen working oxen, each four ouuees ; twenty - one heifers and oxeu of one year 01U, each two ounces twenty young calves, one ounce each 1 and each bor employed at toe farm, colliery, achat had four ounces per day. Four hundred aud forty - four sheep have had four stone, of two ounces each, per week, given at twice and on tlates. The advantage of nit for sheep appears ta be great, as we have had none died we commenced giving salt. Ia other years we lo.t soma of our young ewes and welhrr, in what wa call the ickness. Ourcowr, lie. have their tail given in steamed chatT, t aice a day, which makes them eat it up, as well as other interior food 'I tn horses have their salt given amongst their strained potatoes, twice a dsyf which makes them clean out their cribs, and is a great benefit I u their health and condition. Our cattle tare been hi the highest health, ever since we com meared the use of salt. I ha ;e now kept your cattle for ten yean and they were never so long without some sickness: they were formerly MiLject to obtiructiour, ibfbtnmations, &c have not had occasion to use any medicine since the SUi of November last ; .and I can now shew lti bead of cattle, without the exception of any one aninul that b out of order. I believe there is nothiog that will pr. note tbe health of cattle and their good condition more than salt, whea ri'Utly aaministereu.' "It will appear by ibis report, that the quan ti'.y cf ealt which Mr. Curves has given U bis raUle, with the mott Complete suoceis, is more thaa double what lord Somerrilte used. The elfccts of tins sue of saX in Mr. Curweo's farm yard, at Workington Hall, and the eagernea of cattle to obtain it, hare attracted the attention of I ha farmers for many milas round ; and hundreds of them have come to see the cattle fed. Several of the m have applied to Mr. Corwea for some of his salt for their own rattle ; but the rereiity of tbe conditiosu, and the asaouat of the penalties, hare prevented him frooa being able to accommodate them. The aeirfiboruur farmers have united ia a petition to the hoase of common?, which was presented y aiterd ly etat - ice; that they are prevented from availing tbeas - srlvca of the permiseioB to use salt for catlle (raated b the late act of parliament) by th heaviness of tbe duty, by tbe reslrktioni and yenaltiee with which it se dogged, aad by the ser?ona attendance (m their case net Iwa than mm hundred and twenty miles to Liverponl) to t ja the bonds aadjecuriUes repaired by the act F of to in tsi praywr relief, Ac - It iboiiM be cAsTJ that Mr. Cutwcb b also using salt mixed entn sUamed potatoes, tc. for hie hogf and pooBryv, with tbe aame gooo enecssi w uwy w under the care of William Clover, are notwra - ttoned in bit report. " - "Feb. lltn, 1818." . XEW'XORX IVBXUtQ POST. WEDNkSDAT, JUNE 3. Dr '. UotacVt Asml JJJrtm ea the hU Dr. TiUarj. We have great pleasure in giving place ta tbe following extracts from the outline of tbe character of the late DR. JAMES TILLARY. of this) city, by Ida friend DIt 110 - SACK. Tbia prompt and honorable tribute to tbe memory of Dr., Hilary, waa prepared at tbe request of the St Andrews Society, and de livered at hie interment on Tuesday 26th of j May, ultimo, the day after his decease. riendt eruf rnembtrtaflktSt. Andrtvt Society, Upon Uus melancholy event, some expression those feelings which pervade every heart in this assembly, b due to the memory of ourdis - ttngv'ubed associate, whose remains now lie before yea. . In the absence of his mack loved reverend friend and pastor, by whom this duty would have been performed ia a manner more suited to the solemnity of this occasion, and more a consonance with year feelings, lam radoced appeaf before you, only by my sincere regard for the memory of our late excellent colleague, and ta testify to yoa 'my desire to comply with yoar.wislies in expressing that respect which we all entertain for our deceased president and fel - low - citixen. There is a consolation, melancholy indeed, bat not the less grateful oa that account. paying the humble tribute of esteem and affec tion to the memory ef one who exhibited so many qualities worthy of our imitation. 1 knew him, and received much of his friend ship V an early period of my life and when on a viaitto the land of his birth - place, had the satis faction of bearing from bis co temporaries who distinctly recollected him at school, that he was even then regarded as a youth of promise, and at that early period of his liie was characterized by that integrity and virtue which marked the remainder of bis days. Having laid the usnal fundatioa of classical learning in which his attainments were very re spectable, aud having received some prelimina ry medical knowledge in the north of Scotland, he enjpyed the benefit of a course of instruction at tha great medical school of Edinburgh. . Al though he did not remain at the university the that prescribed to obtain its honours, be anidn ously attended the various lectures, which qua lined him for tbe station he soon afterwards ob tained, that of a surgeon in the army of Great l'ritain. In hat capacity, at an early period of the revolutionary war, he first came to this country, which he made the permanent place of his residence. Miortly after his arrival In this city, be assu tned the character of a practitioner uf medicine and surgery. To the former branch, bowarer, he principally confined hi attentioQand for more IhaiTTorty years cxrrcked Its responsibla and Important daliea with what foecese the in habitants of thucit) can abundantly testify : you all can testify, for you have bad daily evidence of hit professiitna) merit aad skill. It is not my intention to detain you by a recita'.of the various quaEGcaliob which aiorned his professional cha racter those will, donbtlesS, be delineated by mother society, of. which he was a conspicuous member, and where he also for many years oc copied the snou elevated station in their power to bestow. t 43 ut I must, nevertheless, be per Lmitted to bsar my tettluiony to his merit as a practitioner of the healing art. He seemed by oatore to le peculiarly capacitated for the exercise of the medical profession and tbaeducatiou which he had received was sufficient to elicit the mtive energies of his mind for that purpose. He was a substantial classical scholar 1 his reading of medical authors was limited, but jndicionsi a - aiong these Sydenham and Uuxbam were bis favorites. He was a patient and close observer at the bed - side of the sick he reflected and his decisions eviuccd the solidity of his understanding. Few men I think surpassed him in strength of judgment ; anS this qualification of the head gave him that elevated station among many of his fellow practitioners which he so loog and deservedly enjoyed. He was sceptical of novelty in medical prescriptions and slow in adopting new methods of cure. He carefully observed the progress of disease he discovered its nature and was bold and energetic in his prin ciples of treatment He was confident of lib own practical knowledge, and inspired a cor - responding confidence in tboe for whom be prescribed few men performed their duty to their patients with more fidelity. He spared no ins in collecting all the symptoms from which the disease might be ascertained and the corresponding remedies directed for its removal. Daring those memorable vuitatiuu of God's proiidenceon our city, in 193 and 179ft, when pestilence spread its devastation opon pur shore, though fully conscious of our impending danger, he abided with us; and no consideration whate ver could induce him to swerve from his duty a faithful sentinel, be remaiaed at his poet. Amidst the distressing and fatal ravages of yel low - fever, Dr. Tillary spared ao exertions that could contribute to the comfort of his suffering folio w - citixens. He visited and attended with unceasing assiduity all who called for his professional services, without reserve ; and It may be added, that to the poor and forsaken, from whom no recompense coald be expected, his labors were for the most part devoted ; the more wealthy, who were able to remunerate him, ha. Ting chiefly abandoned tbe city, then the scene of dceolatioo. I frequently conferred with him during thoee anxious and melancholy seasons. I remember wall bis perse versa ce and bis fortitude; nor Dr. Mason. t Dr. Tillary wa for several years tbe presi dent of tba Medical iSodety of tba county of 5s w - York. ties aa aa as by a wereTfray forgoUaa PJ i fiHoW - citixeBf : thcunporUnt services be thus tformeJ to 0s community, be was afUrwards rewarded y the honorable office of resident physician tbe dn cf whicbJ thoarh fall of hazard and rerpoo - sibility, were performed with that fidelity which correct principles of Conduct most ever secure. Ia relation to medical decorum, be waaa peV tera of excellence to bis professional brethren 1 with reference to tbe right and feelings of the junior members ia particular, bit conduct was peculiarly delicate and honorable. ' As a citizen of this republic, I may veaturaio say, that while be remembered with becoming feelings tbe land of bis forefathers, be possessed ardent attachment to his adopted country. He admired the genius and nature of onr social, political and religious institutions. He was aol iodi Siren t spectator of pasting event, and so that species of knowledge which is acquired by Intercourse with the world, he was excelled by few. FtUoio - vumbert Iht St. AndrtuU sacsWy, Your bereavement is of no common kind. You have lost him to whom you have looked np yoor principal. After the resignation of a genlleman, who many years Iliad and reflected honor upon the office of president of the society, our lamented associate united your hearts and suffrages as tbe next most worthy of yeur coofi - denre, and in that responsible office, dee vacant dekth, he discharged its duties with distia - fuitbed ability and universal satisfaction. A' the physician of your charitable add praise - wor thy institution, an cfT.ce which he.filled for many years, tha disinterested generosity which he ma nifested in his medical attention to the indigent poor, who are the objects of Its charity, is fami liarty known to you all. ' K Indulge me before I close if t speak of bis christian virtues ; they are a proper topic for a christian audience they made up a large por tion of bis character, and they ouht not to be omitted On this momentous subject, he has not left tbe world to donbtofhis religious creed H has long, both in public and private, evinced bis faith and hia hope ; and has declared his firm belief ia the great truths of the christian religion ; belief aritiog not merely from those impres sions which an early pious education leaves upon the rabd, but from a careful examination of the cridtnett upon which it has been embraced by most of the distinguished men who have adorned the world. I lis course of reading on religious subjects wa extensive : the - volume of nature too he consulted with additional strength to those opinions which he had derived from revelation, and he adds another happy example to the many already on record, of the possession of sound christian principles by a member of a profession in which it is too generally and most erroneously supposed religious sccplicitm abounds. To the christiau philanthropbist, moreover, it is con soling to reflect that at a time when, to use the language of aa eloquent American divine,! "scepticism is breathing forth it pestilential va pour and pollutingby its unhallowed. touch things divine' and sacred, so many of tlie great andW wise, as rf tonchsa with atr " Irons' heaven appear a tbe adrecatee of chriet ianity n aud prs t, with one accord, their learning, their talents and their virtues, as aa oUsring on the altar of religion. Religions cocsola!ion, while H supported him in life, shed a ray of glory aroond tbe dying bed of car deceased brother, and in his latter !mo menU, to the exclusion f every other concern, laiooed all bis thoughts. - In the records of those eminent BI6Q w be have supported tbe medical character of our country, Dr. Tdlary will maintain a highly respectable rank ; and while talents, inflexible Integrity aad distinguished virtue are held ia sasaembrince, his memory will be chertthed by his fellow - aen, especially by that society of bis native and s opted countrymen with whom be was so long aad so intimately connected. I lament to add that rircamstanrea have not permitted a more ample expression ol that esteem and respect which we alt cherish for oar depart - ed friend. 1 ' I Robert Lenox, Esq. Dr. Nolt. Burglary The frequent burglaries committed for the two last weeks, in the most populous part of the 'city, furnish abgndant evidence that there are among us a gang of villains, and call loudly upon the watch to redouble their vigilance. Last night the dry good store of Mr. George Palmer, No. 3 Maiden - lane, near Broad way, was entered by. wrenching the padlork off from tbe front door, and robbed of several articles Among those missing is 1 piece of black cassi - mere, No. 1384, 1 piece black Canton crape, and I box nurta ribbons, bhould either ef those articles be offered for sale, it i req nested that the persons offering them may be detained and in - n.t III.UVM (WCH a. WkW yVMV HUM.,, fJ3r The folloivinj gentlemen bsve been elec ted Directors cf tbe New - York Institution, foi the instruction of tbe Deaf and Dumb. Samuel L. Mitchill, President John B. Komeya, 1st Vice President ' Carlwatlader D. Coldrn, 3d Vke PreaJent John Siidell, Treasurer j John B. Scott, Secretary i . Jcfia Stanford, J antes L. Bell, Samuel Akeriy, Collin Red, i William L. Rose, 1 De Witt Clinton, Alexander M'lodj Henry T Feltue, Peter abarp, Sdvaaus Miller, Jonas Mapes, Bisbop Connolly, Richard Motf, Valentine Molt, Casper W. Eddy, James Palmer. Philip Milleduler, Elisha W. King, Garret Heyer, Stephen Allen, Fnm iht rational Adtocale. Moosienr Prietair, ' ' I ver KD tut voa Doar emDremiere moa lettre about de ladies grand cbeaixsr, ret rein fait ; mai Monriear Printair, I have voa htlle somatiog to aiy encore I did go from my saacaxia arec voa beautiful pair e corset ponr ancjoli dame aha ! sair, it vill if yowr uuei eve verfoan por voir ia wueoerasi, ne neauumi none ri ae atiei ssn el de tout cdtera bie. e!L Moaeiear Printair. I viM carry tie car set poar de lady I do drew myself id eW nlk slock in, aad pal de pondre ea my baft, aad da taa de cotrcsa u tsy muKbou, aad de corset tBiIrt my arm - tell, sair, I suu tutevon pron - aade te see deheD dame, ven eon grand coc tion, voT terrible, diable, dam tv a an over black muJ, ana bo nar ia m mum, ran over mr lep, and did snake aa vilaie 6 - ..... r . silk atoekin did nosiUvemem trow tne diable mem porta into von cellare ver de xentlemee manger de oyster, monsieur pr - tairimagioe mon condition I was enrage, and I did beat le negre dat sel de oyster vid de beauti ful corset. Quel saalbeuc 1 B - ur, you vm no w dat ia snv contree de bogs i no citoyen, and dey no nromenade avec de ladies and de gentlemen. Mais sua tootraire ve ao iocs aem in one make dem fat, aad ve Jo manger de hogmais, da hoe - net eat ns cem ia. Monsieur, peuireie yoa are de friend to ae cocnoa, ana viu sn irn my lettro. Mai, sair, I vdl carry it to de Even - ing Post aba! sair, he is one sacra enemi to all da hon in de vorld. and all hi capier Is Centre 0 . . . a . a le rochoo. I vill propose voa auie xnig , i, pr eiamrde. da cKv vill rav de depeosa pour pou - dre and pommade for all de hogs, and make dem look - lolio. like rentlemcn. I ao care if dey all vill take de promenade en Broadway. Mais, dere cotHbUea a present ss aoominanie uere are un fit to keep de compania avec de ladies. . . - - JHesisieur prmtaic. le.sui via coosuemiop, rotre tree humble aerviteur, LAaBLOIf U, jnarcnanu ae moues. Ft'omlhe Philadelphia Octette. Attention V vhfilt ! A vatonabie vtneTira - ton. It would be but justice in every printer to copy, and every citizen to md tbe following timely viadatioai as we think it very wrong for citizens in one part of the same country, to cast an just censores 00 those of the other. Mr. PouUon, jT ' I have very frequently observed ridiculous pieces inserted in tbe newspapers of this city, as well as In most of the western and southern 'prints, setting forth trick,, said to be plated off by the Yankee on the crcUulous and unsuspecting inhabitants ef the middle, western and southern State 1 and when any thing of tbe kind has occurred, it has bees related ia such a way as to convey aa idea to the world that all the citizens of New England were trick ish and unprincipled ! which is very far from being a fair, candid and honorable representation of them ; a a very large majorit? of them are, and ever have been, esteemed the most fair and honorable of any people in the world, utterly despising every thing trickish, or m the least dishonourable. Yes, Mr. Printer, it, is highly to their credit, that they support an honest and fair character, not only among themselves, but with all the nations of Furope, to which their extensive commercial Dullness has introduced them, and also with the merchants of the middle and southern states. Must it not appear atransre, therefore, to those who Jbtew them well, to see sucb frequent attempt in the Newspapers, printed in different sec ions of tbe sme country, to stigmatize and cast unjust odiums on the inhabitants of a whole community, because their are a lew low, vulgar and unprincipled tin - pedlars and others, (who are continually traversing the Country.) are iruilty of low trickish conduct that a New .England man, or Yankee (as he is called by way of derision) would shudder at. I rejoice that a large majority of the citizens of the middle and western Slates, have (if we may ludtre by their conduct) formed a vety just, and hiehlv favorable opinion of the New - England people generally, or they would not beiiisposed to elevate them to iitgn and respon sible stations in society, sq soon alter their emigrations to their States, were this not the case It is with pleasure I see many such in tbe Congress of our common Country, and in the general assemblies of the individual Mates, and 1 hear and see many other at the head of literary institutions, also filling important county and town' Offices, to the treat atisfaction of their constituent, and heading many corporate and private institution, which do honor to our country I have confidence to believe Olry Will Stilt C0ltttirKC - ta - - n,ixC" - ed confidence of their highly respected fellow citizen. . That there are in every state in the Union, some individual to be found, who are a dis grace to society, is too notorious to be denied But that there are more of this description of people m the New England Slates, tluui else, where, is very much to be doubted. That the number of evil - ditposvd persons in each state, mv dady diministi, and with every other individual become more and more vir.u - oua, is the hearty wish and desire of xour friend. CANDIDIS . It is imputed to the igntrante of those persona who write the pieces here albtded to For did they know the real meaning of the word Yankee, they would not use it by way ot derision. They are, therefore, now informed that its real signification and meaning is "TO CONHUCu. Vsm the Baltimtre Federal Republican. We venture a suggestion, without any other evidence than similarity or stv e, that Mr Wooler. editor of the Black Dwarf, isUie au tliorof that letter addressed to Mr. Canning an extract from which we have lately publish ed. Let any man compare the stvle of the Black Dwarf stuck upon William Cobbett, (which we have likewise published) with the letter addressed to Air. (Janninir, and we con ceive that any one acquainted with the nature and diameter of this species of evidence, wit: concur 111 our opinion. 1 here is the same re morseless, persecuting and exterminating vengeance displayed in both of these compositions the same vindictive hostility the same ma lignant heart, and the aame powerful intellect to give to all that malignity its horrible inten sity. They are the production of no ordina ry bund, and no ordinary depravity of heart. 1 he scalping savage is perfectly well acquainted with all the mode of civilucd waifare From a letter, dated at SatkttPi Harbor, May 1 2 ' have vmted that mammoth of naval ar - chiteclure, the New - Orleans, now on tbe stocks in this harbor. ' Before seeing this enormous vessel, I bad no idea of the immensity of ship build - ins;. Under her stem, I really felt a sentiment of awe, when by aa upward glance I reviewed the wide sleeping and towering arch of her swelling aides. A very large and convenient covered house now protects from the weather this noble specimen of American art." Extract of a letter from Trinidad, " Dear Sir I send you tha followinr state ment of the expense for five days med cal attendance and medicine, together with the burial expense of my friend who died during tbe last kicknesa that in case you or any of your mentis anouri taae a notion to visit our Island you may De prepared with the needful. 5 days attendance of 3 Physicians, 396 Apothecaries bill, 36 Nurse, 1J Wine, tc. during sickness, 16 Making Will, 24 Washinr and lavinr out the deceased. 34 Cotton cambric for aheet, shroud, scrafs, &c. 40 Mount d Coffin, 43 Printed invitation card, 16 Boys to distribute do 3 Refreshment for tbe funeral, 24 Gloves, hat bands and crape, 36 Sexton's bill, 13 Service at the Church, fCathtlie.) 73 5 lbs. Wax Tapers, 6 To the Governor for the breaking the seal of the will, J6 - 1 neve were many more small expence not enumerated maxmg at Hit eight hundred dollarsA moderate calculation ' ... . . ,.i a r . 1 demned lor hjirglary, aa heretofore noticed in ftfvtnnwt " f ' , tbia paper, but better known aa naving rpc trated tbe extensive robbery of tbe old United State Bank, in Charleston, was execuicu Fayetteville, according to his sentence, on Friday. Brayboy, a black, was, at the aame time and place, executed for murder. It ia behev - ed a black waa iiung on a m vj - Uhurt. Theae instance of a riirid adminis tration of the law ought to have the aaluUry effect of checking the lata frequency 01 crimes msrwiir US 1 be foreffoinir dy wa likewise fixed for the execution of Dawson, of Bertie couuty, for tbe cruel murder ot His ntue aon .. raVETTEVlLLE. May 58. Execution of Benjamin Gray, and Steplun Brayboo On Friday laat those unfortunate men m,.. rTAtirtrA hv the Mrverd Independent com panies of Militia to the place appointed for their final exit from this sublunary world. Notwitb - in - ntinr th wivlher was excessively warm the liul. Hnrnmmruilv dustv. Bud the Crowd Of spectators immense, Mr. Grsy requested tbat they might be permitted to walk to the place ol execution, a aistanre irom me jau noi mui a mile and a half, which was granted : they arrived at the fatal snot between t and 3 o'clock. and were launched into eternity a few minutes betore 4. 1 bey ootn apnea rea to nsr vrry ieni - nV It i annnosed bv manv that Mr. Gray en rratrs - rfiH - tll the lnt moment, a hone of beioe; reprieved : whether or not, he conducteilVself . I I . . , k. J a .Td m nam triilv O . - iliruirtuuui, wiui a uricv ui mmiiwa.... - tocubing. We understand fsav the SsTannah' Reiab i;.n rttthi. 1 fit nit that a court - of enOUirt haa been ordered to investigate, he dndact bf captain MDCU, vvrigi relative 10 - uio uctwui. - tion of theChehaw town, PHlLAnELPHIA.JaneS Yesterday. WillianVYixd. an a - ccpasplire in the mail robbery, before Cut Manas' tried before the circuit court of tbe United States. The trial commenced at 10 o'clock, and coo tinned un til half past 3 o'clock, when the jury retired, and at half cast ft o'clock in tha afternoon, they brought in a verdict of GL'ILTV. The puuis h - ment is the same as that of the principals cco victed at Baltimore death. The following gentlemen were yesterd ty e lacted directors of the City Bank : Peter Stars. Grove wrieht, Ichabod Frail, Benjamin Bailey. Abraham Bloodgood, ramucl Tooker, Isaac Pierson, William Irving, John Graham, John Adams, James Magee, Edmund Smith, George Gallagher, Isaac Carow, Benja min Desobry. From Iht Norfolk Herald. Wonderful ejuticu of the Steam Path. The following anecdote is communicated by an acquaintance from the neiehtorhood where the oc currence is taid lo have taken place. He is a arentleman of indisputable veracity and respect. ability, and if necessary, can substantiate the fact, by the Ustinwny of at least a dozen of wit nesses young women in a ueirhDounng conn ty, who had never been married, was taken extremely ill with a fit of the ehotie, as sh verily believed it to be, bavin?, as she solemnly protest ed m the sequel, u earthly reason to apprehend that it was any thinsr eke. After suffering a good deal of pain, and trying various remedies without experiencing tbe least rebel, the steam Butb was thought of and immediately applied when, to the unutterable astonishment of the poor girl herself, as well as those who were attending her, the application was no sooner maue mansne was delivered of her pain, and a Hoe healthy boy child into the bargain ! ! ! I From the Daily Advert iter efthi morning, Sacred Oi aturio. We are gratified tn learn, that the li.itulel and Haydn Society, have con eluded to proceed, with their Muaiol Kilter - Uhiwcni. 'lis object which they have ia view, 'via - the cultivation of Sacred Music,! so important, so interesting to ociety at large, and so intimately connected with Public Woi hin. and the moat lively feelincr of piety and devotion, that we. cannot retrain f. om once more noticing: the subject. We understand that tbe greatest exertion have been made to render the exhibition such as shU gratify the taste of the nicest judge. Mr. Incledon, whose talent are well knoan ui Una city, ha not onlv erenemuslv ottered hi services on ti occasion, but has actually postponed bis depar ture, for the sale purpose of rendering his as sistance. If the Society shall meet with suita ble encouragement, there i every reason to exutct. from thru - performance, not only momentary gratification, but laating benefit to the hichest interests of tne community, w hope and trust they will not ba disappointed. Mrt. Jernes' benefit I am very sorry that the extra business of the day allows me but oiinu;e's time to recommend to public notice the benrfit of Mrs. Barnes, which is fixed for tl.u evening. If professional and individual merit en till to special reward, if the fund of choice en '.Mrtainment provided for this occasion aud pro mired in the bills can attract, Mrs. Barnes, so ongthe favorite of r discerning public,, will be complimented this evening with a numerous and respectable audience. The Cit ity Inspector reports the death of 40 per - from the 2JJ to the 30th day of May, of SODS, the fntlowioE diseases : Apoplexy 1 ; cancer 1 i consumption 7 : con vulnons 4 : dropsy t ; drop y in the chest I .Ironsv in the Jtead 1 1 drowned 3 1 tvnhus fever 3 ; haemorrhage 1 ; jaundice 1 infUmnntion of tne chest 1 s do of tbe stomach 1 1 old see 3 ; alsey 2; peripne ureony 1 ; still born 4 ; syphilis l ; wnrwipinc coogn i. qe - yttUb sjUtVllvil.Tm.l.ity inspector, MARRIED. ' On the 12th ultimo, at New Hartford. Oneida uouDty, Zedekmh Sanger, to Miss Alana Kis - sam, daughter of the late Daniel Kissam, Esq, of Hempstead, (L. O At tavannah. KiChara Jone. r.sfi. to Miss Lucy Earl v, eldest daughter of tbe late Go vernor oi Georgia. DIED, At Boston, on the 29th ult. Mrs. Lvd.a A Cleveland, m the 25th year of her age, wife, of Aaron P. Cleveland, and daughter of the late Tbomaa Lathrop, Esq. of Norwich, (Conn .) KVENING POST MARINE LIST. , CLEARED, Brig Nirnrod. Prince, Portland Schr Zanga, Russell, Passau, IS. P. Duke of Wellington, Corey, St. Johns T J Neviu Constitution, Creighton, Kirhmond Sloop Aaa Johnson, Irons, Norfolk JRRIVEO TUL rX)R ENOO.S, Brig Hero, Bailey, 6 days from Savannah, with tobacco and cotton to Pott A M'Kinn, Bo; art and Kneel and, and Grit mold's it Coates. Paatencer. Mr. Wodroff, Mr. De.inis, Mr. pjtt aey, Mrs. Houston and daughter, Mrs. Levitt aad 7 childrea. Spoke nothing.' Sch Urchin, Paul, from H Orleans, 19 days from the Belize, with cotton, and tobacco, to Ripley. Center Si Co. J Osbom, M'Rea (l Mi - del I, Mill, Purdy Si Co. D Paul, Boorman k Johnston, Bog - art & Kneeland, A Lbker, i II Lawrence, N ti D Taleott, and S Alrey. tn the river passed tbe ship Orleans, from Philadelphia, bound up sell Jane, from X York, dot ch Ann, Collins, fom Havana, do ; brig Mary, of Kewburyport, Hodgkina, 50 days from Gibraltar, do. la lat 26, long 84. spoke krigGa, Brooks, of Boston, AJlcn, from Havre, ,ml A I nK er. - gloop Adeline, Bradley, 5 days from Eavaa - aab, with cotton and lumber to De Khans it De - Lessen, ann uie master, licii, scnooners Milo, Pease. forN. York in S days t Milo. Beetle. ri do brig Almira, do do. On Monday, off tha Woodlands, spoke cng uavia roner, from Mew York for Savannah. Sloop Earl, Cushing, 6 days from 8avannah, with cotton and ashes to H Thomas, J Magee t Co. S AUeyand the master Passengers, Messrs 9 Williams, J Uoodspeea, r r memcfc, j Baldwin, A R. rrorenu;tnt, and T Dexter Tha loop Enterarize, Barstow, from Providence. R. 1. was off the bar, bound tn to Savannah. BEI.OW. 2 brigs unknown. ARRIVED MIST EVENING,. Ship Iris, Smith, 40 days from Leith, with cos! ' bottles and dry goods, to E. Morewood, owner, J & W Ilalght, G Thorburn, W Korkeldy, J Moss, R. Taylor, II w r ieid, we, and to or der. 39 passengers In tb steerage. Left no - American vessels. Spoke, May 9, lat 45 14 Ion 38 30 ship Ceres, of N York, from Charleston for Liverpool. From the 15th totutn May, be - tween the lat of 46 and 41 Ion 48 and 51, fell m with many islands of ice. Ship Favorite, Hillard, 38 days from Havre, with plaster, burr stones, dry roods, fcc. to P. Jenkins & Son, owners, Rirhards, Taylor and Wilder. Piirelet. Mantm, Robert & Co. G Yin - troux Hersan, P V Riviere, L Salles, - Prichnt ti La Chaize, C II Lanmur, 1 - e Hoy, niyanl Sc. Co. S V Bouland, A Fernandez, A Ciraud, B Desobiy, L Bonnifaux, E Griswold, t P De Luxe, P Varet & Son, Page Si Triplett, J Liivne & Co. Griswold 8c Coates, J Hanifen, P" Preval, P Dessommes, G Willig, jr. and the captsin. Passengers, Messrs. J Moaner, jr. Ant Fernandaa, Geo w iiiig, jr. a E triswoid, A Linnnnt, M N Gwelct, and 5 in the steerage. Left, April 24, ships Alexander, Hutchms, for N York in 2 days i Sophia, 1 - eit, uucoaiyuie ; Gen Lingan, Baltimore, uncertain brigs Alfred, Kingsbury, for N York in 2 day j Psctor, Corran, do 4 weeks s Roxana, Willians, Bom. ton, 2 days j Volant, Conti, for N York, unc. Spoke, April 26, the Start Point bearing E. N. , distant T league, ship Wm & Henry, BUke - ly, of Baltimore, 33 day from Charleston for Havre. Mav II, lat 44 IU, long ia, snip tron - cis Henrietta, 13 daya from N York for Ham burg, all well. Sen Ceres, Mills, 4 days from Charleston, with cotton, to Saul Alley. ' Passengers, Mr. and Mr. Johnon. ' '. ilocn Fame, Hussey, 3 day from Nanuick - et,with oil, fcc. On Sunday, off riumbi Isl and, aaw a brig standing in from ea. . ' V Sloop Manilla, Bulkley; 5 days from notion. with sugar, Ac to G G & S HowUnd, Barker & Hopkins, and others. , bloop Mechanic, Nye, 5 day frotffts forge, town, S. n. with tar, to the maater. Sloop Good Intent, Allen, 7 day frdtn Sa vannah," with cotton, to 8 Alley, II Tbwnas, and the matte r 5 passengers. Left tloop Wave, for New York in $ days ; ahip Cettort Plant, do dot sch Milo,' Ceetle, do tt sloop Hardware, Bolles, do in 2 day. ' At. Quarantine, sch nacliel. Hall, of Boeton, 26 days from N Orleans, with cotton and tobacco 4 passengers. ' Returned on account ofhead winda, sch Tell Tale, Churchward, boimd to Norfolk. - Sivaaiua, May 23. Arrived, ahip Risiag fJtates, Swinburn, N York, 13 days. Brig Levant, Wood, tw. do. ' Auxianau, May SO. Arrived ship John Brown, A born, 10 day from Providence, r Ship Commerce, Crowdliill, 7H day irom Amsterdam. Aprd 20, Int 44, N. long S 20, W. spoke ship Geo. Washington, Allen, of Newport, from Savannah fur Liverpool. . May 3. lat 51 24, long 60 49, spoke brig Telesna - clius, G , 15 day from Boston, bound to Surrinam. oloop Mary, , 14 days from Well. Nxw - IlAVKa, AnliJ0li Murninr Siarr Davis, Martinico, 22 days. !. May 8df brigs Ocean, Clurk, fur this port in five days ; .Neptune, Atvater, do. diseh y Henry, Allen, (late Milldrum,) of Hartford, from Surinam, with a cargo of mule. While at anchor off Surinam, Capt. Milldrum, with two of the crew went ashore with the brigs papers. During their their absence, a gale came on, m which they parted their cable the mate then put to sea, and, after tl e gale, stood off aad on for several days and hearing nothing of their boat, run down for Martinico, where they arrived in safety. They suppose the boat must have been lost. THEATRE. mrb. aa axes' biefit. On Wednesday eveaine;, June 3, .vill be present, ed, the tragedy ol the ' GRECIAN DAUGHTER. Esetiler, ' Mr. Robertson 1'ior.j sius, ' ' "". Pritchard, Euphrasia, Mrt. Barnes, iller 1st appearance in tbat character.) ' Endol the play, Mrs. Parker will dance the c - ; lebraled Broad Eword Hornpipe. After which, Mrs. Barnes will recite tbe admired poem of the Prisoners ef Cbillon, written , by Lord Byron, adapted and arranged for the stage by herself, with appropriate music ana teeeery. ' ' A comic Song, by Mr. Baldwin, called tbe handle of truths. The evening's enterteiroents to conlude with the favorite erand melo, called tbe FOREST OF BODY, OR, TBS DO fl OF MOXTABGII. Florio, (a dumb boy) Mn. Barnes Perlormanca to commence at half past seven o'clock. FIRE'IVOHKS POSTPONED. fXT3 On account of the Oratorio oa Tbanday evening, the fire - works atVauxhall Gardens are postponed. Preparations for tha 4th of July will prevent their being produced before that day, and will form a considerable addition to tha tpleudid woiks for the occasion. - ' Je3 2t SALT WATER BATHS. To the Ladies and Gentlemen ofNev - York. 03 Tbe public are informed, that the old New - York Salt Water Bath is aow opto, al tha foot of Barclay - afreet, at the end of Mr Rhine - lander's new dock, a bill belonMurray - treet, her old station, with good accommodations, and the greatest convenience and safety. Tbe Maruw Swim mine Bath for gentlemen only, will be opened on Saturday next, at Mr. Gib - 1 boos' long pier next to the flattery, where tbe ' Marine Bath was formerly stationed. Patt of two daya in each week the Bath at BartUy - street, will be exclasivelw devoted to Ladies. Rules and regulations at tbe Baths. Tickets . will admit to either. . ' . . J.RABINEAU. Wanted for the Batbs two respectable mea, two boys, aad a wash wemaa for the lower Bath. ? . J3 , - For CUA liLEU TUN, Tbe regular packet ship TELEGRAPH. Fanninr.maattr. having been. euinedbv the weather, can take a few ton more freight and accommodate a number of passenger, if immediate application ia made on board, east aide lUiriing - lip, or to ANSON G. PHELPS, je 3 183 Front - street. DRY GOOD AfowcaseaLondoafioeand, extra superfine cloths and cassunerea 2 trunks 6 - 4 cambrics, t cases cotloa beaiery t do 4 - 4 boons, Clio navy Uue print ' China silks, Blae nankeen ' Russia sheetings. Ac received by late arrivals and for sale by I1URO & SEW ALL, . Joie 3 05 Mrtfcttreet. ftrs

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