The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 26, 1934 · Page 24
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 24

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 26, 1934
Page 24
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Page 24 article text (OCR)

TWENTY-FOUR MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE APRIL 36 Editor's Lucky Day! A rural editor went home to supper, very tired but with an unusual smile lighting his poor old face. "Have you had some good luck at last?" his wife inquired. "Luck! I should say so," responded the editor, "old Squire Skinner, who hasn't paid anything on · his subscription for ten years, came in and stopped his paper."--Anthony, Kans., Times. CARLGRUPP QUALITY PHONE 420 . . . FOOD SHOP 1339 NORTH FEDERAL DON'T BE MISLED Look for the Quality Sign QUALITY POT ROAST, lb QUALITY GROUND BEEF, lb ................ IQc QUALITY PORK SAUSAGE, lb. 12yjc QUALITY FRANKFURTERS, lb. 12y 2 c lowana Bacon Whole -i Or or half Iff lb. Look for attractive Grocery Specials in "K" Grocer advertisement and include them in your list. lowana Hams 8 to 10 -I/| r Ibs. _J.Tt lb. QUALITY COUNTRY CLUB IS READY FOR PLAY Full Course, Greens to Open Sunday; Members to List Cards for Season. The complete course of the Mason City Country club golf links will 'be opened Sunday. Dr. H. D. Fallows announced Thursday morning. The greens will be in condition, and the whole course in good shape for play. The Country club course is an 18 hole layout, with grass greens, and has been the site of both men's and women's state tournaments. A large clubhouse is operated in connection with it. Members of the club have been requested to take their 1934 membership cards for registration with the caddy master. Additional Corn-Hog Meetings Announced Two more meetings of the series which County Agent Marion E. Olson is staging throughout Cerro Gordo county for discussion and explanation of administrative rulings and the keeping of compliance records in the corn-hog program were announced Thursday. The first will be held Friday evening in the Methodist church annex in Swaledale. Monday evening in the city hall at Clear Lake is the date of the second gathering. Ben Birenbaum to Be HOUSE BURNED Local Store Manager! AT ALT A VIST A Enjoy this finer quality "SALADA" TEA 'Fresh from the Gardens" 584 PIGGLY WICGLY MONEY SAVING PRICES for FRIDAY and SATURDAY COFFEE Maxwell House Vacuum Packed Pound Can . . . . 28c SWIFT'S LARD Packed in 4 Pound Cartons Each . . . . . . . 28c BUTTER Corn Country Koll . Pound . . . 25c OATS Banner^ Quick or Regular ..2for25c BIG BOX of MARBLES or HANDY BAG of JACKS inH THt PURCHASE OF ANY OF THIS! PROCTER GAMtLE "»'""" COFFEE Fresh Ground--to Suit You Pound Bag . . . . 21c CHERRIES Red Sour Pitted--Wisconsin No. 10 Can . . . . 47c SOAPSAS5M7' Medium Ivory /· 9Q« SOAP Obars £«/C Medium Lava r SOAP Obars KirK's Hard- r water SOAP .. Dbars 99- UU\. Camay Toilet g ... Obars SOAP Large Size OXYDOL . Large Size CH1PSO . .Pkg · Pkg ,2lc ,15c Packed in Heavy Syrup Each 19c RAISINS Seedless Variety 2 Pounds . . 17c _, _ , _ _ _ FANCY FRESH FRUITS Fresh Vegetables AND VEGETABLES FROM SUNNY LANDS ORANGES, dozen ?Q Large 150 size .. . . . . . . . . . . £rf %f GRAPEFRUIT .. each C 84 size ..'.'i'.'".'.".'.'. \J RADISHES. 5 for 1 (V Fresh crisp ones As \f Strawberries LOUISIANA ROMAS 2 BOXES 25c Fresh Fruits CUCUMBERS, cachQ, T-arire c-risn ones · ^r crisp ones SPINACH . . . lb. C C Fresh clean leaves Texas Triumph LIFETIME CHROanUM BON BON DISH With 2 pkgs. WHEATIES suppuTM e iast 2 pkgs. 23c PEAS No. 2 Cans Mayflower lOc each CRACKERS 13 OZ. CAN j lb. Box Sodas 18c 17c liRAFT'S RAINBOW A New Delicious Spread POST'S POST TOASTIES Large Package lie Waldorf Tissue . . each \ Scott Tissue Marshmallows, pound 1 C Fresh fluffv ones ^"^ FLOUR ,-e do have a Jers y good flour and 49 pound bag $1.55 PEACHES .. each 1 C No. 3'/ 2 cans packed in heavy syrup A \J Jersey Cream--we do have a Jersey Cream Flow- that is really good flour and Guaranteed CANDY 100% Filled Pound... lOc PICKLES Mayflower Dills, quart jars Each . . . 14c BUHER WAFERS ub.b« 14c EGG NOODLES 12 ounce bag 13c SUGAR Beet--Fine Granulated Sold only in cloth bag 10 POUNDS 51c Former Waterloo Man to Take Over Managership of B. B. Store. Ben Birenbaum. who for the past four years has been manager of the B. ~B. shoe store of Waterloo, will take over the active managership of the Mason City B. B. store, which will be opened at the site of the former Stevens Shoe company, 105 North Federal avenue, in the near future. Remodeling of the store has already been started and a stock of shoes, hosiery, bags and accessories is being marked and placed on display. Mason City Owned. The Mason City store will be owned and operated by Mason City persons, according to Mr. Birenbaum, with local persons holding the controlling shares in the company. Mr.- Birenbaum comes to Mason City with 10 years experience as a shoeman, .having been engaged in the operation of stores in Illinois^ and Iowa. He will make Mason City hig home, devoting his entire time to the management of the loeal store. Mr. Birenbaum has been recognized among shoe merchants as being one of the outstanding stylists in the midwest, having styled certain lines and make-up of shoes for branch houses. He has given up the management of one of Waterloo's outstanding shoe stores which has carried one of the largest stocks in northeastern Iowa catering to an extensive trade. Employs Local Persons. The entire sales force of the store will be of local persons, according to Mr. Birenbaum, who is also an enthusiast in co-operating with businessman in the promotion of projects for the development and welfare of the city. Leo George and Wayne Pedelty, formerly employed by the Stevens Shoe company, will be employed in the B. B. store. Stating that the 50 year old traditions and honorable policies of the former Stevens Shoe company will be carried on by the B. B. store, Mr. Birenbaum further emphasized that the new store would open, completely remodeled and with a new stock of merchandise of which hosiery and accessories will be featured. The manager, three assistants and a hosiery clerk and cashier will be the sales force of the store on its opening day. Brooder Stove Believed to Have Originated Fire in Farm Residence. ALTA VISTA, April 2G.--The Frank Goss farm home west of town was destroyed by fire early Wednesday. A brooder stove in the kitchen is said to have 'originated BEN BIRENBAUM. NEW COURSES TO BE ADDED NEXT YEAR, SAYS IRONS (Continued from POBC 6) Louise Modisette, Miss Marie Fredrickson, Miss Elizabeth Haaf, Miss Nellie McGuire, Miss Mabel Durfey, Miss Blanche Ely, Miss Lillian Leedstrom, Miss Norabelle Mairs, Miss Mary Ellen Lyden, Miss Geneva Smaby, Miss Myrna LaRue. Washington school--Miss Ethel Ehels, Miss Marjorie O'Connor, Miss Bessie Jordan, Mis Rosalie Greenwait, Miss Pearl Stronecker, Miss Cicelia Volkman. Harding school -- Miss Helen Noble, Miss Nellie Pahnestock, Miss Mafcel Decker, Miss Helen Glasner, Miss Maude Gordon, Mrs. Blanche Skovlin. Jefferson school -- Miss Hazel Coon, Miss Marianne Krauter, Mrs. Dora Liesveld, Mrs. Clara Lake. Garfield school--Miss Ethel Hall, Miss Carol Starr, Miss Selma Carlson, Miss Mabel Erickson, Mrs. James VanKleek, Miss Altos Fennema, Miss Mary E. Short, Mrs. Cora Kotcnell, Miss Mabel Joy Prusia, assistant kindergarten. Grant school -- Miss Blanche Goudy, Mrs. Helen Koeneke, Miss Berdene Wallace, Miss Lulu Pearse, Miss Ida Roseland, Miss Charlotte Blumenstiel, Miss Marvyl Stockburger, Miss Alva Neal, Miss Ruth Thompson, Miss Valera Mayer. Wilson school--Miss Irene Miller, Helen Green, Miss Helen Nelson, Miss Mary Jane Feige, Miss Celeste Siglin, Miss Mildred Keith, Miss Arrazeta Krieger. Miss Geneva Krieger. Central school--Mrs. John Lewis, Miss Beatrice Clark. Miss Lurana Warner, Miss Clara Sagen, Miss Pearl O'Harrow, Mrs Vinnie Christensen, Miss Evelyn West, Miss Laua Hiles, Miss Marguerite Leu tenegger, Miss Katherine Gibson, Miss Julia Murray. McKinley school--Miss Marie Kober, Miss Dorothy Kamp, Miss Irene Thompson, Miss Bessie Tucker, Miss Laila Eckholm, Miss Selma Schumann, Miss Helen Massey, - Miss Lena Gutknecht. Miss Al'ma Ogesen, Miss Kathryn Bailey, Miss Mary Helen Prehm, Miss Cora Murray, Miss Doris Knowlton and Miss Mildred Miller. Supervisors and specials -- Miss Hattie Lymenstahl, Miss Cora Hamlin. Miss Mildred Jackson, Miss Ethel Roberts, Arthur G. Krager, W. A. Storer and Dr. M. D. Me- Michael. Speer Pins French to Win in Armory Wrestling Mix Frank Speer pinned Frankie French in 29 minutes with a wrist lock and body press to wind up the armory wrestling exhibition here Wednesday night, after Ed Meske and Jack Hader had drawn in 30 minutes. Tag Tageson of Mason City drew with Ed Wirth in a 30 minute opener. "A new nation is being born in Austria" says a writer. Judging by the noise, people were beginning to suspect that it wap twins.--Punch (London). Federal Packing Co. Phone 746 We Deliver $1.00 Orders 218 N. Federal Ave. LARD Open Kettle . . lb. SC CHICKENS, \ /» c fresh dressed, lb.J.0 LINK SAUSAGE, lb. 15' PORK LIVER, lb 7' 'BEEF LIVER, - c lb SPARE RIBS, lb BEEF HEARTS, M c lb ....................... : ................... TC NECK BONES, PORK ROAST, Uc lb ., BEEF ROAST, Vc lb X BEEF RIB BOIL, lb STEAK, round "f Oc and sirloin, lb. JL O STEAK, \ E c T-BONE, lb ' JLtl Chicago Meat Mkt. PHONE 996 626 SOUTH JACKSON 1 KROPMAN GROCERY I 19 Ninth St. N. E. We Deliver HOME-OWNED STORE OF QUALITY FOODS Specials for Friday and Saturday BUTTER (Kenyon's) lb 25c RED PITTED CHERRIES, per gal , 49c BROWN SUGAR, 4 Ibs '. 23c RAIN WATER CRYSTALS, Igc. pkg 19c PRUNES, 3 Ibs 25c PINEAPPLE, No. 21/2 can ._ 23c FELS NAPHTHA SOAP, 10 bars 47c CORN STARCH, 3 pkgs. 25c LARGE ORANGES, per doz 29c Be sure to see us about our Heinz 57 Varieties Sale which starts Friday. Stop at Kropman's first--See our display ASPARAGUS, 2 large bunches : 15c POWDERED SUGAR, 2'/ 2 pounds 17c GRAPE NUT FLAKES, 3 pkgs ,29c Cereal Snoon Free MR. FARMER: BRING US YOUR EGGS. We are paying 15c in trade. THOMPSON - DEAN ct 'SV5' HRVUfCRWlM "Si^ Johnson's FLOOR WAX, lb. can GARDEN CITY CLEANER, 5 lb. can DICKADOO CLEANER, pkg CLIMAX CLEANER, 3 cans POTATOES Fancy Western Russets or Northern Grown tireen Mountain. 15 lb. peck These Are Quality Potatoes 35c FOLGERS COFFEE, lb 32c PINEAPPLE JUICE, No. 1 cans lOc OVALTINE, 50c size 39c CLAPPS BABY FOOD, 2 cans 25c COLLEGE INN TOMATO JUICE, 3 cans 25e FRESH MEATS CHUCK ROASTS, corn fed, lb 12/zC-15c ROASTS, Rolled Rib, lb. 20c HOME MADE BOLOGNA RINGS, 2 rings 15c MILK FED VEAL CHOPS, lb - 20c Fresh Killed Hens and Broilers STRAWBERKIES HOME MADE PASTRY the fire. Practically all of the contents of the house were burned as the family was not aware of the · fire until it had advanced too far to be checked. The Alta Vista fire department hurried to the scene after the alarm was sounded. The loss is estimated at more than $2,000 aud there was no insurance. Cut Rate Grocery SAVES YOU MONEY Let Us Have Your Grocery and Meat Orders--We Know We Can Save You Money. 50 E. State St--Phone 112-113 508 1st. St. S. W.--Phone 114 NOKA SPRINGS CREAMERY BUTTER, per pound FRESH EGGS,(best in. town) dozen FULL CREAM CHEESE, l b . . . . 15c BLISS COFFEE, 1-lb. cnn 25c Chase and Sanborn COFFEE, 1-lb. c a n . . . Red Pitted CHERRIES, No. 10 can 43c JERSEY CREAM FLOUR, 49-pound (1 I CO sack . ,, ^jjjWJ TRIUMPH FLOUR (None Better) tl 70 49-lb. sack «P1.I ·/ lOc KITCHEN CLEANSER, 4 cans.. MACARONI OR SPAGHETTI. » His... 25c 25c MACARONI, NOODLES, OR SPAGHETTI, OC 5 pkgs JC CHICK STARTING MASH 100 fri nC 25 Cg c Ibs. l QC ««/t) Ibs. 12c CORN, PEAS and -1 A TOMATOES, can 1UC 15c SHRIMP, 3 cans 25c FANCY DRIED -1 Q _ APRICOTS, lb A***- FANCY DRIED PEACHES. 2 11)6 25c Mr. Farmer: Bring us your eggs -- they buy more here. SEEDLESS GRAPEFRUIT Extra large (sure good) 5 for Gelatine Powder, (all flavors) 6 plt PURE CRISCO, 2 pounds CRACKERS, (best grade) 2-lh. caddy ____ Our Stores Are as Close as Your Phone. We Deliver Orders of 50c or More. YELLOW CORN MEAL. 5 Ihs SUNKIST LEMONS Extra Large, per dozen CRYSTAL WHITE SOAP. 10 liars PRUNES, 2 and 3 His. lOc MELO (water softener) can . . . . PANCAKE FLOUR, 4-11). sack STRAWBERRIES (Sweetened) No. 10 C C cans .......... .i±±j_L^-j^l~ BROOMS, GOOD ONES -- 39c 49c 59c LIMA BEANS, 3 pounds ···· GRAPENUT FLAKES, (Spoon Free) pkg.. 25c ORANGES, Sweet and Juicy D(17CI , 19c 23c 29c SALAD DRESSING OR SANDWICH SPKEAD, (mart jar OYSTER SHELLS, 100-11). sacks HEINZ GOODS ON DISPLAY HERE FRIDAY AND SAT- liRDAY (57 VARIETIES) PRICES ABOVE GOOD FOR FRIDAY, SATURDAY AND MONDAY C. E, BUSH, Mgr. 30 East State Street EARL BUSH, Mgr. 508 First Street S. W. Cut Rate Grocery

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