The Evening Post from New York, New York on June 3, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 3, 1818
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.a. gjiiiiilislii : NUMBER 4983 V - . WEDNESDAY, JUNE 310. " - ? - Kn to w,tu,cTnrr - r IV .'ML3. TG PeaH strrtt mytl r The very fine brig ALONZO, Green, .luster, 163 Ions, it in excellent order. ana cn oe sent to sen at a small expence - Apply on board at Governeurs - wharf, or to POTT ft M 'RINSE, my 29 56 Smith - street. . . . for SALE, The burthens..tne scli. ANTELOPE, ot iui tons, lying at Jones - wharf. Apply to my 29 POTT ft M'KINKE, 56 South - street ' For Utttm and Pwtlaml, vH Tlie slo"P FAVORITE, Trow, mas - j 4.ter will have immediate dispatch. Fur freight or passage, having spacious accommodations, apply to fOTT ft M'KINNE, my 66 South - street 'or FR&tGHl' or CHARTER, The sohr J AS US, cant. Taber. 106 i ton, a first rate velof her class, will be ready to receive cargo in live days. For sale, landing from said schooner, ISO bags prima St. Domingo coffee 4 tow logwood 2 pipe cognac brandy. Apply to E. FISHER, y29 lw , 61 South - it. rCt. FOR PORT - AU - PRINCE, The substantial sebr.CEPHI5E,capt Taber, will have quick dispatch For freight of 200 bbls. or passage, apply to J. L - "MONTAUDEVEnT, 96 Walt - street, to or ' WM. Si O.K. A. RICKETTS, ray 29 lw 4 Governeurs - Une. f or FREIGHT or CHARTER, A vary - superior coppered SHIP, mo - 1 xlmeritlr expected from an eastern port, in ballast, and can proceed immediately else - where far a cargo. Apply to . O. G. It S. HOWLAND, ray 23 ' 67 Washington st i. 'or Sale, Frtifht or Charter, JFfT Schooner MORNING STAR, bur - , y.then 90 tons, will stow 800 bbls. is a good vessel, and ready for a voyage, lies at Dottr - street wharf. Apply to K. ft C. W. DAVENPORT CO. my 38 ' ' ; : - For - AMHTER DAM, V?l Tl1' rKuU' mdmg brig OHIO, E. j ' V Carman - matter ; lias part of her cargo engaged, and will be dispatched without delay. For freight or passage, (having very good accommodations,) apply to the master on board, at pier no. 5 north river, or to J.C ZIMMERMAN, my 27 tf No. 77 WaM.ington - st. rtaTEROF PARIS ViANl.'FACTORY, At the font of Harrison - street, North - River. i "M THERE rnnefaitured Plaster, Ibrcorni - VY - es and otiier pu poses, may be had, war. Halted of the first quMity, at pns dollar and utn - Iffin eenliper bwhel. The manufactory is conducted by Mr. John Ticker, who Ins ?";ed a regular apprenticeship to the mason l&mets. - ab SI JOHN BYERS. CIO I TON 4V square and 23 round bales J Georgia Upland "Cotton, for sale by . V WILLETS it LAWRENCE, my 29 lw 92 Pine - street. sides undressed upper PHELPS, my 29 183 Front - slreet. - i 1 1 k svmir. Lt.Au, fee. ate. J3 J V kos London White Lead in oil 30 barrels do Dry White Lt1 8 tons Red I .end V 30 burrcls Bristol Red Ocbre 1 - 0 do Venetian Red ; tons Dae Lilharge 80 hosglieads Whiting 60 ck& Parr White ; 2 hhds. Vsrdigns 50 tierces I renrh Ytllow Ochre 5 kegsVermillioa 4 cniks Prosian Hloe, 4301b, : ' - . Cromo YeUowj Pattnt Yellow Spanith Uriwn, Vtnutinn Red, I . Yellow, ISOIL. Black, . LampMiM'k ; Ivory Black ; Porple Brown Sptriu '1 fientine ; Ltetee"(i Oil iihn hn JAViixl .w Glax. assorted For sale oo the lowest terms for cash or at " pll taSt7HERMERlIOR.V k SONS, 24J W.ter - street. n LYNCH, ion. lalo. t wniiam - ssreet,; An Kafwl tiia following WINES and LIQUORS, selected with judgment by himself, which beolfers at wholesale and retail, war - tnl(d pure, imported . ' 50 pipe . . ) Madeira, from 8 to 13 lOOhhde .ears in wood. 40 qr csuks ' told Madeira m botflev, from S to 20 years Champaign, Barguudy, Claret and Sauterne, of very sierior quality ' 1 pipes dry lbon, 7 years old 7 do Sherry, nine years old, and free from Boracba taste Perl, n pipes nd bottles Table wior, lor iu qnulity, Ue cheapest m America Teoeriffo, la) bhds. " . . , , Old Brandy, do. Cm, aot reduced 500 demij - 'hns, containing five gallons each 50 trore wine bottles , . , N. B. Those in the trade, and country dealers, will Hud it to their account, lo supply them - elves with wines and liqoors at the above establishment, as they will be certain to obtain articles ol the first quality, at the loweit prices, end nnr. as hnwwteik my 2m TO UK LIlASEO. r..Ar.Mn iDrms. Cr a Ion term of vears. 1 I a Uih nf rrouod ob Broadwav, 200 feef deep, extending to Crosby - street, between Hester and Grand - streets, a l,.. wBtr.streL ncarCalhanne - market. . ' i ii ;n iValcMtreet. between Fulton and DUsrtiral other lot.'in the 6U, Cth. 8th and 10th vrards. - For particulars, enquire at No. 30, Cbatliam street - ay 8 enn SR. TALLOW, ftc H' " . . "" u - ..l."M.4ln 50 boxes brown navanm cus, - "" 130 cevoorS?h American Tallow . . D ill DMsmtftalfaa. ftflfl 13 cases Tsmblcr.. - 1 - nding and for sale . - J AM La ll'STuur, u;ir. bT.i 54 South street Tf ICIIMONDFIUR ft TOBACCO - 1.1, bMssoperwienour, 435 do do do ceuatry do 66 do - fine - td X. saiddliog 63 hhds prime old and aew tobacco 4 do - dTnew tobacco, fit formanufac turers For salt hy W. & 5. CRAIG, 84 front - friet. may 29 norPER BOTTOMS. 4 - 2000 IU. Cop. 6 i t vks Wfocg" a,,, oa Am" . m I DaaH.a 6 na es ivanao , , ur 7000 lbs. London STer timmmm a ai " i "O & LllZdlU X, r - XX Scotch tbrine Locks 5 casks plate Locks, 1 do 'Steelyards 1 do chest handles, fee. 1 do screw plates, scale beams, 4c. I do brass cocks, tic. 1 do bell metal kettles and skillets , do tto'd pots and sauce pans 2 do Cne padlocks 4 do Banbury locks, hinges, &c. 2 do hammers, pincers, locks, be. 2 do UL binges, tre. 4 do anvils 1 do hammers and sledges 2 do black k bright vices, 2 do files 4 do pocket, pen and double blade knives 4 do sham buck and bone table knives 3 do biittons 100 do rut nails and brads, from 3d. to 20d. Also, a huge and general assortment of eoods openoa the shelves, for sale at the most reduced prices, by ADAMS k BLACK WELL, may 7 215 roarl - st. AARON SMI I'll lias reoToved ro 219 Broad - way. 2d door above Vcsev street, and of fers for sale oo reasonable terms, m. - i ... a ... suae, Mr mis ana cora satins Green levaotine, louisine and Aorence lilk Black, white, green and light blue reps Superfine white chip flats, with bands and ex tra crowns . . Elegant - crape asd fir. tafata ribbons White, black and piak tulle lace Black Italian lutestrings ' Plaid, changeable and plain coPd do. Strip'd marotiine silks, ' t Fine black, white &n& col'd bombasine Do. tabinets and poplins Black and col'd Canton crapes 6gM Nankin do 7 - 4 aad 8 - 4 Nankin crape shawls and scarfs Fis'd and plain India mull muslin DoV mnll and cambric dresses and shawls Inserting and flounce trimming Thread laces, edgings and lootings French lawn, linen cambric and lidkfs Fine 4 - 4 Irish linen Damask table cloths and napkins, all sizes Black, white and coPd English silk gloves Castor, kid and beaver do Best fig'd and plain pearl buttons Blue, black, ereen and assorted sewiiiK silk Black, white and col'd raw Silk shawls and scans Merino shawls and dreses Satin Jeans, black and col'd ralloom Hat bands, with a general assortmeut of fancy and stable gooos. my in aw l)Bsi CCO MAXLt'A LiVR 1'. Hp H E Subscriber beg leave to acquaint their JL friends and the public, that tbey fears re moved their Tobacco Manufactory into their fire - proof store, No. 62 Water - street, where they intend carrying ou the business an an exten sive scale they have on band a large supply of Pigtail roll;, roaaect best tuuunond tobacco Sweet scented N. dead Ladies' twist Long cut chewing, in 1,4, C,anJ Itioaucepsv - Pr , i do satokin'' do Mac aba snuff, in jars and bottles, by wholesale and retail Scented Rappee, do do Strasburg snuff do do French rappee do do Plain fine do do do Scotch snuff ia bottles acd bladders Spanish refrars, made of choice tobacco imported 2 years ao,aod warranted gehoine New - Orleans do. American do. Orders from the country vii! be punctually aud carefully Attended to. 'r Second Hani built and Rig - 'mf. AN entire suit fur a ship of about 3j0 tons, and 8 or 10 anchors, of assorted sizes, fur sale by POTT ft M'KIWE, mv 30 50 un. street. OLD COPt'LK. aOOOIbs. uid coxr, received from Jamaica, will be sold in lots to suit purchasers, by 1 UVfli l.ll,niU my 30 29 South - street. AM Ed WW ULF, Junr. hus removfd Irum 67 Front - street to 64 South - street, and offers for ale . 52 ccrcons south Amrrican I allow 25 tons cirsn St. Petcrburgh Hemp, few bolts first quality Russia Duck ; Ger - mau Steel tn boxes, entitled to draw - bacK. 1CO00 lbs. Gren Coffee do . 25 boxes China taMe setts 172 pieces each 10 hhds pure Spirits 1 case Platillas. my 5 I t(J SUYDAM, otfcr lor sale 2 caMSSu - I J per notted and fringed Counterpanes 2 cases super. mnrseiiH qyi'ts, some very large 1 do Counterpanes aad Quilts, fur cradles and cribs 2 3 2 1 2 2 1 do exh a super London cloths do do do do cassimeres do cambric. MuJins, part undressed do nper Jackonet Cambric's do power and steam loom cotton shirtings do fine Scotch 1 - h.eo Bedticks do Irish sheeting do black Linens do birds eye Diapers 1 1 bale Russia do I case super 6 - 4 cambric Dimity ihor with a vfnvrkt assoitment of Dry - Good., t y the package or retwl, at No. 61 Mai - den - Une. y 28 6t 1,1 OKFATl" S IOCK ALB For sale at rX Na 20 Fulton - st. by mv 22 3w ELLIS ft FLECKXER. f 1 1 Ob A CCU, CO J 7UA, ft Ut.lR - SK.wa. J. 144 hhds prime Kentucky Uibacco 103 bales prime New - Orleans cotton, ana 0 1 1 Urn. ttf ilser.skins w.n h landed on Mondav from the ship Mary andschr Huntress, from Nw - Orleau for sale atNo.90Coffee - HoosesU by LAIULAW, blftAUbl e mv 23 - 101 . iksl'K - Atl hud, f 0 ta. and 6 bbls. I V I ,inix. landins at Pier II. E R. for sale by - JOS OS BORN, 28 South - street my tj rpU RI EiNTLMS. OW ouis su m 1 for sale by ! BETHUNE & CO. . 92C. H.SIio. UAlNt'b, OIU etc. fee 50 hhds. Paris L Whit White and W hiting 60 bbls. Spanish Brown 90 do Yellow Urn re - , 6 casks Venetian Red 10 tons dry and groawd While Lead t do Red Lend - 500 lb. Pruisian Blue 000 lh. Blue Vitriol j 3000 lb. Od do 10 bbdt. Copperat j 5 do Peame Stone 1000 lbs. Gi - Atopal ; 1500 1 do do Shellac 100 bbls.GroundCamwood SO do do Uf wood and Nicaragna 500 dJ do Tumeric 5 tow SL Domrrsro Logwood , . 2 do Larse Nicaragna ; 2 do Red Wood 30 boxei Easteta Mould Candhs Unseed, spermaceti and Beats footOU Black aad Bright Varnish 2500 feet 8 by 10 Glass ivdo 7 by 9 do frr sale by laOT no l oy w WELD. 9t Front coraer of F nltoo - et my W stOTTON, ftc - 50 bales 1'plaad Cotton, U sjow landing from tctr . lary, irons 0th - - 15 STORE, . 6 hhds Inferior Georgia Tobacco my 23 61 4No - 2 Jones Lane. BIRMINGHAM k .SHEFFIELD GOODS, on ooBEioasiaaT. . . TIIE subscnler have received by the Herca - les, and other late arrivals, and ofler for sale by tlie package, . . 4U casus ot Birmingham Hardware, consisuog o( most or the staple articles ia the line. 10 casks of files of every desc nptioo 8 do ol Kenvoos warranted hand, pannel, t - snant, sashj be. eaws 6 cases of do. mill, pit, and crosscut saws. . ALbO, 10 tons best London hoop L. blistered Steel, ' Crowkty do. And a couiisoment of warranted Halbacks German Steel, direct from the manufactory of J.fiC. Ilalback k Son, of of Rcmscheid. B. W4 ROGERS k Co. mytl t . 235 Pearl - street. ainwi'v t hum FROM 12,000 to 30,000 Dollar to loan, to be secured by Morteaxe on Real Estate in this city a ppiy to ROBIN; 3INJ30N, TOWN ft BENSON, . .44 Well - tre, my 25 WANTED, several young L4 DIES as ap prentices to the MANTUAMAKING - BUSINESS. Enquire of MISSJtf ARSHALL, my 14 - tf No. 7 Cedar - street. TEA, TIN PLATE, BLOCK TIN, ftc. kc, 40 chests hyson skin tea 100 boxes Tin Plate, assorted 10000 lbs. India block tin 8000 lbs. Spanish do 6000 lbs. iron wire 100 tierces prime new rice ' 50 bbls. cider brandy. For sale by AN SON . PHELPS, my 16 . . 183 Front street. 200 LRMOjVS, ke. Boxes fresh Mcsiiua Lemons, in prime order 50 boxes do do .Oranges ton landing and for sale by my 13 PETER REMSEN ft CO. HARDWARE, CUTLERY, fee Tlatid and tinned saddlery Knitting Pins, Iron and Steel Steelyards. Sickles Koivrs and forks, a great's variety, f Pattern Cards Razors, Scissors, Pen amu of lliem Pocket Knives, J Steel Plate Sows. Chiszels " Plane Irons, Drawing Knives - Files, Rasps, Card Wire. Frvine Pans English hlister'd Crowley and Millingtoo EDWARD LYDE, ny 18 tf No. 16 William street. KENTUCKY TOBACCO. 14 lihds wiine Kentucky Tobacco, landins lrm scfar Fenelin. west side Burlirur slip, for sale at 53 WasIiinctOft - st4 Cll AS. L. OGDEN ft my 87 ABK. OGDEN. tWW.V.I'LATKs, TRA V.'CHA LSS, Ac JL 200 boxes bu (dates 23 casks Traces Rrati Wire No. 0 60 casks Reman Cement, now landing, and r sale by ANDERSON ft SHEARER, 131 Water - stitet. Who hart in ttore. Patent and common Carolina and Virginia Hoes bbeet Brass of all sues Lros and Conner Wire LuKiau.iuaifMMdMt Books aad WelMs I iiIm hkiIi limn l r my SH ( IO 1 i OA. 25 bales Upland Cotton, 101 or sale R. ft C. W. DAVENPORT ft CO, my 30 WINE. 50 cases Claret Wine, containing 1 dozen each, 16 do do 3 dozen each, oi" the grow th of Branne Mouton, vintnge I8t0, received per brig South America, from Bordeaux, aud for sale by A G RAC1E k SONS. my Ztt IHIZlI UflEJ, XHELTIMUS AND Dl - BY tb late arrivals from Dnblmand Belfast, HENRY M'VICKAR ft CO. hare re - Ce:ved 4 - 4 k 7 - 8 lineus, 5 - 4 ihectiogs, in half pieces 7 - 8 lawns, 3 - 4 diaper 3 - 4 brown linens, in half pieces Ru,ia duck and table cloths, which Ihey offer for sale on reasonable terms at No. 57 Pina - st may 20 2w MONEY TO LOAN ON MORI GAGE. 10U0 DOLLARS are to be hadononin - cumbered property in the city, in - quire of ANDW. STOCKHOLM, Block and Excu - wge Broker, V... 68 William ttreet. rov23tf jCY'l HEh. 33doeu, lorealc by D'VVOLF, Jr 54 . - MiMl - ttreet my 14 B EEF and POKK - 50 I bis pmue tlcct 30 do do I'ork. for sale bv PALMER i SAIDLER, ItVI Frunt.strect. my 20 WOOLLENS. I OSE and Point Blankets II Ingraioed Carpeting, common and super. Venetian oo Wilton and Brussels Hearth Rngs Printed Table Corer - , green, blue, scarlet. Sc. Blue Cloths and Coalings, Received per Ann Maria, from Liverpool, and for .aie by EDWAKD LYDL, mv 28 If No. 16 William street TO STONE CUTTERS. 4 NUMBER ef stone cutters are wanted, to A. go to the city ol W as hiugton, to work at tlie public buildings wages two dollars and a quar - im i r Aav. T heir time and expences in aoine m,A h allowed them. A' Joe need apply hut those who can prod nee tsitable recommenduti jns of their being good and steady workmen. Apply to JNO. Mt'OMB, mr301w' At the City Hall. JUST received and lor sale bj COLLI N a fe IIANNAY, No. 230 Pearl street, " Practical M!na to Honest Hearts, on some of the many . ,.r An.r - nwl .in a number of let ten to ... - .i L.miTmm h lluuhraiTce and Cbriitma." To which are sooeo, - - - y praying iatchocts, addreseo totcwiiw. ui ou, bv an instructor." race ov ceuw, uu hoood ; 6 I Z Cnis oouna. 7 . . nTi J( trnn SALE. (Qr exchanced for property in this city) 'rr. - .s house in the vicinity of r.u - - u - .i. i r. J.1 tieautifullr situaudonthe . . a. .i Mit in the occupation of Duct urunu si cui" . . puna in front and rear, a good kitchen, waah - L - ... niibMMn. andceller. there is also, a coach - house, stable for two horses, and other convenient out buildings, au in JI - ". ..... ofLnri. laid out in a lundsooie a0uu i. ti - . . r , vi Kirl. fTnrd a vanetv of carienanu un. - , ,. choice fruit asparagus, kc. and a . weu. m ex - n ir. villi a msiu. iciau dehbal. W5tW0OLLEY, J, 1 lm 75 Wall street. THTtE: CEN7 REWARD. - w - k a w a WAY from the subscriber, JohnSto - XV fiW, lCear.the2fithoflast March, ao ariTentice to Uie shoe - making business. ,i. ' ,hJn ha went away a summer coat, liht vest, velvet pantaloons and napt hat 1 be is midlin Uiick set, a large nuuth thwklips I forbid any person harboring or irutuii r:a pu my account. iivau ubi.wwv . june 1 31 MAHOGANY SOFAS, CIUIR AND CABI NET r I'KNITUKF, Mo. 49 BUEKMJlX.STKItKT. rPHE sabsenber beg leave to return lussin - X cere thanks to those ladies and gt ntiemen who have bs kind enoueh to honor him with their cotsmandi, and to iniorm them, and the ad - ourers of handsome furniture io general, that he has oo hand some verr elegant solas, chairs. card, Pembroke and extending duiine ta - wee, grand sideboard, inlaid with high politbed ornamental bran - work and rose - wood, card ta cit to malrti, u reel so couches, solui, chMse lonnge, munc stools, chairs, be. Auo, a li - brsry step chair, the ntility of which be partica - Mr recommeads. An furaiture warranted of the best ooalitr and woramansmi, ana oi in newest cumpeaa fasa ions. Orders executed to anv rart of the anion to any drawinir, on the most reasonable terms and puactuality forcaib - Ladies or gentlemen having fancy woods, may hav them maiHifaotared to any article thoy win, uj applying as aoove. my aii xm A. M. HAYWOOD. ROmiER!. OH Wedneslay evening, some trunks were forcibly opeued at Washington Hall, aad the followiog articles takeu : I double case Gold Watch, horlt i.til. ran - Mdfutd jewelled, seconds from ecntrr, ,,d chain and key ; makers, Havoes A Kentih 51 gut Hunting watcii, steel chain, and large old ael maker, Wm. JIaugh. Portimoutb, O." 1C5U9 A rose cake rune, containing I eatle. 13 or 14 hall emits. 4 cuineas. 2 half sruincas. I Ena - Ksh shilling, one 1 - 4 cut ol a dollar, some Ameri can end, somi half dollan and quarters, in a pa per bundle A small box, containing a Diamond Broach, and sorne oilier pins and tings, and a plain gold ring ; Sigilt rhnin; 4 neck handkerchiefs, three pocket do purple border. Any persons who will give information, so that the property inar be recovered, and the thieves brought tojustire, shall be liberally rewarded by . PETER M'lN l'YUK, Washington Hall, toy 30 fit LOST, ON Saturday, a hundred dollar bill of the U. 8. Branch Baukof Savanunh Fifteeu dol lars reward will be paid to the finder on bis leaving it at this ollu e. June I tT. MONT - ALT A. ItiisJ For salo or to let, the beautiful place called Mont - Alta, seven mdes from the City Hall, on the JVortli Kiver, adjoining lord Cour teuay's. It contains 2(1 acres of land under improvement, with a lare garden in good condition, a variety of fruit trees, and every convenience a family may require. For terms, which are reasonable, and if sold a long credit' given it wisbetl, apply to N. C V. TAIA - U I T, ,ap 20 64 eoulh - it. - I AN away Irons tlie suhicnbcr on Wrdnos - JLV day, 13th itut. a colored man, named Joe, is about thirty years of age, of small stature, dark color, and down look : bud on when he went away, a blue jacket and corded velvet pan talpous Whoever will return said runaway, or lodge him in jail, so that the owner may obtain him, shall be liberally rewarded. Masters ol vessels and others are forbid harboring or em ploying him under the penalty of the law. FRANCIS SKILLM AN, toay 19 Wallabout, yin; - 1land. THE POWER OF I'LLIGION on Uiennnd, fin " reiiramenl.. alBirlion. sail .ai the pshr vrh. xempliDed in the experience ami fesnmonics oi eifiniy one ptrsmn. oisiiukuhii - ed Iry their greatness, learniug. or virtue, by utauiey ifiurray, irosa toe siaiceuui iioouus cut lion, nrice 1 25. Tbu Domestic Manufacturers Assistant and Family Directory in the arts of Weaving and lltmr. comniwhendine a I) luin svttcm ol direc finns with manv useful tablet and drafts, illustra tive of those arts, price $1 50 cts. just received, and lor sale atUie Miners a iircjiiaiing i.iorarj No. 265 Broadway, opponte tlie museum. my KLEUAJfT PIANO FURTKS. OS. WILSON. 14 Maiden Lane, has just re - ceived bv the Venus, a larue astortment of excellent Piano Fortes Tatent Flutes, Flageo - letJtr. mauulactuied exuressjv ror mm ry ie - menu ti Co. London, amo, riano r one cuihk in ti . new music, and every article in tlie mu sicalline; instruments taken in exchanxe, and tuners provided. my ti LODGINGS WANTED. . 4 GENTLEMAN it desirous of procuring, for himself and a larte family, during the summer, comfortably furnished lAHigings, (out of the city of New - Vorli,; at Broomyn, or wim - in a convenient distance from tlie City Hall l in a hr.uw wliere he would be allowed to provide lo hit own Table, to eut alone, and wtiere me family would attend to tlie rooking. A far our. nid at least Uiree Deo rooms, would be' reoiiircd perhaps alto a servuuts chamber. Enquire at 72 Murray - street mygltf BANK UNWED H'FA IKS, May 12, 1818. A RCH1TECTS of science aud experience iW are invited te exhibit to the Board of Di - rertorson, or before the Lt day of August next, appropriate deiigni and etevanonj tor a nau - mg llou e to be erected on we Kite purcnaseu 101 that purpose, bounded on the north by cnesnut, nnrl on the south by Library - streets, containm one hundred and fifty one feel in width east aud west, aud two hundred arm twenty nve icei m ilp.ith. north and south. The ground plan will include an area of about ten or eleven thousand square feet in a rectangular figure of equal or unequal sides, as may be best adapted to the interior arrangement. The building will be faced with marble, and have a portico on eadi front, rcstu.g upon a basement or platform ol sucn amiuue as win coiwu venieace of ascent with due proportion and ef - In this edifice, the directors are desirous of ex - hOnfinr a chaste imitation of brecian arcDiioc ture io its siinplest and least expensive rorm. five hundred dollars Will oe nam lor ini ue sisii which shall be aprtvl, and two hundred dullars lor the next Dei specimen. By order of the board of directors, JONA. SMITH, Cashier, mavl4 2awtlA eSd - V. r itnrpsnv at hii mannfactorv. 65 Mai .1 . ria inne. has oo hand a hue assortment oi - . ' . r SPECTACLLS, in gold, surer, piaii, v, trt.ii. .Kll immes. with convex, cost - cave, orgieea eyes. Also, pebbles, gopelrs for weaH eves .ipera, reauing a s" J " s - es, eye glasses set with e...d or silver for the . .orl siKhled, botanal glmes, linen provers, and sictcle cases in a variety. J. A continues to roanutdcture Canes in every variety, and has en Land a very elosant assortment of sword and othsr Canes, mounted lo suit every Uff, wholesale and retaii - discouut liberal to wh'leste dealers. OT CANES nod cTECTACLE3 madc.and retired to order - new .glasses ; fitted to o.d Oames, and every attention paij to tho - e who nnnlTforSnectaclel. mfijM r i j WANTED, a Lad, to serve ss a waiter go ef errands, and airt in dong the wf - rkof a small fair - ito. - EMquire st30 ilud - ' REAL ESTATkw IN pursuance of an order of the honorable the court ofchanrerv. dated the 24th dxv of A nriL 1818, we, the undersiitued. trustees of tlie estate ol lleory Dojer, deteattd, will sell at public auction, on Thursday, the 23th day of May ia - staot, the followhig real estate : uoi .vo. i uoytr street, aiaeteen reel iron! aad eightnen feet rear, 56 feet deep on southeasterly au m icb w noru, westerly Sloes, ue iue tame mor or less ; and as now ia possesiion of Mr. William Armstrong i subject to a lease which will expire on the 1st May, 1826, at a ground rent of 50 dollars per annum. Lot No, IS Dos erst reel, 80 feet front, 22 rear, 46 feel 4 indies tire poo southerly and 51 feet on nortlierlv side, be the san more or less, as now or late iu rnnsesiiooof Col. Wm. Few, subject to a lease, which will expircon the 1st May, 1824, at a around rent of 4U dollars ner annum. Lot No. lSDoyer street, 20 feet front and it rear, 51 feet deepoa southerly and 54 feet 6 inches on the northerly side. I the same more or test. as now in the possession of Mr. David Munspa; subject to a lease which will expire on tlie lit May, 1US4, at a ground rent of thirty six dollars per annum. , Lot No. 15 Dover street, 25 feet front aedSi feet rear, 54 feet " inches deep en Southerly and 68 feet 3 iuche, on .Northerly side, be the eam snoie or less, as uow ;a posesdon of Mr. William Shatxel subject to lease witioh will aspire on me in nay, nrri, at a grouod renlol lofty dollars per annum. - Lot No. 16 Dover street. 26 feet front and 29 feet 6 inches rear, 21 leet deep on southerly and 21 feet on northerly tides, be the sau.e uore or lees, and at now or late in possession of Col. Wm. Few ; subject to a leatc which will expire on tlie 1st of May, 1314, at aground rent ol 16 dollars per annum. Ixt No. 13 Pell street, 29 feet front and 9 feet 6 inchis rear, 50 feet deep, be the same more oi . . I . . t ... eas, at now inp(scssiun oi ine esiaie oi m. Gray, deceased i tubiect to a lease which will expire on the 1st May, 11)21, at a grouod rent ol thirty dollars per annum. LolIMj. zi i'eUttrcct,Zl reel nnnt and rear, 56 feet U inches deep oo oaiU rly, and 511 leet 4 inches on westerly sides, be the same more or less, as now in postetsion ol Mr. VViu. I. Wal - dron ; tubiect lo a lease, which will expire on the 1st day of May, 11124, at aground rent ol 40 dollars per annum. Lot IX o. X5 rell street, 31 leet front, a leet n inches rear, 60 leet deep on easterly, end 66 led 5 inches on westerly sides, be the same more oi less, at now in possession oi' John lleyer :sub icct to a lease which will expire on the 1st May, 1824, at a ground rent ol M dollars. House and lot No. J Pell street tl feet front and rear, and 68 'eet 4 inches deep on easterly, ana ou leei on westerly siut', t ine same mors or lets, at now in possession ot Mr. Joseph Butler. . I he Improvements on the hased lots to be va lued and paid fur hy the purchaser, at the expi - ruuon oi uie lease. IV r ins ol" sale, cash, on the delivery ot tlie deeds. Any further information whith may be required will be given by either of the subscri bers. ISAAC 8. DOUGLASS, ADRIAN H VAN HOKKELEN. The above uioihtIv will lie sold at the Tontine Cofli e House, on the above im nlioned day, by Mcsrs. rKAN&LIN At MliN l UK.V, AUi lion - eers. my i tat ftT"The sale of the almve property is pmt - (wiled to Thursday, tlie lltli ol'June. my vn Kit i tvitsALt:. A farm of between sixty and seventy acres, situate ou the west bank ot Lake IMsi g i, and oae mile from the villnre of CKierstown. Oa it are a new stone hon 64 feet square ; a aew f.pM k.,u. Iiumi, . it fnrn.a s ptro' tahlithnient for a gentlemaa witioug to letire into tle count rv. as its situation, as to ptospei t. convenience to market, fee, is not surpassed hv any intne interior oi sue state, it win tw som low for rash, on a credit, or excliaoned for property In this city, goods, kcAnfy 11. U K i. e.i'u ivyix, my 7 tf Law Building. MKW - voitti noiasio OAannit. MICHAEL DENNISON, CURATOR. HIS establishment is litunted at Rose 1 1 ill, near the junction of the Bleomingdale snd llsvriem Roads. It compreheuds about fiveacret of excellent land capable of the highest improve ments. ' The proprietor of rlils besutiful tpot hat obtain ed s lease of the land for the term of thirty years. He has (besides tlie enclosures, shrubbery, and other improvements) erected one of the largest and most convenient green nouses in us urn States. He solicits Uie citizens to patronise hit efforts to lender his garden complete in every rc - pect, by a moderate annual subscription. He proposes tbi.t esch contributor of five dollars thill be entitled to receive the value hi seeds, flowers, plants, fruits, or any other produce ol tho garden. By such an accommodation to him on the part of the public, lie will be enabled to procuie the greatest variety of foreign and domestic vegetables, and to gratify the taste and expect at ions of his friends. Pervms inclininr to enter their names as en - couragers of the design, arc invited to call at the ra nil J.fl. whera the fullest information will be niven. - ' my2l Im t5Et' t SALE, . A house and farm on Tbrog's Neck, in the ion n and county of V esb hcsU - r. fonmen miles from New - York. The farm contains a - bout one bumlrcd acres of excellent land in good fence, a larse hnra and other convenieni out buildinet. n aood hotite two storm lugn, ith rooms oo each floor, elegantly situated on the banks of the East River ; the tiiuauoa uncommonly healthy; thoneighboiirh.iod the most respectable abundance of iruif of the bett selection scab - and shell Dih in great variety taken before the house. For furtlier information apply to the subscriber oe the premises. iV! i n STEHHEN M. HOFFMAN. m i - ATKiN l s.Dl.NV EN llON, For the convenience and comfort of ladies. IT is well known by all Indies that their rhak pins, (as they are called) alias curiam pies, particularly large ones, in a very short uiue, from the weight o the curtain, and from oilier csuses, wear so large a Imle in the wood tn which they are inserted that they become loose, insomuch that they droop and look ill, and moreover oftentimes drop out To prevent f bis ef - fer.tusllv, a person hat invented that which will ... ,i ,neotenienca alluded to : and any I. j. m emtlMinn. can be convinced of Uie fact by applying at No. 2 Dty street, where the invention is to be seen : the ex pente is a mere trifle, and cloak pint already in ate can, and will, be. readily altered to the proposed plaa. my 19 3w . VUIVA - VE LODGING. A SINGLE Gentleman can be accommodated with a furnidied or uiif'irnlslied roon., with hresklastand tea, in a srruUlaml R - e - trel family. liuire at the store, No, 126 Broadway.' .. . . ry'L To Ll ai Joo. - mnjA'e, Any person desirous of a country residence, can obuin one on moderate terms, tit - uaied about six miles from town, on tie pre - ... . .. v rimmoilious li'iuse. coscli house, Jfcanexcellclganlen, veil , atoc U ! with fruit and plmttd this Sjng with vegetables of vsriotw kinds t tl.ey cn '': "v it Uh or ait'ioiit tlie griNimls bcWnfT ta it a. m.v be preferred, Uure articles of t..rni,rc. and ... inr to the plice, which win oe cu. n7Al if wUcI f.r. For f - psrtr u.ars, annlv at No. 11 Pearl - street. nv 22 CW - . . 'I'n l.e 11 sT (ffifl A tW..tory rrrk houie, oppowte . the of IImJ - nark in Dtune. an! next to son - street. Eaiuirs at No my 7 - .ueii. MVJVAI. iSSLRAJCCF. COMPAtfT THkcirroFjfEir roiiK. , Thi President and Directors erlve no tice that a dividend of fbjr smd t Arf per cent. on the capital stock ef this Company, . fur six monriis, ill le mane on the llirt nut. ami paid on demand to tlie stockholders or their sttomies, si No. 5i Wall street. my 6 1m ' JOHN PLNTARD, Sec'ry. (fr - 'lbs new FERIil BOAltolrcAlna toot of Walout street, Mew York, to lie foot of Lit - ue street, iirooktviunesr the Wavy Yaid, wiU commence ruiiuing; on Sunday, the Persons crossing to broc!ifyn from the upper part of the cry, will And the (Intents ninth shortened by using this ferry . my 14 TuiTiiAE cur'f ee House. (j - The comoiiihe for managing the affairs of the Tontise CoKre Hosse, give aodce, that a Dividend of Sevmteca lollars per - share, for the year ending tb 1st hut. will be paid lbs pro pnetorsonor afUrtbe Itflhtnst. si 24 Broad - ttreet - , , my 13 Im ft MAHIIN WKIiLfcandNAIHAN C. SAlhE, Attntnies at Law, - have opened their office at io. 1 1 9 feed stretL my 26 (XT" ' he coaignes of the brig Ohi.i, frous AiBsterdua, will coaler an ouHeutioS) on the owners hy sending Ibrir permits to the store of the subscriber as soco as possible, ss said brig win rowineacc toieea er 3ito eoove post Immediately after the cargo being dic lierred, ... my ?6 No..7 W sliinston stieel. NOTICE. fj Tlw Rising Sun 'bail Boats, Nm.puriel, Slid industry, from tlie tlisabcth towu rnint, for Mw - Vorl:,iMlsfrbm MirketUeld - slrt - ri. (irliere the Steam - boat Atalanta formerly rutue to,) at ill o'ciocbi oi eacn aay. russn - 'n it i - sct - mt. Enquire st Ihe Steam - coal Ht'tt II, of ' Aui.rviut.'Lfe riiii.i.irs. . my 21 tf ILr' Tlis bank uotei oi all (he Utween this city snd Albany - received at our office at a discouut of 3 - 4 per cent, in sums over $a0. LIVINGS TON C IK At - 1, 19 Wall - It, The hiRhcst price given for Dollars. f , may 87 Merrknntt Ihu.k JXviiknd frj1 Notice is hereby given to Hit Ktockbol - krs of the Merchun:'s Bank, tliat a Dividend of four per cent or two dollai s on each sham lur six months, Iroui int first or Ueecmuer last, will bv paid al tlie Hank en Monday, the first of June next. . - - Ey order of the ftoardof Directors, my 29 1m G B. VUOOM, Cash'r. - - V.VW.Y IN'SUHAN VE C0.UPANT, Office No. 59 Wall - tlreet, ny Will receive spplicatioAt for murine rbli, and for insurance no lives, annuities, feo. between (he hours of 10 A. M. and 3 P. M. daily. SAMUEL A. LAWRENCE, prertdcat. WM. J. VAN WAGENEN, secretary. IlfKsUTOlXS. John Oolhout Jamrs Boormaa Isaac U. fears on, jr. Hsnry Mnjor Henry Thomas Samuel A. Lawrence Charles Kirg Robert Bnstn, jun, James llovd, jun. UaltiiHitr P. Mvlick John RU - haud ChArleslinind James Rvnwkk P. Scberm - rhoro. jun. John Junes ' Joseph Smith J aniss Strong my 19 Im HIE ALBINO Qf Vretawle his M4tmeat to the Lediee nrtJ.i.llei - r Nea. S'a, aaW InOnmn timn (hat lo hn token rooms al S ashioRton fust. where he will lie happy to receive llieir vl - its, f ore 0 A. M. to 3 P. Al. and from 4 P. .VI. till 7. Ticluti 50 rents each, to be bad at (be bar. ' mv ttl Im tor itnlunii, tin llaUjiUt(huxa Scottu ) irV Letters Im hiiHiitanmc Maietty's packet Francis Frei liflg, will be received atUiePoit Office till Wednesday stternoon, ukimuh'oi June. T. W. MOORE, Agent my 18 ' ' ' 1MIE HiAAKI.lN FIRE IN3LUANCE COMPANY have their Office al No. 41 Wall street; where tiny are ready to receive sppliratioos fir IntiMftnce. lie CAPITAL fcTOCK of Haifa Million of Dollars, is all sutiscribed and paid, or satisfactorily secured DIUKCTOKS. Flishs Tihl.iti. Philip Brasher. Henry I. WyckofT, George Griswold, Win. Bayard, Jr. John T. Lawrence, Jnniet Rooiinaii, - Beuj.Li.8wnn, , John 1. Palmer, Thomas Franklin, 1 James Wnlsh, . Stephen Wliiuiey, Jot. P. M'Kiacs, Peres Joces, Jona Aduint, TlMimaa Buckley. , t:L.ISMA I IBM Ttf, Prt iidenL J. WORTHINGTON, Eec'ry. may 6 Im TO TffK IXUABITANTS OF NEW - YORK, Aitn irs viriisiTf. . WM. Bit VAN, Dyer. fee. from London, rat. .fully acknowledges the hber - d en - couragruicut he has pireived, from his. friends and the public, tiocs bis arrival from England. Anxi'iui lo nierit a continuation of thcif patroa - has Ink - en those extensive premises Nos. 37 and 3i Sprm e - street, (lale Little tseorje - street,) where l has at considerable sxpetiM en cu d machinery and every convenience to insure their future favours. t'iftce Goodt dy'd sny fancy color ana fibitltdio superior style i Udies drrtses, silk, aUin, lelvtt !oiak, moreen, crajie, veils, shawlt, mantles, lise, liombsseens, clesnedand dyM any lancy pattern, chip, straw, and leiiliorit Bonaetsdt'd. ' Uiu (ot niouiaing, tn shorten notice bo reee furnitures chrun'd, dy'd snd water marked ; ' hot - nretsiuif , fee. "T " "n "CURLZD HA Hi AANVt'AGTOKX, 78 llbalhsm - strest r'inill' subscriber returns hi thanks to the X public .r llieir fcrm sr patronage Jo the line ofliis profc - woa, and hopes for their loture support. He likewise informs them that he has oo hand a cams lant tupply of curled hair, manufactured earnestly for matrastej, on an improved princinle i sul ikwe tuarantees tin hair soU by hm to be free from any impure smell, bsmj well couiel,bnilsd and baked, and help? ma - nufiictured by nischinery, bns an advwitxge over any othsr hair manofitctured tn Ame.u itt very texture acd elasticity making it a sav in j of N. B. Merchants uxl the trade in gcaerat will find it to their adnvnlsre " f Wl nsles cfkair in Its roefli state j 6 if Wm, borse - tiil. a0 lbs of song hair drawn mchM,cluWrd i C00 dosen hair sieve bottoms. For salo , ' y 5 n FrnXwi3"M'Gtv AN. No. 120 .y Mar - b If. t. sensible of the very l.l - ral rucotn - e - mtnt h - .us rtceind siil t tnmmenrrmcnl in ba.,.v.n - t rHagmmiitihal ooexcrticns ai,P., .b - he - wanllog o me"' . ut,", inlorhi. his frierUaod U public thU no p,ms orc,nre las been avoided to obtain a stork uf the best l - m - we f every descnptioa, whi.h can ce it fr.oe'i oo ui , i.,2 made "f&lf ilstuig Mu, I of a cor. m their se .cn. hi wi.l be enabled to tBitut touonf quality. - , ' a horb U bec.juni sebsc.r.bers to an ORL'INARi, lr. I on tlw IbDJ! tvery aaj ut Ho - rt., u.r i rivptf ,, at a s!s N. 15. S'fiv "f 'Ul Clntt i - ud lltli.h.lhl - Jltitutt. e;.a s'esrt out - re. s, M ultima

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