The Evening Post from New York, New York on June 2, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 2, 1818
Page 3
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n i . v t - Juit receired ft ewwignmeni China R.nTKebe, u Md Einf Black, 'hi - Saraoeta P,WLr r - " ki.iL coloured Levantines ik - ad f'?fflrB Shawls Sewing ,n(i frind Hkfs'dCcan - 29 30 yds. for .ale i5 fETKR KEMHEN S CO. by. 86 South - street. jet . t Mn l.fcf rVarl - street. Lave 4 c. ft l - while Rnd .tripd Marseille. Quilting I do coloured Canton C ropes 1 do fine black reiicb do . 4 do black and assorted sewing Silk 1 do assorted Kid Gloves 1 do of tneni and women's silk do 1 do 4 4 and 6 - 4 Cambric Muslin 3 do 4 - 4 and C 4 Book do 2 do Jaconet t do plain and seeded M - ill do . j. .4 l.UI, Sheetings 1 do Linen Diaper 4 An. A.i Iriali Linens, 1 do7 - fl lone Lawn fine do brown do do Cotton Platilias 5 do striped and Carlisle C.wm 3 do Madras and Natal Vic torr Hdkfs. 2 do Imll.dion, Merino, to Damask Shawls 3 trunki f late and superfine Calk 3 do Furniture Chiuta 3 halet black and assorted Bomhaiettt 2 do black and blue Broad Cloths tJnml and whit riannH. Je23w af1AI.CUTTA iiuuus, enuiieu tnncneniure J 17 halCS lailipauj, raiic, lauinipuic: ouu Chitobullv Baftas J4 do Chandelly Mamoodies 3 do blue Gurrahs, 2 do white Giirr&tis I Hn I'nlta Pulta Rotnals, I dp Custeri 5 do blue and yellow strijed and Checked Seersucker 8 do Sooty Rnmnls 3 do Froctsoy Hdkfs. for sale by PETER, REMSEN to CO. S6 Soutb - st. Alio, 3 cns Comptuy's superfine Choppa Rormls and Bandsnc.s, J do common do. Je2 HARDWARE. CU'J LEU Y V UHlSl'OL GOODS. THE subscriber have received by the late arrivals from Liverpool anil Bristol, an estemive supply of Hardware and' Cutlery of every description, wnicn iney oner lor sale to the merchants from the country, in such quantities as may be wanted, at a low :i and liberal credit. They have also rece'ved on consignment and offer for sale by the package 60 casks and cises of Birmi.irfham Hardware, constating of most of the staple article in the line. 10 ci'ksof Kenyum warranted hand, pan nel, tennant, sash, rfce. Saws. 6 cases do warranted mill, pit and cross, cut sam, best steel plate 10 casks of Kenyon's files of every descrip. boa 100 casks best Quality English Poi ter 30 do assorted Glass Ware, cousislirg of tumblers, wines, decanters, white and green phials, 4 c. 10 crates or' Stone Soda Jegs 10 i ases of English men's and boys' hats i'H bundles of warranted Hnlhack's German Steel, duett from the , Manufactory ot J. to C. Hilhncli i?on, of Rcmchcid. 10 tons of London Loop L Steel 5 do Crawley Steel H thousand stourhridge fire Brick Tin plates ol the different kinds Black do do 11. VV. ROGERS to CO. Je2 , 215 Pearl - street. 1N1 1 II MUtiU, CHOCOLATE, ttr cases very pi line lleugal Inilijro, entitled In debenture. 1 1 ceriKins and 6 half dt) Spanish flotant do 10 boars Hill's Boston Clioculate 80 do J no. Wait's do do 150 do first oual. Brown Soap ' oO kejrs protind fiinger, best quality 200 boxes Ppanuh S - fiart 15 bbds. Loaf and Lump Si.fcar K( Mt. do do do .'0 d'i brown Sunr, low prir d, f.r sile by JACKtO.N Si VVOOLLEY. to n 75 Wall street liOVAL FKINTlNti I'AI'KR 120 reams XI of Royal I'rintii.g I'Hcr, for salt - low, by COLLJ.V4 (i HANNAY, Je i 41 HO Petri - t rt t. jVTEVV iKLEANS COTTON. "0 ball's it prime Cotton, landing from the brig Argo, Iroui New Orleans, nnd Tor sale by WALSH ti CALLACHER, Je2 6G South srrp(. IX) L.1MD OH'rl. r'AUMLHi, jiisU OTJIKllS. WANTED TO RENT, on lease, a farm comprizing from two to three hundred acres, or thereabout, consi. - ting of Meadow, Pas tnrc and Arable Land, in a healthy situation in the western part of the I'nitctl States and contiguous to good markets, on which there is a con venient house, well supplied with fresh water, with kitchen garden, orchard and wood land, togeUier with d.nry, barns, stable and other suitable detached out - houses, all in complete re pair. As immediate possesion will be required, please address to A. II. No. 206 Broadway, New - York, staling terms and particulars. N. B. No letters will be received unless pvt pw. June S lw' Hail Two years unexpired lease, from t 1st ilav Ol' Mav last, of t ,e house nn4 tnre I 181 Broadway s one of the best stands in the street for the dryisood hnsiness. Also, a small fiocfc of rlrygooils, which was purchased on the rest terms, principally atanrtinn. For terms, which will be accommodating, apply at the store - '" je : lw fOU SjtLr:. Leasehold Property, more valuahle than real Estate. That pleasant situated House and Academy No. 39 White - street, between Broadway and Church - street, thirty years of tlie Lease nn - exuired ; all improvements Io be paid for, by Valuation at the exciration nl ttu Iprm. ftPniiiMl Rent thtrtv pounds per annum, for particulars miiuirc oi ucurgc ricn, vomeiia - street, ureen Jeg tf fi. To be tuld ol public auttior, K'iW At thp I iay, the lfith June, at H o'clock, the' following estate cf Jacobus Verveclen. deceased, to close tLe concern : The two story brick front house and lot of jr uau ixo. sz walfcer treft. 1 w boa.e 35 k wine ny atiout rtep, and well calculated w arcomtnodate a family. The lot is 25 by 100 fett SO 3 lots of ground, on the easterly side - uuuien - sireei,nerwt'fnurandant Broome "jeets; each Iot is i5 feet wide and t3deep. - ... u,c mieiy neen n;ien wiui earth. ARTHUR SMITH,) v ii. N. BLEECKErI Eect0" - Je2l?t PHILDE Harold's Pilgrimage, to the Dead fT fc 5 Death on the Pale Horse, and other ow rereivea and tor saleat tt.e Mioer - etn, v 0 Rimf Library & Book nnd Stationary tZl i.0, 20 J C road way, oppojite the Muss - urn. nee 25 cents. je2 rr.o ,S'.000 DOLLAR PRIZE. I rL.drawB ""mber to morrow in the ny '"Vf ut4U MOWEGO ROAD LOI TE - tnM en,'"d to a of $50", and the orawa on Friday neit to a prise of il0,000. 1 he Wh. contain ! priie of f70,0!)0 do 33,000 a , , do 10,000 . Utku "d share., for sale at ALLEN'S' Truly Locky Office, AVhere hr. . - 122 Broadway. dilUrs. sannrTi K0 P''1 pr - of 100,000 io.f5 b$ - 2(00020,000, itTooo, old t any oSffi,n 'e ""t ftipuntr Je t ce m America. TO - MORROW AfTERXOON.' tie 'first drawn number in the Grand iload Lot tery, will be entitled to 500 dollars, and on Friday afternoon the first number will be entitled to T! THOUSAXD DCLL4KS. Tickets and Shares for sale bv R. WA1TE. Jun. 136 Broadway, who sold and paid two of we nipnesi prizes yet drawn in tint Lottery, via. 4650, 5000 dollars, and 3977, 1000 dollars, and most of the highest prizes in the last Medical Science Lottery. je 2 A LAW to amend a Ixiw to rtptlat the rtmuml of .1.1. I J j AT. .1 . .. . . jiunana uutjram utt nrM it the Lay fit JStw YorkPaxsed 4th Mjv, IM3. BE il ordained by the Mayor, Aldermen ami Comnioiiiiltv of tlie Ciiv of i - w - Vnrk. in Cutttmoa Covocil cuaTroed, ThH ft the tuntHirr, fiMh, dirt HMiwFHnn MMHPf lutjoa IUVIpVtd Mrt 1 1 ID IDs? Mid cut, mm) all the offjtt, nwUCf, dirt tnd fa lib wlucb tbtlt bp hfour,U out fimii the houtet, rrllan, allvvt, yaidi md 11 ft thetid cur, aa liarein after dirtcled. tn iu the law hcredv amcD'led, akall be grabtrd hy lha comauu coaonl of uJ crty, to tuch fit and proper per, or parton , aj tbali rwtruU lor the nine, lor auch subs U mony at aliall be areol upuo sisrrsa me hm uwhwh VWi' II a HQ fltCD pftsH'OA. And be 4 furlbrr urdnord. That the mmI rny ibl! U di - vuli d into tix diti rcli, fur the pu ioea Hitrndrd bj llm ordi nance, lud ihe i rdmanr hen hy ameiKlt - dt ui tlie wvmt r followiiif;: Til fit at diirirt shall rttinpitlifiHl all lint pait of Ihe aid crtv which bounded as f..lluw 'srinmnr ntttia fool of W4rrentlrtei,audiuiiiiiu upWonn urevtte BiatUav, up oiuanway a tar aa me hnir ri;rtKt.t iUmct ctt rly to lludioo liver, tkcoce tout her iy a lung tit Miitt,!!! HiidauhS liver tulha place of bitnniD, including Wairca atrcet imj Dread ay aloe WVnn ttiekt. Thff uc'inil district thall rouprthend all tbd ptrt of the aid illy bounded folluwt hetiuniu Hudion'a river at the It ot wf Warrea fttret, and ruoiiina; up Wirrcu atreet Broadway, down BrtMdmv io the bsrtery, fhetice weriedv lxbe Hudson' rner. (hence up HudHiuH river alooc the margin ilerwt to itie place ul bfiimuig, iarludiu Bro4" wiv hel - w Wariro lrtet. Ttte tin d ditttirf hllrou)prchiitl all that mrt of the uid cky hmi'Hlt - d us ti I low btinuins; vtt the Eist tiver at Ihe lu 't ul Xv uifsi kfrt. anil runniutr llieuce im thf Klv mrkfl fo M ii'frn hoe, tht ucr up Maiden lane to tiruadwr. iheute djn UroaJwiy t'th Eat liver, (Un - .s Mi - itt the mat - .in ol the Kvt ner to the pldte ol hesimutiii:. iucludiui hutli taltt of ihe K! mn'ki and Mmim lane The tu!th(Ii,inrtifiall romrchrud y that ptrt of (be aaiJ city iit uti hdai I'.llowi hekinuiite at the lort ( l lv inarkitt. td ruuning il.t - 'ice up lite Kly mailfrt and Miidt - u laue to Uiojdnxy ih' - i.ce ui Ilr.;i:w - lu tl.ct.ulh wwterlv rorner t tdf Pai, Ihei.ct ali - n; fht - m mli faet ly aide i.f the laik to pmt t.ypmilt ii &iitif t alrreif'Jif - i re down fcptuce Mi eel and i erty nj'tt to t:.e Kail uver, mtltidunj Kpiu'e tiictt Tii lii ii d :t t 1n!l c - all that put of the iai.1 city, tiut.itiii it li f. '.Iowj l.rtii'imifi at a pumt ou (be Kat nvr, at lb - f - 'i ul J - ttiy lierl. nuJ nmmiij: thence rp Fer - iy?ticet aid a'pitce Miiet to ihe Taik, firm aloii the ttt.Ui el rlv m r i t (he Yak ti Iwuiber ilitH, I hence nt ConM - r Hrttt t Uioa'!r y, llieiue tip IJ road ie iy to Anlhint ttiecltiturr. ;iltnt Aiiliioiiy to Cr.i slieel, thfMs e hIiii Ci ftriri lu Mt u s.iedtiht nre up M - tl treet to r. 11 ttt. thiiiit thtriiub rtllM - Mttothc ll .ieeiy, thence lunu (he U' neiy it IVhn me fie(, thriicr tlowii Oailunitr ulreet tu the Laiftivki, ilince ul - m (l.t uitreiu t f the Ka( lu the ii at 'i ' heiicrii t. im ituline 1'lismhtr "tied. Aiiihte ftteit tajt of it:o!H jv CiituUftf, 51 41 street hti te fell htteei. Pell met, the iiy btluw I'ell Kit et, and Csihetiitc lu t. i 'I he t.xih tlt - Utt t ihnll coaiprthetHl all other patU of he aide ilv. - And he it ftn titer onlsiied, That (he uwner tr ecutnJt (etee r pe t'u batnn d jtije ct each and tvrry houe ir ether lUtlduit!, or lot or lou i'l tcicHind, iu ilm 'it,nd adj'iiiini: tu any all eel wIihIi ia oi a! all be pavrd, h!, nnre io i - rh and . y week, tjpim the d hcieiii tt - t pi tt.ritird, fiuui the ri al ol Much totht flit djy ef 1' - nut ei, K - toie thi h ur ol teli in tta tnciiiiit.;, c - iute all ihe iiiMmIi, di t and ti'ih m heir itsLf Ctlte Loiuef, ceilai, rtllei l i - d ami hit - , ifs'i aiid karbarc, nnd Hi a.ltrlei et nut. mieil m hr tln Centi. teritttu ol lite law heiel y unnii.lnl, r, he broil,: 111 util nlo ti e ittert, cpl'f;; te Intht - H itp lue buihln j; and (' ol loui.d. .iud ihatl, pff vi'fiulv the - - J h ur, iiu all the dtil and tilth on ibe lie naUt, nppsite an t lit ki h ij.icnt tciiur.lil htiil'tuu ar.d b tt, iu he m ul and i.ip J, in u lcr hit ull iiitzh lohhikb, did ar.d tilh e.iy, I rum lone I" tioie be remove d hy tli uen - iia who m.iy he i uinlvd 1. 1 '.hut pinpote hi the :wtifracii tor ihe ihatiiC ui hJimIi IM' raid i itiitiiima ano CHieciiveh.niay h ftlnttt'd. under ihr pemlty of ihu doll. ( r eitii iieIi(: And lmlhr, that eatU ami every i crtiii. of any kouie or "ihri huihliui, hjII he at'tcially h.i'd tu pay lue pfml'v Ii rem In - 1 ore nraiMiif d. And I if luithrr iiMfaJmit, rlul the ptnu Imh i h f any rhutch, or o'her plarr i pnhhc woul.iis ctitc. cIkJ. bo - pit d r ceniflry, ahall, in lie oi inner, taiue much ot the iid. ivaliit ul (Iteflrvfli at tiny e ii p'tite ami Ij inint ibtielu, and to ihe ItHa uf land apierlaitui tu tlit mule, V, tr tnipl, at rapid uul c leant en once in eveiy wtik n the ilnyi li - teiii alter tut - nuutied, umler Uie penarty ul in tllar lot tach neiet - t. And be it I ur I her utdained, Thai Ihe Mid contractor! or rotv iraciuti.flnll.oate iu neb ami evrty week, npun irsptr. rrl fi - in i HAvt ui - iniltr prPirr.heil. lur ninainc tlic ii be flicrli of thr iuiU til Iri - ni Htefiri diy of M..rcli In ibr n1 rfavor Dicruilirr rauae ill th rtit,liHh. dirt, an I filtb (he railway ul the piled rtreela end ftuhlic iUrea wiltio thr im'ikii viurcuvmiunra, rcapici iveiy, wmi hi ine emieta aim K U oi Iheuiil alreel,lo he aircpl, aerpid at cleaned, Mid alt the rvbbWh, dtrt and fait Cl thuein lb be rtntovtri lr, Ue laNl cilj, aurtir Ihe peuahjt td intuly - fix thillait lot each necltcl. Aim! he it further otdalnnl. Thai ihe duties Ir petf.amed by Mid lh com re, lun, or hy lbs t iriieii and oceu - lt (., Iearea and peleena h.iia4 cbaie, aa al'ticulhtf houeti aou biaer l Uilclma. aa: lot, ! icrMi'.il, anail tie pt - f lir eil im Ihe daya Mli'Wihs In wit : hi Ihe frit di.fnrl oit Thnrday. in Ikeaeinnd dxlxrl uu M"itlyt in the thud - li.liii I nn Turwl - i 111 the luulth iliftnrt 111 Wcdneilay. in llii - filth di.trht in 1 1 d.e, ei.d in ilia ,iaih di - lrrrt on 8ala:div. in tath wrek And liiiliir, I ht t hrlmo Ihe "Mid aliall he u awrpl, the aaini - .all he anlhrH'iiitv tririalid with italei,uodtr Ihe penally id luruih'llira fn erh ni etui. And lie it fin lit 1 untamed, That Ihe Md Cimlrat.ib,s, lei - piclierty. .hill eiUM - all Ihe mhhi,h dirt and filih to he rt - inovetl aod 1 31 ltd atey lr ra out of Ihe aaid ttrrtla hetiire aun. a.1, on Ihe aeTria! d.iy hrn the tame are lu be letsoTcd as af'iri.inl, and ihill eilhei cause Ihe aamecait In renovt and lake away the ivhule thereof at one itrue, or ahall cawe two or more cai la In naii IhrutiRh Ihe eane street al Ihe aarne tune one or mme if wlnrh carta al'all laac up and remi,ve ihe ni.inure, and anolhi - r or 1 thtra ahatl lake up and r mine all 'Ihar siib - ;iii, u tbil ihi - wh. le id ihe eoeetrhall be lully cleaned el Ibe a. lue limp, nndei Ihe peuaMy of trn dolar fur erh ntlerl. Ami he It limhct utdaind,Tlial the tr. accoml. Unid, founb, filth, viifh, iiietb and 1 ifch.eeiith arclii na of Ihe Lie, be ety aineiHird. he, and the iimc hereby are rrpeali - d. Uy ihe ri.ainnej Coi nrtl, J, MORTON. The thirte - i.tli .ecltrn, alluded In, waj a, fnllona, In wit : XIII. And he K fuilhrr utdainrd, That no pia B ahall, al any time cail or Uy i" any rtrret, lane, er alley in this riiv, nar deliver to either of the aaid calls employed by the taid contta. - lorf, aoy dna, a. - lle, cindeia, m rutbtaioi any kind froin any fuvnilery, f r - , or blarkiirilh'i rln.p, nor any uya - teia, clauia, or ihrfis ot any kind, fi' - m any uy,ter atand, nr oyaur fcellir, or ryrltr nou - e, nndei ihe penally of Ira dot - lira lor eacnonriice, h nemn neieoe tirciateil to be Ihe ilnty id Ihe n, pott, r or pouev r of such fndeiy, fne, black uiiiln' ehip,nyitcr tlainj, 0)Mer cellar, or otaler hmne, Io em ploy cart. In rem - ve aurb ankleaal hb oi her own etpence hut if eilhert - 1 Ihe said aiti - lee he carl inti, ihe atteel, at .hall he Uie dnte i,f lhe - c4itractors Io remote tlie same, lielber lib ihe nher nii bnh ul Ihe rtieel, nlei ibepena'ty of irn dolktra. AimI web conlraclai nuy, af er aucii ffeBoeal,rec, - ti - r fiuna the person, r prrs. placiof (he tame en tbe street, double the inual and ordinary sum for rteaovHK, the fame. Io be rtcoeeted wilb coats of swu,ib any coeit bavinc, rotmaencc kein.1. m 2A I 'IUK. ic 300 hbls'lar, and 1 do Beeswax, a. auoat and lor sale by R. & C. W. DAVENPORT&CO. my 30 ' '11KEAD HOSE. A lew dozen long X ball thread Hose. f. sale by and ti. ti. A S. HOWLAND, 67 Washingtnn - strceL Je t rjIBBERTa BliST DOUBLE KOWN rl STOUT. H0 casks, selected bv a iriend in laondon, superior to any in this market, lor saie ny D. LYNCH. Junr. Jellm No. 40 William street. H i CIliER JitUlAVY. eJvJ Barrels cider brandy, just received and lorale by ANSON G. PHF.LPS, june 1 1S3Front - st. IlOivlbAZETlS 10 bales of Rlioti, s Bom I J bazetts, handsomely assorted, just receivedj ny um nan inaria irr.ra Liverpool, and lor sale oj laAVEK 1 Y, btlELTERS & KINU, Je 1 Sw No. 165 Pearl - street. CHIMNEY PIECES. QIX elegant carved marble Chimney Pieces, si jusi arrived from Italy, lor sale by A. LABAlGH, Corner of Beaver - lane and Greenwich st. Je 1 6t INDIA BOY, CAPERS Vc. India Soy, 1 Capers, Claret of a suoerior Quality r igs. - Aimonos. Dreserrea Uiueer Spermaceti Candles, just received, for sale by WILLIAM BRULE, Jel3t 139 Broadway, UNNY BAGS, in bales or other wi - e,ol good VJ quality, for sale hy CEBRA tz CUMING. 76 Pearl - street - Je 1 HARDWARE Just landed irom Mercury, on sale at No. 65 Pine - street, consisting of Banbury Locks, Spool and Snaffles Polish'd Roller Buckles, Japan'ddo. do Blaa k and Bright Shackles, and Double Padlock Cart, Key, Fancy, Trunk, BKick and Bright, Shackle, Single and Dosibh Bolt Pad Locks Curry Corahs. Spring Rat Traps I revs Candlesticks Woodscrews ' Awl Blartes, PeaH Buttons, Brass Case Locks Bright Wrought Thumb Latches Norfolk do. Cox's Currier's Knives Till IXKks, Cart But Hinges. myt9 9t FOR SALE, T)EW No. S3, in middle aisle io Dr. Romeys's X Cbnrcb, in Cedax lire et App'y at ii Biy301w 131 1 an ty stmt in. . ... AiaIPT - la.Ieoed ship CIIAUAUM. if wcu hiiiuii aou can t sent to sea without delay, Arply to rOTT & M'KINNE, or ,i U. W. ROG ERS Si CO. tor LtliiyjVL, (kngland,) (A regular trader.) The elrjar.t fast sailing! connercd ship AuKbtv jAUKbOS, Thodias T Morton, master a considerable part of her cargo being engaged, will be dispatched without delay For ireigmor passage, having excellent accommoda - tionsj apply on board, at pier No. 22, near Peck - slip, or to 1 ETER ECIlERMERHOBN tc SONS, vr B. W. KOGER3 & CO. Who offer for tale. 10000 Stnmbridge linck GO casks patfnt ihot SO do bar l - ead 100 barrels Spanish Brown 20 casks Torler Now landing from the Andrew Jackson. Je 1 Fwr CJ.iiLESl ti.Y, Ihe regular packet ship Tbl.K tjUAl H, 1 lios. 1 - aniiinc', master, will cleai' mt tluu day, ana sail hrst fair wiml. For freiirbt or passairc. haviiiir superior accom. modations, apily on board, e;ist side Hurling, slip, or to AN SON G. I'HFXrs, je i iaa rroni - strcet. tor CILiKLLSTuJV, The elegant and remarkably fist tail toe schooner CHARLESTON TACK E i , b. B. Vail, master, will sail in 5 days For Ireijht or passaee, having superior accomniod,, tions, apply on board, east side burliitg - stip, or to SAUL ALLEY, jtme 1 9U Visie - st, far .St. CUUIX, The substantial fa - tt 3ki.iL.RWU). S. A'niith, master, to sail the bin mst. For freight or passage, having1 jjood actomiiindations, aly to the master on board, at pier No. 1 1 It i er, or to KEAUE & UK I'F.V n'K.U, je 1 lw 31 Old - xlip. 4e.1ULOt).l, B. Whratou. master will meet with immediate dispaclli. For f eiirlit or passage, apply on board at (iovcrncuiv wharf, or to ANSON . rilF.M S. mvM Fi.i,t - 1rH. for Suit, F eight or Jlurti r, ) I tie sloop kV AK KEN, ALuoii, inus ,ier; 10U tons bui'llicn , a superior ves and in good order. Aiiilr to JO.SEI'li OSHOltX, my 20 'J8 . - (Hitli - strcet for fHftGtli or Ctl.HllT&K, 1 lie uriti.'n nn,' MVl.l.A, iln'on, m:i tcr, luirllim !4otoii, a remarkably hue will be ready to rect iic a rar - 'o in lliite days - Apply to Kut' EUT ti ILLKal l E, 11 - 2 Front street. IVI10 iiis fur tile, CO lilids old Rir.hiiion J lob.icco 7 do do Pcler - burg du lii do new do do 16 do do Richmond do 1 1 do Kentucky do lij Brazil hides bt. Domingo and Jamaica colree in tilt J. - and i'T - ni - .y 30 fur lilali'ltl, JHolitie itmt ,'ti iinii, The sui'trior l ul sailing new tiackiit schooner MArlA - ANN, cuiit. Ltlfui: well, (a regular trailer) having partol hi:r ; - nengagetl, will meet with immediate diaphi, h. For freight or passage, liaiirg elegant an ociiiio - datious, apply on board, east tide OM - lit , or t PETERS& HERIUCK, may S3 29 Csenti - . - i'j - . FttlUHTor LIU tiLi b , t K. I'M tons hravy freight. A I J ANSON ii. PHF.LI.S, uiy i l!!3 Front ftrt. f. I'LK.VIIpH tlll.EMNti'a ii. - 60 JU lleuush tjlieetiii' - s, ussorted pieces I case tine Irish Lilian remnants S'KJ pieces first quality blue Nankeens 100 do do do long yellow do 50 do strip'd feersnt liers Dark and light mixed V'igouia cassemrers Cohurg and brown mixod do First quality bufTnud white do For sale by the piece or yard, by my 281 wt JOHN BOWE.V. FOR BALE. AN excellent gig and saddle II years old, black grey trots fi orse. 51 - 2 fast. Apply at HILL'S Stables 45 Maiden lane, my 38 lw DEMIJOHNS, Stc 'JOO Demijohns, 01 6 gallons each, and 6 pair Mill btones, (rom 4 ft. 3, to 5 feet. Received per brig Ohio, from Amsterdam, for saic oy 11. vus, 73 Waehingt m - street. Also, Watch Springs and Watch Chains, my 27 lw Ijr.r.r ami runn.. ;n tinis pm LJ 30 do do Pork, for sale liv PALMER Si SAIDLER, my 40 104 Front - street. WOOLLENS. HOSE and Point Blankets Ingrained Carpeting, common and super, Venetian do Wilton anil Brussels Hearth Rugs Printed Table Cover, green, blue, scarlet, Sc. Blue Cloths and Contings. Received per Ann Maria, from Liverpool, and lor sale ny tUiVAKIJ Li UK, my tli tf No. 16 William street. L Kt.HOR HATS One case sunerfine Leghorn Hats, just received and for sale by a. S. tiOOUYEAU. mv 30 3t No. 81 .Maiden Ian. Oi kl I Otter skins, in shipping order, and tZiJJ 6000 lbs. heavy deer skins, in the short prey tor sale by HALSEY k SF.TO.V, my 30 3t ir6 Water - street BLUM'S Strangers Guide to the City of New - York, price 1 50 Received and for sale at the Minerva Circulating Library, No. 205 liroadway, opposite the Museum, mv 30 NURSE WANTED. A RESPECTABLE middle aged woman is wanted as an attendant and nurse to a sick lady. ' Apply at my S3 tf No. 45 Rose street. COTTON, DEEK s - KINS ii GUM ILLEMI 71 bales prime Upland Cotton 11 do do Deer Skins, and S5 cases Gum lllemi. suitable for the Soa ish market, for sale by my M SAUL. ALLEY, ?. rVie - t. OUPER COM P A.l Y FLAG HDKFS. . O Elegant patterns, for sale by my 30 5IARCH to LOW, 210 Broadway. DRY HIDES to COFFEE. 600 dry hides, average weight 171bs. each 300 do do 19 do 200 do do 24 do 25,000 wL green coffee, for sale by it. HENDRICKS, may 14 lo 37 Beaver - st. QOTfON. 25 bales Upland Cotton, for sale bJ R. Si C. W. DAVENPORT k CO. my 30 GjV t H0RS E HIDES. I O pi pes and bbds. ) Cranston GIN, of supe - 17 12hUs. , rior quality, 13 bales atom Hides, just received and for sale by ' VFt lasi - sailiOff cowereu ana Jt 1 GEO. W.TALBOT. (" 0A! AFLOAT. 100 . lialJro'us flittW' - J ij li trpiHil inrw it Coal, cargo of tlie ship Wrst - l'oiut, lying ut Oovenieurs wharf. 0 rhaldrous eipial Io the alxivc, caro of Ihr ship Caroline Ana, lying at Mint urn V Champ - lins wharf, now discharging, ami whiib the stib - srrilH.r will dispose of, iu lots to suit purchasers He has also on hand, a constant supply ol Scotch and Virginia Coal, of very sup, ior ijimlity, which can be obtnined on application on hoard, or at his Coal yard, No. S74 Front - street, N. Y. Je I Ct A. FRA3EK. THREE CEX7S REWARD. RAN A WAY from the subscriber, John Eco - field, aged 18 years the '2fith of last March, an apprentice to tbe shoe - making business. Had on when he went away a summer coat, lihtyest, velvet pantaloons and papt hat; he is miJling thick set, a large mouth and thick lips I forbid any persou harboring or trusting him on my account. BU4H REYNOLDS, june 1 3 OPAMH 1Ll.AKs w.inte - J tie O WM. SHOl'WELL 61 SON, my 27 2w No. 4S William sir.t t. )1CE. 70 lien es prime llice, Undin; In.iu Li snip j eiegraiih, ant lor sale hy ANcON ti. PHELPS, my3il lb.J Front strvrf . ' I O SM O.SE CU ITKKa. ANUMPEil of atonu cutters are wanted, to goto therily of Washington, to work at the public buiidiiis nagi's tvio dollnrs and ) qunr - terperday. Their time and riiences in going will be aliowed them. None need at - nlv Iml those who can produce suitaMe rt - commeodatinus of their being good and steadv workmen. Apply to J.0. rVI'COMB. mySOIw At the City H i'l. .1 Us I ret e - r.til ami 1 "i an if bv CULLI.s cV H ANN AY. No. 'J30 Pearl street. " Prattiral llinls to Honest Hearts, on some of the tnanj ways of doing gone) ? in .1 nuiiil t r of letters to suiidrv ft - maleii 1 - t Eurbrnvne and Christina To which are ml. led, ' Th'MigM on the duty of nraving in schoi'ls. address - 1 to at holius ol l.otl sexes, tiv an instructor." Price 60 cents, ball" bound ; C2 1 - 2 cents liomid my 4t MAHOGANY SuFAS. CHAIR A.D CAlib NET Fl'H MTU it K, Mo. 49 li EE A'.V. t.V - S J'Jt F.ET. f fllK subscribi r Ixgs leave in return Ins sin I cretlmnl;s to Ihosti ladies nml gi - nllemen who have hien kind cnoiii in Honor with tlieiriMiiuiunds, and lo lolorui tliciss. nnd the ad mirt - rs ol Imndsome f'urniiuri - 111 general, that I e h:is cm hiiiid soiiie very 1 leiiiil ,!. i", t'lrura :.i rd, iituihroke - u l exti.'i.niiig a ' ri f ilinlng tii hlrs, siile'ioanl. inlaid ititli bli polished 'riiiimeiital hrnss - t'.orK ami rosc wooii, , ,itd w H't swi 111.1K h, Itri t'iiiii ci in hi s, k'tfis, clia'Si lounuo, music i - tools, hairs Also, n li' nrary st'p b.iir, ilm uiility ol winch be p.TtieU' larlv rcioinio' n 's. All furiiitii:ow:ir.:in!t.d of tin i'it tMi iIily snj woruitt.ili,!n;', an I ol the newi - t Euioaii fas!), ions Orders xi - coti - 1 to any p irt ol'i.e nn;on to tny drawin. cii Hie nnnt r hson.ihle terms and punctu'i'ity I, rt 'A - Ladies 01 nil :m 1. hat i'ig fairy a - onds, nm y have !i,iu iu inuf to any orlitlc tlit ) wish, I , iipplyiip. a il:,ve. m .frs j?, A. M. 1UVWOPD v eX' iifiigdl lor pinpT'y in Ibis ritv) jutrv hoi's: 111 the lii'imty of Kb - t .1 1 xalnth - o'vii, ( . J.) beautifully .i'tiaudoti the roii.! ; at pres' - ut .n the prmpatmn cl l!o t. Cr . lit. I ctr tains eij - ht rooms wi'h a r.7Z4 in Iron: and rear, a roihI Witciieo, v.ash - im.k - i".(iin, .iinl cellc. , there is also, a icli house, stiiblc for lo bcrses, and other c.i'iveiiicir. outbuildings all m fjutHi rep ur, a'lont an acre olTmid, laid out ina handsome x i'n and orchaid, which aflord a varietv ol choice fruit, asparagus, &c. ami a well ot ex - cut wnti r, tu'ri a pump, lerms win be n'ltde liheral. Apply to J C'KbON to WOOLI.EY, Je 1 tin 75 Wall street. KObftEiiY. afN Wednesdny cn nint', some Irun'is were yj Ion ih!y oioed at W'r.ehiiwtian Hall, ai,d tlie lotlowinz article" liiKen : 1 d'uii nse Gold Wiitcb, hnrlzontal, cnu P"tl nd ieivellt'd, seconds from rrntre, irold chain iu:. - l key i maker, tlaynt s 4 - Knish I gilt Muiiting Wutcl', slcel 1 ham, nnd large k"lil s - ; l niUHcr, vviu. Ilaugh, rortsiuouUi, No. Ifijlig A I'lst citke Purs.', rori'aiiiins 1 eagle, 13 or 14 ball agles, 4 guint - HS, 4 half guineas, I English shilling. ne l - 4cut 01 a, sonic American coiii, souit ball dollars and q'mrlers, iuu palter bundlu A sui'tll box, containing a Diamond firnnch, and some oilier pins and linns, and a pltin gou ring ; a gilt chain ; 4 net k handkerchiefs, three pocku' do purple! border. Any persons who will give information, so that the property may be recovered, and the thieves brought to justice, shall be liberally rewarded by "PETER M'INTYUE, Washington Hall. my 30 6t LOST, ON Saturday, a hundred dollar hill of the U. S. Branch Bank ol Savannah Fifteen dollars reward will be paid lo tlio finder 011 his leaving it al this office. June 1 fun SAI.K. 351 Between four and five hundred acres of land, together with two dwelling houses, and sundry out houses, a saw - mill, nnd two or three line mill - seat, suitable lor any dtscriii - lion ol lactones; all compactly situated, in the town of Canaan, in the ceunty of Columbia, in this state, and about 22 miles distant, from both Albany and Hudson. The land, for the most part, is of prime quality, and in good cultivation, and will be sold in divisions to suit purchasers. The water - privileges are such as cannot often be met with, and woithy (he attention of manufitc turers. The greater part ol the purchase money may remain on mortgage several years, if desired, or property in the city of New - York would he accept' d in exchange. As the premises, in part nt least, nre to be disposed ol ar am EVF.STa, they will be sold on VERI RIAKOHA BLK TERMS. Enquire of II. W . WAR ,E R, Ne w York, or JASON WARNER, on the premises, ap 4 D&C law3m 'Cf 'Ibe Directors ol Ihe Now tf orLr. Instita tion for the instruction of the deaf and dumb, anuoence, that it is now open for the reception of pupils, at No. iio Chatham, corner of Chamber street, under lite superuitendnnre of the Key. A. O. Stansbury. The terms ol board are $150 per annum, including washing ti mending ; pupils n nnd iia - ir own iieus. 1 uiiion f W per ami. 11 eluding stationary. Those who are unable to pay for their Tuition will make application to the superiotendant, that their case may be laid be - loie the board of directors. JOHN B. SCOTT, eee'ry. my ISeod 2w r2w 10,000 DOLLAR PRIZE on Fritlay next. Mii.roan isd "wtco road lottkkt. Ij' 300 Dollais first drawn number on Wednesday, and 10,000 dollars fiist drawn number on Friday when thei e will be only 13 more days to draw. Tickets and Shares, fur sale by G. to R. WAITF, je 1 34 .ilaiden - lane. 10,000 DuLLARS. 600 OOLLARS. 'j'HE lirn drawn ntimlier on Wednesday, in JL the Milford and Owego Road Lottery, will be entitled to a prue ofiaOO, and on r nda lot lowing, X 10,000. A few warranted undrnwo Tickets and Shares for sale at GILLESPIE'S, 114 Broadway, opposite tne City Hotel. Je I 3t t.EONr.SDAY and FRIDAY. THEi'lill - rH and Owego Road Lottery will draw twice this wtek. On Wednisday the first drsvn a umber will lie entitled to a pore of five bundnd dollars ; and 00 Friday to ten thousand dollars. - ' A few warranted undrawn Tickets and snares for sale at ABM. P. BROW Ell's Lottery and Exchange Office, No. 27 atluideo laane, corner 01 is assae ntca - Uncurretit bank notes and prise ticket taken "Payment. .. a ... A general assortment 01 kuwi uuvu suu tiQnary for iale Je 1 5t REMOVALS Kj JOHN LOr.l.VJER CKAil AM, allornes at law, ha optnej hn ci&ce at No. 4J t hirol er - strcet, near Broadwry. mar 16 4w fJJJOilN Plit'C I'Oll, jasas. tins removed from No. di Beekman to 106 Liherty - streel, stherc be still 1. tiers liberal anticipatiou on property coorigned to his friends in the Me.liti rra - utau. For further particiil'trs, apply as above, or to UiUllAM BELL, my 7 Im corner of Cliff i - Fulton - its. tit .VIAtkll., AilLNta J CO. Lave reu veit to No. 61 Pine - street - U'SV 4 Cj IH'.NKY A. FAY, avtornty at Law, has opened his ollice at No. 84 Water - street, je 1 lw NOTICE. Tie co - partnership heretofore txtting between fie sut.Kribers, uiidei the firm of Tbi - tA K ban ia ihia rluy rlisiolrt d, by mutbul couieut. Atw - Voi'i Junt - lit. I3ll. CALEB IIUPAHS, Jellw" l - 'OBEKT UKUCE. LAST NIGHT. I R. l.NCLEDON, from the Theatr.! Royal, l I Covent Garden, Mr. LI Cill TAYLOR, from tne King's Theatre, Mr. BROWN, from tbe Theatre Royal, Hay - MarUet, respn, t - fully l,,g leave t ) 1 1 1. to (he hidioa and geutleuir'n 01 New York, tint on tf TUESDAY EVENING, Juns 2, at the Wasi jog - on Il i'.l, they will Live the ho nor til pit - 'iiting a MiH'tilaiieous IVrlormauce, entirely new, iiillnei p irt - . ml - il, the '.VAM.iERINO .VlN!l ltEL! Written by G. ('ohran, author nf The Iron ('hesl, lusie and V,irn;,i, rVc. - Corsistiiig ol in U'resliiig Orl Mjiier. 1 mhriteiir a varit - tv ol til, i i ll, tint) irt - ci'ii lory to a number ot the hesl s ui 'en nones, c 'inp - (iby tl.n uios' tint nt nt imters - with some ain it t.1 aUoi 'o, lnh anil Scots Melodies. T"rt Iteritn'ttms and Clinic by Mr. r:oivn The I'mis nct',,111 panied on It Pimio I'orit by Mr I nj lor. 1. Adiirt s tu the iinilu in 1 . Song, '.Mr. Ineii.t oi ihe W, .if 2. It - ctt.itioii i.Koid - .iiin - : .l - jfil proposed, Siimuiei 'I oer. Son:.', (Mr. Iirwn) '.') sn'd l.. Jenny 3 lligliuiiy uul 1 ,.tli, liiah bospi tn'ity Nmg, ('t Titj - 'ii i o. 11 Hie rose bud ol summer 4. An in itati.i't port Soi g (Mr. 'nt:!e. P i ' 11 i.nd I'ggs and t - H oil) l.nnin;as'd in anAn - gci b ll'ill.r! h. Sol lire's Web rr.'. iiud mix rtiines. 6. A p'ls 1 in, a r. pri. - te :'' .1 wedding S01 g (lr Urnwi ) I he iioii'J' niooiiirlitVil 7. lu lii 1 lions, i'.tr Juili anil m rv tou.p.i - ny. Song (Mr. JiicledoiO Ibo dtalh of a smuggler PART II. 1. Crossing the water A sis man Song, (Mr. Incltdoii) Guv's udu.iiid 0ML.1I iud ol lilm k Ej'dSuran 2. Wniidci ii.ts, aii'l a Y'oikiliirt mnn S mg (Mr Brown) I t re Yorkshire (00 3. A miller, a lupi er, Iheni iits of the held 4. Stcppirg the v, '', a slo.u., uud a j 1 rew Song, (Mr. Taybr) dear maid should 1 nsucr if turn 5. Brother Jonathan nndSinor r'tjut!!ini Song, (Mr Brown) tlte cried oi in. l - i ulite 6. Sliudow nnd suh - lance. A driver too iuu lions a: - 1 an old faiorite Song, (Mr. Incledon) Scots Mtdodv 'Bruct ' Ad'lit sstn bis nr ny ; or, Scots v. lot ha'e hi' W allace bli d. 1 PART III. 1. Philadelphia, tbe quay, nn old a r)inititsni' Song, (Mr. lutlefloii) the sitiior's la - t wbislli 2. A party, a genciHl, a quitker, kc. Bong, (Mr. Taylot) fly not yd 3. An Irishman, a banshee. Srng, (Mr. Brown) John Hohbs, or a wife to ne soul 1. An fill rcation and a nuaker Sor.g, (Mr. incledon) Quaker sons, Dihdiu 6. Mr. Prig, law terms, debnition of a squeeze it tory ! vv hsMiigtou '. 1 : Addicts til Th.iiik And (ocom luile with G. A. Sevens' rclebra ted tlescriptinn "i a storm, by Mr. Inch - don , 'ti - Adiuiltuu.e I dollar, l it k. Is It. he h'.d (it lh Washington Hall, at A. T. tJoodricli .V Co. c rntrof Btoadwaynnd Cedar slreet, and at Hit j pnncipiil muit' stores in the city I loon lo btt opened al srw u o'clot k, and (lie perlormanct: lo commence primely at eivht. Je I STEAM BOA'P NAU'i ILL'S. - fJ5C The steam boat NAUTI - Js - EUS will hereafter run us s'tilirrf!l''l'W,' C1'e')t n UD" I.KAVE RRW - TORK, At 5 o'clock in the forenoon, 8 do do 1 1 dn do 2 o'clock iu (he afternoon. H do do I.KAVE STATF.1V Igl.AlsD, At 1 - 2 past 6 in Ibe lorenoon, 1 - 2 past 9 do 1 - 2 past li in the afternoon 3 o'clock do 1 - 2 past U do (lit SUNDAYS I.KAVP. fttW - VOHK, At h o'clock in the morning, 10 do do 1 o'clock in the afternoon, 4 do d l.KAVF STATKK Ixl.A.'SO, At 8 o'clock in the fort noon, 1 - 2 past II o'clock do 1 - 2 past 2 o'clock in the afternoon, 7 o'clock do Passengers to Ihe Narrows nnd Bath will, for the present, be taken down on Sunday morning. in the 5 o'clock boat, and he called for about half past 6 o'clock in the evening. I he tare lo nlaleu Island will be 25 cents, ami to Bath and Um Narrows, 60 cents. Children hall price. The NAUTILUS is a new bout of great speed in fine order, with good accommodations laud is pr'pelled on the Livingston and Fulton plan. Ou account ol the pleasantness of her tour, trie advantages of Sea Bathing at Ihe places she visits, tlio varie ty and beauty of the prospects they alToid, Ilm cheaimess of tlie fare, and the excel lence of the refreshments and accommodations on board, excursions in the Nautilus for pleasure or business, will be found exxditious, ngrei able and healthful. As she. ts Uttt d n.r tbe transportation of Horses and Carriages, and the wharves and floats at New - York, btateii - Island and tlie Horse - Boat Ferry at the Blazing Star, prnpaicd for safe and commodious embarking and luuding travellers in the rosi chaises, or in private carriages between New - York mid Philadelphia, Trenton, Princeton, New Brunswick, or VVood - bridge, will find the route by th Nautilus and the Turnpikes across slat n - blund t - i New - Brunswick, flic shortest, cheapest aud most pleusant that run be selected. JOHN DEFOREST, Cnptain. Staten l - laiid, 27th May, lillli my 2J Im I ANDERSON, at his manufactory, o . .ii - . den lane, has on hnnd fine asoitmeut of a SPECTACLES, in fold, silver, piaioo, gut, steel and tortoise shell irames, with convex, concave, orgeen eyes. 4lso. pebbles, goggles lor weak eys, opera, reading and migmlyiog glasses, eve glasses set with gold or silver lor tlie short sigl.fed, botanical glasses, liuea provers, and lpctclr cases ifl variety. J. A continues to manufacture Canes in every variety, aud has on baud a very elegant assortment of sword and oilier Cane, mounted to suit every taste, wholesale nod retail discount liberal to wbnlcsa'e dealers, ftr - CANES and SPECTACLES made and reo:tired to order new glasses fitted to old frames, and every attention paid to those who apply lor spectacles. - my ju im I T ANTED, n Lad. to serve as waiter and Y 7 . go of errands, and assist in doing; the work of a small larnuy. Lniuire at30 Hud ton - streat. mr 30 tf PUBLIC XA tA By MIU.. CO. At II o'clock, .0 for approved eiid v London dry red l - .i: rifle wine, ilm last , time in the West lt; :.: ' i:.p : :'.' - ?. mem, u ;3 hyUi caola .'n !, no t - s md 'Icne - ti.e i a tl, l.t. beeusome k s, and H i! aa. t,ul.ej a pe - cunany une nul a - .v r, 10 bales 9 - 1) and 4 4 slie ting, 8 levies cotton bagg id.isos.ii i.ings, k' do flax sailcloth, on kcrvdiiol 4 ic ioilii.. . i iiti'lay, IX oVlock, a' llu i' store, l4o Pearl - strret, a. fi - oeral atsortinen! of Fivaiti und English DHY .OOPS. ' .VAtiliLf. r :i;.'Jt e. rVlHE propnetoi s til lii. - routh - .sn marlU qua) JL lies, uar Kind's Bridge, give ridlice, that they have ou hn .il, d 11 ' rereivlng, at the KvgU - Iint JUarblt end Liiu - tr4, loot of I'each - stnui, on th HutUir rivs r, an extrusive stock ol miirl ie lor builtlin;, of the foliowing de - scnpttous, v.i 1 A - hlar Coping Foundation Stone Chimry - PitcesJ Facings Columns Wate'table 'cps I'ltlforms till - , l.mlels Arches Al - o Lime of die best quality. fi r A constant set - ply ol the above materials may he calculated upon; and those) desirous of pur h:umg, or making engagements, will apply 10 EZRA LUDLOW, Feb It At the Yard. Mtrehmm Hank, .tiny 5, IKIti. nt3 The annual tlnriioa Ibr Directors of tjiii ins'ittition will be held on Tuesday the Jay of June next, at the Banking House, belweea, the hours of 10 anil 2 o'clm k. By order of the Board of Director", G. B. VROOV, Cash'r. mav S tj2 Nl I H E ()rf ?V1I persons nrv nuli im d no! to bust the r. n ol (he lirili'h brig Mtirne, trom l.eit'i, ns 10 di hit 1 tint mi led by t'lrm will lie paid l.v the ipl.iin iiri - nnsigiieri. hit 30 AT AUCTHhV, lY C. i. FONTAIVE. WEDNP.SDAY, June 3, at 12 o'clock, in tbe T. C II the three story aiibstimUaJ. nniltni built b ink House TI Leunard street, handsomely fni.hlifl, ami w II culruhtrd for the residence of a genteel family A fee sim - ptc, uiul fri'i from u,; incumbrances. Lut 2i by 100 feet. Terms at sali. TiiirsdHt, 4'h June, X o'clock at No. 71 Leonard atrcet, an cle - gimt nsKorlmeiit of Furnitu e Coiisislin; of carpets, looking plssses, bureaus and secretaries, tables, wardrobes, st fas. cut gl:us plate, china iirnutiieiits, tVc. Also, several very valuable book 11 and limps miiong winch are, 1 on Navul Arcl.itei.turr, with an Atlas; a set of Ai rowsmith's Mapi of the World; fi anted prints, Ac. Also, bt dsteai'.s, beddini:, blankets, kitchen furniture, and iitensiU, china tea nets, all kind iioiihclinld furniture, ljigliili made cliundc - tier. rVc. 1 my 27 8t fiK SAhf. ai - .ia1 aossi a rvuiury iiiiuncauu rami, oniueeasi biink of lliidhon'sriver in the Highlands, about 54 miles from New - York, lying between the country sou's of Willian Uennuino;, Esi: and . capl. flnllips, and nearly opKsile West I'oint. Ibe titrm contains 121 acres. Ihe bouse (which was built in IB05) has 12 moms, exclusive of the kitchen, and possesses every convenience necessary for a family. There) is alhO a furm - liou - e, barn, stable and other out houses, in ijood order, a garden and a variety of Ii tut trees of the best kinds. A fortlier tlennription is not given, because i.ctsons inclined to purchase will no doubt . iew the premises 1 fur which purpose applies - 1,1 . a. i. - s - i " - r im a i.rm.pson, oi, ,"t ' - rln - ,or ",e ,crrn enquire ot HENUEK. - 'ON, 55 Wall - street, New - York. my 21 2wlm O MAGEE I SON, a ovi ui' Hi.iiie uic uuua ,0,1 ! .'oir'e llonse, corner of cine it tvillum slr. els, oil', r for sale a g neral as sorlmedt of CKotKHiicg, ("0 ns reasonable terms ns any in New - Vork) among which are tlie following : Cognac Brandy Holland and Am. Gin eweet Oil ! Jamaica. Spirits Imperial, Y Hyson, f TEA of tin latest Young Hysoa, and? iiuportatioo. Souchong, Loaf and Lump, Havana, 5 SUGAR, Musrovndo, y Mace, Cloves, Cinnaainn, Nutmegs, Alrpicr, Castile and Brown Soaps, lie. ate. my 19 t Pi IS 1' CO At : II a d 8 I' E A M - Ito A T LI N E S, fUH fHILADELI'lllA. VIA rOWLXS - HOOB cV ASKTHToWB f0lT. (Through in One Ltay.) VNEW Line of Post Coaches with every convenience lor passengers and baggage, on Springs. TI Post Coach will start from the Coach office, No. 1 Courtland - strect, near Broadway, N. York, every morning, (Sundays excepted) at 5 o'clock, by way ol Newark, Ebiabelhlown, Brunswick. Princ - lon, Trenton d Bristol, and arrive at Fluladcliihia the same afternoon, at 4 o'clock. A second Line nf new Post Coaches will start from New - York every rooming, (Sundays excepted,) at 10 o'clock in die Wesiu Brat Ata an - ta, lodge at Trenton, and arrive al I hilndelphia, iu a Steam Boat, next morning at 10 o'clock. Fare 5 dollnrs. P. .H. I'assenirers are requested to call and fake llmr seats at the cilice No. 1 Courtlsodt - - trief. New - York. United Males ffiau soacn, mr riiiiaaeipota. Baltimore and Washington City, with every convenience lor passengers ana baggage, on springs. The U. B. mail roach will shirt from the cndcbnthce, No. 1 Court land t - st. New - York every day al t u'tlock, P. M. and arrive at Philadelphia next morning at 6 o'clock. Only 0 pal - sengers admitted, tor seats in tbe above named Lines, arolv to THOS. WH1T11ELD. at the old established Coach, and Steans Boat office. No. 1 Court - landt - stiett, near the corner of Broadway, New - York ; or to A. T. GOODRICH Sz CO. No. 124 Broadway, corner ol Cedar street, New - York. ICTAII goods and bs'gage at the nsX o( (lie owner. JOSEPH LYON, SO.N3 to IO. ' N. B Ex Dresses sent to any mrt of ihe On - linent,by THOMAS WHITFIELD. TO LET, That very pleasant situation at.Green - wico, in Asylum lrtt, coosistti.f of a sjood til convenient d willing house, in 1 TOptest repair, n stable and out - kitcl.en, and otbei oot - honses, wellot'excelknl water, and 15 Ms of ground, U d out in a liand - ooif giH - n 8 cxitaioiris a varietv of iruil trees and siin.ob. - ry ; (wrua - rty oc - ciijtiid by tbe sibscrine - r, and lately by Mr. Jaint. Bailey. W"f . ,,,,. - f "r ' - i.v - t' . ! rT. HYSON av TEA ajpg 11! I tt ' 3" :. - r II; : ,'! . 1 i . 4 . ; k; t f I' IK : v - f 1:1 F..M 's M 1 i i 1 i f; 11 1 t 1 ! t I' I'l. r j.. yt v - j ; in I. t. 1 r . - t - .

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