The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 26, 1934 · Page 22
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 22

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 26, 1934
Page 22
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Page 22 article text (OCR)

TWENTY-TWO MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE APRIL 26 1934 Double Reply Cards Require Letter Rates Double reply cards, the reply portion of which Is not intended to be used as such, will require the letter rate of postage after June 1, according to information received Thursday at the local postoffice. This .ruling applies to double reply cards which merely contain statements of accounts or advertising. The present rate charged on thes cards Is one cent. A glance backward through his toric pages will reveal a startlln number of problems which had remain unsettled while busines went on its customary course. Th world has been full of Hamlets wh protested that the times were ou of joint. Bach felt it his mission t set them right, but none ever sue ceeded in doing so. -- Washington Star. 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Reports in North Iowa stated: Mitchell (Osage) -- Seeding al done; small grain put in good shape some plowing for com being done most of corn ground plowed lasl fall; pastures coming slowly; rain needed badly for pastures and smal grain; with the exception of the reduction according to corn-hog contracts, pig crop about as usual; most farmers signing contracts. Winnebago (Forest City)--Oat s e e d i n g practically completed; ground working fine, but very dry; good rain needed at once to germinate oats; dust storm on April 18 : one of many this spring; grass starting slowly account cold weather and drouth; spring plowing for corn now in progress; etock all on full feed yet Gardens Are Slow. Kossuth (Algona)--Dry, windy, with dust storms almost every day; quite a bit of ice froze April 20 and 21; quite warm April 18 and 23; oats practically all seeded; too dry to do much; gardens very slow; oats likely to have an uneven start as seeds near surface are injured or dried out. Floyd (Charles City)--Oat seeding completed; some plowing for corn; dust storms on April 18 and 23; dust mostly imported from northwest; little local dust; getting dry and rain needed; freezing temperature on April 17, 20 and 21; 23 iegrees on April 21 was lowest so late in month since 1927 when 23 was reached on April 23; work hampered by strong winds and low temperature. Butler (Dumont) -- Rain, 0.03; seeding all finished and fields look : ine; some plowing being done; too cold for grass to grow; pastures will be late if we don't have sunshine oon; early potatoes planted with an increase in acreage; buds swelling m trees, but very slow; heavy frost morning of April 21. Ground Is Dry. Franklin (Geneva)--Very hard Lpril 23; air full of dust; ground ery dry; nothing growing much; eed getting scarce; some cattle urned out on pasture; streams very ow; plowing for corn under "way. Wright (Belmond)--Rain badly eeded; all fields very dusty; farm vork well in hand; all crops and ;rass need rain; sunshine adequate. Wlnneshiek (Cresco rural route) --No rain; ground getting very dry; ast year's corn ground, very hard; all plowing works up easily; seed- ng hi full swing; ice on water Thursday, April 19; also Friday and Saturday, April 20 and 21; high winds and dust storms last three lays of week. Soli Drifted. P A Y E T T E (Oelwein) -- Rain 1.10; too dry and hard to plow old "round; some disking done on fall ilowing; old seeding looking very irown; pastures doing nothing; some oats up; soil badly drifted; ianks more than a foot high; wells going dry; worst dust storm ever een in this county on April 23. soil irifting like snow. Hardin (Iowa Falls)--Dry, windy veek; oat seeding completed and plowing for corn started; ground mellow with top soils loose as ashes; old nights retard growth of meadows and pastures; dust drifts in oad ditches 24 to 30 inches deep in laces; fanners disking fall plowing o stop drifting; early sown oats prouting but not yet above ground; small animals and baby chicks doing fair with usual reports of losses reported;, hay very scarce at around 15 per ton. 150 at Thompson Hear Address by Short of Sioux City, Candidate THOMPSON, April 26.--Wallace . Short, Sioux City, candidate for he republican nomination for governor, gave an address at the Princess theater Wednesday afternoon. Je scored the agricultural adminis- ration and also methods by which jovernment is seeking to control reduction. Taxation reforms were idvocated by him. Mr. Short urged lis nomination as governor and aid he would do as he promised. Bill Letting RFC Set Up Export Banks Approved by Senate WASHINGTON, April 26. 5--A ill to permit the Reconstruction orporation to establish export anks to finance foreign trade was assed today by the senate and sent o the house. The bill, one of the aeasures senate leaders marked own for approval before adjournment, was passed without debate or record vote. At the Hospitals A son weighing 6 pounds was om to Mr. and Mrs. Eldo Sadderis, Monroe avenue northwest, at' the Mercy hospital Wednesday. Tommy Paulson, Mason City, was dmitted to the Story hospital hursday for treatment. Mrs. C. W. White, 1409 Ma4ison avenue northwest, was admvicti to the Mercy hospital Wednesday for treatment. James E. Gambell. Forest City, was dismissed from the Park hospital Wednesday following treat- ment for an eye injury receivec April 11, while working on a disc Mrs. A. W. Bahr, 422 Fifth stree southeast, was admitted to the Mer cy hospital Wednesday for a majo operation. 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