Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 11, 1937 · Page 2
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 2

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 11, 1937
Page 2
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« f l!f ~t S) ^ J* U t \- J I .{ f ' lr \\L i : ' * i I I i ' ?; : i-Vi of noxious weeds along secondar/ highways. Early m the senate debate Dono- iiue told the chamber that although the legislature might decide how to spend the three million dollar fund, it'was tentatively Planned to use betwee'n"$1.750 000 and two million dollars to build a new state office building and the remainder for building and repairs at state board 'ot control' institu- One- of the- suggested improvements, he said, was a proposed §400 0.00-building at the state^hospital at Mount Pleasant. -·'Provide Larger Fund. Originally the 'bill; would have usedl-.$2, a op,OpO--of liquor profits lor board of control building and repairs. The amendment providin" a larger fund and permitting its use for -other than board of control building: was - sponsored by DonoHue, and; adopted by the sen- ale Thursday. ; Sponsors of the 25 cent liquor permit argued it would help comb a t , bootlegging and ."enable elderly people who need : liquor for medicinal purposes to get it without paying a dollar for a permit or violating the: law'as.they are now forced to-do." ' .. Opponents qiiestioned the "need" of this medicine." Among them was-Senator C._ Colfax Smith (R) of_·Clarksville, a 'physician, who said 'less than-10 per leent of the liquor sold is used lor medicinal purposes."; , , : . . . Altl to Diffestioii. MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 11 1937 KGLO Mason City Globe- Gazette Mason Cltj. low* (1210 Kilocycles) WHO NBC Red Network Dca Slolnej, low* Central Standard TIma (1000 Kilocycles) THURSDAY NIGHT 6:00 News, P. G. and E. 6:0o H-FrimlJr., Orch. 7:00 News, Currie Van-Ness 7-1? £ ana wha Community News 7.15 Mason City 7 Buffalo Center - ·f- a . m . e . broadcast from dis- tnct tournament at Webster 7:20 Dance Hour 7:30 Sons of the Pioneers 7:45 Concert Hall of the Air n h ? M EU ,'?' Mal ' sh all and Swift 8:05 North Iowa Forum 8:15 Ivory Melodies 8:30 Eadio Night Club Iowa Forum · Highway Oil Co · 9:05 5 Minute .Mystery, United Home Bank S:10 Green Bros. Orch. · _ : }? American Family Robinson Radio Auditions FtU»y, Bjirch IS Rev . ,,,-. --'.·-^'·s.i. ^.iiJgc 110:30 Swing Time 4:00 News Abel and Son 1:15 Slumber Hour 11:30 Goodnight 10:00 News, First^National Bank Later,'however,' he told senators ' 10:05 The Dictators thai: "If you get a half pint of f 0:15 Master Singers aged liquor and take a tablespoon- ~ ' ~ fill before meals, it will stimulate the appetite and aid the digestion." ; : . . . . , . During :the wet-dry debate Senator L. H. Doran (R) of Boone, asked Senator Howard Baldwin (D) ot Cascade, who urged the 25 cent fee,- if; "there is a. great deal of sickness hxypur county, senator?' Baldwin .previously had said he was;'.'not ashamed-to admit', FRIDAY, MARCH 12 Fur that he..had a; permit.. GUFFEYMEASURE Bill to .Regulate Big/Soft i Goal ·Industry Sent '.'.''.'.'.' ; to Senate. ; Sunup Serenade Home Folks Frolic 7:00 News, M a s o n C i t y Shoppe Alarm Clock Hour R-nn i jerke] ' s Musical Clock 8.00 Lyons Musical Breakfast 8.15 Musical Clock and Program Resume , 8:30 Mier Wolf's Melody Time a.OO Voice of Damon's y.oU Time an* Turin*; Tnr*L- *«j Tyler-Ryan MusiS^cS' 10:00 Oneninff am j 5:45 Lambent D ^ ollm 6:00 Musical Clock f : '? g ln E. Neighbor/Sing 6:30 Farm News 6H5 Almanac of Ihe Air 7:00 Musical Clock 7:15 News 7:30 Musical Fashion Notes B:0p Gene and Glenn 8:Ia Musical Clock 9:00 Momin B Melodies 0:15 Belly Crocker 8:30 Betty ana Bob ':« Today's Children 10:00 David Harum 10:15 Backstaee Wife 10:30 Monticello Farly Line 10:4j The Voice of EXReriencc U:08 Killy Keene. Inc. 11 Jn S h . e , Story of Map y M»rHn iJ IS *J atioMI . F ? r " ana Kc me Hour . 15:30 Commercial Program' 1S:45 News . . r : ?2 i t S (her Ra "da»'s Open House 1:13 Jills and Encore! 1:30 Market Beport l:-45 Judy and -Jane J : "S feppw. Young's Family 3:15 Ma Perkins 2:30 Vic and Sade 2:45 The O'Neills ' 3:00 Tea Time 3:30 Way Down East 3:45The Guiding Light ·:00 Drake Hounil Table 4:15 Houseboat Hannah 4:30 Hello Peggy 4:43 Adventures of Dari Dan 5:00 News' 5:05 Revile- 5:15 Junior Nurse Corps 5:30 Jack Armstrong 5:45 Sunset Corners Opry 6:00 Amos 'n' Andy f j{ : JJ Uncle Ezra's Raflio Station 6:30 News 6:45 Musical Moments 7:00 Symphony Concert i 8:00 Waltz Time B:30 Court, of Human Relations 8:00 First Nfghter 9:30 Exploring America. Carvelh Wclk 9:45 Jack Randolph and His Music 10:00 Presenting Virginia Dare 10:15 News 10:30 Stranso Facte 10:35 French Casino Orchestra 11:00 Hoinbow Grill Orchestra .11:30 Trianon Ballroom Orcheslra RADIO RAMBLER KGLO Speaker J. J. Burnett, assistant' chief examiner of the state motor vehicle department, will speak on "The importance of Drivers' License Examining: In Connection with High- VIOLENCE MARKS LABOR DISPUTES Nearly Score Injured When ·Police, Pickets Clash. in California. LABOR AT A GLANCE By The Associated Press h -P E 2ft° IT ~ United Automobile .Workers of America and G e n e r a l Motors corporation · near^final agreement on issues growing out of strike; Chrysler corporation strikers face injunc- L AN S I N G , Mich. -- 2,200 workers made idle by sit dowiv ' : plant. : - -PITTSBURGH -- Carnegie- Illinois Steel corporation hikes wages for 20,000 office and sal- ' ary workers; steel employe representative group maps plan to light committee for industrial organization. ALAMEDA, Cal--Police and pickets clash at California packing corporation plant; several persons injured. f r ^ ?/ ? A G P ~ Underground freight tunnel workers end sit down strike but others start; violence continues in taxicab drivers strike. T - e Iowa forum at 8:05 o'clock Fuday night. Tnis speech will acquaint the public with the value 01 tne examinations. A I » Pilot. at ,. 5 Pasfc over of «'= " Book 10:15 On the Mall | . 10: . 30 Devotional S e r v i c e--The Rev.. Raymon : Ferguson in charge WMT- NBC i Network Cedar Rapids and W«tcrlot, loir» Ccolnl SUnaarfl Tim. eil KHooycfei) FtUlajv Mirch 12 ji£jnEQ to fjt w^uc -icciei'ai ] ; 10 TM'!SJ tll r : giant soft coal industry. .The-measure now goes' to the Organ Reveries ,11:30 This 'and That 12:00 Mid D through without a coal 1240 Co 45 Mid 50 Wolf 12 55 tures :-Gazette -ts--Hubbard C ° ntinUed Co Musical contiol bi cord ;vote, Closely paralleling the Guffey coal control act n ed by-the supreme com r the rnea I ~ T"" 1 "'""' a "««icai ivuma- coTS^^Votn^^h^ ^Wnevu,. cUinued" and pa^nTum prices-forc^" 1 ^ 3 ° fc a ^.. at J* e Steinway, , -*- Fair Trade"Provisions. " '"m^ir^ 0 ^'"* 11 ^^^ 6 elaborate · jnailceting and fair trade practice piovisions' ^Jiacuce vised bill contains no^abor" 6 provisions beyond a declaration o f 5:30 Tall Corn Time 3:53 Farming in the News 8:00 T*ll .Corn Time 0:30 Family Altar 1:00 Ncwstime ,7:10 Musical Clock ; · · 8:00 Tim Brady, and His Hound-Up a:30 Frank Voclkor, Ortantst 8:45 Oddities In the Newj 8:30 Women In the News 8;S5 interlude 9:00 Mornintf Ncwicast .8:15 Scotly Views the Nev« 9 30 Pepper Young's Family Milling ° * s Magic..'Kitchen - . · . . ' . " s I 10:00 Markcls- '. , ' : 10 03 Pine REdge Muslcmakers 10 15 Music Memory · !0 30 Vic" and Sado · . i , o . . miners shall have the light to bargain collectively The legislation would not apply ""Ptive" coal o? to . tax which .. uu .» ,-ji-.ic^ied on all coal ducers. · " . . Attention on Court. congressional attention the court reorganization committees transacted --^^ss and the senate took "ij routine legislation. The houstvagriculture. committee tentatively decided to recom- TM" d . n 'a n yea«y expenditure o£ $125,000,000 to help tenant-farm- crs purchase'land rehabili- rJL° l ' ww-Incpme farmers'. Ihe: senate agriculture committee approved the administration crop insurance bill to protect 1938 Across the city, the navy ' department awarded contracts for 1,700,000 pounds of copper. Some construction work had been held up in; the absence of copper and steel bids; 52 of 65 warships were reported-behind schedule. '/Roosevelt Packs Bags. j The chief executive who re cently has made.two addresses in hi"; h ! L °i Ws col \ rt Plan packed his bags for a southern vacation. He;was scheduled to leave late Thursday afternoon for Warm Springs, Ga. · Representative DIckslein (D ·«· Y.) t appearing .before the house rules -committee, said he coula name : 1QO foreign spies in America trying to establish " fascist government." The name of Gov. Harold G Hoffman of New Jersey was brought into a senate civil libe?! lies investigation of a s t r i k e - a t nanufactui-ing plant at · J. hi,.^":"-, offic ' al testified he hired strike guards from a New York detective agency because the agency was recommended by Governor Hoffman. y JCf (5 Watch For Vance Music Co. 1 45 'Melody Matinee, Fink's and ' -Xne Hub 1.55- Club Galendai 2:00 Mailbag -2- ; 2J.'.Women's Page of the. Air *:oo Reading the Globe-Gazette 4:1= N o r t h w o o d Community Broadcast 4:30 P l y m o u t h C o m m u n i t y Broadcast a:05 News Records from Vance's a:15 Junior Music hall 5:30 Globe-Gazette Want Ads OMS Rosario Bourdon's Orchestra o nn fl undfa erg's Fashion News G.OO News, P e o p l e s Gas and .Electric Co. 6:05 Rudolph Friml, Jr., Orch R i n S?° rts Revie w. Decker Bros. 0.30 Dinner Hour 6:45 Diamond City News 7:00 Nevs, Currle-Van Ness 7:0o Musical Interlude 7'J2 S eview of the Markets ":15 Dance Hour I''A* America « Family Robinson ·B nn ?° ncei -'t' Hall of the Air ^.NSz^^r swift Brilt*' C Ba " d Conlest fr ° n 9:00 News; Highway Oil Co i n n n B r and Con ' c st Continued. inn- " ew . s './»-st National Bank lO.Oo Band Contest Continued 11 ,, M ...... Prjtchai . d M .G40 Kilocycles) WOI College' Slaflon Iowa State Ames, Iowa Friday, March 13 11 00 Homemaker's Matinee 11 15 Lou Webb at the Organ 11.30 WMT Cerman'Band \ ' 11 43 .Noonday Newscast ·; U 55 Cedar Valley Hillbillies 1' 10 Question Man 12 20 Voice ol Iowa 12 30 Markets 12 35 Cedar Valley Hillbillies 12 45 Joe Doakei 12:50 Aunt Fanny 12:55 lows Cornhuskcrs 1:05 Many Happy Bcturns 1:10 Iowa Cornhuskcrs 1:13 Musical Almanac 1:30 BUI. Brown I'The Movie Man" 1:45 Commercial Program 2:00 Izzy on the Air 2:05 Margaret Johnson at the Piano 2:15 Jlmmle Smith Orchestra 2:30 Sammy" Kayo's Orchestra 2:42 Afternoon Music ·3:00 Peggy Fuller 3:15 Reporter ot Odd Facts 3:20 Tunes 3:30 Ed FltzKeralS Company 4:flo Three Rancheros 4:15 Singing Lady 4:43 The Old Homestead 5:00 Harry Keren's Orchestra 3:30 Frank Voelker. Organist 5:40 Stories from Life 5:45 Orphan Annie 6:00 Mile a Minute Hcvuc 0:15 Stainless Show G:30 Evening Newscast 6:t5 Diamond City News 7:00 Irene Rich 7:15 Singln' Sam ^ 7:30 Death Valley Dayi fl:(!0 Discussion of Reorganize Judiciary 0:00 WMT Band Wanon 9:30 Healanl of the South Seas f:45 Elza Schailcrt Previews 10:(lo Dream Songs 10:15 Newstlme 10:30 Dance Band 10:43 Frcddv Martin's Orchestra 11:00 Bob Crosby Orchestra 11:30 Clyde Lucas* Orchestra 12:00 sign orr · MUSICAL CONTEST TO BE AIRED FJJOM BKITT fr^ 11 ^?-,*^- 11 oroai *cast direct fh» m B°it l V. ln c °-°Peralion with the Brttt Commercial ciub the Class Q and Class B band 'contests of the sub-district musical meet being held there. .. At 8; ^ 5 Friday night, 'the first of these broadcasts will emenate from the Britt high school audi- onum, when the Class C bands S i ,?! 5y 'T, Tltonk a- Thompson Swaledale, Rockwell, Manly, Han- Ion own, Goldfield and- Ledyard will be represented in the ff rs night's presentation, each town having a band in tl, e competition scheduled for that night. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ."New outbreaks of violence heightened tension in the fast moving drama of industrial conflict Thursday. Nearly a score-of persons were injured in a clash between police and pickets at the California Packing corporation plant at Alameda, Cal. In Chicago more taxicabs were stoned and non-striking drivers pursued and beaten in a dispute that has crippled cab transportation. At the Lancaster (Pa.) Iron Works, scene of a strike, a crowd pelted workers with eggs. Fear Possible Violence." Injunctive proceedings against Chrysler Motor corporation, strikers gave rise to fear of possible violence at Detroit. The riot at Alameda, third disturbance there within a week stalled when non-union woikeis tued to pass a line of 200 union warehousemen pickets who have attempted (o organize employes. Police released tear gas bombs and firemen shot streams of water at the pickets. Clubs, fists and rocks were brought into play during ihe melee. Clouds of tear gas forced some nearby residents to evacuate their homes. Two policemen and a picket were seriously -Hearing.on Saturday. Circuit Judge Allan Campbell ordered Chrysler .Motor strikers and union officials to show cause Saturday why an i n j u n c t i o n should not be issued. The latter retaliated by announcing sit-down strikers would not permit corporation executives to enter Chrysler plants. Approximately 55,000 employes were made idle by the Chrysler strike, which started after the corporation rejected the United Automobile Workers union demand to be sole bargaining agent for the company's 75,000 -workers. A dispute at the Hudson Motor Car company kept 10,000 idle at Detroit. ,, T , h * u - A.'W. A. called a strike that threw 2,200 workers out of their jobs at the Eeo Motor Car company factory at Lansing, Mich Union officials said the dispute arose over a "general pay cut" and discharge of 15 men for union activities., · . . . · · - , . · Near Final Agreement. Conferees representing the General Motors corporation and the U. A. W. A. were near a final agreement on issues pending since the end of the G. M. strike Feb. 11. The negotiations covered wages, seniority rights, hours piece-work, speed of production and other matters. An agreement ended a six hour sit-down strike that halted operations at the General Motors Chevrolet-Fisher Body plants at St J?u- t The company agreed to prohibit solicitation of workers foi the anti-union Chevrolet Workers guild. At Pittsburgh the Carnegie-Illinois Steel corporation announced extension of a general pay increase on March 16 to more than 20,000 office and salary workers. A steering committee of the corporation's employe representatives ?roup turned down a proposal to toin the American Federation of Labor in fighting John-L. Lewis' committee for industrial oigam- zation. Sit Down Ends. An agreement ended a sitdown strike that kept 450 motormen and freight handlers idle and crippled transportation in underground freight tunnels, at Chicago. Several new strikes started in the city f however.' '· - '·'. .-, -. Some 300 employes of the Chicago Mail Order Company, were on a sitdown for wage boosts. As many, -including 170 women, started a sit-down: at.the Hagard and Marcusson company, manufacturers, of bed springs, .while 345, including .women, .struck at 'the Ludlow Typograph company. . In other Chicago strikes 160 were idle at the Continental Cushion Spring'company, 400 at the Dearborn' Glass company, and 2Z2 at ihe Union Bed company. Some 1,200 employes 'of the Hurley. Machine company, makers of washing machines, resumed work und e r a truce. . . - . - . ' -1,500 Made Idle. : Approximately 1, em- ployes were made idle at the Firestone Tire and Rubber company, at Akron, Ohio, when they encountered ;a;plcket line. A dispute over collective bargaining caused the shutdown of the plant, throwing 10,000 production workers in idleness. :, A 4, trike for higher wages closed the'Eastern Malleable Iron company 'at Waugatuck, Conn., affecting 500 workers. _ Nine, hundred men were made idle by a strike of 500 of .their number, at the Dominion Textile company plant at Sherbrooke Quebec. " ' . . . Two more hosiery mills closed in Berks c o u n t y , Pennsylvania bringing the total to 19 and the total number of employes affected to more thaii 8,000. READY FOR HOP AROUND WORLD Amelia Earhart's $80,000 ''Flying Laboratoiy''- . · Tuned Up. . ; OAKLAND, "Gal., Of)--The ··sil- very. '580,000 ': "flying laboratory" in which Amelia Earhart intends ;tq set out' Monday on a 27,000 mile flight around tlie world was'tuned up Thursday at the Oakland airport for its final tests. . -'··' -'· "I'll" leave Monday as-scheduled unless the weather goes- against me," said the aviatrix who has 'flown the Atlantic, and: the -Pacific from Hawaii-here. - '- . . ."This''is -the best time of the year for such a flight." ' · - . The b i g (Lockheed-Electra) monoplane has a cruising range of 4,000 miles on a capacity-load^ ing of 1,151 gallons of gasoline-ample for the 2,400 miles between hero.' and .Honolulu, first stop on the equatorial route Miss Earhart will follow. · " .-..:;.- Strikers Return to '..... Work at Sioux. Falls OTTUMWA, (ff)~Ho Hill, local secretary of t h e . Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher workmen, reported about 300 men on strike at the John Morrell Co plant at Sioux Falls, S. Dak., have returned to work under an agreement with the company. School Principal Is: . ; .. Innocent of Assault ^ in Spanking Bby^. 13 ALEDO, 111., f/P)_A jury, in' the justice court of W, D. -Emerson) Jr.; .after short deliberation returned an innocent verdict for Forrest E; Glieze, principal of the Aledo junior high schobl,"-He had been charged with assault and battery for the spanking v O f. -Elwood Workman, a - .13 'year'."old- pupil for infraction of disciplinary rules. '..-..' The action was brought by.the boy's father and charged that the boy was .wilfully beaten. " £ECD Mtrrr Both Cofflpanr. in An*, t organisation ,£*ch ytir pro* Idiuinc owr ^u.000 drawing. 1 r offer* ihii arc opportunity to f S ART "i.E«sofsi tt'riu, Mallrrf »ft. fOf. (V*« le**e*t indboofckion Art. · . rfty«f_Berfti Co., tort. DtpV . - - · - - - - - - - . Center, , . --Forest 'City, Clear Lake and Northwood · - ' to A"»c in on / . 2 " n ? 'Saturday nights to hear summarized reports of tlie games Involving 01 Ml ' uic S '"P ' c continued ; *"-°D sJr°v Homc TM k "« r JONcwa of thc°Ho S ur io'»t - w«*njr x-rauicms M\\l ?,"»'«L RoP°rl J : i5 ?. m 'J« Reports ..' :J5 News of the Hour z.Oj Memorial Union Chase · Pro! J B.nd Organ. Howard l e . 3:05 Mastonvork 4-m !S" !l1 5 r ^ ""= Future." Robert Orr ·1:15 Sfusfcalc 4:J5 News Summsry 5:00 Slen OH Illinois 3 Per Gent Sales Tax Measure Sent to Governor SPRINGFIELD, ' (^--Reinstatement of the 3 per cent sales tax on utilities awaited only Governor Hoi-ner's signature Thursday. The administration's relief financing bill, approved by the senate on a 40 to 4 roll call after midnight, was expected to be signed by the governor quickly. That would place in' effect immediately tlie 3 per cent tax on all services of" private and municipal utilities, with the exception of water, and bring Into the state treasury an estimated' $25,000 a day to supplement relief funds raised through the retail sales tax. Wring, Cause of Fire. . AMES, (ff)_ L . G. Keeney of Grinnell, Insurance company offi- lal, reported the average annual arm dwelling fire loss over a ^, ? cai ' Period in Iowa because defective Wiring was $53,000. Willford Funeral to Be Held on Friday WATERLOO, W--Funeral services for A. C. Willford, 59, former Iowa third district congressman, will be conducted at the Masonic temple here Friday afternoon. Clay County Auditor Resigns From Post ! SPENCER, UP) -- Merrill M. Moulton, Clay county auditor for tne last six years, announced hi.i resignation a n d - s a i d he planned to go into the insurance business hero. . In the district basketball me" t being held at Webster CHy. NEW KGLO PROGHAr WILL BEGIN MONDAY "Belle and Martha," popular Kri°o i? ar ?' - Wil1 bc hGard on KGLO beginning Monday at 11-10 each week dar except Saturday when they will go on the air at J0.05 m a program sponsored by the Mason City Baking company^ bakers of Diamond bread. Edith Adams and Gertrude Tyson portray these lovable radio characters. Both are' n a t i v e lowans, although lately they have made their residences in California. They made their first'sustaining appearance on a sustaining basis over KHJ, Los Angeles. Two days later the act was auditioned and sold to a sponsor, lasting 15 weeks The program is built on the everyday happenings of two everyday families and strikes a' responsive, chord in the people who listen to it. Many have compared the act with "Amos 'n' Andy" in its human appeal. Hart, Republican, Wins Vacant Seat' in Iowa's Senate KEOKUK, (/P)_Stanley Hart, a republican, was named successor to the late State Senator T. F. Driscoll, democrat, in a special election held in Lee county Wednesday. He defeated his democratic op ponent, James Vermazen, 2,579 t 2,206 in an unusually light vote. A/i *^ £ajy fanning Fa*tmr ..I DOUBLE BAU, BEARING . ROLLER SKATES [ Actual 14« $2,00 Value .-.1=2 \\. B «iltfor«p«danaharcl i l k . wear! Adjuatablol ,1 Illlllpoubl^hall-beoring .-'·· 11! M i l l * w h e e U t ^ l l I DRUG (f STORES l e .ft k l^ t '- T Take.idvantagc of these'tow Prices: '· | SI* hi Effect Fri. Sat. only at 103 N. Federal! . STAR SPECIALS NEW 6 CUP Porcelain-Drip COFFEE MAKER .Attractive .Durable: , t Sanitary. Withe/trv, mitim platad -cofer' : . . · . 189 1.50 Anutot SuppI, 12'i,.. 1.2SAb«orbin«, Jr... 7ScAcidin« Powder 1.00 Angolus Lipxtick . . . . Analgciic Bul'tn (Koller) .. Abbott'i Halivor Oil Capsules, lOO'a · l . S O Agarol, 16 or. Amelita Theatrical Cold Cream, 8 oz. . . . . . . B»yer» Alps'rin, 24'a 19 C 75cB»umo Dengue, lor....59 c Beef, Iron Wine, Ft 79 C 15c Burnh»m Lotion .......9 O I ,OO Biondex i e 'MIDOL^^ZT ASRRIN TABLETS m±*- BOTTLE of 100 B^a NOSE DROPS 35* SIZE LIMIT 2 TO A CUSTOMER - - I ^ No D'eUer' Way to rna gjAD5ALTS «K 6n CONWN5EO 2Sc J. . J. T»lc':..-=.. ..^ 35c Jiinii Cf um .......... Kopler'«Cq5 Liver Oil with M»U,9q t ....·.·. 70cKruichon S»ltt SOc Campana Dreskln 'S9c 25c Cascarels, IG's . . . I7c ZSc Carter's Pills, 40's 16c Campho-Lyptus Coiiffh Syrup, 4 oz Z3c Chamberlains Hand Lotion, 4 oz.' . . : , . . 42c . . SMOKES TBEATOFTHE WEEK SHAMPOO iTl *-^f AUNT HET By Robert Quillen "When a married woman starts talkin' about her rights, I know what her man gets. She takes what's her right, and he takes what's left." Dob«ll Solution, PL 31 C Dextri Mai to MI, Lb. . . . . . ; . S7 C DOB Food, Po-Do, I Ib. 3 for 2Sc 60c Eno Satta '... 43 C Epwm Salti, S lb» 18e 25cEagle Brand Milk . . . , . 1 8 c 75c Filch Shampoo . . . 5Dc 50c Frostilla Lotion .. 43c Fletcher's Mouth Wash, P' 49c Fels Naptha Soap, 4 for 17 0 75c Fletcher Castorla . 53c 1.00 Golden Peacock Bloach Cream 7) c lOcGarberi Baby Food3for29c Glycerine Roiewater, 601.19c Hex in Tab I eti, 12'a . . . . . . . 19 C ln«ulin...U20-l D e c . . . . . . . . . 66c Irrndol "A" 8 cuf . , . . ' . 87e l.OO Ironiicd Yeait Tab» .. 69c, .SOc lodont Tooth P««te with Painting Free 29c Colwood or El Modelo Cigars GRANGER Tobacco VELVET Tobacco LB. 72 C Se Walgreen HAVANA 53(M^i BLUNTS «-- 50 Cigars .Fresh Grapefruit Juice For * rffc_ Only . .lf| c Step up to your Wai- green fountain and ordara !0 ounce gl*i« of p u r e , . F R E S H . Grapefruit Juice._.on excellent ' builder of alkaline reserve (Hat helpa ward off coldt- Ljfebuoy Soap . . . . . . . 3 ^ i ?c 7Sc Li.terine, 14 ot....., . _ 59,. Leon Laraine Face Crewni; 4 DZ. · - . · - . . . . , . . ' . , . , _ J QQ tction Maybloom, 6 or. .".'. 38 C $1 niar-o-oll Shampoo 67o mineral Oil, Russian, Pint 21 0 50o Nadinqla Cream .. 39c fiOc Nect Depilatory .. 4I C 50c Nature's Remedy SOc Olive--OII, 8 oz 2D C 30c Olive Tablets ... Shamrock Ctnt*r St. Patrick'* Day lev Cr«*m Brlcfc Full 01- Quart ODC RICAL WEEK WALCREEN'S ParkeDavis tod Liver ; Oil, 12oz ..:...^..7 9t Pablum, Pound;. ......... 43^ Perfection Clearutni;- ''·· Tiituei, SOO'm »-'»... 24c SOcPhillip'.Mnlcof " : Ml » nii » .....29e SOc Prophylactic TootU Rubbinj ...*.. 9 C SOc Ret/I or_, dUc..., 29c Mailereraft Underwritfrt' 3 STAGE (High-Medium-Low) ELECTRIC HEATING PAD An efficient heat pad you can uie .^ with confidence. ' 2-TWIN thcr- | 08 mo5Lat« to control the heau Jl' -- TM" Other Keating Pads . . . 2.98 3.98 I Packard tifen mi ^eMrp-Shaver A Itfttim* of Shaving Comfort Gives the moit c o m f o r t a b l e · h a v e . No b r u s h ; Inthcr, blndei, w « l e r . Mastercraft6-Lb. Electric Iron with Heat Indicator 1»« N e w - t y p a indicator shows temperature at a glance.- Unbreakable heat unit. 40o Squlbb's Paste 33 C I 1 T 5 17*5*?"', 4 '^''«-'93o S T 37 Solution, 1Z oz. ?I 35c Sloan's Liniment .. 29o 60c Syrup of Ft gs - ·(Calif.) . . . . . . . . . . . 3Bc SI.10 Tangrce Lipstick · D4c f?= £ Ck T "? fh B^h 3Sc 50c ITnguenllnc · Ointment -, .. jn Vclure Hand Lotion!" 5 oz. with nisrienser . 53 0 25o West's Tooth Paste West's Tooth . Tahs, 60's :;.'.;. · : - - · . . / : . . . ,, . ":' 160

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