Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 7, 1943 · Page 16
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 16

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 7, 1943
Page 16
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16 " _JHUHSDAY..JANUARY_7_ia*a; J-HURSDAY, JANUARY"?, 1943" Backstage in Iowa Politics Many Still Wonder if Wilson May Not Leave for Senate Before Hickenlooper Is Inaugurated By FRANK T. NYE (Iowa Daily Press Writer) DES MOINES, (IDPA)-- As his term draws near its conclusion irov George A. Wilson has 'em guessing again. A lot of 'people are wondering whether he's going to leave for his senate post before tne inauguration of his successor after all. Speculation began when it became known that the date for the anrt IVt i dlnne , r tendered the outgoing governor by his military and statehouse staffs had been changed. * * * ¥ W * . D AY EARLY -- This dinner customarily takes place on the'-eve- mng before the inauguration of the incoming governor, which would oe Jan. 13 this year. However, the dinner is set for Jan. 12 at the ntzy Des Moines club. «,ri?« OV?rn t°i!!' Y ils ° Tn wil1 sing his swan sons to the legislature earlier m the day Jan. 12. Not a few are wondering if he plans to leave for Washington and his senate term immediately after the dinner or whether he will wait for the inauguration of his lieutenant governor-successor. , N -- Looks like the Sals a r e about t o invade another masculine field. Even so, it should insure greater interest in legislation tnis winter. om ^ or " is be ?, nn ing to appear that the legislature will have to employ page girls' since there have been no applications filed for Governor Wilson got his political start as a page boy in the senate. Mayhap Iowa's first woman senator will be a budding! ' 4" # ^i - ·£ ,, It. SPEED-- Once again Comptroller C. Fred Porter, in collaboration ° Wlls ° n and G ° v -Elect B. B. Hickenlooper has the FOOD SUPPLY GROUPS SET UP Will Handle Problems From Distribution 'WASHINGTON, (^Pi--The gav- irnment moved Thursday to dis- el temporary local shortages of meats, butter, eggs and other essential foods by creation o£ state and area committees to handle critical supply problems caused by maldistribution. Secretary of Agriculture Wickard announced that the food administration, which has received reports of food shortages from many areas, notably cities with arge population increases resulting from war plant employment would set up the committees. Composed of representatives of :he food industry and government officials, the groups will investigate complaints oE shortages and seek to obtain needed supplies. They also will, recommend steps to prevent recurrence of shortages. The committees, which expect to begin functioning within 10 days, will servs until .inauguration of consumer rationing of shortage foods. Jft Jft 3ft . DIFFICULT BILL-- This will speed up action" * * , - a o s w e r e Ias * m!nute - Since this is one of the most difficult d ·*» ^ and commit- · ' ' ' J 4 M K ASKINGS-- Various state departments are asking" about $2 ODD 000 more per year for operation purposes during the * * * * * * health resolutions another thought unmttey'res"ck." ' g °° d SETTLEMENT OF DISPUTE SOUGHT R. R., Labor Delegates Called to Conferences CHICAGO, (/P)--The federal government, through the national railway mediation board, called in representatives of class 1 rail- ^re^4 SERVE ENERGY'S A M M U N I T I O N The more tender, more delicious meat-extender -- inexpensive, high-prolein Creameltes--The Cream of Macaroni Productf. ooi«, usr «CIPK ON r MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE The most effective gadget for reducing exercises is an infant.-Dubuque Telegraph-Herald. Knudsen Inspects Gun on Visit Lieut. Gen. William S. Kuud- sen is pictured here as he inspected a Thompson sub-machine gun on occasion of his visit to the Bridgeport, Conn., plant'of the auto-ordnance corporation. Reports Airmen Grin and Accept Food Rationing RANDOLPH FIELD, Tex., (U.R) --Lieut. T. W. Berry, mess officer, said Thursday rationing of food, more strict than that practiced by civilians, had been accepted with a grin by thousands of army airmen in Randolph Field's pilot training school. * * « Curtailment of precious coffee w*s the hardest blow. Berry said, because flyers can use no stronger beverage. Instead of being served three times daily, coffee will appear on the table only 40 times a month under the new rationing rules which went into effect on Tuesday. * * ¥ Berry said tea will appear at mess 12 times a month and cocoa 10 times. But other food categories were hit harder. Meat, canned fruits and vegetables will be the most curtailed. Smoked meats were cut 80 per cent while cold meats, canned meats, chipped beef and wrapped meats, including bacon, will no longer be available. There will be one meatless day a week starting Feb. 1 and later, possibly two, with macaroni and cheese and spaghetti being substituted. Cuts of 80 nd 70 per cent, respectively, were nade in canned fruits and vege- nbles while dried vegetables will B cut 40 per cent. * * * . Dairy products also were ra- iojied. Butter Mill be served only four' days a week and cheese was reduced 35 per cent. Wilk will be cut from one pint per man to one-half pint daily ivith the amount saved going to hospitals and American wounded from abroad. Egg consumption will be reduced 50 per tent. * * * Sugar consumption will be re- uced 20 per cent, Berry said. Other foods, including fresli ·uits, soups and cereals, will be ;rved' in unlimited quantities. Berry said the new diet will be roads and labor Thursday in an effort, to settle amicably wage an closed shop demands of more than 900,000 non-operating em- ployes. George A. Cook, chairman of tne board, planned separate closed conferences each day will spokesmen for both parties at which he hoped to mediate their differences. The board took juris diction o£ the dispute involving 1; unions on Dec. 22. Demands for a closed shop and wage increases of 20 cents ai hour, with a minimum o£ 70 cents an hour, were served on the railroad companies Sept. 25, 1042 In settling a threatened strike late m 1D41 the non-operating em ployes received increases of 10 cents an hour. They had been earning from 3a to 85 cents an hour and had asked raises ranging from 30 to 34 cents. Introduction of the closed shop issue was the first time the subject had been raised in the history of labor relations between the lines and the non-operating groups. The brotherhoods, it was reported, were encouraged to advance the closed shop proposal by recent awards of the war labor board directing certain individual corporations in other industries to place- "union security" clauses into effect. Intervention of the mediation board is the first move of a series provided for under the national railway act designed to dispose of labor controversies without crippling the nation's transportation facilities through strikes. Buy War Savings Bonds and Stamps from your Globe-Gazette carrier 'boy. UNITED FRUIT Co. Phone 748-749 33 Eou State Street Delivery Semce 6 for FRESH VEGETABLES AND FRUIT PINK MEAT TEXAS GRAPEFRUIT, 5 for TEXAS GRAPEFRUIT Seedless, Good Size, or FLORIDA ORANGES Good Size, Sweet and Juicy, doz. . 45c POTATOES, Cobblers k 40c K $2.25 25c POTATOES, E. Ohios k. 40c ? b ° s ° $2.50 POTATOES Idaho Russets, 10 Ib. bag ......... 45c APPLES--EXTRA FANCY QUALITY Delicious - Winesaps - Rome Beauties Try airs. 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Evaporated Milk :; tall cans White House 24c Accepted by Arner. Medical Ass'n. Finest Wheat Farlni 28 oz. pky. Mello-Wheat. 14c As F t a t n r t d in Woman's Day 24c CRISCO 24c WHITE EAGLE 41/2-lfa. Chips .... Pkg. Safe for Washable Colors OXYDOL 2 ^ 3 : 2Ic CAMAY The New V APIA I Toilet Soap Cokes 20c Laundry Soap Just Out! Don't Forget Your Copy of the January IVOIUAX'S DAY--Only 2c SUPER-SUDS I RIGHT TO L I M I T Qir.\NTITIKS r.CSEKVCt) I healthful and no soldier would be hungry after a meal. RitesConducted for Mrs. William Howes BRISTOW -- Funeral services for Mrs. William Howes, v.-lio passed away Sunday after a long illness at the home o£ her daughter, Mrs. Percy Merrill, in Bristow, were held Wednesday afternoon at the Christian church. The pastor, Rev. Geo. A. Beadle, preached the sermon, after which the body was laid to rest in the Dumont cemetery. Mrs. Howes was born in Henton, England in 18G5, and was married to Charles J. Shepherd in the town of her birth. Two children were born to t h i s couple, Charles J. and Mary A. After the death of Mr. Shepherd the wife came to America with, her children, making her home with relatives for a time, in 3901 she was married to William Howes in Hamplon. Two daughters were born to this union, Ruth and Alice, who with Charles J. Shepherd, survive their mother's death. Mrs. Howes was 78 years of age. The selling of sassafras root is thought to be one of the oldest industries of the new world. The Spanish first became acquainted with sassafras in 1528, but the English already w e r e familiar with it because . ' . _.*· i fROM PIANTATIOM TO YOU-DIRECT! W c*. u av avoids many unn ^ c f. Sou l et « 0 ffee of cl-arge, and means ^TM fif £, w cost. i i -- "~~^S^^ Rules for perfect coffee now that rationing is here! --"ditions Ap f Use ' d e s p i t e ^ ' ' ' a t ssSffdsSiS: I »* e S"""'^32*-' "p»£ l^fia-jrjssTiEs 1. Be sure you buy Fresh Coffee.) 2. 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