The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 20, 1936 · Page 2
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 2

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, April 20, 1936
Page 2
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TWO MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, APRIL 20 J| 1936 Jhg soon after communications were established through the diamond drill hole early Sunday morning. Before his cough was heard, however, he had sent words' of cheer to Ms wife at. the drill hole. ' Magill, a war veteran, had not ·been in good health. Dr. Robertson had been treating him for several Says before they went into the mine. The shaft house, standing with one of its edges over the cave in area, was torn down by two tractors to provide timber for the dangerous Reynolds shaft through which it is hoped to rescue the men. TJnable to Keep Up. ' Draegermen (mine emergency experts) from Stellarton and a life saving crew from Porcupine, Ont, were clawing and picking through the unpropped entrance with little regard to their own safety. They were advancing so rapidly that pit- proppers behind them were unable to keep up. All available timber, cut at a 'sawmill nearby, had already been used. · previously, the men below had shouted up the pipe to warn the rescue workers against blasting toward them. "It will be all right now if you blow the steam whistle first," Dr Robertson told the surface crew. Waiting at Scene. 'Complete "emergency equipmen 'stood waiting at the scene ready tc treat the exhausted men when thej are brought to the surface. All Sunday the trapped mei found it difficult to reach the dril hole because of rising water, anc still harder to pick food and sup plies from it with -seepage wate being forced out at great pressure. Finally a rubber hose was le down and carried by the men t the cave where they had lived week. Soup and other liquid nour ishment was sent down through th hose from the surface. By tapping at the pipe line an shouting, however, they were al ways able to communicate with th surface where Mrs. Magill and Mr obertson waited patiently for a escue to be effected. Carried Out Exhausted. One of the draegermen, Jack impson was carried out of the shaft axhausted. Another of the ame crew, Bill Boudoux, ill and or- ered out of the shaft, returned to ;place Simpson. "They're crazy men." one of the ngineers declared. "We can't do nything with them." Less than 15 feet of rock and earth eparated the rescue workers and he two survivors of the caveln. It became impossible to pour any more food to the survivors through he tube through which communica. ion was first established with them arly Sunday morning. Mine Manager Henderson said the water, seeping down through the old works, was so high around the bot- om of the tube that the men were unable to reach it. Another Dividend Is Announced by Bank WATERLOO, (/P)--An additional 12 per cent dividend which will distribute more than $400,000 to 6,800 depositors in the Commercial National bank has been authorized. George i S. Mornin. receiver, announced Monday. This dividend will make a total of 60,per cent paid so far. 5 Children Drowned as Their Boat Sinks KUDSK, Russia, UP)-- Five children, all tinder 12 years of age, drowned Monday after an overloaded boat, carrying them from school to their homes on collective farms, sank in the Oka river. Farmers diving into the river, saved 11 children. AGE OVER YOUTH Oscar Eckhardt, aged rookie outfielder with Brooklyn, hit .399 in the Pacific Coast league last year, while Joe DiMaggio, young outfielder with the Yanks, hit 398. UHLAND TALKS ON SOIL SAVING Conservator Heard by Iowa Chamber of Commerce Secretaries. DES MOINES. /P--R. E. Uhland, regional conservator of the federal conservation service, told Iowa chamber of commerce secretaries here Monday that soil conservation and better farming practices will give communities far greater returns than would a new factoy. An increase of $100 in the income of "each of you farmers," he said. "means that your city and small surrounding towns will benefit to the extent of $800,000 more money spent in a year. "That would mean as much as if you obtained in your city a new factory which employed 300 men at $1,000 a year. Know of Cases. "We all know of cases where cities have spent thousands of dollars to buy sites and buildings for factories when bidding against other cities, yet in farms reside a permanent and sore source of income over the years if that income is properly protected by good farming methods--otherwise the total income of your community may dwindle to a few thousand dollars a year just as soil losses cause the dwindling: of the farm income." Allegheny Mountain Crash Takes Lives of Pilot and Wife JOHNSTOWN, Pa., UP)--The second Allegheny mountain air tragedy in a fortnight marked up as victims Frederick H. Harvey, Kansas City business executive, and his wife. The 41 year old vice president of the Harvey railway eating- house system and Mrs. Elizabeth Harvey, 31 died Sunday in the flaming wreckage of their airplane . on a rocky hilltop 15 miles from Johns- _, miles to the southeast, near Uniontown, the big air transport Sun Racer fell in the mountains April 7 and took the lives of 10 pasengers and two pilots. Harvey, a veteran pilot and a director of Transcontinental and Western airlines, had flown east to meet Mrs. Harvey, returning from a visit in England. Get Wise To HI. HENRY/ DIDN'T SEE YOU AT THE PARTY LAST NIGHT. SICK OR SOMETHING ? L , ^ NOPE! TILL1E THINKS MY OLD 5UIT 15 TERRIBLE AND I CAN'T STEP OUT IN HIH SOCIETY WEA.RIN A RAGr. GET WISE TO YOURSELF. HENRY! GOTO ABELSON1HC. BUY A NEW ONE ON THEIR UDET PLAN. PAY'S DOWN.,.. SPLIT THE BALANCE OVER 10 WEEKS. YEAH! BUT IT CERTAINLY MUST COST EXTRA/ EXTRA NOTHIN! I BUY AT ABEL 50N INC. ON THE BUDGET ALWAYS - AND THERE'S NOTHING- EXTRA. GO DOWN-TODAY HENRY AND SEE THEM. AND YOU'LL GET THE VALUES OF YOUR L I F E f SMUNGWOfcTH SUITS »3S. MO. Ubland said the time has come when it is realized that for the benefit and future welfare of the nation the soil must be considered as "belonging to all of us" and demanding adequate preservation and protection of the one vast natural resource. Tons ol Soil Lost. Directing attention to an.estimate that .about 30 billion tons of soil have washed away from Iowa since its cultivation was begun by the pioneers, Uhland said:. "In other words, Iowa farms have lost far more from soil erosion than they have from all the crops they, have ever grown." HIGHWAY TOLL IS 100 IN 110 DAYS Eight Lives Claimed During Past Week on Roads of State. By ASSOCIATED PRESS. One hundred lives sacrificed in 110 days--that's Iowa's highway traffic toll to date in 1936. Death was an eager stalker during the last week, bagging eight victims, two hardly more than babies, three of them girls. Robert Hane, 4, died after he was run over by an oil truck driven by his father, Virgil Hane, at Bronson. Runs Across Road. Calvin Myers, 9, met death when he-ran across the road at the Mount HOME BUILDING AT FORE AGAIN Wagner Bill Urged; Senate Seeks Action on Flood Control Act. WASHINGTON, UP} -- The long search for a federal policy to encourage home building and slum clearance brought Senator Wagner (D-N. Y.) and Secretary Ickes Monday before the senate labor committee, on behalf of Wagner's ?876,000,000 bill. ' While the senate sought action on flood control legislation and the house worked on minor bills pending receipt of the tax legislation, Wagner appealed for elimination of dangerous "social and economic conditions" by government aid toward construction of ten million homes in the next ten years. Ickes seconded bis argument that slums breed criminals. President Roosevelt meanwhile sought to ease the difficulties created by congressional failure to provide funds to carry on the Passama- quoddy, Me., tide power project. He conferred with Governor Brann of Maine and army engineers, as well as the state's delegation to congress. To Attend Burial. The president and Mrs. Roosevelt will attend the burial of Louis McHenry Howe, his late secretary, at Fall River, Mass., on Wednesday. Suceeding days will be spent at his Hyde Park, N. Y., home until an address in New York Saturday night. Among other developments during the day: Utilities counsel argued in court against allotments of PWA funds for municipal power plants. Congressional committees found relatively little to do. ^ Begin to Lighten Ship. The annual period of tossing- legislation overboard to lighten the congressional ship and* reach adjournment port has begun. Leaders indicated that the only things considered essential are the WINNERS PRIME FOR STATE MEET Hampton and Northwood Win Superior in Class B Band Contest. Winners of superior ratings in the North Central district music contest held here Friday and Saturday were launched Monday on final preparations for the state contest to be held April 30, May 1 and 2 at Iowa City. About 2.500 competed in the contest, with honors being distributed among many schools. In the hotely contested class B concert band event, Hampton and Northwood received the superior ranking. Class A band superior rankings went to Eagle Grove and Ames while in class C Sheffield and Manly walked away with the superior ratings. ' Boone received superior in class A orchestra. Story City in class B orchestra and Rolfe in class C orchestra. The mixed chorus, another event which drew many here, resulted in Mason City getting the superior ranking in class AA, Ames m class A, Eldora and Lake Mills, the latter a consistent chorus winner, in class B and Slater in class C. Zion school near Keosauqua into the' path of a car driven by Forest Howard. Near Derby, Frances Jones, 12, a farm girl, was run down by an automobile driven by Wright Newsome. She had been walking home from school. Lucille Mauser, 17, of Creston lived two hours after, the car in which she was riding skidded and overturned. Beulah Lyons. Fonda died of a crushed skull suffered in a similar accident. Goes to Sleep. .Jack Kennedy, 48, of Sheldon apparently went to sleep as he drove along the highway near Paullina in his beer truck. The truck crashed into a bridge head and killed him. · An automobile driven by William Cavanaugh, 50, of Flagler, collided with two trucks. He died in the crash. George Hauser, 34, of Mernll, died of. injuries suffered when his motorcycle crashed into a telephone pole south of Merrill. NEWSMEN HEAR MENCKEN, LEWIS One Urges More Emphasis on Editorials, Other Talks on Free Press. · · NEW YORK, (£---Two noted newspapermen, Henry L. Mencken and Sir Willmott Lewis, addressed the annual luncheon of the Associated Press Monday, with Mencken urging a greater emphasis on editorial pages and Sir Willmott calling news "thu chief source of opinion by which government in democratic countries must proceed." Sir Willmott. Washington corres--1 pendent of the London Times, stressing the importance of a free press, said: "The newspapers of today are not in all lands free, hut where they still have liberty and defend it--against enemies without and within--where they stand for discussion and agreement, setting themselves unbreakably against the regimentation of custom and obedience by goosestep, tax bill, with which they hope to raise $799,000,000 of revenue, and president Roosevelt's request for $1,500,000,000 for relief for next year. If such measures as ship subsidies, low cost housing and omnibus flood control cannot be enacted before June l,,then it'was indicated that congress would adjourn anyway and leave them for next year. Finishing Tax Bill. The house ways and means committee planned to put in its last lick of work Monday on the tax bill, which is featured by a new type levy on corporation .income, graduated according to the percentage of income withheld from distribution to stockholders. The committee hoped to be able to report the bill to the house Tuesday^ In that case, debate might begin Wednesday. Leaders figure it will be at least a month before the measure is enacted. While an' appropriations subcommittee gave further consideration to a deficiency supply bill carrying the 51,500,000,000 for relief, a treasury report showed the status of the "54,880,000,000 fund voted by congress last year. Z Billion Not Spent. Of the huge sum more than $2,000,000,000 remains unexpended. If spending goes on at the rate of the past three months, there will be Sl,218,000,000 left at the end of the fiscal year, considerably more than the 11,000,000,000 .left "over predicted by President Roosevelt. Other Washington developments: The senate lobby committee concentrated on gathering information bearing on the American Liberty league. It was indicated that soon I Following are summaries of the district music contest held here Friday and Saturday. ' TRUMPET-CORNET S O L O -- Gartb. Griswold, Eagle Grove; Robert Runyan, Mason City; George Olson, Kensett, superior; Keith Richard Rolfe; Donald Opeheim, Bode; Louis Keifitz, Marshalltown, excellent. . ,,·**, TROMBONE SOLO'-- Lloyd Nichols, Mason City and John Bloom- enschein, Ames, superior; Robert Bjorgo, Kensett, and Arlene Battershell Pocahonas, excellent. MARIMBA-XYLOPHONE SOLO --Murial ' Twedt, Marshalltown; Ruth Buehler, Mason City; Vivian Cooper, Melbourne, superior; Shirlev Ann Scales, Manson, excellent! GIRLS' SMALL VOCAL GROUP-Class AA-A, Eagle Grove, superior; Boone, Mason City and Ames, ex"MARCHING BAND -town, Class AA, superior; Grove, Class A, superior; Eldora Class B, excellent; Ackley and Thompson, Class C, excellent MIXED SMALL VOCAL GROUP --Class AA-A, Mason City, superior; Class B-C, Northwood, superior- Britt, Lake Mills, Iowa Falls, and' Rockwell City, excellent; Roland, Plover, Melbourne and Pome- r °GIRLs' GLEE CLUB, Class C, Rolfe superior; Gilbert, Plover, Renwick, Bode, Slater, Thompson and State Center, excellent; Fertile and Stratford, good. BASSOON SOLO--Doris Garvey, Mason City, and Jean Spaulding, Marshalltown, superior. FLUTE SOLO--Bob Major, Mason City and Katherine Madson, Northwood, superior; Pauline Whannel, Laurens, and Dorothy West, State Center, excellent. SNARE DRUM SOLO-- Ruth Buehler, Mason City, superior; Har old Wabshaw, Eagle Grove, and Marie Spratt Ames, excellent. WOODWIND GROUPS -- Class AA-A, Mason City, superior; Ames, excellent; and Boone, good. BRASS GROUPS--Class AA-A, Mason City, superior; Eagle Grove, excellent; Ames, good. Class B-C, Northwood and Nevada, superior; Eldora and Clear Lake, excellent. GIRLS' SMALL VOCAL GROUP --Class B-C, Estherville, Nevada, | Northwood and Rockwell City, superior: Eldora, Forest City, Hampton Manson, State Center and Scranton, excellent; Britt,.. Iowa Falls, Jefferson and Plover, good. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB, Class B-Eldora, Northwood, Lake Mills, and Rockwell City, superior; Garner Nevada, Scranton and Story City excellent; Pocahontas, good. MIXED CHORUS -- Class AA, Mason City, superior; Class A, Ames, superior; Eagle Grove, ex- Head and Venter Get F. R. Appointments to U. S. National Guard WASHINGTON, UP) -- President Roosevelt Monday nominated Brig. Gen. Bwell Lewis Head of the Oklahoma national guard, and Brig. Gen. Raymond Albert Yenter, of the Iowa national guard, to be brigadier generals in the national guard of the United States. Brings Plane Down Without Bad Injury to Self or 3 Others DES MOINES, (jP--Gliding his dead motored plane from over downtown Des Moines to a plowed field south of the city^ Floyd Davis, commercial pilot, brought the ship down without serious injury to himself or three passengers. Burglars Get Gold in Dentist's Office DES MOINES, (m--The state bu reau of investigation reported Mon day that burglars entered a den list's office at Sac City and stole from $125 to $150 In old dental gold ,N, SNIDER DIES AT CHARLES CITY : ather of Mason Cityan Was Formerly in Business and Banking. CHARLES CITY--I. N. Snyder, 71, resident of Charles City for 57 years, died here Saturday afternoon following several months' illness. Mr. Snyder had been engaged in COMPLETE Moving Service · Don't worry over last minute Moving details. Place your problem in our hands. Our expert movers will take care of every last item with "the greatest of ease." the hardware business, was cashier of the Commercial National bank for 10 years and lately owned and operated a turkey ranch near Charles City. He is survived by his wife, Catherine and two sons, Carl, of Mason City, and Donald of Los Angeles, Cal. Funeral arrangements have not been completed pending the arrival of the son from California. Cuts Off His Finger. FAIRFIELD, UP)--Paul Tackett, 18, chopping kindling, chopped off the index finger of his left hand. Cadwell Transfer Storage Co PHONE 216 303 EIGHTH STREET S. W. SEARS SEROCO PAINT BRING BEAUTY TO EVERY ROOM AT A SAVING! Fresh new color .. ..assured quality ... in every can of Seroco Paint. Yet, because you buy it direct from the manufacturer, Seroco affords you substantial saving. Read below how inexpensively you can beautify any room . .. then plan to paint yours now! even the cynic may find a place for hope." Mencken, of the Baltimore Sun papers, said the newspaper "is not only a newsmonger. It is also a critic. "That it may be a bad one is beside the point; nine-tenths of al! critics are bad ones," the editor and writer said. "The essential thing is that it is the only critical agency of any genuine competence and influence that is left in the American scheme of things." 'after league' officials testify, the committee may wind up its .inquiry. Five power companies went into District-of Columbia supreme court to argue that the public works administration, which has a program of loans for municipal power plants, is unconstitutional. Jerome Frank headed government counsel battling the companies. Railroad Uses Buses After Bridge Burns WATERLOO, UFl--,The Waterloo, Cedar Falls and Northern railroad Monday was using buses on the line to Waverly, following burning of a small bridge two miles north of Wa; terloo Sunday by a grass fire. A new bridge was expected to be ready for use by the interurban cars by Tuesday. Former Church Ixt Sold. RAKE--The vacant lot formerly occupied by the Methodist church which was moved to Ellis Point, was sold at morning to Rake. an auction Saturday Fred D. Havnen of JilllC^, 3tJJk/*.l.*v» f --. o ' cellent; Class B, Eldora and Lake Mills' superior; Rockwell City, Clarion Britt, Northwood and Nevada excellent, Class C. Slater, superior; Renwick, Plover, Thompson, Hurt and Gilbert, excellent; Churdan, good. . CONCERT BAND -- Class A, Eagle Grove and Ames, superior; Class B, Hampton and Northwood, superior- Eldora, Nevada, Jefferson and Lake City, excellent; Class C, Sheffield and Manly, superior; Ringsted, Ackley and State Center, excellent. ORCHESTRA--Class A, Boone, superior; Ames, excellent; Class B, Story City, superior;, Britt, excellent; Jefferson, Lake City and Clarion good; Pocaliontas, average; Class C, Rolfe, superior; Renwick, excellent. Des Moines Streetcar and Fire Truck Crash DES MOINES, /P--A fire truck and a streetcar collided here Monday as the truck left the fire station to answer an early morning alarm. The truck was damaged but the streetcar proceeded on its way after the accident None was injured. ______ National Union for Social Justice Meets LE MARS, ( -- One hundred thirty-eight delegates attended a district meeting of the National Union for Social Justice at Marcus. They represented 30 local organizations in 13 counties. Visitor From Cnlcago. HANLONTOWN -- Mrs. Belle Monson of Chicago arrived at the M C. Monson home for a few days' stay. While here she will attend to her farming ville. interests near Scar- A Beautiful New Kitchen Brighten an'8x8 ft. kitchen at this low price. Includes % gal. Serotone Semi Gloss Paint for walls and ceiling, and 1 pt. Ser- oco 4 Hour Enamel for trim. Complete A Restful New Bedroom Colorful charm for a 10x18 ft. bedroom. Complete price includes 1 gal. 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'Patterns for every taste. » Single " Koll I Single ' Koll C Single ** Roll 23-25 East State Street Mason City Phone 803 m Wi-l

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