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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Tuesday, June 2, 1818
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JtEfV - YOHK F.HJflSO POST. TUESDAY, JUNE C. Tlse foltowtog impartial summary ofthe pro - ceedingi of lb last congress, with the remark on their future itate, are Interest ing as taken from Uie government paper at Wash ; injton. - . JVoiii I Ae Afcftenol Intdligtncrr, .Vvy 20. 7ne fare ttttion tifctmgreu - When we took, few day ago, a brief view of tho measure of a public nature which had been consummated during the late session of congress - , we intimated ' au intention to notice, at a future day, tliotc measures of a like character, whii h were proposed, but wera either positively rric led, or fail ed, from the want of inclination or the want of 1 time, to receive a final decision in Dotn notuw. Thit promts we proceed to redeem the awe - ..? . - ..1.1... .ILntLul M reaUiiynnce we ercci mi f""" - okl,uwv14 not a generally directed, as we think it ought to De, to In legislative orrtntaoi uie iuu - cemt, than which it turely neetls no argument to shew that those whicn attract mucn more bv " tention much lex require it. First, in the order ol importance, may be rant ed the Question of the tower of rongrest over in ternal improvement, which occupied so large a portion of the time oftlie home of representatives. The rote which was taken on this pbject ranoot ' be said to have settled any principle the votes respecting it, both in the alhrmatne andurga. live, having been riven under various construction.' of the terms of the several propositions stib - mitted fur decision, on all of which the opposing ides were nearly balanced. It is certain, at least, that no future coagres will feci if sell bound by it s and that no advantage has been pained, by the long discussion of it, either to the opponents or advocate of the power, excepting tbe flood of light which lne derate lias tned ou the question. Tie bill reported in the houte of representa live, to provide for organising, arming and dii cinliDin? the militia oftlie United, states, wat not 10 much as taken up ; nor did any bill pat the svaate on the subject. . Ibui, from teuton to tesiion, from congrest to congress, this subject is agitated, referred to committee, reported on, and deferred tor a time of greater leisuieaud mora convenient opportunity. Mean whue. lime waits not for congress j the oppoi tunity pasei by ; and the approach or prospect ol another war Will stimulate attention to it, at a seasou sum in n state of the public mind, of all other the most unfit tor correct legislation on it. During peace, few are found to deny the importance of such an organisation ol the militia, a win suojeel it to those authorities to whom the constitution has Confided the defence of the country (rom invasion, the prosecution of war, and the suppression of insurrection. But, when war comes, when rebellion is in arms, party spirit is up, our bad painoot are inflamed, and that is wimneiu, from distrust, Jealousy, or hate, which, at other times, would have been readily impart. I, under the sense of duty and the obligations ol patriotism. This subject would long ago have been acted on, hud the people regarded Uie mean sol preserving their liberties with half the interest which was excited by the mode of compensating the representatives to congress for their services. The disparity in the magnitude of the objects need not be remarked. ' Tbe question respecting the Massachusetts claim, for the services ol their militia during Uie lata war, was presented to the attention of con - rreks, referred to committees, but not acted on. It is believed, that the prosecution of the claim was voluntarily deferred, by it advocates, to the next session of congress. A worse fate attended tbe claim of certain citirens of Gt - oria, for militia service rendered during the lt administration of president Washington ; which was deba ted with much teal, and tome acrimony, and finally rejected. There were several proposition and bills re jected, at different periods of the KMon, which of which was trratitui if inaxinrpt. the VAUf de aud bonerolenro. and the anticipated efiect, to secure to the United states the cheerful repletion of its military rank, should any future emergency require it. The whole ol these measure we cannot recal but the Allowing are the principal object they embraced : to authorise the commutation of ioMii - iV bounty lands for money ; 4o provide for the widows and orphan of the soldiers of the regular army, who were killed in bat'le, or died in service duriiv thela'e war; to extend, for a further term of five year, the pensions heretofore granted to llie widow and orphans ofoihcers a'.d sol Jit - rs of the militia who were in like marine. - k.llcd or died in service ; to give donation of land to the ditband - td and deranged officer of the army ; to allow an additional ration per day to each commissioned officer in the service of the United Mates Though of a general similitude of character, we nave ny no means regarded these measures a e - (jual in merit. Our reader will probably agree with us, that there is more th in one of them affording much room for difference of opinion a - mongst those whose sentiments generally accord. The establishment of a corps of invalids was again proposed at the lan session, and agaiu rejected. A like fate, on similar grounds, attendaj the proposition to establish three additional military academic, and, on what grounds we know not, the motion to establish an additional armory on tbe western water, lint the fate of uooe of these is so much to be regretted as of tho bill concerning invalid pcniiouor. This is an annual bill, for adriiug to the (tension list those crippled ana worn down veterans who present thcinsi'lves at the pension office during the pre - ced ug year. The bill failed at tho late session, because its passage in the house of representatives was deferred to so late an hour of the res - lion, that the senate could not act on it. In like manner (ailed in the senate the lull, which had passed the other house, for the relief of the ve - terau Starke and the only bill, which had passed the ordeal of the vigilant committee of claims and house of representatives, for indemnifying a citisra for hi property de - troy ed whil't in thr military service during the hate war. I his mode of reji'tlion, to little salutatory, is the result of debates too long protracted. .The bill to establish an uniform system of bankruptcy, and that t regulate tbe exercise ol the right of expatriation, tho one a question ol expediency merelr, the other iuvolvingalso con sideratinns of national and constitutional law, shared the same fate ; having been debated, sut tained for a while, aud Dually rejected. Anxiously supported and warmly opposed, they wanted the decided countenance of the public to carry them through. It is not known, but appears to be generally beliercd, that both the propositions will he revived at the next session the firmsr, it is hoped, with a prospect of better success. 'Ibnse ia the various sections of our country who favor this measure, have it in their power, by due activity, to do much to secure the pawige of the law. Whci e the representative doubts, Uie voice of hi constituents will ren - W, his vote. The passg - of the bankrupt law ad the revival of the claims' law, as it i. jrenc - rally cJIcd, on both of which ronp - es, turned their ba. k at the late session would - - lad Jen ma - ny a har aud have a rueral tenoVut y to iu - Teorate society an J bnhin il..rk; : KelaUft to the luJiciirr. ami I . li .i ceeding., there were several proportions before row nouses, or a geuer.l as e;l a particular T, m uiu noi pass, i lie prominent one w. in.i v uicr n orautztiioo or the tourt of the United ia e si a, m ons ituteasu presar enort, to W - omoo - ed of 'lie f.rnt cir - coiijiKS , aod to aulbor,., ,e ai.'m'mntof other circuit j. 1. ,r 'ieu .f ih - - u. This pro - I 111., I sided en. AbiUtoirssreasetheMmDejssaiinB.rW, a out uuncreaje the d n I the present ciroait judge P - the uaU was rejected m the other nous I different shape but Anally reject), m i the last aigblof theeeMtoii, ta cowequencs) of a disagreement between the two house as to soots other point to Use wu. ii I ha aflVet which certain records aod Judicial pro ceeding of the courts of each state shall have 3 r k. fi in every outer state, ana u uio iw v u w Mates ; Uie oui respecting iujiuto iraujuraw the bill to rerulate passeuger ship and vessels the bill respecting the transportation of persons of color for sale or to be held to labor, all faded, the first of them after a long debate, in which much law learning was displayed. In regard to those subjects strictly legal, we profess not to be uDicieotly acquainted witn to speak ol them We cannot but believe, however, that the fram. ers of Uie constitution never intended the judge of our higheit court of judicature to travel, the year round, with the undignified speed ol post boys, from court bouse to court bouse. leaving I pace of a few tbiys in a year only for their most solemn duties. - With such a bench as our ; in dependently of all consideration of the general interest, a little more regard, we think, ought to be paid to tbe personal comfort, nay, to the personal safety of those who illustrate it by u.eir character and abilities. Tbe proposition to increase the salaries of the heads of departments was also rejected, in con sequence of a disagreement between the two bouses a to tho rate of increase, i his mea sore, as well a the increase of the compensn tion of the judges, oay be regarded as only de ferred until the next session of coogres; when it appear to as impossible they should not take effect. The poor stipeud now allowed to tliem does not pay the bouie - rent and marketing of the former, and scarcely the itinerary expenses of the latter, even ou the most economical scale ; aud it is derogatory to the character of a nation o t all its eminent citirens from home into public lutions, lcaviog to them tbe opium of starvation or impoverishment. 1 ho bill to authorise the anpomtmeut of a vice president and vice - cashier for the bank of the I nit J Slates, passed the senate but was re jecteil in the houte of representatives, beiuj warmly astailed by Ibe western members paticu laxly, whose constituents wero suffering under the pressure occasioned, a they contended, by he oiieration of the bauU and it branches. W e houlJ think, from what passed, that Ibis propo sition never will receive the sanction of con - gress. Beside these propositions of a public nature, which failed after being (ubmittcd to oue or the other houte, there were more than an hundred reports and bills respecting private claims, which were rejected, or not acted on for want of time. Far tbe greater part of them fell within the lat ter description, and most of them, if acted on at all, would have been rejected. One of the re jected case we caunot help regarding as one of great hardship. It was that of a bill, or two bills for the relief of Johu Anderson in case of los - of small amount, sustained in consequence of bis spirited and patriotic conduct during the late war. Alter these bill had found favor with tho house of representatives, he committed that unfortunate mistake, by confounding the duties a mere clerk with those of a legislator, and offering money to a member fur labor he desired be rendered, which cost the house so much time. His error was not - o great, but public - exposure as a criminal was, and indeed, was so emed by congress, a sufficient punishment. a fine had been levied for this otfencc, it would have been a different mut er; but we .uinot consider that what was rather folly than criiie, should hu e operated as a bar to the recovery of claims against tho United Ftatcs, hi. h had been solemnly pronounced just. But, perhaps there were other petitioners, seJuctd to the seat of government by the hope of success. some with, and ionic without juit cause, inerit - g equal commiscra'ion. 3 he cla mant from Niagara, who borrowed from their neighbors tlm means of travelling here ; whose hopes were confident of at leapt partial relief, were left, ou the rejection ol the lull embracing such a prnvi - ion, pcunvlott, to find their way home, and con - Tie, as they could, their wives and children. ::u h, however, it may be said, and, we acknow ledge, with much truth it may he said, is gene rally the consequence of tho disapiicintmcnt of anguine expedition and elated hope. aotwunrtiinuiiig this formidable list of rnec - tions, we are on '.he whole impressed with the htlif l, tiiat as hi tic was left undone at the last etiftn, of what had been proposrd, as at an) ssiou lor ten years pa - t. And, iu rcsard to the gooif lhat was left undone, it is no incon - iderithle consolati n of tho regrets which may bo felt on ti t account, that it is of a nature which may be writ done at a lu' uro day. I here wcie many propositions be.fore con - fress, as thero ahntsarr, which assumed no affirmative shape; such, for instance, as that to appoint a branch of tho general lVt - olfke be yond the Alleghany mountain!; on which the committee rejorted We should have been sorry had it been othrwin : fov we cannot conceive, unless merely the establishment of subordinate supeiiutending offices in every section of the country were intended, a measure of so little npphrenl magnitude, that would have a tendency to fatal to the integrity and perpctu ity of the union, which it would be Uie entering wedge to drive asunder. llngtAt this subject seems to bo cenerallv agitated, aud ns it apcars desirable, that tho hogs should ni t be permitted to run loose in the streets, it would effectually prevent the evil, it an ordinance was pased, giving peruiisiiu, aflrr a reasonable period, for any person to scire, take, and apply to their own use, anv hogs which shall be found in tho streets, the consequent o of which would be, that the interest of owners would in - ice litem to keep these animals from ruuuhtg loose. A 'at. Adv. We arc glad at length to see the National Ad vocate make commnu cause against this common nuisance, and bo)e, since all partus unite in ex pressing (he nine opinion, Ihe authorities of the city may be induced to interfere. Hut the re medy above recouiiucudcd canuot legally be resorted to ; the rorporalian have no power, without express legislative authnrily, to pass an ordi - nre with such a penalty. Other cuallics may, however, be devised, not less cOVctual. lam' sorry, I conks, to see the orJiuaoce requiring hog to be rung, for it iirm to recognize the le gality of their runniog at large, under the prescribed condition ; aod sut h a partial remedy is really worse than none. Let us be rid ol litem at ouce and forever. We art desired to state, That Mr. Ten Cate, lata charge de affaire of hi majesty tbe kiug of the Netherlands, is not going to Kurope in the brig Ohio, of this port, as Mated in this paper yesterday. FROM OUR COHRESfOADEJVT. Olfice of tbe Norfolk Herald, ) Friday, May 59. 1m' tit from Vtt SpanuK .Ueine, via Jamaica. fly the sthr Perseverance, arrivrd at this post on Wadncsd: l r 1 : t. f - . , . , ,i ce,ved from au obuguig correspoiKleol, a file of ; r iui iron Jiiuita. st unvc I r - i trie sungitoa Koyal (iaaetle to the S I intt. from 1 hu h we ext act the followinr mtereslinr arts - cl. s ol uitellijeuce from the seat of war in Vene - sue.a. KTVG - TOV, May t. rUceut accounts from 9t. Thomas, recta vrd in this citr, via Santo l)ouiu(o, ute, that iufor - . ? i ?r , oompensaUon a, racm bavmg be., lake. byth. forces a short lima Tmiou, aatl thai the amy of gen. Morillo had been almost annihilated, at a place called Cariagnito, near La Guayra. Tbe rovalists were in conaeauence emigrating from all Quarters, and solicitations bad been made by gen Morillo to tbe governor of Curracoa, to allow the LVitcb frigate at tbat island to assist in pro Ucttng the emigration, bat which no naa uecu ned acceding to. Tbe Union. Blake, arrived at Black Ri ver, on the 17th instant, from Bristol. The following is an extract from ber log book : M On" Alt vela, Friday, April 10. A.JVt. a sail astern i 4 P. M. the vessel e - tern making all sail possible, and sweeping ; in the coarse of the evening fired two shots at ns, our ship under all sail. Saturday, 1 ltb, 5 A. M. observed tbe same vessel three mile in our lee bow ; 0, sail tacked, and stood to the E. and fired at us ; 7, tacked to tbe W. and fired another gun ; 8, the rail in our wake comin? no with as fast, fired arun ; v, came alongside, and ordered our boat ou board ; 10. a number of ber crew came on board, and plundered us of a tierce of beef, two barrels of nor k. five barrels ol hernnsrt ana Its nampcre oi potatoes. On capt. Blake's demanding payment for tbe articles taken from him, the officers con sulted among themselves for a short time, and then brooght a charge against the ship for up ward of 500. being for shot fired at ber, be ginning at the rate of 18 for the first, anddoub fing the turn as they went on, until a balance ap peared arainst the ship ol several dollars, wntcn they said capt. Dlake was welcome to as a pre sent. At meridian she left us." Tbe above vessel was a long, low schooner, painted black, very lofty masts ; she carried one long bras gun, an 18 - pounder, and one iron nine pounder, traversing in a circle, ou her main deck, a profusion of small arms &nl a crew of 86 men, mostly English and Americans. Iler colours were lilac aod white, chequered with an engle aod serpent in its mouth iu the midst, and a red tiy. Kiwgstok, May I All accounts rwprctin? the war between Spain and the South American Independents, bear evidence ot the party irom wincn taey have respectively proccedetl. In each state mcnt by the royalists, the destruction of the enemy is almont at nana, in each communication from the independents, the roval cause appears desperate. Victory after victory is claimed on each side. Hope, confidence ami success, are attendsnt on either army. Thus there are scarcely any authenticated f.cts to warrant a conjecture upon the real state of the protracted contest. V ithnut inquiring into the influence which these hostilities may have upon Great llritain or her colonics, it ennnot be otherwise than painful to witnes so much bloodshed between comitunities that aught to have existed in mutual attachment flarbarous ami short ighted it the policy of that country which re gartls with indifference the interest and happiness of her remote dominions. Distant set tlements are liolden by great nations only for the sake of some important advantages, real or maginary. Hut the tenure should be that of indii. ss, and not of oppression. Justice is reciprocal and the most humble from whom encfits are ret eiveiL have just title for pro tection and liberali'y fioni those whose interest they serve Hut .Spain and her council seem ina 'equate to conceive any thing that i nob.e, or just, or humane. The reward of such conduct in government is always ceitain. Pow er unit ci' cuinstances may sometimes delay the natural consequences of temerity and infatuation ; but in the appointed time they will earn the truth ol those lew comprehensive ords which the genius of Hume has record ed for the atlmoniti'UH of thoughtless govern ments " Max asd loiigVEtt. Extract of a letter from ttrracoa to a gentle - man m tins Island, dated 22d uit " Ily the papers which accompany this you will be informed of the state of affairs in Ven ezuela ; uie Kovaimu represent tncm in a manner suitable to their purposes neverthe less, tiom their own accounts you may not un frequently elicit the truth. At the famous cninpahrii of Calabo3a, the Royalists sufleied consider. bly, having lost a quantity ofamuni - tion and provisions, a grand park of artillery all their (.ffker,' baggage and soldiers' clothing, beside?, General Morillo, leaving he iind his sword and military cap. A "whole Itegj ment was destroyed ; of 300 hussars, orvy six escaped and 600 others were made prisoners. From the excessive fatigue of the Independent army, owiugta the forced marches it bail made to surprise the head - quarters of Morillo then in Calabuza, a small division was sent in pu.suit which followed the lioyalist.s at far as Darracoa, where the latter received some rrinfo. cements, when they were attacked and forced t ) retreat and it was etier.illy promulgated that they hail been victorious, which arrested the emigration that had commenced from Ia tiuayra and Puerto Cabcllo. A few days afterwards, an attack was made by the (loyalists on the Independents in Omtircro a place not far from Culahoa, where the former wcic difoatcd i and on the 10th March, a division of Ucneral bolivar occupied the beautiful valley of Aratisaud their advanced posts as far as Valencia, 12 leagues f oiti Puerto Ca - bello. The division of Uie independents, which the Itoyalists stale to have been defeated in the I'eui ta, was than what entered the t allies of Ai aiii, as an advanced guard and then letired. It is impossible that H livar's army should only consist of I j00 infantry, and 'JOUU cavalry, when the Koyalitts then. selves confess he possessed himself of Cal .ho.a with .SlhJO men, the greater prt ratal), of which his furve is comprised but at .be action of t..e t'ctirta, they gave him more infantry than cavalry. " The SpauL - h Gaieties do not uotice the wouud Morillo received at the I'eurla on the I7lh March, although hero is every reavo lo think that thu wouud, which was inflicted with n pear in his right groin, was mortal, and obliged his being carried to Valencia io a hammock. - Tho (.tctte F.xtraordiiiary of Caracas, of the J7tli Aland, although Uie til - lance of Villa de (Jura from Carai at, it only S3 li agues) defer publishing an account ol Ihe above action for 10 days which they give at the same time with the account of another lint occurred on the Zkl of the same aioolh. It mar, therefore, justly lie inferred, that Morillo had died, and the rnyali. - t' did not like to annouuee it, or that he was so ill as not to be able to ti;n the dispatch. If tlu wound was slight, why conceal it There was no necessilv, had he recovered, to hide it a the Jd March'. " On the 27th March, General La Torre, who took the command aft. r Morillo was woundt d, was defeated at OrM, H7 letups south eaf fiom Caracas, by (he Independent Genertd I'aez. In this cooihat, the Royalist lost 4iH men in killed ami a nuioherof OnV - ers. This ucrouiit is Confirmed by letters ol the Uoy agists themselves, received from I .a Ouayra md f ut - .rtn ComlKi, a well as by several person - at rived from Ihefir - m - r port, who say lhat night decide! the en gagement, and lhat La Torre n Ireatrd with bis army to t ilia de t.ura, and tnnl rats, after leaving in Ort i a picket oi 'Ji) nwn, marched Ufwn San Carlo, 70 I, agues from Ca'cca, wliieh be occupied, and proceeded on for Valencia, conse quently I'aet remained master ol the field l bat tle at urtes." CaraccasGaxelteof tbe 1st tilt, states - "that n . . . rs, in urirsi, nianoi reapau me anvaniaxe ne ' ,.d or wished." bat doe. cot sav liit h. w J, WtA. V'e ascertain from different quarters, account of thr arrival of British subjects at Cuay - ana. amounting to S3X) men, to join the rnJe - peodents. On the SOt h ait. a vessel arrived here from HI. rbomas, and brought accoun's that two srhooner had ancbanrd fr.uu J.t Guavra and lf,rrin Cabello, anuouncmg the defeat of La iT8rre m0rteij Uut 2000 mea bad taken pottcirioa of L Car'f, andwas on the.r march to Valencia. Brioo is Uted to b at EL Lusta - ua with hi tuadron, having compelled, the royalist squadron under Gavosa to leave the month of the Oroooco.n Extract of a letter from St. Domingo, dated April 17, to a gentleman in this city. This day a vessel has arrived here from Curracoa, the captain of which affirms tbat Bolivar was in Valencia; that Morillo had been completely defeated, and in hi flight was mortally wounded by a lance, and died toon after. The like information is confirmed by a person who has lust arrived here from Porto Kico, referring to intelligent which bad reached tbat island from Porto Cabcllo. A Dutch frigate which sailed from Curracoa to receive any property belonging to the inhabitants nfthat colonv had not returned, a Porto Ca'jello was shut to her admission.'1 From Ihe Philadelphia Regi iter, M ay 29. PnHirnlara of the loss ofthe brie Active, of Phil adelnhia. Richard Gaul, master, furnished bv capt. Crabtree, of the ship Hafard, arrived at Alexandria on Tuesday last from Cork. Left the Canes of Dc aware on the 23d Janua ry, bound for Limerick, in Ireland, and on the sum, commencea a series oi irrineuuuus which continued without intermission or altera tion till the SOth of February, when, iudgins themtelve within two degree of the land, they hove too with the wind N W. nextiay touuded in 78 fathoms, (till lying too. - J2d, Ihe gale increasing to an alarming degree, took in the main - topsail, and lay under balance reeiea ri - saii until the afternoon, ofthe same day, when they taw the land on the Irish coast directly antler their lee, about 4 leagues distant, when, it still blowing a t.emendout gale, with a very high sea, and the? Undine it impossible to shew any tail to get off, concluded their only chance to ave their lives wat to run asnore in some uiuec uiuic . watered from the sea, accordingly they made for a little bite called Smerwick. a few miles to the northward of Dingle Bay when at 7 P. M. they let go their small bower anchor, by wfiien iney rode until about !i. when coming on violent sanalls with (now. the let so Ihe tied bower an chor both of which she dratted and at 10 P. M. she struck on a reef of rocks, about a quarter oi a mite irons me land, when me sea mane a inir breach over ber, and drove every person into the risEinx. In this situation, expecting every mo ment the matt to go over the side, (in which cnte evcrv one mint inevitably have perished) they continued until about 12, when the tide had lelt the vessel to at to permit thrnt to leave her, which they did bv making a hauser fast to a spar which drifted on shore, where some ofthe inhabitants being collected, received the end and made it last on shore, while the other end being made fast on board, thev all satrlv eained Ihe land, without saving the least article ol'clothing except what they had on and it was with difficulty the captain laved the brig's papers. The inhabitant had, in the mean time, collected to the number of two or three hundred, making many intlTettuul attempts to get on board lor the purpoe of plunder, which they were prevented doing by Uie violence ofthe weather; tney were extremely avae and hostile in their demeanor, and were mostly armed with hatchets, hooks, and other implements for plunder. Early next morning a guard of SO men arrived, commanded by a lieutenant, being a detachment Irnm the regiment quartered at IJingle, who louk charge ol the vessel until the revenue officers arrived, which wat on the next day Thev were nuly enabled to regain about 200 casks titxscedand 7 or 8 thousand staves, which drifted onshore, Ihe seed all damaged. The iiext night the hnu wententirelt to pieret. When the Hazard left Cork, the captain wat still io Dingle, waiting to obtain what little there was Uftoi the proceeds ofthe recovered articles the revenue hating thrown in claims to an amount exceeding by j(IO the salt of tbe articles, to contest tlntt unjust claims the captain remained behind every exertion was made by the officers and crew to preserve Ihe vessel and afterwards ber cargo. Mr. bliihl;s, chief mate ofthe Active, enrae pat - senger in the Hazard, from which we hare the uuove particulars. E ASTON, (Penn.) May 23. khockwu. The training of our militia on the I Ith t'..t. it! ; x all's, was attended with an occurrence which has excited no inconsiderable share ol public commiseration. George Lagle, a iiurm tn tioi'iuuig to capt. Uunblazer's com pany, had his leg .i:. rally shattered to pieces by the firing of a musket, supposed to belong tootie ol capt. Lever's men. Although the muskel wat simply loaded with a blank cartridge, the i - .imy done was shocking. Tho contents euter - td the inside of the call of his ri'hl le', laying it perfectly open iVcm the kneo to Uie ancle, shat - teiing and niaiu;li'ig il iu tuch a manner as to render ampu'aliou uulispenfihly necrsary. The oper. - - ti.m was ucrordiivly performed Ihe next day, and from the favorable "ymo - u? suire, hot cs arc entertained of his survival the vffr.rt of the operation. Thi dilresiinr occurrence was Ihe conse quence of a sham ImiuIc. Far be it fiom us to direct, unnecessarily, the attention of the puMic to the ostensible cause of this occurrence, however we may leel disposed to condemu the folly and impropriety ofthe custom lhat exposes the lives of our citizens to such unnct es. - aiy danger. Were this tho only instance of the danger of tliamJiii'Us, we nuht pass it Without remark; but the numerous warning which we have already had of their loo probable fatal cousequcn - ccs compels us to call the atten'ion of the public to so dangerous a practice. We do contend, that in this land of boerly, on mau it not authorised to itoncrcssarily endanger the life of another, though that man he " dreseed in a little brief authority." And let us ask, arc not sham fights rcplrtc with danger? It not the hie of tho citizens endangered by them ? ."k poor Ftgle. (I.'lore litis sJiam conte - t, he wat no doubt like ourselves, unapprehensive of danger he dreamt not of injury : yet at its close what wat he.' A poor wounded miserable man. TRKNTON, (N. J.) June 2. Mrlnneholy areidrnl. On the 1 Ith ult. at form lint hi. Van irtdalen, son of Jacob C. Van Artsdalen, Esq. was working in marl - pit, belonging to col. Dames imock, of MiddVtown, the 'round suddenly caved in upon hill, and cru - hrd him to death in an instant. h. Kultm On the 29th ult. pursuant to hi trntciK e, Tony , a blackmao, was hanged at Monmouth Court - house, for the murder of Beagle, of whii h crime he wat convicted at the late Oyer aud I' held in Uiat county. The concourse of spectators, as usual oo such occa - ious, it is said wat very numerou. HARTFORD, June 1. On Thursday last, there was a public exami nation of the draf and dumb, attached to the aylum established in this city. Hit excellency the governor aud nearly all he member of the general assembly were present. The brick meeting - house wat not large euough to contain those who desired to witness this interesting exhibition. The iostru' tors and their pupils occu pied a stage erected in front of Uie pulpit. Af ter prayer by the Rev. Mr. Flint, Mr. Gallau - dt - i pronounced with great force and effect, an adJrcf:, written entirely by Mr. Clerc. The scleral c buses of pupils were then examined by their iustrnctors, and exhibited the most gratifying specimens of their improvement, and the de - vt lopemeot c - f their mental faculties. We were delighted with the whole performance, and especially with Uie answers given to several questions proposed by some of the Siertators. The answers of six or seven pnpds to the same que - Irons eotnmun.caled to all at once by tbe tame sitis, demmslrated that they understood what they wrote, aod were not reptsatuig phrases committed to memory. Their answers were expressed in ditf rent word, and were correct be yond what we could have evicted. We shall U'4 attempt to express our :.! juration of uie ad - drrst comt ose I by Mr. Citrc. It nnited the beauties of perspicuous uarraticn, with the most correct t 'gcpUom. correct and forcible expression of abstract coa - Caution. Car should ba taken u gathering' herbs for greens, that do poitouont pianU be ui teimixed. Mrs. Ward, of Mexico, N. Y. gathered a short time since, and prepared for dinner, some herbs for greens, among which were, at she supposed, what is commonly called cow - ealbagc, but which afterwards proved to be heU bore, or jwke - root Mr. W. and three ol her chddrea ate plentifully ; in aboLtao hour, Uiey were in tbe most exquisite angui'li The extreme nausea which the plant occasioned produced a romitiog, by which, and the assistance of an emetic, Mr. VV. and two of her children were restored. The youngest, not having timely assistance, died the next morning. Ji H. CtntineL Female kidnappers!! Two black women were arrested at Blackbird, Newcastle couniy, Delaware, on Friday last, on a charge of selling or attemntiuir to tell, a necro man aud woman They stated their name to be Mary Bryan aud . . w v i n Ann Brown their husband's names uavia r ry an and Wm. Brown, residing in Cherry - alley, fifth street from Schuylkill. Philadelphia. It it said thev are now in Uie vicinity of Lancaster, endeavouring to decor some runaway, and bring them to Delaware for tale The women itate that they have been engaged in this kind of traffic for several years, and have sold above a dozen to capt. Jim Clark, aud a number to Thomas Caldwell, (in his lne time J and lo a Mr. liayre (Hayre't Corner.) They are now in prison, and will be told out. frt. Rarnet Benefit. Tomorrow evening our citixeot win nave an opportunity at ont e oi witnessing great acting, aud of rewarding the fair performer. In tragedy, Mr. Barnes bas few equals ; and no one holds such an arbitrary con - troul over the feeling of the audience For (he can pitch them to any tune, or mould them to any shape the pleases. In this respect, her pow er it irrisittihle ; the draws a magic circle a - round us, and we instantly become fixed a by enchantment, divested of volition, and com pletely subect to her controul tueh i the actrett, who, to - morrotv evening. come forward in the character of F.uhrtisia, in tbe celebrated play or tbe urtcvm JJanliler, which is founded on the story oi an old man being condemned to ttarte in pruun, who was visited by bis daughter, a uiarri - d lady, and nourished by the milk of her bosom. liiep. Chronicle. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. Herul.l Office, Norfolk,) Friday May 2 S Arrived, schr. Perseverance, Sergeant, 23 tl. from Kingston, (Jam.) The following vessels from United States had arrived viz : At Kings ton, hngautine Cora, Arnold, 13 days from rhi - ladelphia, 25th ol April ;thip Fame, Livingtrai, IC day Irom Baltimore, 28th do. At Falmouth brig Lloyd, Turner, from orfolk, 27th April. Tie brig Polkinglnn, Sampson, sailed from Kingston for Philadelphia 30th of April; and the brig Amethyst, Grcig, I'rr.m Falmouth for New - York, svtb April. Sloop Cordelia, Cook, 0 day from Bermuda. The st hr Francis Elizabeth, Burrows, chared al Bermuda for this p Tt the Uth inst. The "Nav igation Act" ol the U. Slitc, wat published at ffiermuda the lh int. without comment. Copl. Cook ttates that an American brig from Liver pool bountl toCharlestoo, run ashore near Wivck I all. tiermuda, on Sunday the 17th inst nnfl bilged immediately, a part of her cargo, consisting of dry goods, paint and leather, w at taved, biilsnre entirely Inst. st hr Si; ven bitters, L'yer, 13 days from Frank fort, (Mc.) In Hampton lloarts, outward hound. Hntih brig Ampbion, Little, from Richmond Icr Liver P'Stll. Cleared, tenr i,auy namntou, raton, new - York. FROM OUR CORRF.SPONNDENT, Office of Ihe Boston Patriot, t Sumlay, May 31 Arrived, brig Amsterdam racket. Soul, G2 days from (lihraltar - 'ay 6lh, longitude 42 1 - 2. latitude 40 56, passed a riiip's launch, bottom up, appeared to be in perfect order, hlowiug heavy could not cxamiue her. .Vay II, Inn. 48, lat. 43, 31, lei! in with two large islands, of ice, and cutinued making them for 3 davs, and many of them I should judge to be 250 feet above the surface, very long and level, all in an E. and W. direction, 18 islands all together, and many piece as large as a schr. or sloop. May 23, long. S3, lat. 4C spoke ship Margaret, Mt Kelly, of Baltimore, 20 daysfrom New - Orleans for Havre dc Grace. Capt Soul tays he has experienced 45 day of the most severe weather lie ever knew at sea, with many very heavy gales, all from the westward. Brig Merchant, Fairfield, JO days from ft. Croix. Left brigs James Srott, F.llice, for New - York, 2 day; Hammond, Fowler, fordo, in 4; Jane, for Newburn, in 8 ; ship Chase, Forbei, discharging, uncertain ; Pennsylvania, of New - Vork, discharging j tloop Ann, of Providence, in 10 days. Sailed tame day, (May lOUi) for N. York, brig William - Henry, Marshall ; and schr. Olive, Drinkwater, for Boston. Schr Financier, Crowell, from Charleston. Schr Ann Rnsina, Manchester, 11 (lays from Peteisburg, Va. Sloop Eastern Trader, Fisher, from Mobile, via NYnrk. Brig Victory, Thompson, from Martinique British brig James and Mary, Murdock, Irom Uemarara. Schr Paragon, Peart, from Martinique. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. Office ofthe Federal Republican. " Baltimore, May 31 noon. J Arrived, British sch Sarah, Betty, 10 days from Nassau. .Spoke nothing;. Brig Holla, from Rhode Island. Cleared, brig Ceo. P. Stevenson, Clark, Ba - tavia. DIED. This morning, Mrs. Euphemia Ogdrjn, widow of Samuel Ogden, Esq. formerly of Now Jersey, in lheC5th year of her age. The friends ofthe family and those of her inn Mr. David B. Ogden, are respectfully iuvited to attend the luneral, which will take place tomorrow afternoon at 6 o'clock, from Mrs. Og - den'i late residence, No 104 Grrrnwich - strcei. At New - Orleans, on Ihe 7th of May last, deep - ly regretted by all his acquaintance, Mr. William Talman, merchant, ot the house of Torre L Talman, aged 24 years, a native aod late of this city At hit residence, Bellville, near Richmond, Virginia, Col. John Vayo. At Philadelphia, on Sunday last, in the 29lh year of hi - tsar, Dr.' Eliat Boudinot Stockton. On 1 burtday last, alter a lingering illness. .Vrt. Ann Nightingale, aged 52 years. IVEJtltfQ POST MARINE LIST. CLEARED, Ship William, Hant, New - Orleans J . Ogden. Telegraph, Fanning Charleston A G Phelps Schr. Jacquemel Packet, Dominic, Port - au - Pr K.Cartm - Jl. Arabella, Godfrey, West Indies E Malibran Alligator, Nichols, Gibralter and a market J Agnew, Jun Schr Sea - Serpent, Parker, tou;h America Cheriut, Wilkes & Co. Sloop Orbit, Taber, New - Bedf in! Sloop Hero, Thompson, Boston IRKIVEl) THIS FORF.XOO.'. Sloop Yankee, of Mobile, Sumner, 5 days fr m Savannah, with cotton, to H. Thomas, and S - Alley, tailed SXlh from Tybee. Sloop Good Intent, for New - York tailed day before, saw a ship and tchr ttaoding into the Hook. ARKIVKD Ls.ST t.VEMXG, Sch Gonzola, West, 16 days from Mobile, w ith cotton and deer skins, to'Ueekman, Bray & Co. T VYhjttcmore, and Lawrence, Rapelye A Co. Tie tch Nassattbu arrived at T,t, t from this pert. ' "le Sch. Lady w U.infrton, Eaten, 4 ,i4V , I .ortoirx, with lumber f r tbe Navy Vard Sloop Antelope, Fitrhet, 4 ij f. - r,m wn. folk, shingles. tuJtC Seguine, and c Wood. Sloorrp D. B. Jones, Cahonne. I day fro,. Nevpo - t, with rum, to Bun ill 4: Cahoone .? W Vernon. Sloop New - York, Brown, 2tfays from ProvL dence. With silks, g'n, lime. Sic. to p Jteni & Co. Cambreleng & Pearson, A Tappan a,,a Co. Cto W Tallsr t, the master, and others Per schooner Fan fere, arrived lint morntn Svah, May 23 Arrived, brig Adtlms. Rich, Boston 26 days. 8 Umf Moop Wav e, lenders, from N York. Ship John Si Edward, Giles, Liverpool J? days. In lat 40, long 54. spoke Little Cherub from Llv erpool, bound to this port, also thin Emily, 16 days from N Orleans, bound to li verpool. Ship Woodbine. Willelt, N York 18 day. Brig Georgia. West, from Havre. ' Brig Huron. Martin, Baltimore 15 day Brig White Oak, Betts, N York 22 days British brig Eliza Ann, Little, Greenockl 54 days. Brig Gen Jackson, Pcarce. Pmviilm - n . with 25 sail ff Kchrs. and uin,m j ' se's, but did not apeak any of them. sen - aran Ann, umDard, Boston 24 davs ixh Emily, White. Middletoan days. ' ""1 u Sch Milo, Farnham, JJ York 22 dayi Below lsst evening - , ships George, flow. 56 av from Liverpool : Jimn. lv,.v it J from Boston Three Broilu - rs, Terry, fiY)'m oaiuiiiorc i iii iS cipeeoy - i - eace, r osdick, f,om cw - iuik., mi uie oar; Drig f air American om Norfolk, with U. S. aottl'iers . . ' sets, names not known are also below. Cleared, ship Hetty, FoLom, Liverpool - brig Casket, Barton, Liverpool Swedish brig Freden, Olsen, Golteiiburjr s schr Essex, Bar - ker, Norfolk ; Elizabeth, Gaston, New - York sloon Karl. tUishinf. tin : sloon . , - - . - o. r ..uv ouill mer, do; Adeline, Bradley, do; Two Sitter i i r 1'ifT, rrovititTiice, iv i. Urig Eliza, Thayer, was spoke off Charles - ton, 3 days since, 25 days from NVork, bound to this port. PmubeLrniA, June 1. Arrived, Brig HI. hernia, Brown, Liverpool 38 day. . Sloop Condoma, Foster, N Orleans 28 days, (.'ant Tobv left at New Orleam 19ih shin Balize. Ilardinc. of Haltim,.re fnr I'l.'.u. delphia, and brijj Alabama, for Baltimore, in iu tiays, auu auout sail at uie Levee ; at the English Turn, spoke ship Orleans Grover, from Philadelphia, bound up, 15 sail in com pany, names unknown. Sailed from the Bs - lizc, 15th ult. with ship New - Yotk Packet, and hritr Josenfi. of N Voib. fiir Ppunm senger.s in the Oliio, Mr. J. C. Wilkins, and col. c ii ni.,;a ...,.i c. i. t. I... it :.,, .3, ... imuiiii auu imiiiiit, .... . uuiiii ll.lllcrWKl family, .Mr. John Hntchini and family, L)r Day, Messrs Clark son. Miles, Brooks, Inskeep, Cha - pell, Dufaii, Merle, lliingiim, Oakley, Midcll, Carlick, Duncan, Forricr, Bray, W U. J Miller, 6 seivants, and 11 in the steerage. THEATRE. MRS. BARNES BIIfEFIT. On Wednesday ever.m,' June U, will bepresen'. - ni, i tie tragenv oi ine GRECIAN DAUGHiER. Kvander, A.r. Robertson Dionysius, Pritchard, r.Unrasia, mrs. liaroei, I ll r ltt nppenrance in that character. End of the play, Mrt. farker will dance tlicce - 1 leh ated Broad Sword Hornimm. After which, Mrs. Hurries Mill recite the - admi red poem ei the rnsontrs of Chilloo, wmtea by Lord Byron, adapted and arranged fr the tage by hnretf. wi'.ti appropriate malic nnJ Icenery. A comic Sorg, hr Mr. Baldwin, called ihe linn. die or tmn. The evening' entertaimentt to conlude wMhlbs lavorite trrnnd mel'idramn, called the FOREST OF BONDV, OR, THR DOS Or MONTARGII. Florio, (a dumb boy) Mr. Bartn Performance to commence at half past sett o'clock. CAUTION, ffr - The ntiblic aret'autionr - d not to purchase Nos. 32 - 21, and 5294 in the Milford h Owego Road Lottery, as they have been lost or ttoles, from the subscriber. GEO. CLARK. Je2 Iw fr - 7 - JOHN I. ROBINSON and MARTIN LEE have entered into partnership under tht firm of Hobintun & Lee, in Ibe stock, e xchaoe and brokerage business, at No. 44 Wall street, and solicit the patronage of their friends and the on title. e x eouw WANTS AS11LA TIOM. rrf A vnnn v woman from the country, of U - J o ' r - Antiiinnlil rhnnrter. as children's nurse ia qualified for doing house - work or needle - work. r or particulars apply to John biunedy, corset of Sullivan and Dcsbrosses streets, or a line directed to K. aud left at this office, will lie attead - ed to. June 2 6t BLACK. Ml LUNETTE .Millinttts. for sale bv - 120 ps. Buttk WM. CAMPBELL, Manufacturer, jc 2 197 Pearl - st. (up stain.) A X ALL'S FLOUR. 193 bbl. Haxsil7 r luui 1 16 bbl Richmond mill do V 600 do Richmond county brands . - ou no tio Oil Uliw a v .en:. I i: J .n lAre. tltl n. IHItttillll, mniiiug ouu .u rl. ,n.. 1 1 111 k'...t . I r.1 1 , J 9 TKOKl'S. DAVIDSON St CO. IO I TON. ii57 balet New Orleam soitoo, 1 I., - a..,.. Imm I.r,... r..tnnin mid ATBO. IrOBl N. Orleans, lor lale by t 1. 1, TtirnTT 11. tV U I r iiv j , Je 5 64 Sonth - treet. DOMEs TIC Ai OTHER WAREb. . 1HE ubscriber keep constantly on band at L extensive assortment of tbe following goods, is : Dutch and English Gunny Bags, Pope Head Crumb Brushes Bellow, fancy n common ... Do lor Flacktmithl Hall anr1 Entry Mats Fail ajx'l !s Wheel - Barmwf Fine Wire Sieves - Do Hair do Whips of every description ' Seine, sewing, wrapping, baleing and ball 1 wine Fish Line . fchoe It sadlers Thread Dearborn's BaHan - cei, Sc. Brooms Duster, or Counter Brushes Hearth Brushes, fan cy and common Head do ao ao Cloth do do do Weaver do White Wash do Shoe ei Scrubbing do Paint Bruihea and Sash i'oolt Clamps, 4.7, 8 row Furniture Brushes llorip Hn Bed Cord. Clothe Line Sah Cord, Trare Ropes Wrought and Cut . am ana Draus i .. r, Which they will sell wholesale or retail ea U heral term. CEBRA CUMING, je t 76 Pearl - tlreet. 1 1 ILL1NETTS. 600 ps white MillinettSf ill . a i .. . . ... . well hlench'd and in eood order, jutt re ceived, and for sale low, by .......... ' . . . i . k nrnt.t r r. V II,L,IA1 1A'irur.bli, i.iaiioin. . - . - JeJ 197 l'earl - reet. f"P snirs.i DOM :!TIC ''oTIO GO' D . SEVERAL ases of bleached and nobleacbea cotton shining aud sheetings, of an excej - i.nt nualiiv. with other domestic cootl, just re ceived and for sale on reasonable terms by WILLIAM t.'irM! Manufacturer, 17 Peari - Urcet, np stsj Also, a quantity cf MjUinetU. x

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