The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 26, 1934 · Page 20
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 20

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 26, 1934
Page 20
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Page 20 article text (OCR)

TWENTY MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE APRIL 26 1934 Council in Star Chamber Session Stages Verbal Fight Over Beer Permit Laird Blocks Mayor Burns' Attempt to Reject License of Facklis Pool Hall Operator; No Decision Reached. The city council at an executive session Wednesday afternoon discussed for one and a half hours the question of granting a beer permit to the High Life Pool hall, 107 South Federal avenue, operated by John J. The session closed with no action taken except to allow Facklis and others being investigated to continue selling beer pending a decision by the council. The meeting was the third of a series of star chamber sessions the council has held this month to p.ass on beer permits. But while the other two consisted of only routine work with little discussion, Wednesday afternoon's gathering of the city lathers was featured by a heated discussion on whether or not Fack- Closing Out All SWAGGER SUITS AND Banquet and Graduation DRESSES AND UP ZEBKER'S 131 SOUTH FEDERAL VISIT OUR lis should be granted permission to continue selling beer. In Executive Session. · The meeting held behind closed doors, with newspaper reporters and tie public barred, was attended by Mayor John J. Burns and Councilmen H. M. Knudson, J. T. Laird and David Olson, as well as City Clerk J. H. McEwen, City Manager B. H. Crofoot, Solicitor Lester C. Dibble and Police Chief E. J. Patton, the latter arriving on call when the session was about half over. The council session was called on sudden notice when an attorney for Facklis, whose beer permit expired Wednesday, notified Solicitor Dibble that suit for damages would be started against the city if action was not taken within the 30 days provided by statute which time expired at midnight Wednesday. Bad Heated Argument. Almost from the time Mayor Burns called the meeting to order at 2:30 o'clock the session develop' into a vehement verbal battle reminiscent of last summer's council gatherings. Accusations and counter accusations were bandied back and forth over the council table, chiefly between Mayor Burns, who wanted the Facklis permit rejected, and Mayor Laird, who saw no reason why'it should not be re- VT'tii the press barred from the meeting 'the details of .the session were obtained from one of those present, who recalled the procedure to be somewhat as follows: In opening the meeting Mayor Burns maintained the council should refect the Facklis permit on tne grinds that intoxicating Uquors had been sold and found in the applicant's establishment, addtag that he had affidavits to substantiate ··since J U u ~- an expert on affidavits I should like to see you furnish them." said Mr. Laird "I don't have them, but 1 can get them" answered the mayor. Wanted to See Them. "I never know when youi are jok- ine or serious," answered the form- 5mayor "but I should like to see THAT USES LESS eURHENTTHftH s likelyTo get into a.lawsuit if we reiect a permit without cause/' Laird contended that Police Patton at the last council · 1 Visit onr Spring Showing and see .why ereryone's talking about the Frigidaire '34. Imagine! It has automatic defrosting--yon don't have to remember to turn the current on when defrosting is completed! It has automatic ice tray release! Its big interior is of Lifetime Porcelain and its outside finish is sparkling Dulux. It has eitra room for tall bottles and a frozen storage compartment. On top of all that, this frigidake ·34 actually uses less current than one ordinary lamp bulb! Come in, today, and see why thousands of women already are boasting, "Ours is a Frigidaire '34." EIERT YE1R THE SEST OF THE YE4R FRIGIDAIRE '34 i PRODUCT OF BENERH MOTORS Mier Wolf Sons MASON CITY, IOWA Thomas Refrigeration Co. 125 First St. S. E. Mason City, la. 4-11.' meeung stated he^ had nothing on tne pouce records against Facklis -I don't think it's fair for you, Mr. Burns, to make use of your ol- to punish your enemies, mr. Laird added. "This is the citys business, not yours." The last statement of Mr. Laird was bitterly resented by Mayor Bl After some difficulty in reaching him, the council summoned the police chief who stated the police rec- orda showed no violafcon of the liquor laws by Facklis. Maintaining he had proof of a violation, Mayor Burns argued ( it was useless to- expect law abiding citizens to respect the law if no action was taken against institutions of this character. Says It's tip to Chief. Councilman Knudson expressed it as his opinion that the matter was up to the chief of police, whose duty it was to "find these places and see that the law is enforced." "How are we going to enforce the law when according to reports that have come to me, the chairman ot this body goes into these places, sees card playing, money on the tables and does nothing about it and brings chips to the council table to display tiem," added Mr Laird"1 want it understood I have not played cards since I became mayor, replied Mayor Burns. Councilman Olson, who had said little up to this time, then entered the argument, maintaining that if the policemen of the city really tried they could "get all these places that are violating, the liquor laws. ,, "It's the easiest thing in the world to catch these fellows," he said. ·I could go out and catch them all hi a week's time." Olson Would Pay Them. "I don't think so," answered the police chief. "The way to get them is to pay somebody for convictions," maintained Mr. Olson. "I would be willing to pay $100 apiece," said Mr. Knudson. "We could convict every bootlegger in Mason City at $25 each," Mr. Olson stated. "I would be in favor of that if it could be done,'' replied Mr. Knudson. Mr. Laird also agreed to this. Mayor Burns then made a reference to the former mayor's negotiations for lower utility rates last -ear, maintaining he was attempt- 'ng "to fool the people." "I never went to Mr. Hanlor as 1 committee of one and then to th" office of Smith and Feeney telling 'hem to lower the rates and promising them I would vote for a higher rate later on and in that way fool the people," said Mr. Burns. No Question Now. "I don't think there is any question now as to who has been fool; np the neople," answered Mr. Laird. The discussion turned again to the .question of beer permits. "Permits have been granted to such places as the Northwestern grocery, certainly not more entitled to them than Facklis," said Mr. Laird. "I wondered at the time if we acted wisely but knowing we had the power to cancel the permit for cause I voted for granting them with other members of the council." Mr. Olson maintained the city would be laying itself liable unless it had cause for rejecting a permit "I am willing to leave it up to the city solicitor and the chief of police whether a permit should be granted," said Mr. Knudson. Discuss Burden of Proof. "The matter would have to be acted on by the council In any case," said Mr. 'Dibble, adding that the council could demand of Facklls that he show he was a man of good moral character. "Isn't the burden on the city to show that he is not a person of good moral character." said Mr. Laird. The solicitor's contention was that in instances such as this the burden was on the applicant. Mr. Laird moved the council place the responsibility on the "chairman" and the chief of police. Mr. Knudson maintained it was not fair to place such a burden on one council member. When the council discussed the nlan of allowing those having per mits that were expiring to continue selling beer pending final action, Mayor Burns stated he saw no reason for delay on the Facklia application. Referring to the actions filed against him by Facklis for alleged slander, Mayor Burns stated he hoped they would "come to trial." Unable to come to a decision on the matter the council adjourned the meeting. Laird Makes Statement. Stating he was opposed to star chamber sessions in which newspapermen and the public were barred from attendance, former Mayor Laird Thursday morning issued the following statement: "When I was chairman of the council we welcomed visitors at all times We were glad to have representatives of the press present. There was nothing in the conduct of the business that we didn't want the public to know. I wondered why the press was excluded from this meeting. "It is my opinion that everyone should have free access to council meetings. The people of the city pay for "maintaining it and they have a right to know everything that transpires." Not Barring Press. "We had no intention at any time of barring the press," said Mayor Burns in cementing on Wednesday afternoon's session. "These executive sessions were held for a discussion of the various applications for beer permits on the records submitted by the chief of police. We felt that this discussion could be carried on freely if the applicants or their representatives were not present. I had no knowledge of the fact that a newspaperman was barred from Wednesday's meeting. "We realize we are the servants of the people and that we have nothing to hide from them. V/e want the LIVE POWER OF ANIMALS SHOWN To Appear in Advertising Series of Standard Oil Company. Standard Oil company is making "live power" the theme of its spring and summer advertising campaign in newspapers throughout ita territory. Illustrations of wild animals in action portray the live power animals hold in reserve, above their normal requirements, to draw on in times of Deed. Parallel illustrations show how reserve "live power" in gasoline help the motorist The advertising message relates how the company's laboratories have achieved this additional "live power" by turning heavy molecules which formerly gave little power into lighter molecules which become fast-acting energy units. Sable antelope, impala, koodoo citizens of Mason City at all times to know all the actions of the city council and feel the interests of all are best served if all transactions of the city council are presented in the newspaper." antelope, and Rocky Mountain goats are a few of the animals used in these parallels. To insure authentic portrayals, assistance was obtained from the Field Museum of Natural History. Walter A. Weber, artist formerly with the museum, executed many of the drawings, with Paul Bransom, renowned for his animal illustrations in the Saturday Evening Post, doing others. Radio announcements throughout the middle west are being used to call attention to the ads, and bill board messages are tied in with the advertising focused in the newspapers. Resources of Banks Exceed \ 926 Figures WASHINGTON --Reviewing the banking situation as based upon the first available figures for the first quorter of 1934, Rand McNally Bankers' Monthly, in its April issue, states that the capital position. of all banks has improved 100 per cent. In 1933 the capital and surplus of all banks was 7.5 per cent of total resources. In 1934 this has more than doubled. It is now 15.38 per cent, as of the end of the January- March quarter. Another interesting figure shown in the analysis is that resources are now 122.6 of deposits. In the normal year of 1926 the ratio of resources to deposits was 120.7. 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