Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 7, 1943 · Page 14
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 7, 1943
Page 14
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 7, 1943 GLOBE-GAZETTE S MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE MOHAWKS MEET COMETS FRIDAY East Des Moines Five to Play Here Saturday Mason City's Mohawks will go after their sixth straight victory of the season Friday night whei the Cardinal and Black plays hos to Cliff Boylan's Charles City five. It will be the opening game of a two-contest weekend for Judge Grimsley's charges. Sat- · urday nlgbt East Des Moiaes will travel to Mason City to rAund out the festivities. Gdmsley has stressed both offense and defense in the workout! preparatory to the two contests The starting lineup still is noi, definite, but it is likely that (ha same crew which began the Marshalltown clash will start Friday That lineup saw Pec Wee Day and Gus Fappas at the forwards, John Holmen at center, and Fats Day and Lloyd Klein at the guard positions. Friday's game with the Comets will renew the old rivalry between the two schools. The Mohawks will enter the game as heavy fa ·voritei-. BASEBALL NOT VITAL-M'NUTT WASHINGTON, CJ.K--Baseball playing is not essential to winning the war and no occupational draft deferments will be granted -to players even if they are stars-who might bring the pennant to their clubs. War Manpower Commission Chairman Paul V. McNutt ruled Thursday. McNutt, in an explanation of baseball's status under the manpower program, said that sports and kindred professions such as acting are useful as morale builders, but not essential. "The usefulness o£ the sport is a separate question from the essentiality of the individuals who play it," he said. "Thus it may well be that is desirable that Blaiik- ville have a ball team, but Blanfc- ville may lose certain members of the team to a higher priority industries -- even members who might be 'essential' to win the pennant. The pennant is not essential." WAR WORKERS AIL-VEGETABLE LAXATIVE · In MR (Nature's Remedy) Tablets, there are no chemicals, no minerals, no phenol derivatives. NR Tablets are different-- act different. Purely vegetable --a combination of 10 vegetable ingredients formulated over 50 years ago. tJncoated or candy coated, their acUoii is dependable, thorough, yet gentle, as millions of NR's have proved. Get a 254 t°x today . or larger economy size. *» TO-HICHTf TOMORROW UR1GHT NBA Releases Ratings of Boxers LIGHTWEIGHT IS NOT SELECTED S Here ··* There r " Mir*llan*nnc ftame I Well Shake My Hand · ··JV» W l ^ f f t M l S S U O r O t h y LflPC "·*·" *·*» * « " % . « » « - * 41*. 40 V " / t* a i l !(· teacher at Hie Bryant school' spent P erson . b ) a married person li part o£ her Christmas holidays in ing w i t h husband, or wife or (c) Boston willi her brother, who is head of familv. This credit with the naval supply reserves. · ^m m ^--^m Miss Lanes brother had just re- '" "··«···· «·» *»**- «.* w*. ni^ ± ^ L U L U ^ ^ turned from the Arctic circle and fol ' m 10 *°- Til ? amount of the per- l--The National on Previous trips had visited Ice- sona! exemption also varies de- t. u .M.»e uamtiuiiun issued its land and Newfoundland. pending upon the period during quarterly ratings of fighters in ALGONA--Supervisor and Mrs. wnic 'i the taxpayer occupied the all the weight divisions Thursday, McDonald drove to Rochester particular exemption status, but the lightweight championship Monday. Mrs. McDonald will have Tne personal exemption for a T _ fL + n .^V.*i*l- .._ _ i iL _ »*· .. . f'**rtl** ».... -- .._· * -- -- " -- - Hirsch Jacobs (right), the nation's leading racehorse trainer in 1942, shakes hands with Johnny Adams, the year's top jockey, at Tropical park, Coral Gables, Fla. was left vacant. Beau Jack, recognized by the New York Boxing commission as the successor to Sammy Angott, retired lightweight champ, was named "leading contender" by the N. B. A., which listed 11 other 135- pounders as "logical contenders." Following arc the NBA ratings of the leaders-in all weight divisions: Heavyweights: Champion--Joe Louis. U. S. Army and Detroit ; logical contender--Billy Conn, U. S. Army and Pittsburgh; outstand- ig boxers--Melio Bettina. U. S. army and Beacon, N. Y.; Tami Mauriello, New York; Turkey Thompson, Los Angeles; Pat Valentino, U. S. Coast Guard and San Francisco; Lee Savold, Des Moines; Roscoc Toles, Detroit. Ligr Guard and Cliffside, N. 3.; logical H. B. Swope Wants Horses for Travel By JACK CUDDY NEW YORK, (U.R) -- Herbert Bayard Swope, the debonair New Yorker who holds so many turf positions that he sometimes is called "Mr. Racing," has come they may be furnishing the form- sheeters with "trojan horses" goats (hat wilt so disgust the prospective bettors, with their lethargic progress along the highways that said bettors will shy away .hrough with the most sensible il '°5 11 all horses in disgust. iuggestion since the war began suggestion since ine war began "uwuver, uiose same bettors to question the necessity for rac- TM ay be inspired to higher wagering's existence. ir 2 because of their contract with ing's existence. Crisp-clad Swope, with the lower in his lapel, suggested that p " 1 reverse English on the comv lorse-drawn vehicles be used to ada ge and say: "If you can beat a haul fans to race tracks, thereby horse . why can't you beat the modifying the ban on pleasure horses?" , SPORTS^ ROUNDUP driving. Swope wants to brine back the hoss-and-buggy days to shake off the strangle hold of gas buggies on the sport. The gas-buggy grip is so deadly that already both Hialeah and Tropical Parks, at Miami. Fla.. have called oft current and scheduled meetings. If Swope can put over this project for suburban tracks, he will have done more for the betterment of the breed of horses than all the organizations of which he is chairman. And he is chairman of so many outfits that if all the tables :ie were supposed to head were placed end-to-end you'd have enough firewood to last boys in Iceland all winter. Swope apparently intends to saddle two hosses with one suggestion. He can keep the thoroughbreds running it he can corral enough plebian equines to provide transportation for the lads and lassies who provide the breakage at the mutuel windows. Swope. despite his purist, patriotic motives and his love of all classes of dobbins, is certain to encounter opposition in at least two quarters: (I) The farmers are crying for nags who can pull the things that till tltc soil, now that both machinery MEN'S WEAR All our Men's Clothins is beins sacrificed . . . We will handle only LADIES' READY-TO-WEAR for the duration. OVERCOATS ONE LOT--REGULAR PRICE TO S19.50 13.95 ONE LOT--REGULAR PRICE TO 522.50 16.95 MEN'S SUITS ONE LOT--REGULAR PRICE TO $22.50 15-80 ONE LOT--REGULAR PRICE TO 527.50 19.50 Win. ALTER 107 SOUTH FEDERAL land; Ezzard Charles, Cincinnati; lilly Soose, U. S. Army and Farell, Pa.; Anton Christoforidis, Ireece. Middleweishts: C h a m p i o n-Tony Zale, U. S. Navy and Gary, Ind.; logical contenders--Georgia Abrams, U. S. Navy and Washington; Tony (Cianciola) Martin, U. S. Coast Guard and Milwaukee. -- -- --.o^.t/.^j Welterweights: C h a m p i o n -:an get priorioties on enough nags Freddie (Red) Cochrane, U S :p move the suckers to the tracks, Navy and Elizabeth, N. J.; logical contenders--Hay Hobinson, New and fuel oil is scarce, and (2) because of the virtual disappearance of beef from the butcher shops, any hale horse is looked upon as a likely prospect for our wartime market. Even if Swope and his disciples However, those same bettors the animals enroute. They may By HUGH FUU.ERTON NEW YORK, Ott was Yoi-k; Henry Armstrong. Los Angeles; California Jackie Wilson, U. S. Army and Los Angeles. Liglitweisnts: Champion--Vacant: Leading contender, Beau Jack; Augusta, Go.; logical contenders--Willie Joyce, Gary, Ind.; Allie Stolz, Newark, N. J.; Juan Zurita, Los Angeles: Bob Montgomery, Philadelphia; Maxie Shapiro, New York; Slugger White, Baltimore: Johnny Thomas, Los Angeles; Cleo Shans, Los Angeles; Joe Peralta, Tamaqua, Pa.; Chester Rico, New York; Johnny Greco, Montreal. Featherweights: C h a m p i o n-Pittsburgh Jackie Wilson, Pittsburgh; logical contender--Willie Pep, Hartford. Conn. Bantamweights: C h a m p i o n-Manuel Ortiz, Los Angeles; logical contender--Jui Kong Young, Hawaii. Flyweights: Champion--Little Dado, Philippines; logical contenders--Jackie Patterson, England; Peter Kane, England. Britt Quintet Beats Crystal Lake, 20 to 15 BRITT--A visiting Crystal Lake quintet lost a 20-15 decision to Britt here, after the Britt team had commanded a 12-0 lead at halftime. Next game on Britt's schedule will sec Buffalo Center here Friday night. . · · -- · -- · - . » - . » ! V.11/ *Tidi V / b l i Wtli B. visitor in our town Wednesday and re-enacted the scene of u year ago, when he was introduced as the new manager of the Giants .. . A double-row of sports writers gathered around .Eddie Brannick's big desk while Mel took over the club secretary's chair, tilting far back and looking with steady eyes at each questioner as he tried to come up with the answers . . . What you noticed the most was the way he rubbed his chin before replying to the hard ones and his quick smile and the wrinkles around his eyes--the only noticeable sign of his profession . . . . T h e questions were mostly about training sites and Oil's answers weren't as definite as last year, when he could talk about the makeup of his club. Before the meeting brake up as photographers' flash bulbs started popping all over the place, someone thought of phoning Branch Rickey and reported that Ya!e still is 1-2-3 on the Dodgers' list of training sites and that they'll likely stay in New Haven until the last weekend before the season opens. Across the street at the Yankees' offices Ed Barrow, whose appearance gives you the exact meaning of "beetle-browed," was able to give a more advanced report on the training situation Wo Vnri ailing aiiuiuiun .... Iric nau ^vijusYiLic i«; ron j^nox fsetl) Armor, spent the morning telephoning nccimenti c:. various places along the New Jer- ?'· fiowi Teachers 37: An C B .«. scy coast and the Pine belt and STM!L a l..'.l°TM' «-JTM? w«i=J'»n «. had arranged for Scout Paul Kir- ehell to inspect them today "I've trained at Lakc\vood and Atlantic City and even at Paterson," he explained, "and I know the weather can be all right But I'm not sure of it. That's why Joe McCarthy will have to come down from -- ·- - - a final decision. If I was sure of the weather, I'd take the responsibility myself, but in that case I'd prefer to train at Yankee stadium." Pickups The reason for opening the major league season on Wednesday under the revised schedule, is that Good Friday falls in the first week. Clubs that want to skip that day can cither complete their first scries or delay the home opening until Saturday . . . The 140-gnmc season, which Barrow favored, failed adoption at the Chicago meeting because of the opposition of two National league clubs The meeting probably set a record lor brevity, too. Judge Landis merely outlined his ideas on the training program and reducing travel and the magnates accepted them without argument. Guest Star Gordon Gilmore, St. Paul Pioneer-Press: "Right now the small (Baseball) owners are like so many bathers shivering on the edge of an icy pool, dreading the plunge, knowing it will be torture yet none daring to back out for fear of being called a sissy. If a cop should come along and say no swimming alloivcd. they'd all scram and be glad for the chance." NEW YORK, Boxing association cnecK-up at tne Mayo clinic. single person is ¥ouu lor the year; ALGONA--An army truck from £or a married person living with oux Falls recently picked up 22 husband or wife, $1,200, and for radio sets donated to the army air a "head of family," $1,200. {Per- forces technical school at Sioux sonal exemption as head of a fam- Falls. i!y has no effect on, liability to file FOREST CUV-- Virgil Gordon, a return.) For federal income tax who has been working at Kaiser purposes, widows, widowers, di- shipyards at Richland, Cal., re- vorcecs and married persons sepa- 'urned Monday. rated by mutual consent as well HANLONTOWN -- Cpl. Milton as Persons who have never been Morrison, who operated the Stand- married are classed as single per- ard Oil station here about two years ago, was a recent visitor in the P. A. Grove home. He is stationed at White Horse, Alaska oscoc Toles, Detroit. infant son of. Mr. and Mrs. Clark n g ht to exercise family control Light Heavyweights: Champion McNeil, is in the hospital receiv- ? n l provide for these dependent ·Gus Lesneyich. U. S. Coast ' n £ treatment for a severe cold. individuals is based upon some -uard and Cliffside. N. 3.; logical BELMOND--Bill Parker left for moral or legal obligation.'' A single contenders--Jimmy Bivins, Cleve- T """ " ' ' -- - - -- - ui** i-ai^wci. i U J i. lUi Iowa City Monday to enter the University of Iowa for the second semester as a freshman. POPEJOY--The Rev. L. E. Gatch is conducting afternoon prayer meetings in the various homes each day during National Prayer Week. L.UVERNE - ^ t , lltlllo have been received from a former odist church, that they were par- are living at Morningside where he has charge of the administration of the college JOICE--Orv-al Hellekson BASKETBALL RESULTS (By The Associated Tress) EAST 59; ajoravian 54. Dickinson 43: Ellzabethtown 34. Ccttysbure S3: New Cumberland Re ccpUon Center ;)!. Georscttwn 35; George Washington 41 Unwla College 58; U. of Newark 50. W. I. T. 41: Boston University 31. Columbia 49: Cornell 45. Panzer 55: Rider College 5?. West Virginia U. 63: Wcslovan 50. Princeton 47: Seton Hall 30" Temple 45; Syracuse 44. New York University 43; Pcnn Stale 10. Duke 51: N. C. Navy Prc-Fli 6 l,t 48. IVIanhattan 52: Cathedral 46. St. Joseph's 51: Geneva 46 MIDWEST Kansas B3; Missouri 41. Evaiisvillc 42; Fort Kno.-s CBtli Armored Dartmouth 47; Minnesota 33. Western Kentucky 72: Fort Knos =4. Central Michisnn 33: Almn Collccc 33. Ohio 53: Ohio Wcslcyan 37. Kansas Wcsteyan 50: Bethel 23 SOUTHWEST Texas 53: nice 36, Sam Houston State 44: Tcj; A. J: M 43 Texas Christian 35: Baylor 31 WEST Ricks College 53; Montana Stale Oregon 26: Willamette 33. College of PURCI Sound 56; McChord Field Bombers 41. tio Eastern Oregon Normal 43. »:**.,.·«, FtOHT RESULTS r,j- The Associated Trtss) ELIZABETH. Jf. J--Marvin Brvant 13-4. Dallas. Tex., outpointed Harry Erio 101. Newark, (6). Miscellaneous Items From North Iowa and Southern Minnesota a check-up at the Mayo clinic. sons, * *. * A head of family is defined as 'an individual who actually supports and maintains in one household one or more individuals who are closely connected with him by iw at. AJULUT i^uuar. blood relationship, relationship by BELMOND-- Clark McNeil, Jr., marriage or by adoption and whose infant^son of. Mr. and Mrs. Clark right to exercise family control and came by plane from Alaska to Minneapolis. Pfe is spending his furlough in the home of his parents at Little Cedar. person or a married person not living with husband or wife may therefore, enjoy a head of family exemption under certain conditions. Taxpayers using a simplified return (which is permitted if the gross income for the year is §3,000 Announcements or ' es s and derived solely from from a former earnings from employment and/or pastor and his wife, the Hev. and fr°w dividends, interest and an- V. V. Schuldt of the Meth- nuities) obtain personal exemption ents of a girl born New Year's o£ the year. Thus, a taxpayer mar- day. The Rev.__and Mrs. Schuldt ri ?d and living with husband or he plans to be re-employed by the Bell Telephone company. Hellekson returned last fall from army services over seas and was given a medical discharge. JOICE-- Officers of the Joice Charity club met Monday afternoon at the home of their president, Mrs. F. L Suby, to make out the f01 · ----- --- --- ^, -vj i uu sen-ing calendar and year. Monday evening at the Bethany Lutheran church. Alfred Brunsvold was elected president and L. N. Larson, vice president. joined the U. S. navy, left Sunday for Des Moines to report for duty. , Kestler and his sisters, Mrs. Ed kum h : Kum has loTaJ"f r 1 Z " » rf t rned to an r u« Bokkum Mr" S -TM Antoilio ' Te: - * s r friends Tuesday evening. The other relatives and friends - . - - - · ,, .,,.,,. viuictiviu returned irom a two Cook and two daughters, Mr. and Mrs. William Brand, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Michelson and Mr. r.nd mont"'N _ Mrs. Clifford Jordanger. The eve- CRESCO~Z PFC Thnm-,* mng was spent playing 500 and Barnes, son of Mr and . - e e n g ne and ccivcd low score and Albert Mich- the French and .YOUR U. S. INCOME TAX. Single Person's Exemption $500 NO. 4 Every individual is allowed a credit against his net income which 'arics with his domestic status, that is, whether he is (a) a single (b) a married person liv- -- ,, -- n d or wife or (c) a head of family. This credit is k n o lv f as personal exemption and is En °wn on line 21 of the return single person is based on their status as of. July 1 wife on July 1 is entitled to $1,200 personal exemption on form 1040A; i£ he were a widower on July 1. hi! -- ----- -* w.i'-n.oun. on of exemption would be S50D irrc- the Rev. and Mrs. O. P. Hellekson, spective of the date on which he has left for Newark, N. J., where became a widower. The amount of the exemption is not deductible from the income but is reflected in the amount of lax shown in the table on the reverse side of the form. * * * Taxpayers using return form 1040 obtain personal ' exemption proportionate with the number of . plans months during which the particu- r . lar status is held. Thus, for a pur- JO1CE -- Lutheran Brotherhood son who married on" July 1 (who held^its annual business ^neeting was not a head of family prior to his marriage), the personal ex- BOWLING SCORES WOMEN'S LEAGUE Won H.C. Tot. SamHaizes 2 502 448 467 228 1643 Dr. Pepper l 573 492 475 30 1576 J. Bobek 145. 413. SIEN'S LEAGUE _, , Won H.c. Tot. Plasterers 2 018 G9G 608 111 2033 Builders Slip. - 1 5(jy tj'^2 530 0 2B I960 W. Clemens 172; B. Waller 430. V. P. \V. 3 G50 702 ii41 78 2071 Wagners Cono. 0 588 585 574 1747 A. Fuller 16C; ft. Johnson 450. MASON C1T1' WOMEN'S UOIVUNG ASSOCIATION Woi Act. 11.C. Tol. T e n t f e A w n l n g 3 2076 207 Sweetheart Br^utl u 1553 343 1904 High single--ira, A. Yanda; hijjli sents --444. A. Yanda. Betsy Ross Bread 2 2173 2179 Decker's lowatia l 1969 193 2182 High single--183, R. Ikenberry: Jilgll tc- rles--aOO. H. Ikeuberry. Decker Brothers 2 22B9 Hutchlnson's l 209 1 * High single-- 21«, M. Kiley; h 537. A!. Riley. C. K. Lcmdberg 2 1714 Standard Oil . 1 HM ,, ,,,, High single-164, II. Carroll; hl(h series --137. M. Carroll. HjEh single lac evening--214. M. Riley; high series for evening--537, M. Rtley. WOMEN'S BOWLING ASSOCIATION 1714 1725 Decker Brothers Betsy Ross Sweetheart Bread ,. Hutchinsons Decker's lowana Lundberg's Standard Oil Mason city Tnt Awriing Won Lost .. 28 14 24 J8 Late Dartmouth Rally Drops Minnesota Five MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., (U.PJ--A whirlwind second-hall attack gave Dartmouth a 47 to 38 victory over Minnesota Wednesday night in an intersectional basketball game played before a crowd of 5,200 in the Minnesota lieldhouse. At halftime, the Big Green led by a single point, 21 to 20, and with only six minutes to play Minnesota pulled up lo a tie at 32 points each. Minnesota started at a hot pace running up a 5 to 0 lead in the Jirst four minutes, and the Gophers held their lead later at 13 to 12. Then Dartmouth's six-foot, four- inch forward, Bob Meyers, began hitting the basket and rolled up 12 points to take high scoring honors. James Olsen, huge Dartmouth center, scored 10 points, as did Minnesota's center, Bill Lind:. Dartmouth's superior height and a fresh supply of capable reserves in the closing minutes supplied the victory margin. SLIDES SHOWN AT LIONS CLUB Safford Lock on Lions Club Program Thii ty-three slides reflecting the color and the beauty which is North Iowa were shown to the Mason City Lions club Wednesday noon by Safford Lock, local photographer whose hobby is camera art studies. "While taking movies is a lot o£ fun," he told the Lions, "I find my greatest satisfactions in taking landscape stills in color." Several of (he slides were taken In the upper Mississippi river hill country between McGregor and La Crosse. Others were from East park in Mason City and still others showed · Mason City and Clear Lake from 1,500 feet to a mile in the air. Mrs, John Senneff, Sr., extended a cordial invitation to members of the Lions club to attend the annual meeting o£ the Cerro Gordo county chapter of the American Red Cross in the high school auditorium beginning at 8 o'clock Monday night. Special mention was made by her of the stage production being prepared by the Mason City Little Theater on the theme: "What Is the Red Cross." "For such an event at a time when the Red Cross is playing so important a role in American life," she observed, "the high school auditorium should be filled to its capacity." Louis G. Trovers, proprietor of the Travel's Tire Tread service, 304 Second street southwest, was elected into membership in the club. Guests Wednesday included George A. Harper of Des Moines and the Rev. Marvin O. .Lee of Mason City. AT FIRST SIGN OF A 666 TABLETS/SALVE. NOSE DROPS emption would be SB50 (S250 for the six months us a single man plus S600 for the six months as a McINTIRE--Mr. and Mrs. Dale married man). In this example it Switzer are the parents of a son is assumed that the wife has no born Jan. 4 at the Earl Switzer income.' home. - Married persons may, however, JOICE--Dorothy Otto, Jnjce file Joint returns even though one girl, recently .resigned her posi- has no income and by filing a joint tion at the bank at West Bend r e'urn a couple married during and is now employed at the R. E. tne year mny obtain an exem'p- A. office at Thompson. tion amounting to the exemption Tweed, daughter '? which they would be JOICE--Lois Tweed, daughter '" wntcn tney would be en of Mr. and Mrs. Otis Tweed, is titled for the period - of married employed at the Farmers Savings status plus the amount of their in- banfc at Joicc. dividual exemptions prior to their GOLDFIELD--Harlan L. Larson marriage. In the example given and Howard L. Tonsfeldt, two lo- tne total exemption in a joint re- cal businessmen, who recently turn would be SI. 100 (S250 fat- each spouse for six months plus ,- r _ . --- ^-^, ..'·-.-, imjni.iJ3 ^JlUa ---------- .,, ,,, ---- iul ul . l ,. Souu for six months married sta- The two men were presented foun- tus - tain pans by the Goldficld Busi- If a husband and wife living to- ncssmen's club before their de- gether both have income and file pat-lure to enter military service, separate returns on form 1040 the CLARION -- Mr. and Mrs. Aub- personal exemption applicable'to a rey Hill of Dows arc the parents married person may be taken in of a son born Jan. 4 at the Clarion t h c return of either or divided be- General hospital. This is the first 'ween them in any way as they baby born in Clarion since the ma y agree but the total personal ne :j; ye^ exemption taken in the two sepa- WAUCOMA-- Hal Kestlcr, at- rate returns may not exceed $1 200 tending officers training school in - '" prize. At ^'as served. a late ' Mrs " Ti!iic Bc nson DOUGHERTY -- Mrs. Perry Moore is suffering with pneumonia and is in the hospital at Rockwell. ROCKWELL--Mrs. Martin Gal lagher spent last week in Chicago which wci visaing her husband, Martin Gal- Thursday. , . .. KANAVTHA--Mrs. Walter Thor- Kok- oson has returned home f'-om army Brookings, 5. Dak., where she had visited 10 days with relatives. Fox of Randolph '--Mr. and Mrs. Oren attended funeral services for Mr. Bamford's brother-in-law, T. A. Davenport. B4 years old held at ~ . and Mrs. Heggen re- feeling fine and is well rab l,v ^ GET YOUR TIRE INSPECTION INSPECTION PER CAR SEE OUR NEW GRADE HI V-« War Tire ALL SIZES IN STOCK B.F. Goodrich Silver town Store 125 FIRST ST. S. E. PHONE 3500 MASON CITY EXTRA! KUPPENHEIMER SUITS AND OVERCOATS REGULAR $50, $55, $60 VALUES GENTLEMEN This is probably the one and only opportunity you will have for many seasons to buy Kuppenheimer Clothes at a price like this. Deepelt and Valgora overcoats and Crusader and Champion worsted suits. Get here early--they won't last long at this price. This is far and wide North Iowa's Greatest Clothing Value in Many Years ON F E D E R A L J U S T O F F S T A T E

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