The Evening Post from New York, New York on June 2, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 2, 1818
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fcrv yr - - - - - ( POST. NUMBER 4982 TUESDAY, JUNE 2, 1818. 19 AVI LL! A M - ST R EET. NO . c d r ss . i..L.:.iinV7ll tureen. . The very nne unB ww, - - , ; in excellent order. iiltimCTt . - TTiibe tent to sea at a smmu , n?on board atCoverneurs - whaif. or to Apply on ooara & RrK1NSEf 56 South street. Tlieburthensomescli. ANTELOPE, of 105 tons, lying at Jones - wbarf. APP' ? 56 Soutb - street "7 Vfiiw' '' Portland, . .. . i niXTV I'prtur mat. The sloop iAiuiw'"i " t ... - .II immediate dlSDitcll. .Tr mnipe. bavin? spacious ac - commotions, apply to n 0 pouin - nreei. my "ior FREIGHT or CHA RTER,' v The schr JAAUo, uwr, iu J r. vmp1 ni"her will tryjlOOi, law. 1 itready to receive cargo in five days. For sale, landing from said schooner, 120 bags prime St. Domingo coffee 2 tons logwood 2 ii - ci cognac brandy. Apply to ai 3 E. FISHER, ay !91w 51gou'h - 8t. far CJUHLESTO.Y. T The regular packet sliip TELE - .fr GRAPH. Fannintr. master will meet .flil , rnr d;nntrh. For frcirlit 01 pas - stere. apply on board, east side Hurling slip, or,0 ANSON G. PHELPS, .. oo .. 183 Front - street. FOR POIIT - aU ' FUISCE, . The substantial stlir. Cl.iTHSr,cnpi. g.Tabr, will have quick dispntch For freighl of 200 bbls. or passage, apply to J. L - MONTAUDEVERT, 96 Wall - street, to or WM. & G. R. A. R1CKETTS, mv "9 lw I Governeurs - lane. For FREIGHT or CHARTER, s car. iiru.rinr rnnnered SHIP, mo - ' J - "I 1 1 ' n.onilv ecnected from nn eastern port. iu ballast, and can proreeJ immediately else - whers for a care. Apply to G. G. Ic S. HOWLAND, m. ofl 67 Wachinzton st. For Suit; Freight or Charter, Schooner MUUNIXG STAK. bur - Litlien 90 tons, will stow 800 bbls. is a jfomi vessel, and ready for a voyage, lies at Dover - street whart. Apply to It. & C. V. 1)A EXI'0RT & CO. " 'my "at For SMM.Y.W. Tl. rptni:ir Market schooner UX 'niiTVTt'n M ltl:irt;in:iii. m.istrr . Jimii " '" having the prealer purtot her carpi ci'gageu, will sail on sjatunlaj SOth inst. (wind and weather peimiuiiit;.) For reinaindcrof frc'iKhl or passage, apply on board, west side Culi'ee - house - slip, or to ANSON G. PHKLI'S, mv 28 1P3 Front - street. 1 For AMsrF.nhAM. v(C T,ie ,'S,'liU lra(li,,ff ,,riff OHI. E - eiiijaifed, ajid will be dispatched without delay For freight or passage, (hav ing very good gecommodations,) apply to the master on hoard, P Pier no. 5 north river, or to IIU.I1. - i uiuiiouUlB I tiiivc uinuaiuLiured n:itpr, lorcornt i.A tnni ni 1 1 nrrntMi - - T LCD HUM UMIir M.HI74 9, T U'' nu. ini - r&nled of the lit Ft uuulitv. at one dollar and twen ty Jive cents per bushrl. I ne manuiaciory is coiinw iru uj TiirUi r. lin Inn leririid a rrff'ilar annrentice alii p to the mason busmen. nih2l units. HM'TON'. 49 square and ground bales J Georgia Upland Cotton, for sale by WILl.ETS U LAWRENCE, mv 29 - 1 No. 92 Fine street. T EAl tlKU. 5a sities unuresseu upper JLtf Leather, for sale by A.NSON G. rilCLPS, my 29 183 Front - street. e j W WH1TK LEAD, He. He. sj J v hee London White Lead in oil 30 harrt - ls rlu Dry While Lead A tons Red Lead SO barrels Bristol Red Ochre 20 do Venetian Kid ;2 tons line Litharge UO Whiting 60 casks Paris Wtnte ; 2 hhds. Verdigris 50 tierce t Yellow Ochre 5 ke;s Vermillion 4 rusks I'russmn HI ue, 4001b. Crcme Vellnw; 1'attut Yellow Spatii'li Urown, Ven:tiiui Red. I Yellow, VINOIL. Black, I . Verdigris, l.aiupilai:k ; Ivory Dlack ; Purple Brown Spirits Turpentine ; Lintsef d Oil 400 boxes Window Glass, assorted For sale on the lowest terms, for cah or at snort credit, by PETER SUIERMERHOR.V k SONS, my 1 243 Water - street D LYNCH, un. (ut.No. 40 Wilhun - strcet, . hasonhand the following WINKS and LIQUORS, selnctcd with judgment by himself, which be offers at wholesale and retail, tear - anifrf pure, at imported lWhhdV ( Madeira, from'3 to 18 40nrcasi. ) years ,n wood. Old Madeira, iu bottle, from S to 23 years L'hamiKUgne, Burgundy, Claret and Sauterue, of very superior quality 7 pipi dry Li. - ton, 7 yean old 7 Jo Cherry, nine years old, and free from Borath taste Port, in pi pet - and bottles , Table vine, for its quality, the cheapest iu America Tencriffe, in hhds. OIJ Bruidy, do. Hum, do. Gin, not reduced ibO demijohns, containing fire gallons each SO sroce wine bottles N. B. Those in the traite, and country Jeal - t, will find it to their account, to tu'p - elvcs wiUi wines and liquors at the esta - hmhinent, as they will be certain to o!t - m arti - tlesofthefirt quality, at the lowest rins, ai.d Pure as imported. - mv 0 2ru OTO BE LEASED, favorable term, for a Ion,; term of years, 4 lots of ground un Lroadway, 20d leet "MP, tjtenling to Croiby - strcet, between Hes - lt' aoii "r:id - stret. 2 luis ia Waler - i - trcet, near Cathtrinc - markct. l"t iti Walcr - Ltrttt, between Fulton and CtfrlirjiHj,,, - 1, several other lots in the 5th, 6th, 8ih W 10th wards. Fur particulars, euquire at ". - "'iiLhatlnai - girett. nuy 8 II YANA GAR. TALLOW, Uz. iiaviuiaouhar, enunea co si i?0'"". ""'h American Tallo 6, br.xr, ri.,!!jrlu..,nne,an.J ' Cajts iu.m,!, r.L;lini Bad fvr sale my M .i.'tt.3 I"vui.r, Junr. 54 Sotita itrect. TTARDWARE, CUTLEO m I ott. z casks I XX ecotcn spring Locks b casks plate locks, ido steelyards 1 do chest handles. Aic. 1 do screw plates, scale beams, ti. 1 do brass corki, itc. 1 do bell metal kettles and skillets 2 do tin'd pots and sauce pans 2 do line padlocks 4 do Uanbury locks, hinges, &c. 2 do hammers, pincers, locks, fee. 2 do IIL hinges, Lc. 4 do anvils 1 do hammers and sledges 2 do black li bright vices, 2 do files 4 do pocket, pen and double blade knives .4 do (.ham buck and bone table knives 3 do button 100 do cut nails and brads, from 3d. to 20d. Al.'o, a large and general assortment of goods open oa the shelves, lor sale at the most reduced prices, by AUA.Yls SI lIL.ACKWr.LL, may 7 215 Pearl - st. A A ROM SMITH has removed ro i) Broad - way, 2d door above Vesey street, and offers for sale on rensoauble terms, filackK white and col'd satins tircen levaotine, louUine and florence silk Hlftili, white, srtf n and litl.t blue reps tupcrline white cbij) llats, with bands and ex tra crown Elegant crape and fig. (afata ribbons White, black nud pink tulle lace Black Italian lutestrings Plaid, changeable and plain Col'd do. Strip'd mafcehiic silks, Fine black, white ami col'd botnhirfine Do. tabinets and poplins Hack and col'd Canton crapes li - 'd Nankin do 7 - 4 and l - 4 Nankin crape shawls and ecarls Fig'd and plain India mull muslin Do' j. mull and cambric dresses aud L.liaw Is Inserting and flounce ttiunuing Thread laces, edgings und footings French lawn, linen cauibiic aud bJkfi Fine 4 - 4 Irish linen Damask table clulhs and napkins, all sizes Black, white and to I'd English silk gloves Lastnr, kid and braverdo Best fig'd and pluii' pearl button Blue, black, green and assorted sewing (ilk Black, white and col'd raw silk shawls and scar Is Merino shawls and dreres ratin Jeans, black and col'd callonns Hatbands, with a general assortment of fancy and startle goods. my id Jnr IXllS.i CLO M.LWKi CJ Ohr. rjlHE Subscribers beg leave to acquaint their JL friends ana the public, that they have removed their Tobacco Manufactory into their fire - proof store, .No. 62 Water - street, where they intend carrying on the business on an exten sive scale they have on hand a large supply ol Piglail rollf , made i.f best Kiilnuoiid tobacco Sweet scented N. (lead Ladies' twist Long cut chewing, in 1,4, 0, and 16 ounce papers do smnlfin? di Macuba muir, in jars aad bottles, by wholesale and retail pecnted Rappee, do do .StrsLur snflir do do Ficnch rappee dj do Main fine do do do t - Lntch snuff in bottles and bladders ripauuh segarr, made of choice tobacco imported i y ear j n ,'o,and w arramcd geuuinc Ncw - Orleaus do. American do. Orders from Iho country will be punctually and can fully attended to. may 9 lui I. NAAll&SON. URY GOODS. LANCY plate Call - V coes Superfine calicoes and chintzes 4 4, 9 - ti. 6 4 cambric UJUslllli Cambric jaconets Plain tambor'd & sewed mulls Plain and tambor'd book muslins 3 - 4, 4 - 4 and 6 - 4 cambric ginghams Black and coi'd cambrics Velvets and cords, beaver gloves Fancy cravats, (willed and plain Mad ran bdkfs, pins Hair cord cambrics, Marseilles Qnittings, royal ribbs White and printed sateens Cotton brown hoi amis waiisdou - n, toildi.ctli, silk striHJS Cotton and woisted ho fiery j Irish linens & sheetings Buttons, bed ticks Fine and superfine cas - timeres Yoikshire fine and superfine cloths London do do Superfine ladies cloths Bomiinzelts, ralinetts Imperial rordr, vigo - nia rassiiueres Stcx kiuetts, ploin and ribb'd Flannels, baizes Ferretts, worsted bindings Shirt buttons, cotton lace Paris nctls and souffle gaure Blac k und tvlute thulle cotton balls Whita & col'd threads silk, kid, and cotton cloves Silk hose, silk floren - tmes i Black hnmbazeens Florence silk, ribbons, jlloons Florences, plain and figured Virginia satins, plaid Ju'lringa FringM black silk hkfs Velvet bi.idings, tajieS, bobbins Furniture calicoes, and chintzes 4 - 4, 9 B, 8 - 4, 7 - 4 and I! 4 printed cambric shawls 7 4 ft lt - 4 imitation do. '1 - 4 cassiniere do. Bandanuo, lon;i - c und sitt rsoy hdlils. Pocket hdkl's. while Ure Leno snawls, Estopil - las Sewing silk, assorted colors Linen cambrics Table cloths, 6 - 4, 7 - 4 A: 11 - 4 Diapers Furniture Dimilici Fancy Leno, tc figured Muslins Cambric: Trimmings, t Flounces Seersucker Ginghams Rninall lidkls Silk IMieck Ginghams 2 &: J col'd Cambric garments and printed II air cord aud cambric dimities Jeans, cotton cassinicre Striped Florentines I Oil Cloths Browu Liners I Merino Shawls I Cotton bandannocs 9 - 8 col'd strip'd jaco - black jo M.Kl.i'iollnm and steam netts loom j India muslins, ic &c, Ktceived by the late arrivals and for sale by HAGGEUTY 1 - AUSTEN, mh 24 (!i cm 167 lVr.rl - street. ( bl.Dro.L.S BRlSroL - WARE,cc T 6X)0 small size Grindstones, (assorted) CO lanrc da from 6 to 15 hundred Weight 100 crates Bnstol - W'are ; gallon Si half gallon botties in Baskets, nii and 3 doren each and gallon hi hall - gallon I 'emiiolms, for sale by , WILLIAM COvLEY, my 26 lw" 164 Water - stiW. iCHVrOND FLOl'tiJc TOUACCt - 2Z bbls snpeifme rl.ur, Haxaii's brands 435 do dd ilo couutry d. CO do fu.e do do do 1 do X middlings 63 hhds prime old uJ new tobacco 4 d dp iipw tobacco, fit Lr manufacturers For ikde Ly W. k S. CRAIG, mav59 H4 Front street. N entire suit for a ship of abi - ut J .0 tons, V. and 8 or lOanch r, of assorted wf, for sale br POTT & .M'kl.VNL, u,v 30 ot? uth street. rIOPPEK BO I TOM, ic 2000 it s. if.r I'.ittoms. 20to3(1 ir.r'.e Ccp 6d cpsks Wrought N .ils, Eng. atid Am. C halts Italian P eper 7000 Ins. Londm Seine Twine, for sale b CEBRA U CUMING, inv2l 76 Pearl - street. rlM COPTER. 3000I'js. old Copper, recti - V - vod from JamaKa, will be sold in lots to suit purcl.ascrsjby TUCKER k L AURIES, 23 cou'h - ilrtet. icy 30 FAMES DWOLF. Junr. has removed from 57 J Front - street to 54 South - street, and offers for sale 52 cerooas south American Tallow 25 tons clean ft. Petersburg!) Hemp, few belts first tpialitr Russia Uuck; German Steel in boxes, entitled to drawback. 16000 lbs. Green Coffee do 25 boxes China tabic setts 173 pieces each 10 hhds mire Spirits I case Platillas. my 5 HAMS, LAUD, &c Yorkshire and Wilt - shire Hams, Bacon, Lard in bladders, Gloucester and Cheshire Cheese, all of a supe rior quality, just landed from ship Chaunccy, from Bristol, and Hercules from Liverpool, for sale by wholesale or retail, on reasonable terms. ALSO, Bristol brown ware, glass and earthenware, l - fcrpre bottles, pipes and demijohns, Willi a general assortment of fresh Teas, Wines, Fish Sauces, and Groceries, of the first quality. r.. Ul.AlKrUiU). 1 57 Greenwirli - it. A few boxes bpanish Segars, 1st quality, in quarter Doxti. my 27 lis Lli C. SUYDAM, olfcr lor salc - 2 rates su per notted and fringed Counterpanes 2 cases super, tuarseills quilts, some very - large 1 do Counterpanes an t Quilts, for cradles and cribs do extra super London cloths do do do do do do do do do do do cassimeres cambric Muslins, part undressed super Jarkom - t Cambric's power and steam - loom cotton shirtings line scotch l.iiicu Ucdticks Irish sheeting black Linwis birds eve Diapers i oaie missia uo I case snper S - 4 enmbric Dimity Together with a general assortment of Dry - Goods, by the package or retail, at No. 61 Mai - den - iane. my "in ot iVl Or FATT'a STOCK ALE For sale at IT JL No. 20 Fulton - st. by my 21 3w ELLIS k FLECKNER. JL 144 hhdj prime Kentucky tobacco 103 bales prime New - Orleans cotton, and 2917 lbs. of deer - skins Will be landed on Monday from the ship Mry andschr Huntress, fiom .ew - Orlcaiu lor sale at No. 90 CnlI - e - Home slip, by LAIDLAW, GIRAULT k CO my 23 101 UVOIi.iMJ ThlMMIAUS. T" ANDING, per ship Independence, from JLi Greenock, Rich scollop'd and straight sewed muslin trim inings do flounces, sewed, elegant patterns d t.uubored figured India book muslins do sewed fi jurcd ienoes do t'tuibored i - rigged mulls Fine plain j.uonet muslin Drawing mu. - liu for drcj. - ts .Striped ginghams, Black sewhig silk Madrass bdus, low priced Imitation cotton shawls Linen threads, assorted, fric numbers Slout linen bid ticks and dowlas Ravens duck Aha in store. 50 firkins pickled fine herrings, put up for family use for salo on reasonablo terms, at No. 2 oatlaoo. may2i 7t WM.TOnD&CO. 1 I GLASSES. 4.3 hhds i l Molasses, landing at 20 Is. and 6 bbls IW II.K R. for sule bv JOS. OSBORN, 23 South - street. my 29 SCYTHES. 33 dozen, lor sale ly J. D' WOLF, Jr. mv 11 51 Sontb - Btnet. IJAl.S t n, OIL, A;c. 4.C. 50 libds. Pans WbitK and Whiting CI bbls. Spanish Urown 20 do Yellow Ochre 16 casks Venetian ffed 10 tons diy and grouud White Lead 2 do Red Lead .MM) 'lb. Prussian Blue 201)0 lb. Blue Vitiiol;3000 lb. Oil do 10 hhds. Copperas ; 5 do Pumice Stone 1000 lbs. Guui Copal; 1500 do do Shellac 100 bbls. Ground Camwood 20 do do Logwood und Nicaragua 500 d J d ) Tumeric 5 tonaSt. Domingo Logwood . 2 do Largo Nicaragua ; 2 do Red Wood 30 boxes Eastern Mould Candles Luisied, sM - rmaccti nnd ncats foot Oil Binrk and Bright Varnidi 2.100 f t !! by Id (j.uss 1500 do 7 by 9 do for sr.h by BU LKY Ji WELD, mv 14 If - Fri'iil. corner of Fulton - st. UMMlMitlAM K. illEf FIELD OUOOii, ON CONhlCKMK.M. 'SSItr nli( n!u r Imve ici'civnl bv the Ilcrcil - L li s, nnd other late airivals, and oflcr for sale by the pack;ig', 40 casksol birmingham Hardware, consisting of most ol the staple articles in the hni. 10 casksol files of every description 6 do ofKenyons warranted hand, panne I, tenant) sash," he. saws 6 cases ol do. mill, pit, and crosscut saws. ALSO, 10 tons best London hoop L. blistered Steel, Croivlev do. And a consignment of warranted Halbaeks German Sleel, direct from the manufactory of J. k C. Ilalback K Son, of ol Rernscbetil. B. W. ROGERS it IN), my 1 1 235 Pcarl - strect. MONEY TO LOAN. FROM 12,000 to 30,000 Dollars to loan, to be secured by Mortgage on lle;.l Estate in this city. Apr - lv to ROBINSON, TOWN & BENSON, ltv2. 41 WfJl - stref, WANTED, several young LVDIES as ap prentices to the M ANTUA.MAK1NG - BUSJNESS. Enciuireof MISS MARSHALL, . my 14 - tf No. 7 Cedar - street. pEA, TIN rLVTF., BLOCK TIN, &c. kc. X 40 chests hyson skin tea 100 Irfixes 1 'in Plate, assorted 10000 lbs. India block tin 801 iO lbs. Spanish do t,000 lbs. iron wire 1(H) tierces prime new ris 50 bbls. cider brnndv. For sale by ANSON - V.m.lA - i, my 16 183 Front street. 200 LF..VOSS, ke. Boxes fre - h Mc - tina Lcmoas, in prime order 50 boxes do do Oranges Now landing and for sale bv my 13 PETER REMSF.N 4: CO. HARDWARE. CUTLERY, fcc Plaled and tinned saddlery Knittii g Pins, Iron and Steel StMyard", Sickles knives and forks, a great Y variety, f Pattern Cards Raz rs, S is r, Pen andf of them prv - ket Knives, J Fteel Plate Saws, Cl.izaw. - ls piruic Ifins, Diawh.g Knives Files, Rasps, Card Wire, Frying Pans Errl'sh Mister d Crowley and Milliogli fctecl, kc. tc For sFe by EDWARD LYDE, Biy S3 tf No. 10 Wiliiaju stiecL JVf ILFORD & OWEGO ROAD LOLTE - i - X KI, Capital Piitei, 1 $10,000 35,0K) 5,000 10.WJO l.'ooo 5th days drawing. WeJneid&v 27th lit drawn No. $5.0CK). Mil do do do 3d June, do do $500. 7Ui do do Friday 5th do do do $10,000. A few tickets remaining oo hand, for sale by ISAAC G.OGDKN, my26!w 4tt Wall - street. TAENiCCKY TOBACCO. 14 hhds prime 1 Keutuckv Tobacco, lundin? from schr ng Irom schr. Fenelon, west side burlins slip, for sale at I for sale at 53 Waslnngton st. C'HAS. L. OGUEN Sl my 27 AUR. OGUEN. JL 300 boxes tin plates 28 ranks Traces Brass Wire No. 9 A 60 casks Roman Cement, now landing, and for sale by ANDERSON d bHEAKEH, 131 Water - street. Who hare in (.'ore, Patent and common Carolina and Vlrzinin Unci Sheet Brats of all sizes Brass and copper Wire London made pocket Bocks and Wallets Ladies work Boxes Uc. my 25 r nr. .vi u r i.utii. i j - jo Dur,. prime M vir. wheat, in pood order fnrihipping 50 bbls. superfine ll ur 6 ' do line do 27 X. iriidlings, on bnntd nchr Dtxlire, llealy, e li... i t'.. e - - : i irom suLecauurc, v a. lor suie uy HAY t WOOD, 13 South - street In Store, for sale. 300 bbls. New - York superfine flour 70 ilu Richmond do do 40 do Alexandria do do ' 50 cbi Fredericksbg. mountain do SCO do Rye Hour 90 do Philadelphia do do S. P. Ting, my 28 4t WINE. 50 casts Claret Wine, containing 1 dozen each, Ifi do do 3 dozen etch, ol llierow tU of Uranne Moutoo, vintage 1310, re' ceived per brig South America, from Bordeaux, and lor s.tie tiy a t,,KAl lN4: su.'ia, my 28 rpURPKN'l INE. jl)0 bbls suft Tuniciitine, X lor sule by D. BETH UN K k CO. 91 C. H. Slip. "my 2(5 r101KN, ln.oU bales L'piarid Cmtou, now lauding irom rhr Mary, Irom Satuu nab, IN STORE. 6 hbds inferior Geoigin Tobaero 4 bales Sea Island ( otton. For siile by HENRY THOMAS, my 28 Ct No. 2 Junes Lane. llihH LUTES, bHEE'riMJS ASD 1)1 Jil'F.RS. KY the late nrrii nl from Dnblin nnd Belfast, HENRY M'VICKAR Ac CO. have re ceived 4 - 4 i 7 - 8 linen', 5 - 4 thceliugs - , in half pieces 7 - C lawns, 3 - 4 diaper 3 - 4 brown linens, in half piers Russia duck and table cloths, which they offer for sale nn reasonable terms at No. 57 Piuc - st. m.iv?C 2w iMONT - ALTA. For snlo or to let. the beautiful place called Mout - Altr. seven miles from Uir (Jity Hall, out he JNorln River, adjoining lord Cnur tenuy's. It contains 20 acres ol land under im provemcnt. wilh a large garden in good conJi lirna variesyof fruit tree suid every conve uietice a family may require. For terms, which are reasonable, and if sold a long credit given if wished, apply to N. k D. TALCOTT, ap 20 64 Sonth - st. KAN away Irom the suliscriher on Wednesday, I.'ithinvt. a colored man, named Joe. it. about thirty vcars of a?e. of small stature. dark color, ami down look ; had nn when he went away, a bluo jacket and corded velvet pan taloons Whoever will return said runaway, or lodge him in jail, so that the owner may obtain him. shall be libcmllv rewarded. Masters of vessels anil others are forbid harboring or em ploying him uuder tho penally of the law. FRANCIS 6KILLMAN, may 19 Wallabout, Long - fcland. HOUSE JXJ LET. The two story house No. 110 Rivington street, is pleasantly situated in a genteel neighborhood nnd 20 minutes walk from the Tontine Coffee House. There are two rooms on the fir - l floor, with iKintries ; the same on the second, and cellar kitchen, front cellar, cistern, ic. in the yard, to which there is an alley at (he side of the house. THOMAS SUr KERN. iur27 lw No. C Depeyster street. IS KW YORK BOTANIC CARORK. MICHAEL DENNlsON. CUdAIOR. HIS inabli - hinent is situated ai Rote Hill, near the iu.k tion of the Bloomingdale and 1 1 a.Tlem Roads. It comprehends ahmil live ac res of excellent land capable of the highest improve' merits. The proprietor of 'this beautiful spot has obtain' ed ft lea - e ol the laud for the term o( thirty years He has ( besides the enclosures, shruhht ry, and other iuir roveiuents) erected one of the Inrgssi mill must convenient eiecu hcoses in 'he L'nted Slates, iio solicits the ritizeiiS to prl.oiiiZK bis efforts to render his garden rumple! in every r pect, by a lucilcrute urinual subscription. He proposes that cm'Ii contributor of five dollars thill be entitled to receive the vn;je in seeds, fhivvrrs, plants, fruits, or any other produce of tho garden. Bv such nn arcommoda - tion to buu on the part ol The public, he will be enabled to ri:re the greatest variety of foreign and dome' lie vegetabl. - ', sod to gralily tlietaile and rxpi'Ctutiriu of bis fri'iiils. l r. - oii3 inclining to euler their names as en - ccurjgers of llie design, arc invited to call at the garden, where tho fullest mloinialion will le 'Hen. mv i Im l o Lr.T, iLFjX A three - story bric k house, nnpewite the park in Duann, Hiid next to the corner of Hud son - street. Enquire al No. 2 Greenwich - street my 7 ron SALE, .? A farm of between sixt ity and seventy acres, situite on the wcsl bank o rl Lake Olsejro, and one unie from the vi'lnge of Cooperstown. On it are anew stone bouse 54 ;anew , i I . r I ..ii larm ri'iuss - , oarn, owt;. n nauis fiti'io tal.ii.l niLiit for a genta rnnn wishing to rctiie into llie country, as it situation, as I prnsixirl convenience to market, tic. is uot lurf is";d bv any iu the interior of tl.e state. It w ill be sold low for ca - h, on a credit, or exchanged for pro perty in tlascity, goods, kc Apply lo li. U fx R. SEDGWICK, my 7 tf Law PuiMirgs. r The subscriber olTei - s fir sale liia rei - ii'it del ce in the town ol Fa'rfield, stale oi t;oie i litut. It is pleasantly situated, on Ihe Boston road, about bah a mile frcm lOng Idasidi Sound, 55 miles from New York, and 20 from New Haven. The hctise and out - hpiiset areio excellent repair. The imit yard is well stocked) Wim a VBT'Civ wi w - at, o",. - ", ;.j peart and strawherriet. Theie are in the vn i.n - ty acad' - mies for the educati 'n of youth of both sexes. Frouaocc to si x acr.s of excellent land. I . i . ... r I . . u ........ I. . ..IT :. I . v. m.m, m . - ... .i ... . - r 1 1 l . . I.s l.S u ill ..t'X' i C r, hair money, if desirtd. i run remain on iiiter - .'se. rw , v ISAAC M. ELY. Esq. 76 Jlin sir - ct, .V York, or to the Jim. JONATHAN i'PuRCES, rair - field, Connectiitt. r, v ay 6 diitti IJAVID ELY. ..i - i,. and and reen hot line on net by any III of r 46 or ul es as prr bl 21 p 6 56 1st 5 II! or ed a of in I. m m TO TUB INHABITANTS OF NEW - YORK, - AID ITS VIClSIITT. WM. BRYAN, Dyer, &e. from London, gratefully acknowledges the liberal encouragement he has received, from his friends the public, since his arrival from England. Anxious to merit a continuation of their patronage aud support, be has taken those extensive premises Nos. 37 and 39 Spruce - street, (late Little George - street,) where he has at toiniv'erahlt expense erected machinery and every convenience to ensure their future favours. Piece Goods dy'd any lancy color and finished in superior style; Ladies dresses, silk, sattin, velvet, damask, moreen, crape, veils, shawls, inrntks, pelses, botubaxeens, Jcc. cleaned and dy'd any fancy pattern, chip, straw, leghorn Bonnets dv'd. ii tea, lor mourning, on shortest notice ; mo furnitures cleaird, dy'd and water - nihrked j - pressing, &c. my 13 Im CUitLEU HAIU M.i.Wr.lCiUKl, 76 Chatham - street. rlHE subscu - ibtr returns lus thanks to the JL' public kir their lormer patronage in the of kis prolrsuoo, and hopes for their future support. He likewise informs Iheoi that ha has hands resistant supply of curled hair, mauu urea expressly for matrasses, oo un improved principle ; and likewise the hair sold him to be free from any impura smell, being well scoured, boiled aad baked, und being manufactured by machinery, has an advantagr over other hair manufactured in America ils very texture and elasticity making it a savin; of twenty - live per ccutto the purchaser. WILLIAM JACKSON. N. II. Merchants aud the trado in general will find it to their advantage to call as above. 30 bales of hair in its rou;li M:ilo ; 6 hales of long horse - tails ; 2X00 lbs ol long hair drawn 30 inches, clubbed ; 600 dozen hair sieve bottom1 For salens above. my 5 2m REAL ES'PATI.;. IN pursunuce of an nnler of the honorable the court ol chancery, dated the "1th day of April, lli, we, the uiiih.l s.giicil, trustees ol Die estate Henry Doyer, deceased, will sell lit public auction, nn '1 hursday, the 2Mliday of May in stant, the billon ine real estate : Lot No. 7 Doyer street, nineteen feet front nnd eighteen Icet rear, 5u lee t lircp on soutlientterli and 47 feet on northwesterly sides, be tbcsnme mole or less ; ami as now in possession of Mr. William Ariustroiig ; inhjec t to a lease which will c xpireon the 1st M.iy, 1826, at a ground i t ol jO dollars per annum. Lot No. 12 Doyer street, 20 feet front, 22 rrrnr, feet 4 i iches ilecpon southerly and 51 0ct on northerly sido, be the s unenioic or less, us now lute in posvsionol Col. Wiu. tew, subject to abuse, which will expireon the 1st May, 11121, a 1, - round rent oi 40 ih per annum. I. tio. IJIJoytrslieel, 20 led front and 2, ul feet il i iiou s. iiilitrlv and 54 leet b inch on the norlhcily side, be the same morn or less, now in the nsiessionol .Mr. I .iud Munson; ulic( l to n which Millexpiii: on tin - 1st ,ly, rr.',nt i grouud n ut ol thirty six dollars annum. l.ilio. 15 lioyersiri ii, 2 jlcet front nnd 3. feel ri nr. 54 les t it nic l,i di rp on boutlieriv nnd fret 3 iiicbos on MoilJierly side, he the same in'.ie or hs, ns now in iKisesaiou of Mr. W itliuiu Miatxel ;suliie t to a lease which will rXluir on l'e lit May, IUJV, ul u ground lent oi lolly dollars tier tililiiim. Lot No. 16 Doyer street, 26 feet front and 29 feet 0 inches rear, 21 i'eet d - rp on southerly and lett on noilheily sides, he tl.e same more or less, und as now or lute in possession ol Col. Win. Few ; cubit ct loa leaie which will expireon tho 1st ol May, 1824, at aground rent of lli dollars r minimi. Lot No. UcU street, 29 feet front and 9 fi r I j inches rear, 50 feet deep, he th same more or j less, ns now si,in ol the cMuieoi win Grny, deceased ; subject lo u lease which Will expire on the 1st May, 1821, at a grouud lent ol thirty dollars per Hiitunn. Lot No. 21 Pell street, 21 feet front mid rear, feel 8 inches deep on easterly, nnd 58 feet - l inches on westerly sides, be the sunie more m lets, as now in possession ol Mr. W in. I. Wal - dron ; subject fu n lease, which will expire on the day ol Moy, lol, ul a ground rent oi - ili aoi Inrs per annum. Lot No. 25 Pell street, 31 fret front, 5 feet 3 inches rear. 60 fret deep on easterly, and bti lett inches on westerly sides, l.c the same more or less, ns now it, posse ssion of John Dryer : sub iect to a lease which will expire on the 1st May, M, nt a ground rent of 30 dollars. House and lot Nn. 23 pell street, II feet front ami re Mr, and 58 'eet 4 inches deep on easterly, and CO feel on westerly sides, be the same more les, ns now in possession of Mr. Joseph Butler. The improvements on the leased lots lo be valued nnd paid for by the purchaser, at the expiration of the lease. . Terms of tale, cash, on the delivery of the deeds. Any luttber information whi li may be required Hill be given by either of the tuliscri - bcrs. ISAAC S. DOUGLAFS, ADRIAN H VAN HOKKELF.N. The nhove property will be sold at the Tontine Coffee House, mi the ahnve - mcntioni d day, by Messrs. FRANKLIN k MIN TURN, Am tion - eers. my 7 Ids 07 The tide of the above p'operty is postponed to Thursday, the 1 1th of June, my 28 Ids riMIK POWER OF li ELIGION en tor mind, retirement, tilhVtinn, nnd at the ap - L ill pronchof death, exemplified in the experience and tcstirumuc ol emhly one pi - rtnus. dlstin ; itish - by their greatness, learning, or virtue, by Linriley Murray, from the sixteenth London edi tion, price $1 25. Iho linuiistic jvianuiaciiirers Assistant nnn Family Directory in the nrlt of vveaving find Dying, comprehending a plain system ol ihrvt lions with many iiv l'ul lahies iniil ilralts, illustrative ol those arts, price $1 50 els. lust received, nnd for s;Je at the Minerva Circulating Library, .Xii. 'z'. i broaiiwav,opMisite the museum, rn y 29 KANCIS M'GOWAN. No. i2'i Fly Mar Wet, sensible of the very liberal encourage tiicnt be has received Since his coiiirncw einent lo business, nnd feeling confident that n i exertions ou bis part shall be waiiting to merit a cnntni uance, n.lorms his friends and the p'iMio 'hot no pins orex;H:uce in s men nvoiuci 10 uc - iain a stock of the test Iiqu'.rs of every description, wbis b an be depended on for their punly. Having matfstnrr - .rgeniciits, wln'e n Charles - , ton, tor ai m, taut supply ol fillEEN TtjHTLE in their season, be mil lie enabled lo lurmsii u.nn of an nr' - ltent O'j - s'ily. A Ikk.Ii will berpuitd lor subscribers lo an ORDINARY, the table every d:.y a I stated hour. Rooms for i iivntepnrli - s, a' '''"' " e N. B. Snuo. IJ ef - i:l":k - , Oyst. is, Mutton Cho nnd'Kehshtt al nil tunc. i23 iTi"iiC.i..i.S WaNiF.D A fJENTLEMAN is desirous of pro'inins, U,t hims. II 0.1.4 a lartre f.imily, dirin:; th summer, cnmioi im iy iumi - .r.. s . v..u. the city of New - rk.; Bi'"' U y wi'h - a conn rient du - tan" from the City Hal! ; in h - .ii'e wher be w."iid be allowc 4 to rrvh'e tot his own Tib.'e. loe.'lal nw, ami wlicretl.e r,,,'r would attend loll uokin' A parlour, and ot kvst thne Bed Toorcs, H.ouj ,e required p rimos also n servants .i,il(1Jhfr. Enquir at It M 'rray - street. iy2Hf ELKUA.YT J'l.t.Vlt HjJUh.i. OS. WILSON, 1 1 Miii.Vn - Lanr, hss'irtrr. ..... .r. c ivto ny uir v enat, a large nssoilmccl o excellent P.auo Fortes Flute,, F:,; - h ts, Vc. tnanul v;tuoJ exireslf f,r biro I v C'!e sit t &Co. Loi.don. Also, firtno Fj. - So S!.i;i s: - n, new muMc, and cvciy a.ln le i. - i .e ion l sicalbi.e; in'truiati.!! lakea in txch io;" - . ?.ri!f tun.fl provided. u.) t. tf ol the S 1 J J MUTUAL i.ViLVi.VCA. COM P AMY CP THE CITV OFJfUI' - YORK. '. The President and Directors eive no tice that a dividend of fuur and a half per cent. on the capital stock of this Company, for six months, will be made on the Dili inst. ami paid on demand to the stockholders or their attoniics, at No. 51 Wall - street. my 6 1m JOHN PINTARI), Sec'ry. t7 The new FERRY BOA la irom lot - icet of IVnlnut slice t. New York, to the but ol Lit tle street, Brooklyn, near the Navy Yard, will commence tunning on bund.iy, the nthinst. Persons crossing to BrooUln Irom the nprrr port of the city, will find the distance n,ucli shortened by usiu tins lerry. my i - t ION I I.NL COFFEE HOUSE. (Ct - The cenuiiiiltre for inauamg the affairs the Tontii.e Collie House, civ ml lie. that a Dividend of Srvi'ntecn Dodors per share, for year ending the 1st inst. wilt b paio tl,r pro prietors un or nlur lle 19lh inst ul 24 Kroad - trcet. ii, y I I Im IU MAR I IN V - .Ll.riitAIHA C. Y KE, Attornies lit have i pcrc d (h'ir oflice nt ,n. 119 Pearl sin it. n .'6 .'w 117". 'I he consignee ol die luiii Irom Amsterdam, will tooti.r an "IoiimIh.w do IIk, owners by sending their permits to tin. store c.f llie Slum III r i.s soon us po'si:,!i , ;.s satcl brig will commence tolo;idlor Hie above p "l ui.u.t - diately alter lleittrpo bcin;oi l urL' - l. J. C .I.Mt.tVMA, my 2(1 io. 77 v nnlniiitcn stif - i I. NOTICE. (gr The Rising Sun Sad lloats, Nor.jpnripl, nnd Industry , fimuthe l.luabrth town I'n. l.lor Mew. York, sails from Marketlield tin et, (where the Steam - bout Alaiunta formerly c sine to,) at 10 o'clock, oi e.tch day. l'as:ige 12 1 - 2 cents, Eniiuiie ul Uie Heam boat Huli - il, of V A N D I : R POO L k PH I LLI P 3. mv 21 t." 'X r' J he bank nalcs oi all the. banks between this city and Albany received at onr clfiitj al U discount of 3 - 4 per cent, in rums over $;.t). LIVING S I ON k TRACY, S9 W :dl - st. The highest price given for Dollar'.' may 27 Mf.CIIA.MC - HALL, P.I R K l'L.1 LKjYE W - YOR A". 'IHlS well - known estnhlithtiisiit. has been X p'lt iii completa nrdr, newly fu'iii hed, pointed, kc. nrd is continued in its former style of romlort niid convei.ience. Equally divested of the re'euiony of a private hnardiug'house, or the m ie :,nl bus'le ol a, it combines the ndviinlnes of both. Its airy nnd healthy sitna - tion, equal lo any in the City, (corner of Brnnd - wny mill P.vk - Pi.uv;) it proximity tn tins Thc itre, City 1 Li!, . ademy ..f Arts and public lliilhs, make it u dcsiial le rctulence for travellers ol every description. i u caoio aim wines will be equal if not sure - r.r to any in Ann rn a; P.irliiscan l.e KccoinodaC'd with iirivntr oar - lours and other ro nis, und every exertion will lie innrii! 1 1 C - 'otiiliiile to the comfort uf who may ive it a reference. inv z:i i f i HAinri Or All persons huh btnl to Waters Furtttatt ami C harits Dol .lis, (ior street m uniri ) are re' qui Med to call and seillu the ji acroiinls w ith either of IImiiii, .r with D. L. Mead, ..t th' - corner ol I'llliip ii ir'.ldriiln - streett, loruiMly I .I'ed Thiril ,tri et, on or bei'oic tn lirst (1 iv ol July nexl All persons bavins ilemaud HL'Siiiisl thrm will p'.eiise to pri'scnt tl.i ir i.ecmmit f.,r settle - mctit. v a 11.113 . ' ;IIARLE LS FI RMAN. :S DOBI13. my l2rU i,nt .Mtrclumt't Rni.h l.vidrmt (LT Notice i; - lieu by ejven til llie Jonki - ' dciii of (lie Aici Chan'. iIIoik, thai a liividend ol bun j.crcent. or two dullais on each share for six months) from the first of December laat, will be paid at the Bank un Monday, llie first of June next. l!v order of the Board of Directors, my 29' 1 in G. II. VROOM, ChvIiV. LANDS. (Vr STEPHEN U. MUNN, Ni. 226 rrar! - stie t, New - York, pun hacs Luik.'s in the Illinois Territory, which has been s I '.part lor Iho late Army. I .etlers from the country givin a description '( tho patent nnd the price asked fur cat li lot, will l.e attended to, II l ost paid. my u i;& c; u U.YIU.Y LVsL'NAAVF. taiH'.WJ', ' Oihcc No. 58 Wall - sli ett, d' Will receive ;j.,.',;.r.i'inns far marine ri.k, and for Insurance on lives, annuities, kis. between (he h'iurs of If) A. M. aoj 3 P. M. daily. SAMUEL A. LAWRENCE, president. WM. J. VAN WAliENEN, setrelary. PIRS.CTOKS. John Oolhont Jaai's Cr.nrinaa htiacfi. Pearson, jr. Henry Major Henry Thoiims San,uel A. Lawrence Charles King llobert liciiaoo, j'in. John Richand ('lurlei Rliiml James Rtuwitk P. Scliermrrhoru, jun. J.lni Jones Ji.seph Smilh Jauici Strong myl9lm James Uovd. juii. Ballbazor P. Meli.k THE ALBINO fV"7 Prescnls bis romp'irirents to the Lailias nnd Gentlemen of New VorU, and iulorms them that l.e hns token rooms at W ashington Halt, where Im will tie happy to receive their visits, from 9 A. M. to 3 P. M. und from 4 P. M. till 7. Ticked 50 cents each, to be had at the bar. my 24 Im A'or EiiiflanJ, tin liulijur, (Ai.ra .Vioioi.) (Iy - Letters lor his P.ritnni. Mai - tly's p irle el Francis Fret - ling, Will !: received at tin Post Olfis.e till Wednesday ul'l - rnoon, trie 3d day of June. T. W. MOORE, Agent. my 18 Amtrvan Aenitcmn iihr Ji'i: .trlt. THE lionrd of Directors tne iiole ... Hint lf. fourth ExhiLilion r4 tins Aculi iny, is H is ilny opened, and will continue open every CV fSundays excrpteoj lioiu 9 in tin iu( rm;i tnl dusk. Admiltance t:,,til .'ii's 12 1 - 2. Ilycroer, ALL.X K'W;i:K 1 'ON, Set'ry. Meml. rs and i.ihibiliog Artists nie inl rm - ed, mat II. - ir cm Js of .duiis.ien are l ft witii tfia iKeir - ki'i" r myvt( lw Mfsi! "t. rllANKUN "Hal, lVtlRA;t7P. I COMPANY have th. r lUi n at No. 41 IVnfl ilrrel ; where t'.ey . - .r ready to receive pphcsliol.s fer I isu'e;" i I 'he (All PALSIOCK of Haifa Million of 1 . bar, is all shf riKd pvi j,r tatislai.lo - rily secured' nins - .f TOBH. Lli - l.a il l. its, Phiop r.rnVT, IL - nryl WjeU'.ff, Th',m t r inULn, li'o.g.; GiKwold, James W al.V, Win. Hay , id, Jr. hieple - a VVhmy, " - I.ii T. La wrs - isue, Jm. P. M'Eiiii.r, i:i. fl.iorin'.n, Peevj J v. t, ll - ii. L ?wn, John A i;.i)tA, J..bu I. Paine r, I Tbornns ftuckler. r.l - I "I 4 , IRI'II . I'M - i irn'. J. WORTH! Mi TON, Sec'ry. iri'vy 6 Ira FPORJfiMF.Y k MKUVH.1.TS. JOSEPH FINCH, - tin - ni.kfr. re - r - rt'.illy i'.lornu Ins iV - . - iid - ni.'l tao po' iie, t.'nl h b.:is tofumtnci J I aoi'. sir the :tc - c No. 3 W..IJ - .r' - et, or ir 1 1 r a ! - va;. , h - re he fi - is " '.n'e !i very Lau'V.cnie a - '. - rl'iie - il nl iesie :wJ - V'jMc - r:,rrellcd goi , fcie r..1i - , fu - se - , kr. j aL - , Vci;': ticklj n 'c r.i:.'v. J. I', it .I r - ti'.'hiield stind. No. Col Crtm - wlis,.,:rv.t, Lc IV wiirsJn - f d - partjiti I :wJ !.'. ir.' I :i - iyci. I'i 'ir st eillur plsce . 'A lea'iin - '.l 'o wiUi f J iv? cxr;eiLun. Uljr l Lli - CIOS

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