The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 11, 1945 · Page 16
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 16

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 11, 1945
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

16 THURSDAY, JANUARY II, 1S45 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE MEAI Gives You the Right Kind of PR -- : : : · " ^^ ·'··"' . . . ' · . . ···HMM^ $217,010 in Overcharges Paid in Iowa Des Moines, (fl 3 )--Violations of the price control act in the Des Moines district office of price administration last year led to the collection of $217,010 in overcharges--$66,949 more than was collected in 1943. The greatest amount of collections--$162,116--was in the food group, Walter D. K l i n e , district OPA director, said Thursday. Action was taken by the district enforcement division in 484 f o o d cases. The division made 2,713 investigations during 1944 and found violations in 2,218 cases, taking ·0 AS TIE CHAMPIONS DO! fake with P t M j . . . « - r » . cue, pic*. 5-poood ··Ietr*«calcd car- too-Ajkfbrittodv. formal enforcement actions in 952. Informal adjustments were made in 372 cases, and admonitory letters were s«nt to 422 violators. George E. O'Malley, district enforcement attorney said the division brought 97 injunction actions--27 of them involving illegal sale of gasoline and 18 Involving over-the-ceiling sales of meat and violations of meat rationing. Fifty-two treble damage actions involving over-the-ceiling sales, were disposed of in court with collections as follows: ' 15 meat cases, $70,775; 2 egg cases, $1,299; 12 butter, $11,118; 1 cigaret, $2,328; 2 corn (canned), $3,500; 2 trucks, $2,807; 1 peanuts, $1,009; 2 farm machinery, $1,869; 3 steel castings, $4,225; 1 coal, $1,423; and 1 milling services, $8,773. The division issued 11 warning notices, involving food, used farm equipment, used furniture, used automobile parts, waste paper and used washing machines. Such notices are used to advise ·violators ot their violations and to warn them that continued violations may lead to court action to suspend their licenses to do business for a period not to exceed IZ months. One license was revoked last year. The division also issued 13 suspension orders, 11 suspending dealers' rights to sell gasoline and 2 to sell tires. Ten of the suspensions were for the duration and 1 each for a year, 6 months and 60 days. In addition to the $162,116 collected for f o o d violations last year, the following collections were made: Apparel, $646; industrial materials, $18,204; trucks $7,871; autos and tires, $493; fuel, $4,589; consumer durables, $1,693' services, $9,316; and r e n t , $12,079. In. cases.- where, dealers, can' show that their overcharges were not willful and t h a t they took practicable precautions to learn the regulations, they are liable for the exact amount of the overcharge, or $25, whichever la larger. But if the overcharge is found to be willful, the over- charger is liable for 3 times the amount' of the overcharge, or $50, whichever is greater. During the year, the enforcement division emphasized compliance holding an average of 25 compliance conferences d a i l y . Kline said evidence of this emphasis lay in the. fact that there were 97 injunction cases in which judgments were not asked and 52 treble damage actions in which only, damages were recovered. The division also referred, 12 criminal cases involving tires and gasoline, to the respective United States attorneys. Works 12 Hours a Day Waking Torpedo Tubes Hanlontown--Irvin Lee, who is employed on the west coast, writes home that he is working on torpedo tubes 12 hours a day and nore. He says they see a lot of Battle damage and when ships come in many soldiers and sailors ass the ground when they get off the ships. Martha Scott, film actress, Is a direct descendant of Sir Walter Scott on her father's side, and a second cousin of President William McKinley on her mother's side. SAVE MONEY EVERY DAY At Your AP Super Market! Sunny field Enriched Dependable Guaranteed FLOUR 2B5 i b 97c 5B °i b $I.89 PILLSBURY'S F L O U R . . . , ?£· $1.21 OCCIDENT FLOUR U b $1.26 _w f Fresh From Vearbr Farms IOWA EGGS. Gladly Cash «. ao.. Payroll »- 3yC Checks! . MR. FARRIER: BRING US TOUK EGGS--WE PAY HIGHEST PRICES'. AP Meats Are Guaranteed to Please! Snper-Kigh't Grade "A" Tender (13 pts. Ib.) ROUND STEAK . . . . . . Ib. 37c Grade "A" Smoked (6 pts. Ifa.) (3 pts. Ib.) (6 pts. Ib.) 'HAMS . r°*32c,r*29c 1 r..32c S5S?ffW,M Lb . ST./-"/* Ground Beef.. 24c Chili Con Corne 32c Wncr Tislr tb. E? nc:y T " ty *·"· Chicken Giblets29c Br-schweiger. . 33c Fresh Mcity Pork (3 ptr. 16.) Proien .Etuk: Spare Ribs, Ib. 21 c Sablefish.. Ib. 32c Grade "A" N. Y, Dressed Boutin; Frozen Jumbo Fancy Chickens.. Ib. 39c Shrimp Ib. 47c Big Values in Fresh Fruits Vegetables! Michigan Combination Fancy and Extra Fancy WINESAP APPLES .. 2 Ibs. 24c California Size 150 Navel Oranges. . doz. 55c Texas Seedless SUe 96 20 for Grapefruit- , . . 39c California Sire Stt Tincy Sit. Pascal Celery. 23c California Crisp Bch. Fresh Carrots. lOc U. S. No. I ISrtto Enisrt Potatoes. . r Birdscye Oven Baked Beans. 2 3£25c Blrdteye Green Shelled Peas ·.' 26c BSrtttjt Swteltned Sliced Peaches. . 1," 32c SEE ODB PRICES ON SQUASH COEN, S P I N A C H GREENS LIMA WAX BEANS, ETC' Shreddies. .. V V S \ 2 c Sunnj-;)eld Top.Quality Corn Flakes. 1 ^ lie Sunnyfleld Prepared Fancaktt Flour ti» 25c Precooked Ceretl or Oatmeal Gerber's..2 *,.25c Bloc Moon Amer. Chene (2 pts. ea.) Spread . . . . £k": 16c A P Whole Kernel (20 n*s ea.) Golden Corn *£? He V«jet*rian Style Ann Fape Beans ";£·'. 9c While Homo Vit "D" (Hi pis. t».) Evap. Milk 4 £", 35c A National Favorite Nectar Tea. ' P V£ 34c Michljan Grtit Kortbem Fancy . Beans 2b £ 20c Ecery Meal Brand (not rationed) Apple Butter "^ 13c Herb-Ox Aisorted Booilllon Cubes . ',,% . 7 C Prince Albert or. Velvet Tobacco . . Uf°.iS lOc GoM Medal F l o u r . . . . *iS $2.15 Vigorous and Winey Coffee BOIAIg e * Pound Bag. . l-.fa. Cl*» Bags. . 3lC Jane Parker Danish Nut Twist COFFEE CAKE £":.. 35c Enriched While Bread Marvel. 2 £S; 19c Northern A Fine Bathroom Paper Linen-ized for Softness Roll OXYDOL 2 24-oz. Pkgs. IVORY SOAP Medium 1O._ Cakes IOC IVORY SOAP 3 Bath Size *A M Cakes £? P. 8 6. SOAP 3 Giant fl -|Bar, 14C PALMOUVE Regular Cakes PALMOLIVE Bath Size Cakes FOR VICTORY! Buy More War Bonds and Stamps | BIGHT 10 IJSffI QUANTITIES KESEBVED Tribes living in the interior of Mindoro in the Philippines are ood musicians, playing ukeleles strung with human hair and bamboo flutes. Whittaker, Survivor of Raft, to Be Speaker at University Jan. 21 Iow» City--Capt J a m e s C. Whittaker, flyer, who was on the raft with Eddie Bickenbacker for 21 days over 500 miles of the Pacific ocean, will speak at the University of Iowa vespers service Jan. 21, announces Doctor M. W. Lampe, director of the school of religion. The date hag been changed from Jan. 28, he said. It Fs the second vespers service of 1944-45 at the university. The captain kept the diary of the best ieard "Hi new Thompson 0Neil Co "Sk" SERVICE GROCERS J«« BIRD'S EYE FROSTED FOOD Cut Corn 23c Peas 27e Spinach · 3Qc Cooked Squash 20e Brussels Sprouts 39c Mix, Fruit 37 e NO POINTS eef Roasts, «·£*· :huck, 3 Pts.; Ib. 20C ork Roasts, *%*tn -oin End. 4 Pts.,lb.«/C )x Toils, )A«l 'ound ZUC · pare Ribs, ft*jt Pti., Ib *5C feal Roast, *%*9** boulder, 3 Ph., lb.4/C Fresh .Dressed Chickens Oysters -- Capons 1 ~~^f C Ik /$?3»r J"1D« KBP*s C-- i yqjjyy back 111 34c Potatoes, St. Ans- gor. White, Peck. . Butter, Cieor Lake, Ib Prunes, 40/50 2 Ibs Oatmeal, Jack Corn Meal, 5-lb. Sack Dark Syrup 5-lb. Jars.. Woxrite, Pint Jars. Lan-o-Sheen, Cleans, Renews . . 65c 45c ttc ^^ w 25c MO^W 2|t 35c 39c SOc F R E E DELTV-£RY U^^^f FOOD STORE .I325N F E D E R A L - M [ O U R PARKINS LOT- PHONE 420, ' FRESH FROZEN FISH Dressed Q'Tc PIKE, Ib £,( Dressed 1 Cc PICKEREL, Ib. .... 1») HALIBUT one STEAK, Jb. v a" SALMON STEAK, Ib OCEAN PERCH FILETS, Ib OCEAN WHITING, FILETS, Ib 39 C 39' 43' GOOD ASSORTMENT OF BIRDS-EYE FROSTED FOODS Grade-A Beef Short Ribs FOR STEWING--1 Point--Pound 1 Q O "MEAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT KIND OF PROTEINS" Grade B (3 points) POT ROAST, ib Stewing and Roasting HENS, Ib 33 C Grade A Mutton «i c LEG-0-MUTTON, Ib. L\ CHOPS, Ib 32 C ROASTS, Ib i isc Decker's lowana CELLO SAUSAGE, Pound 2 Points .... 37c Bath's CHILI «|/» c CON CARNE, stick Lu BUTTER, com Country, Ib. . . . 45 C North Dakota COBBLER POTATOES 15 Ibs. . 53c ORANGES Sunkist, 2 doz. 57 C APPLES Jonathan, 3 Ibs. ..... 39c PORK and BEANS Stockley's, No. 300 Cans 3 for 25c -- Dozen ... 97c GRAPEFRUIT Texas Seedless, 12 for 49c Head «*r c LETTUCE, 2 for ... 4J ONIONS Yellow Globe, 3 Ibs READ JACK SPRAT AD AND LET US FILL YOUR ORDERS Georgie Porgie CEREAL Large pkg. 23c SALADA TEA Ib. pkg. 27c Omar WONDER FLOUR 5 Ib. box 29c LAN-O-SHEEN ~49c ordeal, using it as the basis of his t-seller, "We Thought We rd the Angels Sing." · His story is more than a re- w of terror and daring,- it is the arrative of a man who had faith in God. Capt. \Vhittaker came back from his experience a confirmed believer in the Almighty and the way in which He saves men who try to save themselves" said Dr. Lampe. Chester--Miss Rosella Smith returned to St. Paid after spending- a week at the C. F. Greiser home* . In the first second of its descent a falling body travels 16 feet. FUEL JACK SPRAT EGG NOODLES SEEDLESS RAISINS YELLOW CORN MEAL 5-lb. Sack 23* JACK SPRAT APPLE BUTTER 23c 28-oz. Jar . . SANTA CLARA PRUNES S 5 '..2, t ,33c JACK SPRAT Buckwheat PANCAKE FLOUR .*£? 15 C I5c CUT GREEN BEANS Goblin TOMATOES . . . . . . . . . Mrs. Moore's TURKEY BROTH ^2 for 19c Jack Sprat PEANUT BUTTER . . . . . . . . .»- 2 5 c Karo BIn« Label SYRUP .. . . . «£ 35 C Jack Sprat PANCAKE FLOUR. . . . . . . . . . i£ 18c Jack Sprat Enriched - ;" . . FLOUR . f. v ;.'..,:;.. : ;. r 5 »r$2.49 Hershey's COCOA . . ?^13e. BROWN SUGAR . . ,L. I3e Morton'* Free Running or lodiied SALT . . . . . . 2P \« 8c J»ck Sprat CIDER VINEGAR 5SBi 19c MODESS Sanitary Napkins. . . " 22c Crystal While : LAUNDRY SOAP -S? 4 for 19c M ALT-0-MEAL 26-ci. Pkg. 23' TIDY HOUSE Bowl Flush GAUZE TOILET T I S S U E . . . . 4 Rolh MOTT'S Apple Cider iy 0 " 0 ".... ..... 49c Camay Soap 2 Bars . . ' . . . . . . . I S C IVORY SOAP siT ......... ....IOC WE CARRY A COMPLETE LINE OF SELECTED FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES IN SEASON NAVY B E A N S . . . . . 19o JACK SPRATS ^STORES Mason City Stores THOMPSON O'NEIL CO. 121 North Federal Phone 312 CHICAGO MEAT GROCERY 26 S. Jackson Phone 996 CARL GRUPP 1323 North Federal Phone 420 Out-of-Town Stores JOK MACKTJ Manly. Iowa H- BANG Kensett DRDAHL TOLD Northwoofl TED HUMPHREY Plymouth J. E. JACOBSON ..Nora Springs W. S. KiXSEY Ruda WJLTERKES Rocktora ED MARONETf _ »P^N * CRVPP Sheffield SON Dougherty W. H. DtETIUCIl , . . .. 0 * ELLINGSON'S AET WHITE \f ff, * BARRETT BROS. 20 Second St. N. E. Phone 43

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