The Evening Post from New York, New York on June 1, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, June 1, 1818
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REAL ESTATE. IN pursuance of an orde' of the honorable the court ofchatnery, dated ll 24th day of April, . 1. 1.... , . ...I twattt lf 111 Afttffctf I Henry Dojer, deceased, will tell at public sjctton, c Thursday, tlie 98tbdy of May w - tlitui, if following real estate i tt Not 7 Doyer street, nineteen feet front and sMhtrcn feet fen. 56 feet deep oa oulbeasterly and 47 feet on northwesterly ides be the uine more or rn and a now 10 possession of Mr. William Armstronf ; luhjecl to a leaie which wHUipireoBti 1st May, 1026, at a ground rtr.t of 60 dollar! per nmiio. I.M No. IS Dover street, 20 feet front, 52 war, 40 feet 4 inches deep on southerly and 61 Teet on northerly ids, be the same more or lew, a now w late in PoMeMiooofCol. Wa. Few, subject to a (ease, which will expire on the lit ftiyt m, a A I . .1 . 1 1 m. kMItl ru nt B erouon run w wuuuui in, - Lot No. 13 Doyer.treet, 20 feet front and 21 rear, 61 feet deep on sxmttieriy ana o sees. oo the northerly side, be Ike snine more or leu, M uow in the possession oi ir. subject toaltaiwu.'h will txpiie ",t"V May7lB24, at a ground rent ol thirty i I dollan per annum. ..,.' . j i lotNo. 15 Dover ilreet, 25 feet front and 33 feet rear, 54 feet 6 inche deep on Southerly aim 68 feet 3 inche on Nortlierly side, be the same root or leu, ai now u nosessicn of Mr. W imam Shalrelnuhiecf lo a lease which willeipiieon the lit May. 1824, at aground rentol forty dollar per annum. , ' ' Lit No. 16 Doyer street, SCfeet front and 29 feet fl iochei rear, 21 feet deep'on loutiverly awl SI feet on northerly side, be the aorr or le, and ai now or late in possession of Col. Win. Few ; (abject to a lease which will xiire on Unlit of May, 1G2 - 1, at aground rent of 10 dollan ptr annum. ' ... . Lot No. 13 Pell street, 29 feet front and 9 feet C inche rear, 50 feet deep, he the ame more or leu, ai now iu',posesiion of tire eitate of W m. i,ihI ! tuhifect to a lease which will expire on tlie 1st May, 11321, at a ground rent of thirty dollar! per annum. . ' ' i j a tin. 91 Pell street. ST feet front and rear, Sd feet 8 inches deep on easterly, and 5U feet 4 liicliei on westerly sides le the sawe more or I... nnw in nossession of Mr. Ym. I. Wal - dron t lubject to a lease, which will expire on the 1st day of May, 1824, at a gronnrt rent oi u uoi Lot No. 25 fell itreet, 31 feet front, 5 fret 3 inche rear, 60 feet deep on easterly, and 66 feet a inchrt on weiterly tides be the lawe more or Icm, ai now m poiscwun oi "jr - ; inject to a leaie which will expire on the lit May, littL at a ground rent of 30 dollars. Uoum and lot No. 21 Pellstreot, 21 fret front and rear, and 58 'oet 4 indie deep on eailerly, end 60 feet oo weiterlv liuVi. b the nan.e more or leu, ainowinpoiieaionof Mr. Jmeph liul - 'The iinprotcmrnU on the IcskJ joti to be a - Tifd and paid for by Uic purchaier, at the expiration of the leaie. ' , Terifli of lale, caih. on llic dn'ivrry of Uie rleedi. Any further iiifonnntion w hit h may be required will te given by either of the mhiori - l,U'' ISAAC S. DOUGLAS?, . ' - ADRIAN II. VA.VUOKKELfc.V. V The above property will beiold at the Tontine rnrT - e Howe, on the bo iitnt:Ofed day, by u n - fi r n AWiMiiSi MllLKiV, Auction. 1 r J 1 in ' ' - ' " iivfciir 1'lf. - to Thunday, the luh o June. KUl niyVStli - : t, "Ii.uuMFlfcLU ii may $7 FKASLR'3 wt.oIfMltj and retail wiper, pewter, tin and sheet iron kitchen furnilur warehouse, No. 31! M.u don - Lane, New - York ; where may be had Plain & plan hheil blot k - tiu colfcc - poti Do do do bit - j'OianJfi!lHirl Do i'.o do teu and chocolate pots Do do do newest paMtrndh covert Do dii do sauce mid stew pans Do do do tea and calico urns . "Do do do egg cups aud boilers Do ' do do cheese plates and toatterv With every other article in the copper, pewter, lilurk - tiu, ami sheet - iron line, as inanulactured and sold at their factory, No. CI Fultou - atreet, four doors abovs their old estnlilisbmaut, where, from their present convenience and ai kr.owled - j ed improvement! in the mclhi d of workmtmship, J they are enabled to receive anil execute all or - den ia tire above line, on the shortest notice aud at the mod reduced wholesale pricci. B. ic F. have received per late arrivals an ex - temive assortment of first rate tutania metal, block - liu, and japanned cnods, which, with a variety of hard and hullow wares, they oflt r lor tale on reasonable terms. my X A"1 IL SMI smpiiIv oi la dies Beaver Hat, liCil.lroin the ma nuhictofy, suits ble !nr the luiith em market, ard packed nt the hortcil notice, j. WILSON'S, ICO Broadway. IMPORT AN P TO Ttic: PUBLIC. THE subtcriher begs leave to inform his friends nnd the public tlie.t he hus taken a room at the corner of Frankfort and C'hatliam - street, near Tammnny ll.V.I, as an " INTEL 1.IGENCL 'OFFICE." W here families may be supplied withservauts of every in scription ; servant with place. ; penr.enien waning m - r - xaots, for travelling, supplied at the hortesl not ice . merrhant with clerks, and clerks wilh employ l wetnurses with places; mechanics with inurnf vioen. Kverv iiiformatin given to stran gers and other., in his line, who will favor him with a call. Families, becoming subscribers, supplied with servants at otio dollar per annum. , Also, Books posted. Accounts adjusted, Pa - per of every description, copied with neatnc?, correctness, and ilUpatch Personal altemlam e, from 6 to t o'clock A. M. and fioni 3 to 'J o'cl U P. M. - He flatten himself that his assiduity and attention to businesswill gain him a share ol the public patronage. myglnT If. PADF.LFORD. etOR SALE, A farm of between tixty and aeventy acres, situate on tlie west bank of Lake Otsego, and one mi e from the village of Cooperstown.r - Onit are anew stone home 54 feet square (anew farm house, barn, Ale. It forms a desirable es tabli.hiuent for a gentleman w ishing to retire into the country, as its situation, as to prospect, convenience to market, tic. i not surpassed br any in the interior oi the state. It will Le sold low for cah, on a credit, or exchanged for pro - insriy in uiu cut, goons, kc. Apply lo . 11. I) k K. EEDOWICK, m 7 tf Law Building. ..'UAivJls M'GOWA.N. No. 126 Fly Mar - I ' WAt f .1. i:i . . J A vi ii.c civ oiM - rHi rnrnnrn... pains oreiprnce has bre n avoided to obtain ai vi "icoe - i irpor ot every desctip( - un I which ran he depended on for their purity "Having made arrangement, wi de t ( 1,'ar!p. - "ton, lor a coutant snpuly ol 'CiREEN TU11TI F in their season, he will he enabled to furnish oup of an excellent quality. A book wnl he npened lor sul.trrinrrs to an ORDINARY, to be on the table ivery day at a rs - uicxi uisur Rooms, for privatf purlieu, at a short notice !S. B. tjoup, Beef - ttea, Oytkn, Mutltn vnops una ikciisuti at ai: tuuti. G. SAUXDER'8 PATENT RAZOR STROP. Yoa that wh to aliare witheaae, Buy of Sacrdxu if yon pleaie t - . - Hii Raxor Strop', peculiar wch, '. ... That iharri tbe Uxor with a touch. G8A(JMJR9 reipectiuily aoliciti thote . who hav not got hii PaUnt Kaxor Strop, to furniib tbemielTei with bil oew invented Kaxor Btrop, and Metallic Compo.,,0B; .lN2ceB tleman who once make trial of one of the Btrop now offered, will ever try any other; and ocb ii tbtir formation, that ever o much ne will not eiv the raaor that rotindoef which renderi the k.i r ihcm uMlei. and which i well known al wayi to tollow tbe application of all thoie hitherto invented. The above itrop are 1b Ef,'ier ute fn New. York, and are anunguunea irom hii otlien. Barben who liare uieatiiem cay more in the p,ai.e (m. 1 cn - ' ' 18 Wall - itrtet Ale for ale, Raxon, Soap, and every uten - lilforiihavinE;, oflhebret quality, with a lupc - rinruoftnKiit of Perfumery. Hair - fowdcf.aic. Irnn Hmvlh'i. New Bond itreet London. N. B. Tlie niott liberal allowance made to deiilen. my 2 fiTi tOH HALKOHTO LEASE, UtiB Loti in tlie 5. 6. 8. and 10 Wurdi; many of which are oo regulated and paved rlieeti. No money will be. required under ten year, if told, intereit excepted. riuuar.s. Several two and three ttory home, on which a real part of the money rcmstin on mortgage. LANDING AT RED HOOK. An eicellentitand for buttne. with ten acrr.i of land, pleaiantly ntuated, Willi a whari, nore - hnue ami barn. COTTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - Haven, with 40acriof Iniid, and a never fuilinz itrcain, upon which 20 n,ilimny be erected, wiui a lulticifiicy of waturioreacn. Apply at No. X Uieeuwiili ureci. janlStf kVHKATON'S ITCH OINTMKNT. rnilE tonar and mcrenlul ime of tliii oinlnient J. ii a lutfiticnt recommendation, ni it har been found to be a ploaiant, lafe and certain ie - medy lor Uint duagreeaule thicatc in an in na - ei. It i for lalein the city of New - V.ork, by . A. ir W. R. Fnit. No. 41 Williatn - itraet 2 I At T.Clark. No. 85 Maiilro - Liine : II. II. Hchicflllin Al Co. No. 193 l'tarl - tlreet: Law rence tz Keeth. No. 195 l'earl - itr - - t i Hull A Bownc, 146 arl itrret ; R. it L. Murray, IJ1J fearl - itreet ; J. M. lirailliunt, 314 renri - iiruei i John I'enfortl. No. 4 Flutr her - ilrce ; Duryi.e l'oe. in I'earl - itrcet: John CV Morrison, Vii'. (irernwich - itreel: John 1. Fisher. 100 Hrond wav s Walter ii litoian. rorni of Chandicr - it. and Broadway, nnl aim inCtiuthaui - ilreet ; ncd in (hurt it may be procured at inn.t of the Urns btoreiin thiarity Alao iu I'liilailt'lpliin, of a. Willierell A - Soul : ticorce Hiinell . North St Ko - Kcn, and almost all the druggitt in the principal lowui in tlie ywlefl S'atc. MHIWI1P, VVIIF.ATON'S JAUNDICE BITTERS inny be hnl at the nhove plnrei. jnn226m 11KS bPENCKR respectlully inlnrins her iVL friends, and the ladiei in tiartinilar who recentlv cnhidonher, thnt her nnnruiuiu arc now ready for tho reception of piipili for the piano forte ! also, that she is disioru of obtaining two or three more pupils, wlm he would huvenooiyectiontn wait upnn nt their own,J:"' - .bfllJ'iit 1P Pref.Tr:i, "V - - J..V., f(( - j"" (..ii, iic pv iii . ,i:in iciunii unit us wife may bt. vcoiumiid.ilcil with bnnrd. my 12 lm w nufi p,, a. . cnv. COMMERCIAL. t:iiOUL, A llOObVEI.T - SrnKI''.T. It Y ISAAC F. B R A O f . r - 1.. i. - ni hi - r nf rinniTitincliin in I lm A .I..I. .1.1 alir...! ,. - .. .l - ll l'lll II llixil. r f 11IE apartments in tins ctlshli hmeiit arc fit. JL ted up with a "iijiorior dgr;o of neatnen. I'be Youiic Laditi' Room, roinrlcti Iv di(i:ici trom thecitticrs, it is hclievt d will not 'merely hi found coiiiruoiliout but'lo anil elvitant. A Uruwing Mailer, of viuiwut . nnnlilieatinii, (.recently irnn l,on(ln,l i engia" tn give in striH.lii.ii in tbat tirnhrh twice itX.'J week. Hi elt - jaiilctiiliM linnof peci,nth in r:re ll.iwurs. velvi t paintings, I.Miilanipr s, will pladiy be exiiiinua to nu n ni iuy lie I'li iiseil to t ;ill. - The term will he ver uuuli i.itn, nnd tho ex erliom to render Km lir.ipe ilr:uvin, Ar. intrr citing, by tlmprepuratinn ol vnnvi expreily for the school, nnd occasional practice from .Vituro w ith clear illustrations of theruli s nfperpe t ive, it is believed will insure encourni'einent. In arithmetic, the priucipal it ilcleriiiinnd to spare no pains to support the lh character which the recent examinnticn of his pupils has given rut' to. j no mcility wiln whitn rmnplicn ted cr.lriilations were perl'urmrd bv many ot his pupils, in the mind, without tiny nidto the me mory, however it may have impressed with the idea of" gettini; by rote." sis Ihe result of fre quent practice alone, and proves thnt boy may lie tatijiiii auine laciuties vtiitrn arc rnmnionlv the resultof lg practice in counting houses, be loie they leave sciiooi. APPlicati iu lot the nilmi'Mon of hovs. will be nceived on or after the 1st of June, against wliK'tilimc ltti iiitentleu to increase the m cmn moilatinns. mv 26 I in Aeu? Errnrh and Amfriran Hoarding Jlmitr, ISO. I:j VV ARRF.R - BTRr.KT, BY I. A M II V, II T SIVATTK. f AMBV.ll P 6IVATTE seize this opportnni JU ty to inform the public, that on Saturday htxt, tlOth May, Ins house will Irf: opened lor the reception ol liuiirders, as well us lor nenilcmen travellers, who will kI nil times linil, beside. his table d'holt at 3 o'clock, dinners served on the hottest notice. His lull ol Inn - , wlin h will lie daily varied, will contain the pi ires of the differ ent disne, wines anil liquor, lie nlso inlormi his friends, that he will unilert.iUe to diess din iters for puvnte faun les in the r rem h or Ameri can taste, tonpsol nil kiltds will be kept in rea diness fioni 10 o'clock in the morning till five. He hopes by bis long experiem e, hi. n - si - dnity in vvuituig on Ins customers, to merit the patrmng of Ihe public nt large, my 10t V'&AAN I l.U lo lore, a wiule woman, tu do f T the Cooking unci House work of a vtnull f.imilv. Apply at No 6 Wai - rcn - nlrcct. mv Zii IME HEAK.1. A MO.Nti?l the pp sent numerous exhibition XX of this city, M. PAKE flutters himsell that the lovers ol genuine work of old tnastt r, will Hal his CALLER Y OK I' A IN I IN US, No. 20 W ull - sticct, worthy their attention, and present in them at the sna:ieit exuene with tlie most extensive giutiflcntion. N. ii. Old painliiLis repaired and restored to origitibl lustre, or l uichascd nt their utmost value. my Sti tl rjw TO LEASE OK. FOR S ALL, ktJSii Thatclegnut in built house, rittiatt atllie corner of Sands and Washington streets, Drooklyn Its size is Unrty - one led trout ny fifty feet deep, it. room so arranged as to combine every convenience lur a genteel residence. It will be sold with two or more lots of ground, nt the option of Ihe purchaser. Terms, nun fourth cash, the rest in Mich payments as will be most convenient to purchaser. Apply on the pre. uiUes to C. BALL, may 23 If rVTOTlCE is he - ruby gii en, that w tbe under Ll signed have been appointed by hi honor ItiKl.aru Kixer, Kecotderol me t.ityol ew - York, according to the ai t for relief again - t ah Kondins anJ abs. t.t dehlor, trustee i lor all the credilui of Ihe persons constituting tlie firm, co partnerihip or house of trade, of Pre 3ti& Carter, of Baltimore, h Mors, wiio reside nnt of this me.nt lie has received since bis rnm n.u iiate and are indebted wilhin it i snd nWl - emuu lent lie has received since bis commenenm - m business, and feeliiuf eonfid nl Hint a.. ....:. ! fn IK aniil liraoriK rrmtlitlilino' l'io aaiil . . .. , " i: ci iii I . - .. ... on bis ppn ina.i tie wanting to merit a contin - hrm. copartnership or house of trade, are requi - uancr, miurois mi inends and Uie p.blic tliM no ! red by the teuth d ly of June next to pay all debts ann sums oi money wuicn tney owe to tne saio persons constituting the said lirm, cofiarlnership or house ot trade, and deliver all property of Ihe s imr, wind, Uiey have in posession, to us the aw truster. Ami all creditor ol the said rer - on constituting the said firm, copartnership or oi uae, art? oesired, cy tl lim day ni August next, to d. livet to us, or one of as, their respective deroands egatnst the tame. Dated uie zinuayot lay, 1HIH. WILLI AM C. U LUGAN, ) WM pRoClnii, 'Trustees JOSKPM BATES V rmtces. my 22 dtJlCKlawtAl VALUABLE REAL ESTATE FOR SALEi IB TBB CITt Or BW - TOK, - ."'IVF. lot of ground on the wet aide of Green - vjicb - iweeT. between Veitry and Uexbro - ei - ilreeli, 25 by 80. r oar do in the rear oi tne aoove, ironung ob the cut aide of Waihingtoa - ttreet, 25 by 80. Eight do ia the block below, between Waib - ington nnd Weit - itreeU. . In Montgomery County. ' 61WI KrreiofLand in Lawrence' Darrhaie, near Eait Canada Creek, on the north aide of the Mohawk. , In Franklin ConntT. 15.163 acreiof Laud, in the towm of Mount Morn and Dayton. In fcsicx County. 7832 acrei ofLnnd in the town of Barrymore. In the County of Le wit. 1250 acre of land in Caiterland, Chaiiaoii Purchaie. ' In Saratoga County. 2600 arret in Paloier'i purchaie. Enquire at the office of the inbicriber, 34 Ce dar - itreet. ROBINSON, mh 17 tf CIIKAP CAoll GROCERY bi OKU. Corner of Grand and Rynder - itretta, directly omioiite Centre Market. JAMES P. ANDOK retpectfully inform hi fr - mli and the public in general he ha re moved from corner ul Broadway nnd Reed - it. to bit preient it and, where he lolicil a continuance of public patronage, and hope by hi unremitted exertion to obtain the belt of Liquor and other urticlei in his line of huiinni, thereby to render tlie mMt perfect laturac lion. N. B. J. P. A. keep comtantly for ale general oimrtmentof firit rate Teai, Sugar, Coffee, bpicci, Liquor of all kindi, &c etc. which will be nil UispoMUOi aia muaeraie amu. my 2 1m VO LET, I'll !n?nnt 3 itorv house No. 7 Hud on I reel, which coromanli a pleaiant view ol the I'nrk nod river. Poueuion may be hnd in a fet'dayi. Alio l"r lale, the furniture ofiaid home. It ii of the belt quality ; well fitted, and luitable to a genteel lamily. Apply & above, my 1 1 tl BERGEN ORPHANS COURT. Of the Term of March, 1818. Catharine Schuyler, Adminiitnitrix, ire. f ol John A. Sthuykr Rule, under Statute, decerned. V 'IMfE court order and direct, That Catharine .L Schuyler administratrix of the goods chattels and credits of John A. etchuyltr, deceased. . .,..1,1, nnl ra In hl rrrdllnrt ol IIiC liere - ilent to bring in theirclnims and demand agaitut the eitate ol Oie aid decedent, on r.r before the first d;iv of May, iu the year of our Lord eijjlr Icen hundred and nineteen, ny puuing up notice to thatollect in five of the most public places in Ihe county of Bergen, for the ipace of two months, and advertisine the same for the like space of time in a newspaper printerj anu pus lislied in the state of New - Jeney, r.nd in a newi nptr printed and published in the city ol jew - oi it. a true iramcript irom ine recoru. miH9m JOH.V A. BOlD. S'' i.i.irnn 5TtJTiCE COMPANi. ..ijir. i irimri'i aiiu lilltLUilB K' - IHIIICX, I thnt a dividend ol four per cent on the curji - iuivrresiduM tal stock of the company tor the hut six months, will tie paid to Hie eirCKii(iinri at ll,eir (Jltiu - .. No. 53 Wall - street, on and tiller W. l.tilavnf Jnnr next. J he 1 ransler hook will he tVned on the 21st iiiftnnt. I!y order of the hrarri of llitv: - tors. JtlCllAUIJ 1JL',.N, Jnnr. myl4illin bee'ry HOAIIDING. fT'OL'R or five gentienien with their families, II or, ten or litteen single eentlemen, enn he areoriiriinilated with hoard and lodging ut Mount Vtrnrti llolcl, alioiit live mile Irom the city ol New ink.'on tli 2 bank of tho East River, and niie ol the most pleasant situations on the island. I I e rooms nie spacious and airy, bavins a full view of the river ; conch house and stables. erms liltrrnl, and every attention paid, t.y the public's humble servant. my 4 lm EZRA CALDWELL. FOR SALE. Arountry seat, formerly owned by Mr. R. D. Arden, containing about fifteen acres of around, situated on the Lost River, short of four mile from Ihe city. It i remarkable for its nleasant situation and is a very desirable resi (knee either summer or winter ; the buildings are "ood and romlorlnble : the rround is in hiuh order, and abundantly supplied with a choice collection of fruit trcti and shrubbery ; there are several springs of excellent water on the preuii ses. and two uuarriis of huildine stone, whirl mi"ht be worked to treat advantage. Purcha seis nre invited to view this situation, and ap plv nt No. 13 Broadway for terms, which will tic liberal. T. ELLISON mv 1 - ' 3w Amrricun Jnxurutirt Cewaiv. TniF. board of Direc tors have this day declared a Dividend of lilteen per rent, on Ihe Capital Sin! k, for the last six month, payable on or alter the first day of June next, between the hours of 10 wild 1'2 o'clock. By order of Uie President and Direclois. May li, I8M. my Hi P. HA YT, Sec'ry. IHli.lLt.SALt. AXO RETAIL STORE. SHOE BENJAMIN LEI.AND, 143 Broadway, has for sale, n general assortment of Ladies' Kid Morroeco, 1'tunelle and Leather Boot bi Shoes, of all den t iplions and qualities ; Utbtlcroen's ttru.l B...I m...... nl' .till'.. l.iniU Mit.etV . - r. u.i.i ....... r, ... 1111. 11.11 ml...." , . - , Bov's and Children's do. do all which comprise as large and grntral an ns3ortment of city and eastern made hne, n nre to he found ia any other store m the city, and will be sold on ac roinmodating terms. tny?(llw OCT VVHEATON DA - via, rancj Chair JVianiilac - turers. No - 153 Fulton - st opposite St Paul Church cirer for sale, wholesale ant retail. a large and elegant as sort men t of Curld .Maple, plain painted and ornament ed in gold fc bronze, bamboo, plain and Gilt Bull, Rocking, Sewing, and Conversa tion L - liatr.. tolas, reltees liOungees, MulC &tooiS,&:c Orders from any partof theCoatiriontexecuteo Willi neninesi and dispa'cb. Old Chair repaired, painted and oroanented. my II) mtF.ssrxu room. 4 FRl'MKSTO. No. 1 Wall - treet. lust re Z X. tnmed from Italy, has the honour to inform the gentlemen, that he rots and dreisrs hair in the latest style, and in a marncr so ai to adopt it to the phisiognnniy. He hai for a!cnanti - ty of RAZORS ot tho first quality, if they do not please oa trial, the purch.vers ale at li.'n rt to return them, nnd receive IhemnrM - y. He has likewise procured a very fine hone, and engage to restore ramrstoavery ketoedge and should Ibty not cut he will receive no recompeure. Thoie gentlemen who may please to hmor bim with tltfir patronage, roaydipend on tlie most particular and respectful .tteitdanre. Frumento has jut received a few etts ol the celebratel Mangoira f alse Hack Kazors, warranted of Damiscns steel of a superior qnnlitj, Amateur may shave tbemsrlveii luxntiouslr. N. B. Gentlemen who subscribe bytheeiuttr - ter will have Ihcir razors, Ac. ktjit exclusively tor themselves. P. 9. A good journey man traded. Apply a aiove. , ran t ti ; EXPEDITIOUS TRA VELLUfG. NO'I ICE. 7 tUS J - CHJl It STEAM UVAI LIXL8, roa rmiADBLrHiA, . Throueb in one dar. and bv dav - lieht. fy Monday the lllh of May iortaut, line of poit - coache and rteam - boati between New - York and Philadelphia will be otimmenced. The pawenger will leave White - Hall in New - York every day (suouayi exceptxa; at $ o'ciock M. in oji excellency vice - prendent D. U. Tompkim commodiou and ipeedy tteam - boal NAUTILUS, proceed to Bristol by the Staten. (land and YVoodbridge. turnpike, and take the team - boat at Briitol at t o'clock, and arrive in Philadelphia at 4 o'clock the lame day. 1 he roads on the land part of this line are turnpiked and in excellent order ; the country and village through which they pan u elevated, pleasant and healthy, the route ia the nearest at present travelled between the two cities ; the vanoui and extensive views which it eives of the ocean, the bays, sound and river between rcw - lork and New - Brunswick, makes this the most expe ditious comfortable and pleasant tour now exili ng between New - York aud rr.jRiielpnia. A second post chaise will leave New - York eve ry day (Suuday's exrwifed) nt 10 o'clock, in .r. i.. r iaii,:i. ii. .ii i.v me airuiii uum .mania, iiiiiu wvijiiv unut i.j way of Elixabctlitov. - D, Bridgetown, New Brunswick, Princeton, lodge at Trenton, take the team boat at Bristol, and arrive in Pluladelphia at 1 0 o'clock, t are through Sj. For seats in the above lioci apply at the oCif e, no. I iu Hroanway. All goodi and baggage at the risk ol tne own er. JOHN N. CUMMING,. Newark. J. GUI.ICK, SONS tc CO. Princeton. STOCKTON HOWELL. Philadelphia. 4t Kinrpnei srnt to anv Dart of the United States ty UAIS.1 - .K, UULilCi. d CU. mv 1 1 fjT" Steam Boat Olive Branch will sail every Sunday, at 1 1 o'clock round '.Staten Island, nnd occasion ally, ii tlm wiuJ and tide will permit, to the hook. This beautiful tail will contribute both to health and pleasure, and is as cheap a re - creatirm as can be found. Parties w ho mean to partake of this amusement will, if convenient, give in their names the day preceding, at the ofhee in Marketticld street, north side ol the uinner on board, at tne usuni prices. Passage 8s children half price. my 13tf STFBUlirMAlircbACHESi FOR rnii.ADKLruiA. LV ftrj" Leave New - York s arii i r innminis I'SiinrlntjfstAV ftit'eepted) at Bo'clock, nod ar rive in Philadelphia ntxt The puhlick house nre good, and reasonable . . i . : i iii.. .I.:..... I. ....... ,...A O . iii iiic'ir clIU;e. j jicuiiycib, hui rv - e are not inferior to nny others now running ue Couitlandt - siiet, New - York. 1'ue beautiful country, t ue neautnui country. n Hie.. "'!' ml the excellence of tlie roads on this rout, con netted with the safety, comfort, and reasonable expences, are beleived to be strong inducements to traveller in giving this line a decided preier. ence. Ihe strictest attention will be observed by the proprietors in giving general satisfaction All baggage and packages will go at the risk of the owner unless insured and receipted lor by the clerk of said office. stage fare only with a generous allowance of baggage. Parties wishing to travel at their l isurc, may engnge the Coach on reasonable terms exclusively to themselves, by applying one iaj pievious to sinning. For seals annlv nt Northern Hotel. No. "73 L, 1 U.N, SUIXS, & Ut). "P 2 Proprietors. NO l lv;K. For the further accommo. rt ,iai.vii hi um uiiiiii,, iiic ue partnre of Ihe Fiufly from iJSffir.jNew - York nnd Newburgli will be iu luture on tbe pillowing uavs : Leave New York on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, at 9 A.M. Leave New burgh on 1 ue sday, r hilar and Sunday at 15 A. AI. The above arrangement will commence by the 1 - ireily leavinir Aewburiili ou Sunday, the SHU May. I he western fetage leaves iNewbursli imme dialely alter the arrival ol the Firefly, my 22 fv'Oi SALE, A house and farm on Throg'i Neck, in he town and count v of Westchester, fourteen mile from New - Vork. The farm contains bout one hundred ncrt - s of excellent land in good lence. a large barn and other convenient nut buildings, a good house two stones hi(;h, with four rooms on each floor, elegantly situated on the banks ol the hast Uiver ; the situation uncommonly healthy ; the neighbourhood the most respectable ; abundance of fruit of the best selec tion ; scale and shell tisli in great variety taken before the house. For further information apply to the subscriber on the premise. my i 2m SThrHkis a. ho r nan. A t'A ILiNTKD INVENTION, For the convenience and comfort of ladies. P is well known by all ladies that their cloak pins, fa they are called) alia curtain pins. particularly large one, in a very short time, rom the weignt oi tne curtain, and irom otlier causes, wear so large a hole in the wood in which they are inserted that they become loose. insomucn mat they droop and look ill, and moreover oftentimes drop out. To prevent this ef fectually, a person ha invented that which will prevent the inconvenience alluded to ; and any lady, or rrtn a gtnlltman, can le convinced n the fact by applying nt No. 2 Dey street, where tlie invention is to be seen : the expense is a mere trifle, and cloak pin already in use can, and will he, readily altered to the proposed plan. my it) 3w I'll HATE LODGl.YG INGLE Gentleman can be accommoda ted, with a furnished or unfurnished room, w ith breakfast and tea, in a small and genlecl family. Inquire at the sture, No. 126 Broad way, may PROSPECTUS for rrRMKnino bi utiascittrTinsr A MAP OF MEXICO AND LOUISIANA. '1 t!E publication of thisMap has been under - - L taken with the imprtssion. that it will ex hibit information, highly intrrefcting at this event - tul crisis, and the valuable iwap which the author has procured, during hi several tour through viexico, in the year liHio, 1JI07, 1812. IKKi, 1UIT, lillC, nnd 101?, induce him to helcive that the Map, with even all its imperfections, wiH be much the most ierfcct which has appeared be - forr the public. 1'his Map wiil contain the latest and best information Irnm the discoverii s and po'fessicin' of the American, Spanish, Russian, British and French travellers and navigators and representing the claims nl their resectire givcnimentt oo the Nortbwctern coast of America. The Map will include that portion of North; America, which lies between the Isthmus of Da - ; rten, and the - Pith degree of North Latitude, and from the Mississippi River wests ardly to the Pacific Ocean. In size the Map will be about six by Gve feet, and will be prc.iected on a scale of 40 mile to Uie inch, to be delivered to the subscribers at fifteen dollars, arh. Natches. March", 1818. ap7 lAul To Lit at li!oomindale, , Anv person desirous of a country resi dence, cn obtain one on moderate terms, sit. nated about six miles from town, on the pre mise arc, a very commodious house, cnach - hoiise, be. an excellent gut - den. well stocked with fruit and planted thi Spring with vege tables of varuiu - i kinds; thev cn cither have it with or without the gTounds belonging to it a may oe preierred, mere is also several articles of furniture, and other things belong big to the place, which will be either rented or sold if wished Sr. For further particulars. apply at .o. it rcsrl - street. . wtZZ 2w XWOA - LlS'E, t u ii rulLADELfitlA. Twenty - five mile land carriage: viaft'ew - Brnniwick and Trcotoa. In new post coaches - $ Do. good itages, ' 4 50 Do. forecastle or deck nasvenfrer 3 50 Connected by the steam boats OLIVE BRANCH and PHILADELPHIA. Ill tteam - boat Olive Branch will leave New - York every day, fcun - dav excepted, from tbe north side of the Batte - ...... . . . .. u , i ry, at 1 1 o'ciocx a. m. ra'senpers win iu"5 at Trenton, and take the steam - boat Philadelphia, so a to arrive in Philadelphia at 10 o'clock the next morning, in time to take the Union Line Baltimore stexm - boat. This line has a connection with the best boat on tlie Delaware and Chesapeake to Norfolk ; as also those of tbe North Hiver and Bound; and their several arrivals are calculated to cause lilll", if any delay. This is a speedy and certainly tbe most con venicnt rout, as the passenger will. leave New. York after the banks open, and arrive in f hiln delphia before the honrs of business, without fa. tieue in travelling or want of sleep, the land carriage bring much less than by any other route between the two cities. ' For seats in the above line apply to t 1 L.L.1.11T& O - jnwUHA At the Union Line Steam Boat Office, in Mar - ketfieUi - street, north side of the Buttery, be tween Greenwich U Washington - streets, or to The CAPTAIN on board. 07" All goods and baggtge at tlie riik of Ihe owner. ap THE &OUJYO H'J'EAM tiOA T - L1JVE. The proprietors, with m i il n vi . .. i.niii.'v.Lii i'Lp, " ypuhlic, by extending the line iLLt'JLto Norwich, intend makiug the with the Fulton, Cpt. Law, and this route (if found practicable) will be continued durine the season. Ihe line will in luture be irom Aew - Yortt to Norwich. n follows: The Connecticut, Cipt. Bunker, wiii leave New - Ycrk every Monday. Wttnttdav and t naay, at K o'clock", in the morning, lor New - uaven. J he rulton, capt. Law, will leave Jfonnth at 6 o'clock in the uiorninjol tlie same days, touch at veic - I.onffon nnd depart Irom thence for .Vrie - Harftt at o'clock. 1 he boats will meet at JStw - Hartn, and depart from thence every Monday, tl ednrS' dnyanii Friday, at 7 o'clock in the evening the Connecticut lor - Vf it - 1 or, ami the Fulton for Jytte - Iiondnn and Jvoiwh. mhlv JSXJUTH liiyEH STEAM - BOATS. f m If uO - Onthe lltliofMav, tlie Boats will commence i running four times a week, sai follows: A tni will leave iew - inrk on Tuesday, at J A. M Wednesday, at 5 P. M. ; Friday, at 9 n . ii. ana caiuraay, at a r. ii. or each week and a boat will leave Albany on Monday. Wed nesiiay, i nursiiay, ana Saturday, at J A. M. The above arrangement will commence by the ClmncuHor's leaving Albany on Monday, the 1 lilt .vi a v, nil) A. m. and the Richmond leaving ivew loricon J ucsduv. the lVtli at 9 A.M. inerire - nv leaves New - York on luesday. Thursday and Saturday, at 9 A. M. for New. nurgti, vnd returns on Monday, Wednesday and uuay, at ua.ii. my: Nkwbckuh and t a.n amiaicca mau. - 8taub THRKK TIMKS A WI.EK EAVES Newbiirgh eve - r' Li Sunday, I uesday, I'hursday mornings, at three o'clock, run through Montgomery, Bloominghirrgh, Mnnticello, by white liHke, loshectnn, Mount t leaaant, t.reat Bend, Chenango Point, Owega, Ithica, and Ge neva, to vananunigua. Returning leaves Cannmlaigiu every Mnn day, Wednesday and Friday morning at three o cluck, and arrives at New burgh, the third dav in time to take the Steam - boats which .wive in New - Yoik the following morning. Oj - nint bt. exjirrtrd that al all timtl when Ifu - baalt allrr their dayt of running, that thit line mil allrr so at to mi el litem. The whole route will be peiTomed in three days, from the first of May, until the first of Nov ember and from tbe first of November, until the fifteenth of December, anil from the fifteenth of March until the first of May, in four days and from the 15th December, until the fifteenth of March the same line will be continued to the city of New - York and run from thence to C'atiandaigua in four days. Passengers travelling from New - York to Canandaigna, Niagara or Buffalo, can leave N. York in the evening steam - boats, and arrive in Canandaigua in three days a distance of three hundred mile. Ihe line is well furnished with good, new carriages ; good horses, and careful'and experienced d rivers Every atten tion will be paid to render the passage of the traveller safe, easy and expeditious i and it is believed that the accommodations on this line are equal to any line in the state. O" t ARE fiom Newburjrh to Canandaigua FOUIITKKN DOLLARS. N. It. A branch of the same line run three times a week from Ithaca to Auburn. Also, a line runs from Owego Tioga Point; thence through Newtown anil P aimed Post, to Bath, Sic. . BAGGAGE, as usual, at the risk of the owners. I lavid Godfrey. Bloomingburgh,) L. C. SI. John, Mount Pleasant, I I. & R. Manning, Chenango, iTroprie Luther Gere, Ithica, j tor. Samuel Orecnliff, Geneva, I Oliver Phelps, Lansing, J mh 14 dGin x JMLOAD - 'WAY. WnVBOIS, begs leave to inlnrm the public . that he has put received, per brigBac - chus, and ship Gecrge, from London, a general assortment of articles in the musical line, amongst which are some very elrgant small Piano - Fortes, nn particularly en gain rose - wood grand cnbi ne - i riano - rime. Also the new invented Metronome ornnfen sell - time bcriter. with a large assortment of new Music, which he offers inr sale wholesale or retail, on the most reasonable terms, inv 8 . .A'.Y'S AjYJI - BILIOUS FILLS. f 1IICI1 have been attended with a degree V V ol success highly grateful to the inventor' feelings n several parts of the West Indies and Uie Southern nnd Middle Stales, particularly in New York. Philadelphia, Baltimore, lie. The operation of these pi III nre pehectly mild, so as to be used by persons in every lituaticn and of every age. They are excellently adapted to carry of tu - perlloui bile, aud prevent it morbid accretion ; to restore and amend the Appetite ; to produce a free pei yiratior,, and thereby prevent colds winch nru often of fatal consequence. A dose never fails to remove a ccld, il tf Uenon its first apiearance. They are an infallib'e preventive oi Bilious and Malignant Fever, and should be procured for use, by every traaaa and traveller. Prepared and sold at LErJ's Medicine Store, No. 4G Maidtn Lane. DroggisU and country store keepers supplied on literal terms. my 16 .. r A UK.rmUg r - .bKt'Jtn kow t, rfiltic BiiJ, j. lVTf J:er ""Btrt - - It " "w Niai XAUCim DOCTOR.HORNE.formerl, of the city of LowJomaa' member of the faculty of nhvsii and turrerv there, ilmu ;i tTj" ty to rtpcdt some ooservationj the abuse of MERCURyT a rash, indiicriminate, and unooalu fled use tfeercot; has been prbdJI tive of lnnnita iivkl.r rand are annually mercurialized out r:.:. ence. The disease we ht. ;n . al resu!UchMly to thi, source. " v hat a young roan, the hopes of hi camAryftll the dafhng of hi parent, riiould be ,aStced la! way from all the prospect, and erijoynienbrof lit Wofcnt BnguaVid SoSw? and by a diseaie not in it own nature fauTanJ which only nrovea an from ,n treatment.''. A Vlem7Utr?n.' Uent) nowrxrfectiy hearty and well. hS kE!.",an.or geneial practice, rixrears. and repeatedly wl, valid; when recmeaSSX ur. ii. ny a gentleman or Uii city) hi. k," were carious, and his flesh dm.m;nfJtL .TM bis friends declared le conld not do? blvn Jfm ' t wo month, longer. Tto.d.22 know with what ease and aafety ii - II , i' cafe the severest cases, and confirm, the ce.s!" tution. The Doctor'. Plan (adverU.u"..' cenary to guard the public against th. mercury, and other fatal delusion. he,M fo!7i: Persons, therefore, having contracted a 7 . vate disorder, or uspecting latent poison admonished not to tamper wilh thelTconsti tiou, or concew .ne Disorder, till put recov. ry ; othershavine the remain nt L?m.p.':rii,relJf,,he !?l00d' MwniiC c luuiomiui w ucui;Bte D&nir a, kj. should remember pcterft " do iJltl to their consciences, by makine annir - M:," to Dr. H. at hi. old Snd Sfc lishment, No. 64 Water - .treet, SouL of Old - slip, to obtain that Prompt ,uSe a lone emulated t'o prevent disclosure. Andk!. let me claim your.ienou attention - Remember a luperficia cure w no cure at all ; unles. smeiei radically done, yoa will certainly h ' iiv avvuw mvusi v tiLutn III. rfiintlfW . lijrnity, at some future period ; perhaos then will hp too ate for remcdr. Don's uciuuiaumi ura i i.iur.ijr. SOU OlteQ fnoM ,m . cl uie s;recu miseraoie, mutiiated beiugs, llio m'rf tniecrhTA mutl!AJl ft..: M... w wwi. , luuilinirM IIKIIITV u. . f I . even a bit of nose on their face Take warnS I beseech you. WWn" Dr. ll'i. character for skill and stubborn in's. grily being universally known in this city. .jI 1 804, guarantee to patief.U that delicacy indu. crecyhitherto unknown, and having confined Lit imti.ucc iu. ,cai v.xmi, ciumveiy to the cart ol disease of the blood system, they may safely call dilate on the most decided advantages in em suiting Dr. H. 6 uiceu eradicated in twt or three weeks. Strictures removed without bougies nrnnv aik. er instrument ; nnd all debilities ; likewise all old ulcerations, fistula's . A plurality of ollicei are prorided, and so sit, ated that patients are not exposed tnem - li oth,. observation. Open till half past 9 in tlie evening. All persons concerned are invited to be fre n calling, and speaking with Dr.H. wliich i lrt of cost. And hers the Uoctor cannot avoid th expression of gratitude for innumerable reeom. mendntions, and for tlie decided preference fit I. preomco wiinjusicbust; long given him toy udicioui public. is. b. aii letter, must be poit paid. Dr. Buchanan. Ang27 Iv KEITH Eli qUAVKEHk tfr.'vai. a JiUJy. DiR. EVANS inperioi method ofcuringa certain Disease, is now universally acknowledged in tbi city j hi. mode of treatment i perfectly mild, afe, ei - peoiuuiis, ana in r.nnrgi icBJonBuie. in every it - stance he warrant a cure, and wiM return the pay if a doc not perform agreeabl to contract. 1 ' i ... . , r . I .. t MCurv fkln.a i.K..M ii - mS J IJC It!.". . VJ VI IGI l.U. There are many persons in this city and it vicinity, laboring under various chronic diseases, such as cancers, old inveterate "leers, tcrofula or king evil, fistula, disease of the urethra, bladder and ludnies, old complicated complaiuti of rrrtnin nature, biliou and other obstruc tions, rheumatism, Ac. which they consider irjc. lions, rheumatism, Ac. which tney cons rable, they can certninly be cured (ii by applying at Dr. EVANS'S Medical 9, Feclt - siip, having practised in v f norn , store, a. I 10 extitmn in hospital in Europe 1 years, mirier lome of lis first Surgeon and Physician in tbe world, ui made those oosunatc uuease uis constant stscy for 30 years. Oct II 0 The subscriber having recently returned from England with an important improvemento tho artificial spring LEU, lie takes this method of informing his friends and the public, that all those who are so unlortunatc as to be In want M a leg, or arm, they can be accommodated by ap plying at No. 77 liarclay - strcet, New - York. . Jan 22 WM. PURVIS. HVDE - PARK INsl ITU I ION. A SELECT and private Classical School established at Hvde Park. Dutchess cani ty, state of New - York, under the direction ad instruction of BENJAMIN ALLEN, L. L. D. The institution is designed to unite with a classical and English Education, the modern langtt - 8e.V.. ......... . ....... j ne classical course win comprise uie iin and Greek Languages, Ancient History and tie raphy, Mythology, Koinan apd Ureuan asu I'1"!" - ....... ... - . . - .,v ine cogiiin course win comprise unum Grsmmer, Elocution, Elements of History, Kbe - lorick, Geography, Penruanship, elementary ud practical niatnematics, and tne outline oi w ural l'hiloophy. Modern Languages will comprise the French, Spanish and Italian. Moral and religious Instruction will be atten ded to, as youth is tlie most proper time to inculcate and fix those principles of virtue and pie ty, which ought to direct and influence tuc conduct of future life. Thepupilsofthe Institution will be member of the Principal', family, and under bis immediate care and government. Particular t,fn'',?' will be paid to their moral nd manners.. Ine government will be strict, but mild and parental - its aim shall be to give habits of order and industry, and inspire a generous emulatioe. The institution will be furnished with a Library, Mapi, Giobci, and select Phikwopbical AP - nnrnlns. th use of which the DUDlis M taught, and made familiar with the most important and striking experiments in Natural 1 mlesf: III eeilBllls; c&iciiuic:iii au iibmii . - phy. These will be considered a rewards oi ....'A i - .., .. .ll.,nl,i,n In .tilHo. anu w stitute one ol tne most interesting " - - musemcnt and recreation. It is known front ex perience that much useful knowledge mj thus incidentally communicated. Tbe term are three hundred dollar prt M" num, payable quarterly waslung included. Classical students who study the modem guages, will be charged 10 dollar per a"" extra for the same. The students find their bed. and bedding - The number of students is limited. men therefore who are de.iroos of placing tons in the insUtution, will please to ma' early application. . .j - . All letter relative to the institution, addreij edto the .ubicnher, Hyde Park W0.?. Dutches County N. Y. will he promptly e, to. BENJAMIN AL?v Tlie summer term wil! commence on trie of Mar. roya - . ROMAN CEMENT. 60 caiki iiomauv - , aient, just received nnd for sale M ANDERSON teSHEAftER, my23 . 131 Water - trwt NEW - YORK: PRINTED A'D PUBLISHED 1ST . ' men a ei. jsviixnJM NO. 49 WlLLIAW - iTMET OFTOSIT .Bark Corrr.x Hot6S. Tl fl

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