The Evening Post from New York, New York on June 1, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, June 1, 1818
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. Un VDON fro d Theatre Royal, 1 Coveot Garde. BROWN. TWtoffiJSTfo the laW Miry 'K - ".rf York, tbat oa v. , . . ,k. wiriUKtoa Hall, they W ,! ho - ' nreoUV MwelUarOM Performance, .Swi three parts called, the obrVAVlERINU MINSTRELS, xwrfrten b O. C'olman, Esq. utlwr of TI Iron Written my. y .J - Cons ttius of in - i'SLl MutTermbracing a variety of hje3snli"trwlcViry to a number cd the ? f Juried sone. composed by the most coil Ltnt S tlV'i 'Nations! Irish !SS IrHodW. The Recitation, and Co - jedon the'piano Forte by Mr. Taj lor. P ,. Addret. the j am .ce. . Snuer. (Sir. IDCieoon,; n . i Recitation Exordiuia. - Subject propo - t S - m,?,e:' Jockev.aid to Jenny iHujiiway acodciiU. - A crash, Iriih i.oipi - aL. ' m. T.inr When the rote tud of eon, V'"' ' "ITso invitation. Bacon and Egg. and old Soag (Mr. Incledon) Encomoan'd in an Ao - 6 Sokhrr' Welcome and misfortune. 6. A prisoner, a reprieve and a wedding Son - f Mr. Brown) The honey nioon eclips'd 7. rtirilectioni. Poor Jack nnd more coaipa - ?ratoe (Mr. Incledon) the death of a muggier. 6 , PART II. L Crossing the water. A teaman , Snne. (Air. In ledon) Gay't admired old ballad of Black Ey'd SuJan t , . 2. Wandering, nnd a 1 orkshireumn Song (Mr. Brown) I wore Yorkshire loo 3. a wilier, a supper, the iporl of (he. held ; 4. Stopping waF ,or0i Bnd a J"via crew Sons, Taylor) dear maid hould I never ""Brother Jonathan aud Signor Squullini Sons, Hn.wn) (lie cited of an lrtulie 6. Shadow and substance. A driver too cautions aud an old luvorite . - Sons. ( M r. Int ledon) Scots Melody K nice' Address to tin ur uy ; or, Scut wlia, ba'e wr Wallace bled. .,,, paiit in. 1. Philadelphia, the quay, an old acquaintance Son:;, (Mr. IiicIciIod) (lie sailer's last whistle s. A party, a gencrsu, a quaaer, t. Sous, ( - 'If' Tuyloi) My not ytt 1 Ao Iriklimiii. a banshee. Song, (Mr. Brown) John Hobbs, or a wife to pesoiu I. Aa altercation and a nnaker Sons, (Mr. Incledon) quaker inn, Dihdin S. Mr. Pr. law U ttut, dehuition ol iiueefe VWory ! Wtnt.irlou ! ! ! Adlreii of'l'huk And locowlude with G. A. StevenO celebrated dur.riptioa of a Morm, by Mr. Incledon . Afaitlrx.e 1 dollur. J'iclieU lo be had nl the tVmliin?' Il.ill, at A. T. tioodrich A: Co. cvrnrr of Broadway und Cedur itrtet, and at Ihe pnncipal idumc (torn in the cily. Doon to he opened at teven o'clncl:, nnd the performance to commence precisely ateitrht. Je 1 rr CH.iHLES'i'fX, k j lie regular pactet ship i ci.r. - x GHAPII, Tims. Fanninir, master, will cleai iut tliii dav, and sail first fair wind. ior rreiirht or passre, having supc. nr accom modalions, apply on board, cast mde Hurling. ltp,'r to ANbUN i. I'HKU'S, je 1 18U Fronl - stieet. tor (.Ji.iiiij..vro::, 1 he elc - uul and rf nwrkablv fi't fnil - inir houuT t'IIAl;l.l.3T(iN I'ACK - k.l.s. K. Vail, iiiater. will tail in f darsKor fi'eiht orparaage, having superior accuranioda - lions, apply ou binul, east side Btirling - slip, or to SAUL ALI.KY, jnne 1 9tt Pino - st. Fur St. VHOIX, The substantial fast si1iii? bri; RlriD, 8. MiiiUi, master, to sail the inst. Fur freight or passage, having gomt aernmmodut'ons, apply to t lie ln:;ster on board, at pier No. 11 East Itu er, or to UEADB ii DE I'EYSTF.R, je 1 w :tt Oid slip OIMcJIUKSIl IIIUF.S. 1 fipipes and hlids. Cranston GIN, of supc - I2bhls. S nor quality, 13 bales Horse Hides, just received and for Je GEO. W. TALBOT. HIHHt.Kla UrJsl' UO0BLE BROV STOUT. 1.0 casks, seleeted by n friend in London, superior to any in this market, lor ale by 1). LYNCH. Junr. Je I Im No. 40 William street. 50 Barrels cider brandy, joit received rnd t.r sale by ANSON G. PH V LPS, juue 1 18 1 Front - :t. BOMBAZhT'IS 10 hales of Khodes Horn hazel Is. handsomely assorted, iut receiver by tb Ann Maria Irom Liverpool, and for rale by LAVERTY. SIIELTLR3 A: KING. J 1 3w .No. IH3 Parl street. QOUI UERN Fl.OlUC - IM bbis. siiperime O Floor, a part ) siqierior quality, and fit lor laauiy use, ju't received and lorsa'e, by , HENDERSON It CAIRNS, Jel CI Pine street. 'THREAD llOaK. A few doien long and JL half thread Hose, tor sale by G G. & S. HOWLAND, Je 1 - 67 Wahington - treet. C' OAL AFLOAT. 10U f lmkiroiis urt uuhIi ly Liverpool new it (!oal, cargo of the thip Wft Point, lying at Govrneurs wharf. pO baldrons eq'ial to the above, cargo m'the ' ship Caroline Ann, Iving at Mintnrn & Chump - Um wharf, now dm liarins, r - n.l wl.icli the subscriber will ditprme of, in lots to suit urchai rs. He h'' ulo on hand, a consl.uit supply ofScob h and Virginia Con I, of very superior qunlity, r.liirh i ah be obtained on apf jicatii n on board, or at hi Coal yard, No. 274 Front - street. N. Y. Je I 6t A. FRASEft. TURKF. Cfi Vi Rt.lV.1RI. RAN AWAY from the ubcriber, John Sco - fiel.l, ;ed IR years the 2Gth of last Mart h, sn apprentice to the shoe - making business. Had on when be went away a tumou r coat, libt?Mt, velvet pantaloons and napl bat; best aiidlint; thick set, a larje mouth and thick lips I forbid any person harliorinx or trusting him on ByaccMinL BUM! REYNOLDS, juna I U AUCTION STORE aud LAND OFFICE, No. 76 Gencssee street, Utica. PHE honorable council of appointuirnt hav - X int - eommisiiotied the subscriber a one of e auctioneers for the county of Oneida, be offers his services to the men hants in Nrw - York. who aiy be inclinH to make trial of this market, for the disposal, by public or private sale, fwch merchandise as is generally vended in the etern country. Account sale will be render dd remittance promptly nude, in cash, pot pearl ashj, or approed notes, payable at bvks here and collectable thrntisli the banks New York, aud si tit t compliance with orders every respect. lie also contiones bis land rflioe, when? every criotioo of wilJ lands and improved farms are rrrordn and exhibited fiee of expense, and thrje whatever made unless sale are elTect - eu. All cnmmnnica!inn (post will be attend - In and more particular information givta as wilherof above objects by a.ldrewn r. BOURs,Uica. J'ta. MT, 1P.I3. Je 1 law4w 0 LOST, torJay, hundred dollar bill of the V. a . paid to th finder on i it 1 - "Via; a at Uus o!Ue. Jon, 1 I ' if lo ! I lo lo k V 2 I 4 an is es ': CHIMSET iPIECES - ' V Q'X elegant carved aibrhle Chimney Piecet, I V Jul a : I .1 m . I r ju biiivcu hum imiy, lor tale of ' , A. LABAUGn, - Corner of BeaTet - laM and Gieeuwicli at Je I Ct , ... INDIA OY, CAPERS Aic. India L Capet, Claret of a itierior quality Fie, Almonds, preserved Giiteer Soy, Speimaceti Candle, jutt received, for a!e by WILLIAM BRUCE, Jel3t 1J9Bro - dwT. FOK SALE. (Or exchanged for property in this citvl A neat couolry house in the vicinity of F.U. tabctk - town, (N. J.) beautifully situated on the post - roau; at present in the ocenpation of Mod Grunt. Ii contains eight room with a piazza in tront ana rear, a good kitchen, wash - house, milk - mom, and celler ; there is also, a coach - bouse, stable for two horses, and other convenient out buildings, all in good repair, about an acre of land, laid out in a handsome. garden and orchard, which afford a variety of ciioice fruit, asparagus, sc. and a well of ef cenem water, wnn a pump. J erios will be made liberal. Applvto JACKSON C WOOLLEY, Je 1 1m 75 Wall street. BUOKK KE I'l X G. Gen l lumen uishin to acquire a complete knowledge of Hook - keeping as applied to the various branches of Commercial business, are respectfully informed that, BEN'NF.TT's private Lectures on said Art, are continued at his residence, 43 Fulton - 1 street. Attendance, one hour each day or, as may beat utt the convenience o subscribers. 1 etms lor conimumcatinir a co rert theoretical and practical knowledge oil the science 20. The subscriber has the sa tisfuclion to state, that, upwards of 200 irentle men, more than half of whom are merchants in active business, have, within the last ciirh months, been instructed bjr him, in bis system ot Book - keeping: and in addition to tins, 6; sets of books have been opened o i the same plan, in this city, since the 1st May. For this unparalled patronage he returns to the cit i - ens of New - York, and more immediately to those gentlemen with w hom lit - lias spent so many pleasant hours, his most grateful sjeknow ledgements, and cherishes the hope that the satisfaction he has f;iv cn thcrn will insure to lam a continuance of their e,oud will biid re commendation. ' Hcspectfnliy, je 1 lt J HKVXETr, Arrnnntant' 10,000 DOLLAU MtlZE on Friday nest. MiLFOHn awn owei.o noao uittuu. (TJ 500 Dollars fii - st drawn nuuil.i r on Wed iu si lay, and 10,000 dollars hist drawn nunthtr on 1 - ridav when there wiilbeonlv 13 more days to draw. Tickets and Shares, for talc by ;. &: it. WAll E, je 1 J4 Maideii - luiie. Io.ihui Hi I.I.AKo. uK) mn.i.AKs 'I 'HE first ilrnwo iiiimhcr rn Wednosdaj', in I tne M:!l(iro and Owego Koail l - oilry, ii be (iititlnl to a iinz ul r,)0, and on i ml iv lul kitting, .flO.ltoO. A l - w wanonti H iiiiilrawn Ti k ts and Shares fur tu!e nl CII.I.Kt?! IL'S, I I I lirnaOway, oj p itile tnt or.y Motel. Je I 3t VVKoXKSOAV hud r lillMY. i'HEMilfnrl and Owego Road L ttery will IL draw twice this week. On Wednesday Ihe first drawn numltr will he enli'leil to a prize ol Etc hunilred dollars ; aiul on r riaay to ten thousand dollars. A few warranted undrawn Ticket and Shares for sale ut ABM. P. B ROWER' j Lottery and Exchange Oflirc, No. 27 iM.iiden Lane, corner 01 Nassau street. Uncurrent bank note aud prize tickets tnken in payment. A n neraj assortment of school books and stations y for sale. Je I 6t I Ml K Cil v liiteinlnnt gives notice, thai ullhov I. found in Ihe stieet after the teulh ilav nl June next wilhiul rinit. Aii - eXy lo the lultowiii law, wiH w istn up ml wirt lo llir i.urlK pnniM. A LAW KESPECllXO SWINE. UK k nnlinrd b? Ote Mwyor, AKUraiiii nd (1itiDinonil nf th city 4 NfW - Vrk, m0ftiCOfjiitil rrrVil, TM biijt htn littll Lt fimiHl lo - inmc at larf m nv tosJ tri. Uiit.r allcv. in tlir env ' I Nrw Vutk. viithoiil'liitTH'K a imc ir tint; m Hi ntiM - , uiC:irii' l pitrvpni iti rtMHiac in ilc crirtiiii!, titv ncitun inav cmikc ilia mihc It h arttl In riilior of llir ittililir' rtruntl wuti'U lite miU citv , Mid if (he owner uf turd Ut - n afull an! pMV to !(. kt?tpcr of stifli poiitHf llnfr (Jul - lr f' - t the nr nl (bf pern 11 cU'wif fwth lir tu he il u h I. urnl, Itcrter with Iht I'm uf (h kripvr iif Mirli I'btiiiii, afit it - ni rt - rhatnei f'firHnij a 'tl k tpitif ih h li.ti, m l rxrffilmi lwlvr tit for er lwruty - 1 - ur hoil f iich boi hstll b iwpinil'!, k!ii tii il)a ft er"firr. "r rttfvv 'lit t Aiitc uivu it kli'll ml niiv lclawn itt mh krrprr In at II w U h - t public mint, tivific iH ltit fity - tnlti Ii lira ptetiti'r noiH nf mrh mlr, by ailvi - KiH - uif o', lo art up nl tn mid P4tnd, a'td l tlie nrnr! puh ir fl4r Hi in famr; and mi ol I . intmir ariamt; fmm uch awls, to ta um itihia hanle,aia frtafin.i chaicrt fur titdw and knp e aurh b., aud of inch mr arvi firi ot I tftdiit llt iif, piy to the par who cawad atirh hUibr ipt - ttiMlrilTtlir auuifl Our dollar, aud Ibe vipliiB to th wirr of Ihe ami ; knd if no atx k otrorr alull appear ai d claim u h nreiptu wrtlitn an montli after aur h alr, tken it aha' I be paid (h - CluiniUilaw of aaad Cuv, fur Itu wc ol the aa id (JUT - June I 41 Jin OrdiiMPtt to amend an orntmtnee ttitHftu a Aiir tor f tit rtitvlxMioH of the CUh I'rirnn and Bridt - wW, and fa the appiHtmetrtf a Keeper Uie r. BK it'd by Ihe Mh'of, Alilermrn, nntl Commonalty of thr City of Nrw - Yoik, in Cnfl t.'ouncii coneeAcd, Thai (t ahilt be ibe duty if thr epiruf the nlrtiioo aad brarJw - ll nf tbe tity of rw k.nti ihe ibitd Minlay m evrry aaoauh, brtureihe hmir 4 - Vl.rfk in exh of (lie aad M' - nja. lo mk anl reiuiti In the Mayor tnaaHlcMy, a tin ur ulrnder ol tmt iti wlro,at Ihr tinpof aail roturn, maybe ctanrd in 'ibe tji.l ptw k mid bi id we II Ul the iid ral'Dder nr rtlurnttull lia le. hv piorr culucina, th name ot each prrnm o Cou - tiijfti, by wh - 4 auirwiity cintoiiltrd, nbn caiiflitiJ, upti nliai rbri.. t fir what tfffiwi. .iod whei. kia ur bei Im 4 imniMininenl will r.pire. Th - aaid retiiiH'bnllaUofleiiftiate, to encb praner. wbether he 01 ltr be aick 4 r wrlL and il, uf lirt dwonitt. And lo enable Ibe aaU kcpr lu makctwib letum in rrtpeel lo Ihe brilth 4 tbr pnwnert. m hill be tbedatyesi me pSTMcisin a4irnl nx tne taia pnani (uuibh Iht aaid ketniet with I lie neceasat r ioloiaM io' And furtbrT. ibl bH h - tiar lb M 4V he rriteaiej to aatlmii ll.r aaid rilr,i!er or rrlnfa lo the cmnmrtn cuuncil t thr nei irffiai ibrieof. which may be bpblrn alter he lect - ivertbr ao. nib turh tbaervait m ihereon at hit bmr tbe Maym r tiHiik proper Ky Ibe Cunmoa) C'iimril. 1 It J. MORTON. CUik U1CE, Rice WINE, Sic 30 tierces prime new 6 C nines sun Port Wine hhds. 10 qr. cadis L. P. P. Teneriffe do 3 ur. casks Lisbon Wine 5 do Malaga do 50 hoses Clare t do 9it n,li llmililc filouretter Cheee 10 cask HibberU Brown Stout, for ial by PALMER ii SAIULh.rt.. my 23 4t NERVOUS DISEASES. "F nil diseases incident to mankind, thoe of V7 Ihe nervous kind are the most complicated and dillicult lo cure. A volume wonid not be sulficient to point out their various appearances. I'hey imitate almost every disease ; and are seldom alike in two different persons, or even in the same person at different times. Proteus like, they are continually changing shape, and upon every fresh nttacK, the patient think be teels symptom which he never experienced before. Nor do they only affect the body ; the mind likewise suffers, and is often tberel y rendered extremely weak and peevish. Tlie lnw spirits ttmnrouoe, melancholy an t i kliatss of temper, which generally etteud nervous diorJei, induce many to believe thM they are entirely diseasas of Ihe mind : bat this chance of temper rather a consequence tliaa tbe cause of Nervous Diseases. THE CORDIAL BALM OF GILEAD. Is decidedly Ibe most elegant aad tfiraciou medicine ever yet discovered for nervous diseas and shattered constitutions, consumptions. weakness of night or memory, hnoochosxlna, trembling of the mind, sex ual debility, stomach and bowel complaints, and all other disease a - rinng from a relaxed state of tbe nervous system, which are too often brcacht oa by dissipation in youth, aad tlie gross violation ol those rules ntaMM fn. f Ka nrvrr&tson of health and the laying the foundation of a tone and happy lire, with a firm 1 'roex eowsui - - tioa. Sold by HULL fe BOW NE, 146 Pearl - street, New - Vofk, and by one vender in every town ii the Union. nay 4 MlawliaCSJ in ot A)y The fmt sailins; ship LADY CAL - hT.ATTv Captain Swain i will sail on Tuesday next. For passage, apply to the mas ter on ooaru, cast tide Fly - murket, or to , JACOB BARKEH, my 30 2t 29 Wall - street. The regular packet schr. ROSE - IN - IJUJUM, K. Wheaton, master will meet with immediate dispacth. For f. eight oi passage, apply on board at Governeur - w hat f, or to ANSON G. I IIELP5, 30 3 Fiuit - street. rif 'ar Freight r RixricT, trfi) The sloop WARKEN, Mason, mas - i iiX'.1" 100 tons burthen, a superior res - el, and in good order. Apply to JOSEPH OSBORX, "y 20 , 28 South - street. 'ff - For A't: H' - UHLE. 4.Y.S, IfiTy The fast sailing ship COLUMBIA, iLjL - C'lPt. Allen, will clear out nu Mnnduv lliovuillir liest. and Bail in the afirmnminf that day, if the wind is favorable. For freiirht or passage, k - pnly to the master on board, at Pine - strcet - wbait, tir to JACOH, No. 29 Wall - street. Who has for salt. 1.100 liiishpls tine Mnum salt, ill lots to suit pmrhasers. my 30 2t for Kfi.tUiTi or CtistHTrJi, The Kriiishhri bKRiSsV, Mason, ler, burthen 2 - 16 Ion, a reuisrkabl fun - veuel; will be ready torerriceacarirn in three days Apply lo ROBERT GILLESPIE, Hi Frout ttitet. Who hut far Mate, SO lilids old Kichmoiiii tobaci o 7 do do i'el:rdiurg do 1 8 do uevr do do ' M d.i do Richmond do II do Kentucky do 1i3 Brazil hides St. Domino and Jamaica coflTee in hluls and 'air - . nif.v3 tor .JF.i.VA.'IH, 1 o sail ou Atmuay, 7th Juno, the fat milirijr cniipered packet bdj GEOR GIA, hmith, in. mter. For freight, or piifi.ige, apply on buurd, at t:t evens' vhnrf, or ti HOGERT& KNEEL NDs my 30 Iw Or, FRANCIS DK'.'AU. . Jtvr iuik'i, .'Jn'ir uud it. Woii, 'i'ho supeiior l;t mini!; new packet 44sf - hooner .'vl ARIA - ANN, capt. LeiAnjr - nu, ia ri irulur trader) hmm'' i.artol her car - oet'japed, will iniet with immediate di - .atrh. i - or trciylil or iiussaije. Im nir elei;:iiil accoiuuio. 'bitioii! - , uiioiy ou ho od, rait side Old - lip. or to l - ETEKAi: DERRICK,', may S3 09 Cocnties - slip. FHKIUUTjor C7 - V JiLtH FOjY. vwvyV 230 tons hcavvlieisht. .'ppivto iiiiZai ANSON G. I IIKLPA, "J"" 1"J Friint - itrcet. t)Lv LI) L.Oi'1'l - .n eil from Jamaica, will "l I Ji.iiir be sold in fjls tu suit purchasers, by TUCKER ft LAL'KIES, 2D - oulh - slieet. my 30 LF.GIIOUN IIATS. - Onc case snpciliui - Leghorn Hats, received and f.ii - s.le by H. S. COriDYEAIt, my 33 3t No. 81 l.ii,. 200 Otter kkins, in shiiipinir okIct, uirl fi0(i(J lbs. heuvy deer in the short grey for sule by i IIAUSF.Y ft SI'.TON. my.T) 3t 1, - Q Waterirett. B LU ST'S Stt angers tiuiite r the Ci'y of New - York, price 1 50 Received and ir sale at the Minerva tjnculatini: Library, No. 265 Broadway, opposite tbe Miiktuui. my 3U MJKSE WANTED. A REirPEC'l 1LE middle brimI woman u f.. h anted as an atlenuaut and nurse to a sick lady. Apply et my VH tl ISo. 45 Hose street. Co I I U, DKKK KIN j tc GUM ILLE.MI. 71 bales pi line Upland Cotton 1 1 do do I ter .Skins, nnd S3 cases Gum llleiui. soluble for tlie Plin th market, forsah hy my 30 PAtll. AI.I.KY, ill! I'ine - 't. UPER LO.VU'A.SY 1 1. A(i JIDKFo 5 Elegant patterns, fur le by my3 MARCH & LOW, 210 Broadway. I II. LINE ITo and CO I' O.N YARN. L 5 I'Sckaees cont.iii.iiiif 630 11s. Miihnetls, fine order. Alto, lO.OOOlh. Cotton Yarn, from No. 5 to C6, for ialeon neconinm'latii.11; teims, by the COM Ml SSIO.V CO MPANY, mv 30 D&C 148 lYarUtreet I ) ICE. "(Itierces prune Rue, landing Iroiu LI (hip telegraph, and lor sale hy ANsON (i. PHELPS, ray 30 1H3 Front street. 'I'All. U:.MH) Mils Tar, and 1 00 bee.wai, a. anoat and lor sale hy R. k C. W. DAVENPORTS; CO. my 30 IO I TON. 25 hales Upland Cotton, fur sale U. ft C. W. DAVENPORT k CO my 30 I llCIIVioND FLOUR TOBACCO 230 Xi bids superfine flour, Haxall's brands 4.13 do do do Country do 66 do fine do do do 1 do X middlings 63 hlids prime old and new tobacco 4 do do new tobacco, fit for manufac turers For sale by W. ft S. CRAIG, may 29 84 Front street. IRISH J..VA.JSA, SHKt.TIJWS AAO JJl - JPKRS. Y the late arrivals from Dublin and Belfast, JL HENRY M'VICKAR ft CO. have re ceived 4 - 4 1 7 - 8 linens, 5 - 4 sheeting, in half pieces 7 - 8 lawns, 3 - 4 diaper 3 4 brown linens, in half pieces Russia duck and table cloths, which they offer for sale on reasonable terms at o. 57 riuc - tt. mar 26 2w second Hani Smlt and Rtring. A N entire suit for a shin of about 30 ton . and 8 or 10 anchors, ofassoited sixes, fur sale ny tut a m'm.vm, ny 30 5& Smith street. COl I'tll bO I 1 O.Yls. c iWOO lb. Cop - per Bottom, '20 to 30 inches 6(1 cak Wrought Nails, Eng. and Am. 6 bales Italian Paper 7000 lb, lotiduo Seine Twine, for sale by CEBRA ft CUMLG, mvSt " 76 Penrl - streit. LKMlsll HEEIING'S ftt. 10 pieits 1 caiefine InsJi Lin - Ji remnant 500 piece first quality blue Nankeen 100 do do do long yellow do 1 50 do strip'd Seersucker Dark and liifht mixed Vipoma cassemecrt Coburg and brown mixcil do First quality buff and white do For !e by the piece or yard, by my 28 lw JOHN BOWEN. HARDWARE. Jest landed iroui Mercury, on sale at No. 63 Pine - street, contistinc Banbury Locks, Spooa aad Snuffle folub'd Holler Hitcklrs, japan'd no. ao Elark and Briglit Shackies, and Double Padlock Cart, Key, Fancy, Trenk, Black and Bright, Shackle, Simile and Doahb Boll Pad Locks Curry Combs, Sprint; Rat Traps Iron Candlestick", Wood screws Awl BlM'es, Pearl Bottom, Bras Case Lock Brigtt Wiouht Thumb LaUJvrs Noriulk do. Cox' Currier's Kaive Till Uofikt, Cart But Hiaget. my S9 9t it it ed in to SPANISH DOLLARS wanted by WM. bHOT WELL fit SO.t, sny t7 w . 43 William street. FOR SALE. AN excellent rig aad saddle jean old, black crey trot Herts, 51 - f crcv - trots fast. Anulv - . If, , IO C. t .P - It 1 T 4 at uuiun oiauies iz niaiuea - iMe my S8 Iw OPERMOIL. WiNE, kc. - 2H Kll. suu, - O tner strained Oil, in barrels. tierc and Ubds 3000 falls, wb&le Oil in barrels . 10 casks superior Bordtaux Claret, fit for bottlring 5000 IW. Whalebone, in slab 1110 boxe new sperraaceti Candle 20 rrtis Kentucky hempen yarns 60 coils cordage, assorted sixes, for sale by HAY DOCK & JENKINS, my 9fi lw J52 South - street. Ijlr I V - UiEueioou luutKo, JT SJi bags Coffee, 10 do. Cocoa, 'Caracas. SUHJ Hides, IJtW Horns. Landing at pier No. 11 East River, from brig Active, and for sal.? Ly John iieffer!tan, 34 South street Ii Stare, Lisbon Wine, in pii aud hlirts. Madeira do in do do and or cask my 10 2w QT. CROIX HUM, &LGAR A - AlOLAofcES. I4'J htiiK.heoiis Rum. Keceiveil (wr tuis William Henry, from St. lioix, ihi.iiiii' 11, 11 iiay ui pier no. 1 1 cast tli ver, I'ur u!e by 11 1. A I) E & DE PEYPTEn, my5Clw 31 Old Slip. "rKMUOilNS, .v . - aiK) Demijohns, ol'5;ul - JL ions enrli, nnl ti imir Mill, from 4 ft 3, to & feet. Itereived per brig Ohio, from Aiiutt - r.l;,m, for aic hy 11. voa, 7:1 Wnshington street. Aim, Wutcli Springs and WauIi Clmins. mv 27 Iw I f.r r ami 1'Uti K. :U I'lil - iriine lict - t LJ 30 d.i b J' irlc, lur snle by PALMER te bAlDLF.R, my 40 p4 t rgnt - 'trci't. Vvooi.l.KiNtf. HG5P ami Point Blnnlttis lngraiiR'd Carpitinj;, conimou and super. VtliclinU d W ilt, .11 llrunels Hi nrlli llus I'rinlcd I nhle Cmers ftrecn, dlue, icurlet, Sic. Blue Cloths and Cnmita;, Kcceived iicr Ann .Mann, from Liw rii.inJ. and lor 'ale hy l.l ',V A H I ) I.VDr., mviOtl' No. IG W illiam street. 11 A. a. . . t J I l.l Rlf. . JRVLMi, sv'I I'll i IIYtfLoP, No. I lil' - .i arl 1 sirevi, nave rei ciietl ny ships lni'rli r. James .Monroe, and other lab' arrivals Iroiu Liverpool, 137 ratks and cases hinnii,i,hani and ht lli - Id Hardware, which tuey idler lor sdc nt low pn cs, forcM.hor iirnrovcil ire.lit. r.oisilinic of I very lull hu'U 1011I self tip tahlo mid desert ai:ii i nun loriis fine pen, sMrt.nian'ii and pocket knivei jjus) jm... .rr.: (loon. aid Cust steel thirds, cuDjJi. , ..K ha d'omely audited Millii.Ctoii shvvs, l:i - l an!, rpei tat It In npi.t unJ "os rciiKc mnl Draintv' knive, till assorted Fine plate "d biiiihury itoi k I h k ( tutaiinia l.ihle nnd tea spoons s vuri - ty d iir:is t nhine'.luriiilure TinlK.d and pl:i(..d saddlery Nvedles uml liiiittinj; pins, pocket books Powder flasks nnd shot bells iMii - , Uat alio nmui" Imps II II. I., and hiitltiiii;c, wood screw Ir, 11 mid brafcs wire, Knob, iloitt uud ( lies! lock f ino pud, cupboard and till do Iron und brass cniidleslicks, gimbh ts Coat and vet buttons, lurry cjuibs . I'ack and luix'd nius. Aic AUo, a few cases steel mounted fowling guns pu auvils and vices 1 cask hras tintlery kettle 'SO tons Eneliih bliitnted and crow ley slrtl 30 dos frying pans 40 tons Knudsh bolt Iron 'J'opether wild a very extensive assortment oi Kooils open on the slielvcs, well can ul.i'en inrmt southern trnile. mv inrouvv I Ul,K bllKL I l.SO. - 5 &.C. ill in:ces itunria J Dut k 6 bales do while nnd Brown Sheeting 0 tons do clean Hemp, for s:ile hy HOYTAt TO H. mr26 eod 3t 43 South street. ANCHORS. CONSTANT supply of Author from the Iron - Works of Messrs. Forbes .V Adam, in Canaan, Connecticut, innde of halishury iron. itli or without iron stocks, for sale by the suh - ncribeis, agent lor the ii.ftuul.u lureis. nnd who are authoitscd to warrant the anchors il n - 'iiireil. TUCKER ft CAR PER, my 29 end 1m 6!) hmiin street. r'Kt.NCH I.S 4B LESMJ.Nn. TO 1IIF. I'VllUC OFXFM' - YiHiK. H A.V1LTON, teatluT of the Ftcmh lan guage, re;rct tiiat the arrangements he has made in Philadelphia render it imtottible lor him to visit their tiiv this summer. He has reasou to believe his efforts to change the pre. sent mode of education are appreciated by its enlightened inhabitants, and that they will re inicc in the diffusion of a system by which a lan S'lH - c may be learned in the tenth part of the time usually bestowed 90 it I thus making room for the attaiumeut of useful knowledge in other branches of science and literature, at the only period of our lives which we cau devote tu our instruction, without saenrk inz other interests. He begs permission to inform tlicin, that he has taken a tnaciou and convenient noute, no. South Fiflli street, where he will receive boy under 15 as boarders, during the course at J4 per month, inrliuhug washing, &c. ice. In 4, 5, or at fartheft 6 mouths, according to their previ. ous acquirements, they will be able to read and understand I rench with as much facility as r - nj luh, they will have acttiallv read under the im mediate inspect um ol their instructor, n numlicr of the tjst works in the rrwich language the) will write it and speak it : nor will their proJl cieniy iu the EiiejIUh language be less imporiaut I he ti ainlatiiiz in'o it Irom auoiner inncaa: during 4 months, the continual necessity of ap - Drccialioi and discriminatine the value 01 worn and phrases, soon renders composition in bolb languages familiar, and fives them a knuwu - dge of their structure and grammar, which it would be impossible to acquire hy the exclu - iye study of eilber. This is indued tbe most iintiortajil advantage derived from tbe study of the latin lansruare as it is usually tau' - hl in k bool; ; here is attained in a much higher degree, in a miirh shorter time, at a much less exiienre, and witb the knowledge of a modern and practically useful lausiiaze. The txoeucc ot the course, exclusive 01 Donra, will be 411 dolUn, including Doox, paper, eic, Ate. This siicnce will in no ca.e be augment. cd; h;.lf the coare 24 dollars, and two month's board, payable at entriore ; a bt:e sum at the end of two month. f - houlJ he reina.D i monlhi more, he nav tie his hoard only. A tbe end of the French course, say the 1st of October next, a course of latin will be commenc ou the Hamilton tystem. The experiments already mad prove that it may be taught on this plan with tven rrcalcr eUicacy ami facility, (though Irom its peculiar construction aad other caor, it is necessary to rei a mven grenier number of write rf anj thsretore a siuie rather longer is nece - ary tor 1U alUiament,; tnaa me frnh. llamiltnoi assisted by Mr. Hamilton, born AmerkTi, and by his son and tjiree daughUn, born and educated in France, but who have past 18 months ia an English s bsol of etiwnene, perfect lliem m the knowled f that Ua gna - e, previou lo their arrival in America. I biladelrliia, Hay 9, 1813. my 1 1 ""r .. al REMOVALS. rT7"JOHN LOBlvn.RGKAHA.M.atlornev at law, has opened bis oifica at No. 4J Chimber - street, near Broadwvv. may 16 4 w CLj" JOHN fKoC'l OR, Juo. has removed from No. 61 Btrkman to 106 Ldwrty - strcet, nere be still eilers lioenl anticipations cn pro - erty ccu - iied to his Irieuds lo tba Mediterr - otaa. t or furthsr particulars, apply as above, or to ABRAHAM BELL. my 7 1m corner of Cliff Fulton - ,ts. tit MAtKIE. MILNE . CO. have Mii.c red to No. 61 'inestrtt. nav 4 DETER D. I L'RCOT imoroi bis Iritud. X and the public in teneral that be has remo v - d his UprtoMtry Ware House frotn No. Ii3 to No. 6J Maiden Lan where he otiers for sale ttme tlerai:' tiattern of Paper Hai rings, just r - criveu ny me latest arrival iroiu ranee, on uieniost re isoimble terms. inyS Im al'f.A.Vl BOAT NAUillsUd The steam boat NAUTI - 1 - a l.US will herrnlter run as Moiiowt, except on isoa day. LKAVC SiRW - yoHK, & o'clock iu the loienoon. At o no no .,11 do do 2 o'clock in the afternoon. 5 do do I.raVK STATKN ISLAM), At - t patt ti in the forenoon, 1 - 2 prist 9 do 1 - past 12 in the afternoon 3 o'clo. Is do I S pst 6 do ON SII.UDA V I.KAVR NkW - Vonst. At 6 o'clnt - k iu the moriiiue. 10 do do I o'cloc k in the afternoon, 4 do do ' I.KAVV STATr ULSKD, II o'clock in the Innnuoii. At 12 pnst llo'chck do 1 1 - ' pHM i o'clix k In the. nfternnon, 7 o'clnrk - du Fassensor to ihe Narrows and Bath will, for the pieu nt. In - tai.t 11 down on Sunday rtiuriiintr. in the 6iVn - U Imt, and lie 1 idled Im about hall paet5oVl(M k in iung. I lie lare In Stater Idnnd will heiij cents, nnd to Hat!i nnd the Nar row, ci nls. Children hall in ice. The N AU'l'll.l'S is am w of great siep'l in (i.Mi order, with good accommodations j and is tr. - pi - llert on n,e Livingston and t ulton (ilan tn an (.um 01 Hie ptur.saiito' s c - l her tour, Lu adva'itaL'i s o .Sea Lathing at the n .cei s!i vis its, tin - mid bcrmly of (hn pripei ts thej afford, (he i l.i..i)arfs of the fare, and the excel lim e of the rr.tiethmcnts end iirc'inini' - datiot s ou lioard, e jii ii'sioni in the N.m'i us tor pleutnft or biicim , mil he foimd expn'iliuu", 1 urn able and lici'ltl.iiil. At I." is lilted for the Itaiiftior - tation of Horse and Cnrringcs, and the whnive. and float nt ISe - Yor, Vt.ilcn Mund and thr llori" - .io ii f'errv at Um blmiiiit Star, rren.ued lor SAfc und r oiiiiumIioiii em..irkini; nnd landing traveller in tin - Post Chaisct, or in private cur - nag - s iHtivtfii isew - loik and I'luludi tphia, Tn i.lon, Princeton, Acwr IIiii.isk i - . k, or Wood - hridf, will find fl.u route by tin - i:iu!ilu nnd the Turn, ik. across ?taten - i,liin. to .Ne. L'luniAii.k, Ihe shorttrt. iliiantst und uiosi ph.'ns.'iu! tli .i 1 111 he Si In Icil J.!l lEFOHEST, Cuplain. lUii'.ht - 11 V ON Vei'ay eveiuiiif, s - .ine trunks were lorcibly oiM.ned at Washington Hull, umf the following ait ides taken : I douhlu tasetiolij Watch, tnrlxuntal, rap - ind jewelled, second from rutin , oii.Hlo and key I makers, I lay in A Kentish 1 gilt limiting Wati'li, teei t imin, anil large told senl muaer, Wru. Haugb, Portsmoulli, No. IGjKU A rote cake Purse, contatnuig I eagle. 13 or 14 half eagles, 4 guineas, 2 ball guinea, I English shilling, (rM - 4ctit of a dollar, some Allien can coin, s.inuf,Alf dollar and iuurtor, in a pa - iier hundlc A small box, containing a Diamond Broach, and some other pins and rings, and h plain gold ring ; a gilt chntn ; 4 necR lunuxerciiieu, tiiret nockel do iiurn'e border. Anv persons who will icive infonnntion, so that the properly may be recovered, and the thieves drought Injustice, shod he lilierally rewarded Ijy 11. rr.u nl 'li 1 xur., wutiiuigton nun. my 30 61 TO STONE CUTTERS. 4 NUMBER of stone 1 niters are wanted, to i nolo the city of Washington, lo work at tlie public biiihliiigt wagea two dollars and a quarter per day. Their luno nud esenccs in going will be ullowrd (In in. None nnd apply but those who i nn produce iuitahle recommendation 01 their bemniv'ou aim ttendy workmen. Apply to JNO. M'COMB, mv3'llw At the City Hall. tl. - il' reci ived ud loi tine hy Clil.LI.Na K'. Ii ANN AY, No. 210 Pearl lree1, Practical Hints to Hone! lleaits, on some of the many wat ol doiim good ; iu a niimher of letteis to sundry females by Euphrosyne nnd Christina." I o winch nro ndiieii, " 1 110111,11 on the u ny 01 pinying iiimIiOoN, address d lotrholais M bolti sexes, I y mi mttiuctor." Puce 50 cents, ball liounil ; u I o nls linund. my . 4t lkf AN I'EI), a lid, to serve as a waiter and If co of errands, and assist in doing the work of a small family, son - streat. Empire at 30 Hud my 50 tr MAHOGANY SOr AS, CHAIR AND CABi NET Fl'RMTL'hE, Mo. 49 II h KKMAJf. S TR EF.T. 'IHE subsrnbir bigs leave to return hissin - 1. ctte tlif nk to tlioso ladle ond gentlemen who huve lieen kind enough lo honor him with, and to mlorm then, and the ad iiiirer ol handsome furniture in general, that be ha on band some very elegant sofas, chairs, card, ittinhroke and extending patent dining tables, (trand (idehonrd, inlaid with high polished ornamental brass - work nud rose - wooii, card table lo match, Grecian couches, tofns, chaise lounge, music stools, chairs, Kr. Alto, a Ii hrury step chair, the utility of which lie purlieu larlv recommend. All furniture warranted of tbe best quality and workmanship, and ol the newest Luropeaa fasJi ion. Order executed to any part of the union to any drawing, on the most reasonable term and punctuality fNrcash. Ladies or g ntlf mrr. having fancy woods, may have them m inuiwturcu tu any article tney wish, by applying a above, uiy 30 2m A. M. HAYWOOD TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS REWARD. r OST on I hursdnv last, a book like a bank j book, contaitiiiis'a list of suhsi Tiber's name to the Lvangehcal Ouardian and Keview. U11 tfie first iinge wat a iwwer from James Eaithurn ft Co. to receive monies, and everal re' eipts signed by Mr. Carrel. Also, rocket Hook, containing a sum oikiioney in hank notes Any person who will return the bank hook will re ceive ten dollars, or twenty five dollar will be paid for Ihe wholu, on leaving them al Unson:e may ju it atfnrocAV a htfl manarrforT. 55 Mai I. Ap lne. hat oa hand a fine assortment of. cprrTiCim Ineold. silver, iilaten, cm, - .11 fmnet. withccnvex, con - :.v;o;Vro e7eT - A.. pebbles, fOgu.M for weak eve. oira, readinf and magnifying flats - r - r riatsetm wnn sroiu .fed. botanjral glasses, llnca prover. aad . ' . - :,L M m ... l. lh ihnri srctncle caae in a variety. i. a Mnlinurs to manuiactnre Canes ia every nririt. aad ha on baad a very elegant aasort - nvnt nl sword aad oiher Canes, tsounted to suit every teste, wholesale and re Uii discount liber to wholesale aeaier. $y CANES and SPECTACLES made and repaired to order new glatte tttted lo otd frame, and every attention paid to those wb apply for SpecUckt, 30 La two a It tau acre PUBLIC SALES. 'J?j f. VI Lis. MIXTOX II CO, VVliieiitar, At 1 1 o'clock, in front of the auction - room, tor approved eudu sed notes at 90 day, 24 casks DRV REPLEAD. - d.i HULL t uti tiUILUIAU, . c. 1 pcopritlor of the southern marble qua X ries, near Kind's - Bridge, g - ive notice, tbat they have on baud, and are receiving, al Uia rung's Rridge Marblr. utul Ltnte - 1 srsf, loot of u acn - ftreet, oa trie llud - on river, an extensive to - k of marble lor buiidmc, of the fellowiuc da. acriptions, vis : Ashlar ('oping Watcrtabls Foundation Stone 'I' Chimney - tioces, Platforms Facings Hills, Liuttll Coluusn Arthes Also Lime of the rest quality. fT"" A remit aut supply of the aliuve material may be calculated upon; and those de - ironi nf purchasinj;, or making n o. - eniul. will apply o EZRA LUDLOW, Feb 11 Al the Yard. Merchanlt Hunk, Mai b, litlH. fly The annual election for Direi trjrs of this instil utiun will be held on Tuesilay the id day of June nstt, nt tho Hanking House, between tu hours of 10 an J 'J o'clw k. By order of Ilia Hoard of Directors, G. B. VROOM, Cadi'r. may ft 1(2 NONCE. ft5 All persons nrc cautioned not to tout the trim ol the British brig hktcne. from Lcith, n no nent coniractecl by Ultra will be paid hy t!i rnptain orconiigneo. my 30 BY C. i. FONTAINE. WF.sW.SDAY, June 3. at Pi o'clock, in the I . C. II. the three story substantial modern built brick House 71 Leonard itreet, handsomely finished, aud well calculated for Jhe residence of a genteel family A fee sim. pie, and free from all incumbrances. Lot 25 by 100 feet. Terms at sale. Thursday, 4tli June, X o'clock tt No. 71 Leonard street, ancle - fan! assortment of Fumitui e. Cons;fting of carpels, lookinp.glasses, bureaus and sect etaiies, tablet, wardrobes, infkt, cut glius, plate, china ornaments, ic. Also, several very valuable book and maps among which are, on Naval Architecture, with an Atlas 1 set tif Ai rowsmiUi's Maps of the World frsmrd prints, Ac. Also, bedsteads, betiding, blankets, kitchen furniture, and utensils, china teasets, sll kinds household furniture, EnlUIi made chanck - li'f. ftc. my er 8t FvR isJI.K, .1 Acoanirv nouscana rarm. ont heesst batik of HiiiUon'a river in the Highlands, about 54 miles from JVew.Yoik, Ivinsr between the country sea of Wi.liaii Dtiiniiiiir, I'mi. and capt. I'.1, illip, - ' vM I'oint The f irm contains 121 a res. Tk iUMUMl (which was built in 1(M) h 12 rooms, t(. v" - Uic bi' - ' - cii, and possesses every convenient - , necessary for a family. Theri is idso a ftrin - lioue. barn, stable and u lie. out h. - iH(H, in j(MMi order, a gtrden and great - y nftiuit tree of the bent kind. A lurtlier cwicription ot g;en because ov - ins luetiiiul t.. v. .. - .11 L - .1...J1 icw tlii. .Mi, j""vhb no 1 loii may be made is.'Wrl'iS.'. pu'l'e pplio - thc form . For the terms of sale, WnP","11 WM. IIF,NDEIlOr;,v 55 Wall - street, ewYok. my 21 2awlm FOR SALE, 13 EW No. 63, in middle aisle inD. Rotneya'i . Cbureb, in Cedar - ttieet. Apply at - mv 3i 1 Iw 131 Fulton street. s. MAC KB 4c SON, otiiHiaite the Bank TTTSOVk Coffee House, corner of Pine li William - str - ets, olf r for ule a general a - rirtment of hockribs (on a reasonable terms at anr in new - iorar among wldch are the fol lowing s I ojciiac itranny Holland and An. Gin. ewtel Oil ; Jamaica Spirit Initw - rinl. Hyson, f TEA of the lateit Young Hyson, andf importation. Souchong, Iiaf aud Lump, ) Havana, 18UGAR, Muscovsdo, J Mace, Cloves, Cinnsrnop, ISiitroegi, Alspir.e, Castile and Lrown Soaps, kc. tc. my 19 tw Pool COALH ad SI LAM - BOAT LINES, FOR PHILADELPHIA. VIA roWLEI - HOOK ft BMIAIETHTOW fOIST. (1 hrougb in One Day.) ANEW Line ot Post Coaches with every convenience for passenger and baggage, oa The'ro! Coach will tartfrora the Coach of. fic e, No. I Coitrtland - street, near Broadway, N. York, every morning, (Sunday excepted) At 5 o'clock, by way of Newark, Elixabethlown. Brunswick. Princtton, Trenton and Bristol, and arrive at Philadelphia the saase afternoon, at 4 o'clock. A wcond Line of sew Post Coache will itart ima, cur.Ynrk sn niominr. (Sunday ex cepted,) at 10 o'clock in lh Steam Boat Alalao - ta, loilge at Trenton, and arrive at Ituladelphia, in a Steam Boat, neat morning at 10 o'clock. r are 5 dollar. ..... V. ft. fusseiifrra sire reoaested lo Call and take belr seats at tbe (See No. 1 Ccurtiandt - treet, New - York. , , . . ... United States Mail ivoacn, ior i ,ni.r.H - - s Baltimore and Wabington Cily, with every convenience for passenger ano "Wri pring. The U. S. maif coach will I start I from tfie coach office. No. I Courllandl - st. New - York, every day al t o'clock, P.M. and arrive al 1 1 nil - adelphm next morning at6o'clotk. Only 6 pu. fencers admitted. . r or seats in Ihe anovenameo un, TMMH IVIinrir.LU. at me m esiaiuiirieu S mA Hlesm Moat Office. No. I Court - .. , ..... ih rornrrof Broadwav. New - York j or to A. T. GOODKICH ft CO. No. 124 Broadway, corner of Cedar ttreeL New - York. ftT"AII :oodt and baggage at the ritk of the oJnfr. JOSLPH LVON, SONS ft CO. S. B Expresses smt to any part of Ibe Coo THOMAS WHITFIELD. my JO FOIl HALF.: tcrisl A very profit able F A RM, of 1 10 acres, thirds undei cultivatiua, the residue woodland, situate oa tbe sea shore, a quarter of mile below tbe narrows, on tbe btaten Island tide aad sliort ride from the s'eara boat ferry landing. gives a very extensive view of tne bay and ea - tiroot of New - York, vsitbio tbe Narrows, and of Sandy Hook and the ocean For prospect is equalled by none. 1 re nue is nqjuesuooar. a. Two third of Ui parcbase money may rest - 'U secured npoa tbe land. A pply to A. V. D. oiav on tba premises, or to W. A. EKfcLl, 1 urtcnwiiD - iimi. TO LET, a coocni.l new Unrj Lomie, adjoiniog the above, wHbagardea and about aa of land. For term apply a above. mhSeodU ;. e 1 11 II L .L II , I I nt or

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