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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Monday, June 1, 1818
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i !. !!'T i.' J v T 1 d i I 'M.' 1 Vi .VLH' - fohJC ErsJrixa pout. MONDAY. JUNE 1. It is a much applauded saying of Dean Ewift, that he whttdiscover bow to make two tpirei of grass grow where only on grew before, it enti tled to more real glory thar the greatest of he roe. ' For tin ram reason it may be Mud, that fee who introduces into a country a new . specie f nutritiout co (HMf of more than four time ' the value of any hitherto cultivated in that coun try, merit the lasting gratitude of every man in it. The public, more iarlicu!arly that part to ' whom the following article if addressed, and to whom it fill find iu way through (be medium of ear country paper, will thankfully receive it, and, wo presume, will, without delay, avail themselves of the information it to liberally com - nyiiiicBtes. For the MewYtak Etcning Put. " To tar mm and Gardeners. When I publish - : 1, torn tune ago, my account of the crops el . Itula Saga, or Rat - in, or Swedish turnip, I was by no means aware, that I wai exposing myself to any species of criticism much les did I imagine, that I wa in the way to incur the charge of being - a prtlendar to any merit at all, and, fljll let of a merit, to which I had no claim. Two gentlemen, Mr. Lewis and another who signs himself Q, have, however, given, written anil rmblnhed proof, that they look uirtn me ai hav - in; put forward a claim to the introduction nf thii valuable root, tnougn I una so miiy tposeii of the use to which found xt put in America, and though i had expressly till, that it was cultivated bore under the name of Rvuia Turnip! No : it was not the roof that I expressed my hope t J introduce t it wai the cultivation of it upon a large sealt and a catlle food ; un in this way the root has not yet been introduced, rur. Q says, that Ruta Baga seed was brought into Pennsylvania by Mr. Hordley 25 years ago, and distributed by him. Very likely. Me was a public - spirited man.1 This I kuivw, however, that, last winter. I could find bo Pennsylvania farmer, that knew it trn by name, though two ol the many that I talked with had a few niwera ble roots of It in their gardens. I have pone another way to work. I have toised about hundred Long Island tgion - loadi of this root, and bare sent about 60 waggin - losdt to N. York market, and have soli the whole at an average of haf a dollar a bushel, rather dearer, bushel for bushel, than eons in the tar. And this has been the produce of seven acres of land, the poorest in this neighborhood ! I change two bushels and a half of turnips torsi bushel of an pie in May. I track turnips for com in the ear ' at par. How soon I should, at thi rate, sweep into my pocket the produce of the orchard and the corn - fields ! Can there be any better prool than this, that the ew Hurt of the root ha not yet ; been introduced r If I were a greedy nun, and could have my wish, I should need, in order to make me an enormous fortune, nothiog but to insure the culture of this root to remain, for five Sears, no more extensive than it was in 1817. ' 1 had been a cunning fellow, I should have kept my own counsel, and s "J0?1 swear." I mi;ht have had nearly a mooAjioly tr another year. Thi has not been my toursc. Seeing, in September, how the root nourished, I lent home (for my home Eoglan I is, and always will be,) for somo seed for myself and for tome alto to tell, in order thai others mi - ht share with me In the advantages attending this culture. Thi seed I now sclli - nJ Iho markot, at the anP' - "oa'h "nTA' - wfTirh he said, was of the same tort as thnt which produced my roots. This same man, I am in formed, soul one of my large tunniu, whi':h has served a N ew - York toro - ko icr as a lien for the tale of his Russia turnip seed ! This gentleman's teed may te as go I as mine ; but, at any rate, those facts prove, thut there was sonu thing ex traordinary in my crop, and Uiul the culture bad not been fairly uiiroUticJ into tins country. .Mr. Q begs, that, when I goAowie, at the une of which word be appears uispleareri, I will not, In the account of my "rerWi," put in any claim to this work of introduction. He may be assured, that I shall never :ny of America that which I am not ready to my to hr facf; and, indued, that I will not publish any ttiinj; a', out tlii' country fil a sttddm departure Jihh nut nvrtko previous publirntion here impcnsiblc,) Uul I do not publish bore before my leaving the coun try. Indeed, a part of these " Ti ot e," to ne hi own word, is now in the press at JWir - lVfr, and will bo published in a very fewd iys. In I giving an account ol my nimlo ol cuttur, it truck me, that I ought to begin with an account of the climate aud soil. Thii led me to louk into my daily notes. This looking led me to suppose, that the daily account of year's residence here might be very useful in England. Out of the?e thought a little book was easily engendered ; and, therefore, if Mr. Q has a mind to know what 1 hall say about America after I get home, he may be gratified befure - hand at a very trilling expense. Mr. Q. speaks of the value of the Ruta Riga, . compared with that of the Potutoc, and reminds the public of my having written in disparagement of the lifer, while I was in England. I then spoke of it a compared with wheat, as food for man; arid, though I have been much abused far my I'liiniont, I have nerr been antieered. If Mr. Q. rooolUct what I wrote, let him antieer it; if he do not, he will do well to let that matter rest, liut, as food for cattle, what is the state of the case Few men can raise three hundred bushels of potatoes upon an acre; Mr. Lewis eayi thit be raised, last year, itjthl hundred of Kuta Baga upon three quarters ol an ncre. 1'ht 1'otatoe requires rich land, must be a month longer sis thrrronnd, than the Ruta Baga, costs ten inure a much for seed, requires four times the expence in harvesting and jiresming, and is exposed to many ritk which the Ruta Bag is not. But, the ralvfi the quality; the comparative pnudm ts and efficiency; what are these? We men have our prejudices and our tolitics. Wc are apt to suffer our opinions on one subject to run in and mix themselves with our opinions on other sut - ject. IjcI us, 'heretore, appeal to the C and the hog, who, bei let beiu endowed with the Dot facultiot for judging, luive 00 in terest in deading contrary to truth. Let, theu, any mau take a gnnd Russia Turnip, give it a chop wilb a spado, and tost it down along with a gallon of 1'otatnet before an ox, a hog, or a tbeep, (it rou - t be clean for a sheep,) and if (lie animal touch." Potatoe nnlil he has eaten up every morrtfol the Russia Turoip. I will kilo . that the Potatoe is the best : but. it will be what I have mver seen, and what, I am convinced, no man Uviuc ever saw. know that the fiattt oiu are tatted in EnslanJ wholly upon Ruttif. Turnip an 1, 1 have seen lhemfiart opoa Po - neijuonr 01 attempted to fat wpna 1 oiaioes. He was obliged to deiist. His . atm aMJ i and he resorted to the Riuna 1 urtup. he tat. link. r (the best of - ood fanners,) nde Ihe trial with ad possible care His exen became poor, their . . '" - v" W git fj UJ' the attempt, la short, an ox cannot be fatud VSW.V. SBIlil W rMniiullaaal a ... upon Potatoes, while it it nolan.. ih, ,i.. swids mon thousands are yearly made as fat as they can wiik upon the Rnta Baga, without any y. or com, or grain, of aov sort. tl, mii rather than die with hunger, eat raw Potatoes; vUl, uiu any mnn ever tee them rre 00 that root, in if 1 raw state ? Cooked, hog will thrive upon them 1 but, not as thev will unon Kuti R. ga, which, if steamed, will make a rood hoc ... ri c, . - 1 j ' vv' It on to f I I had pretended, that Ruta Baga wa equal to Com, builielforbniheit What nonsense ! No: I know well, That there it nothing equal to Corn, at cattle food, bushel for bushel; but, surely, I may believe, that crop of Ruta Baga it better than a crop of Corn, if the former will yield eight hundred bushels with lets expence than the latter willy ieldorrjr twAef x My poor harmless iog could not escape Mr. Q. who doe not want any better tort of this ani - , ma! thaa he already see in Pennsylvania. He ho. ihMi. ilui rirtueofeonfenf in a supreme de gree ; for, though I saw hundreds upon hundreds throoghout the finest parts of Pennsylvania, I solemnly declare, that, if I projected a settlement n this country, ana coum gei no u'i"J " home," I would not, " I" hundreds, ex - clmnf nine bora that I now have, and seven out of the nine are but young pigs. Prejudice it often too strong for reason and Justice ; but, it seldom overcome interest, when the latter it very manifest. The bogs of Loos - Island are tcAife; mint are black as a coal i and, nnless I am very mutn deceived, there will not, in few yean, be many white hogt upon thit island. If I should re' main in America till I have any considerable number of pigs, I shall tell them, or some of tnem, if any body choose to buy them, alive, at the market price of the dar - 1 want to potstt. no monopoly, nor any advantage over my neigh' bours. In the little 6ool, aforementioned, I have given an account of these hogs of mine. If I remain here for eizh tor nine months longer, (and I may, perhaps, for a year or more,) I will send one ol them to ew York; and then Mr. Q. mar, if he please, satirfv himself to a ccrlamty, whe ther it be not uossilile to change the breed nf Peuniylvauia lor tomethiug better. VM. COBBETT. M. J. W. Ten Cate. charge dot affaires of bis majesty the king of the Nether land, to the Uul ted Mates, it succeeded by the appointment of viscount de Q'laback. Mr. Ten Cate is on his way to thii city and will embark iu a few days for Europe in the brig Ohio, Carman, which is Altiugop in a luitablo manner fur bis reception Mr. Teu Cate' recall it in couseqiience of hi appointment to represent bis sovertijn at Con stantinoplr, ninth, however, wc learn, has since bet - n superseded by a more important mission to Frankfort, where he is called upon to watch over the interests of his country at the ensuicj meeting of the allied princes at that place. ' A bill similar in itt operation to the one whicl. passed our Legislature last year, is now before the Legislature of Connecticut, fur taxing Eteaio Boats which naviga' the waters of that State. it taid to be meant as a retaliatory measure Be this as it mar. wc are strongly inclined to question its expediency, to say nothing of its le gality or itt equity. It provides that a tax or one dollar be laid upon every person that enters the state of Connecticut, by means of a steam boat, on board of which he has been taken out of the stato, and the like l - i'u" "ry person taken ooard a fleam - boat within the slatr. for the purpose of being conveyed out of ihe same. I this a vh or feasible measure But the art i go into effect the 1 jth of the present month ! Arbuthnot, and Ambristie, the latter a liri - tUh lieutenaut, who were t ike n at tho rapture o fort St. Marks, have been tried by a rourt - mar tial, ordered l.y ria. Jackson, of whii h tjeneml Gaines was the president, and both condemned to die. The former wai sentenced to be hung. the latter to be shot. They were executed on the 3d of May, agreeably to the mandate, of the court. The committee of election appointed by the le gislature of Massachusetts, have reported that gov. Brook it elected by a majority of 8,144 votas. The Spnnbh bormaphrodite brig La Tan, ar rived at Havana on the 14' li uf May in 3" days from Africa with J01 slaves. NOTICE. J The emp!nvmnt of an agent or attorney is not' necessary iu any claim ng iin;t the government It is most generally attended with expence, nud sometimes with actual loss. t'Kuns will be promptly settled, when the ac counts and vouihcit with which they are con nected, are transmitted to the proper oihee. Money will he transmitted, whenever a receipt for the sum due, or, where the amount is not ascertained, a receipt fit blink, (hall be forwarded to the treasury department. Military patents, and certificates of military pensions, will bn transmitted in like manner, whenever the necessary vouchers are forwarded to the proper oliice. J.ihn Q'tincy Adams, Wm. II. Crawfard, J. C Calhoun, B. W. Crownimhicld. Washlnglon City, May S7, 11113 - The KHxeltes in w!ii h the acts of congress arc puhli'hed, are requested to insert tho aboVe weekly for three months i and papers - in the in terior will dosorve the thanks of the coihmimity by giving it publicity in their respective districts, as it may bo the means of saving rxpente and loss to that portion of the ptople fttio al'e least able to bear theu We are well aware that the g - tttts which are employed to promulgate the actt of the gov ernment, are not, owing to their limited circulation, tit) best calculated to spread the informa tion far aud wide. We, therefore, cheerfully comply with the above requc;, and (hall give the notice an insertion in lth our 1 it jr aud roun try paper. E. Post. Extract of a letter to the editors of tht Charles - ion I 'ity Gazette, dated Kingston, April 211, 1M3 oYI.Klt, alteriMwn ' I have only time to write you, that the vessel of war Pelican, from Puerto Calicllo aud CararcaK, which anchored vctenl.i at Port llnjal, brings very impwti'Ot private correspondence lha read letters from gsntlcaie ol veracity in the afbretaid islaaJ, and in romirn. dium state the followirj, wliich may be relied qpon: " Highly interesting. h bloody action was fouiht at Valencia on the 17th iust. between the patriot army and the royalist ; the former had their head - qoartert at Victoria, 18 league from Oaraccas, and attacked the Spauish army at said place, under the immediate command ol gen. Lopes, (Morillo baring been previously wounded, mortally, at toe Puerto, and carried to Puerto Cabello,) who wai killed, together ISV 1l tk .n.l aIIuvm - .r ft. i. I,a. Willi VH UlC yl ru WW v r ivgiysaja v and from thence fled the rtlic of the rovalist to Puerto Cabello, " All the lorres which the Spaniard had in Venezuela, were engared in the battle ef Valencia, 12 leagues distant from Puerto Cabell, Laraccas and La Guayra, are now, without tlie least doubt, in possessioa of the independent, at detachments were instantly pirpatched to occupy the me, after raid combat at Valencia, all the inhabitant of which had ererv thine Backed up to evacuate. When the ccial dispatches of1 the patriot arrive, I al trioimll Uum without delay." ': ;i . - ' . " ' ' I '. ' - 1 ' Trthe Sawnah itelUaan, May Z2. . On the 1st inrt. Arbutlmot and1 Ambriatie, who were.tiken at the ecptore of fort St. Marks, were tried by a court - martial, in pursu ance to orders from gen. Jackson, ot wbicb gen. Came wa the president. , ou were condemned to die". The former wa sentenced to be hungthe latter to be hot They were executed on the 3d mituM, ajrreeably to the mandate of the court. It U said that Am bristie liie.t tike a aildier be u Cool and firm to Ihe last moment Aituthnet was much atritated. and evinced great fear. - A man by the name of Cook, one of the accomplice of Arbuthnot and Ambristie turned evidence - gainst them, and on his testimony they were convicted. The charge and speculations al leged against them were, Ut, for supplying the Indians with arms and munitions of war 2d. fur stiring them up a.'ainst the whites ; 3d, a allies. Ambiistie was a lieutenant in the British armv.and Was an intellipi - nt. line look ing man. Arhutlinot is an old of lender,' and has been often advised to desist from exciting the savages against tin: frontier people of our state. He was the bosom friend of efamout Woodbine, who we fervently with had fallen into the bandt of Jackson fur a greater villian curse not the f ice of the earth One hundred and hix of lite. Georgia troops arrived here yesterday from Fort GuiUden, a small fortilication on tft Appuiacmcoia river. Tbcv have been discharged from service, and arc now on their way home. j ' From the Baltimore W mrriean, May 30. No. 1698 was the first drawn ticket yesterday in the Masooic Hall Lottery, and by the scheme entitled to a prize of Si 000, aud N. 6577 in the same lottery, a floating prise of $10,000, and So. Int2, 'which came out on Thlrsday in the Medical College Lottery a prize of $500, were all divided and roid in shares at G.& R. Waite's truly fortunate lottery ol&ce, corner of St. Paul's lane and Market - street. Names of the owners of the mamunth prize nl $100,000, drawn on Thursday last in the Surgi cal L.out - rj Nathaniel F. U'illinmt jlo.noo 1 0,000 ld,0O0 lo,0'o lo,ooo 7, aoo fi,oM 5,ooo 5,ooo S,ooo 6,ooo 5,ooo S,5oo. 2,5oo S,5oo 2..5.JO i,5oo George I. Brown Jacob Livienbergcr William Penniman Henry VV. Grey James 1.. Hawkins t John Bu. hnniin Ilavid Burke Heaekinh Price John C. Van Wyrk William T. Graham, II II. Wood Konch Churchman Henry; Armstrong Ptter A. Young, S. J. Tliopis u James Martin NEW - UAVFA May 30. The private armed stlir. , rwd, roaster had landed at St. Harts, priz - goods b a lance a - innunt, which were to he sold on t.'ie III) nf May. '1 he schr. hud been seized by l.'om.pryon, report s tys, for holding two conimissoiis . The Governor of ft. Barts had rlniiiied for Captain Pond, but it was uncertain whether aSe would be given up. . . NonroLK,,Mav 27. 1 he fiillowmg singular eo - ctimsianee took pla e a few days a go : A wind tijll on the farm cif a Mr. Ward 011 the Western Itranch, being in rapid motion, the bed stole bv imme unaccountable means burst as,untr, with a none similar to t ie renort ol a nktr.l wh h the fragment . 1 furcc - d their way tlruugh the wather boarding of the mill with a violence scarcely conceivable. It would nner In be a fortunate rirr.unnUnce that their as nobody mi - lion ai me nme, one as in ine mysie. rinus dispensations of Providence safety is often liiiuid in the midst nf the mint imminent danger, so on this occasion the messenger of cieaiii lounil lust way to a place ortupnoxert se - rurity. .The miller, a coloured man, bad left the mill only a few minutes before, but wa returning and bad gtit within a few stent of it at the moment the explosion took place, when small tratrment of the stone, after nassinr through the side of the mill house, siruch hint on the head and instantly killed him. HARTFORD, (Coo.) June 1. On Friday Inst the Rev. Jonathan Mavhew Wain wright, was instituted rector of Christ Church, in this city, by the Right Reverend Bishop Hohart. Ihe body of Mr. Pelah Sheldon, who was Irowned at Windsor about two month since, was found aud taken out of Connecticut river, opposite this city, on Wednesday last. Melancholy accident. On Monday last, Mr. Austin Chaiiiu, while attending to one of the stage - horses, iu this city, received a kick in the pit ol the stomach, which caused his dentil in a - rout three I airs time. Mr. Chapin came from Aimers, is supposed to hare been about 23 years of age. He had been in this city but a few weeks, in the employ of Mr. Rose. WARRENTON, (Va ) May 22. Irfst eveuing, between three and four o'clock, wind from the north east bkw us a storm, accompanied with rain and hail, more teniblc nud desolating iu its (uusagr, than any ever he - lore witnessed in this section of our country. The wind continued to blow from that direction for about Ihe spare of 2(1 iniuutes, when it suddenly hiftedto theuorth - weit, and continued to blow frm that quarter with increased violence for a - bout ten minutes, when the fall of hail suusided into a moderate ra n. Vegetation in general bas received a severe chk ; and tile trees in our vicinity aro literally stript of thi ir foliage. The windows ofourolhYe are completely shattered, and believe those of our neighbors have shared the same fale. The roofs of mauy of the houses iu town were broken through by (he hail stones, which, when they struck the earth, caused the mud to fly ten and fifteen feet. The prayers aud suppbeations of the affrighted to God lor mercy, toe ether with the galloping of horns wlii h broke from the waons and the stand to 'which thry were fastened, seeking in Vain for a . - hc ltrr, rendered tho scene truly awful. Some of the hail stone - , which we measured after the hurricane ceased, were between seven and eight inches in circumference. .Some persons we have seen, who were out iu the storm, were severally brtii:cd and cut, and ono man knocked down with the hail, hut we have as yet heard of none 'rinjr dangerously hsrt. We have not yet learned how far Ihe hail extended, but we under stand that it was most heavy and destructive below us ; some of its stones which remained till this moming were at targe as hen - eggs. At this time, and indeed at any season of the year, such a storm must be seoiii ly felt by all withiu the scope of its ravages. The fruit, small grain, and all the Indian corn, that was above the ground o destroyed. Prirti Current at Charleston, May 53. Dry Goods and Groceries, No material va - naiioo in the market since last wee a some sales of seasonable rirygnods hate been made by private contract at mi per cent, onnnvntre prices. Cottons. !?ea Islands bave been this week at from 70 to 73 cents J the stork on hand aot large. Uplands are cowing intotstnarkrt in oiuatities exceedinr the central expectation ; this, with the scarcity of vessels to take it away, renders sale heavy ; most ol the sales of Ihe week, of gncd cottons, have been at 30 and 31 cents. Rtce has declined a little since oar Ust ; the best may be obtained at JS 1 - 4; aad that of te cond quality is very doll. Corn it very plenty, and we believe bas been offered as low as 7 a Scents; by the t or 300 bushels, it is sellirg at W a 9 ceats. Crockery. Aa invoice per ship Ceres, fro a , ii m ta 5 ner eea! ai - ! hnooa'porter I f 17 t - rlt rvr do. Bait 50 ct per bushel Vieight.Tbe few vessel in port are obtain - j UtocXS ire a iraciiuu wm . quotations, tpeue uouan ku unit - ceot premium. t - - " . ' . . From tht Satarmah. Republican, May 16V ' Ladies, observe this .' - On Saturday last, the ftthinst, in White - Ulnff district, atxut mx mi es nm Savannah, eaptain Richard RoweU and a - day, in comnany with several ladies and gentle men rone o wiui uwir c"u, - buck. Mrs Howell took possession or a stand, while ona sf the oartT put tlie bounds in a thick et, out of which soon ran a line large aoer, near the stand occupied by Mrs. RoweU. At the ap - Droacb of the deer, wrs - tv. leveuea iter a" precision ann cooineunreo, nu piovcu ... I - .J M il.. H.or lhr huck - shot. which ChUSed it to faH dead instantly. This scene of triumph by the fair one, was witnessed with much satisfaction and joy ; and made the chace pleasing to all who participated in it. V..aL rnminir from anT oort South of the CheRieake, are subject lo tlie examination ol tlie Health umcer at we uBriuiiiue, uum date. Mr. Hilton's ben'fil Our friends of the dra ma will observe, that the receipts 01 uie iuhu this evening are allotted to a favorite who has long been growing upon their esteem aud affection as an actor and a gtutlcman. , 11 may not oe a - miss just to add, that, ol late, he can justly pnfer another claim on their favor, at acting manager, in the absence of Mr. Simpsou, since beeinbark - for England. In this new capacity be has much distinguished himself by his ability, bis indefati gable attentions, and bis unwearied industry and perseverance. But, separate from bis individual merits, he has selected for the entertainment of his audience one of his best characters, perhaps hi very best, and a novelty 19 them, Sir John FaU'aff, in the Merry Wives of Windsor, a re - preseuta ion in itself quite tulficicnt, one would suppose, to attract a numerous ana lasiuonamc house.' Forhisafter entertainment, he selected a 4ef called the Statue, in which, it it said, Mrs. Parker appears to the greatest advantage. FROM OUR COURF.SPOSnF.MT. Office nf the Freeman's Journal, ) Philadelphia, May 31. S Arrived, siiip Ohio, Toby, 16 diys fiom N Orleans. Belou - , ship llibeitiia, llrown, Liverpool. Cleared, idiip Jane, Hancroft, Ijv. - rpool ;sch Martha, Ik - unison. Xtvt York , - Agawam, Pott, Salciri, Mas. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. OihVe of Ibu Federal Republican h ) 'i elearauh. Ballimore. May 30. S Extract of a letter lo the Editors of the Federal Republican and ilaittniora i elegraph, nated 'ANNAPOLIS, May V'Jih, 18i8 " The President of the United btntt - s. acrom - panied bv the Secretary 0 Slate, Seiratarv of tlie narv. and Colonel of the enninceri.arrivd inlthis city yesterday evening id 7 o'clock. The star spangled r.nnoer" was immexnaieiy uispiayea upon the spire of the sladt - house aud this morning a salute of 1 1 guns wat fired by the city artillerists. A public dinner will thii day be given him, and no doulit, every marie of di.ti.iction shewn him, to which he, at enter magistrate ol this happy and powerfutjrepublir, is entitled. It is sain nu win siifnn a unri 01 mis unv 111 eanni ining our fortifications and iewing the beautiful river Severn, as rar up as the Hound Bay, wuicti is distant about six pules from this city. It would be difficult to conjecture, when he will embark for rsorfolU, as tlie attentions which he has received, and will continue to receive from the cititens in renersl, anil from our present wor thy Governor Charles Ridgcly, of Hampton, in particular, who is now here, t who it is said ha 1 onie on exoresslv to entertain him it is uroha. hie will protract his stay among us longer th in wat ai nrst expected." Steam lloat Hotel, Reading ft News Room, Norfolk. M av 29 - 3 t,c!nck. P. M ArriVrd, afnon rsnrdrlia, Cook, 8 days from Bermuda Left a brig belonging to Philadel phia, loading with cotton for Europe, taken trnm on board a ship also belonging to Flu In delplua, which had been condemned as un seaworthy 1 sch William, Browner, belonging to Providence, fi am Carolina, loading for Philadelphia, to sail in 4 or 5 days. The British sch Perseverence, Sargent, in 21 days from Kingstsn, Jam. in ballast, bound here, bas arrived in Hampton Rouds. Cleared, ship Protection, M'Corkle, City Point ; sloop Traveller, Baker, N 11. d ford. MARRIED, On Saturday evening last, by the Rev'd. Mr. Spring. Mr. ELIADA WILSON, of New - Haven, (Con.) to Miss MARTH A SOULLARl), of this city. , At Augusta, Georgia, on the SOth ult. Mr. ALFRED I. HUNTINGTON, late of this city, to Miss CAROLINE M.SIMS, daughter of Beu - jamin Pirns, Esq. of the former place. D I ill), ' Early Ihis morning, of a lingering illness proceeding from a contusion received on board the U. S. ship Saratoga at the battle of Champlain, which finallv terminated in a consumption, captain PHILIP BKU.M. aged forty - two years, a native of Philadelphia, but for many years past a resectable resident of this city. The friends and nc('ciint:ni' e are respectfully invited to attend his funeral tomorrow alternoon, from his late residence No. 5K Frankfort street. At Charleston, S. C. (drowned) Mr. Charles Bridge, step - ton of Dr. Joshua Fisher, of Beverly, Mass. A young man who sustained one of the best of characters. . xvlvt. post m i rime list. CLEARED, Brig Ann,. fshfoid, Havre J.A. WillinkCo. Schr Wm. fi Mary, Gray, Richmond .1 Utile KU IHti rYlKR.VOOA. Brig I'rcdonia, Merick, 30 day from N. Orleans, with cot'ou and steel to J. Packard k J. t C. Bolton. J. De Wolf, 5. Ac D. Talcott. I. at. 34 Ion. 84, 10 days oat, spoke brig Mary from Foi ttaioutli, bound lo Mobile. 13 passengers. Erig Whi.'e - Oak, Betts, arrived at Savannah, from New - York, on Ihe 54th uJt. Also, ship John & Edwaid, and brig Spartan, both from Liverpool. Arrived at toucher, from the I2th to the lyth May.sliips Wake, from Shields : Highland I .ad, Greenock; Elizrbeth & Sarah, Neacsstlej Abenteen, I - nm'.nn on the passage saw much ice and detained 31 days by it fell in with a ship abandoned by her crew, name Caroline, of Maryport, supposed to have been sto - 'e by the ice snd foundered ; Ceies, Belfast; Rebec ca, Greenock; Invincible, Peterhead 1 Harri son, Liverpool ; Gen Elliott, London ; Maida, Hull ; barque Esther, Liverpool Brig Sicm - shall. Shields 1 Cowan, Dundee ; Earl of Dal - housie, Aberdeen ; Cherub, Greenock , Eliza, Liver - pool 1 Flora, Aberdeen 5 Symetry, Newcastle . Heiirv.doi John, dot Jne, do; Gar - ricks, Liverpool ; Sophia, Greenock ; Elizabeth Ann, Portsmouth Barbara, Aberdeen ; re - neloue, liverpool ; Polly, Leith j Skipy, Lon - don; Mav - Flower, Newcastle; Alexander, Shields 1 Ann, do; Spencer, do 1 Sophia, London ; RosekilL Whitehaven ; Pomona, Ports mouth ; Alexander, Liverpool; Fime, Greenock .Economy. Shield ; Middletown, London; Waller, Liverpool Albion, London Ellington, do 1 Wra. & Matthew, do 1 Roval aiarlot te, A leant; Jme, Greenock ; Brittania, New ut Aberaeea , Jessv, New CasUe. fat btv d U .ettie,. came out ,hVthe vessels jmrifed last f.fwu, Ship Maochester - Packel, Burk, ia M days fj. Hre, with platter, dry goods, Lc. 10 1 Bell, k V. Dcpau, (osraers) F. U. A. Bronel, tennis t Lainl P.Drilli, beRbamlt lleUsseri, J.B - Mane, S.v. ttouland, B uesoor. n '"'"" ii - G. Fontaine, L. Goudain, J. B.imrana, o. caney, SeienetteeUenney, P. Harmony ,S.Bicnaro, italic, A. Borel. S. G. Oliver U Co. Fales c V riggle - worth, S. S.Guodyar, F.H Sheldon, U t o. Cairns k Rhodes, Ricbards, Taylor to Wilder, P. 8. Lan - qiiereiu, Le Bov, Lavard b Co. L. La - flet, and - then. Passengers, P. Orell Esq. end lainily, L. Rieffel, Mr. Giere.Mr. Braun, Mr. trtrmam, Mis. C.Thnlore.Miss P. Grisweld, snd II in Ihe sieer - ge. Tbe shio Favorite, Hillard, sailed iu co. with rapt. Burk, for New - York. Left at Havre, April U, brig tioxana, for Boston in 2 days J ship Sophia, 01 salem, from Baiavia, dwhnrguig ; Wig Alfred, for ti. Vnrk, in 5 days ; ship Albert Gal a - lin, of New - York ; ship Alexander, of do disch ; ship General Lincoln, of Charleston, and olliers Ship Belfast, Bunker, 34 days from Havre, with .I,.... u...i j,. nn,l. m Kicks. Jenkins 61 Co. owners, L. Boise, J.B. Marie, Cherlot, Wilkes & Co. S V. Bouland, F. V Riviere, and Dessonunes it Co. Left brig Allred, lor J. ioik, uin.eiii , ship Alexander, do ; bi ig Volant, do ; brig factor, Corrnn, uncertain: skip Gen. Lii - gan, es - foe Koiton. in 5 : ship Sophia, Felt, forSaleui. The shin Albert ('.Hllaiio had not arrived. Ship Favourite was left in dock ready 10 sail for New - York, peke in the Channel, April iJd. ship Latonn, 3 davs from London, for ew - i.i.... .,i. U yn. innr. 10. S9. brie Mar garet, from Mew - York, ilid not ascertain "here imimrt Mnw i:. mi. a."s. on ine eiaiias, 1111 i.o,i. - vn, 8 days from Boston, for Ann - terdHin. On the Eastern taie of the Banks, in lal. 43, 10, passed lasye nuanlilies of ice. Ship Silenus, .relurnea leaay, uuuhuiuw.., - .. 1 n. ,n CtrnkruLinff JU I VnilOll . Krur Area. Ui II. 1J aays inim im v. - lal. 31,30, long. 7a, spoke hi o.' Georgia, OK nays 1. u.r. I',.. Kav!.ii. - ili. I'.isseniiei's, Itiv. L l.pHrned. J. Kill J win, Mrs. Scott, Mis. Hart, Miss Gin, of Kentucky, Messrs. W. L Baker and lain - i w I Kiu.l. IV l Wl - Allllll. nilU II . I. Dins. . .' ' . 1 . 't.l f . Jiniiior. irig Aluriung Diur, sprar,j . L'. with corn meal, to T. Buckley &i S" Schr il Judah, for lioston, tailed in co. Brig John, Wilson, 10 days nous j.uuec, iiu plaster, lo Ward 61 Bishop, schr Charleston Packet, Vail. Ef. hmirt from Charleston, with lice and cotton, lo S. Alley, I.J .. At Snn. X. ti. I Ileitis. VV HalKlllfOU, J. u Latonta, jr. J. 1. Oihen, H. Cury bi Co. 1 . Depau, Peltier Ai Morel, and S Hyde. Paensers,Me,r. W. M. Hayward to fitiuilv, L. Culler, . Luxe, V. I.. i:utlin?. II. Koine.'W. Rider, Mrs Taylor, Mrs. ,. Hose, Mrs. Uellui?er, J 1 yier, . n. l..v. I. Nnrilirnii. v.. ollnlO and Miss m .orlhrup. Ifl ship Corsmr, and schr. MHrgiuel, for New - York, .fOtii ; brig Teh giaph, do, .5Ui. Schr. Harriet and sloop Lark, sniled 111 co., and .,1... rvr r..r Hmton. Yeslerdav inoriiiiilti oil Great Eeir Harbour, spoke schr. Indian Hunter, from New - York for Richmond. On Ft ida , spoke ehr. irw - Orli - Hii.. Siuilh. b days fionl N - C.r I 'liurl..iiii Schr. Mary Aim, Chapman, f day from Baltimore, with Hour, gin, tc. l W. W uJ. II1;M. J. While U Co. B. lland,W. II. Imlay, A. h. Hal k - tt, P. Remsen U Co. J U V. Vt ijluuus, iiyer k ll...kin. K l.nwreuee. S. Wood Nns, J. Hitchcock kolhers. Left m ihe Chesapeake Bay, at anchor, ship .Mexico, of New York, bound lo Charleston. Schr. Harvest, Emery, 4 days from Charleston, with cotton, to F Depau, S. Alley and oiners Passengers, Mrs. Livingston ami iiiniiiv, u..ii - ..,.n IV k'illi.r I ir l .iiiiliinnii. Messrs. " eir, Cauipbell, and Towner. On Friday last, 30 miles nonliof llalieras.snoke schr. Ariadne, froniN. 1 01k, bound lo Savannah. Schr. Elisabeth, Gorton, 5davsfrom Savannah with cotton, to Sturgcs ii Sherman, mid Ulis k Swan. Schr. Geo. Washington, Kearney, 10 days from Fredcrickshure, "itli flour, to Piiec & Triplctl. cllr. Concern, law, 'i days from Havana, with molasses, to G. Dutch. I.rfl, Inig lleniv, limeh. inr N. York, in 30 davs ; si hr. Gntetlc. Selbs , for do. in 'JO. Pas - eii(;i - r, Mr. Soissons, late sunercarso of hris SleilinK, lost 111 eb. last nn tht roHRl of Schr. Belvidere, Cobb, 4 days from Wilmington, with cotton and tobacco. Suited ill co. Willi schr MIvh. for .iw London. A new schr. from Say brook, in ballast, lo J. M I nu - rv &l t'a. Sloop Packet, Daskom, 8 hours from Norir. nlk, With 40 paMCiiferm. Schr Lucindn, Benson, 6 days from Richmond, with coal, to J. Van Bussiim. !n James' River, spoke schr Bangor Packet, bound up. Sch. Independence, Haines, 8 days from Lubec, with plaster, to Ward 4i Bishop. Sloop Ahroua, Knnpp,4days from Petersburg, with flour and cotton, to Robertson & Kelso. Sloop Elir.a. Lewis, 2 days from Braudyw ine, with coi n, to T . Buckley ii Son. Sloop Halcyon, Mitchell, 4 days from Wilmington, with cottou fcc. to H t E. Averill, and Bau - dolph u Savave. On Snturdav niilit, 25 miles S. nl'Sniiily Hook, sioke schr. David Porter, from N. York for Savannah. Al .(jiuiraiiiiiie, bri;r Fiedonia, Meek, 20 days from .New Oilcaus, lo Patrick, Aymar k Co. BOS I'ONj May ?. Arrived, schr Fly, Hal - let, from Philadelphia. Schr Lilwrty, Hailett, from N York. Brig Atlantic, Pelham, 7 days from Bristol, (R. 1.) in hnllast. Sour Reindeer, Jones, from NYnrk, in ballast. At Quarantine, English brig James & Mary, Miirdm k, 3d days from Dtnu rara. Schr Paragon, Peart, from Fort Royal, Martinique. Brig Victory, Thompson. 87 days from Trin - itv. Martinique. SpoUe May 7, lal 21 4J, 62 38, brig Ceres, ol N York, 4a dayt Irom Liverpool for Mobile. Savas.iaii, May 22 Arrived, ihip Jane, Drummond, Liverpool 54 days. Spoke on the 17th inst. W. .V. W. of Chariest on bar, 40 miles distant, briir Sally, Stow, 30 days from Phila - delphia, for this port Brig Three Sisters, Hayward, Matanzas, Cuba, 8 days. , Cleared, brig Sarah Ann. Banks, Liverpool ; sloop .Sarah Porter, Comstork, N York. W1LMIK6TON, N. C. May 23 Arrived, sloop Fame, Barton, from N York. Brig Abeona, Carpenter, from Providence. Cleared, sloop Halcyon, .Mitchell, N York. B 1LT1 VIORE, May 30. Arrived, ship W a - hash, Gantt, 134 days from Sourabaya. Sailed from Sourabaya, in Java, 00 tho 15th J. and left tho Straits of Bally 34th Jan. April 3d, made St. Helena, and was boarded by 11. M. . Conqueror, who informed us that Bonaparte was in good health, excepting a slight ittack of the gout. April 9, passed Ascension. April 15, spoke ship Frances, Swift, ot N. Yorir, from Fay - al for Calcutta, out 25 davs, all well. May 5, lat. SO N. long. 56, 30. W. spoke tchr. Joh - i, Foster, out 33 days from Philadelphia for Porto Bel In, had lost main boom, nay, o botses, and water. CHARLESTON, May 24. Arrived, ship Milo. B ronton. Boston ludavs. On Saturday last, ofl Cape Look Out, spoke brig Tybee, from New Yora bound to Savannah. Ship Henry. Edgar, New York 13 days. Dutch brig YigiUnce, Rion, Otend, 69 days. On Wednesday Inst, off Cape Romain, spoke schr Nelly, from Havana bound to this port, witb the loss ef her rudder. Bris Oi.tlo. Hail, Gibraltar 54 days. Sailed in co with the brig Adamant, of Boston, from Smvrna. bound to Boston. I - oft at Gibraltar, ship Belle, Leslie, of ami (orChaik'tnn, dischar ging ; ship iwisnoue, rurnngron, lor .scw - ur - leans, to sail in lOriayj; brig Caroline - Augusta, from New Orleans, lust arrived; britj Phanteji, Rive, dischareina - : schr Susannah. " .ihbs, from Fredericksburg, (Va.) to sail for N Ycrk in 10 dnys. Tbe schr Adrmna, Pendleton, lor New - Y oik. Sailed from Gibraltar 00 tbe ?Jd cf Mrcb. The schr Nancy, Richards, sniled for Ivica on the 24th ult. for a cargo ol salt. 1 here were three Portuguese frigates and a schr cruising in the Straits, and blot aadini a corvette, ship and a small schr. belonging to the Tunisian. The IJ. S. shiDi Franklin and Washinsrlon, "4's, mm naecimA to nrrive at Gibraltar la about 10 or It dayt; the Washingion, it wat reprted,! would immediately after her arrival at Gibral tar, sail for tbe United States. On the t?th inst. with cotton, pork, tc. lo Ripley, Center Si Co. I. Scheiick,G.A - piiiwll,W. R. M'Alpin, N. 1 falcoit, U. It. Lninlrt, end VYa!h at Gallagher. smHi in r. ..h .hin (lliio. for I'hilud. May Z: Kennedy, froniDariek,' (Geo.) bemd to Km. pool, 3 days out, ' - . , ,'w urig leierapn, mrorw. lofll Hdavt. Scht Decatur. Little. Ballimnr. ea Tbe Decatur, bas exDerienced nnch h er, and hat teen tbree timet rotmd Cane kLZ main Kssl VexaieulaAi.loaa aawasia vsi ircucu HV llU Is cenr jane, miiis, ivialai - zas 9 days. Leftst Matanzas, brig Clarissa, Blinn, and about 10 or tz omer vessels, names not recollected. Schr Independence. Ames. Provident n 1 14 days. ' tx hr Kegulator, MTlhermy, Wilmington, IT c 1 day. Saw tbe British shin Carlton. Irnm 1: eipool, ashore on Cape Fear Bar, a lighter alonr side taking out her cargo of salt. bloop Lark, bendford, N York 9 days. Sloop Nancy, Grimes, Baltimore 15 days Cleared, schr Harvest, Emery, N York. May 20. Arrived, shin Corsair. N Vrb on boors. - ' - v - w Shin Lorenzo. Savae. N Torli 84 d. n the 6th inst. lat S5 I i, long 75 50, fell in witbthe wreck of th schr Jane, of Bristol, bottom un - i sent our boat alongside, but tbe weather waite ruugn iouiu noimu'. Kng Alary Ann, Cox, London 65 day. Brig leopard, Drinkwaler. Portland. M,i. 20 dayt. "mc, Slay 27. Arrived, chebacco boat Mechanic da itiv, P'Ottan 24 day. Sloop Viiginia, Caswell, N York 6 day. NoMroLX, May 27, Arrived schr. filaV,... Wilkinson, 15 days?from St. Thorna 1 Jr. sell Simington, Rinaldo, of Petersburg fmrn Teneriff e, waiting to dispose ofhercarco. ei. Three Sisters. Pollard, of Frederickshunr t Baltimore, m 10 days. Markets dull c;. a merican troduce. Hour, $14 v bbll .. Sloop igilant, Comstosk. 4 davs from v.. London. . British brig Adriana, Codfrcv. 520 k. r Trinidad. - v - In Hampton Roads shin PrateriL.n f - Co! klc, 37 days fmrn Londonderry, with bal - lust and passengers ; in the cabin, Messrs" Jonah Murray and John and Charles MitchelL . 'ioi.. Arn, April 10, stijnj t - oste. .Mm - an, tor N York, to sail m about 10 days; Phicnix, Gale, for do. do ; Grand Turk qiiereau, for do. 1st of May ; briir Helen' iiu - i, tor no. 111 0 uav,. i uc uri I OClhllflUa Post, of Petersburg, 38 days from NYork wa going into the river as the P. came outspoke the 18th inst. in lat. 36 30, long 69, a ship from Philadelphia, bound to Baiasia 3 days out, could not understand her name. Captain McC ha - , favored the Keeper of tlie Reading Hooin with a Londonderry paper of the 14lh April, in wh'.ch, however, thi ir it na. tiling iiiipni - tant. N nw Itmvoiin, May 29. Arrivnl. Mp Rich. inonii, Earl, fi'um tbeOiast of Brazil, with I'.iOO bSIs whale M il 100 sperm oil, snd about 14,000 wt. whalebone. The Hn hmooJ has performed this voyage in about 10 months. Left on the Brazil Hack March 4, ship Geovce Si Susan. l.....l..ll u.ill. 1 C4I1 I.UU . SI ,rtl. vc ... JltO.l Milwood, Wilcox, 3J0; Massachusetts, flux - tcr, 1200 all of New Bedford Ships Tarquin, Baireit. 500; Gen Lincoln, Chase, 400; bulus - try, Collin, 350 ; Wiliii.m, Paildock, 200 1 Lea, Jo'y, 200 ; brig Indus, Joy, tiOO, of Naiituckt. ships Andes, rkiimer, 900; lictavia, Pos 1200; Gov , FuwUr, 700 ; Abigail, Post, 500, of Sag Harbour. Spoke, lat 43, S. long 61, W. ship Gen Hawkins, Coffin, from Phila - devnhia on a skinnimr voyage. May 9, lat 26. Inn 63, brig; Ocean, Maison, 7 days from St, 1 lionias for Lrghorn. MavSG Ship Herald, Bunker, from Coast of Uiazil, with 700 bbl whale and 130 sperm oil Cleared, ships Ann - Alexander, Howland, Iindon via Norfolk ; Midas, Tobey, Coast of Brazil . . a tits a m isn a T I S nLuaa BA1.L.VI, isiay ao. inure, uric iun.i, liuncan, 17 duys from Havana. Jlay 15, off Cape Florida, was passed by the brig Dawn, Endirott, from Salem for St. Petersburg, who in - lormed, an attempt hud been made to board him coming out ol Havana, by an armed boat belong, iiig lo some of those piratical wretches that swarm about there. Capt. E. apparently has! no ohiertion to their boi rding, but informinr them lie had the yellow fever pretty bad on Least and oik king them a present of tome provitioet, they sheered K. Capt. Ezra Dutch, forme ily of snlem, matter of brig Henry, ofNew - York, was overhauled by a privateer, going in, the crew ef which, after robbing the vessel of every thing 111.11 cams 10 oaiui, lairiy iri'u me tio&uu off the captain's hark. May 9 Arrived, brig Hope, Orne. 98dayi. Falkland Islands. Tlie Ucpeha UteuabscstS) niontbs. THEATRE. Mr. liilson's Benefit, Thi Evening, June 1, IR 18, will be presestss' thakspeare's celeoiated Gomeny, or the MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR. , Sir John FaUtaff, Mr. Ililsoa '. Abraham Slender, Bnrne - Ford, Pritchara Mr. Page, Rubertsea . Robin, MistR. Braodigs Mrs. Page, Mr. Gruehon Mrs. Ford, Mrs. Darky - Ann Page, Miss Johnson - After which a new Ballet Dance, composed by Mr. Parker.called THE STATUE, Or, Ci - no's lliiiiKG Plaxe. Cupid, Misi R. Bnmdip r, nir. ramer Einilv. Mrs. Parker The Ev. - ningt Entertainments to conclude wMk the favorite larre, (not acted here these II years,) called THE PANNEL Muckhto, Mr. Hibet Beatrice, Mrs, Barnes Pertoruiance (o commence at half iiast tevea o'clock. . On Wednesday, the Tragedy of THE GRE CIAN DAUGHTER, with other entertaiomeatj for the Benefit of Mrs. Barnes. I Li KILL tO LP. ft - A fioe GREEN TURTLE will be dress ed TOMORROW, at HODGKIN'SO.VS. Soup read at 1 1 o'clock. Families supplied by sending. Je 1 H NOTICE. Qr The co - partnership heretofore "J10" between Ihe subscribers, under the firm of lai - r ass S Bruce, ii thii day dissolved, by matLai cuiieut. New - York June 1st, CALEB TRirass, Jellw ROBERT BKUCb. (rj - HEXRYA. FAY, attorney at Law, m 1 l. opened Ins oliice aio. ot vaicr - - - - le 1 lw - FORSALL, av Tl, ,.j.t!Ihi. emuiereu 2L copper - fastened ship CFlAUNLtl, well louod and can be lent lo tea wimous - . - Apply to POTT M'KLXNE, er je I B. W. ROGERS ti CO. tor RRtyJOL, (t - ngtand,) , I A regular inuier,; H The elegant fast tailing coppered W ANDREW JACKSON, Thomas 1 master a considerable part of her cargo ssi e neascd. will be diniatchtd without delay r...a.i l, inr cellent accomBioa - lions, apply on board, at pier No. 82, ntar peek - PETER SCHERMERHORN kSpf Or B. W. ROGERS & CO. ' W ho offer for salt. julPO Slomt. ridge Brick 61 casks patent Shot SO do bar Lead l'JO bairels Spanish Brown !st casat Porter Now landing from tbe Andrew Jacktoa. J 1 : 1 or to - s UNNY bAUa, in baktor oUieiwue, el f" Vjt quality Jel ,0r'"'eaBRAftCU.VlSG. 79 Ptarl - street - n

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