The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 16, 1936 · Page 22
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 22

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 16, 1936
Page 22
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TWENTY-TWO MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE. APRIL 16 Ml 1936 CHICAGO HOGS HIT $11 TOP AGAIN LEGAL NOTICE MftRKET STEftDY TO 5 CENTS UP Cattle on Steady Basis and Lamb Prices 10 to 15 Cents Lower. CHICAGO, UP)--For the seventh time in eight weeks, hogs reached a $11 top Thursday without passing The appearance of this price even as an outside quotation has since mid-winter developed a degree of resistance on the part of buyers that has prevented further advance. Traders said apparently the revolt against Sll hogs has been dictated tc some extent by the fact that it has not been possible to unload any more dressed pork on the wholesale markets at the prices .which must be charged for loins cut from hign priced hogs. Current loin quotations of 16V to 21 cents a pound wholesale are substantially the same as two months ago. The general hog market was steady to 5 cents higher Thursday with a few sales up a dime. The run of 10,000 was considered meager. The cattle market was on a fairly steady basis because Wednesday's receipts were liberal and a decline resulted. Best steers sold at $10.10 but the .bulk were quoted at ?S.TS down to $7.50. She stock and stockers and feeders were weak to lower. Lambs were. 10 to 15 cents lower The early top for wooled offerings was $11.25. OTTUMn'A--Boss unchanged. AUSTIN--Hogs 5c higher: Rood to choice 80 to 220 Ibs. f.10.20@10.50: 220 to 250 Ibs. 10.15@10.4S: 250 to 290 Ibs. 59.83S'10.15: 90 to 350 Ibs. $9.55(5.9.85; packing sows ood 275 to 550 Ibs. S8.65@9.30. COMBINED HOG RECEIPTS. DES M01NES, W--U. S. department of gricu'lture-- Combined liog receipts at 20 concentration ards and 9 packing plants located In interior owa and southern Minnesota for the 24. hour ertod ended at 8 a, m. Thursday were 14,500 omparcd with 15,300 a week ago and 11,800 a year ago. Steady to generally 5c higher, undertone trong; loading Indicated slightly heavier. Quotations follow: Light lights 140 to 160 us. S9.35«pl0.20; light weights 160 to 180 bs. 510.05910.00; 180 to 200 Ibs. S10.35SJ 10.80; medium weights 200 to 220 Ibs. $10.35 10.SO; 220 to 250 Ibs. S10.25@10.80; heavy weights 250 to 290 Ibs. 59.95(910.55; 290 to 350 Ibs. 59.656J10.30: packing sows 275 to 350 Ibs. good $9.05.1)9.55: 350 to 425 Ibs. S8.90@9.40; 425 to 550 Ibs. SS.659.15. Mason City Livestock MASON CITY--For Thursday HOGS ·gffe^-sffl us®. 180-200 510.25-10.5 200-220 $3.0.25-10.5" . . 510.00-1H.3 5 9.90-JU.2 5 9.70-10.1) o Good light butchers Good light butchers . Good med. ivt. tjutch's 220-250 Good med. ^rt. butch'fi 250-270 Good med. \vt. batch's 270-290 Good heavy butchers . 290-325 Good heavy butchers . 325-350 5 9.60- 9.9 Good heavy butchers . 350-400 5 9.30 7 9.6 Good packing sows .. 275-350 5 9.00- 9.3 Good heavy »w .... 350-425 5 8.80- 9.1 gSS bi B by. 50^ .. 425-550 5 8.60- 8.9 Good We hV. sows 550 and up S 8.40- 8.. ' (This above is u 10:30 truck bog marke W good and choice hogs. Tha dilfcrcncc In brlce Is tor short and long haul bogs.) · CATTJJi. Steers, gooa to choice ... Steers, medium to good ... Steers, lair to medium -- · Heifers, good to choice ... Heifers, medium to good -. Heifers, COOUIJUQ to medium Cows. .E-iod to ctetfce Cows, tair to good Cows, cutters .... Cows, cannen . ... .Bulls, heavy .Bulls. USbt Calves, med. · to good 130-190 $ 7.50- S.5 $ 6.00- 7.5 S 150-.6.0C $ 5.50- B.5t J 1.75- 6.5U J 4.00- 4.75 5 4.25- 5.00 S 3.75- 425 .S 3.25- 3.75 I 3.00- 3.25 5 4.50- 5.25 J 4.00- 4 50 S 6.50- 7 5 bahes! med. to good 130-190 S 5.50- 6.5C fsttirca. *"·' * *.,A_iaA « Z ?U1 rfnwtl · , . * calves, infer, to com. ··£.· :'-· ' · LAMHB, " ilambs. good to. choice .: 70-90 jLambs, jndum.^r.goodf;;.._. : -. . !Lajtib3,' fair- ."tb'.ffltedluin '.~.i"i».' 'Common' 1 " to fair- ·;. . . ......... . good to choice 70-80 130-190 S 5.50 down "S 9.50-10.00 S 7:50- 8.5 ? 5.75- 6.7! S 5.15 dowi 7.00- U.O 'YearlloX med. lo good 70-90 J 5.00- 7-0 · , . iY.carllnS5. lair to medium Culls .......... . .Native ewea. good to choice Cull ewes ....... .... ·Bucks ................. . Wethers. 2 vears old ~ -Wethar*. poor to nest ..··· Buck amhs $1 less. No dork OD lambs. Quotations subject to market fluctuation $ 1.00- 5.0 5 4-00 dow S 2.75- 4-0 S 1.50- 2.r S l.QO- 2.5 $ 6.00- 7.0 S 4.00- 7.0 Hog Markets AI1DWJ3ST HOGS Hoc prices at midwest markets Thursday: CUD Alt KAPIDSJ--Good hogs 150-160 Ibs. 9 609.85: 160-170 lbs. $9-85^10-10; 17080 lbs SlO.lOQilO.iJb: 180-230 lb«. $10.4it® 0 60' 230-250 lbs. $10.30® 10.55; 250-270 bs 510.10@lti.35; 270-290 Ibs. $9-95^111-20; 90-325 Ibfl. f9.80@lO.OS: 325-300 Ibs. $9-65 9.90; good packers 275-350 Iba. SS.UOty) 35; 300-425 lbs. $8.90@9.l5; 425-000 Iba. J-TOiJi'S-WS; 500-550 IbB. 58.^0)8.70. \VATJWRLOO--Hogs steady to 5 cents higher Good to choice 140-150 lbs. 59.20® 50; 150-160 Ibs. 59-50^9.80; 160-180 IbB. IOQ'10.30- 180-250 Ibs. S10.25Q I lu.55; MOJO Ibs. $10,053'30.35, 270-290 lbs. $9,9u@ J.20; 290-323 Ibs. 59.75i10.05; 325-3J lbs. ).60Q;9.90; packing sows 275-350 lbs. 59© 30; 350-425 Ibs. $8.80(99.10; 425-550 'bs. SUEEP U.OOO: slow, steady to weak; old crop iambs lOS'lOc lower In Instances; early bulk choice wooled offerings $ll@11.25; numerous loads averaging 86 to 95 Ibs. selling at alter price; choice 107 lb. Colorados 510.85; some Interests bidding 511 down; aged classes very scarce; few wooled ewes $5.25 SIOUX CITV J4VESTQCK (Thursday Market) SIOUX CITY. t/lV-U. S. Uepartment of agriculture-- CATTLE 2,300; beef steers and yearlings uneven; lower grade yearlings HttJe changed; other yearlings and steers bid weak to 25c lower; heifers steady; cowg slow, steady to weak; stockers and feeders slow. about steady; few good 1114 lb. steers $9-25; liberal share salable around 57.20^5.50; car choice 825 lb. heifers SS.15; most beef cows 5513*6; cutler grades 54^4.75; few common and medium stockers 57 down, HOGS 3.000; slow; weights below 230 lbs. steady to weak to shippers; better ISO to 230 Jb, butchers SI 0.35 Si,'10.45; odd lots 140 to 170 Jb. weights 59.S5@10.35: packers talk- tnR considerably lower on heavier butchers; sows 59.35 to mostly $9.40; feeder pigs up to $10.50. SHEEP 2.500; no early sa3cs fed wgulcd lambs; packers talking weaker; best held around 510.85: double choice.91 lb. fed clips to shippers 59; late Wednesday Iambs 15« 25c lower; top irooled skins 5lO,S5; bulk 510,50(S'10.75; best clips 59. SOUTH ST. PAUr LIVESTOCK (Thursday Market) SOUTH ST. PAUL, W--U. S. department if agriculture -CATTLE 4,400; slaughter steers around 25 ,(E50c lower for the week; bulk salable about 56.50(57.75; best held around $8.50; she stock weak to 25c lower; medium to good fat heifers $6.15ff?7.60; best held above 57.85; beef cows $4.85^6; low cutters and cutters mostly 53.75UM.75: bulls steady; medium to good heavy weight? $0.75@6,35; stockers and feeders steady to 2oc lower; calves 2.300;. mostly steady; desirable .veal- ers $7(§)S; choice selections $8.50; common and medium .55^6.50. HOGS 5,000; fairly active to all interests; fully steady with Wednesday; better 140 to 220 lbs. SlQ.-iOft'lO.eO; top $10.60; 220 to 260 Ins. $10fi10.45; 260 to 325 Ihs- $9-75^10.10; 325 to 400 lbs. $9.50159.75; sows ,$9.25^9-35; pigs scarce; odd lots 511 i?f 11.30; average cost Wednesday $10.14; weight 243 lbs. SHTEEP 500; supply very slow, nothing done early; undertone around steady on all classes- good to choice wooled Iambs Wednesday SIO.50^'10.65; shorn kinds S8.25@8.75. WHEAT MARKET CLOSES NERVOUS Tumbles in Late Dealings; Cora Prices Uneven at Close. CHICAGO, (fl 5 )-- Losses of 1% cents a bushel in wheat values resulted late Thursday from unsettled weather conditions over domestic drought regions southwest . and west. The volume of wheat trade was fairly large. Much of it was in the nature of spreading operations in which May wheat was bought against selling of July. Wheat closed nervous at the same as Wednesday's finish to Hi cents lower; May 977 8 @98; July 89'i @%; corn % off to '/* up; May 61@61%; oats H @ % down, and provisions unchanged to 1 cents decline. CHICAGO CASH GRAIN. (Thuraduy Market) CHICAGO, WPf -- Cash wheat, no sales reported. Corn, No 4 mixed 5954 @60c: No. j mixed SWc: No. 3 yellow 6Hi®63iic; No. 4 ycl- ow"5SX.!961c; No. 5 yellow uS'.ie-SS'/ic: No. 3 white" 63 S @63%c: No. 4 white 6016 ®61c; sample grade 30g:56%c. Oats, No. 2 white 30!ic: No. 3 white 17% ©29%ci No. 4 white 25@2Sc; sample grade 20%(S'23c. heavy 27c. No rye. Buckwheat, No. 3. 51.18. . Barley feed 32®45c nominal, malting aOSf SSc nominal. Timothy seed 52.5092.60 cwt. Clover seed SH.50fii21.75 cwt. Lard tierces S11.02; loose £10.37; bellie S15. Mason City Grain MASON CITY-- For Thursday 1 v " 4 ^ e !! OW £° 4jy, -\o. ye ^ No. 2 yellow soybeans 55c } THUKSUAY CHAIN CLOSE. ' CHICAGO. \.V!-WHEAT-- High Low CIOS Mav .99 .97% -97 juiy ::'::·:::: M* ·*» ·**· sept ::: SSM .s?-., .% . $T~ BlU .60S Jili .61 .60* .60',! seJX :::. .so .59% .59% SET. « ?* ·»* SS. ::::::::: :S" TM :·?« 5If- 53'i .53 ,53(4 M? ::::.:::: .54* .=3* .53.= Sept 513 -54 -541. BARLEY-nay '. ·" Mt? D ~~ .11.00 TM- 9r ' 11 -°° TMJ 11.00 10.92 10.95 sepl :·::::.:.. n.oo 10.92 10.97 : Sg^ · Stock List , NEW YORK STOCKS. (Xhnrmlay Flnnl uuotntlonn) ir Reduction 18914 Lib 0 F 57i 1 Chcm * Dye 197 Locws «* mn Can 125 McKess t Rob 10,,, Sm Be' 78Vi Mid Com Pet 21Ja -l Suear 53S Mont Ward 42|» 1 A T T 107 Murray Corp 15'.*s Amn Tob B 91 '!i Nash 20 jl Amn Wat Wks 23?i Natl Bis 3«fc Anaconda 39 Natl Cash Ees .Mfe Atchlson 8211 Natl Dairy 23 W. Auburn «V4 Natl Dlst 30^ Aviat Corp 6V, Nat] Pow Lt UU n B S D z °.« N Y Cent 39 ?s ,j BsrnsdM 18% Nor Pac 33 Bend Aviat 31 Oliver Farm J-Vs P Beth Steel 60 Vi J C Penney 7; V Bordcns 27% Pcnn R R ·»£ Borg Warn 77 Phillips Pet lb-;i -3 Can Ory 13 R C A W J t Can Pac 12% Kep Sl «l J^* 1 S Case 169 Rev Tob B , j-U a C N W · 3-'i Sears Kor 6b* c C C. w 1% Shell Union l . U C M S P f t P 2 li SocVac 'l-l* C R I A P 2 So Pac 36%i J Chrysler 100 11 Stand Brands 16 j Col C B "% S 0 Cal «5j ( Com solv 18 « S 0 Ind f!f , Comwlth Sou 2% S 0 N J M » * Cons Oil M Stew Warn -3I-J E Contl Can 784 Stone Web l»Ji I ContlOIlDel, 34% Studcbaker 13* Corn Prod 76 Swift Co Mfc * Curt Wright 0*. Tex Corp ,,". Deere pfd 29 V4 Tex Gull Sul 31 V= J Du Pont MB 14 Tim Roll Bear 67 U . Gen Elec 40 S Un Garb 85 r Gen Foods 37Vi Un Pac 131 Gen Mot 68 Unit Air 25S S Gillette 10% Unit Corp SI, Goodycar 30» Unit Drue TM III Cent 2415 U S Gypsum 100J* Int Har 8654 U S Rubber 33 Vj , Int Nick Can 19 U S Steel 68^ 1 I T T 15 % Warner Pix 10 ·* j Johns Manv 113 West El M(g 118 H Kennccott «y» Woolworth 8% KresB« 22 » W'riglcy 77 CHICAGO STOCKS (Tliursday Final Quotations) Cities Service 514 N W Banco W* Dexter 13 Quaker Oats 127% Hellman Br Co 12 H Swift and Co 22% Katz Drue 3S Swift Intl 30Ji Llbby McNeil S-4 Utility and Ind 1 ·» Natl Leather lit Zenith !8!4 Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BROTHEBS AND CO. Mason City Office In Baglej- Bech Bldg. Telephone No. 7 DO\V JONES AVERAGES Inds. Rails Utlls. close 158.49 48.71 32.51 Total Sales 1,150,000 CHICAGO STOCKS Butler Bros 8H Marshall Fields 17 Cord Corp 61i Walgreen Co 32 Calamazoo Stov 69 NEW VORK CURB Am Gas Elec 38 Hud B M i S 26 «, Am Cyanamid B3611 Humble OH Co 59!i Ark Natl Gas A 61-1 Lockheed ' J Asoc 0 * El A Hi Nlag Hud Pow 9?i C a n l n d A l k 9 Nlle-Bem-Pond 13V. Can Marconi 2« S 0 Ky Co 18 Vj Eisler Elec . 3'4 Un Gas Co S?. Kl Bd Share 22 H Un Li . Pow Co Bfr Ford Mo of Can 23 »j Util P t Li Co 2 "ord Mo of Eng 7;s NEW YORK STOCKS Alaska Juneau 14 Hupp Motors 2 \3wny 3 'i Intl Carriers S A Allesneny indust Rayon 31 W t S o J s u E W £* Kelvlnatorco 23 tS cl Py CO '36S Lambert Co ==V1 ^S PoVl Li 11% Liquid Carb CP 39% STOCK MARKET FIRM IN SPOTS Trading Slowest in Weeks; Few Specialties Move Up 1-2 Points. NEW YORK, UP)---The stock market was firm only in spots Thursday, and during the greater part of the session, the trading pace was the slowcnt in several weeks. A few specialties moved up 1 to - points on favorable company statements, but steels, rails, motors and utilities were unable to climb out of a s'im groove. Among the gainers were Case. Johns-Manville, Indian Refining, American S m e l t i n g , American Chain, Columbian Carbon, Corn Products. Standard Oils of Indiana and New Jersey, Sears Roebuck, Kennecott and Anaconda. Losers of a point or more included U. S. Industrial Alcohol, Allied Chemical iu Pont. ; late tone was irregular. Transfers approximated 1,300,000 shares. Foreign currencies were narrow. Although domestic industrial progress still held the market spotlight, foreign developments were not reassuring and brokerage commentators noted the disinclination of many of their customers to get far-out on a buying limb pending better news from Europe. Curb Market nrrrifift LIVESTOCK. OMAHA LIVESTOCK. ,£nSS»;^»rket (Thursday Market) (Thursday Market) OMAHA, (.W--U. S. department of agrl- CH1CAGO, vlv-U. E. department oi agri- cu it ur e_ culture-- I HOGS 5,500: steady to lOc higher; 180 to HOGS 10,000: including 3,500 direct; 220 lbs 5 io.35«tlO.!0: top $10.50; 220 to 250 MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN. (Thursday Marketl MINNEAPOLIS, jp--Wheat 115 cars; Ittc higher; No. 1 heavy dark northern spring 60 lbs. S1.15«1.30%: No. 1 dark northern 59 Ibs. «-«*««·*·,,»,,'£ to arrive Vri4SuB:li6V»: grad'e'of No. 1 dark hard No 1 hard Montana winter 99%c« SI 05W- to arrive 9S%c?iS1.0.|%: No. 1 hard amber durum 99c@Sl.04; No. 1 red durum ,9c; May 51.0254: July 98%c; September 90C. Corn, No. 3 yellow 59Sp61c. Oats. No. 3 white 24%®26',ic. no . . Slll%ai.2SH: No. 1 bard Mont eent protein S1.155i«?l.lT55; Beady to DC higher than Wednesday s aver tee- instances lOc UP; top 511: bulk lt.0 »-50 lbs. S10.75@ll: 250 to 350 lbs. 510.45 S610.90; 140 to 160 IDS. J10.40@10.75; sow* ScvfxLE *.500; calves 2.000; very little tact in run following Wednesday's .liberal drop and uneven decline; killing quality plain, iHoslly S8.75 down to $7.50; best steers .·?io 10. but several loads better grades held i»om Wednesday not being shown; stockers Sid feeders weak, slow; heifers about In liie with Wednesday's weak to 25 cents late downturn; cows 10$15c lower: bulls arid vealers steady; practical top weighty ssusage bulls S6.50; vealers S7@8.50: outside £9,f very few selects $9-50. . . . . Ibs $10.35'3'10.45: 160 to 180 IDS. S10.20*S 10.45; 140 to 160 Ibs. S9.85®10.33; sows KANSAS CITY GRAIN (Thursday Market) KANSAS CITY, (m--Wheat 21 cars; ·Vinnsrpd to 1'A cents higher; No. 2 So. 3 nom. NEW YORK, (;p)--A steady tone was dis played by the curb market Thursday with Rains of 1 to 2 points In a number of inac tive specialties the principal feature of trad Montgomery Waid ''A," Mountain slate Telephone Telegraph. New Jersey Zinc Western Auto Supply "A" and Ford Moto or Canada "B" were among other issue showing the widest gains. Fractional improvement was shown American Gas, Cities Sen-ice, Niagara Hud son, Pan-American Airways and Pionee Gold. Electric Bond Share and Interna tional Petroleum were sluggish, and un changed to a trifle lower. Bond Market Am Roll's Mills ££ Ra S Co 23tt Mack Truck Amer Tob Co 91 Armour Co 5?i Armour Co pf 7j AS Dry Goods 16% All Ret 31= 14 V, 3% 53% 31 13 S Bel Hemingway Baldwin Loco Briggs Mfg Co Bendix B*udd Mfg Co Byers A M Co Caterpillar Trac Ccrro de Pasco Chcs Ohio Chi Gt W Pfd Com Solvents Cont Motor o Cudahy Packing 39 78 55 i 57% 6 19 Vt Livestock Auction EVERY SATURDAY At 12P.M. Sharp Have a .lot of Livestock of all kinds consigned for our Sale on this Saturday. We sell from 300 to 500 cattle each week, in addition to a lot of feeder pigs, brood sows and bred ewes. \Ve sell more load lots of stock cattle and butcher cattle than any auction in Iowa. Our cattle are all sold by weight and weighed over our government tested scales. We always have Wg runs of butcher cattle and plenty of Buyers for all classes of stock. Consign any livestock to our Auction for its full cash value. Your business is appreciated, either as Buyer or Seller. ' HORSE AND MULE ; AUCTION Every Tuesday We had a total of 173 head of horses and mules in our auction on Tuesday. The quality was good with several outstanding pairs. Top pair was a pair of blue roans, consigned by Mike Lee, that brought S462.50; They were sold to a Michigan buyer. Top single was an outstanding bay mare, consigned by H. M. Carson, that brought $350. The prices on the different classes were about steady with recent weeks. We will have 150 to 175 head next Tuesday, with a horse for every job, and a job for every horse. All stock sold as it comes into the barr.. Your business is solicited. MARVEL SALES CO. WEBSTER CITY, IOWA 3 9 4 ,2 tedium: 65 1 9 $ . . . CATTLE 4.200,- calves 300; steady to trong;; steers and yearlings S7.SO@S.S5: eifers mostly S6.50SI7.(S: cows S5@6-50; utters S4??5; hulls S5.Su@6.25: vealers 59. SHEEP 4.000; asking strong to slightly ishtr. few lamb bids around steady or 10.SO. LIVESTOCK FORECAST. CHICAGO. (.'T!--Official estimated receipts Friday: Cattle 2.000: hogs 7,000; sheep 9.000. 22 ;4 nom! 99c®S1.02%. ,,, . , Corn 59 cars; unchanged to % cent ,ow- er; No. 2 white nom. 67fr?6S'Ac; No. 3 nom. G3fiB7%c: NO. 2 yellow 67% c: No. 3. 65^ 65%c; No. 2 mixed nom. 84@65%c; No. 3 nom. 62®63%c. Oats 3 cars: unchanged to H cent lower. Nq · white nom. 28y*@29Hc; No. 3 nom. Representative Soles (Thursday Market) CHICAGO. C=Pi--U. S. department of a£"- ulture--Representative sales: HOGS. Heavy-10.45 Lights-10.65 21 175 10.70 10.75 44 186 10.85 10.90 52 . 197 10.90 41 390 11.00 10.85 Light Lights-10.90 10 143 10.50 10.95 13 154 10.65 11.00 11 15S 10.75 CATTLE. Heifers-- Quotations Furnished by Wolf Bros., nc^, 308 Ftfth Street Soathwest WOOL Clean bright ;^ c Rejects and western .. ;- c Pulled wool and No. 2 rejects ISC " 246 316 278 254 234 22S 219 237 1251 1059 1304 1202 9S6 990 983 1015 10.10 15 10.00 19 9.65 21 · 9.10 22 S.25 14 S.OO Cows-7.65 IS 7.25 11 9 901 701 805 860 760 1275 1240 1195 1070 980 9.00 8.25 7.85 7.50 7.25 6.75 6.35 5.85 5.25 4.50 16 SHEEP. Old Crop Wooled Clipped Lambs-Lambs-- 119 81 9.25 92 11.25 32 95 9.00 160 89 1(M 107 75 11.15 Wooled E«-es- 11.10 15 122 11.00 11 139 10.75 26 »5 10.50 Hides and Wool ^Oist Corp Seag Douglas Alrc i3=l Eastman 16a% Caton Mfg Co ' 35 Elec Auto Lite 3954 Ulec Pow Lt 15 Eric R E Co 14 'A Firc'nc Ti Ru 31'A Coster-Wheeler 34 Freeport Ter. Gliddcn Co Jobel Gold Dust Gt North'n Ore jraham Paige Gt Nor pfd Houston Oil Hudson Motor ·GREEN BEEF HIDES 25 to S lbs. ··- ·* More than 60 lb»- · = c Bull hides · · ' ·Cured hides halt cent more a pound. (On above prices a cent higher to wnot«- saio dealers In wholesale, lots. I WOOL 5IABKET. (Thursday Market) BOSTON, (.W--U. S. department of agriculture-- A little early shorn Ohio and similar fleece wools were sold in Boston, strictly combing S and 'A food grades brought 35 cents in the grease on actual spot transactions involving limited quantities. Other Boston houses were inclined to bold out for 36-37 cents in the grease as the prices at which they tvere willing to contract to deliver later shorn fleeces of these grades in Boston. A few houses were asking 38 cents for new strictly combine ·}» blood and 37 cents for blood, but no demand was reported for these lots. Miscellaneous POTATO MARKET. (Thursday Market) CHICAGO. U*i--U. S. department of agriculture-- Potatoes 85; on track 295; total U, ,3. shipments 575; stronger, demand moderate old stock, supplies moderate; sacked per cwt. Idaho russet Burbanks U. S. No. 1, $2@2.20: Wisconsin round white U. S. No. 1. few sales fl.45; Colorado McClures U. S. No. 1, S2.25 ·^·2.30; North Dakota Cobblers U. S. No. 1. S1.35S1.50: Early Chios V. S. No. 1, $1.57% gi.60; Minnesota Cobblers partly graded S1.255T1.35; Early Ohloa partly graded SI.40; new stock, less than carlots 50 lb. sacks, Texas Bliss Triumphs W. S. No. 1. few sales SI.90^2: U. S. No. 2 very few sales S1.30: carlots 50 lb sacks Texas Bliss Triumphs U. S. No. 1. Sl-80. NEW YORK Sl'GAK. (Thursday Market) NEW YORK, .T)--Raw sugar qui« 3.75c for spots. Futures l point net lower to 1 higher. Kcfined unchanged. GOVERNMENT BONDS (Thursday Market) NEW YORK. (.W--U. S. bonds closed: Treasury His 4T-52 HS.4. Treasury Is 41-54 113.4. Treasury 3%s 40-43 June 103.18. Treasui.- 3^s 43-4.7 10S.8. Treasury 3ts 46-49 105.26. Treasury 3s 51-55 104.13. OMAHA GRAIN. (Thursday Market) OMAHA. (.Ti--Corn. No. 3 white 62',4c; No. 4 white 61c: No. 3 yellow 62fi63^c: No. 4 yellow 56U ,£61c: No. 5 yellow 523 56c. . No wheat, oats. ....... 34% McK Rob Pfd 43% atcLellan Stores 12^i Minn, Moline Im lOVi M K T 8vi Motor Products 32 VA No Amer 28'/s No Amer Avi 9% Otis Steel Co IS VI Owen 111 Glass 160 Packard Motor Hit Paris Utah Cop Plymouth Proc Gam Pub Scr of N J Pullman pure Oil Co Purity Bakery B K 0 Rem Raud Reo Motors Simmons Co So Calif Edison 27',-j Sperry Corp 19 vl St G t E 7 '.i Tide Wa. As Oil 1V 15 ,1 46 Vj 41% 4414 12 Vi 6% 22 VI 7 30% NEW YORK, l.-1'i--U. S. government issue gave the bond market a little color Thursda by pushing up to new high levels for th current advance. Corporate liens developed no outstandin feature during the early trading, but virtual ly all groups were steady. Investment support In the federal sectio accounted for early gains ranging from l-32nd to 7-32nds of a point. Treasury 3Hs 1946, led the upward move. In the guaran teed department the best action was con trlbuted by Federal Farm Mortgage 3s an Home owners Loan corporation 3s. In light trading junior rai- liens moved un evenly, though price changes either way we narrow. Loans of Baltimore and Ohio, chesa peake -and Ohio, New York Central, Illino Central and Great Northern Avere traded t fractionally higher values. Those of Nick Plate. Southern Railway, Missouri Paclf and St. Paul s\id off a little. Utility and industrial classifications showed similarly narrow movements, with gains predominating. In the bond section of the curb exchange interest was aroused by 19 point jump in Western Newspaper Union 6s, of 1944. On fair volume this bond moved up to 65 from a previous final of 46. The move followed the company's announcement that full Interest would be paid on the company's funded obligations. Foreign issues were dull, with prices generally steady. "oTIClToi' TIIK APPOINTMENT OK EXECUTon TATE Of IOWA. Cerro Cordo County, sa. No. 4785 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the nderslgned has been duly appointed and uallfied as Executor of thi- estate of aul Suhumsklc. Deceased, late of Cerro ordo county. All persons Indebted to said state arc requeued to make Immediate aymcnt: and those having claims against he same will present them, duly authentl- ated to the undersigned for allowance, nd file In the office of the Clerk of the ... II. Wlwnuut. Exwiltnr. Frank W. Scnneff, Attorney. Dated April 8th, 1036. S. H. McPEAK, Clerk District Court. Sy--Ivjargaret Rlley. Deputy. liotrlct Court. Mnrvin NOTICE OF PROPOSAL FOR STOHM SEWER \V. A. Project Rcdocket IV«. lu. 1188. 'By direction of the City Council of Maon City. Iowa, notice is hereby given that i-aled proposals on Proposal Forms furn- shtd by the City Clerk, will he received v the City Clerk until 1:30 o'clock P. M. I the 4th day of May. 1030. and acted up- n at that time by the Council, for fum- .ihlnp all labor and materials for the con- tructlon of storm sewers on South red- eral Avenue. South and North Delaware Wenue. Second Street South East. Second Jtreet South West, First Street South East. Elm Drive, Third Street North East, sev- nth Street North East and various alleys, more fully shown on plans, all according o plans and specifications now on file in he office or the City Clerk, which plans and specifications are made a part by reference of this notice. The following Items arc the major part of this project: 10460 "neal feet of pipe of sizes from 12" to 27" inclusive. 125 cubic yard, of concrete in manholes iron in manhole 4586 cubic yards of earth excai'atlon. 1264 cubic yards · of loose rock excava- !on. cubic yards of solid rock exca- 1858 square yards of pavement replacement of various types. (1) A certified check of 5% of the bid, made payable to the order of the City Treasurer, shall accompany the proposal, whlcn will be forfeited to the City, if the bidders proposal be accepted and he fall to execute contract and bond to perform the same. (2) No bidder may withdraw his, proposal for a period of 30 days after date set for the opening of bids. (3) This project is financed In part by the Public Works Administration and the Construction Regulations of the Public Works Administration will apply to the execution of all Contracts. Complete labor classifications anil the minimum wage schedule to apply on this project will be found In the Form of proposal and Form of Contract now on flic In the office of the City Clerk, which minimum wage schedule is follows: p.Dd catch basins. 36130 pounds of cast . and catch basin castings. vation. HEAD THIS FIRST: Margalo Younger, an actress, is found murdered lit the homo of Dow Va» Every, a collector of rare jewels, with a sharp needle-like instrument at the base of her brain, TUe only persons in the room at the time of the murder were Van Every, whom she had just met, and Gary Maughan, old friend of hers and an acquaintance of Van Every. Against his wishes, she had been wearing Van Ex-cry's famous Camden ruby, which he described as a "murder stone," as he recounted Its gruesome history to his audience of two. Detective Keyes questions Maughan, 'an Every, the latter's niece, Joyce, vho lives In the house, and her el- erly companion, Laura Kandall. laughan, who is anxious to help olve the murder, learns from 31ur- 'alo's maid that a Roy Barrimore as called on the dead* actress fre- uently. Maughan then goes to Dc- ective Keyes' office for further questioning. The detective calls in kllan Foster, Joyce's fiance, for questioning. Keyes and Maughan earn that Foster at one .time was in ove with the dead actress. Laura Randall calls on Detective Keyes to ·oluntcer some information. A phone call to the detective brings the re)ort that Roy Barrimore, close riend of Margalo. has shot himself, ·vraughan tells Van Every that a clipping about the Camden ruby had been found in Margalo's pockethook, ndicating her interest in the stone before she ever knew Van Every. (NOW GO ON WITH '£HE STORY) CHAPTER 19 I HAD BEEN telling Van Every that young Barrimore had shot himself. Unskilled labor TMc per hour Skilled labor 75c to Sl.OO per hour The owner reserves the right to reject anj or all bids. A performance bond In an amount Issuec to 1005. of the Contract shall be furnished and shall provide that the bond Is not effective until approved by the Acting State Director Public Works Administration. The City will pay the contractor. In war rants drawn on the special fund created fo the financing of this project, for ali work and material included in and completed In accordance with this Contract, at the rates or amounts set fortt in the proposal at such times as set forth b e l o . Once a month the sum of S5To of al nce a mo material furnished and work completed as shown by estimates furnished by the Engi eer. All balances due under this contract a its completing as certified by the Engineer and after acceptance by the City council. RENA B. MACK. City Clerk. "My fault that the ruoy story got out, Maughan," Van Every declared. "Entirely my fault I was pleased, of course that I had the ruby. I told my lawyer--I swear I couldn't keep it to myself. I was pleased as a small boy with a new bicycle. You don't know. As I say, I told my lawyer and he must nave tipped off the papers. At any rate when the reporters came to see me about the ruby I told them the ptory. Who wouldn't ? But I was cuvrful in what I said.. I didn't tell them from whom I purchased it. The purchase price, yes, but not the former owner. I would have had to tell them too check on the convent proved ttat neither sister was there. Who they were I don't know. I worried about them for years, damming myself for letting the ruby slip through my fingers in that crazy fashion "I tried to trace the jewel through the great markets. It was apparently lost; had dropped out of everything. I put detectives on it, spent a small fortune trying to locate it, more because of the two nuns tban anything else. Yet they had seemed so genuine at the time I did not doubt their story until I called my friend. And yet now that I think of it I was a fool to believe them--a likely story indeed! Clever disguises, that was all. , "I blamed myself incessantly for not offering them a higher price that day. Obviously that's what tney wanted. , . "But, Maughan, Monday of last week--you won't believe me, but it s the truth--they came back. Soon recognized them when they came to the front door. He had let them in 10 years ago. Good servant, Soon. I happened to be out--in the neighborhood, though, so he told them I was'in, but busy, and would be with i| them directly. Then he telephoned Jj for me and I came flying. They were tie same. I could" see no change in the sisters. Then, one seldom can. They always seem ageless to me. "The one who had talked before, talked again. She gave her name . 7 Sister Theresa. We continued our conversation of 10 years age--as if there had been no time between. Certainly not years. I asked them no questions, and they asked me none. I said not a word to them of my discoveries 10 years ago. The ruby was what I wanted, and 1 bought it. Offered them one price after another until they were willing to sell. I'm not a fool, Maugnan, BO I examined the ruby for an hour--I have a small laboratory off my bedroom. I was convinced it was what I wanted, that it was the same jewel I had examined 10 years before. "We struck a price--?70,000. I'm not a man to give that for nothing. [ started to make out my check, when Sister Therese said they wanted casn. Soon was the one who went to the bank to get the cash. He was gone about an hour, and while he was gone I sat with the 30 « 52% IS U S Ind Alch U S smelter Util P t Li A Vanadium 2-'^ Union Oil Calif 25% Un Gas Imp 16 Warren Bros 9 Western Union Worth'n Pump Yellow Truck Youngs S T 90 5S 30'i 18% Produce Lamson Brothers Market Letter Open the Door of Welcome. Athens' offer to pay a little something on the war debt should be snapped up without demur. This is no time to beware of Greeks bearing gifts.--Detroit News. M*ItKET REVIEW rniPil-Mirkrt opened fairly steady wiUl ^^iT^n^X^ :rs.-sa f -«K3 final levels were a cent under Friday Tiiere wns noticeable buying of M » » ^J° relief purposes, these »»«*"« f KB ofrel Sea?wS b^rcha^'S g r^r^^rr^r^"^^ JhroSh today. The Winnipeg market held SnnSHsSpe/nprS 6 ^^ ^^^S^^P^Ji r^epS^an/'pS^^ no relief materializes over the southwest In the next few days, anticipate outside sup- P °Cr°n n - t pricM 5 we I rc ri qu1tc steady Thursday, mod'erate advances occurring on a little more outside commission house interest miI uur- chases of friendly traders. Cash houses bought May and sold July. Thi-re nas a good demand for cash corn Injuries ana one or two feed men being the bujers. INVESTMENT THESIS By The Associated I'rcss. Eld and 'asked Thursday Corp Tr Sh Corp Tr Sh AA Mod Corp Tr Sh Accum Scr Corp Tr Accum Scr Mod .. Dividend Sh Maryland Fund Nationwide Sec Nationwide Sec Vtc Nor Amer Tr Sh MASON CITY--For Thursday Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse Eggs, current receipts 15c Heavy hens. 4 lbs and over 16e Under 4 Ibs '-3c Cocks 12c Merchants Quotations Eggs, in trade 15-16c* Eggs fresh 14-15c« Butter,. Iowa State Brand 40c Butter, Corn Country 39c Butter, Kenyon's 39c Butter, Very Best 40c Butter, Brookfield 39c Potatoes, peck 33c and 45c , 'EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were obtained by calling several grocery 'stores. NEW 1'ORK PRODUCE (Thnisday Market) NEW YORK, LTl--Eegs 19.6S6, Irregular: mixed colors, standards and commercial standards 21',i@21%c; firsts 19S®20Vlc; mediums 40 Ihs. 39Uc; small !T«@lS?ac; storage packed firsts aoi48»20=ic: other mixed colors unchanged, 3utter 12,161, weak; creamery higher than extra 30=lSr21c: extra (62 score) 29.1 »30c: firsts (90-91 scores) 29%c; centralized (90 score) 29.ic. Cheese 216,395. quiet: prices unchanged. Live poultry easy. By freight: Chlcksns and broilers unquoted; other prices unchanged. COUNTY AUDITOR'S OFFICIAL CALL Of * COUNTV CONVENTION TO ELECT A COUNTY S U P E R I N T E N D E N T Ot SCHOOLS FOR TUB TERM BEGIXNIN"- TirE FIRST SECULAR DAY o* SEPTEMBER. 1H3G, AND ALSO TO ELECT A COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS TO FILL A VACANC«^ AND FOR THE ELECTION OK THREE MEMBERS OF THE COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION Notice to presidents and secretaries of school corporations in Cerro Gordo County, Iowa. You and each of you are hereby notified that there will he a convention ot school presidents, or duly elected delegates, of the various school districts of Cerro Gordo County, State of Iowa, to be held at the Court House of said County on the 12th day ot May, A. D. 1936. at 2:00 o'clock P. M. lor the purpose of electing a County Superintendent of schools for the term beginning from the first secular day ot September, 1936 and for the election of a County Superintendent of Schools to fill a vacancy, and to elect three members of the County Board of Education. The Presidents of- the Rural Independent School Districts In the several townships shall meet on the 25th day of April. 1936. at 1-00 o'clock E. M., for the purpose of electing representatives to the said county Convention. The meeting place in the several townships shall be in the school house of the districts as follows: Clear l^ake Township Hubbard District Grant Township District No. 5 Dougherty Township District No. 5 Owen Township District No. 5 Pleasant valley Township District No. 7 much. As it was I probably went too far. But now, I'm not so fond of my ruby. I can't bear to look at it. You don't blame me? I shall sell it as soon as I can. I bad planned to keep the stone, never let anyone wear it. I was going to let it lie in my safety deposit box with my ether jewels, glad only in the knowledge that I had it. I admit that last night I was somewhat concerned when Miss Younger took it and put it on. But not so much. The stories about the ruby were just stories, I thought. There could be nothing to them. Now, I know there is something to them. I'm positive of it, as positive as that I'm sitting here talking to you." "I think you're wrong, Van Every," I said. "Somebody wanted to .murder Margalo. She would have been murdered anyway, regardless of the fact that she wore the ruby." "You can go on thinking that, but I can't. I'm not going to have the ruby around, not going to let Joyce wear it as she wants to, to prove that my theory is false " "She wants to wear it!" I exclaimed. . District No. 6 non o w n s p District No. 5 Datcrl at Sfason City, Iowa, this 16th day of April. 19*. Portland Township Union Township County Auditor, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa. NOTICE OF THE ANKCAL -MEETING OF THE MASON CITY CEMETERY ASSOCIATION To the Stockholders of the Mason t'iry Cemetery Association: You are hereby notified that the regular annual meeting of the stockholders of the Mason rjity Cemetery Association will be held at the office or the Secretary in Mason City. Iowa, upon the 2nd day of May, 1936 at 7 o'clock P. M., RALPH S. STANBERY. Secretary. Don't Crowd, Gentlemen. Train fares will be cut to 2 cents a mile next June. The line of congressmen waiting to introduce bills reducing their travel allowances to accord with the new rates will form OD the right.--Hartford Courant Nor Amer Tr Sh 1955 . quarterly Inc Sh ..... Selected Am Sh Inc ... Super Corp Am Tr A ·· TJ S El L A P A U S El L P B U S El L P Vtc .... 2.76 3.35 2.63 3.35 1.67 19.59 4.36 1.81 2.56 3.3S 1.60 1.08 3.70 19.125 2.93 1.13 21.18 4.46 1.S5 PRODUCE FUTl'RES. (Thursday 5tnrket) C H I C A G O , CP--Close: Butter futures: Fresh standards April 26'.«c: storage standards November 26c. Egg futures Storage packed firsts April 20-lic; refrigerator standards October 22'/aC. CHICAGO PRODUCE (Thursday Market) CHICAGO. \.n-- Butter 12.0S4. weak; creamery specials (93 score) !9K«530c; extras (9' score) 29c; extra firsts (90-91 score) 28V.ii28 =;c; firsts (SS-89 score) 2S?J2S!4c: I standards (90 centralized carlots) 29c. Eggs 27.538. steady; extra firsts locals 19-ic. cars 20c: fresh graded firsts local 19c cars IQUc; current receipts IS^c: storage racked extra 20=ic; storage packed firsts " Poultry--Live. 2 cars. 24 trucks, steady: hens 5 lbs. and less 23c. more than 5 Ibs21c: Leghorn hens 19c: Plymouth and White Reck Springs 2Sc, colored 26c: Plymouth and White Rock fryers 27c. colored 25c: Plymouth and White Rock broilers 26c: colored 25c- Barebacks 20ffl22c. Leghorn 23c; roosters Ifi'.'-c: hen turkeys 23c. you"? tombs 21c, old 20c: No. 2 turkeys 18c; heavy old ducks 19c heavy young ducks 22c, small 16C; geese 15c: capons 7 lbs. up 2Sc. less than 7 lbs. 27c. "She begged me all during lunch to let her wear it. You must talk to Keyes. You must, Maughan. 1 can't have that stone in the house another night" » I promised to talk to Keyes when I saw him later. Van Every was excited and I tried to calm him. In a while he was himself again. "I couldn't have anything happen to Joyce, you know," he said simply. "I know." "I'm afraid that she'll go in and find it when no one is there!" "She knows where the safe is, but I've changed the ruby. I've put it some place else. Only Soon and I know where it is." "You were going to tell me how you happened to buy it--" "Yes. I saifl, you know, that I'd been wanting it for years. Ever since I first saw it." "You saw it!" "Ten years ago I saw it." "Where?" "Here. In this library," he pointed back over his shoulder into the library. "It was brought up for me to see by--by two nuns, Maughan!" He paused, and leaned over closer. "Two nuns! They told me that they had a jewel I might be Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. M. Schanke and Company, Telephone 1300, Mason City. 19 625 3.03 1.21 MINNEAPOLIS FLOUR (Thursday Market) MINNEAPOLIS. (.11--Flour 15 cents higher; carload lots family patent $6.65S6.Sj a barrel in 98 pound cotton sacks. Shipments 21.529. Pure bran s)S..'».';i 19. Standard middlings SlS.JOii.19. 13 11 Bid and asked Thursday; Cent St El 6 pet pfd (S25 par) Cint St El 7 pet pld (S25 par) Cent St P L 7 pet pfd 10 Champlin Ret la 7 pet ptd .. 'O Creamery Package com ........ 2;t Htarst Cons A -^ Geo A Hormel A pfd ijjj Geo A Hormel-B pfd IM Geo A Honne! com .· ls * Interstate Power 6 pet pfd Interstate Power 7 pet pfd .. Iowa Electric Co 654 pet pfa Iowa Electric Co 7 pet pfd .. la Elec Lt £ Pow 6 pet pW .. la Elec Lt PO-.V 6M: pet pfd la Elec Lt Pow 7 pet pfd .. la Power i Light 6 pet pfd .. sn la Power * Light 7 pet pfd .... 103'i 22% 27 60S 61 69'A 71 73 29 62 63 n 73 71 101 105 As an instance of the highly interesting and informative news being developed by the government publicity organizations: The leading news in the agriculture department clip sheet this week is beaded: "Fishworms can't see red."--Boise (Idaho) Stulcsman. 92 94 96-a 58 60 la Public Serv 6 pet pfd la Public Scrv 814 pet pfd .. la Public Serv 7 pet ptd .... la South Util 6 pet pfd -la South Util 6% pet pfd la South Util 7 pet pfd Minnesota P L 6 pet pfd .. Minnesota P L 7 pet pfd .... Northern St Power 6 pet pfd Northern St Power 7 pet pfd N W Bell Tel 6% pet pfd N W St Portland cement Rath Packing 6 let pH Rath packing 7 pet pfd Sioux City G El 7 pet pfd 87'.i United Lt Rys 6 pet pfd .. °^' United Lt * Rys 6.36 pet pfd United Lt * P.ys 7 pet pfd .. Western Grocer pfd Western Grocer com 79 86 118 24 99 100 6" 62 68 93 SI SS 110 26 101 102 _ 79% S2 °1 Sfi S'i interested in. I had agents out all over the world looking for gems of interest My hobby, as you know. They were from some Franciscan convent in Quebec. When one of them pulled the stone out from under her robe, I gasped. I realized the beauty of it, and of course I knew of it. and had tried to locate it. Here it was in my library. You can imagine how excited I was! They said, at least one of them talked to me, the other nodding confirmation constantly, that they had found the stone among the belongings of a dead sister at the convent. They thought it must be valuable, sc had consulted a jeweler in Quebec. He knew nothing about the stone, but that it was a ruby of fabulous price. He suggested they consult a New York jewel - merchant, who happens to be a good friend of mine. Instead of writing they came, and the man referred them to me. That's what they told me. "I took it in. and offered them a certain sum for the stone, the price does not matter, and they wanted a night to think it over. They were going to give the money to the convent. So they left, taking the ruby with them, and I never saw them two sisters. We did not talk much, and they made no explanation this time about where they had got the riiby I asked none. It was enough that I had the stone. When Soon came with the money, large denomination notes, which secretly I asked him to get the numbers on, they asked me to call a taxi for them and left." The story was an amazing one If anyone other than Van Every had told me such a tale, I would have laughed.. I could not help believing him. He told what he had to say so earnestly, mystified himself ovei the two sisters. "What were the denominations of the bills Soon got at the bank?" "There were 70 $1,000 Mils--and I have the number of each of them," he reached into his pocket, and pulled out a small black leather note book. Opening it near the end, he handed it to me. I saw a long list of numbers, large ones. "The bills were pan of those I always keep in my safety deposit box at the Union bank." "Soon has access to it?" "Soon and I only. I would trust him with everything." "Van Every, this may be more important than you think--in view of the murder of Miss Younger. Did you happen to say anything to Keyes about the--the transaction?" "No, you're the only other person who knows except Soon and me. When I told Soon to get the numbers of the notes, I did it for protection. For myself. For all I know the Camden ruby may have been stolen, and I wanted some assurance, that after I had paid for it, it would be mine. You understand that many of the gems I buy are smuggled over here--I have many rare old stones--I know some of them were stolen, but I say nothing about where they came from. In fact most of my collection is in my boxes at the bank. Few people know what I have. I have strange people coming up to sell me jewels, stranger than vou can imagine, but the two sisters were the strangest I have ever entertained; Whether I pay by check or by cash, I keep a record, so when the notes are cashed, or the checks I know to whom the money went. Checks are much easier to keep track of than notes, that's why I prefer to give checks. However, I can do nothing when my--clients de mand cash. I do not quarrel with them." (TO BE CONTINUED) Class Is Honored. NORA SPRINGS--Eastr.r Sunday a class of eight girls participated in a catechism recital and received baptism and membership into the Evangelical church. Their pastor, the Rev. J. M. Krafft. was their teacher. The class consisted of Lucile Robinson, Dawn Schmolke, Opal Jeffries, Neva Hedden, Doris Priem, Pauline Swearingen, Marcella Jeffries and Nina Hedden. A party was given the class Monday evening at the Swearingen home. Except for voting and expressing mivate opinions, employes in the classified civil sevice of the federal government cannot take active part in political campaigns. Federal officials who attempt to "coerce" political action or force political assessments from government em- ployes violate the civil service act. --United States News. , again for ten years. They were supposed to have come back in the morning. Ag you may imagine I called my jeweler friend about them. He had never beared of them, and they had never come to see him. A Commencement orators, we are reminded, will have a hard time telling the young graduates how the world ought to be run in view of the mesa that the adults have made of the job. -- Blue Rapids, Kans. Times.

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