Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 10, 1937 · Page 14
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 10, 1937
Page 14
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!*·' ,._ ' 1! FOURTEEN t * I 'I S j r lr ~ r J B 1 f HOG PRICES TUMBLE 10 TO 25 CENTS Marketings of 24,000 at Chicago 5,000 More .Than Estimated. CHICAGO, (ff)--The hog market took the sharpest drop in 10 days when marketing again overshot advance estimates Wednesday. Prices tumbled 10 fo 25 cents on top o£ Tuesday's 10 to 15 cents decline. Heeetpts for the two days ·were 9,000 head above expectations, Wednesday's run of 24 000 being 5,000 head larger than Tuesday's estimate. It was the largest supply in more than' two . weeks. . Wednesday's top was carried down to $10.20, representing a 3CT cents drop Jrpm Monday's peak. Wholesale pork loin prices were unchanged although top loins have . lost' % cent a pound since the first of the week. The market for choice 'steers continued strong because of their scarcity.. Order buyers and ship, pars took most of the steers of value to sell at $12.50 upward and the top got as high as $14.90. Other killing classes of cattle, however, showed' little change in prices. ·' - Fat lambs also were little, changed with best handyweight quoted around $12. ' The first- change in wholesale steer carcass prices in severs weeks was reported Wednesday The steer carcass range was 11 to MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE. MARCH 10 CASH INCOME RECEIVED FROM MARKETINGS OF CROPS LIVESTOCK I N D E X 19H.29. 100. ADJUSTED Ffla t i « n u . . ., -. W ' ^^Tx PERCENT 100 ..o-j-ci of M u.-oH-iu w r A.i«Lui;;^^,o"?rV«o U*\TT«,TM T^ u =-r^r^^^ PERCENT 100 Hog Markets MIDWEST HOGS Prices at midwest markets Wed- WATEBLOO-- Hogs 10 d lo cl!D - ce WO 19 cents a pound compared with 10 to 19 cents, which has prevailed since Mid-January. Local Livestock MASON CITY--For Wednesday noes Ten cenls lower. Good light lights ... 140-I5D · $ 7.25- 7,5 Good J i g h t lights ... .150-1GU S 7.75- 3.0 Good lights ' 1GO-1VO S fi.-la- 0.7 Good lights .,.; J70-J8Q $ B.30- _._ Good light butchers 180-200 S 9.20- 3.50 Good light butchers 200-220 $ 9.40- 9.70 Good me. %vt. butch. 220-250 S 3.40- 9.70 Good me. · ivl. · butch. 250-270 S 9.40- fl.70 Good inc. wl. butch. 270-290 $-3,40- 9.70 Good 'heavy butchers 230-325 5 D.30- 9.GO Good heavy butcher's 325-350 S 9.20- 9,30 Good heavy butchers 350-4DO S 0.05- 9.35 Good, packing sows . 275-350 S 8.93- 9,25 Good heavy sows .,. 350-425 S 8.73- 9.03 Good biff heavy sows 425-500 S B.53- 8.85 Good big heavy sows 500-530 $ 8.35- 0.65 (The nhovc Is a 10:30 truck hoc market for good and choice hogs. The difference In price is for short and long haul hogs.) CATTLE Choice lo prime steers -SlO.OD-.ll.50 Good to, choice steers ..... s 8.QCMO.GO Fair to pood steers .;....... S G.OO- B.OQ La\v grade steers s 4.00- o.OO Choice lo prime yearlings ,, S 9.00-10.00 Good lo choice yearlings-.;,- S 7.00- 9.00 Fair to good yearlings .... $ 5,00* 7.00 Common to fair yearlings .. S 4.00-5,00 Good to choicG heifers S 7.00. 9.00 Fair to good heifers- s 5.00-7.00 Common to fair heifers ...» S 3.50- 5.00 Choice to prime, cows s 5,00- 6.00 Good to choice cows S 4.50- 5.00 Fair to" good cows 1 ...... $ 3.50- 4,25 Fair to good cutters -- s 3.50. 4,00 Common to fair cutters .... S 3.00- 3.50 Fair IP good canncrs ..'..,. S 2.75- 3.00 Common to fair canners .,·.. S 2.50- 2,75 Good to'choice bulls ....... $ 4.50- 5.50 Light bulls S 4.00 , Calves, gd. to choice 130-190 S 6.5Q- 7.50 Calves, med. to good 130-190 $ 4.00- 6.30 Calves, infer, to gd, 130-190 g 4.00 d'wri LAMBS Lambs, Rd. to choice 10-90 Lambs, med. to Rood" 70-SO Lambs, fr. to medium 70-30 Lambs, common Yearlings, gcL \o ch. 70-30 Yearlings, medium . la good 15 cents low- 0 Ibs. $7.40© sows 275-350 Ibs RAPIDS-- Good hoes 14D-110 150-160 Ibs. WHEATMARKET IN BROAD GAINS Prices 5 Gents Higher at Peak but Profit Taking Reduces Advance. IRS- tnn'ioK ' r t\"""*n t *-*£'X' t ' lJV JUS * · a -- 13 H! [ CHICAGO. tjp\--Excited OVP E» -^ SBFTMTM rfeP ^ tS t"atroUn PurchasI w 8, 9 '* 5 J. J- aW25 lbs -; 4M- of wheat had reached an unprece S. 1 a " SS - G "2 8 - 93 : 500-550 ibs. ,8.50® dented total of 12,000,000 bushels . "'F^'VA-HOES 5-loc lower; 140 to H} 6 /^''; 320 Wll6at mark et lat «»- im*.TM??'-' 5: I5 ° lo aco lbs - $7.33® wednc-sday rose 5 cents a bushe £*··»££ ? W£*E%JS£'J ,. TM sf was the top Permissible TM J° «5 »»· ss.458o.75r 236 toMs'iiS' llml ' £ 01 ' al) y 2i hour period, and ?o 4KMK 11 «°i-^. 35l) lbs ' * 9 - 23 « 9 -35; 336 earned the market to the hiWies «^^ 'SS-SS^-SSii 0 .?.. fe nt reacfh f, -° '*#* y**A «» i°5M IDS. ss.TOffs. * H · mense profit taking on the ad- mni M ·/n'TT^ I ° i ?n 5c lower ; fiood lo choice Vance led to more than 2 cents re- tuo'S .fB: 'Si S^fiS SVSfiS. " f Cti0 '? 1 3S the da ^ ende d ^ wiW 1° 3 f »*. S9.30S8.SO: p«ltJl,B S o?;iVod tui "Ult. 27a ,0 550 ,hc »,,,,,,,,.. At the c]ose Chioago wheat was lis to 3V, above Tuesday's finish, ^.,?V 37% to ?--37%. July ?J.21'/ 3 to 51.22, corn unchanged l°,Xl WSher May 51.09% to J.V ?1.05 to 51.05%, % advanced, and pro- Stock List 275 to 550 Ibs. $3.80®Wo. COMBINED HOG BECEIPTS .-SSSS?* 8 - m - u - s - «-««»«-·»»«« Combined hoe receipts at 22 concentra- _ ..^« l l u i j itteipis at ^z concentra- to 1 !'» TiTtr^c lion yards and 9 packin K plants located 5-1 nnv r , " "?, terj ; r Iowa antl -outhcni lilinncsola ? l - 09:1 'i, July or the 24 hou- period ended al 8 a. m. I oats % to Ye Vodtiesday PCL.__ \vern 27,500 compared 6.Vob-TwVk«oan'r i 3.=So m fySr'^M" io " s V ^^S from 7* cents dl " '·· * · - · - · - · ' " * ^ - r a =°- I cline to 3 cents gain. Unevenly Sc lo 15c Jowo'r on all clas'S' Oc to mostly 15c off on butchers: under- -- -- ...~ a ,. i..,. W1I ul( omcncrs: under- ptie slow; loading indicated considerably gnter. ' CHICAGO CASH GRAIN" M Ch t Dye 253 Am Can 113 Am Sm Re 103l ! Am Sugar Rcf 50^ A T i- T 1751, Am Tob B B3 Am Wat Wks 25V. Anaconda gD 1 ; A r s r set-. Auburn Auto 31 Aviation Corp R l i Bait t Ohio 37 Barnstlall 3V.k Bendix Avist £7fs Beth Sll jo4'i Borden 27'.« Borg Warner 81 ;, Can D G Alc-31!i Canad Pac ic=i Case NEW 3TORK STOCKS. Finil Chi N 50.45S9.90; packine Rood 59.10S 9.40;-350 "1; 423 to 550 1 , · . . Yearlings, fair to medium Yearlings, . culls Native c\ves, good to choice Culls, ewes ............ ..... S 7.25-10.50 5 8.25- 9.25 S 5.25- 8.25 S 5.25 d'vvn s 5.00- o.QO S 4.00- 500 S 3.00- 4.00 s 2.0Q- 2.50 S 2.00- 4.00 S 1.00- 150 S l.QQ- 2.00 S 5.0Q- li.GO $ 3.00- 500 ... Wethers, 2 year olds ... Wethers, old ..... ,...,, Buck lambs SI lows. .No dock on lambs. Quotations subject lo market fluctuations. ' : · · · · · . CHICAGO LIVESTOCK. (Wednesday Market) CHICAGO, {,7i~ U. S. department 61 agriculture-- .HOCS 24,000; Including 8,1(W dlrccl; tnarket ,uncvcn; lo-asc lower than Tuesday s averace; ton $10.20; bulk nood and choice 2.00 to 300 Ib. averages S9.00a 10.15; few choice 1GO lo 190 lbs. $D.fi5(Ti 10: most packing son's 350 to 550 IDS. S923S 3.50. CATTLE 10,000; calves 1.500; strictly Rood choice and prime steers steady to strong;, fairly active; order bityers and shippers operating at 512,50 upward; scv- erar loads S13S13.75; upper crust $14 up; lop S14.90: common and medium Rradcs steady; all other killinc classes steady; largely steer run; slockers and feeders scarce; weighty sausage bulls up to SB60- selected vcalcrs S10: bulk SSStO. those . sealins 115 to 133 lbs.; most heifers $9 downward: cutter grades cows and common grade heifers very active. SHEEP 5,000: none direct; fat lambs supply around SO Her cent from Colorado; opening .trade slow; indications around steady; few lots choice handywcifiht na- 1ives around $12; two loads Bond 104 ,lb. holdovers $11.50: fat sheep scarce, fully steady: small lots choice handyweicht ewes S7. common and medium S4.5005.SO; cows ""2?_^' 1 l? 3 'S' i - 73 : common and medium ,-.73^4.23; calves (steer) coon! and choice SS.SDgS.75; medium -5S050 HOGS 4,000; rather slow, early sales larcely 10-15c lower; top $9.85 to shippers: good and choice 190 to 325 Ib SB- l E /n i 58 -?.^ 80 ' IGO '° "° lbs - 5 9 -^S O.B« 140 to 160 Ibs. ? B.50 S sowsf £3.40; S^?«M P1|!S - SC i arcc ' larecly 5°« a : ««v a so P ' ES 5 · staE5 lar seiy 53® ,, ·* 1IIE . EP 1 ' I IK) ; no, early fat lamb bids: undertone steady: asWug slroncer: best fed woolcd skins held above 51115- fed ewes scarce: choice quotable to V7.10- ?i, 0 J U .° S y l!tm ^ mostly steady; bulk nV-^'l.TM 5 ,'* *--·«: load chc-ice 1 13 Ib. icd ewes §7,10. OMAHA LIVESTOCK (Wednesday M a r k e t ) -,! [0 PS 4.500: 10 to 15 cents lower; top eJ^-Jn 0 ,'?- 3 .'^- "S.'STtO.SO: 100-100 lbs. IS-^i!7 ": J«-100 Ibs. S8.75tt9.25; pigs 57«JB.7a; sows mostly S0.35iri3.40. ?Ju!l?, : l'^ 1 !? c " ncj V^rlings 's8.SOiiJM.70- gf4.^S.^ B ^^a,m 11 S 7" EEP 7l501; ' nmbs sl " d '- *»-5°@ K A N S A S CITV LIVESTOCK (IVeilncsday Market) SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK. ( W e d n e s d a y Btarkrl) ·SOUTH ST. PAUL, (yp)_u. S. department of agriculture-CATTLE "3.000;' opWlnp; g e n e r a l l y Mcntly: most slau^liter steers SHfflin.2."- plain kinds down to $6: best strong feds heavy steers !ie7J above SM; slaughter heifers-largely $G??8.25: few good up lo 59.25; j;oQd cows $6.50^T7; most butcher cows $55i'fi,25: low cutters and cullers S3.5n4: Rood heavy bulls S5.75T,|i-o- lisht kinds down lo $5: stackers' and feeders steady; cood and choice stocker": S7(S8: calves 3.000:'steadv: good to choice 57^8: strictly choice S8.50: odd head $. HOGS 7,000; early bids and sales 15-2Sc lower than Tuesday: iSfl lo 3on lbs. S3 75 (SS.8.5; loo S9.85; .hlddinc S0.50ril9.-io on 170 to 180 Ibs,: little done on lljjhter weichls; some- bids on 120 lo 145 Ibs. S3.35rijE9; sows mostly S9.30ffi9.40; avcr- ace cost Tuesday $3,83; wclcht 213 Ibs SHEEP 2,500; run larEcly slaughter Iambs; no early action; undertone firm on all classes; choice fat Iambs held above *I1.75; good, to choke Tuesday $11250 11.50. ' TMTM'3®^'?®£**L FsH"^^^"'" 1 -'"!! las. $D.9QTflQ- igf) i o Tnn it,-: etn*i-r?o n- :S-J?iS,^^^^-S.SiMS; ^^n^n±J^i, v '-,^ to slrong; little done early on fed iieif- ers; cows comparatively scarce, fully steady; hulls little changed- vcali-rs nr'° ng 'h S 1 ? , hiB i'" : '«ocke« ana JccdcS firm: short load of Texas calf-clubbed yearlines S12.75: medium lo B oo,l P fcd steers mostly S8.3Hffli; short Jed , earjings 5^1 butcher cows ---·-*'-- P.50; (rood ID choice vealci 5i OaU: No. .2 u-hile s No rye. ' ''·· · Soybeans: No. 3 yellow 51.5.5 a f e C d 73fflB7c nom ' : · na sample grade h5 " seod . Clover seed S23r(J.15 cwt. I2jHi Iooso -50 cwt.; new S3® Moson City Grain MASON CITY-For Wednesday 3 yellow shelled corn .5106 Earn corn :". SheII : d . C °. m ' ^ Barley .,.'..... Soybeans, No. 2 Chi Gt West 3!i C M St P S- p 3 C B 1 S: p 3 ii Chrj-.sler ]3i Col G i: El 17^i 'o(n t Sou 35a Con Edison 41=i Con oil . u=i 'on Can 6::^a ^ o n t - O i l Del 4.i!i ^orn Prod 69 Curtiss Wright 7!i eere Co 13514 're Co pf 30 ^a uPont de N 173?* en Elec ei'.i en Foods 43 en Mot 66=1 iHcite is'.; ood'r T R 45 udsoti Mot 2 I * Inois Cent 34'^ t Harvest no t Nick Can 121 Int Tel i: Tel 13=1 Johns Manv 147\\ Kresge 2G-?i Lib O F Gl Maytag : McK Rob Mid Cont Pet Mont Ward Nash Keli- Nat Biscuit Nat Cash R Nat Dairy Pr 23? Nat Distill y;. Nat Pow Lt !·»' N Y Central 53} Northern Pac 35T Oliver Farm 65 Packard Mot H i Param Pict 25? Penney Peim R R Phillips Pet Radio Hey Tob B Sears Roeb Shell Union Soc Vacuum Sou Pac Std Brands Std Oil Cal Std Oil Ind TO-, Std Oil N J 75',; Stewart Warn. 19^ Studebaker W 4 Swift «: Co 28 Texas Corp SQ-ii Tex Gu!£ Sul 40 ' Timfc Soli B 70H Un Carbide 109»i TJn Pae . 1453; Unit Air Corp 331'* United Corp fi7« Unit Drug I5"' H U S Ind Alco 39!i U S Rubber G7 U S Steel 125!'. Warner Pict Ifj^i, West Un Tel 7?' West El it M153 Woplworth 54 1 ,. Wrigley Jr 70 71 14 35' SB? 23 32 38 10.]'. 48 S74i 12V. 52'.', 94 . 49 STOCKS RISE $1 TO $4 OR MORE Broad Advance in Metals, Commodities Sets Stage for Advance. NEW YORK, S?)_A booming wheat market and broad advance in metals and other commodities set the stage Wednesday for a stock market rise of 1 to 4 or more points despite selling flurries in some spots. Although metals, rubbers, motors and rails were vigorous on the advance, the market was lower m some sectors. Tobaccos were droopy through the session and utilities hesitant. Transactions totaled about 2 800,000 shares. . ' Drawing attention to metal shares was another boost in lead ?,, $ 5 a ton to a new peak since IJ27 and a lift in export copper loon 8 # theh ' best levels £ince 1929 Tin .and zinc continued to point upward. Followers of the utilities were heartened a bit by the San Francisco vote rejecting a municipal ownership plan for purchasing electric distribution facilities. Oils were lively as prospects for an increase in gasoline prices were seen with the approach of the heavy motoring season. Charles City News Court Reporter Is Heard by County Ba CHARLES CITY --The regula meeting of the Floyd County Ba association was held Tuesday eve ning in the Gem Coffee shop. Th program consisted of a talk b George A. Blake on "Relation c the Reporter to the Bar." He ha been reporter in the twelfth ju dicial district for 40 years, serv ing under the late Judge C. H Kelley for 36 years and four year under Judge T. A. Beardmore. Mi Blake has .also been the conven tion reporter for the Iowa Stat Dental society for nearly 30 years Basketball Team Goes to Smith Rites in Bod CHARLES CITY -- Players on the Oliver Tractors basketbal team paid their respects to then late coach, Harold Smith, by attending his funeral in a body Tuesday afternoon in the Methodist church at Nashua. Mr. Smitl was killed by a hit and ruti driver near Nora Springs Sunday., The men who went from here included Corliss Clammer, Herb Stoakes Ed Dugan, Erwin Halm, Bob Lindaman, Marvin Muller, Harlan Behnke, Dale Thelen, Clarence Dugan, Paul Kitch, Gerald Ful- 1 --- Anton Mueller, J. Hibbs, D. .jr, Russell Jung and James Fluent. Chorles City Briefs Curb Market NEW YORK.. wv-Metal , most «"er r B l«- elun TM n g d el lood several points lo i he soo d TM l 1 N"TM 0 "' Eainc * more on COW Acmc P Wire I 3 f'\ er Eaincrs included U. s. Hi o!v 0n '"/^° Ut 3 ' an ^ t Nor : triSr. 1 "sStcI oivcr "A" a major fraction. Despite the generally Improved sentient, a number of shares reacted rattier "£ y - hLOSSO -CV °? a ·""-· or so "vc're · h PI " 0! l!f om !r ' Ward -A.' ·^'pLm^- T TM c °"* «-«« CHARLES CITY --The regular meeting of the St. Charles Women's club featured a paper on fine laces by Mrs. Wendell Patten and one on oriental rugs by Mrs. Carrie Palmer. Miss Augusta Clemens presided at the' business meeting and Mrs. Harry Patten was hostess. Richard Htiber gave a reading the meeting of the Wa-Tan-Yo club Tuesday noon in the Kellogg tea room. The remainder of the .'as given over to busi- J. P. Henry, who is interested in FORGET IT CHAPTER 41 WAS fortunate for Janet .. u . kuuu,.!^ J-Wl tl U J l C I Faynter that she welcomed Russell Bede back into her life as a friend that year. He had much to offer her that she needed. It was Russell who was her prop when she had financial worries; Russell, not Joel, who appreciated the thrill she got when she studied the figures and profits on the theater at Grannis. It- was Hussell who calmed her perturbation over Joel's play. And it was Hussell who offered her work that was to occupy her mind. The play was the first worry that she asked Russell to share with her. After six weeks of rehearsal, at the very moment the play was scheduled to open, a play doctor was called in to make revisions. There was something radically wrong and Joel shared the producer's worries. Finally it opened in Philadelphia and received bad notices. Joel was moody, cross and worried. Janet understood his moods and respected them. She didn't know until she saw the play what vas wrong with it. , The trouble was in Joel himself. She saw the opening with Rusell and when it was over and an -hey went backstage to congralu- CIIICACO STOCKS r. ,, OJ'* B . MII *' y Final Quotations) Oeiter VCC ' 4V * --*-' Loatll!r lleilmann Rre 101! Katz Drug · 15!'« KellogR Swll 1H1 Libby McNeil 14',b Midwest Corp 13 Bond Market First Methodist Brotherhood. He will demonstrate sending and receiving sets and music will be furnished by the , string quartet from the high school. A marriage license was issued -'-- -1. Tretten o£ Rockford ate the cast, you would never ave known that her heart was lilted with tears. Her husband was not a great ctor. He was "competent" but he ;as, m the parlance of the the- ter, a ham! H overacted and he underaet- ,j , e a v e a Performance that TMuld have been notable on the creen but which was valueless on ie stage. Janet was-sicl: about it o one would ever have known it When the reviewers were out a o\v hours later, she staunchily ·"·eed with Joel that the critics In't know acting when they saw And prayed that the play would survive in spite of the odds against it, in spite of the cuttine reviews. The reviews were not as unkind about Joel as they might have been. The critics respected Joel's nrr.,,l=,rif« and personal Joel's popularity charm. In a iveek it wr~ ob-c!-iu Janet arranged for decorating changes to be made and left the, matter in abeyance. She wanted lo talk it over with Joel but Joel was deep in his new work and had little interest in it. Anything thai Janet wanted done was okay with! him, he said. So Janet put that in the background of her mind. She had something else with which to occupy her thoughts. Russell Beda had again become interested in the merchandising plans she had told him about during the previous summer. Again he offered her a job. He needed those plans, he saidi in his shops. Would Janet work them out relative to the merchandise to be sold and the particular needs of the communities in which they were being sold? He offered her a salary that was pin money to Joe; but represented a great sum to her because it meant that she had done a good job worth so much. Of course, she said she couldn'J do it with out Joel's consent and she had no reason to feel that Joel had changed his mind about his wife having a career. Surprisingly enough, Joel had no obiccliuns. He tweaked her ear kissed her on the nose and told her to go ahead. She "might as well have some fun with her pencils and papers and bits of fabric as to spend all her time playing bridge " If it was a pastime, he hoped she'd have a good time. There was something in Joel's mind then that Janet didn't'know about. She didn't know about the long sleepless nights that he spent staring into the darkness and trying (o take stock of himself. Joel was beginning to come out of the mist hp had lived in for four years a mist that had begun long before that There were things that frightened' him. He was facing a question that many men before him had come upon suddenly. Had he dene the right thing with his life? ;He was beginning to see himself as he was. And he was increasing- M aware that a young, prettyish bo.y, named Chris Gaynor was swiftly ascending the ladder that he had long dominated and what it ^ould mean to him. There are r ".^ r J^?.Jf in ? s . *°.F e ie--. the P°P- N W Bancorp 13V» · Quaker Oats 120 Swift : Co 2 Swift I n t l 3lii Utilily t Ind 3 Zenith 371; 1VED.VESDAY GKA1N Ct.OSE CHICAGO! wi-- -Lou WHEAT-May July Sept CORN-May new jVfay old July Tew . July old .... Sept OATS-May July Sept ."; SOYBEANS-May Julv HYE-May Sept '.'.[' BARLEV-- Mny LARD-Mar May July Sept BELLIES-May July 1.40 1.24% 1.11 1.55'A 1.52 I.O.Ti, . .97 ',* . . . . . 13.SO ..13/72 . 1.07 Va , 1.1.12 1.1.3J 13.CO 5.000; early iiles kil'linR ciass- M steady; lop fed lam b s lo shivers nit; i t ? ^ lo B 31 *" 5 Sll.SOilll.IJ5; odd lots slaughter owes dou.ii from S7. _ T.TVESTOCK FORECAST. CHICAGO. Wi-Offieial cslim.ited receipts for Thursday: Cattle 6.000; hogs 16,000; sheep 11.000. Representative Sales (fl'edn«d»y M a r k e t ) CHICAGO. (,P,-U. S. department o( asnculture--Hcprcsentative sates: Heavy Weight-"!. =« '7 32fi . 48 MO 10.10J66 5 261 IO.I5J77 HOGS. Light 10.00 84 10.03 7fi Close 1.37?l 1.21-ii . i.on 1.03 1.5SJ 1.52 . 1.1.17 13.37 13.62 16.70 17.00 MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN* -.,,_ (Wedneifay Market) MINNEAPOLIS. (J)--Wheat 3.1 ears- Jic lower lo I He higher: No. 1 heavy dark northern CO lbs. Sl.5Hiwi.G01i; JVfo ?B is «?jSj!SI n = 5 ? lbs ' Sl-SIHiC 1.5011:' ;J Ibs. SI.49ttftI.5IHi: fancy No. 1 hard Montana H per cent protein S1.4Hiffi '«'·! Srafe of N°. I dark hard or No I hard Montana winter Sl.nnaiijji HQ3- a - n-.rcl amhor durimi No. 1. Sl.WiWI.SS'i: No. l red durum S1.34',5.«l 1.3314. Corn: No. 3 yellow 51.1 Oats: No. 3 white 47!iifi«c. Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS ANB CO., Mason City OtHce In Baffley-Beck B!dfj. Telephone No. 7. Close DOW JONES A V E R A G E S Inis. Kails UtiTs. · ...19J.40 63.05 34.00 CHICAGO STOCKS ' Bros 16?a Keys S r W I S ! ' C^nrn ;3'1 T. T_ ." .. T. J??" . . £7 '* NEW VOHK CURB Am Gas El 33 Ford M at Eng V\ Hud B M S 30'!', Hum Oil Co 84;i Niag iru Po«- 14 Pennroad Corp 5" 4 S O Ky Co I9\i Un Gas Co 13 Un I.i A: Po Co fl Util P i- Li Co j Am Cvan B 32',', Am Su Po Co S''* Ark Nat Ga A 12 As G El A 3'.'* Can Ind Alk cq* Can Marconi ;'.'« El Bd Sh 25V. Ford M ol Ca -B'.* ,,,,. . ,, NEW YOIIK STOCKS OSIAIJA CHAIN' Wcrlntjda Market) t: Dard hard No : h = r d No. 1, S1 WciEhls- 105 184 171 ' 163 I - « T I V . J t J i t I . ]g Medium,Weight- |lj g M L l R h l - · · ' SiOU.Y CITV LIVESTOCK. (M T edne-day Market) SIOUX CITY, m--U. S. department of acrictiJture-- CATTJ.E 1,500; slaughter steers, yearlings and she stock fairly active, stronK- quality rather plain; stockcrs and feeders scarce, firm; small lots good fed yearlings «p to $11; prime beeves absent ?",? «» 0 '" above.S13.75; numerous short «« i '- =i ®, ! '5 , 0 : «r «ood 730 Ib. heifers Sl? : /?5 %°£ e J 10 ' T ost b ^' «ws -3«J 57S/7.50; cutter Bradcs largely iS ·' , : car Clolce 535 lb - slccr s SIM-- "· *cer calves 53.25; common and mcd , il "?'lo- .?5ftc.50; few heavy calves P ° ."· Current slocker and feed cattle a n d cho?c S: '"* S5 ° '" eo ° lbs. Rood S °'iO^W| 7 |o ToSo'lb. /iJid'Slfet m m good and choice $8.509.7; 234 221 201 Steers-20 21 18 en in 20 ·in 24 1330 1220 IO.I5|84 10.20;00 10.20! CATTLE, ll'eifcr* 14.DO 30 14.75 25 1015 10.01) 0.90 9.10 1263 13!-iD 24 1200 10SO 12.2.1 Co ivi-- 10.00 2 R.7540 S.MJJO ' I S ' 649 740 760 800 1200 1050 nan lonn 900 10.25 S.75 9.25 7.30 8.50 8.00 6.25 S.25 ·i.OO Fed. Western (Naliv Lambs--ISI 'B B3 12.3.-.S5 M J2.S5I43 06 T-ambs-- ii2 n7 12.2.V21 Ofi I Z . I o i l O 03 J2.00ill iambi-o- i 220 212 113 Colorado .ISO 212 122 = Corn: Yellow NO. · 11 2n!i- Sl.ISliffil.20: w h i t e No. 3. si ji'ii ^Onts; \Vhile No. 2, S3a35Hc: Hye: No. J. S1.S7. Barley: Sample 72. Ko. 3, Eastman 1GE',, Eaton Mfg Co 34^* El Auto Lite 421^ El Pow S: LI 251k Erie K K Co IOC, Fire T R U 341;, Foster-Wheel 47 Frecport Tex 2n : !i Gen Am Tran BO Gltrtdrai Co W, Gobcl !,-.; Gold Dust m/ 4 Graham Paige 4 Gt Nor pfd 55 Halm De St 21 '.'it Houston Oil 153,4 Hcndix- , 27"'» Budd Mfc Co 12^'« Byers A M Co 32^* Cat Tractor 99 Cer de Pasco B53* Clics Ohio 07 CHI Gt W pfd 171'* CMst p i: p n4« Coca Cota Co ISO' Com Solvents 17!« Cont Motor 3^ Cudahv Pack 4l=i Curt-Wr Co A 2TM;, Wst Cp Seag 2611 Douglas Alrc 65 Alaska Jim * 15 Allechcny 5 Am fc'For Po V"; Am Cr Su Co 20V* Am c f· Co 70' ii Am Pow i LI 13^ Am Holl Mills 4474 Am H s Co 27% Amer Tob Co m Armour : Co I J T i Arm Co pf n o : b As Dry Gds --;''» All Ref 3(i 3j Baldwin Loco 3'i, Briggs Mf Co S2!l Hudson Motor 201i Hupp Motors 2% Intl Carriers 3'.i Indust Rayon 371i Kelvinalor Co 23 Lambert Co 2211 Lchigh PL Ce 49^ B Linuid Ch Cp 52 Lorillard a41i Mack Truck fio Mathioson Al 3S',' fl McLellan Stor n ] ' 2 Mex Seab Oil 47 Minn, Mol Ini lijs: M K i- T 8-i Mot Products 114 No Alner 23^* No Amer Avi 15''i Otis Steel Co 2.Vi Oiven 111 Gl 191 Packard Mot IP/. Park Utah Cop 1H Plymouth 2!i!i Proc Gam filqi, Pub S of N J 44 !j Pullman e^\ Pure Oil Co 2-i; Purity Bakery 22!', R K O ' a.«i Rem Rand 28!;? Reo Motors fia; Simmons Co 52!i So Cnl Edison 28^1 Sperry Corp 22 1 ,'* Tide W A Oil 2111 U S Intl Alch 33 U S Smelter IOG'1 Util P Sc Lt A3ii Vanadiuirt 38'i Un Gas Im 14aj Warren Bros n Western Un 77 Worth P u m n 44'.i Vcllow .1414 Voungs S T oa.i.i «-5 j « a n V ldll3 '" al convertibles divided the major share ot buying interest In forenoon trading. Low yllld co[- porate issues generally showed less in- Gaincrs ot a point or more included Studebaker Cs and Pure Oil 4!*s. In lhe fractionally jmproved group were Allc- I, * ny ,,?. ori !- Ss - C *'«K° ^ Northwestern _:','. S J .'A" 011 -P 01 ?'TM 1 «*s, Missouri !·*- Great Northern 4s "G" pushed up about 4 lo a new hich. This move, with the board upturn in the carriers, was associated with the favorable action of rail common stocks today and In recent ses- Thc government list showed one or two points of resistance, notably treasury 4s and 3s of 1951. These scored minor gains In contrast with several declines ranging from l-32d to 7-32ds ot a point through the treasury division. Most foreign bonds traveled a narrow line, with improvement in obligations of Germany. France, Cuba, an* Brazil. Japanese and Polish issues were lower. Produce . MASON CITY--For Wednesday Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse Eggs, current receipts .... 17 C Heavy hens, 5 lbs. and over ' 12c Under 5 lbs '_[ gc Stags, 5 Ibs. and over !!i!l!!llc Stags, under 5 lbs IP Cocks g^ All No. 2 poultry 4 cents less merchants Quotations Eggs, in trade 18-19c* Eggs, cosh . :...17-18c» J. F. Bloom and company of Umaha, manufacturers of monuments and memorials, and will represent Floyd, Mitchell, Chickasaw and Howard counties. Mrs. Theron Jacobson oj Floyd wife.of a truck driver,"is recovering from shock and bruises re- T h o m a l W U h 0 n e d r i V e r i b y l v a " Girvin Hutton and Eldon Carberry of this city and Walter Weber of Osage were each fined SB 50 including costs, on the charges of speeding. -., ,, 1VCC ^ IL wr? or^nu^ . _^ r-v;r two Kings to reign the DOD- to^£K?8£S7%£-x\%S*£ 4" sd « TMTM t person and paid to^e.ccptional Q-.^C'We bS om^wSS"^'. Joel recovered his';- H f s t ccrs w e ' ! was his jaunty self. lv\ -.J , -,L^ ^is dawning realization, was the jaunty type bu';' N e ^ anfl U , S another d i s c o m f i t i n g pleased to label his'relfc'- ° r arrange yghl: Janet. He was beginning worry by that name. V,*- -* Janet through clearer eyes seats began selling week"* Sale Barnbjsoon would she see him for ^ n ?. c ' h ,5^ as , °P«TMstic aitSt. "fe" 33 -', Witliout_ Janet his , --.-,u «f « l l M . O l l V i Mlit»*V'- he wouldn't talk about his iiJai:* for the future. : " i-rt? 6 +t°°'t tne news about «ie uttle theater in Grannis without was still thinking in ternS nt to nnn *-.«i«-»*j^ xii v c i I I l J i t)l 53,000 a week and he couldn't about Public Utility and industrial Stocks Quotcfl by A. nr. SCHANKE co ^Telephone 1300, Mason City Butter, Iowa State Brand Butter Corn Country .. Butter, Kenyon's Butter, Very Best Butter, Brookfield ''.'.'.!'. Potatoes, russets, peck Potatces, cobblers, peck v/r- ·EDITOR'S NdThese ·rep- resentative quotations were obtained by calling several grocery .40c .39c .39c .-JOc .39c .75c K A X S V S CITV G R A I N ( t V e d n c s d a y Market) KANSAS CITV. W--Wheat 37 cars;*,'" · ' cont higher; No. 2 dark hard r '?*r S-l 1 No - 3 nom - *"-3'ffI.41'.i: V °ii J" 1 ^ SI.WW: Ko. 3 nom. $1.3I« ·41 Vs: No.J! red $1.40B1.41'.'; No. 3 nom. ·Wt" 1 r2 " rs: '" *" 2 ' c h '8 her : N". 2 JS"' V ' ! -W^ TO O 2 , yc j iow "s-.zs" 0 ^? 1 '!! 'J if' · 2 mixc d nom. $1.21QI.23'4- No. 3 nom. SI.20ffll.22«4, Hides INVESTMENT TRUSTS By Th« Asioctateil Press. Corp T r h . . ' e « Corp Tr Sh A A Mod . . Corp Tr Sh Accum Ser .. £?'·?. T r A c c t i m Ser Mod Dividend Sh ......... Maryland Fund ....... i , ' Nationwide Sec ..... Nationwide See V i c ' ! ! ] Nor Amer Tr Sh . Nor Amer Tr Sh 1055 . . ' Quarterly Inc Sh ...... Selected Am Sh Tnc Suncr Corp Am Tr A U S El I, ft p A ...... , . S El L r Vtc . 3.n.i . 2.1D . !i,00 . 2..Vi . 2.S2 . 3.83 15.7D 1B.5B . .1.10 I.IB 2.34 11.85 5.10 2.51 3i. m 17.D4 20.00 3.20 1.24 Q n n t a l l o n i Fo Bull hides RfAIlKET. ff£S?"«~«-""'J«S *'· cn i s ',? 'I 10 Rrcajc '"· C o u n t r y Backed ^1»nr---B-- spot Rraded comb no .n and '·. Mnn^ wools of the old clip" '* blood CHICAGO PRODUCE ,,,,,, (Wednesday Market) l-MICAGO, If,--Butter 3,740 firm- e^T^,^'"'* , 03 score "isMs'gc.: extras (321 34',^c: extra firsUi (90-01) 34r,t 34V,c; firsts (88-flOI 32',iffi33iie- ianrt ards (90 centralized earlots) a'lfic. ^'e C 'c-.'r^ r5 9??- C: fresh Kraded ' irs 's local --e. cars 22', 3 c: current receipts ' l i i r . yi?^ R i-!?^ kM CXlraS 24C: sl °--aBe packed .i^ Ullr; ; : 1 ' iv! - : 'afp 2S trucks, about sicaoy al advance; hens over 5 lbs lip= Ib-. and less He; LcRllon. hens 7c : eolorcd fryers 2Sc; White Rock 2Bc; Ply! mouth nock 27c; colored broilers -ic- White Rock 25c: Plymouth Rock 2Sc : narebaclis 19c: roosters 13c; Lecliorn iSSfs r no- 2 ol lurkoys: Hc ," s 'c: yo°nR ducks 4',1 lbs. up wliitc'anri colorcrt 20?-' small while and colored I7c: cease 14c : capons 7 lbs. up 24c; less than 7 lbs, =3c Bid and asked Wednesday- Cent St El 6 pct pw (S25 par) Cent St El 7 net Tfd f^? 1 , r,^r~i Cent St P S= L 7 pct pfd Champlin Rot I a 7 pct pfd '' Creamery Package com . . Gco A Hormcl A pfd Geo A Hormel com Interstate Power 6 pct pfd"..'. Interstate Power 7 pct pfd Iowa Electric Co e'.l pct pfd Iowa Electric Co 7 net pfd ... Ja El L.t Power fi pct pfd la El Lt Power 614 pc t pfd la El Lt Power 7 pct pfd , "ow it Light G pct pfd la Pow L i R h t 7 pct pld ..'. Ja Public Scrv fi pet pfd . ... in Public Serv Sli pet pfd ... la Public Scrv 7 pct pfd la South Util n pct pfrt ..'.'.'.'. la Soulh Util 614 pet prd la South Util 7 pel pfc| Minnesota P A.- L 6 pel ptd .. Minnesota P L 7 pel ptd Northern St Pow (i pct pfd ... N W St Portinnti'ccment com Rail] Packing com United Lt R y s G p c t ptd P . . Jnltcii Lt "c Rys 7 pct pfd .. Western Grocer pfd . Western Grocer com .!..!.!" 16 100 lot' 211: 13 IS 52 53 G9 70 71 102 103 97 93 70 7t 75 34 12 in 17 !b \ 23H J07 5S 71 72 73 104 103 no 100 101 72 1011 an 96 102' us , that had been cleared m profits in the season at Grannis. Janet had been thrilled to death about it. -She 'had gone up to the Ca Pe t° visit the Carletons and spend tlieclosing week there hap- piry discussing plans for the next season. The little theater movement was beginning to interest some oE the first people o£ the theater and several opportunities had been offered them for the next season. The Carletons were e » !? a u° ut a plav that "ad been ottered by a sensational ;jld be lost. had little need of him, he "She filled up her . life Miscellaneous CHICAGO POTATOES. ( W e d n e s d a y Market) ew playwright and they wanted Janet to read it. They began K talk about exploitation and reviews and enlarging the organization. If their plans met with the ^aynters approval, they were going to make plans to return the next season, otherwise, they would not come north. Leslie had been offered the management of a small theater in Florida and for the first time since their marriage · 7 wa ^ anticipating spending » wintei with her husband. It was to be on a partnership basis and Leslie was to collect half thepro- fits. Tney hoped to make such a success of it that they could make .then- permanent home in rjorida but they wouldn't let the Payntors down E nd if Janet wished it, they would make arrangements to re- tuin the following summer. YORK PRODUCE. ( W e d n e s d a y Market) NEW YORK, WV-Eggs 33300. firm: mixed colors, special packs 24i/.rri26c : ' Cheese 135.783. firm and unchanged Live poultry: By freight, steady to firm; clilckcns. Rocks SOc; Leghorn 74c? fowls colored 20'.W22c; Le B ho?n 17^10^ roosters 13e; turkeys 17g25c; ducks 15c. ' PRODUCE FUTURES (Wednesday Markets) CHICAGO, (a-,-- Butter futures closed- Storage standards. March 33^c: November 31Vac. *, ES 1 » f ," lur . es: j SI ""K: Packed firsts 2S!5? SSii^1ic MKei ««·«»'«»· «««: Polnloriitur...,: Idaho Rnsscls. March grade' A""?S: 5 0 M " rC " ^^ A ' * 3 ' 2li ' *'« Potatoes 107; on track 304: total U S shipments SOI; old slock slo.idy- Vupp'liS moderate: table stock, demand f a i r lor nest quality, seed .stock demand cood- sacked per cwt. Idaho Russet Burbanlis *-'. £. No. I. S3.321j^73,fi5; U S No ~ 2 S2.70{72.8|): Washinqton Russet Bur-banks U S. commercial 53.15; Colorado Red Mc- Clurcs U. S. Ko. 1. few sales S3.05.ji3 12'i- Wisconsin Round Whiles U. S. No 1 few sales S2.40'i 2.,-fl: u. S. commercial $2.10; Michigan missel nurals U. S. No. l! S2.BO: North Dakota Cobblers cerlified seed S3.05: Nortll Dakota Early Ohio! U. fc. No. 1 and partly pradod .53; Bii 5s Triumph., U. S. No. I. S2.HO; new stock- steady; supplies rather liberal, demand slow: track sales carlols bu-hcl crates Florida Bliss Triumphs U. S. No. 1. very few sales $2.20 a crate . (Wednesday 3Iarkrl) MINNEAPOLIS. f/n-Flour: Carload lot, per barrel in 38 Ib. cotton sacks: Family patents lOe highe NF - 1V 1'ORK SUGAR. NEW YORK. t f / ~ R a w sugar /un " . Pure bran 532.50^33. Standard middlings S34.. r iO(fi33. COVKBNMRNT nONTS (Wednesday MarliEt) NEW YORK. im-V. S. bonds closed- Treasury 4'.is 47-52.118,22. C ' IJS ^Treasury 4s 44-54 113 14 Treasury .Vis 40-43 June IDS 15 Treasury 3^i s 43-47 107.26. Treasury 3' is 4(i-4n 1079 Treasury 3s 51.3s 106.7. Play Presented by Nora Springs Group NORA SPRINGS--The Christian church circle celebrated an anniversary Friday evening by a program and supper. A humorous play was presented by Mrs. Maurice Merritt, Mrs, Lizzie Cannon, Mrs - Cleon Parngan, Mrs. Charles Hoblett, Mrs. Walter Baughey Mrs. Fred Clark, Miss Huth Can-' Mi I \in nd M l r l l y Fi "8alsen, Miss Maxine Morphew presented a pantomime in song, "I Came lo lhe Garden Alone." Mrs. Darrel M OTP v w »i, Was the acc °mpanist Mrs Katherine Carter in behalf of the social circle, presented Miss Vcra Benedict who will soon become a bride, a gift. Miss Edna Hoberts gave a report of the year's work of the society. iSS "1*. "^e filled up her "life wifltyattgs that had nothin' : db^ ^^^Oa^^Sflras'ilgrti business," as We pSFTtTShe'wS'uB/ and out before he opened his eyes in the morning. She had a desk in his unusued study where he saw bits of curtain fabrics, samples of rugs, mats of newspaper advertising and neat little piles of notes and sketches. She was always there when he came home. She was always fresh sweet and lovely for him at the dinners she took a child-like de- ight m serving as surprises for him. But he knew, as his taxi speeded him across town, that in a few minutes she would be off somewhere with her new friends Friends of Russel] Bede's She al ways told him about them. But she was vague about table tennis' at someone's house . or "we went to the book fair". . ' . o ^ "You wouldn't have cared for it Joel but it was rather fun watching h,m work out the problems." He wasn t jealous thinking of them. He did have an indescribable emotion that pounded of liurfc anH i n r t n l p J · . **l^ uti.1 i-jj a i i u t j ana self-admission t h a t he hadn't been able to fill her life hp T rlfH y n'J V vi e Bowing apai: t and !!?..? ldn l , llke 't- Once they had move without con- was com- In the dim light of the overhead bulb in (he taxi, he consulted hia small engagement book and discovered that he had promised to drop in at Mabel ° --, .j nxt^i the penormanrp He.felt a pleasant gi^v KSS yo ^ b t^ b °^TM?..- wealthy him a A r c Brents of Son, x , M r - and M '"s Mark arc parents ot - Dona boy Davenport Boy, 7, Killed When He Runs Into Side of Truck DAVENPORT, (XP)_Keith As- oury, 7, was killed Wednesday noon when he ran into the side of R truck. His head was crushed under a rear wheel. He was enroute home from school when the accident occurred. Kenneth Nelson, driver of the ruck was not held after reporting the accident In police. The ma- nTn'mh- ^'""^d l ° a Moline plumbing company. he was invited to her apartment to a party. There would be a social register crowd there " (To Re Continued) BONDS and STOCKS Listed or Unlisted BOUGHT -- SOLD -- QUOTED SEE US A. M. SCHANKE , CO. 208 Foresters Building Telephone 1300 7

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