The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 24, 1944 · Page 13
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 13

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 24, 1944
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

5 Unhurt as Auto in Fog Hits Horses Fredericksburr _ A slippery highway, fog and several horses on the pavement, spelled severe damage to the car of Fred Groth ot near Postville when he ran into ;,, e / nlma!s shortly after 4 a. in. Wednesday. He was enroute to Ames with near Postville. Also in the car was his son, Lyle, and 3 employes The driver missed the first 2 horses which appeared out of the fog and picking up spe ed ran into another one. The car was badly damaged and towed into Fredericksburg where temporary repairs were made. None of the passengers were injured. 7LV 7 "«·«"»»*«: iigKB, uanc- tht tarantella was thought to ---,, .-,_ ..--i «J4 vt i.i a WEI:» i*iuuijnv to cure a form of insanity contracted ,,,_ ,. . . ~~ ....ju.iiij c u l l l i a U l U U from the bite of the spider taran- SOMETHING NEW PUMPERNICKEL BREAD 15 24 OZ. LOAF Two Mason Cityans Crash Into Rocket; No One Is Injured £ W ih Ma ^" Cit y Bn t the , SJ j le "f a Rock Island Rocket e n e s d a y afternoon on I9th S. W., but were » smashed northbound Wednesda _ --.,, . Sheriff Cal Dwan. Clarence Johnson, Virgin! - _ - - . - _ TM,.. D u,,, i-, virgmu ·ti 'r ,! a!i dm ' n S ''is car east With John Dougherty, 321 Georgii «. E., as a passenger. The car turned sideways, aftei the driver saw the Rocke , and ran along beside it. The auto was damaged considerably. V' ar Savi »«s Bonds and boy"" y ° Ur G1()b «- G "e»e HIGHEST FKE-WAR QUALITV CRESCENT HOOIDLIS Socialized Medicine Program Would Aid Only 15% of U S ' Dr. Woodward Tells Lions . ~j ^ L , j^, ,,, vooawarl president of the Iowa State Medi- designed to f 12 billion Wednesday cal society. "Even though the present pl;m isn t perfect." lie said, "it is giving the people of our country a medical and hospital service not even approached by any other country " Agitation for the Wagner bill it was observed, is coming not :rom the people but from tho bureaucrats of Washington and Ne\v York. 'No more than 15 per cent of ne nation's population would .stand to gain from the medical aspects of the Wagner bill." lie added. "Those of adequate means vould not be helped and our in, lifrents Mould not be helneil. "In other' words, it is proposed o upset our present program of nedical and hospital care which s proving effective for the great JUlk of our people in order to ^i-ing relief to 15 per cent of our lopulation." The group standing in need o£ reater health security, he ex- 'lained, are those ot "marginal in- ome' for whom serious illness nd e x t e n d e d hospitalization leans long-felt tragedy. Their problem, Dr. Woodward contended, can be most effectively met thro ----·--^ --~^--^----.--^-__»__ f^J^fj^tii, j^fi . *V(JUC1%V SAVE at RAIZES! WE CLOTHE AND FEED THE ENTIRE FAMILY FOR LESS mot through ,r spec^iry" wmtad ^'"sui-ance program, with doc- pathetic consideration! 1 '" 2 " S ' m " ure Vf*inaced f t h C Waenet raeiis for Li .h i0 " , 5 ° I , I . a , rS «' J 'h P 3 r °WlSmt for the health program. This u-ould be based on a G per cent levy on employes and a like levy on employers. y In Indiana, where an extensive survey has been conducted according to Dr. Woodward, it has been found that the present social security costs would be multiplied more than ;j times Like health plans tried out in C o r m a n y a n d Britain have brought results not nearly as satisfactory as those achieved in the united States under the "free enterprise 1 ' approach, he declared Speaking briefly, U. f. ciough, Mason City attorney, outlined the work of the office of economic warfare with which he has been faTj'uT 1 " 31 '" 1 ^^ 81 '^ The over-all purpose, he ex- F- 1 ?'! 1 ,^' '. s to heE P "critical ma- Claim ASTP Is Only Way to Supply Enough Doctors for Needs iiMKo. U.jy_Tbe army speciaj- training program is Ihe only way by wh i c!l an adequate supply of doctors for military and civilian needs can be assm-nci uncl must hn mnmtalncd, the Journa I If the ° "° mmo the journal said in an editorial that new announcements of cut-backs has put everyone involved in the program on the anxious seat." "Every medical und pre-mcdical Undent is urged to continue with l»s studies and to realize tha completion of His medical training is- the beta contribution he now '»ake. 10 the war effort," the yl said. "The decision as to the armv M aIi S Ee ? h ' aini »g Program hangs the balance," the journal said ms that the necessity for con-' 'nuance of the program for P^- leulial doctors has been recognl^d by the navy, selective service sys- edueato '' s Thursday, Feb. 24, MASON CITY ' Has 23rd Birthday Worcester, Mass., (U,fi)_This ty was incorporated way back in hi ii i ,,'. is observing its 23rd bnlhdiiy this year. The incorporation took place on Feb. 29, Lean Yi»nr Day. ' ' SALAD DRESSING ! 30 EAST STATE STREET - ACROSS FROM , ca ma- teruils from neutral countries nom falling m(o the hands oi the enemy. Often this is accomplished by buying at long prices ' ' " SENSATIONAL VALjJE! *»«y FINGER-TIP COATS · Just received a shipment of boys' AI1- Woor Finger-Tip coats . . . REVERSIBLE. These coats scheduled for lasr fall delivery to be sold at $16.85--NOW ON SALE AT-$1295 Rubber FOOTWEAR Par the Entire Family Kotwt- h 1 V . e ° « mP ' ete line of R "*»*r Footwea,. Lwfed here are just a f e w of the items in stock. Men's 4-buckle ALL- RUBBER DRESS O'SHOES. $2.98 Boys' 3-buckle AU-RUBBER O'SHOES $249 and $2.69 WOMEN'S GAITERS $1.39'? __^^ " i r " * ^ ^ a ot Mone Cotton Flannel CLOVES fc MITTENS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^**^^^^ *^ I " B TM^^^~-~--^--^-^^-- reasonable prices. i v , , r ' i , ' U5 a Dan o£ the necessities of war." In referring to his son, Lt. Ray, flyer now held prisoner in Germ a n y followiiifr t h e r a i d o n Schweinfurt last fall, Mr. Clough paict special compliment to the Red Cross and the Y. M. C A for their part in making prison life more comfortable than otherwise it would be. Leo Davey presided. Russell Girton introduced the speakers. Otto Satter spoke briefly of developments in the club's youth center program, in connection with announcement by Chairman M. D McMichacl, now recovering from an extended illness, of tentative committees for instituting the pro- Next week's speaker will be Victor Gordon-Lennox, war correspondent for the Chicago Daily News, regarded as one of the na-' lions outstanding journalistic au- honties on the European war ·H-Oz. Can ~-....£L uuLi -ili-Oz. Can Juice . . . 29c NO POINTS OILMAN'S Carrots, 2 No. 2 cans 19c 5 POINTS PER CAN California Extra Fancy Asparagus No. 2 Can. . IS POINTS MACA CAKES PASCAL CELERY California CARROTS H LETTUCE "'GRAPEFRUIT FRESH MEATS Expires Saturday BUTTER'"""" Solid Heads Dry 'Yellow . r CABBAGE L b c ONIONS 2.1SC MAZOLAS ALAD OIL Packed in Tomato Sauce VAN CAMP'S SARDINES. Pinfs, Quarts Gallons SALMON Krt 27c MEATY SPARE RIBS " CHICKENS -OYSTERS CHEESE Longhorn BEEF ROAST L , 2 j c LEAN SLAB BACON Lb 25c STEAKS u2 J c BLEACH, Qucrfs IQc; Gallons LUX FLAKES, Box . PRUNES, Dried, * f t _ 2-lb. Pkg Z9C RAISINS, 4-lb. Pkg.. BrQins ~ 0« Tail. -- Neck Bones FARMERS! BLOCK SALT NAME JURY IN MERCY SLAYING Charge Lawyer Killed . Mentally Deficient Son Pittsfield, Mass., (U.R)-Comple- lion of a superior court jury was expected Thursday at the murder trial of John F. No.xom, Jr. 47 s o c i a l l y prominent PUtsfield' lawyer accused of electrocutinK his mentally deficient son Of the first 7 jurors chosen are lathers and 1--Wjlliam widen Williamstown leather manufacturer--has 3 children Prospective jurors heard a plea for mercy from NoxonVs spiritual ..dviser at the opening session, the Rev Dr Ralph H . Hayden, rector of St. Stephan's (Episcopal) church, of which the lawyeride- rendant was a warden, prayed for mercy, kindness and understanding ' and requested that jurors look with compassion upon this, family torn and bleeding with a double burden." During examination of the talesmen Noxom evidenced considerable i n t e r e s t , following closely each candidate's answers lo the statutory questions Before issuing his challenges he consulted his attorneys, former Massachusetts Gov. Joseph B. Ely and Walter J. Donovan. Seated in a screened prisoner's dock in full view of the spectators, Noxon conversed only briefly with "his counsel and his wife, Mrs. Margaret Swift Noxon ^« ' t-AKES Yeast . . . 5c 12 02.' CAN LUNCHEON Meat J7c 5 POINTS Cut 2 No. 2'A Cans Beets . . . 28c -t POINTS PER CAN 2 LB. PKG. POWDERED Sugar... I5c Bower City, Extra SmoH, Sweet Variety, Selected Peas 10 POINTS PER CAN Simswcct -ji.iiji. ^n o i i i d i i ;j XjRS Prunes.. 33c 4 POINTS BOXES KRAFT'S CHEESE DINNER 29c 1 POINT PER BOX TWO-POUND JAR Lady Corinne CITRUS Marmalade _ NO POINTS NEEDED QUART JAR EA.TMOR Dills . . . 21c GREEN OR WAX ...... 2 NO. 2 CANS Beans . . 25c BOX Burry's Cocklail BU.X. Crackers. 25c 20c Quorf Jor SAUERKRAUT. ^^^^^^^··^·^·i Strictly Fresh EGGS doz. 32c ~ t-*u. «_ir\iur i C,LiLAJ\y Cornmeal 21c ^ * L. *jii\^i\ i ir^^ L^J Cookies.. 19c GOLDEN Golden SYRUP, 5 Ib. Jug Pudding Mi,. Fluf.T.,. 3-13c BQ..» 35c Hoppy Surprise GINGER CREAM COOKIES Recipe in sack of COLD MEDAL 50 ib , Kitchen-tested" POPCORN. White or Yellow ^TT^ BUY MORE WAR BONDS --. Mrcnen-tested ENRICHED FLOUR SALAD DRESSING or SANDWICH SPREAD A CLINTON PUDDINGS, Vanilla -», t -- ^··-i**-+f T u n m a Chocolate, Butter-scotch, Lemon Mother Hubbard PANCAKE FLOUR - OZ. CAN HOYAL Baking Powder QT. JAR BR£R RABBIT Molasses. 37c Diamond's Best LG BOX Oatmeal. 19c ·----«^» Corn Country BUTTER Ib. 45c ··MMMMI 3-lb. Can Diamond's Best SHORTENING 15 POINTS 16-oz. Jar Peanut Butter CHOPPY J:l NUT 29c SUPER-COLOSSAL BIPE · PINT POINTS PER CAN CANS SUNBR1TE Cleanser. 19c S BUTTER Hi-Ho.. BIG BEN Tobacco Large Box SUPER S U D S . . . BOX GOLD MEDAL CAKE FLOUR 23c LB. 75c 23c v-^*tx/j rLAJUK BOX Sol tasilk. 25c l'.i Lb. Bag Reputation Pancake Flour LOOSE-WILES CHEESE CRACKERS BOX Cheez-It. 12c 2 LB. PKG. BABY LIMA Beans... 23c 2 POINTS PER LB. FRENCH Dressing, 8 oz. jar 15c COFFEE High Grade AT ATTRACTIVE PRICES Diamond's Best . 30c Moca Bean _ 21c Brilliant 21c f^m» '-"M i_/\i\ Olives... J5c Bisquick. 29c -^-. u ,vw.o i i j i i i u i u i i i-tOtK Gelatine. 23c SENSATIONAL PEANUT '^p^h. ^ ··---- ^_.^TMTM~' m * ' ^^ * Jar BUTTER ^ _ ... u ^. ^, = i_, D , v,/\i\ Cocoa ... lOc SAM RAIZES DEPT. STORE ^* Kijht to Limit 301 So. F«f. FARMERS! WE PAY HIGHEST PRICES FOR EGGS JOH.V F. NOXON His trial starts Boy. Scout Leaders of Worth County Convene Kcnsett--Worth county district torwcntion of- Winnebago counci C ° mS - WaS held Tuesday ensctl and Northwood in attendance. HarUvig P n J° ca l Seou 'TMster. and Earl Behrend, scout executive were present. «u«ve, LARGE CAN PLAIN' Ovaltine. 63c Fancy Pickled QT 7-\R Peppers . 2?c Hermox Cleanser Use in place of Ammonia Does more and better work 32-Oz. Bottle 15c VITAMIN ENRICHED FLOUR Diamond's Best $1.98 Reputation . $1.85 2 Tall Cans Kxtra Fancy Fork and Beans 23c 6 POINTS SEEDLESS RAISINS, Chocolate, '/ 2 Ib. bar 25c HEAD LETTUCE, 2 for 19c NEW CABBAGE, 2 Ibs. ... lie ONIONS, Ib 7 C RUTABAGAS or «... TURNIPS, 5 lb,....2C · ··«·. · diutK mono RUSSETS . Northern Cobblers' or Russets Peck 100-lb. Bag ............... S2.98 CALIFORNIA Carrots, 2 bunches J9c APPLES, 2 Ibs .......... 23c M o p . . . . B OZ. BOTTLE IMITATION Vanilla.. lOc 3 CAKES TOILET SOAJ Palmolive 21c 100 Lb. Bag Morton's Stock Salt.... Hy-Power Brand All-Meat Chili Con Came . 25c NO. 1 CANS 4 Poi llts While Meat No. '.i Can ^^ ""· .^ »-dU Tuna . . . 29c 5 POINTS Fleischmann's Fast-Rising DRY YEAST, ^ Pk9 JC Van Camp's PORK and BEANS, * « _ Mb. Jor . 11C

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