The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 24, 1944 · Page 12
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 24, 1944
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

18 ' Thursday, Feb. 24, 1944 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE i 11 RATION BOOK FIGURES LISTED Totals for No. 4 in North Iowa Announced . Washington, (£)--The office o£ price administration announced Thursday that 2,294,218 copies of war ration book 4 have been distributed in Iowa. The announcement also listed the number o£ books distributed in North Iowa by counties, as follows: Bremer 16,339; Butler 15,492: Cerro Gordo 37,9«; Chickasaw 13,423; Clay 15,561; Clayton 21,.671; Dickinson-10,147; Emmet 11,- 706; Fayette 26,267; Floyd 18,114; Franklin 14,192; Hancock 13,993; Hardin 20,462; Howard 12,177; Humboldt 11,643- Kossulh 24,090; Mitchell 12,373- Palo Alto 14,346; Pocohontas 14,049; Winnebago 12,030; Winneshiek 19,147; Worth 10,349; Wright 17,352. Scrambled Tidbits Kansas City, Mo., (U.R--A circus man's cry of "candy, peanuts, popcorn," would have been very appropriate at an intercity intersection here r e c e n t l y when a freight train hit a truck loaded with all kinds of fancy tidbit*. Contents of the truck were scattered thoroughly when the vehicle rolled down a 10 foot ment. Bar War Saving* Bonds and Stamps from your Globe-Gazette carrier boy. | Sheep Shearers Plan Schools at Iowa State Campus March 6 to 10 Ames -- Three sheep shearing schools will be held on the lows State college campus March 6 to 10, inclusive, it was announced by C. W. McDonald, Iowa State college extension sheep specialist. The schools are being held to help meet the wartime * shortage of qualified shearers and are open to all who are interested. There is no fee for any of the instruction. Plans call for a school oa March 6 and 7, for those without cheering experience and past the age of 16 years.. A second school on March 8 and 9 will be for older farm boys or men with some experience. The final school, on March 9 and 10, will include a class similar to either one or the other of the 'first two groups, depending on the experience of those who appear for the school. «EDftOUfi2, ASK FOR MISS MINNEAPOLIS ITS D.ST.NCTIY BETTEft BIG VALUES! BIG SAVINGS! It's Founder's Week at A 8 P! ·BSSWMBWBBMSS^""^ 1 ""^^^ Vegetable Shortening i 1 lb. fmmmf'-- --~- SPRY 24c '£ (5 pr*. lb.) Lenten Favorites Parker Belicio" HOT BUNS [Pkg. of 9. 19c Fresh From Nearby Farms IOWA EGGS Attention Mr. Farmer: Brlnjr I'j Your Efjs--We F»y Uiibeit Prices NIBLETS Brand Whole Kernel Com 1 °i» ts - '*-«. VUrO each) ; Con Gerber's Strained or Chopped (1 pf. ea.) Baby Foods 4 4 £r 2Sc I Gerber's DRY CEREAL, nf £ == 7 '*-*'*· ·""*· Z5c y^roW NO POINT, LOW COST sSjs. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables · T«W SMilMi-VJI. IH- t-H- Grapefruit . . . .ff. 10for39c *«»)--VII. A-H- CJ. So ii d H Md _ Vi t. A- Celery . , . ^ii*16e Lettuce Td»»» K,,«1_VU. B+ CJ- Florid! J«tct-»Vil.. _r ,,.,, Potatoes *.«*'»., 50c Oranges "«?' 27c 1*4? Fi*|tr-*Yit. A-+4- f- C-f- Fr«ifc--Vlt A,!.'-!· K l C4-4- G ' r- Carrots ... ».« k '9c Spinach.. . lb. 9c Fresh--Yii. A-J~£- B-f C ' g- G-f-f ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_ Broccoli . . Fresh--Vlt. B-f- C+ Mushrooms £ Enrtellid Floor Omar " SiU.r DelUr Pr.lili. Rice *£ 20c Kt*kuk Cress Cut Dill Pickles..'?«"-13c Icte»I Dehydrated Dog Food .. P V t ' 8c SO-Male Team Borox ;£ He 8t»l»r'« Cube Starch 2 iV t !:15c WE CASH PAYROLL CHECKS Drown Stomps Stamp fork Bonus) to Your Delict* Thicknuc · BROWN STAMPS · Frish CaterM (i» p t s . n,.) Cheddar . . . lb. 32c dexo iF'22c «F63c ivap. u Milk 3 £ 26c · GREEN STAMPS · Ann Pare ( p( s . e ».) Grope Jom.. l 5,V 21 e Sultana Kidney t pts. ez Beans ^ 9c \ t !· Yitt. Kernel qoldrn (Id «(i. «,) . . , Corn ".".' ? . fl .V14c - - · - ,V.. .. » . - - . . « . , ,,UIM +m*. vui/^s gr \,[ p^s. 10-1 Short Rib. .lb. 17c Roast lb. 23c t pis. lb. .-i "- ·-- .. ,*«j. 'v.i .lufBr \jurea (.1 pis iij | Beef lb. 21 c Slab Bacon. . 27c "Suii«r,»irlil" Me.ty (1 pi. lb.) CqiUhy's P g r ll»n r* Rihc Ik 1Q«- le " R r " e f ° rc Sausage. "^ FISH Whiting., lb, 19c Fresb Solid Pack FREE! RED POINTS FOR USED FATS Cosh Yours in Today Oysters... pt. 69c NORTHERN TISSUE A Fine Bathroom Paper-- C nnt i o jftness U nULLo Lincn-ized for Softness CUanMrthar will not scratch BRITE-IZE 2 RemoTes 37 Common Housthold Stains LAVA SOAP Duz does everything DUZ POWDER Goes further--Works so fast LUX FLAKES For that clean Safe Feeling LIFEBUOY Active Lather Facial LUX SOAP .tt.tMsg C jiV bb ' na ° r koi ' i " n « ded ISC 23C FINER, FRESHER Flovor in Each Cup · Mild and Mellow 3 lb B«v 8 O'clock 59c Rfch and Fall-Bodied libs. Red Circle. . . 47c Vigorous and Winer % J-lb. Bar* Bokar Coffee 51 c LENTEN FAVORITE Made of Top Grade Semolina 3 Pound Pk S . . 27c .·UPSCPEI5 MARKETS OUV-ILO ne soap made from 3li»e and other Oil; J3 cakes .. I9c A fine soap made from Coco, Olive and other Oils. FETCHING--AnJU Colby, cover flrl turned movie actress, posed for this portrait to explain why a frout of pharmacist's mates in the Pacific sent her a round- robin fan letter. Cedar Rapids Protests OPA Price Hearing Cedar Rapids, (if)--A. committee representing Cedar Rapids lood dealers, aroused over office of price administration hearings on alleged overcharges involviing retail meat markets Thursday expected to consult an attorney prior to possible further protest steps. The decision was reached at an indignation meeting df the Linn County Food Dealers association Wednesday night which more than 100 of the cily's approximately 175 retailers attended. A majority contributed $1 or more to back the committee financially. The meeting was an outgrowth of an OPA crackdown on some 72 wholesale and retail meat dealers for alleged overcharges 'totaling $25,483.84. The overcharges involving retailers only totaled $6,407.21 including 64 retail mar- kefs whose estimated overcharges were $4,676.21 and 7 whoesale-re- tail markets whose Estimated retail overcharges were $1,731. There was considerable protest at the meeting over the OPA's "method of spot checking dealers" and even more criticism because the OPA news release told only of overcharges whereas, the dealers declared, most rationed meat items for sale in Cedar Rapids are priced under the ceiling. Executive Secretary W, T. Ship* opened the meeting by reading a prepared statement which said "It is thought by virtue oj a vigorous protest to the OPA of what each and ail of you may f«el are inequities in the setup, or regulations, 'some less irritating method of damning the retailers might be worked out." He questioned the basis on which the OPA invulii.tions were made--6»yinr that seme of th* aliened overcharges were correct ftt particular times--and adding: "Jf that is a general overall Situation with the $tQre.s it might be we cap create and appoint some committees here tonight to investigate and as a result pj their findings negotiate with the OPA and get the penalties cut down as materially reduced. "There is one thing we are all definitely in agreement on and that is, correct'the damnable way the OPA took to crack the case and make it appear^.indirect1y=- that you are profiteers and the consumer i$ being robbed." The comment was frequent that none of the overcharges ware in, tentional^that a grocer's life is one of misery these days with price ceilings, labor shortages, 'inexperienced help, ration coupon, and gasoline rationing--*ncl it is small wonder more honest mistakes aren't made. : Kropman Grocery $1.50 It tth St. N. E. Delicious ROASTED CHICKENS *p~*^w up Delicious Golden Brown Cruit Home-Mode f 4 -. ·READ, Any Kind., 11C HOME-MADE PASTRY If you are planning a puty or for special occasions--we will you fancy cookies, cakes, Pies or rails. BUTTIR, Pound 43c BANANAS We Carry * Complete Lin* «f Fresh Vegetables It. COM COKE, 6 for MARSHMALtOWS Folger',, Hills Bros. COFFEE, lb PORK ond BEANS, 3 Cons for 31c 25c ADVISES MORE FARM RESERVES Ames Economist Says to Invest in Bonds Ames--The use to which farm families put their 1943 farm income, greatest in Iowa history, and the current year's farm income may well mean their financial success or failure during the next 25 years, in the opinion of Dr. W. G. Murray, acting head of the Iowa State college agricultural economics department. Surplus farm income, U invested in war bonds to meet part of Iowa's goal in the 4th war loan drive, will help families build Up liquid assets to improve their farms and equipment after the war. At the same time it will help hold down national inflation, Murray says. Building up a reserve through purchase ot war bonds is part of a financial plan that h« recom- meadc. He also advocates paying off short lerm debts or adjtastlnr them to a schedule of annual interest and low principal payments through the anticipated post-war period of lower prices. Heavy debts should be reduced to a, safe level. Establishment of the financial reserve will help meet post-war interest and principal payment* and may be the means of avoiding future borrowing. Warning against speculation, he this salt PI A IN O* I O D I Z E D ·WHINJT.tAINS IT room in grapefruit says additional farm land should not be purchased unless it contributes to efficient operation of Hie farm business. He advises use o£ a simplified farm and home accounting system as an aid to budgeting. War bonds provide the best form of financial reserve far farm families because they have a redemption value of 100 cents on the dollar invested and bear interest at 2.9 per cent if kepi to maturity. Furthermore, if Uicrfc is need for cash, war bonds can be redeemed any time following 60 days from date of issue. How deeply seated in the human heart is the liking for gardens and gardening.--Alexander Smith (1830-67). In Package* and T«a Bags ·tYourGrocw'c H A M S 37 * M Ground Beef WALLEYED PIKE WHlffG Pork Chops 25c ROSE FISH FILLETS Carrots CKOCKCK SOUP MIX rex.vr ME ESS NOODLES CHEESE KRAFT DINNER COJJE «r..4IX IIKAND MACARONI Corn Country or Brookfield t j '.'I BUHER 45, 16 roinn. Per Pound II W IVORY SOAP SANOt TALBOT-- FI^IN DOUGHNUTS . NATION AI_F«i.l VUM a GRAPE JELLY . OOMT. AGAIN »«»NT Salad Dressing. WAX RAP-IN-WAX .. WINDOW CI.KiM.B WINDEX ...... ^"NATIONAL F O O D S T O R E S 18c 19c iVw. 13c 49c

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