The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 30, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 30, 1818
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cryC 1 'iv - Tbeeregatioa are informed, that there ert& Murray - street Church, to - trill M DO ervws . . . my 30 It morrow. - .sJ VAA'XAU. nscket cUr ROSE - IN ni)OM. E. Whealon, master; will t i:... lwrn.rtli. Fortieiirht meet WlUl llll"".""1 - - l ,7 tZLre anolv o.i board at Coverneurs whaif.or to ANSON G. FIIEI.rS. lid Front - flreef. m30 "or Sale, freitrhl Batter, . triuul'V 1irm. mail kv 'inetiooD t ftftii ' - f.T'ttrt 100 ton burthen . a superior t " . . ZAutuX in ffod order. Apply to JOSEPH OSBCRN, 28 South - street mv20 'r jw.IV.OIILEAXS, . . i ii I'Vini k i i h r - itr ftmiiiiir xiuij Mcapt. Allen, will clear out on Monday 1 i ri .. nr.nnAn nf that T. " Ve wind is favorable. For freight or noffl PIWI KMII 111 LI1C Illtinw"" page, pnly to the master on board, at I w No. 29 Wall - street Who has for sale, 1560 bushel fine blown ..It. in lots to suit purchasers. my JJJl fortntlOtil or, rZXv l b. Uii.h hr! SKEbfl. laon, ma sS&ter, burthto 240 tons, a remarkably fine iZi; w.libeready toc - 'R d3 - Aptly to KOULU i Ul uir - o. ii., . ' 7 1 12 Front street. Who hat for tale, 20 hhds old Richmond tobacco 7 do do Poler.btirg do 18 do oew do dn" IS do do Richmond do 1 1 do Kentucky ' do 15J Brazil hides St. Domingo and Jamaica coffee iu hhds riiJ may ju tor SAYAXXAH, To tail on auuday, itiuuue, tnc last QLsailiug coppered packet brig GEOR GIA, emitli, master, ror Ireiiit, or parage, apply on board, at Steveus' wharf, or to BOGKRT k KNF.ELAND ; my301w Or, FRANCIS DEPAU. "ALU COFFER. 30u01bs. oldCopptr. rccii - vJ ved from Jamaica, will bo told iu lots to uit purchasers, by TUCKER &LAURIES, 2 South - street. my 30 LEGHORN HATS One case superfine - Leghorn Huts, just received and lor sale by S. S. GOODYKAH, my 33 3t No. 81 Maiden lane. Of OUer skins, in shipping order, and JmAjXj 6(100 lbs. heavy deer skins, in the short grey for sale by HAI.SKV & SRTOV, Hy30 3t l"5 Water - street. 3Lt.N'f'S Stranger Guiile to the City of MJ iew - ork, price 1 5U Keceivcrt and for kale at the Minerva Circulating Library, iio. "o5 lsroaU ay, opposite the Museum, my 30 FOR SALK. T)E W No. 63, in middle aiMe in l)r. Romeyn's .1 Church, in Cedar - street. Apply at my JO lw i n f u Iton street. I - IOTTO.V, Ut.f.H. bKlHa & (iUM ILLEAH V 71 bales prime Upland Cotton 11 do do ter skill", and 8 cases Gum llleini, suitable for the Spa - ish market, for tal ty my a) .SAl'l, ALLEY, 9 Pine - st. QUPKR COMPANY FLAGUDKKs. 0 Elegant pnt tents, lor sale by my UP MARCH ti LOW. IO Broadway. , 'I ILLINETTS and CO f ro.N YARN. 1 V I 5 packages containing 550 pa. Millinettt, in fine order. Also, lO.OOOlh. Cotton Yarn, from No. 5 to 20, jot salts on accnoimodntiiie terms, by the COMMISS10.VCOMPANY, . WT SO D&C 1 IH I'earl - strcet. I)ICK. "0 tierces prime Rice, lauding from 11 H.ip Teki'r.inh. aud forsnle lv a v w i I r i r I po m 30 1H3 Front street. f 1 'Alt. fcc .KM) bhls Tar, and 1 do Beeswax, L ufl 'ut and for sale by R. k C. W. DAVENPORT At CO. my 30 . tO'l KJ by tO'l '1 OA. 25 bales Upland Cotton, for tale R. Si C. W. DAVCNTORTkCO. my 30 C CALCUTTA GOOUb. A small invoice con - J sit - ti'igof Kaltas, Sunnahs, Maiuooilies, Uur - rahs, 4c. tor sale by ' G. O. It S. HOWLAND, my 30 C7 Washington strict. 3CIU baps Hnif Cinder, for sale J by RLMSLN ; CO. 2H South street. my 30 rnOBAtXO. 40hi.ds prime Richmond l o - X hacca, landing from tloop Astiea and schr. C'unstituliori, and forsalo by , LOORM AN & JOHNSTON, , my 30 57 South street. SHINGLES. too,') Cyprtst fcliingltt, lor tale at 35 Peck slip. R. 4 C. W. DAVENPORT & CO. my SO . MA KILL MOLAioEa. - li9 bhdt. litrs. and 4 buis. Molasses, nw on fi.r &, N. R. fur tale by G. G. ii 8. HOWLAND, ray 30 67 Washington street. Second J land bails and HtfigtH; AN entire suit for a ship of about 0 font, and 8 or 10 anchors, nf asnrted tizes, for tale by POTT &. M'KINNE, mv 30 50 South ttreet. KOLbEKY. ON Wednesday tveninj;, tome trunks were forcibly opened at VVathiogtoo Hall, and the following articles taken I double c nse Gold W xtrn, horlrontal, cap - peoj nd jewelled, seconds frwn centre, gold chain and key ; makers, Haynei 4 Krntnh 1 gilt Hauling Watch, s'eel chain, and lar;e cold enl muner, Wm. Hauglt, Porttiaouili, No. IGiWI A lose cake Purse, containing 1 eagle, 13 or 14 hall eagles.4 guineas, 2 hall' guineas, 1 English shilling, one l - 4cut ol a dnliur, soma American cniu. tome hall dollars and quaitert, in a paper bundle ' A small bos, containing a Diamond Trnarh, arid tome other pins and rins and a pl.jin goM ring ; a gill chain ; 4 net k handkerchiefs, Uire - ocketdo. purple border. Any persons who will give information, sothM the property may he rerovered, and the thieves brought toiustice, shall be liberally rewarded by fETLR M'LVl YRE, Wa - lungtonHall. my 30 6t TO STONE CUTTERS. A 3 UMBER of stone cutters are wanted, to gntothecity of Washington, to work atthe Public buildintt waget two dollurt aid a quar - ttrperday. Their time and expeacei in going ne auoweu tnem. ivme need apply tnt those who can produce suitable rccrmmeodli lions of their being good and tteady workmen. Apply J0. M'COMH. fcyJOlw At the City Hall. lUSI' received and ior sale by COI.LLNs A: I1ANNAY, No. 230 Pearl street, Practical 'Rati to nooeit Heart, on some of the many aysof doing ro - td ; in a numler of letters to ;dry fcmalet by Euphro'i e and Christina." ' which are adJed, - Til - Mights on II duty of Pray in - intcl.nols, address, d to scholars of both sexes, h nn inttroctor." Price 60 cent, half "n.i ; ot I a o ntt bound. my 4t LUT.tliitinorniiig, Ktween No. 57 Vesvy - ttr - t & Coectiet slip, a NO I E of II A . D, oraw by Bwj ssam I land, dae.l April W.IS'H, u.n,tt,ikrt tfijj C6, iufav ar of f tav L.l - . tadnrthall be well rtwarde i, .. uoui;r snail ie wcu rtwaroea oy rl!.S. e,lhJ K - ROBINSON, Ftj. No. 3? L - ?i '"TV the subscriber at No l;7V - t ,,T 1 B,J,e can bs of no use to tif. (ml - S011 J. A. FREXCII. TT7ANTED, 'a lid, to serve at S waiter and r - & f T go of errai dg, and assist in doing the wore or a mail laniuy. enquire at 80 Hud on - treat - mv 30 tf MAUOOA.W tOts, CHAIR AM) CAU1 MKT HHiNITURK,' .Vo. 49 JUCKh.tUff.STHF.ET. 'pilK suhscrilnr Ugs k - ave to rttnrn hinin - JL ceretl.hum to II,om! ladict and gentlruif - a who have been kiod i nnuli to hooor hiio with theircoiumandi, and to inioroi then, and the admirers of handsome furniture iu guacral, that he hat on hand some very elegnut sofnf, chairs, card, enibroke ,md tstending patent dining ta - bits, grand sideboard, inlaid w ith high polished uiiiamuiuai inaw - wurii anil rose - wood, card tablet to match, Grecian pouches, sof ., chaise loungers, uiusic stools, chairs, A:c. Also, a li brary stcpth;.ir, the utility ol which he particularly recomnieuds. All furnitiue ivnrranted of the best quality and .'. I J . T wiuuuj.iujiiii', ami ui me utwusi i.uruptau lam - ions. Ordrs executed to any part of the union to nny orawiu?, ou me idobi reason:il..e terms and punctuality lorcaHi. Ludiet or gntlintr. having fancy woods, may nave intra i;i:tnuiaciurea to any article lliey wish, by applying as above. mv 30 im . A. M HAYWOOD. TWKNTY Yl K bULLAKb HKWAKU. LOST on I hursday l;iet, a book like a bank book, containing a !it of subscriber's names to the K aii'tlitul Uuardjan und Iteview. On the first pagu wus a power from James Laitburn & Co. to receive monies, ftiul sevi r.d re titits signed by Mr. Carrel. Alio, a Pocket Book, containing a sum ol"uiouey in bank notes Any person who will return the bnnk book will re ceive ten dollars, or twenty five dollars will he paid for the whoir, on leaving ttiein ut this office. may ju vt v. ;V . ; .v vr afe. ANOF.RSOX, af hit manufactory, 5 - iMai - li n lane, hrit on hand a fine ann rtnient nf SPKCTACLKS, in sold, silver, plated, eilt. stci; and torlnii.uiihi.ll I'rames. wilticnnvev. con. cav, orsrecu i - yes. lto, lvhblet, goeslus for weak t)e, (iM:rn, readme and mai'iulyinc elan - es, rye glasst - t t wilh gold or silver for tbo short sighted, hotuiiicHl glaiie, lintn provert, and spectiicle cutts iu a variety. j. a coiiiinucs to maniiiticture wants in every variety, and lias on hand a v. rv tit "nut assort ment ol sword and other Canes, mounted to suit every t:isie, wnolesale and retail discount liber al ti. whMcsa e dchler. ftV - CXSKH aud SPF.CTACLK3 made and repaired to order new glasses titled to old fraino". and evcrr attention nriiil to those whr apply for Sofctaclcs. my JO I m Pl3 1 CO ACH akd S I'KA - BOAT L1AES, f UU ftilU'lDt.Lrtll.l. via PowLrs - nooK k elikahrtntowr foist (Through in One Day.) rc?ir. ANL'W Line of Pott Coaches with every convenience lor pattcr.gtn and baggage, oo Springs. The Post Coach will start from the Coach office, No. 1 Courtland - sireet, near Ercadway, N. Yoik, every oioriuns, (Sundays excepted) at 5 o'clock, by way cl Netvaik, Elizabtthtown, lirunswick, Priucton, Trenton and Bristol, and ariite at Philadelphia the same afternoon, at 4 0' A second Line of new Post Coaches will start from Sew - York every mornins. (Sundays ex cepted,) at 10 o'clock in the Steam Boat Atalan ta, loi'geat l ronton, und arrive at I'hiladeipnia, in a Steam Boat, next morning at 10 o'clock. r are a uotiart. P. 8. Fasseusrrs are re.nuesletl to call and take their seats at the i.flicc No. 1 Courtlandt - street, New - York. lmted States Mail Coarh, for Hnlailelplna, Baltimore and Washington City, with every convenience for passeiigi. rt and baggage, cu spring'. The V. S. mail coach will start from the coach otlice. No. I.C'ourtlandt - st. New - York, every day at 2 o'clock, P. M. and arrive at Phil adelphia next mormiie atoo'clocK. luly b pas sengers anointed. ror sentsintlie ahovenamed Lines, apply to PHOS. WHITFIELD, at the old e - lanlished Coach, and Steam Boat ntfiee, No. 1 Court. landt - stieet, near the corner ol Broadway, INe w - YorU : or to A. T. GOODRICH At CO. No. 124 Broadway, corner of Cedar - street, New - York. 0OAll goods and baggaxe at the risk ol the owner. JUal.l'U b,U., u.& t cw. N. 0 - Expresses sent to any part ol (tie t on linenl.hy THOMAS WHITFIELD. my .iO HA ROW ARE Just huicie.l I rem Munuri . oa sale at No. 65 Fine - street, consislin: of Banbury Locks, Stioon and Sniffles Pnlih'd Roller Buckler, Jnpan'd Ho. do Blark and Brignt Shackles, and Double Pad locks Cart, Key, Fancy, Trunk, Black and Blight, .Shackle, Single aud Double Holt Pad Locks Curry Coml.t, Spring Hal J rapt , Irou Candlesticks, Woodscrew t . Awl Blades, Pearl Buttons, Brast Case Locks Bright WroHxht I numb Lab net Norfolk do. Cox's Currier's Knives Til! l.ork. Cart But Hmret. my 59 3t HICr., WI.NE, lie. 30 prime new Rice 6 pipet sup. Port Wine 6 hhds. 10 qr.caks 1.. P. P. Tencriffe do 3 ir. casks Lisbon Wine 5 do Malaga do 50 hoses Claret d,! 10 chest. Hyson Tea) linfilitU ca 0 20 cliests Skin di s St) caks Double Gloucester Chce'e 10 casks Ilibberts Brown Stout, lor tale by . PALMER ii 6AIULt.fl, my SB 4t woollens. HOSE and Point Blankett Ingrained Carpetii.g, common and tuper, Venetian do Wilton nnd Bru'tcls Hearjh Rugt Printed Table Overs, green, blue, scarlet, Sic. Blue Cloths find CnMins'i. Received per Ann Maria, from Liverpool, and for sale by F.D WARD L WE, my It !io. lb w liiiaoi sirrei. PA Msli DoLLiARa wauled by V.1. SHOTVVEi.I. At uu., my No. 45 William street. FOR SALE. A N excellent gi; and taddle Horse, 51 - 2 Years old. t l irk rrev trott last. Alplv at HILL'S Sialics 45 .Maiden - lane, my 2U lw SPERM OIL. WINE, ic - 2300 gallt.snm - mer tlramed Oil, in barrels, tierces and hhds 30(i4) pahs, whaie Oil in barrels - 10 casks topeiijr Boidtaux Claret, fit for botlleiug 6'MO lbs. Whnle:,one;in slab Xi tnxe newsiniicetiCaodiet 20 reels Ki alutky U mpen yarnt CO coils cordnsrr. s.irted sites, for sale by U.lYDOCK At JE.NK1XS. myC6 1w onth sreet. MONLl TO liUAA. FROM liOOIt to Ju.tifO Dollars to loan, to he secured by Mortjage oa Real Estate in tint city. Apply l ROBINSON, TOWN At BENSON, iry 25 . '44 Wall - street, IKJtll LlAWS, SH&ULWS AMU HI - APKRS. BY th bite arrivals from Dnblin an J Belfvt, HENRY M'MCKAR ii CO. hava re - ceircd 4 - 4 A 7 - 8 linens, 5 - 4 aLeeting, in half pieces 7 - i lawns, J - 4 diaper 3 4 brown lmeas, ia half pioces . Russia duck aadt ble vloths, which they offer for tale on reasonable tero&s at No. 67 Fine - t. Dvxv t6 2w D tit i - wr , i ' . Vr SALE. Thercry Cue brier ALONZl). Grn, muter. .163 tons, is in excellent order. and can be sent to tea at a small expence - flppiy on Doara at loverneurs - u hart, or U POTT & M'KINNE, ' rny 29 56 Soudi - ktreet 'or SALE. - The burthenaome tcli. ANTELOPE, of lOi tons, lying at Jones - wharf. Apply to my 29 fUlT & M'KINXE, 56 South - street A Ulil (lIU.r. LUVllUItT 1' . a . s u - jtumtan ana mrttuntu Plater will have immediate dispatch. ror ireigni or passage, having spacious ac cominonauons, apply to 1'OlTfc M'KINNE, mv SO ft6 tioalh - street. frf. ' riimuiil ur vi.inir.A, Sl 1 he ti - hr J ANUS, cmt. Taber, 106 Litoui, a tint rate vessel of her class, will ue reaay to receit e cargo in five days. For sale, landing iromsaid schooner, ' 10 bags prime St. Domingo coffee 2 tons logwood 2 pipes cognac brandy. A pply tn K. FISHER, my 29 lw 5t.Sou.h - ft yr flUHl.LHTOX, The regular packet bliin TF.LF. r.HAII, Fannintr, master will meet wiui inimttiiaie ampalcli. For Ireiglit or pas sage Pp'y on board, e:.t side lluiling slip or w AbUN li. I'lir.LI's. toy 2 183 Front street. ton PORT - jIL'PHIM K, ...I... t . III IL1. 1 V?7 mnmuiirti w nr. Vcrrncr., c;i: Jtiaku'Tat'er, will have ouick disualch For ireigni ol i'UU Mils, or passage, apply to . J. L - MONTAUDEVEIt I , Ho Wall - street, to or WM.& ti. U. A. UICKETTS, my 29 lw ' 4 Cioverneurs - lane. or tKKlGUTor CJl.ilrtKR, A very superior coppered till!', mo mently expected from an eastern port, IciilHft, and can proceed immediately cue tv here for a carjo Apply to G. mv 21) G. S. HOWLAND, 67 Washington ft. 'or Sale, freight or Chnitrr, frchooncr MORNING STAR, bur iftiutheu 9Jt(ins, will stow 800 bhls. is I good vessel, and ready fur a voyage, hes at IJover - strei t v harf. Apply to It. Si C. W. DAVENPORT & CO. mv 23 X VT U I ' I l v The thip ANGELICA, llartlctt ?hc iipard, masier, will f::ilon Sunday next can take 50 bales cottun, an I uccommniJatc J more passengers, it iwi ,. application is made on board, west side llu:lin(r - slip. or t X. L. A; G. (.RISWOI.1), mv CS 16 South.stivet. - r A. D'.iV.N ".. The regular packet srhminer UN DAl'NTED, N. lllackmun, master having the greater part of her cargo engaged, will sail on sjit'urd tv 3Cili inst. (w ind aud un - ther permitting.) For remainder of freight cr passage, apply on board, west side Coll'ee - housc - slip, or to AX SON fJ. PHELPS, mv 2S Pj3 Frtmt - strect. ht AMSTFMHAM. 1 he regular trading - britr OHIO, E. Caiman, master s has part ofhercariro eiiifed, Mini wilt be dispatched without delay. For freight or passage, (having very good accommodations,) apply to the master on board, at pier no. 5 north river, or to J. U. ZIMMERMAN, my 27 tf ' No. 77 Washingtnn - tt. fOH 8AVAJWYAH, The regular packet brig AMELIA, J. Mctt, master, will pofitivcly sail on Sun - d.iv fiinrntr.o - iivt nllli n;h:if frfti'. - .t miv ntTiT. J ' a - f - For freight or p.usage, having handsome acrom - I modatioos. apply niibo.ird. at l'iiie - st. w f. or to I TlIADDEL'S PIIELP.V AtCO. mav 27 4t No. CC tvmlh - iit. .'. .r V It'. I ilil. ti' 1 A'.S J The brig HOPE, Lawrence, nia'ter, iMo sail in & lew u:iys. She I" a very sul staulial fast - sailing vessel, not two years old; will take what freight may immediately oiler, aud can act oruuio lata a few passengers. Apply oa board, al Dover - itrcet whar.', or to J. It. LAWKE.NCE At CO. my 25 1 w 55 Pine - street. turSule. fretetu or C harter, The ship ORRIS, W. G. Pea. - e,mas - Sltcr, 249 tons burthen, will be ready to take iu a cargo m a lew days. 1 ho ship lies at pier no. 11 N. U. r or terms, p pply to G. 4 T.MEYER, my25 1w 129 Washing'ion - slrect. t or Iilaktlu, Mobile ahd SI. Sttuhcnt, The superior fast sailinjr new cat ket schoouer MARIA - ANN, capt. Lelfing well, (a regular trader) having partol hrr c ar goengaged, will niest with immediate dhpaUh For Irei' - ht or passage, ha vie R elegant arcoiniuo datious, apply on board, east side Old - dip, or to I K I tllo At HEKillCh, may 23 29 Cocnties - !ip. f HKHMTfor CUAHLESIO.y. 250 tons heavy freight. A pply to ANSON G. PHELPS, 1113 Front - street. mv i 1 ICHVJOND FLOUR ti TOBACCO 2j0 JA. bhls ruprrfiue flour, Haxall't brands 4.5 do Jo do country do 66 do' fine do do do I do X middlings ' 63 hhds prime old aud ucw tobacco 4 do do uew tobacco, fit for manufic. turers For tale by W. Si S. CRAIG, mav 29 4 Front t'reet. 'IVtt'O furnished rooms to Let, w itlim th ce JL minutes walk uf the City Hall. Kaiiuir: at 302 Broadway. niv 25 lw LtltAf Lt.1itiOiwill.i4t. JUST received and for tale a quantity of very haud - 'ome LEGHORN HATF, lately imported, which will be a.lJ, ti'h'r wholesale or rtlai), ou the most rea - oiiablc terms. Ladies who with to supply themselves with a fashionable, durable and elegant hat, hate now ao opportunity, by apply in to MOOKES K 111 DA BOCK, 323 Broadway, bear New - Ycrk Hospital, my 29 3t KJ tier Bottoms, 20 to jO inches CO casks Wrought Nails, Ijig. and Am. 6 baks I tall. in Paper 7000 lbs. Locdjn Stin Twine, for tile by CECRA At CLMLMG, my 21 76 Pearl - ttrect. FLEMISH SHEETING'S Ate 60 piecet V flemish bheetioics, tusorted - 1 case Lne Irisfi Lintn n mnaott 500 pieces first ipj.dity blue Nan keen I 100 do do do Ions y How do 50 do strip'd Seersuckers Derk and hebt mixed Vizouia catsemeert Coburg and brot. - n mixeJ do Firtt quality tuff and white do For isle by the piece or yard, hj my23lwi JOHN BOWEN. SUGAR 9 bhdt. 4 14 I Lis. Jamaica Sugar, of a veiy superior quality, landtug from to British tchr. Laviaa, ior tale by CALLER M'LF. A 4 CO. Bly233t j 59 Pioc - tticeU in - p FIFTY - ONE ceroow Ia2z, V bagt Coffee. , I li do. Cccoa, Curscat. 2100 Hides I 1300 Horns, J Lauding at pirr No. 1 1 East River, from brig Active, and hi tale by JOHN ifEFFERNAN, 34 South street In Sfare, Lisbon Wine, in pipet aud blnls. Madeira do in do . do aud qr casks my 19 Sw tjT. CROIX RUM, SUGAR At MOLASaES. sJ 45 hoesheadt? .... hogsheads J barrels I 103 barrels "'1ir 5r 14 puncheons Rum. Received per hrirf William Henry, from St. Croix, landing this Say at pier No. 1 1 east Ki ver, and for tale by READE At DE PEYFTER, ' my 26 lw ' :t Old Slip. DTVllJOl I NS, Sc. - 20Demijohu, of 5 xiT - lons each, tmd 6 pair Mill Hones, from 4 It. 3, to 5 feet. Received per brig Ohio, from Amsterdam, for tale by U. VO?, 73 Washingt m str. - et. Also, Watch Spring! aud Watch Chums, my 27 lw LEVI ill I Kit. 5i siilcfi undressed upper Leather, for sale by AN; - :ON G. I'll ELF?, mv 21 lll.t Frout - strc - et. U, HEAT At Fi.OUlt. MM l.u.ln. pi line Vir. w heat, in good order for shipping 50 hb't. superliue rl nir 6 do fine ' do 27 X. midlines, on bonrd schr Dotlire, llealv. from Peter.hnri;, 'a. for tain by 11 A V M liSouth - iitrett. In Store, for tale. 300 bb!s. New - York superliue iVAir 70 do Richmond do do 4') do Alexandria do do 5 d Ficdi - ricksbj. mountain do o'0 do Rve U iir yo do 1 tnladtlplii.i do do S. P. Plug, my 28 4t 11) I 'TON' 49 and ."2 round bales J Ceoigia Upland Cotton, fur sale by U ILLEl'S U LAWRENCE, mv29 lw No. 92 Pine - street. A ROW All i: CUTLERY, &c I Intid ;iii;l tinned saihliory Knitting l'in","rron and Sleel Sleelj'anls, tickles t Knm siiiKl forks, airrentl vaiicty, f Pattern Cards RiitoM, Srissors, Pen andof them Pocket Knives, Stud Plate Saws, Cliizzels . I'htiic Irons, Drawing Knives Flics, Rasps, Card Wire, Frying Pans'ih bliftci'd i'rowlry find Millinglon ' Steel, &c. &c For sale by EDWAHD LYDE, my Sr. tf IMo. IU William tlreet. IN K. 50 CiiteS Cli.ref ine, ront.iiiiiin; It 1 d..7 ii each, 16 do d' 3 di,n ei h, ol the growth of Urnnne Muiio:i, vintage It! 10, re - :'i Vi fl per ting South Amerira, Irom Bordeaux, una lor sale by A. C HAUL 4 SU.Nc. my t "moaky toToan on Mortgage. AiliW DOLLARS arc to be hndon unin - vrvf vfciiiiihered property in the city. Inquire ut ANDW. STOCKHOLM, - clock nml l.Hciciiipe uruUcr, mv 2" tf No. bU William street. IJRIME LI LAND t:OT'l ON. - 55 bales I prune Upland Cotlun.jusl rereiven per ten .Mary, Irom eavuunub, lor snip iiy UI IJ K v WAN, my 29 3t 157 itirl - street in - 'J tic Dirertiirs ul the iMjw Yorlt pi.titu - tion for the instruction of the ricitf and dumb, announce, that it is now open for the rei eptionol pupils, at No. 5b CliiiUiuiii, corner ol Chamber street: under the sntriinteudiiiicK ol the llev. a. O. Stanshury. The terms oi bonrd aK'l..0wr annum, includim; waslnnn K ineiolin ; pupils to ini't nn ir own tieds. i tiiti'in in per ann. in cludinz slutioniry. Thou' who uie unable to iiay lor their tuition will in .ko application to the siiperuitendaiit, llml llii iri .ie may I c und lie fore tlie board id dueclois. JOHN ii. SCOr P, Sec'ry. my I riod 2v rSw JU LKI That very pleasant situation at Hrn - w on, in A - j liiiii street, coii'iclmg nl a good mul com i mi nt ilwelling house, in oniplent r pnir, a stable and mit - kiti. hey, nnd other ont - hou e, a w 11 of excellent water, and 12 lots of ground, laid out in a handsome gar b n ; rnntiinitig a variety of fruit tre tuid tlirubbery ; formerly occupied by the t:ihscriber. and lately by Mr. James Bailey. Enquire of ' WILLIAM W. GILBERT, my2 eod2w (ireenwii h Lane. MECHANIC - HALL, PA KKI'L.1 VKXE IF - YORK. lll. - j well - known esbihliihmnnt, hat been . "it in complete order, newly iurui.hed, 1 painted. He. and it continued in itt former style of comfort and convenience. Equally divettetl fifth re'emony of a private hourding bouse, oi the and bustle nf a tavern, it combines the advantages of both. Itt airy und healthy situa tion, equal 10 any in trie! city, (corner ol liroait way and Park - I'luce ;) its proximity to the Theatre, City - Hall, Academy of Arts and public Balhs make it a desirable residence for travel lers of every description. The table and wines will be ecjual if not tupe rior to any in America. Fatties can be accomodated with private par lours and other rooms, and every exertion will he made to cotittiliute to the coiniurt of those who may give it a preference, my 29 ' DlwAXlm NOTICE. Qj - All persont indebted to Watert Furmnn and Charlel I Johns, (for street manure) are re que.'ted to call and settle their nccoiiult with ei - Uierof them, or with D. 4 L. McmI, at the corner of Pump 4 Eldridge - stn ets, formerly rilled Third - . - treet, on or tx ion the first daV'fJj'y next All eri'ns having demands against them will please M present their accounts lor tc - ti:e - uient. WATERS FURMAN, and CHARLES DOERS, my 12 d.tclmt 'The subscriber offers for sa.e his rcsi - . r .1 . . i .r ii .. . . jsjoence ill ine lown o. r a iiieiu, nine 01 Connecticut. It is pleasanlly situated, on the Boston road, about hall a mile Irom Long Hand sound, 55 miles Iron) New York, and s!0 from New Haven. The house and out - hoasn are in excellent repair. The fruit yard is well st aked with a variety of peach's, apricots, clurncs. pears aiid Ffrawheniet. 1 iiere are 111 it e 11 101 y acadi lines for the educutiou of youtn ot both i s el. r rom one to six ncres ol excelli nt land. at the option of the purchaser, can be hai will the huue, and the purchase money, if desired, cn remain on inttixsc. ror terms apply i ISAAC M. - ELY, Eo. 76 John stntl, N. York, or In the II jn. JONATHAN s TUK.G ES, Fair liold. CoimjccIicuU my 6d.tMI DAVID ELY. ia zPOHISJUr - A At MLIU.U A f O. - EPH FINCH, gun - maker, respectfully i informs his f. - ieud and the public, that he has conimeoctd business in the store No. 3 Wall - street, nar Broadway, where be has lor tale a vary baniLoue assortment ol single ami double - barrelled gcos, Una rifles, fusees, Ue. ; also, thor.tiii; tackle generally. J. . . Mill retains tut old stand, ao. sti ureen trirh - street, for the woiking department aud sliippinj bnrineas. Orders left at either place will be attend to wilh all possible exjieditioo my 7 . Di;CIm AX ASSISTANT TbTOli ff'AXTKP, IN an academy near the city of New - York A airzic gentleasan, cgood morals, and r - .... T . . - .fiU I .tin ilh sh'e to teach me rumaieuu , 11. the h: - her EoglUb branches usually UutfU in xcadcinirs. A graduate of a co! in In lm - Ud Statet wiU be predtrred. Apply at tl ortic REMOVALS. E7M0HN LO R I M t K G il A IX AM, attorney at law, has opened hit ol?k - a at Nu. 43Cbtmler - ttrcet, near HrodwTy. ni Id 4 w QjT JOHN fROC; TOK, jut. b;tl removtil from No. 62 Beekman to 106 Liberty - street, when he ttiU offers liberal autxipaiiaus oa property ccn?igod to hit friends in the Mt dits rr - otau. For further particulars, appVy as above, or to . ABRAHAM BELL, my 7 Ini corner of ClitTi Fultoit - t. tt MACK1E, MlLNE A. CO. ved to No. 61 l inr - n et. - have rtji.i mav I i JE1KR D. Tl'KCtlT m orui. Li - Iiieiu! and the public in erternlthat he has lemn ved his Upholstery Ware IJiiuso from N. C5 to ip. tj ivuiden Lane where lie oners lor t.ue ine cletcsn' patterns of I'titw.r ILirgii cs, jut received by the latest arriwls from France, on Ha - inoi re is.nislile terms. my z Im (tS I , Sitth instant, on the '1 turd Avenue, be. - 1 tween Bowerv an. I tlie live iinU' slom. n In. ly's Llttck liidispcnsnl.le, containing about ti n or iwciveu uar auvl a pair ol tpectaclet, atid several other ailii li s. iVImsneser will return the suuie to No. 51 Itowi iy, sIimI! ret eive a good award and the thanki of the owner, my itf If . ' . Merchant' Hur.h IHvntend (Cj" Notice isherdiy itivtn to the Stockhol ders of the Mrrchaii:i, thai a DMdend id lour per cent, or two doihe t on cell share fur six mi m t lis. from the first of December lust, will be paid at the Bank on MonJ iv, the first of.liine next. Hv order of the Hoard of D' - rectors. ni29'lm ( II YltOOM. CsshV. LAM I )h. Otr STI.PHI.N B. MLNN, No. 220 Pcaih trei f, New - York, purchases Lands iu the lllm on I erntory, wliii h has been set npart fur the late Army. I.elteis Irom Die countr) rivirg a description of tlx patent and the price akcd hit each lot, v ill he attended to, if l ost paid, my l.'i DACif STEAM BOAT NAU'ilLUS. Theslenm l. - at NA1TI - in win nen uiw:r tun . y.fSmy follows, rx::ept on Sun lus. l.KAVl: MOW YORK, At 5 oMoi k in the forenoon, li do do II ib do 2 o'ciiH'k iii tlie afternoon. 5 do do I.KAVR 8TATF..V Itl.AMI. At 1 - 2 past 6 in the fireu'inn, I 2 ) uf 9 do 1 - 2 jmsl 12 in the uf'ernoon 3 o'clock do 1 - 2 past 0 do OIS HCMIATS - I.F.AVK KKW - fORK, At 5 o'clock in the morning, 10 sin do I o'clock l.l - the afternoon, 4 do du I.KAVF STATF.N ISLAND, ' At II o'clock in the forenoon, 12 putt 1 1 ii'ch i k do 1 - 2 past 2 o'cIcm k iu the afternoon, 7 o'cI'm k do Pastengert to the Narrows and Rath will, fin the preterit, be taken down on Sunday inonii'iu'. in i In - 5oMm h boat, nnd be idled fur about bull' past 5 o' lock in Pie i vi ning. The fare to Stati n bliind will lieV!,'j cent", nnd 1 1 Ii and Ih Narrows, 60 cents. Children h ill price. The - NAUTILUS is 0 new bout of ureal speed in fine: mdi r, witliooil n cnnimodntioiis :nud i propelled on thu Li;inst.n nnd Fulton ilau (III ii count n tlie plf asaiitni si ol l:er tour, tut advantages of Sea Bathing ut the places tin - vi itt, the variety nnd beauty of thu prospects the) irJont, the cheapness ol tlie lure, nnd the excel lencc - of the refreshments and accommodations on hoard, exclusions in the NkuIiIus lor pleasure or hiisim ss, will he Inuml exeriilniu, ni;reealile slid healthful. As 'he is tilted for the Iran ,por - talion of Horses and Carriages, and the wharves and lloats at New - YorK, btntcn - Uhind and the llorse - boat Ferry lit thu Blazing Star, nn pn ed lor s tle and commodious embarking nnd huidi.i" travellers in the l'ost Cbui?es, or in private c:i rbiget lalween New - York nnd Pluindi Itihi i Tn iiton, I'rincetun, Net liiunswick, or Wood bridge, will find the route by fhn Nautilus mi J the Turnpikes across platen - Hand to New - Brunswick, the' shortest, cheaiitst nnd most pltMSnnt (uat can he si looted . JUII DKrOliKhT, Captain. StafrnM.iml, 7lh Muy, KJIU my 19 Im ELI II.IA T PistAU HiltTllS. I OS. MI.H)N. 14 ftL.iden l.ane, hns jii't ie - I reived hy the Venus, a larae nwinituienl til excelli i,t 1'iano fortes. Talent Hutis, Hn - vo - I Is, Ate. mniinfacluied etpresdy for him by C'le - menu At Co. Loudon. Alio, Piano r orte Smiles in sets , new inuric, and every attic le 411 the inu sicnlline; instruinintt taken in exclinn;r. and tun - rt provided. my 99 If 'pliE POWER OF iiELIulO.M cu tlie mind, X. in retirement, etfiVtion, and til the approach nf death, ixemplitied in Ihe experience and trstimoiiiet of eiiilily one persons, distinguish ed hy their erenfnets. learmnir. or virtue, hi 1 II. .. I, - r .. . .. w f itiuiray, irom me sixteeiiin iunuon coition, price fl 95. The Domestic Mnntifacturen Assistnnt nnd Family Directory in the arts of Weaving iiik! I 'ymg. rompreiiendiui; a plain tyttem ot directions w ith many u - ( In! tables and drafts, illustrative of tlioe arts, price fl 60cts. pist received, and 1'ir sale al the .Mmervn Circulating Library, No. 2h i BioaliVHV,cpposittf the museum, my 99 I'l.rASK 'lit T.iKe. MOTICL. QAT ISFAtri ORY rei oinnieiidalii.ns will be s civen, if reijurtfed, to any person tvantinga miilolo egeil married mnn, to post books, act as a coller for. ni; - nf, c. either for the whole or a pnrt of hit lime, even to one hour in the' day. Any conini'inicalion left nt this office, s illier verbal or written, wiis be directly alti noed to. N. It He resides in the neighbourhood of the Banks, Post nflire.Ajc. my 29 ii J'ACOH HAUSIIEfl most respectfully in forms his friends and the publir, that lie continues the business of llair - dress'ng, 4c. in its various branches, at the pld establishment, 4 Peck - slip, and will be happy to wait on all gentlemen who will be kind enough to render hrm that share of patronage, which by hit assiduous attention he hope to merit N. II. U baa on hand all hinds of razors, stmps, hones, cloths, hair and teeth brushes, of a superior quality, which he will dispose of on moderate terms. my S9 2t VVS - js '.t3 MAG EE 4 SON, I . v opposite the Hank i0 ColT - e House, coiner f tt HTTVCVTaT He LUT!, ",'"":".i J", a - s . s. . . i X J. X - " '"r.'TJ" "1 i li ;s inmeni oi oanrisiss, p TT? A S fon at reasooat l - tcrmt 1 flaioong which are tlie lol . iiiii.ioir : B Ouiiac Brandy 3V 1J a sJ lloil.Ddand Am , Gin Owrtl Oil Jumaiea Spiriti loiix risl, J .. . .. , . . ' Hyson, ( TEA of fh latest Young Hyson, and? importation. SouchooX, Loat and Lump, J Havana, SUGAR, .71 ocovodo, J Mace, CIovm, Cinnamon, NuUueffs, Al'pice. Castile and Brown eoaps, kc. 4C. my 19 2w NURSE WANTED. A RESPECTABLE middle aged woman i wanted at an attendant and narsa to tick ludy. Apply at niyzotl "O. a note aireei. COTTON. FEW blM "f Upland Cotton, 57 boxes II. Noo'rt t nvlUM 2tX) rj. boxct Spati'sh Segrt, for by ny 25 1 - ! 3"i Burl:r ibp the by 3 cut f.,. , PUBLIC SALES. . fi MILLS, JKIXTOX St CO. ' At h - ll;.a..l Sc' their auction room, l - ii Pearl - it. a geatr - 1 assortment of frtsU im - , ported Dry Goods, amor - which are 4 cases Lor.Jon scpcrUur blue, bhrk and nrowu cloths ( 1 baiet aMrted fcjmbstetts, 2 truiik' iicy prints, 1 ca:c .uoetins, 1 do tbirt - "ijs, 2 irui,tscavtil,ric muslins, L cac madapol - I mi fliirtm':', I do litli'tta riutious, 1 do thread ; U. e., ! i: Cf hdkfs., 1 uo tin tvlstockisjt?, i .;:i. - :y ui!.Vi 9 do papar faas, IdomixtVati loo its, J b.tla - eanieu'i shirts, Sic. iic. a s . under the kspecltca of tlitj wardecs of the port, Icr account the tnderwrltert. ono case women's ta l rhildreo's beaver hats, duiua - gt J on tne vcydge nfunportaUoti. Wednesday, At 1 1 o'clock, iu front of the aucticn - room, for np rocej endorsed m.tcs at 90 days, ".icatks DRY REI i LEAD. ' MAUliLK t'OH iit.iLuiii, tic. pro) rielnr of the southern nurble qua JL ties, near Kin ''t - Bri.lse, eive ootict. that they have oa hxud, and are recciriiir, nt tlia h tux t - nrttige .Vttrlti cud tuic - )aii, foot of Bcath - stretl, osi the li'u Ijoo river, an ix'entivo st'.i k of marble lor building, of ibfl I jihiwiug J - iciipiiont, vn : Adilar Copirjf ' Fouu.iati. - n Eluiie t 'bimi.r v - l'iecct Faciiit;. Ciniia.iu . AVutortablo S'ep, 1 1 itiormt Sill - , Lintels Arihcs Al - o Lime rf the bet quality. 3 jT A ctui't mt supply of ttio nbuve mnieriali may be. calculated uponj and thoie drtieons cf puixhasing, or mnkuig r.Ktgrmeiit, will apply " , EZRA l - LDLOV, Feb 1 1 At the Yard. .. rrluitui JiuuL, - Vay 5, I jlU. VTj Th annual ele tion lor I )ife(.tnrs ef this institution will be held ou TtifSMlay tlie 21 d.iy of June uext, t the BtuiUin Hume, bitwcia the hours of 10 and 2 nVIo - k. By order of tbo Hoard of Directors, G. 13. VROt)M,Cadi'r. miy.ri tjj MCrUALT.VM Ua AC rl CuMf.iA'fO'f Tile. CI I Y OF At II ) OUK. 1 he Presid - iu und lliiectors give no - t ice that a dividend of four tiitd a liulj per cent, on the f 'pi'.ul stock i f this O'.n.rjany, for six niontli.'i, uill I c made i: the ILIi invt. Mid pjul on .Icin.ipil to the torkb(dders tit their jltoti'ies, at No. 5J V. .ill s'icet. tiiv 6 Im JOHN PIN IWRI), Sec'ry. UO 'ihe new! LRltt' loa i Sliomtlie loot of Unlhiil street, New York, to the foot of Little street, Brooklyn, near the Navy Y aril, 'will commence running on Sui.dny, thel7Jhintt. J er - nus crossing to ItiiHiUivn from" the upper part ol the city, will find the distance much shotlened by using this feiry, my 14 TON I INE I Or f EE IIUUsE. Tin coinmilbe lor managii g the afTaiit i the Toi til v I ullVe llou'e, give notice, that a Dikiilend of Si vend cu Do'l irt iter share, for the year einlini; the I't in - t. will be paid the pro luiilois on or alter the I'Jth tint, at 4 Hroad - utiecl. mv 1.1 lot I'l AlAR'l IN Ll.l.t.c a.ul NATHAN C. HAS KE, Attoitiiei at Law. have opened their elfice at An. 119 Pearl strei.t. lh id ?w (li" I'tie CoiiHeiiiees ul ilie I rm Ohio. Irons Aiiisierdnm, will cooler nn oliiiKulion oa thu owners l) s nding Ho ir pi runts to the store ol' i ne siiiise nner as si ' n us rem lie, at taid line will commeui e tol' .;dii,r tlie above pou immediately alter thiicurao beuij; ilio'hnrgcl. J. v., my 2d No. 77 N jthiiiKKm stieet. NOTICE. . - fl The Riimr bun Hail Boats, Nonpariel, and Industry, limn the Lhxabeth lown Point, for iNh - Y t'k. s:iils lr.oi Murkctdrhlitien, WKim ' Ihe Stiam - tjoat Atalaut i loiiin rly (aur to,) at in o'c '1 k, 01 each day. Psts.ign - i 1 - t cents. l.i.ijUiie at the S'cain.bont Hotell, of VANDLRI (M)LA PHILLIPS. mv 21 If fry A (toted nieeiing rl the Titsti - es of Co - Ii! in In College will be held ou Monday next, the n hi ol June, nt lOn'rloek, A M. in the Curi ae. CLEMEN I t, MOOTM., Clerk. h.y VC3l i (t'r - All pi mum lining ill oiiuidi acinus! the ert.ite of Daniel D iwiitn, l ite 01 (lii city, cart - 110.11, inu rciiui 1 d to pKteut l!n in, .mil. those u.deiiieil will iilrnre to in. ike payment to SAM - Ul.L DOWNING, No. 2H Pel slrtel. New York, 2llth May, ICIb. tJERtiK DOWNING,) 4,,ini,1:..tAr. JOSEIT1 DODGE, Juu.j Administrators my 2U 4l ' ' ' 'J J ' I he tiauk notes of all the naukt between this tily and Albany received at our office al a discount of 3 - 4 per cent, iu sums over $"0. livings i on it Tracy, 29 waiut. The highest price given for W Hart, may 27 .ORATORIO. 'IIIE stanilmg rc - Di'idtter of the New - York I Handel and I Is win S.x iol y give notice, that in r.onsi qiii nee of the sulisrn'ptioni not bring rcpiAl to tnr expense ol giving a splendid oratorio, at the time contemplated ; have resolved to keep the subsciipiion npin until Saturday eiening,thc 3')th inst. and unless the subscriptions sliail then warrant the incurring the ex. pensr, they will abandon giving the Oratorio. Subscriptions left ut Mr. Itiley't music store, f'lihlhuwi street; Mr. Ensthurii'i Book Ktorr, hio.wlwny ; Meisrt. tioodnch Si Co't do do; Mr. DuIkjis' Mimic Store, do : Mr Geib't do. Maiden Lane, Measrt. Kirk At Mercein's hook tore, Wall stieel, and iMcstrt. Sword's Book Store, I'enrl tlrei 1. . N. H Price ol tickett to subscribers jilt ) nou subscrihers $i each. my 27 4t t'Ull SALE. Air,:) A country House and rurm, cntueenst i .A ... ... .. bank of Hudson's river in the Highlands, about 54 miles from New - York, Ivirg between the country seat of Wiilian Dennning, F.soj. aiul cspt. Phillips, and nearly opjiovile West Point. I he farm enntsina 121 siTft. The house (which was built in I80J) hat 12 rooms, exclusive of the kitchen, and possesst - t every convenience necessary fbr a family. Ihei is also farm - lwi.r," htm, ttsble and other out houses, in gnml nrtler, a garden and a great vafiety of Unit trees of the be, kinds. fitrther descrijitioii is not gien, because ner.nn. inclined to pnrchsse w ill no doubt nisftnn inrnnru iv ii i s . rt"'. - . - w riew the premises , for which puniose spplic ... L , tn Mr. J.mes Thomnson. on - - . - the firm. For the terms oi saic - , enquire oi VM. HENDER - ON, 53 Wall - street, New - York. mv2l 2 lm AT AL CTIOX, U C. G. FONT A INK. " l'DNRSMAY, June 3. at 12 o'clock, in the T. C. II. the three story tuhttantul modu - n built brick House 71 Leonard street, handsomely. fin shed, and wi 11 calculated for resilience cf a genteel family A fee simple, and fi ec from all incumbrances. Lot 25 100 feet. Terms rt tale. Tburaday, 4JJtinf, X o'clock at No. 7 1 looard - atrect, an elo rtnt assortment of Ftrni'me. . . . a ... Consisting ot carpers, looKmg - giasscs, parentis - nil secretaries, taLlcs, wardrobes, toCs, glass, plate, china nmamentt. Ate. Alsi several very vaiuaDie dooki ano imn - 'i"'n whicli are, 1 on Naval Arciwecuirc, " - Atlaa: a set of A rowsnrtUi'a Maps ot sou World f. sme J prints 4c. .,,,'' Also, bedstea - Is, beddinff. blankets, J - n;t.,re and utensils, china tea sets, aj 1 kmds. . . . . . i. - .l mle enanue nour'joia lumiiu". r., ; mv 2i St lire, A.C. . . s - . A ;' J i - i . v. - 1 i I ' m j: ; All i 'I, ? ' i l.l ; if: .'' . ft. m e' M hi t'ii i ? i ' f ' i. il f - '' ; i ; . f jf c ' .) :. r ' i: ' ) t

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