Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 16, 1936 · Page 18
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 18

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 16, 1936
Page 18
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EIGHTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE. APRIL 16 · 1836 *NOW DO YOU BELIEVE IT? THEY STAY , IRISPI RELIEF LEVEL IN IOWA IS LOWEST FOR TWO YEARS Government Jobs, Private Employment Increase Given Credit. DBS HOMES, (ff)--Increased private employment and availability of government jobs has reduced Iowa's relief to the lowest level in The state relief administration's WHOLE WHEAT has flavor and bodybuilding nourishment. Nature looks after that Now, at last, the Kellogg Company has found a way to blend the benefits of wheat with ihe flavor and erispness of rice, Kellogg'a ^Pheat Krispies actually stay crisp in milk or cream. Buy a large economical package from your grocer. Enjoy Wheat Krispies often. Made and guaranteed by Kellogg in Battle Creek. CUT RATE GROCERY SAVES YOU MONEY We lead in Price, We win with Quality. ·····^··MBHi^HBBBI Same Prices -at Both Store* 30 EASTP |ffi 112-113 512 March report showed Thursday the number of relief cases for that month totaled 24,981, or 106,604 persons. In February, 1934, the case load totalled 24,712, or 92,295 persons. The report showed a steady decline in 'the case load since December, 1935, the February load this year amounting to 30,201 cases and the January load 33,606. Load Has Fluctuated. The relief load since February, 1934, has fluctuated between 33,000 and 67,043, with as many as 2T2,- 472 persons on the lists for one month. Coupled with Administrator J. C. Pryor's report was an assertion from Ralph Kuttinger, relief administration secretary, that during March 26, Iowa counties carried their own relief load, without federal or state aid. 2,980 Get Jobs. At the same time Frank E. Wenig state commissioner of labor, reported that during March the federal-state employment s e r v i c e placed 2,980 persons in private em ployment. lending- another indica tion of the upturn in private em iloyment. The Iowa works progress admin stration has employed as high a. 5,000 persons, but during the sam period of tbe relief list decline, th WPA rolls also have declined, drop ping to 29,402 employes on April 1 Relief officials said the March ex- Prices Below Good for Friday - Saturday Brown Sugar, 10 Ibs. 46c ° am ount °* scrubbing can give whiter clothes, gleaming dinnerware, unless you use a'cleanser that cuts through grease... unless water has a fair chance to wash dirt away! . , Soap isn't enough -- not in this stubborn water! Try the modern, grease-dissolving cleanser, CLIMALENE! Sprinkle it in the water, a tablespoon or so, before adding soap or flakes! Climalene renews walls, tiles, linoleums and woodwork to a ftesh brightness. Finer cleaning, at yi the usual soap cost, in Vz the usual working, time . - - that's what CLIMALENE has done for me!" · * · BQWLENE, stops bathroom, odors , ,, We, at your grocers. C-3 ·^·^^"·^^^^^·^^··v^-- G«t Your Cigarets at West Side Cut Bate Pure Cider Vinegar, gaL . . Raisins, pkg Dried Peas, 2 IDS. . . . . . . . . Salad Dressing, full pmts Brooms,.good . . . 39c, 49c, Mac. or Ssaghetti, 3 IDS. .. lOc Corn, 'Peas, Tomatoes, 3 cans · · · · 15c Corn, Peas, Tomatoes, 2 cans 29 10c 35c 19c 59c 25c 35c 35C Sardines, 1 lb. tali can . Radishes, 3 large bunches lOc Head Lettuce, head 5c and lOc ISc Salmon, Z tall cans .. 35c Mackerel, lb. can Tuna Fish, can Shrimp, per can ·Red Salmon, per can - · Red Salmon, 1 Ib ]flo Light Bulbs, S for . Vanilla, 8 oz. bottle lOc TABLE SALT, W 15e I Mr. Farmer: Bring us your Eggs. They buy more here. lOc 15c 15c lOc 25c ense report was still in prepara- lon, but they expected it to show a ecline corresponding to the drop in elief rolls. Grinnell College to Have Future Vets GRINNELL. W-Phil Taylor Grinnell college student, reported Thursday a post of Veterans of Fu- ure Wars and a co-ed auxiliary will e organized among Grinnell stu- 6 Taylor said he had been author- zed by the national council of the ,rganization to form the post. ·The first project we'll undertake" Taylor declared, 'TTMI be the erection of a monument in memory of the yet unkilled soldiers of iu- ;ure wars." Fatally Injured When Run Over by Tractor JEFFERSON, UP)--Injuries suffered when his brother, Charles, accidentally backed a f tractor over him caused the death of George Gerrish, Scranton farmer. Jon~es Dies at Oskaloosa. OSKALOOSA, W--W. G. J° nes : B7 Beacon justice of the peace, died ·[£%£* pneumonia. He was unmarried. Man Struck by Car Dies at Des Moines DES MOINES, /P)--Oscar W. Yeater, 51, died in Des Moines general hospital here Thursday of injuries suffered when he was struck Monday by an automobile driven by Vern Oatley, 20, of Des Moines, as he walked across the street. His widow and five children survive. Men Are Entertained. STACYVILL.E -- Lady Foresters entertained tbe men Foresters at a potluck dinner followed by a card party at Visitation ball Tuesday night. Prove Soybean Soap Produces Lather on Use With Hard Water KANSAS CITY, UPX-Tests proving that soap made from soybean oil has lathering qualities which withstand hard water were announced Thursday before the American Chemical society by Dr^A. A. Horvath of the University of Delaware. In "the first paper ever presented in this country on the sub" he reported finding that 100 'cent soybean soap will lather in distilled water for one hour. John Casey, Des Moines, Buried at Forest City FOREST CITY-John Casey, 60, Des Moines, was buried after rites at the St. James Catholic church Thursday morning. Mr. Casey, a ior- mer Forest Cityan, died m Des Moines Monday night. Widow of Murdered Man Marries Again DOES MOINES, (a--A. E. Adamson 29 Detroit crane worker, was married to Mrs. Donald MerngaD, whose husband was slain by Dewey Berlovioh in the latter's night club here last year. Investigate Drowning of Basketball Player at College Initiation )-- Oktib- Thursday the drowning of . Barklcy 22, star basketball player of CotLport, Miss, «u*jg an tat tiation ceremony at Mississippi , of the faculty said Barkley sank in the waters o f t h e horticultural pond after he and about 20 others had been ordered to swim across u part of their initiation into the Future Farmers of America. I STOIBBAM BETTER 28c 28C 4Sc 15c FLOUR, 49 Ibs. $1.89 Cake pan tree with every sack FLOUR I Jer. Cream Flour, 49 Ibs. $1.29 Oma Flour, 49 Ibs. . . . . . |l-b9 Sunbeam Flour, 49 Ibs. . ?1.89 Seal of Minnesota, 49 Ibs. $l-9» White Flour, 5 lb. sack . . . 28c I Whole Wheat, 5 Ibs ..... I Graham, 5 lb. sack ..... Whole Wheat, 10 lb. sack Corn Meal, 5 lb. sack . . . Crushed Wheat, 5 lb. sack 29e I Crackers, 2 Ibs. 15cl9c Asparagus, 8 bunches ---- 25c Milk, 4 large cans ....... 29c Marshmallows, lb ........ we Toilet Paper, 4, 5, 6, 7 rolls 35c Grape Fruit, 5, 6 7 lor 25c Catsup, large bottle Tapioca, minute, 2 Ibs, . , Tapioca, Pearl, 2 Ibs. ... Pop Corn that pops, lb. Fancy Fig Bars, 2 Ibs, , Fancy Ginger Snaps, Ib. MBfBBBBHH! Fresh Shipment of Chick. Feed, 25 Ibs and 100 Ibs. Start. Mash, 25 Ibs. and 100 Ibs. Block and Stock Salt 25c 25c lOc 25c lOc I Prunes, 2, S and 4 Ibs. .. 35c Olives, quarts 25c Sweet Pickles, quarts 25c Dill Pickles, quarts 16c Peanut Butter, jar lOc, 15c, 25c After Dinner Mints, Ig. pkg. lOc I Dried Apricots, per lb. · · 19c Crystal White Soap, 5 Bars 18c Egg Noodles, bag 15c 1 Egg Noodles, pkg 8c Lima Beans, 3 Ibs. ."..... 25c Pineapple, S cans 25 ss!9c29c35c Oranges BUTO-NUT COFFE PER LB. CAN.. 2 LB. CAN .. Drip or Regular iimimiiiiiiniiMiiHiiiimiai 30 E. $tate St. Phone 112-11 512 First St. S. W. Phone 11 Cut Rate Grocery United Fruit Co 33 East State Street PHONE 749--FREE DELIVERY two Car Loads Potatoes THE FINEST GROWN FOR SEED AND EATING FROM RED RIVER VALLEY, NORTH DAKOTA IRISH COBBLERS EARLY CHIOS pli .35cTr$1.95 Bermuda ONION PLANTS 5c (white) 100 plants in bunch Young ONIONS, CARROTS, PARSLEY, C bunch J *- ORANGES for juice. Extra large, ^Qf* dozen J; ' 1 - GRAPEFRUIT, large, 5 for 25c PECAN MEATS, l b · - · · 39c 100 lb. bag $1.65 ONION SETS, OC« yellow, a Ibs ««'*· PEPPERS, each .· 5c RADISHES, 3 bunches lOc OH, I WISH WE COULD BUT I'VE GOT A BIG WASH TO DO! U50K,MARy! HERE'S THAT , , MOVIE EVERYONES RAVINS ABOUT. LET'S COME BflCKTIJIS AFTERNOON AND SEE THE MATINEE. AND LOOK HOW SAFE IT 1! FOR OIORS-IV£ WASHED THIS PRINT DRBSSCOWS OFTIMES IN OW»Pi WJTH- OUTASieNOFBWNfi AND YOU DON'T HAVE TO SCRUB OR BOIL AT ALL--1 CAN'T BELIEVE IT! REALLY, IT'S AMA2IN6 HOW SAFE AND MILDITIS-ANDYETHOW FAST IT WORK5! AND WAIT TILL YOU SEE HOW WHITE IT SETS THE CLOTHES! LOOK! ONLY IS MINUTES SOAKING, AND THESE PILLOW SLIPS ARE WHITER THAN EVER WHAT! YOU SAY IT SOAKS OUT DIRT IN 15MINUTES? I'LL BET IT'S SO STRON IT RUINS YOUR HANDS-AND FADE COLORS, TOO 1 NONSENSE .'HERE'S SOMETHING THAT WILL GET THAT WASH DONE IN NO TIME AT ALL- IT'S THE LATEST "NO-SCRUB" SOAP INVENTION-- $1.15 APPLES for cooking. 7 Ibs. 25c; bu. box BANANAS, 4 Ibs. WALNUT MEATS, Ib. FLOUR, Jersey Cream, $1 25 49 lb; sack · V*··'«' MRS. BARCLAY'S HOME MADE BREAD lOc MONARCH FINER FOODS MONARCH FRUIT ASSORTMENTS Bartlett Pears, Peaches, Pineapple, Apricots, Spiced Crab Apples, Fruit Cocktail, Royal Ann O / J C Cherries, size 2'/i cans «Jfor Red Raspberries, Black Raspberries, Strawberries, Red Pitted Cherries, Bartlett Pears, O 39 C No. 2 size cans ·. *· for MONARCH VEGETABLE ASSORTMENTS . Golden Bantam or White Corn, Green or Wax Beans, Tomatoes, Spinach, 9 QQ« No. 2 size cans ** for *'·'*· Diced Beets, Diced Carrots, Red Kidney O OQ f Beans, Bean Sprouts, No. 2 size cans .... *l for t-UV Monarch Jumbo SHRIMP Monarch KETCHUP Monarch COFFEE, lb. 29c; ... 85c Jar Yacht Club TUNA - . . . 15c Farm House PEAS, 3 for Monarch SMALL PEAS Early June. No. 1 C _ 7 ci7.p ran A v V 2 size can COFFEE, Hill's or Folger's lb. 29c; 2 lb. can 56c Cool Spring TOMATOES, TOMATO O JUICE, CORN. Size 2 can ..... r ....... ** cans Silk Tissue PAPER, (1000 sheets) ' 9C 6 rolls ^J BLACK TEA, lb SOAP, Pels Naptha, 6 bars PANCAKE FLOUR, 3'/z lb. sack GREEN TEA, lb 15c RINSO, large pkg. 19c National Fruit Go. 101 South Federal Ave. PHONE 824---FREE DELIVERY I CANY GET OVER. rr! IF IT WEREN'T FOR OXYPOL, I'D STILL BE IN THAT OLD BASEMENT SLAVING AWAY ! NEW KIND OF "NO-SCRUB" SOAP Works Faster ...Yet Far Safer on Colors, Hands! · Everywhere women are switching to this new and amazing laundry soap discovery-OxVDOL! Because of the time it saves on washday! Because it ends forever the back-breaking drudg- Developed at the cost of $1,000,000, OXYDOL is utterly different from old- type soaps .. . different in action, dit- ferent in results. It is the result of a patented process which makes mild, gentle sgap much faster acting... a formula that makes it 2 to 3 times whiter washing than less modem soaps, by actual test! Combining speed and safety in a way no single soap has ever done before. OXYDOL does these amazing things: (1) Soaks out dirt in 15 minutes, without scrubbing or boiling. Even. grimiest spots come snowy white with a gentle rub. (2) Cuts washing time 25% to 40% in tub or machine. (3) Gets clothes 4 to 5 shades whiter than other soaps by scientific Tintometer tests. (4) Yet so safe and mild in action that every washable color comes out sparkling, brilliant, fresh. And hands stay soft and lovely. OXYDOL is economical, too. One package often does twice the work-gives twice the suds-lasts twice as'long as old-fashioned soaps. Get OXYDOL frpm your dealer tomorrow. JESTED m APPROVED Bt EOHO HOUSEKEEPING ·m v DIAMOND BREAD WINS AGAIN! SCORE 97% Highest Award!! Diamond Bread Wins Silver Trophy Again in Notional Contest for BREAD QUALITY (5th Time in 2 Years) This beautiful Silver Trophy is awarded each month to the bakery whose product scores the highest in national contest. DIAMOND BREAD HAS WON THIS TROPHY WITH THE highest average score for Bread Excellence obtained in competition with Bread from thirteen states. DIAMOND BREAD not only won the Trophy but the unanimous praise of the judges for its wheaty flavor, its light and fine texture and its More Food Value. Try a loaf of DIAMOND BREAD, and you, too, will give this bread, the award of your preference. Try This Prize-Winning Diamond Bread Today! It Scored 97% See Trophy on Display at Gildner Bros. Clothiers

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