Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 23, 1931 · Page 4
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, March 23, 1931
Page 4
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE ZS rrrar Musical Programs Giverf in Mason City Churches Concert Presented by Male Chorus of Gustavus Adolphus College; Local Musicians at St. John's. Two. outstanding musical programs x were given in Mason City churches Sunday. A group of Mason City musicians appeared In a vesper service at St. John's Episcopal church in a celebratio'n \f Passion Sunday. At the Immanuel Lutheran church a sacred concert was given by the lyric male chorus of Gustavus AdoJphus college, St. Peter, Minn. Some of Mason City's Jeading mu-* Bicians were heard in a Vesper service at St. John's Episcopal church in a celebration of Passion Sunday. The outstanding number of the program was a duet, "Emmanuel," i by Coombs, sung by Mrs. C. G. ·Maudsley, soprano, and Mrs. Vf,. L. Bennett, Contralto. Mrs. Bennett's voice was also excellent in her solo, fUnto Thee, .O Lord." "Ride On!. Ride On!" by Scott was given an excellent Interpretation by Mrs. Bennett, Mrs. Maudsley, Earl Dean and Guy Crosen who also sang "Open Our Eyes." A violin solo, 1( Ave Maria" by Gounod was played by Mr. Dean Dr. R. P. Kunz and the choir sang the anthem, "If Ye. Abide in Me.' "Meditation," by Massenet, was pTayed as a solo by Mrs. R. E. Pat- · ton, who presided at the organ thru- out the service. Gives Sacred Concert The Gustavus Adolphus group Bang before a fairly large audience at the Immanuel church. 'A total of 12 songs were sung bj the chorus in its regular concert Included were such numbers as "Re cessional," by De Koven; "Leat Kindly Light," by Dudley .Buqk "Tie- Holy Hour," by Nevin, anc "Watchman, What of the Night,' by. Sargeant-Salter. Two Swedish songs were especially delightful. The first was the fa- wiliar "Hor OsS'Svea," and the second a choral,' "Till Mitt Hem," by Krorrier. The program was lightened somewhat by two Negro spirituals, 'It's Me," by Parks, and "He Never Said a Mumblin' Word," by Grey. In this group was included the outstanding among Negro spirituals, "Deep River," by Burleigh. It was announced that 13 of the 23 in the chorus intend to enter the ministry. The chbrus left for Forest City, where a. concert was scheduled to be given Monday. GIVES SERMON ON EARLY CHRISTIANS The Sunday" school at Grace Evangelical church opened with a number by the orchestra. At 11 a. "m. the Rev. P. W. Pfaltzgraff talked from the theme '/Infant Baptism." ·in his message he dealt with Bible {references, the writings'of a num- 'her of the early Christians, objections to infant baptism and the-rea- vfspnablenesa ot such baptism.' ' a i i choir sang \"The ;JHecrt of jr^McAfeei: ?Mrs: ; : : Eewins.; led he Junior, E. Ii.i C. JE.'l and MrsV-C. J. ;;Baker ws;:ih charge of/the 'Inter-' '. inediaie society at 6:45 p. m.-Thehna ^Collen was the leader in the Senior Si. L. C. E. Gospel singing opened the evening service. Donald Johnson played several selections on the Jiiano accordion. Mrs. George Scheef sang a solo. The pastor talked from. £he theme "The Fatherhod of God la the Light of the Parable of the ^Prodigal Son." The services of the day were well attended. Announcements were made of the · special Cervices for passion week and the Easter services. The evangelistic meetings began iunday at the Trinity Lutheran hurch with Evangelist E. L. Scots- old speaking at both services. The vangelist' began the series of meet- ngs by presenting God's gospel call as recorded in 2 Corinthians 5:20-21. le showed how the whole plan of God to save man centers in Christ. Mr. and Mrs. Alden R. .Eggleston resented their infant daughter, ^leo Jean, for baptism. The spon- prs. were Beulah Pi Eggleatbn and [jbyalTNelsn.-':': : :?? r ' y£\ ·· V.X' : ."?V r ' : ''' WORLD IMPROVING, SAYS DEAN HAGGARD " . Dean A. M. Haggard expressed his belief in-his sermon Sunday a the Church of Christ, that the. world will he running right within the next 200 'years and that modern missions' for over 100 years 'is th greatest chapter in world history. ; Step-by step he traced back thn. the dark ages to the early Chris tlan centuries for the origin of mod era missions and of the 600,000,00 of Christians. He found it in th first Christian century and foun .. its central, figure to be Paul th bond slave of Jesus. Then he rea second ; Cor. 11:22-29 and asketi '"Why did Paul give up a promisin career of honor and promotion an go thru these' persecutions and di a martyr? Because he believed wit all his heart and. soul that Jesu Christ arose from the dead. He be Heved that the verdict o£ the Jew ' ish court which condemned, Jesus t death, was reversed on the resur recrtion morning. He believed tha Jesus was thus demonstrated to b ainless and-that he ·'could make al believers sinless if given time an co-operation." Then the minister pictured th events on the Damascus road an In the city. To the question, "Wha did Paul then do?" the speake ishowed that he filled the Roma empire with Christian churches wrote more than half of the New Testament, died a triumphant mar tyr death, left an influence whicr helped put a Christian emperor o the throne of the empire, an influ enco which survived the dark age and gave birth to the Great Refor rnation, and is yet moving. : COOPER SPEAKS AT TABERNACLE ~ Taking- hla text from the gospe of Luke the Rev. J. W. Cooper Evangelist, . spoke at the Alliance Gospel tabernacle Sunday. . "The signs of the second coming Of Christ," the evangelist said, "are numerous and are multiplying on every hand. There are more men under arma now than there were in 1914. The wortd is getting ready for the worst war that it has ever jeen. Nations get together and talk peace and then go home to prepare tor war. The next war will be a fear in the air. The world is waiting 'or someone 'to strike a match and :he .war will be on. "I further believe in the coming of the Lord because the Jew is going jack to Palestine. He is going there n unbelief. The Jew .today is get- tog concerned about Jesus Christ. God says that He "will gather the Jew from all nations whither they gone, before Christ comes back again." · The Rev. Mr. Cooper speaks every evening this week at 8 o'clock p. m. and in the afternoon at 2 o'clock. CONFIRMATION-CLASS GIVEN EXAMINATION The children of the confirmation class were examined during the service at St. James Lutheran church Sunday. In the sermon the Rev. O. Mai spoke ori Christ. He said thai "Christ was the holy Son of God. As the Son of God He is almighty and therefore can help us in all ou: needs. He is.also our ediator befon the throne of the heavenly Father On the cross He not only won a vie tory. for Himself but for us, over sin, death and the devil. Being the sinless Son of God He can give us a perfect and hold Word, which Wore will guide us in our Christian life His Word also has life and does not only give us power to live a Godly life, but it gives us also eternal life The unbelieving world rejects Christ and His holy word. The true children of God hear it often and live according to it. For them it is the inspired Word of Go'd." The Mission lecture by the Rev. . Taeuber will not be held Monday night Because the speaker did not come, the minister announced. EVANGELIST AT TRINITY CHURCH j . - : ' : ' · · . ' . r ' At .'the evening- service trie' evangelist took as his text Mark" 2:1-12, where the healing of the paralytic Is ecorded. The pastor announced that the meetings will continue each evening until Friday evening, at 8 o'clock. A large number attended the serv- ce at the Calvary church. A group of children of the Sunday school sang a number of Easter songs at .he, opening of the service. SfationaLTemperance Day Is Observed at / Church in Portland A special meeting was held in the Portland community church Sunday DAY Take two tablets of safe HILL 1 CASCARA QUININE right away-follow directions--and almost bo fore you know it that nasty COLD IS GONE. HILL'S works faster surer because each tablet is/a com pound of four medicinal agents tha combine to KNOCK COLDS IN / DAY. If not satisfied, druggist wil refund your money. Bad Stomach Cause of Bad'Skin You can't expect to have a good clear fresh-looking complexion if your stomach is weak and disordered. Undigested food sends poisons through your whole body, pimpiea appear in your face, skin grows sallow and muddy and loses its color. Your tongue becomes coated, breath most unpleasant; But these troubles will end quickly and skin clear up if you will start today taking that simple herbal compound known to druggists as Tanlac. Tanlac contains nothing but herbs, barks and roots which have a cleansing, healing effect on a poor upset stomach. Just a tablespoonful before each meal stimulates the digestion naturally so that you can eat what you want' without fear of distress. And when your stomach is in good shape again see how much keener your appetite is--w.itch how quickly skin begins to grow free of disfiguring eruptions. The cost of Tanlac is less than ac a dose. Get a bottle from your druggist today. Money back if it doesn't lido vou. HEAD UNCLE SAM'S NAVY Secretary of the Navy Charles Francis Adams, seated with. Admiral 3. V. Chase, commander of the combined United States fleets, on the deck of the TI. S. S. Texas, which carried the distinguished visitor'to the elaborate maneuvers of the Atlantic and Pacific fleets held recently off Panama. Tho conduct of the "theoretical war" was under the direction of Admiral Chase. : . ' evening in observance of national temperance day. A large number were present to hear the program which was presided over by C. W.' Files. Readings were given by Miss Ruth Fipperf;, Miss Carl Ludeman and J. W. Heinsleman. Virgil Hicks gave two clarinet solos, accompanied by Mrs. Virgil Hicks. The Portland orchestra played several selections and Carol and Lois Lude- man.sang a duet. Harry Davidson gave a shorl talk and the main address of the evening was given by Charles Knouse, local scout executive. Mr ICnouse said that special days, such as the one being observed, gave everyone an opportunity to "check up on himself." He brot out the poirn that we are many times guilty of intemperance in many things be- sides the use of intoxicating liquors, such as over-eating, too much pleasure and gossiping. 'He cited Jesus as being the great outstanding example of a temperate man. J. W; Heinsleman was the chairman in charge of arrangements for the evening. Feist Will Assume : Management of Plant at Indianapolis Soon A. M. Feist, 515 Eighth street southeast, will leave this week for Indianapolis to assume the management of the .Wadley Produce company. Mrs. Feist will remain here until the close of the school year. For several! years Mr'. Feist has been identified with the produce business, first as a . manager foi Swift and company and more lately in partnership with Denny Tierney. Mr. Tierney will continue the busi- You never see a suicide :With a fresh shave, shine and bath.^-Davenport Times. FREE ON R E Q U E S T »To acquaint yoti with The Pitmxciel World's great value to investors, we offer our nut !iso« and "Leader* of th« Neat Bull M«*ktt" free. Return \h'vt "ad" *nd your address. ^FINANCIAL WORLD Itrstslmcal WuHy -- ttxudvi 1P02 53-ii.Park Place New Yorlt MERLE SIMS ORCHESTRA OF ALBERT LEA · Will Play for the AMERICAN LEGION OLDTIME DANCE Saturday Night, March 28 AT THE ARMORY . Admission Always 25c New ventilating system now In operation. KELVINATOR gives you , \vo r I d ·- rec o rd f r e e z i n g s p e e d From water to ice in 80 minutes-nearly two hours faster than the regular freezing speed--is the world-record freezing speed Kelvinator gives you. And speed is important, because there . will be times when you will want ice cubes fast, .times when unexpected guests will arrive and you will want to make frozen desserts quickly. x Every Kelvinator model has the Iso- Thermic Tubes, the Kelvinator development which makes this fast freezing possible. But this "fastest freezing" feature is only one of the many qualities that make Kelvinator such a satisfactory refrigerator to own. Another feature you will like is the fully automatic control of four different temperatures. Kelvinator automatically regulates the four degrees of cold, maintaining the correct temperatures for every refrigeration need at all times and assuring you efficient and economical operation. Will you give us the opportunity to explain this feature in detail to you, and at the same time, to show you other features which thousands of women praise so highly in the Kelvinator? If you- will call, we will be glad to show you any of the twelve Kelvinator'models, so you can select the one which exactly meets your requirements. For your convenience, your purchase can be made on the RcDisCo Monthly Budget Plan, the easy and inexpensive way to buy an electric refrigerator. Installs This Kelvinator in Your Home Balance-- Easy Terms MIER WOLF SONS YOUR HOME SHOULD COME FIRST Top much importance cannot be placed upon the necessity of making the home attractive. One's earliest and most lasting recollections are of their home, so it is important in these days with the multitude of outside interests, to make the home so attractive that it will maintain its own with the conflicting- fancies of the outside, _, 1 - i rr The Model Kitchen and Dining Room Displayed at the Giobe-Gazette Were Selected From Our Store By MRS. RUTH CAMPBELL Mrs. Ruth Campbell, realizing the importance of attractive furnishings in the home, has selected the appointments for her model kitchen and dining room not only from a standpoint of beauty/ and utility but economy as well. As a noted domestic science expert she realizes the necessity of every one making the most out of every dollar spent and that is the reason she recommends Wolf's Furniture as combining beauty, utility and economy to the highest degree. Wolf's Furniture has always been offered and sold with the idea of giving the customer the greatest possible value for the money spent. It has always been our endeavor to advise our friends and customers in the selection of furniture and furnishings so that their surroundings may be made as harmonious as possible with the least possible expenditure of money Mier Wolf

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