The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 11, 1945 · Page 9
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 9

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 11, 1945
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

sj£6=~5a; ·m 'Ommittees to Be Named |f or Assembly By IOWA PRESS ASSOCIATION 7 Des Moines -- The 51st general 1 assembly of Iowa is on band .\ in the capitol city and do- 3 Ing business already after getting .8 organization practically completed ·jf during the opening hours since f t the gavels in both houses 1 rang up J/the start of the session. \f ' Naturally, the first week is one ef more formalities than any other but even at that bills are beinx dumped into the hopper'(or future 'consideration. This is due to the fvork of the efficiency committtti 'n both houses whose activities before the session may result in bntilor down its .total, length liomewhat. .The next big news, barring the runforeseen, will be the announce- merit of the committees in both houses and when that is finally done and the chairman call them together to get organized, the session will be in full sway, ,·; . The speaker will name the · com- /mittees in . the house after the i usual scramble by all legislators to be named on those of their own choosing, while the lieutenant governor, as president of the-'seri- ite, wiU do so in that body. fl This was not always the: case. S'ntil 1937 the lieutenant governor , lamed the committees" but that [' rear there came the unusual situ- ifition whereby the lieutenant gov- srnor was a democrats-John .K, Valentine--and the republicans ifild a majority In the seriate.._.. 'The majority took the appointive jowers away from the lieutenant governor and named a committee 7,n committees composed largely ·of republicans which then proceeded to name the committees for the session. . .Republicans then figured that to do the job in this way would as- ;snre their own party members of g e t t i n g the Important posts ^/vhereas there was no such assurance If'the democratic lieutenant governor was allowed to select them on his own. . The following session found the republican majority returning to the lieutenant governor -- then Bourke B. Hickenlooper--the prerogative o£ naming his own committees, since he was of republi- ca affiliation. It has remained so since. HARD TASKS AHEAD: No legislature in recent years, and perhaps in Iowa's 98 years as a state, has faced the tremendous tasks that are ahead of this one. This is because the state is in splendid shape financially but it is in not too good shape in other ways since the usual business of repair, construction, etc., has not gone forward in wartime as it normally would have in .peace. . Thus, there are-many requests for foods and much money to meet them -with but the joker in the deck is that many, of the requests, such as the $12,000,000 school code revision proposal, and the .recommended. $638,000,000 long-term road project, need funds not only for this year but for future years as well. , So legislators favoring some oi B these proposals must look, not only | to where the money is corning from to pay for the present programs and these additional programs for the next two years, bu1 where it is coming from to carry them on for the next several years REVENUES: Folly of making predictions on future 'revenues is aptly illustrated in a perusal oi those coming in since the war . started. If you remember, it was | in 1941 that ho one knew exactly ? what was going to happen and state officials were rightfully-cau- . tious for fear revenues woulc f slump sharply, disturbing many j programs in effect and dependent £ upon them. | But as time wore on they dis- 8 covered that, contrary to their ex- .J pectations, many revenues in- ·Z creased while only a very few de creased. ( Sufferinff most were {axes col [. lected on gasoline and resrlstra tfons from motor vehicles.^ Thi:, ·was only natural since rationing started on fuel and motor vehicles except to those entitled to buy them on ration, simply could noi be purchased and many had to be taken from the road. But most revenues increased 3? during 1944 over 1943 which itself %was a better year than 1942. Pol- srjowing are revenues from special "^taxes which go Into the state's ;. general fund,- with the 1944 col- · lections listed first, followed by those of 1943: Beer $1,404,802, $1,281,885; chain store, $36,602, $35,087: cigaret $3,480,273, $2,629,897; equipment care, $60,029, $48,580; inheritance $2,012,274, $1,700,844; insurance Sl,980,439, $1,901,183; liquor profits, $4,500,000, $2,500,000; oleo- margarine, $227,934, $228,732; use $949,000, $1,066,701. Here are some revenues which go into the highway funds: / Gasoline, $15,208,025, $14,326,)71; motor vehicle, $11,735,976, 12,115,142; motor carrier, $332,410, $423,711. Here are some which go to the pension fund: Income, $7,720,705, $7,261,614- sales, $22,489,845, $20,170,177. The amount collected in sales :ax is the highest since it went into effect in 1933 and the 2nd time that it has topped the $20,000,000 mark. . The income tax collections listed represent payments of only 50 per cent of the tax which demonstrates how incomes have gone up in Iowa since the war started. They are nearly as much as the $8,491,482 collections in 1942 on the fulMOp per cent rate.- · THINGS TO WATCH: Humors have a way of getting started when a new -administration is about to take over and this one is no exception. Already there are rumors aplenty as to who will be named to this position and who to that. ' One rumor which started almost at the time of the election and which has continued to date places Charles T r i p l e t ! , Des Moines public safety commissioner, in line for the state public safety spot. ··· a ticklish position inasmuch as it is now being filled by R. E. Laird, Sidney, former highway commissioner, who really is filling in for Karl W. Fischer, Vinton, now in the army. Fischer is presumably on a leave of absence but .there is nothing to assure that he will be given the job when he returns, since in government it is difficult for the promise of one administration to be binding on another. . - - . . . . . Another rumor has it that Morton Nelson, Sioux City, may wind up on the liquor commission in place of the incumbent, M. I* Curtis, whose term expires. Gene Feuling, New Hampton, former state democratic chairman, is said to loon as a Blue choice for a highway commission spot which must be filled by a democrat, since no .more than 3 members of the commission may be of the major party and none of those 3 have terms expiring- In 1945. However, still another rumor says that one of those 3 republicans, former state chairman Fred Gilbert, State Center, may be transferred from the highway commission to the superintenden- cy of the banking department if M. W. Ellis, Charles City, does not ask for re-appointment. Another who is said not to be in a mind to seek re-appointment is R. T. Pullen, Spencer, who is on the board of control. If he doesn't '·--or even if he does'--the job must go to a republican. Still another name in the rumors is that of Cole Van Gordon, Des Moines, who once ran for secretary of state and served in the real estate division at one time. X,v^i yO«' F*r wll nt Ann tntitttn nrtf toifraanMitrsiTaUH.naKwn. · COUGH LOZENGES Really soothing because they're really medicated. Back F F Cough Lozenge gives your throat ft 15 minute ecothing treatment that reaches oil the way down... below the gargte Kne. Only 10J{ box. MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE F, R, SPEAKS ON NURSE DRAFTING Says Recommendation Based on Legal Advice Washington, (U.R) -- President Roosevelt Tuesday told his news conference that his recommenda- ion for the drafting o£ nurses was ased on legal advice. A reporter wanted to know Files More Affidavits Chicago, (U.Fft--Thirty-two new counter-affidavits, charging that government operation has been inefficient, that employe morale has suffered and that some customers have discontinued patronage since the army seized Montgomery Ward properties in 7 cities were on file Thursday in federal court. The affidavits, filed with Federal Judge Philip L. Sullivan brought to 84 the number submitted by the mail order firm in its fight to disprove legality of the Dec. 28 seizure. The affidavits were filed in re ply to government documents requesting a temporary 'injunction to restiain company officials from interfering with army operation of the 16 seized properties. Meanwhile in Washington, Don aid Montgomery, a representative of the United Automobile Workers (CIO), disclosed that he had filed complaints with the office of price administration charging Wards with violating ceiling prices at its Chicago mail order house. Montgomery, a member of the CIO consumers' council and the OPA's labor advisory committee said that price increases amounting to as much as 10 per cent or more had been realized' when the company shifted orders from its Chicago customers to Kansas City St. Paul, Minn., and Fort Worth Texas, plants. In addition, he said Kansas City customers were transferred to the Fort Worth plant. The company wrote Chicago patrons that their orders were being transferred to the Kansas City warehouse because a labor shortage prevented customary service Montgomery said. However, he added, Kansas City customers transferred to Fort Worth were sent similar .letters citing a labor shortage in Kansas City. Catalogues from plants in other cities quote higher prices than those listed on numerous identical items in the Chicago catalogue Montgomery said. Mouse in Piano Sings for Bread or Peanuts Austin, Tex., !W)_Hobert Call a Negro band leader, has a mouse that can sing. The concerts, says Call, last about 10 minutes and the mouse will sing for anyone who offers il bread crusts or peanuts. . The mouse learned to sing Call says, after it had built a nest in his piano. Lnverne--Miss Lillian Meyer of Des Moines spent a few days' vacation at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Meyer, north of town farmers. She is a student nurse. whether he was advised prior to his state of the union message that it was constitutionally legal to draft nurses needed urgently by the armed forces. He said that he had been told so by lawyers. "Under what law?" he was asked. The president referred this question to the attorney general, saying that he, himself, only used to be a lawyer. Meanwhile, Chairman Andrew J. May (D-, Ky.) of the house military affairs committee intro- THURSDAY, JANUAHY 11, 1949 duced a bill to draft nurses. May's bill would require draft registration of all r e g i s t e r e d nurses between 18 and 45 under regulations to be fixed by selective service officials. Nurses inducted under May's bill would receive the pay of privates unless they should be commissioned later. May said he hoped it would be unnecessary to use the legislation, explaining that he believed many nurses would enlist to obtain commissions as 2ud lieutenants rather than take a chance on induction as privates. ' May's bill would provide specifically for continuance of the p r e s e n t voluntary recruitment program. Local draft boards would be empowered to defer nurses found essential for civilian work. In his message, Mr. Roosevelt said the armed services had a shortage of 20,000 nurses. OPPOSES "INDISCRIMINATE" DRAFTING OF NURSES Minneapolis, (U.PJ--Opposition to an "indiscriminate" draft of nurses only was-voiced Wednesday by Katherine Densford, director of the University of Minnesota school of nursing ^nd president of the American Nurses association. "If there must be drafting of women, I am in favor of a national selective service for all women," Miss Densford said. "I feel sure that nurses will respond, as in the past, to the call for their services now that the urgent need has been brought before the people of this country," she said. Miss Densford also said she believes that it will be possible to 'obtain the needed nursing personnel on a voluntary basis, rather than by draft or forced induction. There has already been fine response to (lie appeal and more than 100 nurses applied for military service Wednesday in the Twin Cities alone, Miss Densford said. Goldfield--Miss Allis Stevenson left Tuesday for Columbia, Mo., to resume her studies at Stephens college after spending the holiday vacation at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Stevenson. BOBBY PINS, 24 Pin Card . CALOX TOOTH POWDER, 75c, Large 8-ounee Can . . HIS COLOGNE, The Man's Cologne. Four-ounce Bottle CHAMBERLAIN'S HAND LOTION, $1.00 Bottle JERGENS MORNING GLORY Cream, Cologne. Large Bottle PACQUINS HAND CREAM, 50e Jar · 7c «9c $1.00 83c $1.00 59c GLOVES 50c. Long Life Synthetic Rubber. Household «·*·«· Weight. Pair ZjPC HOT WATER BOTTLE SYRINGE $1.03. Wearever. 2-Year Guarantee. Each $1.00. Wearever, Bulb 69c .*-»»·*« tktuu * Wtt tfct enw lf the anlr bait color crayon ·ith a built-in bnith. Gray nreafcj vanish * ,, bruil«* oatunMoofcmg color on CTtaly,' right don to the Kalp. Neva leaves greasy «r flaky tract*. Ab- xluniv humlm! Wwhra off tajily!' Comes in I2 natural- looking abides. Yoarj u tfy among them. CO-ETS ,48 Cotton Q_ Squares, B o x . . . . 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