The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 30, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 30, 1818
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. i ...uA frnm A7 ..irs D'WOL' , JUOr. lin. imw" - .. jVwut - ltrtettoMbo - lh - itreet.BDd offer, lor - - ,, ceroon, ,ou(h American Tallow 11 toT cteao St. Fetereb..rgh Hemp, few HMiiiaL)uck; Oer - wSlwiiabuBM, ent.Ued to draw - IU nwim i e m ail William - street,) DM - hVTtir;owing WINES and IJQUOR3, selected witnjuogmeiu j which h offers at wholesale ami reuu., anted pure, at imported 60 pipe Madeira, from 3 to 18 100 hhds yeari iu wood. 40 cxcwkt ) 0 of very iupenor h"v JJTOrS? Ji old, and fr.efrom Boracha last Tort. In pit' bllle Tab!, wine, for it quality, th cheapest id America :r. : l.v.,1. j eneriiK, ua mm , , , Old Brandy, do. Hum, do. Gin,' not reduced 500 demij containing uve gauuua ram 50 iroce wine bottlet N. B. Those in the trade, and country deal . will find it to Uieir account, to supply them selves witbwine and liquors at the above esta - . . . ..i,.i, arill km criin to obtain artl Dusnmu, V" - J . , . , desoftht first quality, hi the lowest prices, and nr u mportea. . "'7 " tyj : LEASED. ON favorable terms, for along term of yean, 4 lots of ground on Broadway, 200 feet deep, extending to Crosby - street, between Hcs - ler and Grand - streets. a i... : u'air - trMt. nearCathtirtne - niarkct. I lot in Water - street, between Fulton aud HurUng slip. BV.v.u . and 10th wards. - r or particulars, enquire at o. 30. Cbattiani - sueci. may WHITE LEAD, fcc. fcc. J VlU lte London White Lead in oil 50 barrels do Dry White Lead tons Red Lead .10 barrels Bristol Rei Ochre SO do Venetian Red i tons fine Litharge JfO hrwghtad Whiting rjO casks Paris White ; hhds. crdigns , SO tierce r rennh Yellow Ochre 5 kegs Vermillion 4 casks Prussian Bine, 4001b. Crome Yellow; Patent Yellow Spanish B enetian rown, rnetian Ked. Yellow, VJX OIL. Ulack, Verdigris, , lampnlacU ; Ivory Black ; Purple Brown Spirits Turpi utine j I .intseed Oil 400 boies Window Glass, assorted For sale on the luwest terms, for cash or at "pETEft SCHERMERHORV k SONS, g43 Watcr - itre. t. OH COHSICSTMRNT. THE subscriber have received by the Hercules, and other late arrivals, and oiler for sale b0lcani,rnSha,I, "nr,1ware eonsistinj of ouwt oi tlie staple articles in the lins. 10 t;akoffii of every description - . S ' do of Keovons warranted hand, panne), tinant, sash," ttcmwi , A cases of do. mill, pit, and crosscut saws. , ALSO, 10 tons best London hoop L. Uli3t:red Steel, Crowley do. And a consignment of warranted Iialbacka Grmaa Steel, direct from the manufactory of J. it C. Ilalback ti Son, of ot Remst - hei.l. B. W. ROGERS & Co. my 2 215 Pearl - street. KEr' and PORK. M) bbls prime Beef 30 do do Pork, fur sale by PALMER &SAIDLER, ny JO 104 Pronttreet. W" ANTED, several young LADIES as ap prentices to Uie M ANTUAM AKING - BUSINESS. Eo(iuir of MISS MARSHALL, mT 14 - tf No. 7 t'edar - street. fMEA, TIN PLATE, BLOCK PIN, fcc. fcc. L 40 chests hvson skin tea 100 boxes Tin Plate, assorted 10000 lbs. India block tin iSOOO lbs. Spanish do WOO lbs. iron wire 100 tierces prime neW rice 50 bbls. tid;r brandy. For sale by A.NsON G. PHELPS, my 16 183 Front street. COPPERAS. 107 bhls. Copperas, l.vidiox, lor sale by POTT ic M'KINNE, my ti ft6 South - street. AVANA SUGAR, TALLOW, tic. SO btr.s hrovtu Havana Sut;ar, entitled to druwback. 1!0 cecoous South American Tallow 54 boxes Roll Uriuistnue, and 18 cases Tumlik - rs. Landing and for sale by JAMES D'WOLF. Juur. my 12 54 Siutli siret. c lO'lTON. IJl bales pi uue ColUHl, landiug from ships Mary and bavunuah 1'atktt. from New - Orleaus, for snle Hy D1V1E BETHUXE & CO. my ti 92 Coflee Houe slip. AJAIMS, OIL, dJ UhOi. Pari. White and Whiting . 60 bbis. Spanish Crown CO do Yellow Ochre 16 casks Venetian Red 10 tons dry aod grouud White Lead . 9 do Red Lead 600 lb. Prussian Blue 2000 lb. Blue Vitriol ; 3000 lb. Oil do 10 hhds. Copperas i 5 do 1'umke Stone 1000 lbs. Cum Copal; 1500 do do Shellac 100 bbls. Ground Cum wood 30 do do Logwood and Nicaragua 00 dj do Tumeric 5 tons St. Domingo Logwood 3 do Lar;e Nicaragua ; 3 do Red Wood 30 boxes Eastern Mould Candles Linseed, spermaceti and neat foot Oil Black and Bright Varnish 2X0 feet 8 by 10 Glass loOO do "7 by 9 do for sale by RIPLEY it WELD, y 14 193 Front, corn of Fulon - st PLAsiEtiOK PARIS 4IAiMI AC lOftY, At Oie foot of Uarrisna - strcet, North - River. t1 7 HERE manufactured Plaster, forcoroi - V V ces and other purposes, UBy be had, warranted of the first quality, at one dMur and Item - !fir eenUpcrbutheL i'he manufactory is conducted by Mr. John T acker, who hat served a regular apprentice - WP to Ute mxoa business). 31 JOHN BYERS. VJ KJ Boxes lireth Mcis'ma Lemons in prime order 50 boxes do do Oranges New hading and for salo hy yl3 PETER REM'SEN & CO. TM HIDES b COFFEE. 600 dry hides, avrag. dshl 17ite do d ,9 200 do do 34 d - J,WJ0 pen cJee, for sal by H. HENDRICKS, m1n 37 Besver - st. DOMESTIC ti OTHER WARES. THE subscribers keep constantly on band an extensive assortment of the following pood, viz : . Dutch and English Gunny Bags, Popes Heads . Crumb Brutlies Brooms Duster, or Counter Brvshes Hearth Brushes, fancy and common Had do do do Cloth do do do Weavers do White Wash do Shoe & Scrubbing do Paint Brushes and Sash Tools Clamps, 4. 7, 0 row Furnitiue Brushes Horse do . Bed Cords, Clothes Lines Sash Cords, . Trare Ropes Wrought and Cut Nails and Brads Bellows, fancy and common Do for Blacksmiths Hall ana Entry Mats raus ana rutis Wheel - Barrows Fine Wire Sieves Do Hair do Whips of every de scriptioa Seine, scwine, wrap ping, baleing ami ball j wiue Fish Lines Shoe & Sadlcrs Thread Dearborn's Ballao ce, tic. Which they will sell wholssale or retail on li - oerai terms. if.UUA & CUMIU. ap?8 Pearl - street. 1.1 AllU WARE, CUTLERY tic 2 casks XX Scotch spring Locks & casks plale Locks, 1 do Steelyards I do cheat handles. Uc. 1 do screw plates, scale beams, Ac. 1 do brass cocks, &c. 1 do bell metal kettles and skillets 3 do tin'd pots and saute pans 3 do fine padlocks 4 do Uanbury locks, hinges, &c. 2 do hammers, pincers, locks, &c. 2 do JIL hinges, A:c. 4 do anvils 1 do hammers and sledges 2 do black ti briirht vices, 2 do files 4 do pocket, pen and double blade knives 4 do (.ham buck and bone table knives 3 do buttons 100 da cut nails and brads, from 3d. to SOd. AUo, a large and general assortment of goods a)cnoB th shelves, tor sale at the tuost reduced prices, by ADA.MS A: BLACKWKLL, may 7 315 Pearl - st. VARON SMITH has removed ro 219 Broad way, 3d door above Vesey street, and offers for sale on reasonable terms, Black, white and col'd satins Gretu levantiue., luuisineand florence silk black, white, green and light blue reps Superfine white chip Hats, vtilli bands and ex tra crowns Elegant crape and fig. tafnta ribbons White, black and pink tulle lace Black Italian lutestrings Plaid, changeable and plain coljd do. Striji'd marcelme silks, Fine black, white and col'd bombazine Do. tahioetsaiid oplins Black and col'd Canton crapes tin'd Naukin do 7 - 4 and 8 - 4 Nankin crape shawls and scarfs Fig'd mid plain India mull muslin Do's, mull and cambric dresses and shawls Inserting and flounce trimming Thread laces, edgings and footings French huvn, linen cambric and hilkfj Fine 4 - 4 Iri'h linen Damask table cloths and napkin, all sizes Black, white and col'd English silk gloves Castor, kid and heaver do Best fig'ri nnd plain pearl buttons fllue, black, green and assorted tewing srlk Black, white and Col'd raw silk shawls aod scarfs Merino shawls and dresses Satin Jeans, black and col'd ealloons Hatbands, with a ecucrul assortment of fancy ana staoie gooas. my id 3w TOBACCO MAJWVACTOliY. fTIME Subscribers beg leavs to acquaiut their L IneDds and the public, that they nave re - mpvcJ their Tobacco Manufactary into their fire - proof store, No. 62 Water - street, where ihey intend carrying on the business on ao exten sive scale they have on haud a large supply of Pigtail rolls, made of best Ilichmond tobacco Sweet scented N. Head Ladies' twist Long cutchewing, in 1, 4, 8, and 16 ounce pa - pera do smoking do Macuba snuff, iu jars and bottles, by wholesale and retail Scented Rappee, do do StrasburgsnutT do do Freuch rappee do do Plain fine do . do do Scotch snuff in bottles and bladders Spaaish segars,'made of choice tobacco imported 2 years aro,and warranted genuine New - Orleans do. American do. Orders from the couuiry will be punctually and carefully attended to. may 9 lm I. NAAK dUN. f Ri.NDSTONES, HRlSIOL - WARr:, tic VJi bOU small size Unndstones, (assorted) 20 laree do Irom 6 to 15 hundred Wecht 1U0 crates Brutol Ware : cation & half eallon bottles in Baskets, of 2 and 3 dozen each and gallons ball - gallon I'einiiobns, lor sate ry WILLIAM COW I. r.i, my 361w 164 Water - street. OX 1 1 'Pons English iron, assorted, in flat and tmijJ square bars, a part of which is enti tled to debenture. 100 toos round iron, assorted, from 1 - 2 to 1 . 1 - 3 inch 100 do Swedes Cat iron, from I to 6 inches 50 do square, assorted Irom 1 - 2 to 3 inches ou oo eacn uai aim square nnssia iron !i0 do country iron, assorted 20 do ploughshare moulds 10 do a xlelree and crowbar moulds 10 do horse - shoe moulds 20 do brazier's rods, assorted, from 3 - 16 to j - U inch 30 do spike and nail rods assorted 10 do sheet and boiler plate iron 60 do English and American Hoops 10 do En - lih (L.) blistered steel 10 do Swedes steel 10 do Crawley do 6 do German do h rin hnr anil cast steel 20 do Bristol and Nova Scotia grind stones anchors 500 anchors, assorted, from 50 to JOCOlbs ' 1 do about WOUIbs. 60 rolls sheet lead, asu'd 3 to 6 lbs per foot 100 casks spikf t, ass'd from 4 to a inches 5H 0 do cot nails, from 2d to 20d 50 do wrought nails, assorted 20 do slate and horse nails 10 tons iron pots and bake pans, ass'd from I to 10 gallons, entitled to debenture 5 toos English spelter 20 do American hollow ware, consisting of Pots, kettles, bake pans Skillets, spiders, tea kettles Andirons, tic. 10 casks trace, ox and boat chains Anvil, vic and beak irons Forge, sledge and hand ham men Mill, cross - cut and pit saws Cart, waggtti aad chair boxes Wiodow ejass, of different sues Shovels, spades, hoes, tie. ... Togetler with a general assort meet of bard - ware aad catlery, lor sale oo reasonable terms, by ABEEI. DUNSCOMB, No. 363 Wator street, corner of J ames sli p. my It lw COTTON, fcc. 50 hairs Up! aod Cotton, now 1 W from scbr Mary, firon Savan nah. ' ' is smut - 6 Lhde inferior Georgia fobcc 4 bales Sea Island Cotloo. - Foc Me by UENKY THOMAS, By tt 61 o. S Jn Lane - SATURDAY, POST. 1L jJ.Ji - U - 1 J - y Ma v v " LL MJJLUlLVi - Mid V JU2di.N iLlNj vor NUMBER 43C0 IWOJV imVRAJVCE COJItPJAT, uince no. 5ti Wall - street, K73 Will receive applications for marine ri - ks, and for insurance on Uvea, annuities, &c. between the hours of 10 A. M. and 3 P. M. daily. SAMUEL A. LAWRENCE, president. WM. J. VAN WAGENEiN, secretary. BIBKCT0R8. John Oothout James Boerman John Richaud Charles Rhind James Renwick P. Schermerhsrn, jun. John Jones ; Joseph Smith James Strong my 19 lm Isaac G. Pearson, jr. Henry Major Henry Thomas Samuel A. Lawrence Churles King Robert Benson, jun. James Boyd, juti. Balthazer P. Melick THE ALliINO (ttr Presents his compliments to the Ladies and Gentlemen of New York, and informs them that he has taken rooms at Washington Hall, where he will be happy to receive their visits, f oin 0 A. M. to 3 P. M. and from 4 P. M. till 7. 1'ickets 50 cents each, to b had at he bar. my 3(1 1 in 'or England, via Halijaxx (A'ota Sroia.) (gj - Letters for his Britannic Mate sty's packet Francis Freeling, will he received at the Post Office till Wednesday afternoon, the 3d day of June. J". W.MOOIIE, Agent, my 18 .imencan JlcaJtmu of thejine Jirlt. rpHE Board of Directors tive notice, that the JL fourth Exliiiition ot this Academy, is tins day opened, nnd will continue open every any (Sundays excepted; iroin a in the morning nil UU'K. Admittance 25ceits. Catalogues 13 1 - 2. By order, ALEX. ROBERTSON, Sec'ry. Members and Exhibiting Artists are inform ed, that their cards of admission are left with the door - keeper. my 20 2w 'I MIL r RAN KLIN FIRE INSLRANCE L C COMPANY have their Office at No. 41 Wall street; where they are read v to receive applications for Insurance. The CAPITAL STOCK of Haifa Million of Dollars, is all subscribed and paid, or satisiaclo rily secured' DIRECTORS) Eliha Tihhit Philip Brasher. Henry I Wyt kolT, George Griswold, Wni. Uavaid. Jr. Thomas Franklin, James Walsh, Stephen Whitney, Jos. P. M'Kinue, Perti Jone.s, John Adams, Thomas iiucklry. John T. Lawrence, James Boorumu, Bunj. L. Swuo, John I. Palmer, KLISHA riBBITS. President. J. WORTHINOTON, Sec'iy. may 6 1m TUHJVI.W LA TH K. A MOST superb and eleaut lathe, which was IX. sent as a present by the emperor Paul of Kussia to general Kost iu. - ko, and cost in bt. I e - !i rhurgh 6500 rubles, may be seen and is of fered for sale at the Agricultural Repository, 211 r root - street ; where may be had Threshing macliines, ploughs, horse shoes Harrow?, chaff cutters, turnip drills Turnip sheers, churns, shoes of all kinds And a general assortment of agricultural ma chines and implements. Al.iiO, CO ciisks cut nails 3 do. horse nails, 8 and 9 ' 2 do. do. wrought, 12 do. lOd wrought SO dozen first quality American grass scythes 20 do cast steel sickles. No. land 2 1 cask weights and aetti Id bundle nr.reen and riddle wire. Catalogues of machines &c. may be had at the store. my 2o dt UHV UOOUA A AO THIMMIA'QS. f ANDING, per ship Independence, from LA Greenock, Kich scollop'd and straight sewed muslin trim - UlltigS do flounces, sewed, elcgaut patterns do tauibored figured India book muslins do sewed figured lenoes do tainhorud sprigged mulls Fine plain jacooat muslin Drawing muslin for dresses Striped ginghams, Black sewing silk Madras hdks, low priced Imitation cotton shawls Linen threads, assorted, fine numbers tout linen bed ticks and dowlas Ravens duck Alio in tlore, . 50 firkins pickled line herrings, put up for famU Iv use for sale on reasonable terms, at No. 2 Sloat - lane. may 25 7t WM. TODD ft CO. fr lADIOtt. k3 Ceroons 1st quality flotant indigo, just receiv ed aud for sale by ROGERS b TOST, 51 Sou'.h - street. I STORE, 40 doz. scythes, approved brands 4 boxes screw augurs 370 boxes' tin plates I - 3d IX 60 bags prim green Laguira coffee 100 bbls ground camwood 84 bundles sugar loaf paper may 22 4t TO 1 H It INHABITANTS OF NEW - YORK, AMD ItS VICINITY. WM. BRYAN, Dyer, from London, gratefully acknowledges the liberal encouragement he has received, frmo his Ini nds and the public, since his arrival Irom England. Anxious to merit a continuation of their patronage aud support, he has taken those extensive premise No. 37 nnd 39 Spruce - street, (late Little George - street,) where he has at considerable expense erected machinery and every conven ience to ensure uieir luiure lavours. Piece Goods dy'd any fancy color and finished in superior stylet Ladies dresses, silk, satlin, velvet, damask, moreen, crupe, veils, shawls, mantles, neli - ses. bouibazrens, tin. cleaned and dy'd any fancy pattern, chip, straw, and leghorn iionnets dy'a. Black, lor mourning, on shortest notice ; mo reen furnitures clean'd, dy'd and water - m&rked ; hot - pressing, fcc. my 18 1m TO LET. A dry Cellar, under the hooe No. 29 line - street. Enquire of MR. bMLDLS, my 1 1 tf 134 Pearl - street. (JUHLEU H MAAVfACyuUi 76 Chatham - street. THE subscriber returns his thanks to the public for their former patronage in Uie line of his profession, and hopes lor mtir rumre uonort. H likewise informs them that h bas on hand a constant supply of curled hair, manufactured expressly for matrass?, on ao improved principle ; and like wis guarantees the hair sold by him to be frc from any impur smell, being well scoured, boiled aod ba'ad, and being ma - oufactorad by machinery. Pas an advaatagt over mnv other hair maaHifacturwd io America its vert texture and elasticity asaking it a savine of twentr - fiv per cent to tl purchaser. 3 WILLIAM JACKSON. X. B. Merchants and the trad in general will find it to tlxir adrantare to call as abovn. 30 bales of hair ia its rough stat ; 6 bak of ong bom - tails ; 2000 lbs ol long bair drawn isi Inches, clubbed ; COOdozea hair sicv botluios. For sale as alore. my a as BOARDING. A FEW geatlemea can d Bccammoaaiea with board, io a healthy and rcotral part U the rity; term reasonable. . APP'T f , mySSlw ro. 04 s - ouniana sireei. MAY 30, 181C L itC. SUYDAMfcrrbraafe - 2 cases su' - per Dotted aod iriaaed Counlrnni i 2 t ases suer. muiseuU quilts, some very largwl 1 do Counterpanes and Quilts, lor cradles fu inn do eatia tuner Loridon cloths do do do do do . do d rassiroeifs cainhrk Muslins, part undressed ' super Jackonut Cambric's IKiwrrand steam loom cotton shirtings tine Scotch Liuta Bedticlu - Irish sheeting ( black Linens . birds eve Dinners do do do do i uaie ivussia ao 1 case super 6 4 cambric Dimity Together with a general assortment ofPrj - Goods, hy the package ot retail, ul No. 61 Mai. den - lane. ; my Xti 6t l OFFA tT'S SlOtfK ALE For tale at 1TX No. 20, by my 22 3w ELLIS & FLF.CKN'ER, rtyOHA (A.U, CuJ TVV, ti JJAhH - thiAH JL 144 hhds piln Kentucky tobacco 103 bales print New - Orleans cotton, and 2917 - ikius Will bo landed on Moodav fro us the ship Marv andschr Huntress, frosn Ncw - t rloain for sale at No. 00 Coffee - Hous slip, by LAIDLAVV, GIRAULT Si CO, my 23 lot . TTAMs, LARD, 4iO Yoikshire and Will JL JL fcliire Hams, bjcon, Lard in bladders, Uloucesterand Cheshire ( heeae, all of a supe rior quality, just luuddd from ship Cliauncey, from Hi islol, and Heroules finm Liverpool, for sale by wholesale or retail, on reasonable terms, ALsO, Bristol brown ware, glass and earthenware, Large bottles, pipe and demijohns, Willi a general assortment of fresh Teas Wines, Fish Sauces, and Groceries, of Uie first quality. E. BLACKFORD, 157 Greenwirh - st. A few boxes cpanish cegars, 1st quality, in quant r boxes inysiw VI ILrOKD A:OWEGO ROAD LOL'i'E l RV, Capital Prizes, $70,000 I flO.000 35.1 NX) 5,000 10,00( I 1,000 5th days drawing, Wednesday 27lh 1st drawn No $5,000. tilli do do do 3d June, do do 00. 7Ui do do Fiiilny 6th do do do $10,000. A few tickets riuainvia on hand. Irsnle hy ISAAC G.OGDEN. my 26 lw 411 W nil - street. ENTUt KV TOBACCO. 14 I. lids prime Kentucky Tobacco, landing Irom schr h eiielim, west side Burling slip, lor sale at 53 Washington st. . CH AS. I.. OGDEN Av rny27 A Bit. OGDEN. ITUlt. Just rereived from Ilavrc - de Grace, 440 pounds first quality Coney Mure Fur, for sale hy M. IHT.MH, Mercantile llroker, my 27 5t No. 263 I'carUt. rtM - V - HLATEli, rH.lCt. -, le. JL 200 boxes tin tlites a Casks Traces ' Brass Wsje No. 9 60 casks Roman Cement, now lunding, aod for sale by ANDERSON At SHEAREU, ui vt aier - siicei. . ITVio hare in itore. fatent and vomuiou Carolioa and Virginia Hoes Sheet Brass of all rise ' Brass and copper Wire ' London made pocket Books and Wallets Ladirs work Boxes fcc. mv 25 1HONT - ALTA. For sal or to let, th beautiful place caned lYlont - Alla, seven miles from the City Hall, oo tn North uiver, aujpiniug lord Cour tenay's. It contain 20 acres ol land under mi provemeut. with a large gardeu iu good roudi 'ion, a variety of fruit trues, ai.d every coiivc, mence a lamily may require, r or terms, whic are reasonable, aud if sold a Ion credit iriveu if wished, apply to . i IJ. 1 Al.tU II, ap 20 04 outh - st. fKANCIa AI'liO W AN. No. 120 Fly Mar JT ket, sensible of the very liberal tncourate incnt he has received sum bis coimuenrempnlin business, and feeline coulidriit that no exertions oo his part shall be wanting to merit a contln uance, informs ins irit nus and uie puuue inai no pains or expence lias isrrn avoided io oiiuin s stock of the best liquor of every description wbrcD can ueuepenueu on lor uieir purity. Having made arrangements, while at t linrlcs ton. for a constant supply of G REKN TURTLE in their season, h will he enabled to furiosi soup of an excellent quality. A book will be opened lor subscribers to a ORDINARY, to be on the tabic every duy at a stated hour. - Rooms, for private nnrlics, at a short notice N. B. Soup, Ilief - Steaks, Oysters, Muttou C'h ps and Relishes at all times. aplJ k AN away Irons th tuUcrihcr on V ednes XV day, U:h inst. a colored man, named Joe. is about thirty years of age, of small stature. dark color, aod down look ; had on when he wentaway, a Hue jacket and cortf"d velvet i:n lalixxjj Whoever will return said runaway, or lodjelnni in jail, so that the owner may obtain him., shall Io literally rewarded. Masters of I t easels and oilttrs are forbid harboring or em ploying him unJer the penally of the law. I KAftGIJ ih.lLl.VIA., uiiv 19 Wallaljout, l.oojMimd LOIJOI.NU8 WANTED. , GEN I'LEMAN is desirous of procurin f'irliiiiiseil and a large family, dining the summer, comlortanlv lunnVied Ixaliriiies, foul ot tliecitvof Aew - Vurk.l at Urooklyn, or with in a convenient nisianrss irom me iinu : in a house where he would be allowed to provide io' his own Table, to eat alone, and where the lamily would attend to the cooking. A rarloor, and at least lliree lied rooms would be tequired perhaps also a servants chain'er. Enquire at 72 Murray - street. my21tf OCW'TORK BOTAMI0 6ARIIKN. MICHAEL DENMSON. CURA I'OR rilS establishment is situated at Rose I J ill, II near the ju.iction of the Bloorainedale and I'xnem Roods. It comprehends about live acres f excellent land capable ol Uie highest improve menu. The proprietor of this beautiful spot has obtained a leaeot4iic laud for the term of thirty years. Un has (besidea.the enclosures, shrubbery, and other inirroirmeni..) erecieo oneoi in inrges' mid most convenient tree houses io the L'rited SiaUs. He solicits the citizens to pauonixe bis efforts to render Ms garden cemplet in every re tH - ct. bv a moilerale annual suhscrintion. lie Kopotes that each contributor of fire dol lars stull lie en lit led io receive me vaiue ia speds, flowers, plants, fruits, or any other pro dure of the caTden. Br sach an fcccomonl tiou tohius on Uie part (f lb public, be will b enabled to procure the greatest variety of foreign and domestic vegetables, ana lo grainy im. mw and expcctatioosoihis irienos. Person iox lining to euter Uieir names a en - eourgcrsofUidign, are invited to call at the gardeo, wlicr tb fullest icfoi nation will be lm given. jef TO LtT, S.'iH A fh.lnrw brick house, opposite the parti in Duane, and next to tne conser ps siuu - "J . ' . .. Sll. t soo - lret, Eoq'iireatfte.Ctreenwicn - tireei. myT i : NO. THE board ot Diicctors have this day declared a Dividend r.f fifteen ner cent, on the Capital Stock, for the last sx luonUi. payable on pr after the first day of June next, between the hours of 10 and 12 o'clock. By order of the President aod Directors. May 13, 1810. my sfl ! P. HAY T, Sec'ry. fOH SALE, A farm of between sixtv and seventy acres, situate on th west bank of Lake Otsego, and one mile from th village of Cooperstowa. Oo it are a new stone house 64 feet square : a oe w arm nouse, earn, tic. it forms a desirable es tanhihiuent for a gentleman wishing to retire into the country, as iu situation, as to urosnert. convenience to market, fcc. is oot surpassed bv any in uie interior of the state. It will be sold low for cash, on a credit, or exchanged for property iu this city, goods, fcc. Apply to 11, 17 at H,, BMJUWICK, my 7 tf lw Buildings. OCY'l H8. - 33duseo, lor sale l.y O J. D'WOl 'WOLF, Jr. my 14 64 Snuth - strret. MAAHji I "TAX SCHOOL. nVf ANHAT1VJN Femal School is at 194 1TX Greenwich - street ; M Chamber - street. School, 148 In these schools ar taught all th branches which constitute a useful and finishad education. W forbear to deacaod to particulars ; to offer recommendations, or t make treat promises. Our patrons are left to judg of tb modes of instruction txHh moral and Kienttfie, by Ui im provemeut of th scholars. ALBERT PICKET, ' up 29 JOHJf V. PICKET. iU Hr:i.D ii FRAaER'3 wiok sal.' and retail copper, pewter, liu aod sheet irou kitchen furuituie warehouse, No. 38 Mai deu - Lauo, New - York ; where may b ht.J Plaiu ii plan irhcU bloi.k - tin coflee - jiots Do do do biggrusandfiltertrs Do do do tea and chocolate pots Do do do uowesl pattern dish coiers Do do do sauce aod stew pan . r Do . do do tea aud coffee urns Do do do egg cups and boiler Do do do dices plates aud toasters With every other article in tb copper, pewter, block - tin, aod sheet - iron lin, as manufactured and sold at their factory, No. 01 Fultoo - street, four doors above tlmirold establishment, where, from their prestul cnuveiiieuc aud acknowledged improvements hi the uidllkids of workmanship, they are iiabltd to receive and execute all or ders iu th abov line, on th shortest ootic and at the most reduced wholesale prices. li. ii F. hav received per lata arrivals an es - tensiv assortment of first rat tutania metal, block - lio, aud Japauned rooJi, which, with a varinty of hard and hollow ware, they offer for sal ou reasonable terms. , . sny 21 Sw IMPOKTAN P TO THE PUULiC. THE suhscrilter bigs leave to inform his ftlends and the public that he has taken room at the rnrner of Fyauklort and CtmHidm - streets, near Tsinmany Hall, a an " INTEL L1GENCE OFFICE." Whei families may b (upplied with servant of every description l servunts with places ( geutlemen wishing ser vants, for tiaveliinc, supplied at the sliortett notice ; merchants with clerks, nnd clerks with employs wet nurses wilA lct mechanics with lournetincn. .ry iiilurmation civen lo stran gers und others, in his line, who will favor him with a call. Families, becoming subscriber, supplied with servauts at one dollar per annum. Also, Books posted, Accounts adjusted, I'a tiers of every description, copied with neatness, correctness, nnd dispatch Personal attendance Irom 5 to 2 o'clock A.M. and from 3 to 0 o'clock P M. He flatters himself that his assiduity and atten tiou (o bu - incss, will gain him a share ol the pub he patronage. my 2 1m II. PADEI.FORD. MASOLLTIO.VUP COPAHlAEhSUIP. rFl HE copartnership of Thomas Stevenson b JL Dents Lontn, under Uie firm of 1 hos. Ste venson & Co. was dissolvid on th 1st instant. in musequeuce of Thos. Stivetuou retiring how DU'iuess. The black and white smiths business will bo carried on as usual at th old established place, o. I Liberty - street, by Denis Lonui, Philiii Heeuan nnd Stephen 'tophens, who have enter ed partuership under the firm of Demi uin k Co. who will be thankful for a continuance of the favors received by the old firm, aud puuo - lually attended lo. 1 houins Stevenson sincerely and respectfully rerommrnds the above pcrso is to all his former customers, and hopes llicy will cootiuu their favors to them, lie assures them they will b served with punctuality and fidelity. 1 he business ol the late firm will be settled by rither of the subscribers, or by Stephen M (hens, ."Vo. I Ijbcrty - streel. I IIU.VI tss rf.Vc.NSON, may 25 lw DENIS LOMN. HOUSE 'TO LET. The two story house No. bO Rivinrton slit.ct. is pleasantly siloated in a rente I - borhood and 20 minutes walk from the Tootiue Ctitiee House,' There nre two rooms oa the ursl floor, with pantries ; tl s.Ttnc on the second nnd cellar kitchen, front cellar, cistern, tic. iu the yard, to which there is an alley at the sidu of tl house. THOMAS SUFFERN. inv37 lw No. U Depeyster street. A LL orders received and attended to for lay 1. iue aud repairing the Manhattan lead lapes and cisterui or lor sink pnes or lead pnms, by JAM DEL STArlKLT, mv27 tf No. 13 Chamber - street WHOLESALE ASl) RETAIL SHOE STORE. nE'VJAMIN LELAND, 145 Broadway, has 1 3 (ui sal. - , a erneral assortment ol L,ailiet' Mil Morrocco, Prunelle and leather lioots ss Shoes, of all description and qualifies ; GeiifiVrnen's Boots and Shoes, ol different kinds ; Mis - ev, Hn and ChiMrMi's do. do all which comprise as farec and general an assortment of city and eastern made Shoes, as are to be found I any oUier store in the city, aod will be sold on at - comoiodatine; terms. myoiw AV o H(T a at sapply of la tiu - Beaver Hals, fie - b irom IM ma - T.ulactory, suitable lor th south - era 'market, and packed kk the shortest aotice, j. Wilson,. 160 Broadway. may 27 TO SERVANTS IX G EX ERA L. A LL such servant in this city, whpraobrinr Tm. good recommwiJati jo, cao ret tbe bet of pltaccs imotediately, by applying at Uie City - KegUter office, uo. 53 MaUeti - laoe,' where Uie m5ntrt wages h cetj. , my 27 4t li f.j F i red ami or taia sons U 49 WlLLlAM - STHfcET. REAL ESTATE. N pursuance of an order of th honorable th court of chancery, dated the 440 day of AcriL 1818, w. the aodersirued. trustees of Ui estate of Henry Dor er, deceased, will seU al pabhc aactioo, ob Thursday, U 38th dsy el May in - slant, the following real estate : - , IaiI No. 1 Dover street, aineUea fet ft oat and eighteen feat rear, 6 feel deep oo southeasterly anil 4f leet on nortnwesteriy sides, b the snm morn or less j aou as bow iu possession si nr. William Armstrong subject to a least which, will txpir on the 1st May, 1826, at a iroucxl rent of 60 dollar per annum. Lot No. 18 Doyi street, 20 feet front, 32 rear, - 46 feet 4 inches deep o southerly and & I test on northerly tide, be the same more or (es, as now or ibi m possession oi vol. no. rew, shujoi, iv a lease, which will expireoo the 1st May, 1824, at a ground rent of 40 dollars per annum. - Lot No. !3Doyer street, 30 feet front and 3t rear. 6 1 feet deeo on southerhr and 54 feet 6 inch es oo the northerly side, he the same more or lets as now in th possession ol Mr. oavid nlunsoa; suhject to a lease which will expire on the 1st May, 1824, at a grouud rent of thirty six dollar per annum. Lot Mo. 15 Uoyer street, 5 feet (root aad 33 feet rear. 64 feet 6 indie dee d oa Southerly aud 68 feet 3 inches on Northerly side, b the same mm or less, as now i poses una of Mr. William battel ; subject to a leas which will expire OSS the 1 st M ay, 1 8X4, at a ground reat of foi ty dot an per annum. uoi no. io uoyer street. 30 leet front aod 29 feet tf inches rear, 21 feet deep'o southerly and 31 feet oa northerly side, be th same mora or less, and a aow or lat in possession of Cob Wus. Few , suhject to a lease which will expire oo tb 1st of May, 1824, at aground rent of 19 dollar per annum. lxit No. 13 Pell street, 39 feet front and 9 fact 6 inches rear, 50 feet deep, be Uie same more or less, as now iuiosrMioo ol the estat of Wot. Gray, deceased suhject lo a lease which wilt expire on the 1st May, ICtl, at a ground rest of thirty dollars per annum. Lot No. 21 Pell street, 31 feet front and rear, 56 leet 8 inches deep on easterly, and 68 feel 4 ' inches on westerly sides, - be the same more or less, as now in possession of Mr. Wn. I. Wal - drou ; subject lo a lease, which will expire oa U 1st duy ol May, 1024, at a grotiod rent of 40 dot - lars per annum - Lot No. 35 Pell street, 31 feet front, 6 feet 3 inches rear, 60 feet deep on easterly, and 61 leet 5 lot he on westerly sides, be Uie fame more or less, as now in possession of John Heyef: subject to a lease which will expire oa the 14 May, I8tl, al a ground rent of 30 dollar. House aod lot Mo. SJ Pell street, 21 feet front and rear, and 68 feet 4 inches deep oo easterly, An.i rii r. - , nH - ....). .:,i... I... ii.. ..... or lets, a now in possession of Mr. Joseph But ler. J The improvement oo the leased lots to be va lued and paid for by Ut prcliaor, at lb expiration of Ui lease. . V lennsof sale. cash, on Uie delivery of the deeds. Any further information which may im required will be srivtoby eiUier of Uie subscrV bers. ISAAC 8. DOUOLAS3, v - ADRIAN II VAN BOKKELEN. . The above property will be sold at the Tontih f'nffie Honse, on Uie above roentioned day, by messrs. t UArft.LJiN mi i ljki, Aoctiou. eers. ray 7 td ftfr The sale of th above fimperty if noeU' poned lo Thursday, to Utu ofjao. , , , , Atlt t' tench mnd Ameruan Boardutm Hviut, - mo. 15 WiSRKX - fTXIIT, BY LAMBEKT SIVATTE. LAMBERT SIVATTE seises this opportunity to inform the public, that ois Saturday ucxt, :10th May, hi house will be opened for the reception of boarders, a well as for gentlemen travellers, who will at all times find, beside hie table d'hote ot 3 o'clock, dinner servd oa the shortest notice. His bill of fare, which will be daily varied, will contain Uie prices of the differ ent dishes, wines aod liquors. Jf also inform' his friend, that he will undertake to drs din ners for private famine io the French or Ameri can taste. Soups of all kinds will be kept inrea - uim ssirom iu o'clock in the morning till Ive. He hopes, by bis long experience, Idj assiduity in wailing on his customers, to Merit Use patronage of the public at large. my 2H 10t 'I HE f I.NK AK'l s. . 1 MONGSTths present numerous rxhihilioo' X ol this city, M. PAFF flutters biniself Uiat the lovers ot genuine wmks of old masters, will find his GALLERY OF PAINTINGS. No. SO - Wall - street, worthy their attention, and prestnt - ine Ihem at Uia smallest eiDense Willv th most extensive giatiflcntico. . N. B. Old paintings repaired and restored fo their original lustre, or purchased at their utmost value. say SHU TO LEASE OR r OK SALE, That elegant otodera built house, situate at lite, corner of Sands aud Wushiugfoo streets. Urooklyn Its siae ss thirty - ou feet Irout by Bay fecit deep, it rooms so arrangJ as to combine every convenience for genteel residence. It will be sold with two or more lots of Round, at the option of th purchaser. Terms, oue fourth cash, the rest in such payments as will be most coovcnimit to purchaser. Apply ou the premises to . C. BALL. . may 23 tf WANTED to lure, a whk woman, to dov the Cooking and House work of a small family. ' Apply at No 0 Warren - street. my 28 WANTED, - - . A GENTLEMAN aod lady, (without or with a small family) or widow lady, to take charge of a boriluig establishment of twuity five mule yotvtn. irom eight to six teen year olf age, oo blatea Island, oposile the city. , J be house is spacious ud in complete repair, with a good gaidca and other cooveniearesv and the markets near, various aed abundant. I oe lenu will be liberal and advantageous. A note, coo - lainioc Oi address and tredenUal of the appli cant, left at No. 02 Broadway, and directed Id W. I will be immediately atlrodid to. The HOtieary for hoarder will open oe 'he 1st of June. my 26 lw TONTINE COFFEE tlOUbE. TVJOTICE is ben br r.iven to tbe proprietors' IX of Ilia Tontine - Coflee House, that an elec tion of committee, for managing the concern Hie said eslahiishn.eol, will be held at lb Cctlc House, on the atst day of J one next, be - (ween the hours of 11 and It o'clock, A. M. my 27 4t NUilCf; is hereby giseo, that w Use ssadcr - sirnrrt have been appointed by hie hoejor Hschard Kiker, Recorder of the City f News' ork. bceordinc to the act for relief acaiast ab - sconding aud absent debtors, trustees lor all Ut reditois of the per - m conititut the firm, cu - partuerslitp or house of trade, of Pmitiss fc Caf - r, of Uatumore, rtebtnrs, who reside ont of lh at and are iodehted within U t tad all poison debltd to tb said liersouscoftstiintinr Uie eaiit brm. cnreittaersliip er liouse of trade, are reqa i by tlie tenth diy of June next lo pay all debt - sums ot money wiuco irvey owe lo Use satd. lersous constitutinc the said firm. eofrtAeivlin liouse ol trade, aod deliver all property of th same, which they have in possession, to es, Uie irasiees. Ani on creditor ot toe said per constituting Uie said 6rro, rnptrtnershtper house of I ride, are desired, by ttie first day est Aogusi oexi. so oettver to es, or one Of , Uieir respertire demands aciiost tbe sasaa. IJaleU I.thoay ol fWay.miU WILLI AM C. MWLUAN, j WM PROCTOR, JOSEPH BATEX, my 18 riUlOfcUwtAl 'Tmiee. ; . ' i i OLAScEe 433bhds. to U. ss4 bnu. lvj Molitsei, landing at Pstr 11. E H. for sale by JOS. 03BORN. my 23 2&SoUttt

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