The Evening Post from New York, New York on May 29, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, May 29, 1818
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.'"" ' Vt Ij4 fhr mil tr mart tur). II The toilo"" bWM - bobM Mo. $94 Br.dway,two door above Washington Hall, with couch boat in the iw U required Alto, 'a three tlory brick notu;o.4i in saMsireci. Aiuk. aew Md noted two ttory brick house, corner of Lispettard Md Church - streets tlie ternit moderate For further particulars, apply a 415 broad wsy. MUD fJIKANCI M'GOWAN, No. 26 Fly Mar A? ket seotible ef the mart liberal eocourace tnoat be has received (iocs hit commencement in business and feeliog confident that do exertion co hie part tball be wanting to merit a continuance, informt bit friends and tbe public that no paint or pence nat been avoided to obtain a tocaot tne Bet liquors of every aetenpuon, which can be deneaded on for ttieir Dent V. Having made arrangement!, white et Cbarles - too, for a cot.staut supply of G REEN TURTLE in their teuton, be will be enabled to furoitb loop of an excellent quality. A book will be opened tor subscribers (o an UKUiNAKV, to be on tue tame every uey a stated noer. Rooma. for nrivata nartiee. at a thort notice N. B. Bono. Beef - Steaks Oyitert, Mutton Chop and Relubet at all timet. aptt . - . . . , .. prospectus for reeLitniso b luistmmow A MAP OF MEXICO AND LOUISIANA. rpHE pablieation of toil Map bet been under - X taken with Hie impression, that it will exhibit information, highly interettiog at thit event - Ail critit, and tbe valuable Mapt which tbe an - bor lias procured, duriatr hit several toart through Mexico, in tbe year 180C, 1307, 1813, 1813, 1815, 1810, and 1817, induce him to beltuve that tbe Map, with even all itt imperfections will be jnoch the mott perfect which bu appeared before the riblic. Tbit Map will contain tbe latett and beat information iron tbe ditcoveriet and potteitioni of tbe American, Spanish, Russian, British and French traveller and navigator and repreten - Ung the claims of their respective governments on the Nortbweitem coatt of America. The Map will include that portion of Worth ' America, which Met between the Isthmus of Da - rien, and the 48th degree of North Latitude, and . from the Miaeietipm River wertwardly to tbe racinr uctaa. - - - ! aia f ha Man will ha ahcuf lis bv fire feet and will be projected on a Kale of 40 mile to tne men. to be delivered to toe tuDKnoert at ni - utea dollar tch. - Natches March 7, 1R18. ap7tAul b"" . Tm Ltt at JiUommtdatt, .. kLLJf " Any person detirout of a country resi dence, Can obtain one on moderate term, tit' tiated about sis mile from town, on tbe pre mise are, a very commodioua boute, coach - limue. Ac. en excellent earden. well stocked ' with fruit and planted tbia Spring with vege - - tablet or vanoue kinds tney can eitner nave it with or without tbo ground belonging to it at may be preferred, there it alto tevera, articles of furniture, and other thine belonjr . ins? to the place, which will be either rented ur told if wiibed for. For further particulars, tpply at No. 11 Pearl - treet my 22 gw ' LODGISG6 WANTED. A' .OE2ITLEMAN it detirout of procuring, for bimtelf and a large family, during the ' tummer, comfortably furnihed Lodging!, (out of tbe city of New Vork,) at Brooklyn, or wilb - in a convenient diitaoce from the City Hall ; in a bone where be would be allowed to provide for bit uwn Table, to eat aionev and where the family would attend to the cooking. ' A rarlour, and at leatt three Bed roomi, would be required perhaps alto a servant chamber. Enquire at 72 Murray - ttreet. myltf TO FARMERS and GAKUfcNKRd. I HAVE received from my own larm in Hamp - iliirr, a quantity of the aeed of Rula Baga. or MuaLt TWiiiii. 01 which I shall tell all that 1 do not want, at tbe price of a dollar fbr tiiwiuf ittight. It will be put up in pound parcett, and told bv my maa from hit waggon in the Fly Mar - kd, Jtt$ l ark, every Saturday, between an early hour jo the morning and til oo'clock in the afternoon. I shall pot my name on the parcel. . . 1 1 11 : D : - a ttum - Keeoer. wno na neen tenina . i Bin teed in New York, having ufint large turnip . m a meetmen. BOUGHT, 1 am informed, THltf FIMJ LAKUE TURN I r Or MI MAW. Thia mv. nrnbablv. not becornitable in a court of , mav be worth the consideration of this itore - kcanrV. whether it be not cnrnizahle in a court of conscience. Mr. THORIiURNhat advertised, that bit Ruttia Turnip teed i at gtod at mine. I am wry glad of it i for, in that ruse, it it a great deal better than tttds nn ne and self, except bv mere accident. I am etceedmgly glad, that Amerira contains a ttdtman who it urupulout about vfiat lit tell, thougli, in at retjiect, sne poi - wnai, 1 ne licva. mv native rountrv. dear Old Eneland. ne ver noimtted. The time of towtns the Ruttia Turnin it tram the SGth of June to the 0th of Ju ly. I towed it, latt year, ertry uerk from J ane to mm lima in Auruit. Mi main croD wat town on the tfith of June. At to mv mode of towine and of culture, they are fully ttated in a little .volume, which 1 now hove in the pre", and .which will be published in about ten day's time WM. COBBETT, Hyde Park, (L. I.) 16th Mny, 11)18, my 18e4d3t - CITY COMMERCIAL SCHOOL, '. 3 BOOIKVCLT - STHEBT, RY ISAAC F. BRAGG. Late teacher of penmanship ia the Adelphi school ' FiniiE apartments in this titabli - hment are fit X (ed no with a superior degree of neatness. ' The Youna - Ladies' Room, completely distinct from the other, it it believed will not merely be found commodious but comfortable and eWgant. A Drawing Matter, of eminent qualification!, (recently from London,) tt engaged to giva in - atructioti in that branch twice in the week. H11 alanal enllactioB of specimens, in rare flowers, velvet paintings landscapes, Uc. will gladly be exhibited to sotn as may ne pieatea 10 etui. The terms will be verv moderate, and the ex ertions to reader landscape drawing, Ac. interesting, by the preparation of viewt exprenly for tne school, and occasional pracuce irom .aiurc, with clear illustrations 01 uts ruiet 01 pertpeci ivr. it U believed will insure encouragement. In arithmetic, tbe principal it determined to snare no paint to support the high character which the recent examination of hit pupils hat Svea rite to. I he facility witn wbtco complies - i calculation! were performed by many ol hit - nunlls. in the mind, without any aid to the me mory, however it may have impressed with tht idea of" getting by rote." wat the result of frequent practice alone, and provet that boyt may be taught all Uie lactone wntcn are couimomy the result of long practice in counting houses, before they leave school. Application! for the ad.nistion of boyt, wilt he received oa or after the ltt of June, against which time itii intended to i sere ate the accommodations. ' my 28 lm new - torsi aoTAirie carpeit. MICHAEL DEN N I SON, CURATOR. HIS establishment is situated at Rote Hill, near tbe junction of the Bloomingdale and llscrltin Roads. It comprehends about five acres of excellent land capable of the highest improve raetrts. The proprietor of ttm beautiful spot bat obtained a lease oi the laad for tin term of thirty years, lie hat (besides the enclosures, abnibbtry, and other improvement) erected one of the largest aad mutt mnvenient aree bouse ia th Haifa.! Slates. HetoliciutreribMtopatroaiae bit minis teiurr in, gnraen campiet ia every re pact, by a moderate annual subscription. He proposes that each contributor of five do! uri man ne entitled to receive tbe value in sards flowers, plants fruits or any other pv.v duce ol lite carden. By such an accominoda - Ikm to nim oa tbe part of the public he will h eaabled to procure the greatest variety of foreign aad domestic vegetables, and to gratify the taste asu capcciawwoi uis incsraa. Persons ioclininr to tmlar tbeir Barnes at en. counters of the design, are invited to call at the garden, where the fullest information wiU be pvan. my 2i 1m f TOLLT. WJ A three story brick house, opposite the park so Daaaa, and ntit to the corner of Hud soa - ttreet. Eajuurs ai !to. 2 Green wich - itrsaf, yi an be P lic in No. ed nin of by may JL ny hie the from lent at mile to now their best to use' in til - t f W TO LILT.:'"" f L J A dry Cellar, ander the bouse No. 29 Pmi - trtL Enquire of MR. SMEDES, mv 1 1 1 ; 134 Peart - street. CUHLU UAlH MAAVMCJVHX, 70 Ubauiaavsireex. THE tubscriber returns ait thank to the public fur their former patronage in tbe line of bit profession, and bopet for their future tapport. He likewite iniormi um uuw am bu on hand a constant tupply of curled hair, manufactured exprettly for matraat, on an improved principle t and likewite guarantee! tbe hair told by him to be free from any impure small, being well tcoureJ, boiled and baked, and being ma - aufactured by machine 17, hat an advantage over ether hair naanufactared in America itt verv Uxtnre and etatticity making it a tavins of twenly - Bve per caw 10 vie purcoater. 11111 tliii t . r.teas9 VVIL.L.IA.H JAlHOUll. N. B. Merchant and the trade in general will find it to their advantage to call at above. 30 bale of hair in it rough stats 1 6 bales of long hone - taiU ; SOUO ibt of long hair drawn Jti inches clubbed I owdoxennair litre bottoms, For sal at above, my 5 Sm IMPORTANT TO THE PUBLIC. rpUE subscriber beet leave to inform bit L friandt and the public that be nat taken 1 room at the comer of Frankfort and Chatham' streets, near Tammany Hall, at au " INTEL L1UENCE OFFICE." Where familiea may supplied with servants of every description ; servant! with places 1 gentlemen wishing ser vant, for travelling, supplied at the shortest notice 1 merchants with clerki, and clerkt with employ ( wet nurtet with placet ; mecnanict with journeymen, tvenr information given to it ran - gen and ouiers, in bit Hue, wnq wiu lavor turn witn a call. Families, becoming tubicriben, lupplieJ witb servants at one dollar per annum. Also, liooki posted. Account! aJjuitau, t a part of every description, copied with neatness. correctness, and dif patch . Personal attendance, from 6 to I o'clock A. M. and from 3 to 9 o'clock M. . He (Utters bimielf that his assiduity and atten tion to business, will gain him a share of the pub patronage. my lm H. PADELFORD. DIHSQLUTlOSf Of CulJAHliUiHUIf. THE copartnership of Thom.11 Stevenson fc Denis Lonin, under the firm of Thot. gte - vensoa k Co. wat dissolved on the 1st iurtatit. consequence of 1'hoi. Sttveneon rttiring from business. Tbe black and white imiths butinesi will be carried on as usual at tbe old established place, 1 Liberty - street, by Denis Lonin, Philip Heenanand Stephen Mephent, who have enter into partnership under the firm of Dtuis Lo k Co. who will be thankful for a continuance the favors received by the old firm, and punctually attended to. Thomas Btevenson uncereiy ana respecnuny recommend! the above peraoui to all hii former cuitoniers, and hopes they will cojlinue their favors to them, lie assures them thty will be served witb punctuality and fidelity. Tbe bonocM of the late firm will be lettled either of the subscribers, or by Stephen Mc hcni, ZVo. I Liberty - treet. THOMAS STEVENSO.V, t5 Iw DKMSI.OMV. ssiOiVL QUAKnV TO LLAsK. rpHE subicriber will Icaie a itone quairy, on reasonable termt, to anr person or com pa - who may be disposed to t'liiijju in a prolitu - concern. Tim quarry it witliin lilty yards of North River, and not more lima nine in 1 lei the tit. 1 he qiiuUtv of the itone istxcel - and not inferior to the I'oitlHud. Builders and stone cutten would find it well adapted to tt.eir respective buines. I'.i.fiuiie No. 17 tiold ttreet, or at Spring Garden, one above uuli't rry. THOMAS STEVENSON, my 95 lw G.bAUNDER'S PATENT RAZOR STROP You that wish to thave wilb ease, Buy of S AUBDB.R if you please ; His Raior Strop's, peculiar tucb, That sharps the Rater with atom h. 1 SAUNDERS respectfully solicits those LT. who have not not his Patent Rtxor Strom furnish themselves with bit new invented tutor Strop, and Metallic Composition. No gen tleman who once makes trial of one of the Strops ofTeied, will ever try any others; and such is formation, that ever to much uie wilt not ive the ratori that roundnesi which renders the of tbe m useless, and which 11 well known al' wavi to 10 ow the application oral those hi'.ber invented. The above strops are in ceneral in New York, and art distinguished Irom all others Barbers who have used them tay more their praise than I caa mvtelf. 18 Wall - ttreet Also for talc, Raxort, Soap, and every uten forShavine. of the first uualitv. with a tup nor eitoiimtni 01 rcriuiuery, 11 air rowaer, eic. from Smvth't. New Bond tUeet. London. n. d. rne most noerai allowance maue 10 dealers. my ti tVH H.iLt. A country seat, formerly owotd by Mr, R. D. Arden, containing about fifteen acret of ground, tituated on the East River, short of four milet from the city. It it remarkable for its pleasant situation and it a vert desirable rest deoce either tummer or winter ; Ihe building are eood and comlortable 1 the around it in hush order, and abundantly supplied with a' choice collection oflruit trees and shrubbery ; there are teveral tpntuit of excellent water on the premi ses and two quarries of building stone, which intent be worked to rrett advantage. Purcha sert are Invited to view this situation, and ap m, and ap - which will LLISON. ply at No. 13 Broadway for terms. be liberal. ' T. EL my 12 Jw T" t OH HALL OH TO L K Viill Lottie the 6, 6,8, and 10 Wardt: many of which are on regulated end paved streets. No money will be required under tea yean, if told, interest excepted. HOUSES. Several two and thrre ttory hocus, on which s great pan 01 ine money remain on montage. LANDING AT RED HOOK. An excellent ttand for butmess, with ten acret of land, rdeasantlv tituated. with a wharf, store house and barn. COTTON tnd WHOLES MANUFACTORY, near inwnrra, witn iu acret 01 tano, ana a - vt If . 'iL in it never luinna .wenni. uin whhji w imn. way uc t 1 w tcu niui ruui,ihinj vt i ca si Apply st no. 5f breeowicu - itrtct. jnl3tf WHEATON'S ITCH OINTMENT. rpiIE long and tuccetiful use of this ointment L it a tudicicnt recommendation, at it bat been (band to be a pleasant, safe tnd certain ie - medy for thtvt ditagreeable disease in all itt tta - et. 11 it lor saie in tne city 01 new - 1 ora, ny A. ft W. R. Pott, No. 41 William - ttreet; I.I T. Clark, No. 85 Mniden - Laoe ; 11. U. ScliieffeKn at Co. No. 193 Pearl - ttreet : Law rence Jt Keete. No. 195 Pearl - ttreet 1 Hull A Bowne. 146 Pearl - ttreet It. U L.Murray, 31 J I Psarl - etreet t J - M. Bradhurtt, 314 I'earl - stret t ; John Pesford, No. 4 r lets her - street t IJurvee t; Poe. in Pearl - ttreet t John C. Morrison, 1811 Greenwich street ; Joha P. Fisher, 100 Broad - way : Walter I Seaman, cornet of Chamber - si. and Broadway, and alto mCbatlism - ttreet ; and ia short it may be procured at most of the Drug stores u uiss cut niao in r iniin - iiiiin, 01 o. witberell Bone ; ueorge llantii , iwin ko - sen, am aimosi an uie urumisis ta uie principal ownt u ine vmiea cities. LIKKWIMI, WHEATON'S JAUNDICE BITTERS ma he had at the above placet. jaa226m MRS SPENCER retpectfully infotmt her friends, and th ladies in particular who recently called 00 ber, that her apartments are bow ready for the reception of pupils forttw piano forte ; alto, thatthe is detiorui of obtaja ing two or three mors pupils "ho the would have no ohjactian to wait upon at their twn boa - testboukfit be preferred. The most respect, ble rerrrroees caa be gives. A genllemaa aad hit ail may he axcoomodated witb board, toy It lo WUitettreet, Si. 3. t hi! 01 of are 43 I eive the first teen in thu tbe I 1 l.ia VALUABLE REAL ESTATE FOR. SALKs IS TBE C1T OF EW - OHK. . - t.IVE fou of ground on the west side of Oreea - ? wicbHtreef, betweea Vestry aad Detbroa. ses - streeti, tS by 80. Four do ia the rear of the above, fronting on tbe east tide of Washington - street, 15 by WJ. Light do in the block beJow, between Wash ington and West - street. In Mnnlromerv Coonf V. fifJM acres of Land ia Lawrence's parch ate. near East Canada Creek, oa the north side of Um Mohawk. ' - ' fn Frank in Conntv. ' ' ' ' 15,182 acres of Land, in the fownt of Mount Moms and uayton. In Essex County. 7832 acres of Land ia tbe town of Barrymoro, In the Coantr of Lewis. 1250 acret of land in Catterlaad, CbaManis Purchase. In Saratoga County. 2600 acret ia Palmers purchase. Enquire at the office of the tubscriber, 34 Ce dar - street. BEV. ROBINSON. rnhmf i:HfcPi:Arill GROCERY SIOKE. Corner of Grand and Rynder - ttreett, directly nnnoiite Centre Market. TAMES P. ANUOfc reipectfuUy inform! hit ineudi and tlie pucne 10 general ne uai ra - moved from comer ol Broadway and Reed - it to present stand, where he solicits a continuance puDiic pavouage, anu nopes uy ins uuram - ted excrtiout to obtain the best of Liquortand other article! in bit line of buriiiets, thereby to render the most perfect latiilaction. N. B. J. P. A. keeps constantly for tnlo a reoeral assortment of Cist rate Teas, iigur, Coffee. Snicei. Liuuors of all kinds. Aic tm. which will be all disposed 01 at a moderate advance my 2 I in TO Lr. T. Infl Tm .Ipirnnt 3 storv house No. 7 Hud - sou street, which command! a plcusnut vicvr of (he Park aud river, rouemoo may at naa in a fcwdayi. , Also lor tale, tne lurniiureoisaiu nnuse. 11 the hut quality ; well lilted, and suitable to a geoteel family. Apply ai above. niy 1 1 11 Mil. LEE'S SELECT SCHOOL, FOR the instruction of a iivclk class ot BOTi,in every deparlineatof literature and science neieisary to a liberal education, (ine dead languages excepted) will be opened on Monday, the lit day r June next, at No 0 Pnrk Place. N. B. The organization of tbe class will he completed in the first week of the quarter, alter which no new member can be admitted. Those therefore who intend to natroniie the institution, requested to give Mr. LEE notice llitrcnf, before the end of May, at No. ttUey ttreet, or, Harrison ttreet. Tuition 12 dollurt per quarter, my 19 'iw , .BERGEN ORPHANS COURT, Of the Term of March, 1818. Catharine Srl uyler, Adminiitratrix,;c. r of John A. Schuyler Rule, under Statute, deceaied. 'pHEcourt order and direct, That Catharine Schuyler administratrix of the goods, chattels and credits o John A. scliuyler, deceased, public notice to (he creditors of the decedent to bring in their claim! and demands against ettute ol tbe mid decedent, on or before the dhy of May, in the year of our Lord eigh hundred and nineteen, by put ting up notices inuicncci in live 01 ine mosi puouc places county of fiergen, Inr the spate of two months, and advertising the ntatb for the like space of tune in a newspaper printed and published in the itate of New - Jersey, end iu a news - imper printed aii'l published in the cityol INew - toik. A irue irunscnpi irom Hie, record np 2ft 2in JOHN A. tOVD, Sur'Kate. GI.OKK INSURANCE. COMPANY. f"MIH Presiilri't ftnd Directors ive notice,! .a. una a oiunenu 01 lour per rtnioiiine capital stock of thu company for lliu last 111 months, win ne paid 10 me eioranoiuert ai ineir vim e. No. 5j Wall - ttreet on aud after the 1st day ol Jane next. The Transfer book will he closed on 2ltlinttaut. By order of the board of Direc tors. RICHARD DUNN, Junr. my 14 dim bee'ry. BOARDING. FOUR or five gentlemen with their families, or. ten or fifteen sinsle eentlemen, can be accommodated with board and lodzinc at Mount Vernon Hotel, about five miles from lite city 01 New Vork. on th bank of the tail Kiver, and one ol Uie most pleasant tituationt on the island. he rooms are spacious and airy, navint a iuii view of the riser s coach house and Itahlet. Terms liberal, and every attention paid, by tbe ottblic's humble servant. my4im uka uii'nilUi. fr7 - WHEATON k DA ViS, Fsncy Chair Manufacturer, No. 153 Fultoo - tt. opposite St. Pauls Church, offer for tale, wholesale aad retail. larce and elegant as sortment of Curld Maple, plain naiated and ornament ed in gold H hriinte.bamboo, plain and uut nans rwc" ing, Sewiug, and Conversation Chairs. Sofas. Settees Louneeet, Music Stooli.fcc. Orders from any part of thecontineutextcuteo with nentnest and di. patch. Old Cbairt repaired, painted and ornamented myii CARRIAGES. Sc. FOR SALE, Z. ifef?' TO At the RfcroiiToRT, Walkek - itukkt. Two handsome coaches very little used ; one ttrong do.' suited for a stage; an elegant tubory gig, vry light ; oue English tilbcry do. ; a great variety of new fT" idu sacoDU - aauu wairguui. Irom 4U io JM ; alto, a few good family and saddle nones. Persons ho wish to diioee of their horses r carnaget of any kind, would do well to tend them now into this estabhthment, as tht demand it ronsidcrable. Those who want an advance of cash, can have it on delivery of the articles ; and snch at wish to sell and keep their bones Sic. . a .. "... . elsewhere, can nave them told by leaving Uietr instructions at the Keimsilory. my 23 II JfKIr DnESSI.Yd ItOOM a FRUMEATO. No. I Wall - ttreet, Jtttt re I ZX . turned Iron Italy, bas the honour to iuloriu the eciilltuieii, Uiat he t uts and diesnt 111 tlie luteit style, ami in n marner so ai to adopt 1 11 10 ine unisioxnmiiv. rie tins i'r sair a OhHini - i ty of KA' - UKb ol the hrt ejualtty, il ll - ey do 1 not pieate oaiim, ine purrnHsert ate at nu ii lorviui) uim, ana res ei - e uir uiouey. tie n:u I likewise procured aety fine InMie, aad cosine. In i.wtwe nzors to a verv keu ed - re end tU(i:J I thty not cat he will receive bo ri - coAipenre. Tbc Keuilemea wbo may pieate lo le.uor liin with their atronage, may depend on ll.e tuosi pa r4 scalar and rctpertful atteiidame. Frnmtntj hat jutt received few tottt of the celebrated Mangaim FaUe Back llasors, warranted of Damascus steel of a euptri jt quality. Amatrert may thave themselves luxuriously. N. B. Gentlemen who subscribe by the quae let will have their rators c. kept elchs - i vt 1 ( t themselves. P. S. A g.)od joumtymaB vraoteJ. Apply at above. tb 6 ti jLL ST f 03T COACH LINK to PHILADELPHIA . ' WAT 0 rOMOM - HOOB' ANEW Line or Pott Coaches with every coo - venience for passengers and baggage, on Springs THROUGH JN ONE DAY. The Pott Coach will start from the Coscb office, No. 1 Coartland - street. N. York, every morning, f Sundayt excepted) at 5 o'clock, by way of Newark, Ebiabethtown, Bruntwick. Princeton, Trentoa and Bristol, and srnve at Philadelphia tbe tame afternoon, at 4 o'clock. A second Line of new Pott Couchet will ttart from New - York every morning, (Sundays excepted,) at 10 o'clock in tbe Steam Boat Atalan - ta, lodge at Trenton, and arrive at Philadelphia, in a Steam Boat, next morning at 10 o'clock. Fsre 6 dollars. . P. S. Pasteogert are requeited to call and take their seats at the cflice No. 1 Courtlaiidt - ttrret, New - York. . . , . . United Statet Mail Coach, for Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington City, with every conreuience for passengers and baggage, on aprinxs. The U. 8. mail coach will ttart from the coach office, No. 1 Courtlandt - tt. New - York, every day at 2 o'clock, P. M. and arrive at 1 hil - adelphia next mnruing at 6 o'clock. Only 0 pat - Mngert admitted. . . . For seatsinthe above named Lines, apply to TH03. WHITFIELD, at the old established Coach, and Steam Boat office. No. 1 Lourt - landt - itieet, near the corner of Broadway, New - York ; or to A. T.GOODRICH CO. No. 124 Broadway, corner of Cedar - ttreet, New - irrk. (JCrAligoode and baggage at the ntk of the oWnlr. JOSEPH LYON, SONS & CO. N. B - Expresses sent to toy pan 01 me ou - UIKI1I UT A liviilliw " my 16 LXPt.UntOLS THA V&tu ACV. 'Wto'fi k STF.Ji.H - lHJ.1lL.IMS, rUR I'UILAOCtrHIA. Through in one day, and by day - light. ON Monday the 1 1th of May instant, a line ol post - coaches and steam - boats between Now - York and Philadelphia will be commenced. The passengers will leave White - Hall in New - tork every day (bundayi excepted) at 5 o'clock A. M. in his excellency vice - president D. D. Tompkins' commodious and speedy steam - boat NAUTILUS, proceed to Bristol by the Staten Island and Woodhridjre turnpike, and take the steam - bout at Bristol at 2 o'clock, and arrive in l'hihulel.bia at 4 o'clock the same day. The roadi 00 tbe land part of thu line are lurnpiked aud in excellent order ; the country and villages through which 1 they pass is elevated, pleasant and healthy, the route it the nearest at present travelled between the two citiet ; the various and extensive viewt which it givei of the oceau, the bayi, sound and rivers between Ne - Yoik and New - Brunswick, makes this th most expeditious comfortable and pleasant tour now existing between New - York and Philadelphia. a second poet cnaite will leave iNew - orli every day (Sunday'! excepted) at 10 o'clock, in IheiteAiii boat Atlanta, from White Hall, by way of Elizahethtown, Bridgetown, 'ew Brunswick, Princeton, lodne at Trenton, take the steam boat at Bristol, ond arrive in Philadelphia at iUo'clock. Fare through $j. r or scats 111 me above lutes apply at the omce, ;u. nu uroauuay. All goods and baggage at the ri.k cf the own ers. JOHN N. CL'MMING, Newark. J. GUI.ICK. SONS & CO. Princeton. STOCKTON 1 HOWELL. Philadelphia. 1t Ki'i3Ct tent to tiny part of Uie United Stales by 1. itltF, hy 1.. UAKLll, UUL.1CK K CO. mv 1 1 NOTICE. OT Steam Boat Olive Bbarcu will sail evert Sunday, at 1 1 o'clock round siaien island, and occasion' ally.ilttie wiuJ and tide will permit, to the hook. This beautiful sail will contribute both to health and pleasure, and it at cheap a re creation at can be found, Partiet who mean to partake of tltit amusement will, if couvenient, give iu their names the day preceding, at the .i . : - I., . .1. ' I 7.I.. r... unite ia ujaraeiuci'i muvi, umiu siue ui uie uai terv. Dinner and Tea on board, at the usual prices. Passage 8 childrea hH price. my I3tl SWIFT SURE MAIL COACHES, WOK FHILAPKLPBIA. nrrnt ir - ueave new s or n J I T V I - ffE eve'y morning (Sunday'tex cepiedi at uo'ciocK, and ar . . - IJL ' I I I L . .. .... day to dinner. Tbe pnblick houses are good, and reasonable in their cbarcei. - j he drivers, borset and coacii et are not inferior to any others now running be - iween uiut wo cities. 1 oe oeauuiui country, aad the excellence of the roadton lint rout, con oected with tbe taiety, comlort, and reatonubie e 1 peaces are beleived to be ttronj inducements to traveiieri in nvinc this line a decided preier. ence. The ttrictett attention will be observed by the proprtetott 10 eivins cenerul satisfaction All bagzase and packaeet will eo at the ritk ol Uie owner unlest insured and receipted for by the clerk of laid office. Stage fare only 5, with a generout allowance 01 baggage, rarttet wishing to travel at then leisure, may engage the Coach 00 reasonable Urmt exclusively to themselves, by applying one day previous to itarting. For teat apply at Northern Hotel, No. 79 Courtlaudt - ltreet, New - York. LYON, EONS, k CO. ap 2 Proprietors, NOTICE. 3 For the further accommo At. n r , 1 . .. ..l.i: . .1 cVrt sfparture of tbe Firefly from 'itfTTf v"rtr and Ncwbarcb will ne in tuluie on the followiug dayt 1 ' Leave New York on Monday. Wednesday and Saturday, at 9 A.M. Leave Newburh un Tuesday, Friday and Sunday at 8 A. M. The above arrangement will commence hy the Firefly leaving Nuivburgb on Sunday, the 24lh Jiay. The Western Stage leavet Newburgh immc j:.i.i. .1 ..:...) .l. L' - n uinieij aiici uie urriiai ui 111c w uciijr ny 22 1 j a: IV d N awav Irom the subscriber on ednes - day, Uihuut. a colored man, named Joe, it about thirty yean of age, of small stature. dark color, and down look ; had on when he went awav, a bluejacket aud corded velvet pan lalooat Whoever will return said runaway, or Uxcu hini in jail, to that the owner may obtain hint, shall be liberally rewarded. Masters of vessels and others are forbid harboring or em ploying I urn under the penalty of the law. FRANCIS SKILI.MAN, may 19 Wallaboiit, Long - bland A PATENTED I MV EN TION, For the rouveniencp and cr inf rt of ladies I T it wi ll known by all ladiet tLat their cloak I pin, (as lin y are callei) alias curtain pins, (.aitiLularly large ones, in a very thort time. In wi Ueilit ot thu curtain, and from other aues wear so large a hole in the wood in which they are inserted that thev become loose bit inuch that they dro. - p and look ill, aad roore - i.v. r ul'i'a'mrs Oion out. In prevent thu ef - fe foully, a person Int invLhted that which will ptiK ! tlie u - obvenience alluded to ; anil any inuy, vr nu a ecntltman, cn l convinced the l. t l:y eoplyuu; at .No. Dty street, where the lavesi'ion it tj be ften : the txprnre ita mere trifle, and cloak pips nheady in use cat., and mil be, ieii;ii, iiiierrd 10 im lroiosed plan. my l:)3w I'lllF.U E LOUGLVU. 1 SIXfJLK Gen'lcmtti can be accommod . tetl, wilh x furnished or unfuntishrj room. with breakfast and tea, in a small and genteel familv.' Innutrc at the store, No. 1"6 liroad way. may 21 ataWa - r - AtsaL' 7 9 .. ' - w 11. i tllLADELPHIA. 7'tventy - five mile land carriage, via New - Brunswick and Trenton. ' f n new port coaches - $5 Do. good stage, . 4 50 Do. lorecaslle or deck passenger ' 3 60 Connected by the steam boats OLIVE B RANCH and PHILADELPHIA. The tteam - boat Olive Branch will leave New - York every day, Sundays excepted, from the north tide of the Batte - ry, at it o'cioca a. hi. rasseui;eri wu at Trenton, and Uks the tteam - boat Philadelphia, so at to arrive in Philadelphia at 10 o'clock the next morning, iu time to take the Union Line Baltimore steam - boats. This line bas a connection with the best bouti on the Delaware and Chesapeake to Norfolk ; ai also those of the North River and Sound; and their several Arrivals are calculated to cause little, if any delay. This it a tpeedy and certainly the most con venient rout, at the passengers will leave New - York after the banks open, and arrive in Phila delphia before the hours of business, without fa - igue in travelling or want of sleep, tne land carriage being much less than by any other rout between tbe two cities. For tcatt in tbe above line apply to WILLIAM B. J AGUES, At the Union Line Steam Boat Orti e, in Mar - ketfield - street, north tide of the Battery, be tween Greenwich it Waihington - itreett, or to The CAPTAIN on board. fJ3 All goods and baggage at the risk of the owner. ap 4 ITJi, oOUJfJJ a TEAM BOA T - LlJfU. The proprietors, with a niasaaa e t a flm mrirtfl I It IhA aaa liriy WI o.v.uiuuiuuuuiisj wiv wiy public, by extending Uie line - rt iNorvvich, intend n.rkiri(c the experiment with the - Fulton. Cunt. Law. and this route (if found practicable) will be continued during me season. J he line will in future be Irom New - loiit to Norwich, as follows : The Connecticut, Cept. Bunker, will leave New - York every .Monday, frtdntiday and trtaay, at 8 o'clock, in the morning, lor ivew - riavea. Ihe rulton, Capt aw, will leave JSomrtch at 0 o'clock in the morning of Uie same days, touch at Jew - London and depart from thence for JYttu Hactn at 8 o'clock. The boat will meet at Sftw Haitn, and depart from thence every Monday, H'tdme - day mid Friday, at 7 o'clock in the evening the Connecticut for ork. and the Fulton for Jfnr - lAmdon and Jforuith. nih 17 AOHTU ttlV&R HTK.lM - tiO.HH. (&r Oa the llthof May, the Boats will commence running four timei a week, a! follow! '. A Bout w.:i leave New - York on Tueidav. at A. M : Wednesday, a 5 P. M. : Friday, at 9 M. and Saturday, at 5 P.M. of each week ; and a boat will leave Albany on Monday, Wed nesday, mursday, and baturdny, atA. jvi The above arrangement will commence bv the Chancellor'! leaving Albany on Monday, the Uth May, at 9 A. M. and the Richmond leuvmg New York ooTuttdnv. Ihe 12th at ! A.M. The Kire - Flv leaet New - York on Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday, at 9 A. M. inr New - nurgb, and returns on Mouday, W ednesday nnd nu ay, aioA.iu. my 2 iw bcrch and cahaidpaiuca m ail - stauE' THREB TIMKS A WS.KU. rfifl I EAVES Newburgh eve - rzlCrVJh - y cunday, 1 uesday, y,ffi'ffirfanti Ti'U'tday mominst, al - i n - 'uiree o cioca, runs iiiroun Montgomery, Bloominchurch, Mooticelln, by vV bite Lake. Coshecton. Mount Pleuaut. Greul oeuu, theuanieo roint. Owei:a. I true a, and be - neva, toCanandaigua. ueiurninir leavet UanantuiLia every Alun .ay, Wednesday and rnduv niorninet at three 'clock, and arrives at Neaburirh, the third day in time to take the Steam - boats which arrive in New - iorkthe following - moniinf. 33 ft "'" be erpeeted that at all times alien tht tteamrboali alter their dayt of running, that thu line will alter to otto meet tum. The w hole route will be perfumed in three ays, from the tint of May, until the first of November and from tbe first ot November until the fifteen tit of December, and from the hfleentb of March until tbe first of May, in four Uavs and from tlie 15th December, tin til the fifteenth of March the same line will be continued to the city of New - York and run from thence to Cananclaigua 111 four days. Passengers travelling from Aew - VorK to Cananclaigua, Niagara or Buffalo, can leave N. vork in the evening steam - boats, and arrive in Canandaigua in three days a distance of three hundred mile. The line is well furnished with good, new carriages 1 good horses and careful and experienced drivers Every attention will be paid to render tlie passage of the traveller safe, easy and expeditiods 1 and it it believed that Uie accommodations on tnuline are eaual to any line in tlie state. (TT FARE from Newburgb to Canandaigua FOURTEEN DOLLARS. N. B. A branch of the same line runs three times a week from Ithaca to A uburn. Also, a line runs from Owetro Tiojra Point; thence through Newtown and Painted Post, to Uaui, Mc. '. BAGGAGE, as usual, at the risk of the owners. , David Godfrey, Bloonungburgh, K. C. St. John. Mount Pleasant. L. & R. Manning, Chenango, I Proprie Luther Gere, Ithica, I tors. Samuel Greenliff, Geneva, Oliver Phelps Lansing, pah 14 d6ia broad - toss: w W BOIS, begs leave to in.orm Ihe public that be hat iutt received, per bris.Bac hus and ship George, from London, a ceneralj atsonmrni 01 nntciesin the musical line, amongst wnicn aie tome very elegant small riano - t ones nun n immiuiunj ciegaat rose - wooagranu caoi uet Piano - Forte. Alto the new invented Mctronomi or patent self - time beater, with a (arte assortment of new .Music, wbicb he offers lor sale wholesale or re tail, 00 the most reasonable terms. inyS . HAW '.s AKi 1 B1I.IOUH PILLS. ' HIGH have been attended with a degree V of succett highly en.t'.'ful lo Ihe inv.ct - or's feelings in teveral parti of the West ludi. and the coulnern nnd Aiidti:e stales, panicuiat ly in New York, lliiladilphia, B. Itur.oie. Th operation of thee pills are perltitly ini d. to as to be ued by penont in eiery tituatf i and of every age. They ar excellently adapted to carry cf !U - lei flout bile, and prevent itt morbid secietiotis ; to tettoie bnd amend lheapetile : to producer free pcrj jtion, and thereby prevent ikIiI - Hhtch are u:5u"f fatal cinwt,u. ncc A dor never failston iiiive a cold, u'(r.t;eM on its t: 1 . pi1! irancr. ll.Ly arean ioiail.l.'v pteventivs 1 Bilious and Maii - '.ant Fever, and shout I 1 - e !ircicuredforue, hy e - - vy seaman and traveller. Prepared arxl 1 ld at LEr.'S Vte.lii ine fcture. N.' 4ti .daid' - n L.n - . llrusj .daid' - ri 1. .nr. Drugis' and country tton t ry or er to to " a 1 01 krrn tupptied oa Uiu J kiiui my 18 DOCTOR HORNE, formerly of the city of Judoa, as. member of the fkrulty ofph,, and surgery there, deems it CT t r to repeat someooseratiocj T. the abuse of MERCURY. 1 rath, mdiscriminateaiid unousC fled ate thereof, bat been prod tlVe of inAnila xk.'.e rn Ul retuiU chiefly to thittource. What a nj V that a young man, the hope of hi. country Ii b, the conseoueace, AISSTS and by a disease not ia iU owtTnatur Tfauffi which only prove so from neglect or imri? treatment". A geatlemat.lmU VrTg?' tient) now perfect t heart ...,1 n '.?.r hcih. 7ZZLZ: - 17ir - " of Uf. under phy.iciant of gen4T praetii.'.T.!' geneial practice, . J, .T: sn.l ea.ol.1 I.i 1 . n. h " "" u i wnen recommended ta Dr. H. (by a gentleman of thi. rii.v when recommenH.rf.!f were carious ?nd hit flesh droppin7r;"M bit friendt declared he could not TOBfaS?" 5 wo months onger. Tboutandt ein - ,r know with what ease tEfif&ffy cate the teverett cases and confirm. (ha'L.' tution. The Doctor'! plan (X 'siniUU" cetiary to guard the public a?ain.t i.J B mercury, and ether fatal delusions held " Person., tlierefore. bavina - rnjJ5lV0tth - - 7 vale disorder, or tuspectine Intent kSL P"" onithednot to imlthSYA uuu, w iuccai uia uitoraer, till ,..t i oUierthaving the remain, of an old? other impurittet of tbe blood al.n '' complaint, of a delkaKtu" sex. thould remember potterify i h!? their con.ciencesma7k,Wd.i " !r - ! Dr. H. at hit old and retpectahC ..t 7" w1u - .11, , w vi.caiuuiat prompt aatistanc. J lone calculated to prevent dirin... . I let me claim your serious ttention - ReinelBh,, tuperfkial cure it no cure at all to, sinetsis radically done, you will certainly Uv. he ditorder break out again with redc.iii.iLi il hsnity. at tome future period ; perhapt thea T,, be too fate for remedy. Don't you ofa, " Uie itrecti miserable. muUlated hrim.. even a hit of note oa their face Tae warr!. beseech you. ung, ur. it's . character ror tkill and stobbora iMa. irri'y being nnivcrtally known in thi city ..J. 1804, euaraiitee to patient that delirW i.i crecy hitherto unknown, and having confined tii ,iai, cauusiveiy to Uiecuranf .... ... . w. - j T,1" maysaiely ct culale on tlie most deaded advantage iacoa tulting Dr. H. Gieett eradicated in twe or three weeks Stricturet removed withoui bougiet or any other instrument ; and all debilities ; likewise all old ulcerations lutula't iu. A plurality of ofheet are prorided, aad to rits - ated that patients are not exooted tneafh nih.i. observation. Open till half past 9 in the evening. Al! pet sons concerned are invited to be free ia calling, and speaking with Dr. H. which it trt con. Anu here uie isocior cannot avoid the vxpretsion of gratitude for innumerable recommendations and for the decided preference (it it presumed with just cause) long given him by a ludiciouipuhlic. N. B. All lettert mutt be pott paid. Dr. Buchanan. Aug 27 U MlTUUrqjACltTHYj70Jt 1AW0S1. TlOJf. DiR. EVANS' superior method of coring a certain Diieatfi, it now univer sally acknowledged in thU city ; hit mode of treatment it ierrectiy mild, tare, ei - iwuiuoos and bit cbargia reasonable. In every u - ttance he warrants a cure. and wdj return the pay if be does not perform aereeabla to contract. iire....n..i.w .w.ii vuserred. 1 here are many persons in tint city and tt vicinity, laboring under various chronic diseases such at cancels old inveterate ulcers, scrofula or kingt evil, bttulat, diseases of the urethra, bladder and ksdaies old complicated complaints of a certain nature, bilioui and .other obstructions rheumatism, Ac. which they consider iocs - rab e. tney can cerxauiir ue cureu 1 in generall by appiviog aiir. Dniio o i.icuibaieiore, recs - aitp. iiBfiuc I'muKu sn cxiensirt ecK - tliPi having practised in ex' hotpitalt in Europe 12 yean, under some of tit tint Sureeons and Phvticiant in tbe world. 1 made those obstinate ihteate hi conttant tttdj for 30 yeart. Oct II Ty3 Th tubscriber having recently returned from England with an important improvement on tlie artificial spring Ltu, be takes thu meuvoa of informing bii friendt and the public, that all those who are to unfortunate at to be In want m a leg, or arm, they can be accommodated bj ap plying at NO. 77 Barclay - street, New - York. Jan 22 WM. PUKVIS. HYDE - PARK INSTITUTION. A SELECT and private Classical School it established at Hyde Park. Dutches coee - ty, ttate of New - York, under tbe direction aad instruction of BENJAMIN ALLEN, L. L. D. The institution it designed to unite witb a classical and English Education, the modem language!. rne classical course win comprise uie i - bub and Greek Languages Ancient History and lit - ography, Mythology, Roman and Grecian Antiquities. . ' . - . . 1 . t i:.l. 1 ne EJieiisji course win compnio rjii(i" Grammer, elocution, Elemeatt of History, Hl.e - torick. Geography, Ptnmanthip, elementary and practical Mathematics and the outlines of Nat ural Philosophy. Modern Laneuaeet will comprite the French, Spanish and Italian. Moral and religious, instruction 'will he atttn - ArA Um. as vouth is tlie most proper time to in culcate and fix those principles of virtue and pie - ty, wniru oogni 10 uireci ana uuiueucc u.v w - - duct of future life. The i - upiltofthe Institution will be members of the Principal'! family, and under hit immedi ate care and government rarucuiar atu'. will be paid to their morals and manners. I be government will be itrict, but mild and parental - iu aim shall be to rive habits of order and industry, and inspire a generout emulation. . The institution will be furnished with a Libra ry, Maps Globes d select Philotopracai 1 m - paratus the use of which the pupflt u f taught, and madti familiar with the mott mpori - antand ttriking exitrimcnU in Natural Pniloto - phy. These will be considered us rewarut 01 gtod conduct and attention to ttudy, and constitute oce of the mott interesting touicet ' mutement and recreation. It it knows irom pcrience that much useful knowledge may w thut incidentally communicated. Tbe termt are thn - e hundced dollar! per annum, payable quarterly wathiug included. Cla - tical students who ttudy the modern languages will be charged 10 dollurt per quaru - extra for the taruc. ' 'Ilie ttudentt find Cw ir hedt and bedding. The iiumhtr of it limited. .l,enlT men Uwrelore who are de.irout of tilacing men sous in Ihe institutioin will pieate to m" " early application. .. All lettert rciame 10 me tnsuiuu. """V,. - dlo the tubscriber, Hyde Pack l04'0.'. Uutchett Ctuuty N. Y. will he prompt y etUBQ ed to. BENJAMIN ALiE3. Tte tummer term a il1 commence 00 the "s .. May. " 5 5 11 oMA. t.HMKNT. bOcatkt ltomaB - Aj meul, just leeitd and lor tal Irf . ,J vni'iiKitv A. - mi (.".A RF.It. .53 . 131 Watcr - ttrtet. NEW - YOKR: ... F RUTTED A.VD VVULtSBtD men a fit. iiViiyHAM nt 49 WiixiAM - stnttftt orrcsiTst " Bask coirsx - tioutt - Ilal A 'WI T1 a s 1 T 1 r i

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