The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 24, 1944 · Page 8
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 8

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 24, 1944
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

E D I T O R I A L The Slote Is Clean Now for a Real Tax Bill; Courage Needed INIANCUAOTiKttoSrtteS r_ -? C l f ~ io misun derstanding. President Roosevelt has vetoed the new tax bill which congress was some 9 months in incubating The chief executive and S e c r e t a r y Morgenthau had asked for 10 billions in extra taxation and the new bill provided only about 2 billions. Hot words are now flying thick and fast across the valley between Capitol hill and the white house And, as is often the case, southern democrats are most prominent on W of North Carolina and Senator George of Georgia seem to be packing the greatest verbal wallop. "Trying to raise an issue the executive versus congress," commented Senator George. Senator Alben Barkley o£ Kentucky: {once "Dear Alben" to President Roosevelt) has broken with the president. In a blistering statement he has announced his intention to resign as majority leader in the upper house. A S this is written an over-riding of the veto seems most likely Failure to over-ride the veto will probably mean continuing the F'i? ent ^ tax biU " c °ngress has taken . the position that it would be -impossible within the time limitations to write a new bill that would be adequate. «r, Th £V°, OUr opini ° D . « what should be done. And the approach, in the writing of the new bill on Capitol hill and the acceptance of it at the other end of Pennsylvania avenue, ought to Jbe more courageously realistic than it has been up to this time. _ Now is no time for a cat and dog fight. Now is a time to quit thinking in terms of next Novem- Did You Know? By Frederic J. Haskin ·jSlffiSVffi^K-ivysi'a ISri^s^S u" d D?cf' ^""S'rX.*" * ' ' "' How many cljarets can be made from a pound of tobacco leaf» About 350 cigarets there historical ref- There are brief references to Jesus by Josephs, Tacitus, also Claudius* , , Suetonius a u u s When irtU the Dnke of Clone*,- r n e o *er asioue tbe office of cenenl of Australia? J I ? ° t ! ! u m e --w*u»\. \f^w.c. until piirv'tr"' 1844 ' wnen Princess Elizabeth comes of age. food? " d °* S "" ° yster e " " s They feed on microscopic plants obtained from water drawn in through the gills. What were the last words I am dying too soon. If Senator Gillette yields to the orait pressure """t--*- »-*- · · his wishes s Q nex ovem _ bee's election and begin giving some statesmanlike consideration to just one question: "WHAT'S GOOD FOR THE ».r,» T ~ --...ti. man wnac will WIN THE MOST VOTES should be given priority. IP THIS could be the approach 1 on Capitol hill and in the executive mansion, there would have to be agreement on a few fundamental principles--among them these 41, 1° *" far ** l*»*s«le--even though it involve sacrificial living -the war should be paid for as i| u fOBfht. 2. The war should not be a BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY f o r .any group or any individual in i. £'=·"""- neuus[ niS WISH or better judgment, it will be a case bf being drafted for defeat at the polls next November. *·· * * The raid of Truk has given us at least a partial measure of revenge for the Nips' sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. -- ( Your Health By Logan Clendenlng, M D NUTRITION FOR INFANTS IN ARTICLES during the last weeks we have outlined the f*M- 2*°, -° P ract!ce in infant feeding during the first year and the second year. Milk modification is now on a satisfactory and scien- l£,,^- f 3t J" 05 - 1 TMp°rtant ---t accumulated as a re- of the war ^m i^^ a ,,. fcfe^frBrtea on tte ^^ wfib are fUjhltof without financial profit. 9- To raise a substantially increased amount for war use, it will be necessary to dip into Increased earnings wherever t h e y A T THE capitol end of Pennsylvania avenue, there must be a willingness to tap high incomes even more heavily than under the present bill. At the white house and of Pennsylvania avenue,'there must be a willingness to make more people pay more heavily in the office of the tax collector. . A t both ends of the avenue there must be a frank and courageous recognition that the vast potential source of tax income is in the 51,000 to 95,000 income bracket , The tax job that the president says he.wanls done just isn't going to get long as he and his secretary of the treasury hold out against a federal sales, or spend- ±?*, r jf .' job *** " S* for be dean, sufficient TM5 ·*v. UB ciean, sufficient and with proper nourishing factors. Vitamins C! anr? n n nn ^i *« \.J Pros and Cons Interesting Viewpoints From Our Exchanges For Tradition in Politics «,».!?'L. 1 ^ 6 Mi "w: Personally, we think they are all, good men Hickenlooper is one of the b e s t governors we've had in our memory, and he'll probably mate ; good senator, but we don't like to ?r^r, t r a d i -*, i o R and experience tmown aside so lightly We'd hoped that Burma would" change his mind and run for lieutenant governor, because Blue deserves me nomination, and an unfortunate situation is almost bound to W o kie ^, erforn »n« Forgotten - claimed the most .--.--, m the -American army durine ihe first World war? Pneumonia. cemetery, Elmira, Woodlawn N. Y. | VPho was the author of the say- than the best irar?" * w- St S ph « en Gardine r, bishop "of vmt e f 5 r 4e i n : i l c t t e r t o H e n ^ «**£??» i*' 1 *'"* They have some of the characteristics of the Negroes; some of the Caucasian peoples. OBSERVING Bombs Caute Hoarding ^^' think one of the most interesting and least publicized aspects o£ allied bombings m German industrial centers has, been the effect of the bombings on the German currency situation. As revealed last week in a speech by the nazi minister of economies, Walther Funk, German bank depositors--fearful that they will lose all their savings if their particular bank is destroyed fa a bombing raid--have been hoarding reiehsmarks. Fn'iS.^ 1 ^ " mains undesirable," Funk told the German people. "For tins reason we must again and again appeal to the sense of duty which animates every. individual and ask him to take such cash as v v not ? eed '° banks, which makes it available for emDlovmpnf useful to the entire economy "Many Germans ;n regions exposed--or which are believed to'be exposed--carry large amounts of Th£ e V-Y J "? them ' just in case -' Ihis attitude does not serve any useful purpose, and is not necessary--for in spite of the greatest care, the possibility exists that the" money will be destroyed " Hi?"}?! re TM inded 'he Germans that the state takes care of air raid victims and that restitution is made for money lost while on deposit in bombed banks. The argument about the restitution or lost money, however had r. ey use i blow German tanks apart at th The American counterpart o us weanon i s tg K« * j ... ., ^dijuu jb to oe round in fh* pantry. It's a can of explosive dr cleaning fluid -- usually l^iS The original "Molotov cocktail' s an empty beer-bottle filled with gasoline, with a makeshift fuse a soldier can improvise in the field f"= '--punterpart In the American is any bottle or can filled gasoline or any other 'explo- ---- ,, ""·". t used indoors needs only the pilot light on the gas stove, the hot coils of a toast! %' * M** match «· «« glow , set it off ° r cigaret few cents worth of gasoline or rubhin L E e t h . S line" been heard before by the Germans. Overseas reports indicate that- many Germans have continued to hoard anyway,.because r^ds^ a tLu^ yCd tU ° TM --V-- "Afolorov Cocktails" don't, suppose that Ameri can housewives -- million h, ?,L , m ~ real ze that thej have a "Molotov cocktail" right ii their _ own kitchens. made job°and one^fth^most'de strno.,TM we apons Russians hav, this war. They use it tc L**win v. 4 ~ U 1 _ . . * * ll a tiny spark, suc-h as is '"· rubbing a cat's back of rabric to Set Petroleum Goes to War was startled by informa tion aust released by thi *,,(,, th ? merica n petroleum instj ^^^s^teigin; 3 days to get him there going and protect him takes an average of o£ _ _ . . . . ,, I aJ4ll UIOp (Jne J on Q £ o Si* .i ihis over when yoi on nnf"^ 01 b ° mbs bein g --M«a i^^vL-ssss^^ a^eVXTn^e"^^ Japanese objectives. --V--' Information, Please! 1. The book wi-itten by Charles Dickens m which Fagin i s a character is -Old Curiosity Shop" David Copperfield." - ' O l i v e r Twist," "Our Mutual Friend " -· T £ e Spirit of Wisdom is '·? ' T u rynmld ' Minerva, Pluto. LTM?,i 5 -^" timfe the «««* The Day's Bouquet To MASON CITY'S RETAIL ESTABLISHMENTS--for recognizing in an appropriate way the admirable sales work of employes m the 4th war bond campaign. This recognition took the form of a celebration in Roosevelt field- house at which ihe Great Lakes dance band was the featured attraction. Au orchid too to the sailor entertainers. They're really tops--as fine as they are talented ; Mojon City Globe-Gazette An A. W. IEE NEWSPAPEB 0 ^ s ^ E ^ er y W«k Day by the izi-S E^ stitesg^?"* SiHiSSjagxi Thursday February 24, 1944 7. 1030. at " t h e postofflie aHXSln Kie act of March 3 l u ASSOCIATED PRESS. .--,,,,.,,.«.,, Press is exclusively eniitlel = -i u,l f h U b e r o r . r c P»Wlcotion of a» news ispaicne^ credited io it or not otliet " reattea in this p^pep and also the SUBSCRIPTION KATES usoti city and Clear Lake bv vfar «m lason City and Clear Lake by w«k' 2n^ Outside loo MJIe Zone--Pe/ vear Slo° er week by carrier I S ? ir year by mail . - -·?? y mail 6 months y mail 3 months ....; s a m - _yjgaa i month :.:::::::::::| ?S and D need a nee to be added to a diet of cow's milk and usually iron. Modern practice, we infants additional food g f- ve earher than used io be ' thought necessary. But even the best modern management occasionally runs uo against the same old infants' troiibles our grandmothers faced ln ° c o m m o n e s t nutritional of the infant is failure to {·f^p^s^'ffis; the nomination without asking for it and men who would refuse a presidential nomination of a major party are not numerous " This editor evidently has forgotten that " the same man who upset And the .v ° r f cute urbances of the ot the -infant to ^adequate food causes are infections, ' -··- -jmut mem wno upset a few applecarts at "the last republican national convention, is definitely a candidate again.' The Phantom Foe Dubuque Telegraph - Herald- Communist Earl Browder recently announced his party's capitulation to our tradition! 2-party system, but his conversion didn't last long He now urges democrats and re-' S£ *,° U ?:", e ° n a ! in ^e 19« Feb. n 1943, coincident with Prime Minister Churchill's d s- closure that allied forces in North Africa would be under his command. What was done with the body oi Jumbo, the famous elephant after his death? Ward, taxidermist of Rochester, . r., mounted the hide and 1 ' wf P the skeleton. How larfre an area is covered by the Marshall Islands? This group consists of hundreds £L C ° islands scattered over 70 000 square miles of ocean f^ t J e . e u 0 - 1 ? Mi _ of , th «'''ou S a n d S 1 each y , dis- e digestive tract ucn as caeliac diseases, possibly allergy The old ideas that some particular part of the food is responsible for malnutrition have been proved worthless-- for instance, starch malnutrition. Common errors resulting in underfeeding are: there is an appreciably higher levy upon the smaller incomes. It's an unfortunate coincidence politically, that both the bulk of income and i , - i * . , ora "8 e uce. kills the Vitamin C which is the very reason for orange juice M,Ct?' C h a / l S i « E f o r m u l a s . Mothers get worried when the baby does not gain, and get panicky m changing to queer formulas Cases come up of infants who have been exclusively on a diet of cereal water for weeks, in the belief that milk was undigested or indigestible. The chances are the formula is all right, but the infant simply does not get enough o£ it, which means larfer or more frequent feedings. Or that m°nf n °w gh l u£ar is added £o c °w's Comrade Browder is slill^^ng to recast our government along Russian lines. For Bricker in Dlsyuise Wisconsin State Journal: "Dewey delegates" would not be Dewev delegates at all, but Bricker dele- EelttiS in niKCTiiicei "TVtn*- ITM ii , r ee- n £ sguise - Th at is the way another Omoan, Warren G. Hardwig, was nominated in 1920. Gov Bricker has been called "an honest th ' S ' S c t o c f a r A Cause for Fraternal Worry Council Bluffs Nonpareil- W fear a Willkfe-McCormiek presi dential pnmlry contest in im nois would be too much for cer tain Iowa editors. Already the are frothing at the mouth and the probably would explode before i was civ*r Many are eaten for their mineral content by mice, rabbits, and porcupines.. Others disintegrate and are absorbed into the soil How often do yeast cells divide? Under favorable conditions each yeast cell divides every 2 hours »=r.h fT Cells ' and 2 hours late r each of these is ready to divide was over. total votes bulk of the "nation's' .lie in that area. M AYBE il J ust is "'t a democracy to face the facts and act accordingly in formulating a national tax program. Maybe a political penalty i s inevitable for the man in public life, legislative or.executive, who refuses to re- Sard wartime taxation as a taffy pull. We're not ready, however, to accept that low estimate of the nature of democracy until we've seen horse sense and courage given a trial. To the e.xact contrary, we believe that public opinion is far ahead of Washington when it comes to recognizing and accepting the facts of life. Among these ,, that a taxation loUipop now will prove a blackjack in the years to come. it will be tragic f oily if America comes out of this war-bred prosperity with a needlessly burdensome national debt to plague and curse our postwar economy A sorry monument indeed that will be to the weak-kneed stupidity of .our-wartime federal government The slate is now clean Will courageous, patriotic statesmanship arise to the occasion? We shall see. uusii augar is aaaed to cow's 1~V" Weighing the baby before "l after evel 7 feeding of breast "?!*. wU decide the amount of milk obtained. r,l 3) ' TM sinter Pretation of symptoms. When malnutrition is present and especially as it increases diarrhoea is likely to occur. This' f?,r I t r r, terprc i ed ? S 3n ""Cation for further reduction of food. Or as idiosyncrasy to some food element, so the formula is exchanged When We Quit Isolationism ...Burlington Hawk-Eye Gazette While many did not realize it 9 wav f e r' away from our jsolationism 4 ?| a f aS S' ° n the ni « ht of Feb. 15 1898, when the battleship Maine A Back-Scratching Act - Senator oe innesota is an appointive Gov Stassen, and the senator to the ,-,,--t to make matters worse Any infection, especially if accompanied by fever, results in de- tv«- a c, S £ °, f ap P.l tite an d hence in weight loss. Chronic infection of the nose and upper respiratory ! S- u ° ften leads to diarrhoea v,hich is interpreted as digestive trouble and feedings are reduced infections of the urinary tracts are particularly likely to be over- oo say You scratch the for ard would my back and - ·, -~~ o\.i«ii_«i m y oacK a I will scratch your back back." Wlllkie Told Us the Truth bioux City Journal: Levies must be higher and even higher as our national public debt mounts Any. SEL"^ 4 *°; ov r *hat. The Willkie h « - , n o the difficulty of collecting urine . Amon « d i g e s t i v e diseases. n £ f°-, a US ! d , to hold first P Ia "' · e . J used to accou "t for more infant deaths than all other causes combined. Clean milk-dairy inspection, pasteurization, etc., has Gardners, Take Notice! are much still more exists. Infants susceptible to dfai-rhoea " t h a n adults And infections will get in the milk, no matter h . » " precautions The principte of treatment of infectious diarrhoea are temporary rest of the diges- b^«S Stem i r « toi :ation of fluid P emocr at! it isn't too V°t gm P, lawiin « for our Victory gardens. Editorial of Day YOUTH LEADS THE-WAV Mankato t o REMEMBER? From Globe-Gazette Files FORTY YEARS AGO t iS- Decker departed this noon ^.Minneapolis for a few days' The big pump for the cit t w . ark , s w being unloaded today The foundation is completed and it will be placed at once Des Moines--The Agar Packing ,: TM? a , ny has "ceived an order fo? 1,000 barrels of mess pork to be delivered at once in Japan Great secrecy is being maintained as to the route of shipment from here as it is feared an international question may b« raised on ac- coun of the United States aiding - \ e "'Serent. Iowa pork is furnished at $15 a barrel. THIRTY YEARS AGO Miss Loree Stanbery entertained a number of friends last mmg after the basketball game her home on North Superior ·"'ie. The evening was spent dancing and candy-making guests were the Misses Har-.-- Co*.' 0 "' Gladys McElroy and Avis Briar, and Richard Conaway Clarence Phillips, Marshall Bar-' low and Stuart Lee. Because common honesty is still !o be found in Mason City and because one honest man is a reeii- «~^M^§S^fe nue, IS happy today because of the return ^f = «,,. --,., watch she -a Heat Trick THE Chicago Tribune is now pre- scnting a series of pseudo-news stories designed to prove that good Americans can think and act almost exactly like bundtsts and still be good American*. It'i a riaht neat trick tf j»u am * it , . *-^*viak.iuu Ot UUld bloor??' a " fd ° f mfncral balance; mood transfusion, if severe Vormting is the second of the digestive diseases of infancy. The common causes are over-disten- Itcnten Kedacinc . e major pr °J £ct through- Many people don't realize th P P^ em that confrontsbrth thS youth and their parents. Boys and girls between 15 and 18 are at Place" but they have no pla? e to The average city-- be It laree or -^l= utterljto prov de ade! e wholesome recreation for es takes its entertain! U can TV/ENTY YEARS AGO Allen Patton, Bertha Bates and Dorothy Westfall captured thl Maon City honors in the district ounty declamatory contest at the Clear Lake auditorium Friday. Clear Lake Rockwell and Mason City students were in the contest. i? i ear old a ' :c ordion player, acofa Deitrich, astonished those uh o heard him play "Barney °8le ' and other selections at the - M. C. A. program held at the alvary Methodist church under he direction of Secretary C. E "man Friday evening. TEN YEARS AGO With 35 juniors competing, the eeKs scores for supervised firing at the Y. M. C. A. range were v £ ed b the 97 *IQO of ~ ' Forbes. The mark equaled e record for girls and iv«ss T ~_es fired a possible 50x50 score m her first string. Vienna -- Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss said Thursday thtt the Jews-in Austria need fear no cnange m tne government policy toward them. the Clover Couplets By Ray Murray of Buffalo Center OUR RIGHT The world may not owe us a liv- "ng, And most are agreed that it don't; But it owes us the chance Io be earning And we "should feel wronged if ANSWERS--1. Olive 6ASH...NO METAL COM1NS IN AT SIX O'CLOCK. ONLY WASTED Ow THAT MISS, NO800V ' EOT, KING ARTHUS? YOU CAN'T GO OUT 'TWERE/ THAT MOB U6LY/ HEY, GANG/ UNACCUSTOMED A5 I AM TO PUBLIC FUN.MY.f-n- SEEMS LIKE WE'VE KMOWN BACW OTHER -FOS. YEARS ISMTTHE? NOONSUPeo? AMnTMP o T -/ic3^r;;rS7 ! - TOUAKENTHALF Jktf± I^IITI 1^. l~r--1^ ,n I»I~^TI, njU Mk^NTHAL BAD-LOOKING WlTHTHESE LOC*lSOaX35E. ANOC3ETA _ HANDFUL AND SPRINKLE'£M INVDUS WELI, i GUESS -THAT --TER .' YOU Did IT.' YOU CE6TROYED THE DEMON.' I CAN MAKE IT W1TH YOUR HELP ·fi? ·snff? UKE m^r/gvrMff/ AGWHA6TA TACKLE- A

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