The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 24, 1944 · Page 7
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 7

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 24, 1944
Page 7
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ROSINM.UM The Wausau, Wis., Record-Herald, m its editorial columns recently, expressed some very appropriate opinions warning us not to become calloused by the war and to lose our sense of appreciating the enthusiasm of young peo- pie for college and high school ·sports. We'd like to bring part of ]»y jtl , to , yoUl b ^ause we think it is yjrtli the space to reprint in part: :v; One of the things that I hope .will not be destroyed in this Mohawks Seek Share of Big Seven Crown in Weekend Contests Here ROUGH RIDERS FRIDAY'S FOE for college--and high school- sports. It 3 just possible that with the army aud navy taking over in so many campuses, replacing: peace-time studies with more serious business, and movius athletes about on orders which frequently destroy .their natural af- JOatioas, that the tradition of collegiate sport may be broken. -» In don't know how you feel about it, but if I did know I could | approximate your mental age and R» the state of your arteries, to «ay nothing of estimating the reach" of your human sympathies. East Des Moines Five Comes Here Saturday Mason City's hopes for i share of the Big Seven con rei-eiice championship w i l either reach partial fruition here iTiday night, Ol - gc glimmering into the distance league-leading Roosevelt hi-d ot Des Moines in the next-to the-last game of the season In order to gain a slice of the mu^'h ^ ev , Cardi » al and Black must haud the Rough Riders their 0f year aiul lhe City iToVT c T j c Capital city here Saturday night ivhile Fort Finn P-«* K.k-1 4^ t ,, , " _ GettingOld " If 3;? u think- all that sort of thing, the bands and the cheerleaders and the snake dances, is silly foolishness, the chances are you are getting on. But i£ you smile to yourself in recollection of. your own youthful pranks, and if you want to see Alma Mater continue its exuberance .when the war ends, there is stilf hope for you, Buddy, there's life in you yet. Its a fair empirical test of the amount of joy in Jiving remaining m a given individual *or age--real age, not necessarily measured by years, but by the hvlmtss of interest and sympathy, marks its advent by the increasing number of thln ES (hat ««m foolish, and not worth .he effort they demand. "To youth almost everything is worth doing with ardor- there « a terrific kick in even the simplest routine of work and play But experience dulls the edge of al activities, progressively Everv- iiTM!' ? lm ?? t ?... b _? COJ ?? es - common- ; --- b^ts Roosevelt on (he lodgers' home court Saturday Both contests will be return matches for the Mohawks,- who earlier m the campaign droonec decisions to both Roosevelt and East. Despite the loss of a few key players a few weeks ago Roosevelt is still very strong, and' last week took East into J5~.i3, While the Scarlet is not figured as strong as Roosevelt, having won only 3 ^of 10 conference ",,! counters, it still i s dangerous East has a big club that does not frown on a bit of old-fashioned roughness to gain its ends and has 1 Botpnf a floe. ,,* ,, ...-.,.' . ° f potentialiti g team. I" Preparation for the two final contests Coach Bud Sute? a" a Assistant Joe Rojrers have put luad through intensive ses- the early part of the week, and were to taper off u-ith a shooting drill and defensive w?"£ WT**** No P«« « w*s scheduled for Friday fit! a j dition to the conference title share, the Cardinal Black will be shooting for Great Lakes Negro Team One of Best Ky BOB AIEYEU n*fte b^WS/'TM S?^^»""^ midwest area this season is the Oresl Lakes Negro varsity a SJil. ,° £ f!ashy at)d tale nted stars l±g h o a n?y r" 18 SameS W h U c hv*TM ct j lore , d sa 'l°« are sparked tL, -\f y llarm)n . », 'ad many lans «i» remember as the of -- school champions irt i" ;~j' ' · Harmon, who played for Toledo university before entering the navy, has scored 252 points f ° r . G « at takes this season He | Pnre ^" P «JK!»'» '»?.' «-«eke?d ,,o,, !,, , cs a « :llllst don and Wehr Steel. corpora- -- "-.~«.*.»c, jnursaay, »b. zi, 1944 · jo W. Waterloo to Defend StatejGrappling Title Vanks^oachhig Setup to Change for 1944 Season had to -i' f. V 1 " ue u * i"iai games or the year foi- £ffi5ft"»ss:r4S g^ff* w E* j£:i8!^iA3£g!ris : ^"tlta^SISnt' '"'""·' ' r n, ' ns -same city Satur- d Black. The . Bob Miller, G _ Gus DiMarco. S ctU iu, bweeney^ Jerry Ginth- Chimbides, Paul "Ca'gley, n Big 10 Track Picks Other slurs for il, e Negro team arc James Brown, former S OU T|" em university player, who has racked up 220 points to gain run! behind vi ?0t J " '""IvWua 8 ! scoring A IK / a TM°n; Floyd Bales and Arthur Grant, former members of L^-rv n T ? Iobe -T-°"er S . and player ' mcr lxng lslancl Forrest Anderson, ox-Stanford star and one of Lt. Tony an d vic- - --=., -.,,.,,.,., uttujnei common- Sirf'f^ sclentiUc discovery that stirs the eager mind of youth opening up imaginative vistas of shining allurement, fetches from blase experience only a yawn and ?uJL · Jr 0 , 1 ?TM 6 " 4 . couched in some .cliche of blurred and worn phrase- Elcistic Minds "We must all become experienced, round-edged in file 'bite' £;£ U !i D T ental tools - That c an't be helped, I suppose--it's part of the necessary business of living. But some of us can keep our "minds elastic enough to share vicariously, even in old age as the calendar counts age, m the excitements and thrills of youth. And such a per- he n b S nt Vv- rca:l .y °W, though -- ., .^i u^ aiiuuij/ig lor vic- ^L;TM^ l ? a "f 16 ot the the Mohawks 7i- '""i" ** Lfcit uutible winnin^ on the home floor, for of the I »nm«c- 1^^.^^ -, - ,. ttAt - J tne , season. lost' durin only 1 of them was 'on HIP Roosevelt floor, that contest to Pepper Martin r^t« . ^ Signs to Play With Cards . Oklahoma City. f/P)-- John (Peper) Martin is going back to his °'£ Sang, the St. JLouis Cardinals, where he won fame as a purloiner of the bases. "The wild horse of the Osasc" By CHAHLES CHAHIBEELAIN I a v e r a e Austin. Other elubs holding decisions ST ^?. S0 ^ Cit ^ l«=I«ae Web" ster . v*J '11D1UUC c . lty - ^Koosevclt,- East and - All but the two opnon- also fai? w " k f " d - however, have Thwi , ^ ih ? Sut «men once. games both nishts. Friday sophomores will tangle Hanlontown, and Sattirdaj? . . BrunsvoWs crew will take the Clear Lak Both eHminaryganTesarec^edXr conte^ettTn" 1 under ^ to- mediately thereafter. BIG SEVE.V STANDINGS Des Moines (Roose- nr 7i,l ".T* "" fervent excitement «. t e ., cI J eer . in B sections is a ferment that w,II die out in eac !. one ot me excited individuals within a year or 2. "«nm "But he does not think it is silly and vain, and a mark of de- generaung intelligence in the younger generation. He wouldn't r-he couldn't-do it himself. But he remembers when he, too was thus moved and stirred by thin"! relatively unimportant And per haps he envies--yes, f think cerl lainly he envies those whose fre^i minds have still the capacity to oe DowGrfiillv .-!;,.,._.: ___ , ·* . CITY '· Fort Dodge Waterloo (West) Des Moines {East.. Waterloo (East) . . . . 8 Des Moines (Worth) 2 8 GAMES THIS WEEK _ Friday (Rooscvcl t) a (EaSl) at Pet. 1.000 .800 .600 .364 .300 .273 .200 Ma- Saturday Des Moines (East) at Mason ( Rooscv eH) at Fort Envy Play that we could be em? The d ^ s 4u ,, g sections at the football games are just another rtae VINES TO DENVER ~ --*- ju^t. titiuiiie: of the same sort of thing. A certain amount of unwar* ranted enthusiasm for impractical ends , s a necessary lubricant for the machuiery o f social contact J^ i" ck of , " leads to ha« ''ean and hungry' outlook upon lite of which Catsar complaint ·Yes, I believe in cultivafin" a certain amount of illusion particularly in the youth of the* land TM'« ma .S? ? sood air-cushion to' are "om m « mPS ° f reaUty wl !'ch parts som? beauty n and 'ideali^n to a scene which too often lick* o^IaS tiCS ' 10 ° ked ^^ f * Higher Value -- --_."*w*ii.dc.y jrarK. a V." ^ n ·'-·os Angeles as well as working in a defense plant WEINTRAUB SIGNS ha "' Y ° rk ' ( - U ' R) ~ Phn Weinlraub Play ffr"| baSl'for'lh^Kto^York sairf" w ^tary Eddie Brannick SaiQ- \Vmr»Tt-miK «!-.,,: .1 ,- .. ^. ,» «u ii V1 ae W j lf whose lifetime batting average was .297 when he quit the big leagues in 1940, disclosed his plans after conferences with President Sam Breadon of the Cards He said he also had been offered a job as a radio sports announcer in St. Louis. "I feel--and I'm not throwin" bouquets or glamorizing myself-that I can contribute more to Baseball by playing with St. Lo U . is, Martin added ·i« He " Si l id that a » h °ugn he'll be 40 next week, he figures there are still a few good games left in his creaking joints.: Last yea'r-PepperSvas playing manager of the Rochester N Y club of the International'league' a it Louis farm, and hit .280 dur- - .^ , --?u rtsci Winjjs fin-- GIRLSlSTRTCT MEETS TO OPEN Des Moines, (/Pj--Clutier 1942 champion was to meet Steamboat Rock, thc 1943 titleholder, at New Providence Thursday night in one oE the, feature games as play gets under way in 3 o£ the 16 state high school girls* district basketball tournaments. The remainder of the 64 sectional survivors will set into action Friday night. In the 2 other 'tourneys Thursday night, spotlight games in- eluded Hansell against Orchard at Hampton and Orient against Tin"ley at Lenox. ° Finalists in the district races will compete in thc state finals here March 8 to 11. _ ,,,,, (/Pj--Claude (Buddy) Young ^ y h o S e blazing speed brought him the Millrose SO^yard dash tit e, will try to become " triple winner in the Big Ten in door track meet March 11 and his momentum may enable Illi- championship. Young, a stubby 5-foot 5-inch the dash, low hurdles he is given en- and ch m e s g v e chdnce of winning all 3 . Illinois also has potential winners m the high hurdles, with Freshman Bob Hinkte of East SI Wagner at 70 Begins. 33rd Diamond Year o^^^'^-^^V^ncr, league baseball uniform wns^n ^crve^ his 70th birthday Thurs- his cake. W ' th ° n ' y 33 candle s on "This is my 33rd i., ^a- ---- w"tw. ui kJi. j,onv riitiKip^ outstanding scorers on 'the Great L.,kes varsity ] ast EDason _ ^.^ tne Negro sailors, who end thoir successful season at Danville in oUnaay. '* Incidentally^ when the Gi-eut last week, they stackec/up'against 6 former MarqucUe players? who have finished thoir collegiate . . . Among them was -New York, U.R)_p,. es i dent Ecl Barrow of the New York Yankees announced the first change in the team's coaching setup in years Thursday when he re that Veteran Earl Coombs and that his place would be t^ken by Johnny Neun, manager of Kansas City Blues lust year ' Ixm-mr said Coombs had rc- lucslcd 1 year i o devote his energy to U pcratii, s his ·· farms at Richmond, Ky. Ncuii. a member of (he Yankee organization since 1331, will be replaced at Kansas City by Jack Sr*H-7Tinrm. f ~ . ,,- , J "~^-"- Clarion--West Waterloo with 7 men will defend the state chain Pionship title in wrestling at Clarion Friday and Saturday % this week. Osage, Eagle Grove *i?nL ge ' and CJa «'°n with stiong aggregations will make definite bids for the title anl should produce a lively contest R -y Jarrard, West Waterloo --j, will put his hopes on Dick HaHfer-105 pounder who hods an enviable high school record %f££ ua %? c ' "i »»*.· i«: Wilson, 155, , and Michaelsen' district -_.. ,, u b ikmiatia v^ny oy Saltzgaver, former Yankee in- Now York fann team and playing 1938° aS a Ut ' my infieWcr s ''nTM Neiin, a sports writer on thc Baltimore Sun and college basketball referee during the off-season ended his nlayinjt career with the -- --..Miiuiti, Ji" son quette coach. , C " 0;u:h Ra i' Meyer of DcPaiil c,", S t . f . " ls tcrlni against Ohio ri-,v ?,- ,i . - Chlca g° stadium Friday night in a bnltlc that may de- ciclc which team represents dis- u j t t i\o. 4 m (} lc NCAA tnnrm nicnt this year, said that Geo"ge M i k a n , his 6 foot 9 inch center wobnblv m i i i ,,!,,.. ""·" Denier, e farm at Newark where he f Jfst base. He returned to (fie Bears as manager in 1938 and Piloted them to 2 international league penanls antl 2 little world series victories. He led Kansas City to a pennant in the American association during the 1942 season and last year also at Kansas City was his first as a manager to have his club out of the first division. nf Bit T ?8 9 .U8.9. · itt the in Bob Kellev !,,. Hlnkie to ta i S bCSt 1Ime in the h l h barriers "-« h the conference'c; ;, -*v»».j i^ me confercni outdoor 440 and 880 champion. Illinois, however, w i l l r mr i to2 U rl an - a 5" ply manned to defend the indoor crown. The Wol vermes' team includes 13 letter ^LSr, 13 ^^'^^^ Wisconsin to Illinois to 3rd. to subject of j LUI in j^ia- uniform," smiles the "Flying- Dutchman" 'I'm. lime ~ - -^ -*^--«;iji]cn mSr HH^lT^r^ --" an?n y ^. h - d ^ TM* * -----s I don't feel 70 I feel more like 33." The league's former baserunm-ng champ, swrtin l^th year as a coach for the l!"^..?:? 1 ^' aPPends that ^JlP^'S.= doesn't look--or act--his *fi! SSl^. b seas°o U n Z^ drills,- passing on his anrf'V,"*" baseban lore to rookies exact v hm^, a ? 1 , giving them IT , y ov (o fjeW that ball Unless he's lost some of | I9« spryness, and he'd be center. of the Week" ,, ^utiv Ol tUe IVppIr- Johnny Lujack, Notre Dame ball" DnSKPr uric! )\ n ^l._il. _ , » . """ , ore Dame Passer and basketball guard, * , :1S a ? yonc cls; hen he cocked e c o c e d hi= famous pitching arm and snapped a n;icc f« ( 1 r-,,-,i ,, * _ . _ _ ·ouaijyLQ pass toward a under thc basket. tho J^^te?* TM"*TM^ . _^ -- · « ii ItclLt t Russ Wcndland .tron^tTnTole^auiraTshoV Br^^fr^C^fo^ ^ S fe?'^^.Y! c "Vnl.Y-l 8 2 --»--^.mii f i t } JJlGS nnrf ^in/Ti TMV rtUm , C , has Playcd *'"h nuS o»£ double -A'' c i llbs . II A II BOTVI.IXG Bods- " " =" mathematical aemonstra- ,mv f tJ^ 0ubtcdI ? be m ^e . , _ _ , - «· .;.wi5i.-i-, 1 663 B. Kccsan 187; «2. Sams Raizes l^ijj 1 ac. Tot. 339 2167 tical value in earning a IhSff" They have I think, a higher value than can be expressed in nurn? oers and dollar signs. h , . . in which old and yonnr complete prasmatists, and nothine wHhont eTM^^^ and defensible reasons? I S n: lect the most enjoyable occur- M '! a 25"° nc in such a "-orld «ould be his exit from it , ',' U ,y ou ' d be a terrific' moral defeat for the United States should this war cost us our tradition of young exuberance and C - ' V °rS r ^'-;^ «*ci: B s Won j_o it Swcetlicart High game High s -B. Pusch, 177." --L. Kasifc, 453, Phillips ........ HulchinsOM ..... .". ............ High Bamc-M. Riles-, "l93!"" sy oa . High game-- N. He Hand, . . c-- a wiism/iil' fl series^ B. H'ilson. 4?s" Evening hiel, scrics--N. Hct anfl 5' " " COLLEGE BASKETBALL By THE ASSOCIATED PBESS E«st X'^-"*!' 1180 KaVal Traini "K Station 62. New York Coast Gn.nrd 52. Army Ve ; v York 43. " · y Ci Templc_31. Pcnn Stale a. stty il. C ' C ° ' PKO =4 " Ncv J7 St. Josephs 91, Elizabcthlim-n Collccc Philadelphia Coast Guard 52- College 51. fMT^U^'jf C " y J7 %^ t ?£S£ m %?» " ,,. Miflwot 1J-cos«cr lOiiioi 74. Asl.fand 2 f;aii.'.ls 32. Kansas St.ilc n Lnpcr lon-.i 46. Hither ."a Ft. Cusicr 31. Dciroit Tech'45 .^Indiana Stale 60. Bunker Hill jr. A. S. Great Ukcs 55. Phillies 39 ^ 3tort Benjamin Harrison 50. Earlham Olterbein 67, Camp Jmiarcl (Ohio) 31 Southwest TroUc " «. Logan col birthday blowouts;"oneTMTu a ncneon sponsored - by the American 1.° gion Junior-Athletic association o Pennsylvania and the other his usual, quiet birthday dinner at 1, s home m nearby Carnegie a" tended by only his wife and daughter and a few close friends Honus playing days end d ""cr^nr 5 hC E?CS abollt «" winter duties as deputy sherifl rt-inH r " e / le he ' S st "l»ed con- btanuy--for chats about basebill i-ast and present. H c doesn't " upon his career as ended He Ionic* ££"££#' c ri ne s ««"*»* says, and there'll be many ra()rej more had the minutes of ^' 1C '} the' Buu e «-s 45-43, m overtime. Played GARRISON IN 5 Kansas City, Mo.. (UP)--Him merin' Henry Armstrort hek ° held victory over we!- Armstrons scored a technical *TMckout Weclr^day nifihf in The Uth rounri nc , scheduled 10 round of rounder after Los Ai last 2 rounds. Negro bat.,,,, and when his guard dropped .witched his attack to the lead. Twice jn the fourth round Garrison was clown coming up at "C COUnf, nf 0 n^ *K^ . i , , North Iowa Basketball Manly Downs Fertile, 34-33 F e r t i l e -- M a n l y ' s cngcrs defeated Fertile here, 3-1-33, scoring R basket in the last 5 seconds of Play to gain the trhimph. The count was knotted at the intermission, 20-20. Bi-ue scored 23 points for Fertile while Hogan netted 1(5 for Manly. The Pertile seconds downed the Manly reserves, 21-13. Holtnn had 11 for Fertile, while Roberts notched 6 for Manly 1 * Klemme Tops Meserrey, 34-19 Klemme--The Klemme Shamrocks defeated Meservey quintet here, 34-19, starting out early and taking a 16-7 Mftime lead. Vern Greimar, led thc Klemme attack, while Sprow paced Meservey's The K 1 e m m e grade team downed the Meservey yearlings, Klemme's final contest of the se .TM° n W'H be played Friday n ght when Hayfield visits the Shamrocks. Mitchell 34, Graf ton 29 MHchell-iThe Mitchell basketball team closed its season on a victory note here Wednesday " !,S" t defeating Grafton, 34-29 Mitchell ended the campaign with' JO triumphs in 17 starts. Only 7 5 S ^° rc °" " lc aii tchell squad and they carried the full load' imough the campaign. Mitchell was tlic runner-up in thc county tournament. «"iuy Osage district champs who are competing include Funk 112 Klo! berdanz, 123, and Amgell' 129 Laglc Grove'has some outsland- tig boys in Barti, 129. Larsen, 135 ; md Nelson, in thc 155. Fort Dod«e is never counted out with such hoys as Stcinhotf, 112. Schmokcr '^ -d Carlson, in HWT. Clarion ing its hopes on W a i| ace --_«,-.., 9a pounder, who 1 'was state champion last,year and who has won 23 out of 28 bouts by the fall route, Leonard Rohrce, heavy is another slate champ who ' tnreat, Evans, 12S and ~ ~ 118 have been consistent winner Jll year and will be in there ~~ H. A. Johnson of Des .lloincs Don Martin of Easle Grove F A' ^"^s'arv'-"- to work (he meet. ned lor, r o u n d Class il «. Ca ' n|1 "-'"- A - L - Council a l c Wasoncr. Maquoket.i Clnytcn Lowrcr, Fort csl ^^·.^llrloo "· round cla C ° undl Clar "" l; 1-3 Pound Class cum- »«·«·! -"m »' Mincac. Arthur . Jr., Clar sl?S. n £"*?4 d '-?a« d D« : SrtS? SST?^. 11 ^ ***»«'. Gl^n T n2o an Barlek - C'inton; John Schwab, _, . _ 1-»J I'omil] Botj G.nrvin. N'ortli ] 'attncls, Oyagc. JIoiDes; Jim l; Hobcrt John- BOB Lake Want Home Contest for Night of Sept 29 I-akc Mills--The Lake Mills gridiron schedule for the 1344 season tuis been completed, with the exception of Sept. 28. The Bulldogs would like to schedule a contest fnr that night -- ' -· ^?l! a f ! b «*n mined i n - C h i l e ,i° r 9 , °" * h » second trip the bell sounded Five , less than 2 mi 2 carrying Garrison " curtain-raiser, t h e Graf- the ~ « marked fo? £*$« · H i l l V 1.1 J l l · since thc tmie of the Incas winter' " inChGS J " f r y 0 u l s ^ Prospect is hurdler Rex Wliitworth o ot Bramhall, En gland Eagle Grove Stops Gofdfield by the score of 4]-| 4 t h i he lnvaci ers only tend soi n g in to lhc y · * · · * » u i u i ^-uiiin TM n !£. a £. coHcctcci 20 poinuTc ARTHRITIS RHEUMATISM RUBBER FOOTWEAR NOW IN STOCK MEN'S WORK and DRESS RUBBERS Men's 4-Buckle All Rubber and Clofh Top Overshoes for Dress or Work. LOT ATERS SPARKING GREAT JO wT -- -.---, 6 t4* tK ii«) Lan be made -, contacting William Youne, the superintendent ING GREAT O w " ^ ' " -- Trtw. r;Z, · yu ^^Knusson, Fort Dods ZS^SSSSS; ^.«??S »r- R. W. SHULTZ, D.O. 218-219-220 First National Bank Bldg. MEN'S RUBBER KNEE BOOTS AM sixes. By special permission from O. P. A., we can sell a limited amount of all-rubber b o o t s without ration certificates. BUY YOURS NOW FEDERAL CLOTHES SHOP I. GINDLER, Prop. US SO. FED. AVE.

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